Some Help Offered

When I went up the upper deck on my bus home, I didn’t expect it to be that empty judging from what I saw when the bus approached. Except for the very young girl seated directly behind the top of the stair, there was no one else. The first thing that caught my eye was the sudden movement she made to pull her collar up, despite carrying a baby in her arms.

After I took my seat, the clarity of her age, and the baby’s size, made me wonder – what that single mum must have went through to bring him (I assumed) up. A few stops later, more passengers boarded and one of the guys in a group sat next to her. Well, a single lady who looked pleasing certainly was a ‘score’ for any guys to show off to their friends. Instead of sitting still, she got up and went to the back, right behind where I sat.

Girl (whispering): ‘I’m afraid of them. Just pretend you know me k?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

I only had to endure their hostile looks for a while before they went back to talking among themselves, ignoring our presence quickly. Finally, I couldn’t contain my curiosity and turned towards her, where the baby was sleeping soundly against her boobs.

Me: ‘He’s yours?’
Girl: ‘Haha. She’s a girl la. And she’s mine.. my baby sister.’
Me: ‘Then what were you doing when I came up?’
Girl: ‘Umm.. nothing? I was just carrying her ah.’
Me: ‘Oh. Maybe I think too much. Haha. Pai seh.’
Girl: ‘You want to sit next to me? The guys are still looking.’

I immediately took the seat next to her and the dress she wore caught my genuine attention. A grey dress, with a round neck slightly too deep and wide flaring bottoms that kept a lot of her thighs exposed. It was no wonder why the guys were thinking of hitting on her.

Girl: ‘Help me take my bag up can? My arms are going numb.’

From between our butts, I wrestled her bag out and she slouched lower, letting her baby girl roll towards her abdomen to sleep.

Girl (whispering): ‘I’m Denise. You?’
Me: ‘J.’
Denise: ‘It’s funny how we are from the same mother, but different fathers.’
Me: ‘Well, shit happens.’
Denise: ‘Haha. So you are not the judgemental kind huh?’

She laid against my shoulder and expanded her collar again, to let her sister ‘suckle’ that milkless, small breast. Her other hand went on top of her other covered nipple and fondled it, while keeping her loud breathing sounds to a minimum.

Me: ‘Ah.. so this is what happened earlier.’

I cupped my palm over her raised knee and slowly went down her leg, reaching a source of warmness between her legs. The moment my finger touched her pantyless crouch, she pushed her sister’s mouth harder against her boob and let time help her to relax.

She got wet as fast as I could remember but did not stop me from sticking my finger into her pussy, spreading her legs wider as she accepted all of me. Thrusting and wriggling in and out of her, she soon stopped touching herself and grabbed onto the headrest in front of our seats.

Denise: ‘We’re alighting after two stops.’

The break came eventually and I held the baby while she adjusted her clothes, just in time to get off the bus. Helping the tired girl back to her place, a well-maintained home reassured me about the fact her mum had two kids from two partners.

Denise: ‘Put her in that room first. I’ll get some water for you.’

When she returned to the room, she had changed into an oversized t-shirt and we laid in her bed, sandwiching her sister between us.

Denise: ‘I don’t know how to take care of her once school starts.’
Me: ‘Secondary?’
Denise: ‘Two.’

Wow. For someone her age, she sure knew how to dress and make up, attracting guys though for the wrong attention. Appropriate but a little too old for her age, that was what I thought. After lifting her shirt up again, she climbed over to my side and let me spoon her, while her sister was back to doing what she did in the bus. Trembling waist and putting my arm around her, I knew she wanted more.

Going down her belly to her bare pussy, her clit was in the mercy of my charged up fingers, driving gentle moans out of her. All of a sudden, she turned around, and I slipped lower towards the end of the bed to take over the licking, executing the tease much better than a clueless baby.

Five minutes of uncontrollable shivering later, she jumped up and climbed over my head, undoing my pants as I gave her trimmed clit a good taste. Slow, clumsy movements only removed my underwear a long time later, and she just laid next to my dick watching it in procrastination.

Me: ‘Hey. Let’s just cuddle.’
Denise: ‘I’m not worried about licking it. I was just thinking.. (whispering) if it would fit me.’

Despite saying that, she returned to my arms and we hugged for a long while, taking in the bodily scent of each other. Finally, she rolled on her back and impatiently hoist me over her body.

Denise (whispering sexily): ‘Try putting it in.’
Me (whispering): ‘Are you crazy?’
Denise: ‘I already am.’

For the first time, she caressed my shaft under her groin and pointed it at her opening, using the heels of her feet to pull me closer. The little shake of my head only expressed my disapproval of her ‘adventures’, but my body did not register that at all.

Very slowly, my penis split her small hole apart for the entry and she was just busy watching my cock disappear. Although she groaned a few times, her legs never stopped rushing me. Inches by inches, I ripped the sticky walls of her vagina open and orgasmic glares from her told me how good it felt. After all, I’d be on the floor if she didn’t feel good right?

The pressure around my shaft was crazy, seeing that I was in a body so young that wasn’t ready for sex at all. But the warmth, and the desperate move to lubricate my entry, somehow told me that she wanted it before her body was old enough.

Thrusts came after the brief ‘endorsement’ period and I did not remember stopping from then. Deep, powerful strokes jerked her body violently while her mouth screamed silently, with some hoarse throat noises. Her breasts grew fuller as I pounded fiercely, tearing her tight hole apart everytime I pulled out.

Space was non-existent in her stretched-out vaginal walls, orgasms came quickly within minutes to push her closer to unconsciousness. One after another, her mind grew weaker and I was getting close to ejaculation.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m gonna cum in a bit.’
Denise (moaning): ‘Let try doggie!’

What? Without a condom? I know that thought should have came when I penetrated her. But it was the end that scared me. I popped out of her and she went on her fours on top of her sister, who was accustomed to taking those nipples between her toothless jaws when she sees them.

Doing a double attack on the dutiful daughter, my mind went berserk in the new position that managed to hit all my right spots. Her head was down on the bed kissing her sister’s forehead as I hammered, slapping noises imminent from the forced entry.

Voice (shouting): ‘Ger! I brought a friend home! I’ll be in my room!’

