Some Help Offered

When I went up the upper deck on my bus home, I didn’t expect it to be that empty judging from what I saw when the bus approached. Except for the very young girl seated directly behind the top of the stair, there was no one else. The first thing that caught my eye was […]

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Fierce and Gentle

Girl: ‘Why you so stupid one? Service so slow.’ Jerlyn, with two of her ‘sisters’, harassed the male server in a cafe, venting their discontent over the higher prices which is the norm for a small outlet. The guy did not say a word and went back to his duties, half acknowledging the consolation his […]

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Accidental Buzz

Me: ‘Hannah. I think your phone is ringing.’ Hannah: ‘Really? Help me see who is calling.’ I reached into her handbag I was carrying for her and at the source of the vibration, I felt something long and smooth. Me (whispering): ‘Hannah. It’s your vibrator.’ Hannah: ‘Shit. My phone is in my pocket. Is it […]

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Captain’s Mast

James (shouting) : ‘Thank you for riding with fucking transit bus services!’ He killed the engines after he parked the last bus entering the bus park and threw his bag pack over his shoulders, storming to the back of the lower deck. Seeing that there wasn’t any belongings he could ‘pick’, he went up and […]

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Seated at the second last row of the bus, her gaze stared into my eyes for at least five seconds, as if telling me something. After most of the passengers alighted, the bubbly, slim figured girl came to my row and gracefully straightened her skirt before sitting down. Me: ‘He’s your boyfriend?’ Girl: ‘Yupp. And […]

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