Unlike 21

‘Does the bus you take home go pass Thomson?’, Jacie kept her eyes on her phone while asking me about my journey home. I went to where she stood and peered from her shoulders, looking at her scrolling messily on Google Maps. ‘Yes it does’, I spoke in a normal tone like a senior and […]

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Lust Cafe

Shanice: ‘So how do you like working here?’ The little heard question came out of nowhere while Edd was finishing up with his coffee machine. Another part time staff who was on the same shift as him wore a checkered boyfriend shirt tied around her waist, and a frilly pair of black denim shorts complimented […]

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Coffee ‘Creamer’

Just as I settled down in a cosy corner of StarBucks with my iPad, the sight of a shiny object under an occupied table got my attention. A lady in a blue floral dress, white columns lining the sides of her waist all the way to the hems, was seated opposite to my table. The […]

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A Little Rub

To make up for the lapsed entries everyone has been waiting for, J is publishing a story he just completed. Apologies for what happened, and this will be one of the few (hopefully) this month during the hiatus. Once again, thank you guys for your continual support. Melinda (whispering): ‘Hey! Not here!’ Rick pushed his […]

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