The unexpected news froze us midway and she summoned an ‘OK’ at the same volume, before she rocked backwards on my cock. I got her message and resumed the rampage, fucking her till I was ready to blow.

Once I pulled out, she knew I was about to cum and slumped on the bed on her ass.

Denise (whispering): ‘My mouth can?’

I nodded in agreement to unload nowhere else and she sat up at my hip level. Holding my hips with both hands, she sucked me off until I tapped the back of her head. The huge load came no matter if she was ready and the vacuum remained constant in her mouth as I came. Feeling her throat moving, she had swallowed each squirt as they came and a loving fondle of my balls truly cleared my pent up hormones.

The breathlessness we were in marked a mutual satisfaction, and we didn’t spend too much time lying around. I got dressed in the fastest pace and she led me out (passing by the moans-filled master bedroom’, slamming the door loudly to let her mum know her departure. Just two steps later, she dragged me by my hand back into her house with my confused look.

Denise (shouting): ‘Mummy! My friend is visiting me!’

The loud noises took some time to disappear and her hot mum came out with a messy head of hair, acknowledging my appearance. A man exited the room shortly after and gave her mum an obviously superficial kiss on her cheeks, before leading her to the doorway. Something was exchanged between them and the rest of the evening was just information digging about me.

By the time I left the place (with Denise sending me to my bus stop), I had become their occasional babysitter during Denise’s school days, while her mum continued to do God-knows-what outside. On the lighter note, the times spent with Denise after her school ended was – intense, to put it simply. We had unknowingly became her sister’s ‘parents’ who had sex right where she slept.

Was it some kind of grooming we are accidentally doing here?

Fierce and Gentle

Girl: ‘Why you so stupid one? Service so slow.’

Jerlyn, with two of her ‘sisters’, harassed the male server in a cafe, venting their discontent over the higher prices which is the norm for a small outlet. The guy did not say a word and went back to his duties, half acknowledging the consolation his colleagues were giving. After thirty minutes, his shift ended and went to change out of his uniform, leaving just in time to see the three girls absent from their table.

Guy: ‘Bye guys. See you tomorrow.’

When he stepped out of the cafe, the girls were smoking right outside and continued to make fun of him, two of them even using vulgarities. But for Jerlyn, there was something different about him when he appeared in a white long-sleeved shirt and black pants, replacing his work shoes with a smooth leather one.

Jerlyn: ‘Eh. Let’s go. He is boring as shit.’

Deep down in her heart, he was no longer the quiet, accommodating man whom brought them their coffee. His smile, composure, and most importantly, style, made her doubted herself. At the bus stop where the girls separated, she was closely following where he was going. Realising he was waiting for his bus too, she followed an impulse to go up to him, and apologised for their rowdiness.

Guy: ‘It’s okay. You girls are the customers, and paid for my service. I’m actually a bit too relaxed just now.’

Jerlyn: ‘No la. It’s us. We are just unhappy about the price after we ordered. I’m Jerlyn.’

Guy: ‘And I’m Ryan.’

His bus came and she was about to board too. Letting her walk in front of him, she felt somewhat safe to have such a mature-thinking man getting her back. For the first time that day, her attire consisting of a white, loose tank top, shorts and partially exposed, bright red bra caused some awkwardness. Still, he took his seat next to her and she was so close to hugging his arm and lying on his shoulders.

Ryan: ‘Where are you heading?’
Jerlyn: ‘Novena. You?’
Ryan: ‘To Ang Mo Kio. I think I’m going to have a nap.’

An ‘ok’ was all she could muster and he slouched his body lower, head rolling left and right on the narrow headrest. Braving herself, Jerlyn sat up and pulled his head onto her shoulders, ensuring a comfortable nap for the overworked gentleman.

In a state of excited confusion, she did not know how to get him closer. She did not want to interrupt his sleep, nor worsen his impression of her. Before she could come up with anything, he slanted his body towards her, and threw his further arm around her resting hand.

Very gently, she took his hand and placed it higher above her elbows, then clamping his fingers so he could feel her bra. Catching him stealing a peek, the grin she could not hide hinted at something else.

Ryan slid his hand into the gapping arm hole of her top and cupped her bra, squeezing them a little before going down to her waist. Wriggling his way under those wireless cups, she took a sharp breath of air when his warm hand came in contact with her breast.

For the rest of the ride, she was just in a high mood, having both sides massaged back and forth till they reached her stop.

Jerlyn: ‘Let’s get off here. I know a place.’

They alighted hand in hand to staring eyes, especially attracted to her light blue ends of her hair. Everyone could tell she was an ah lian, attached to the most unlikely guy in the society. Going up a block of flat, everywhere was quiet with majority of the people at work.

Sensing how discreet that place was, Ryan wasted no time and pushed her against a wall, tilting her chin up and landing the most intense, yet soft kiss on her lips. It was so different from her boyfriends that was fierce and passionate, mostly treating ‘kisses’ as a foreplay to sex. In this case of Ryan, he was standing feet apart before her, squeezing his palms on her waist as he pecked his way down her neck. That was one move that got her hornier than ever and she gave in to undo her shorts during the necking.

Once her shorts were low enough, he slipped his hand across her belly and roamed straight down, over her satin thongs she bought on Qoo10. Moisture formed quickly as he rubbed her pussy fast, urging her to take his hand and just stuff it inside where it mattered most. While he was busy wetting his fingertips with her juices, his zipper was pulled down, and a piece of pink, red meat yanked out of the scratchy gold teeth.

Jerlyn stopped him after she was close to orgasm, squatting down to face the little predator against the dark black pants he wore. The lips-lick showed him how tantalising he looked and mouth that he disappeared into caused him to fall forward onto the wall above her.

Her studded tongue licked every inch of his foreskin and her lips sealed around his shaft perfectly. Drawing him hips back and forth, his saliva-covered cock easily slid through her lips. She just stayed still and let him pleasure himself for a bit, assisting with her tiny active tongue.

Alternating between his own movements and her head bobbing, he was too hard for his own good after a short while and pulled out of her, helping her on her feet so he could continue rubbing her off.

Jerlyn (shyly): ‘Do you want to fuck?’
Ryan: ‘I have a condom.’
Jerlyn: ‘Where is it?’

