Sickly Contented

A report that never got to where it should, from a man, Tim, shaped by his past. When I was younger, I was a victim of family abuse. Not by my parents, but by my sisters. Being the youngest, I had no idea it was inappropriate for my sisters to dress me up in their […]

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Sister: ‘Kor! I’m home. This is Xinni. Her sister is just following her here.’ I gestured an ‘OK’ sign to her without turning away from my computer, stuck in a web-conference. The sensible girls left me along and went into my sister’s room after a short orientation around my house. The meeting ended after an […]

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Morning Dew on Wood

Rachel walked into her sleeping brother who just returned home from a fortnight-long ICT. Holding a tray of porridge and fried fritters, she set the food down on his side, before noticing his raging hard on peeking from under his loose shorts. Rachel: ‘Kor.. wake up.’ Brother: ‘Yeah?’ Rachel: ‘Breakfast.’ Brother: ‘Wah. Someone went out […]

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Wet Shavings

Sister: ‘Wei. Be careful hor.’ Me: ‘Don’t worry la. Having someone to shave is better than doing it yourself lo.’ Sister: ‘You also shave ah?’ Me: ‘Yeah. Keep clean ma.’ Sister: ‘Okok. Focus!’ I dragged the shaving blade across her groin for the umpteen time and her labia moved a little to tuck itself in, […]

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Incest, ’nuff said. Mum (moaning from room): ‘Oh yes.. go faster.. ‘ Voice (whispering): ‘Shhh.. not so loud.’ Christine woke up to the strange noises from her parents’ bedroom, aware that her dad was out on a business trip till a week later. If it was her mum masturbating, there wouldn’t be a second voice […]

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