He reached into his bag for a blue wrapper and tore it open, putting it over his cock and watching Jerlyn rolled it down.

Ryan: ‘You always do it for your guy?’
Jerlyn: ‘They always ask me to.’

She automatically went over to the short, horizontal width of the metal handrail by the stairs and bent over, spreading her legs for him.

Ryan: ‘No. Please don’t just give me what you give your guy. Turn around.’

She did a spin to look at him right in the eyes and let him hold one of her legs up, taking in the glory of a thick cock piercing through her tight pussy. Unlike those painful starts she had while having sex, his slow entry eased her vaginal wall open so gently that all she felt was warmth – and pleasure.

After he was comfortably ‘home’, one of her legs were kept dangling in the air, knee bent over his forearm where his hand held the handrail where she intended to bend over. Slowly, his thrusts became faster and relaxed her body at a new rate, loosening her pussy so he could last longer.

It did not take long before she was moaning non-stop, body jerking against the metal railing as he rammed deeper into her.

Ryan: ‘Hold my neck and jump on me. I’ll hold your other leg too.’

She did as instructed and her legs were spread like never before in this new position. Carrying her to a wall, he was pounding her as fast as she could handle the orgasms that was being blasted into her. Waves after waves of trembling from an ah-lian-turned-shy girl, dripping noises came from her juices hitting the hard concrete floor.

Ryan (whispering): ‘I’m gonna cum soon. Want to get off? Or I finish in the condom?’
Jerlyn: ‘Let me down.. ‘

He slowed down to a stop and let her dismount his arms, both a little sore and tired from the lifting. She took her seat on the steps and unrolled his condom, catching a droplet of his pre-cum as he grabbed the handrail for support.

Ryan: ‘What are you going to do?’

She placed one hand under his balls and massaged them carefully, while her other hand went between her legs to collect some nectar. Cupping her wet palm over his shaft, she began jerking the length of his shaft while her mouth suckled his tip. The double, or rather triple (including his balls) pushed him over the edge and groans escaped the mouth of a guy who seemed to have total control of himself.

Listing to his whimper, she maintained her speed and let time did the work. Besides handjob, she also used her mouth to lubricate his rod, so he would get the best of both worlds.

Ryan (groaning): ‘Argh! I’m shooting!’

Her head pulled away from him and her mouth opened wide, in time to catch his cum that exploded from the tip. With the dwindling projectile strength, her lips moved closer and closer till he was oozing droplets right into her. The clean up part was simple and slightly enjoyable, letting her suck one or twice more, before she licked him clean outside.

He kept his junk back quickly and joined her on the side, forcing her to open her legs as he gave her a massage below. The scent coming from him then was different from what she smelled in the bus. Unsure of what it was, the only sign was the extra wetness he felt on his fingers, making her so desperate that she brought him home that evening so she could fuck him till the horniness was relieved.

When it was time to go home, Ryan could barely stay away on the fifteen minutes bus ride. You can only imagine how crazy Jerlyn went on him thanks to his scent that wasn’t his fault.

Accidental Buzz

Me: ‘Hannah. I think your phone is ringing.’
Hannah: ‘Really? Help me see who is calling.’

I reached into her handbag I was carrying for her and at the source of the vibration, I felt something long and smooth.

Me (whispering): ‘Hannah. It’s your vibrator.’
Hannah: ‘Shit. My phone is in my pocket. Is it off?’

She took her bag from me after the accident happened and we left the shoe shop. Walking a few steps ahead of me, I could tell she was embarrassed, and no matter how she explained herself about the toy, there was no hiding from the fact that she brought her vibrator out. On the bus to her place from Bugis (I sent her home first), we had some privacy on the upper deck and she took her toy out, a purple vibrator that was shaped like a dildo.

Me: ‘Eh! Let me see it first!’

I snatched the toy away from her before she could remove the batteries and clicked the button on the rear end, cycling through the different modes.

Me: ‘Do you get turned on hearing the buzz?’
Hannah: ‘A little?’
Me: ‘Let me us it on you leh.’
Hannah: ‘Siao ah?!’

As she stuck her hand out towards the vibrator, I caught her arm and sent the toy right between her shorts, still buzzing in one of its many modes. Her legs shut themselves on my hand but I managed to push it hard against her groin, making her hug my arm in shyness.

Hannah (whispering): ‘Be gentle can?’
Me: ‘And you are the one clamping me so hard.. ‘

Her thighs relaxed and I moved the tip into one of the two openings, angling it on her clit. The denim shorts she wore wasn’t exactly that tight, so she could still enjoy the full power of that little toy.

After a few minutes of teasing, she finally gave in to her dark side and roamed over to my jeans, unzipping to reach my bulge. The salty scent of my cock filled our tiny space and the next thing she did was to bent over my lap. Covering my throbbing cock with her mouth, the obvious scent of dick was gone and she proceeded to coat it with her saliva, in generous amounts and an ample number of up-down strokes.

I was done with her mouth after a while and all she did was to look around once her head was up. Seeing that we had most of the backseats to ourselves, she stood up and stripped her shorts and panties off, only to wear her shorts back on in a flash.

Hannah: ‘Now you can put it in.’

Holding the base of the 5 inch toy, I pushed it into her pussy and turned off the vibration. Thrusting it in and out, we did not take long to wet it completely with moans whispering into my ears. Her hand never left my cock as I tortured her with the curved toy, tickling her G-spot till she came in my hand. Somehow, she did not get any wetter and that kept her shorts clean for more fun!

For most of the ride home, she was just clenching my arm as orgasms took her breaths away, to the fast jerking hand I was groaning to. With our stop nearing by the minutes, I pumped the toy even faster and her back kept arching up and down. Her hand movement got random with the bombardment of orgasms, driving me to my limits in the most abrupt manner ever.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m gonna cum!’
Hannah (whispering): ‘Now?! But where.. ‘

The moment my first load sprayed into the air and over her fingers, she slammed her head down on my dick and sucked all that’s worth of me. Her lips stayed around the pink ring of death under my little head and it just kept me squirting hot cum into her mouth.

When my last squeeze came and only a drop oozed from the tip, she knew I was done and went on to suck me one last stroke down. Triggering another wave of cum, she emptied my rod and picked her head up, wiping her mouth while staring out of the window.

Hannah: ‘See la. We missed the stop. You walk me back ah!’

We sloppily cleaned our hands and mouth, before dashing down the stairs to alight at the next stop. Throughout the walk home, she focused on cleaning her cum-stained fingers while I continued to tease her. At last, we reached her void deck and I handed over the toy I was in charge of cleaning (since I used it most?)

Hannah: ‘Eh. Don’t tell anyone hor. If not we can’t do it anymore.’
Me: ‘You still want somemore ah?!’
Hannah: ‘Fuck la. I mean go out together.. and do it again?’
Me: ‘Cunning asshole.’

We parted ways after saying our goodbyes and my trip home was filled with her describing how crazy it was for us have did that, while we were attached to different partners. Well, we have Murphy’s law to thank for that right?

What can happen, will happen.

Captain’s Mast

James (shouting) : ‘Thank you for riding with fucking transit bus services!’

He killed the engines after he parked the last bus entering the bus park and threw his bag pack over his shoulders, storming to the back of the lower deck.
Seeing that there wasn’t any belongings he could ‘pick’, he went up and expected nothing more, until a girl’s head poking out of the last row of seats disappointed him.

James: ‘Miss? Miss? Reach already.’

The lifeless body jiggled a few times to his pushes but the shallow warm breaths from her nose extended her time of death. Unsure of what to do, James sat down on a seat and texted his supervisor, only to receive ‘call ambulance‘ SMS on his old Nokia phone.

James: ‘Fuck la. I want to go home.’

He looked at her with tired eyes, thanking her for the delay she was about to create. The fair skinned girl had gentle sharp eye features, lips lusciously red and the baby doll dress she wore barely covered her flawless porcelain skin, scanning all the way to her tiny feet in slippers.

James went down to the bus control panel and turned off the lights, returning to her after closing the bus doors. With the air-con running, he moved her body out of the narrow corner into the wider middle seat. Despite his rough handling, she was still unconscious. Not even raising her dress caused a single stir and in no time, her panties was pulled off her feet.

James quickly undid his pants and tilted her head up, stuffing her cheeks full with his cock thay foreskin was dryly pulled backwards. The moment his warm dick was cosily buried in her lips, a few thrusts was all it took to coat him in a slippery, wet momentum, while rubbing her pussy out.

Soon, slimy juices began running all over his weathered fingers, making him even harder knowing she was completely out cold, yet awake in heart.

Dragging her arms across the seat to the other end of the row, he took his kneeling position at her ankles. He tilted her hips upright as he pushed her knees inwards, slowly forming the doggie style he wanted to try.

After two minutes, he was ready as hell when her shaved pussy peeked out from under her dress, and a quick shove engulfed his cock in an overwhelmingly soothing comfort.

James (groaning): ‘Fuck man..’

His big hands held both sides of her waists as he pounded her, forcing his cock into her small opening that tightly sealed around his shaft. Soft moans did scared him a little but nothing more than that happened. She was still pouring out juices, and never felt any warmer than that.

As her body jerked non-stop, James dick was swollen and red as hell, from the tightening pussy he was raping. Knowing that his limits were approaching, his body just spurred on into the final burst of energy. Loud slapping noises came as his hips bumped her fiercely, at a temp similar to the clangs of the Energizer bunny.

James: ‘Argh.. Yes!’

Short but powerful strokes were driven into her pussy as lost his vision for a moment, cock spewing cum continously until he had lost strength in his thighs to hold him up any longer.

Girl (weakly) : ‘Uhhh.. ‘

James quickly wore his pants and her panties back, sitting her up on the purple seats just in time as she regained consciousness.

Girl (rubbing eyes): ‘Where are we?’
James: ‘Bus interchange. You ok?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. I think I fell asleep. Sorry sir.’

She hopped up and went downstairs, with James walking behind her to unlock the doors. Eyes on her shaking ass, his mind was replaying the scenes earlier over and over again.

Girl: ‘Oh ya. Did you see anyone near me just now?’
James: ‘No. No one even woke you up. That’s why you are still here?’
Girl: ‘Haha. Okay then. I’m think just feeling a bit high. Goodnight sir. Sorry for keeping you.’

James did a final walk through his vehicle and the grin on his face never left throughout his walk home. There were no wallets or phones to pick, but a girl? That’s a one in a lifetime pick.


Seated at the second last row of the bus, her gaze stared into my eyes for at least five seconds, as if telling me something. After most of the passengers alighted, the bubbly, slim figured girl came to my row and gracefully straightened her skirt before sitting down.

Me: ‘He’s your boyfriend?’
Girl: ‘Yupp. And your girl?’
Me: ‘Probably at work.’

She replaced the slipping sling bag onto her shoulders before asking if she could sit on the inside, which I quickly said yes to. Standing up on the speeding bus, I glided my ass to the aisle, while she sat with her bag near the window.

There were no more words between us apart from awkwardness, unsure of how to take the first step to knowing each other better. The both of us knew that this was a bond we could never let our other halves know, and the temptation was something we can’t resist.

I slipped my hand into hers and interlocked our fingers, loosening the tense situation with a squeeze of her palm. The reassuring smile appeared in the cutest manner and I could tell she was totally relaxed and glad at the same time. Still holding her hand, she rubbed the back of my palm on her skirt, that was slowly rising up her skirt. Though it was supposed to be knee-length, it soon turned into a mini skirt with a dangerous hem across her gorgeous fair thighs.

Moments later, her legs uncrossed and I broke free from her grip, caressing her inner thigh deeper and deeper. Gradually, her knees opened to my advances and let me in, hiding most of my hand under the skirt. It was just so comical to see how a lady probably poised for most of her life, giving way to shyness. When my fingertip touched her panties, I could fell the softest material mankind discovered, contouring to the sexy mould of her pussy.

Where we sat, I could not make any obvious moves and only stroked along the slit, until the bus turned into the heartlands.

Girl: ‘Let’s get off the next stop.’

I kept up with my teasing till we alighted, and made our way to one of the stairwells among the blocks of flat. The demure looking lady did not do anything unexpected and remained standing while I placed our bags in a corner, far out of our way. Her hands stayed locked on her groin, blue sleeveless blouse staying in its rightful position.

Knowing that I have to call the shots here, I went to her and dived one hand under the rigid cotton skirt, rubbing on her pussy to a mash so I could gain direct contact on her clit. Moans began to escape through her lips with her eyes closed, both hands clenched tightly by the side.

Using my only free hand, I unclipped my belt and lowered my jeans enough to yank my erection out. Finally, my little head could breath in the same scent of lust that was about to break free between us. Grabbing her hand, I led her to my hard on and she got to work immediately, wrapping those delicate but weathered fingers lightly around my cock, stroking in a tug-O-war grasp.

Girl (whispering): ‘It’s a little dry.. ‘
Me: ‘Do you have anything for it?’

She nodded without eye contact, and went to retrieve a small bottle of hand moisturiser. A tiny blob was smeared over my rod as she resumed her handjob, and I proceeded to remove her panties for her. The emotional part of me could not help but noticed the embarrassment in her face, flushing pink from the daring striptease in public.

Me: ‘Have you ever done this before?’
Girl: ‘No. I have never even touched someone else’s besides his.’

I buried my middle finger into her wet cameltoes and a little tremble opened her eyes wide. Her clit was not too difficult to locate and I quickly made use of it, fondling it till she quickened her pace readying my cock. The sudden grip on my arm told me she was ready but we have not decided how far to take this tryst.

Once I slipped my finger into her past my nail, she pushed against my arm to prevent me from going any further.

Me (whispering): ‘Just the outside?’
Girl (whispering): ‘No.. ‘

The rise of her skirt told me it was something else and after she tucked the front portion into the elastic waistband, the pull on my dick tilted me forward. By then, she had taken a step forward and slouched her back against the wall. I wasted no time in putting my arm under her knee and raised her leg into the air, supported by my forearm that held onto her waist.

A small nudge on my back with her heel urged me further and my cock head forced its way into her love hole. As slow as I went, her grip tightened on my biceps. Mixing gentle thrusts into the entry process, the moisturiser provided the lube required to go inside her, an inch at a time.

After a minute, I was all the way inside her and there was nothing more sexy than a toned body hanging onto my body with a leg around me, and having just a foot on the ground for balance.

Before any guilt kicked in, I started to shove my cock into her, pumping in a steady tempo to get her body accustomed. My hips did not spare any mercy after the full length of my shaft could enter easier, thrusting faster and deeper each time.

She bit her lips to keep herself from moaning and my eyes were on her face all the time, unable to break free from the battle between lust and decency in her. Soon, we were hugging and fucking, dick slamming into her pussy that had the wall behind it.

Girl (whispering loudly): ‘Oh fuck. This is good.’
Me (whispering): ‘shall we change position?’

Her hands suddenly squeezed me tight as her body shivered harder, leaking juices down my balls and her legs in an uncontrollable orgasmic expression. It was the frightful, yet beautiful look she gave that delayed my thrusts, until she had recovered a while later.

Girl: ‘Which position?’

I let her leg down and my dick flopped out naturally. I held her waist and turned her around, towards the few steel pipes in the deep corner of the stairwell. Like a knowledgable lady, she knew what was up and spread her legs for me. I stood between her feet and pried her ass apart, letting my cock did the docking on its own.

The first stroke landed me all the way into her depth that forced a loud gasp from her, which she silenced like a ninja. ‘Fuck’, was the last word I heard after I began ramming my cock into her pussy, pounding her against the pipes which she was holding onto for her dear life.

My hips slapped loudly against her fleshy ass for a bit and next was a juicy, slurping sound. Her pussy could not be any tighter in this position she grown to love as I hammered her hard. My firm grip on her waist kept her close to me throughout the rampage, jerking her body like a OSIM iGallop that went out of control.

The rawness of her vagina brushing against my vein-covered shaft, with a cosy but slippery grip that resisted my entries. The fight was still going on in her head, except that I was winning with physical gratification.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m cumming soon.. Where does your man usually unload?’
Girl: ‘Usually in a condom? It’s also my first time doing it without.. ahh.. ‘

Her legs almost closed when an orgasm shocked her senses, causing her to tiptoe as juices flowed freely once again, going all over our genitals that had no shame.

Girl (panting): ‘Stop stop.. I’m too weak.. ‘

I pulled out of her without letting go of my hands and helped her to the steps. She collapsed on my shoulder lifelessly as her body continued to experience the after-quakes, in little cute shocks that shook through her feminine frame.

Seated next to me, her skirt was back in its original position and my underwear had went back over my dick. It was enough for me to know I had pleased this girl and my little brother was more than happy to end ‘work’ for the day.

She grabbed the panties I threw atop her bag and peeled my underwear down, astonished to see how small ‘I’ became.

Girl: ‘You have ED?’
Me: ‘No! I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself. It felt like my work is done here.’
Girl: ‘Almost.’

She used two fingers to jerk me back to full glory, cock head shimmering with a coat of her moisturiser. Her panties went over my dick and she continued with the handjob, lying in my arms like a satisfied girlfriend. The posh fragrant from the perfume she used, mixed into the familiar smell of shampoo from her hair, my hand went into her blouse for a boob massage as she jerked me off diligently.

Me: ‘Yes.. that’s it. Keep going.’

She found the right grip and pressure, combined with wary, short pumps on my shaft, I could feel my senses getting all worked up. A minute or two later, my hand squeezed her breast hard and she increased her speed, all the way till the first load osmosis-ed through the thin material of her panties. She decreased her speed accordingly as more of my cum gathered in her underwear, smearing them around the groin area as she loosened the clothed at the tip.

She was skilled in this, no matter how innocent she thought she was. My life force drifted away from me as she cleaned me up with a few more strokes, squirting blanks with awkward twitching after she left my cock. My mind was in a ‘Zen’ mode after that while she spent the next few minutes making sure I was dry.

My underwear was replaced and I sobered up, wearing my jeans back. She went on to put the soiled undies back and was back to her original ‘good girl’ look in no time.

Me: ‘Aren’t you afraid to get pregnant?’
Girl: ‘I am. That’s why I’m on the pill. In case the condom broke or he forced himself on me.’

She cuddled tighter into my chest after that sentence and sobs came.

Girl (crying): ‘I am so afraid of losing him and all he wanted was to do it raw with me. Actually, today is the last time I am planning to see him anymore.. ‘

I kept my mouth shut in this disheartening state and let her use my shirt to dry her tears. Words of thanks came to me in vain knowing that she was a victim of emotion hostage. Thirty minutes passed in that exact position we sat and after the crying stopped, we were kissing with a passion even I had never experienced before.

Those soft lips portrayed the feminine upbringing she went through, and the light pecks told how much she desired love. The hard presses of our lips showed me her difficulty to trust (which her ex-boyfriend worsened), and the accompanying tongue taps displayed her desired to be guided.

The original idea to just send her to her doorstep was messed up when her father saw me, walking in hand with his daughter. The invitation into their place was undeniable and we ended up in her bed again, this time in full privacy when her parents decided to head out for dinner.

While the damage control was left for later, the few hours of intense, crazy sex around the house certainly helped to take things off her mind.

Chocolate Cake

‘Hey Mandy!’, I called out to my poly classmate whom I had not seen but remained in contact with. The blue blouse, green chiffon skirt girl turned to see me in jeans and a backpack, carrying a small cake box with a cute ribbon on the top. ‘What are you doing here?’, I could almost see the disbelieving look when she popped that question.

There was no way I could forget her birthday that so close to mine, and working in a cafe had allowed me to buy a two-person serving of cake at a discounted rate. Yes, call me a cheapo. I opened the box in front of her and wished her happy birthday. Immediately, she clamped the palm sized chocolate tart in her hand and took a huge bite out of it. ‘You came at the right time! I’m so hungry’, there was none of that apologetic tone when she took another bite, licking her lips with her tongue in a gleeful mood.

‘Just as I was wondering what am I doing tonight. Thank you!’ Man, how much did I miss hearing her cheerful voice after so long. We continued walking in her direction to the bus stop, where the cake box was discarded without me tasting any of it. For that night, I did not reject her when she slipped her arm under mine, pulling me close to the familiar scent I remembered studying with her.

Seeing how most of the buses went past without her stopping any, I asked, ‘what bus are you taking?’ Instead of giving me a two or three digit bus, she told me she didn’t know. Almost soft to a whisper, she said, ‘I don’t really feel like going home so early. Let’s go for a walk around my place?’

Well, she doesn’t live far from me. We hopped on a direct bus to Bishan and sat on the upper deck, empty enough for us to sit at the longer chairs at the back. Leaning her head on my shoulder, I could tell how tired she was, be it work or life, to be stuck in the office on a birthday was bad enough.

‘Thank you again J’. She helped herself to wrap my arm around her neck and snuggled into my chest, smearing some of her makeup on my shirt. The grip on my wrist told me that she was awake, and might not even be napping. Slowly, she plastered my palm over her chest and on one of her boobs, definitely an A cup since a long time ago. Half kneading, I had to make sure she was okay with it.

Nonetheless, it has been two years since we met, despite the close times we spent during poly. As my fingers continued scraping the bra cups where I guessed her nipples were, she had an arm over my lap, clawing her nails across my denim jeans. We remained silent in that position till we reached her stop, and alighted as if nothing had happened. There was a sense of closeness though, a feeling that we both felt but not yet let go.

‘J. Here.’ She was a step into the flight of stairs I didn’t recognise as hers. Has she shifted house? I followed behind her and tried in vain to peep up her skirt. It was just too long. On the third level, a flight of stairs away from the lift, she straightened her skirt and sat down. ‘You stay here?’ I asked suspiciously. A confident ‘yes’ planted me on my butt, knowing that she was almost home after a wasted birthday-day.

Once seated next to her, she did the same thing with my arm again, wrapping it around her neck and over her chest. This time, she undid the first two buttons and slipped my hand into it, reaching straight for her nipples that I had made erect. ‘Keep playing with them’, the gentlest voice managed to twitch my cock awake while she brought both her hands to my jeans.

A minute or two later, my cock was out in the open and she had wetted it with some of her saliva. Right. As one of the prettier looking girl in my class, she was also known as the ‘bimbo’, who had a few boyfriends during our three year diploma course. That was as much respect as the rest of the class had for her, but I knew she was just feeling a void when not with someone.

With her handjob distracting me, I couldn’t resist going under her skirt and lowered her panties to her feet. The moisture on her underwear was thick and slimy, but it felt specially smooth to the touch. Upon touching her clit, she clung onto my shirt tighter and let off a sensual moan when I began circling the sweet spot.

For the next five minutes, I was pinch-rolling her nipples and giving her an external massage. She was drooling over my cock as she pumped that thick piece of meat, breathing in the salty scent from the mix of my pre-cum and saliva. Without further ado, my fingers slid easily into her pussy and her skirt became shorter once she opened her legs.

Whispering in my ears, a tickle came when she told me a little secret, ‘Chocolate always turns me on. It’s what my ex always give me before sex’. No wonder. Our pleasure exchange ended a while later and she was up on her feet, her hands holding her skirt on her waist while she stepped over my legs.

‘You can sit down you know? I don’t mind working out.’ It was only rightful to give the birthday girl a treat but she turned it down quickly. ‘I need to exercise after eating your cake, so don’t fight with me’. Indeed, a logical excuse I couldn’t refute. She used my thighs as a slide to lower herself over my cock, making cute expressions as her body relaxed to let me in. ‘When was the last time you did it?’, I asked when I saw how much agony she was in going down on me. In between deep breaths of air, she answered ‘last birthday’.

True or false? Does it matter? We knew each other very well and even more so when it comes to sex. Something told me she was safe to do it raw with. Once seated, she pushed me against the steps and rode me. That’s how she wanted it that night, so be it. Bouncing cherrily, the groans she made came out in a loud whisper while I was the one who moaned helpeless. Her high metabolism kept her body slim no matter how much she ate, and her pelvic bones joined in to make her extra tight.

Halfway through the intensifying sex, she lifted her bum off me and a powerful jet sprayed down my shaft. As soon as it was over, I was back inside her and a more demonic wave of energy caused her to grind me even faster. ‘Fuck man. I never squirt before with my ex.’, she held my shoulders down harder as she hopped, slamming herself down on my lap non-stop.

Being a guy, I couldn’t just enjoy at her expense. I hugged her tightly in my arms before leaning back down again, hands moving down her butt to keep her hovering on top of me. With that bit of distance between our privates, I thrust my hips up and down, repeatedly stabbing her pussy till she collapsed onto my chest. With space still available under her ass, I continued pounding her and that was when she squirted the second time.

Her head was next to mine when her body shook violently, juices leaking like a tap while her hips moved involuntarily with my dick still inside. Now even more breathless, she sat down on my groin and I picked her up, going to the corner of the stairwell where newly installed pipes served as a chair.

Setting her down dangerously on one of the cold steel rods, I stood in front of her to prevent her from falling forward. Both my hands went to her knees to spread them as far as I could and my dick penetrated her vulnerable state easily. This time, fucking in standing missionary, her juices dripped loudly onto the concrete floor.

The wall made no noise (compared to tables or bed) as I plundered her, driving her insane when she had yet another orgasm. ‘Mandy, I’m gonna cum soon’, a warning came about as I felt my end nearing. This girl was so special in the sense that her own fluid was as viscous as NuruGel, and I couldn’t stop myself even if I wanted. Perhaps I had over-indulged in myself.

Mandy climbed off the pipes and stood with her legs closed. She held my dick aimed towards the Y-shape she formed with her thighs and pulled my waist when I was still hesitating. Locked in embrace, we exchanged our first kiss that multiplied into tiny pecks, playfully spreading lips to let our tongues meet and ‘mingle’. My waist did not stop moving and simply thrust into that wet, man-made cave that was tingling my body’s worth of nerves with sensitivity.

‘Mmm!’, was all the sounds I could make when I felt my chamber loading, and she jumped onto me before I was ready. I hugged her tight to prevent her from slipping and my cock just pierced into her pussy, tighter than what I was fucking before. There was no turning back when the final descend on my cock triggered my ejaculation and fired into her uncontrollably. Waves after waves of cum poured into Mandy as I groaned, mind locked in a trance that took all my tiredness away.

As the cum shots slowed down, I moved her to back to the cold pipes and she let herself down when she shivered from the coldness. Going back to our flight of steps, she quickly grabbed her panties to clean me up, and shockingly wore them back once I was dried.

‘Good boy!’, she patted my head while I caught my breaths, totally owned by her amped up mood. As I leaned back on the steps again, she moved between my legs and returned to my dick, stroking and making it hard again. ‘Hey.. not enough ah?’, I asked in a hush-hush voice recovering from the lack of air.

‘Shhh!’, was the last sound she made before she took my cock into her lips, sucking it slowly and paying extra care to every area of it. Shutting my eyes and going into my world, I could picture her tongue caressing my rod all over. The amount of saliva she used had coated me in a warm and soothing manner, one I couldn’t say no to. Once I was all hard, she locked her jaws and went up and down robotically. Every stroke of her tongue caused me to twitch a little and when combined, I was at a loss holding onto the railings in despair.

Mandy did not spare me any mercy when she went deep throat on me, gagging herself while I enjoyed the extra hot treat on my cockhead. After a long five minutes of blowjob, she switched to a hand-blowjob combo and kept going till I whispered her another warning phrase.

Determined to make me cum, I let her execute her final moves and came into her mouth again, sparing no drops of cum as she sucked me dry. Now mentally drained and legs weakened, she licked my lifeless dick clean and helped me wear my clothes back, much like a girlfriend who just raped her guy.

We spent the next half an hour there, chatting and recuperating. It wasn’t before long that she has to go home, and I had to embarked on a scary walk through a park out to the main roads. Believe it or not, two years of separation suddenly shrunk to two half-an-hour – inside each other’s body.

Happy Birthday Mandy.

Sweet Sweet Love

Part 1 | Part 2

Rick (whispering): ‘Lift your leg up.’

Samantha pushed her skirt between her legs and perched one of her feet on the velvety plastic seat of the bus, peering out of the window to take her attention away from what her boyfriend was about to do. He shifted closer to her and crossed his arm over her chest, letting her hug him while his fingers dived under her skirt.

As she felt his middle finger part the fleshy raw folds of her pussy, a little shiver drifted through her body. It was electrifying the first few seconds he played with her clit, but as soon as her juices lubricated his rubbing motion, large breaths of air filled her lungs up with lust. She loved how he would slide up and down her slit, occasionally going close to her love hole but not enter it.

In relative to her grip on his arm, he would relieve her urges by slipping into her pussy, releasing sighing mouthful of air from her mouth. As time passed, she took over control of his movements and guided him deeper. When she was pleased with how well he fingered her, slow and in lengthy strokes, Samantha knew what she had to do. Stretching her arm over to his lap, she gave his little hard on a squeeze through the pants.

Given where they were seated, at the back of the bus, she proceeded to lower the zip and flipped his cock out from the man-thong he wore specially for her. Hard as he was, and it made her really excited about going further with him.

Samantha (whispering): ‘Did you bring it?’

He dug his bag for a small silicon squeeze bottle of lubricant and placed a ten-cent coin worth on her fingertips. Immediately, she went back to the handjob and made things difficult for him to keep the bottle. Anyway, excitement and thrill was what they were after right? With the mutual masturbation ongoing, the pair stayed as motionless as they could from the eyes of the boarding passengers.

Samantha (whispering): ‘I’m cumming!’

He felt her pussy tightened on his fingers and a small gush of juices escaped over his digits. Panting, she turned her attention to him and jerked him faster. Rick had done his part for the public display of intimacy and let her concentrate, with his fingers pinching and rolling her nipples as she pumped his cock.

After five minutes in her trained hand, he was holding her wrist to guide her for the grand finale.

Rick (whispering): ‘Shooting.. shooting.. ‘

She swiped her fringe behind her ears and bent down over his groin, taking his cock into her mouth while continued to stroke her personal sex toy. In less than a minute later, his hips began trembling and cum fired into her sweet pink lips, filling her mouth up with baby-making fluid. Samantha sucked on his tip until every last drop was out, and picked herself up to swallow before his eyes.

Rick (whispering): ‘Good girl.’

They composed themselves from the erotic mess and rested until they reached their stop – in front of a JTC building around his place. Upon alighting, he grabbed her hand and led her into the eerily quiet industrial block through a side gate.

Samantha: ‘Where did you get the access card?’
Rick: ‘From my attachment in poly? I didn’t return it.’

They made their way quickly to the block furthest from any civilisation, and into a corridor behind one of a production office. The leather had cracked on the sofa in the unofficial smoking corner but he wasn’t there to chill. Samantha remained standing by the parapet, still feeling confused to her surprise introduction to this corner of the private estate.

Rick undid his pants and went behind her, flipping her skirt to her waist and attempted to stick his rod into her. Samantha got his cue and shifted herself slightly away from the wall, into standing doggy but chest higher than usual. She guided his dick inside her pussy from between her legs and felt his erection slide up her vagina, clearly thicker than what she tasted in the bus.

The tiny jutting motion was silent on her meaty ass and the view of the carparks and housing blocks was calming to her senses. Rick was totally drawn into her tight pussy and was just slamming his hips onto her. After a few minutes, Samantha turned to the sofa and let her knees rest on the seats, closing her feet under his opened legs.

The sudden pressure on his cock made Rick wilder and he was ramming deeper at a slower speed.

Samantha: ‘You like it baby?’
Rick (grunting): ‘Yeah.’

Her upper body was still upright but the depth of his penetration was delivering timely orgasms to her mind. Gradually, she was overtaken by horniness and the torturous speed of his drilling.

Samantha: ‘Sit on the sofa. I’ll ride you.’

He quickly pulled out of his beloved girlfriend and sat down. Samantha did not waste any time and squatted over his thighs, lowering herself over his upright throbbing stick of meat. His hands on her waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck and really slammed her groin on him. She was deadly tight in this position and the cool breeze and sight kept her relaxed as she fucked him.

In the mix of groans and pleas, she was climaxing at her own pace. Rick was desperately holding on to the last bit of sanity, tempted to be overthrown by her violent cowgirl ride.

Rick: ‘Slow down. It’s getting too sensitive.’

Samantha let her knees touch the rough surface of the sofa and grind on his lap, rocking back and forth while holding his shoulder onto the backrest. In that pose, he stripped her spaghetti top and unhooked her bra, pulling her flare skirt up to her belly button. Just as he fished her denim jacket out of her bag, her pussy suddenly gone super small and sucked him right in, with contractions milking his cock as she tried harder to keep moving.

Rick: ‘Oh shit!’

He lifted her ass up and she jumped off the couch, going on her knees only to miss the first shot of cum. She hastily covered his tool with her mouth and collected the others, swallowing as quickly as he was puffing her cheeks up with semen. As his energy level dwindled, she let him pull her jacket over her arms and shoulders.

Finally, the spent young man was done and the pair sat dishevelled side by side.

Samantha: ‘Am I going home in these?’
Rick: ‘Yupp. You look so sexy like this.’

They rested for a while more before making their way out, and she walked him home before heading to a bus stop.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘I’m just done with my boyfriend. Are you at home now?’

Part 1 | Part 2

Second Date

On the bus to Vivocity, my hand was interlocked with Jaq’s resting on her thighs, where she played with my fingers. Through the ride, we had been exchanging kisses on each other’s cheeks, with my eyes constantly looking down into her shirt.

The plain thin bra was the usual one she wore and her small boobs just hung loosely between the cups. ‘What are you looking at huh?!’, she glared at me in that cute but stern face, already knowing what I was peeping at. I waved my hand at her and repeated my ‘no’ but she wasn’t taking it.

I pulled her by the arm closer and leaned her head on my shoulder, patting her legs to soother her feelings. The love between us could be little, but it was growing stronger as we spent more time together.

As though the bus wasn’t cold enough, the overhead vents suddenly blew strong air and she wriggled her hand over my groin, kneading on my unsuspecting crotch. I had to ask her what she was doing as there were passengers in front and behind us, all of sight from where we were.

‘That’s the warmest part right? I’m cold luh.’ Her hand kept playing with me till it was big, and she pushed her way up the opening of my shorts from my legs. The thick cotton pants had an inner lining for my balls and it was as good as going commando. Her icy cold fingers jolted me in a surprise and I was warming her up gradually.

She let of a ‘tsk’ when her thumb accidentally touched the tip, smearing pre-cum over my dick head when she fondled with it too much.

I had to ask her not to tease me anymore and she listened, instead jerking me off in discreet motion. She wore a jeans then and I couldn’t do anything to her, except to indulge in the public handjob she was giving.

That calming, relaxed mood made the rest of the journey enjoyable without much passengers walking past us. When the upper deck was cleared, she whipped out my cock and stroked it mercilessly, spending my last five minutes in agony as she squeezed real hard when I almost came.

Like any guys, I had a limit and at last begged her to let me cum, with a promise to return the favour when we reach the mall. She kept pumping me till I whispered the golden question into her ear, ‘where do I cum?’ She looked at me without stopping her hand and just watched my confused expression till I signalled her.

She paused for a moment and tucked her hair behind her ears, going down on me and resuming her handjob. Coupled with the tongue action over my rod, I lasted only ten seconds before I blew my load, puffing her cheeks fast as it squirted without an end in sight.

Only after fifteen seconds, I was dead tired and empty, did she lift her head away and took her water bottle out. My cum went down her throat with that water and she was nice to keep my rod back into my shorts.

Upon reaching the mall, we went straight for the highest level where the exit of the cinema was. I had been there once with one of my ex and the tiny utility room was available. In there, I lowered her jeans to her ankles and made her sit on my lap. The broken theatre seat had no legs and we were on the floor, but on top of the red cushions.

Her legs opened wide and my fingers got to work, attacking her clit and poking into her pussy when she got too horny. Actually, it was her who pushed my fingers in. Yes, two fingers. Her moans echoed freely in the noisy room and I was too focused on getting her off. Without a hardon, I sank my fingers as deep as I could till her body started shaking in my arms, trembling so violently as juices poured out of her love hole.

Right after she came, she jumped up and wore her jeans back, as though her six sense had alarmed her. Nothing went wrong that few minutes and we made our way out, into the quiet corridor.

Following that double event of a quick masturbation, we went for our dinner and spent the rest of the day strolling in Hort Park, where a public toilet tempted us once again.