Good Sexpension

Janice (whispering): ‘Fuck me now.. ‘ She pulled up her flaring mini dress and started touching her pantyless crotch, giving off purr-like moans in the privacy of his car. He slouched lower on the backseat and undid his jeans, whipping his cock out to fill the car with a salty scent. The excited girlfriend went […]

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House Pet

Kitty: ‘What do I wear today Master?’ Master: ‘This, and the white shirt.’ Kitty untangled the bondage bra and bikini set into two portion, putting them off in front of her Master she faithfully devoted her life to. Besides their marriage cert, a confidential document signing her obedience and anti-PPO (personal protection order) allowed her […]

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Married Fling

Yvonne: ‘How’s work today?’ Me: ‘Quite good. But tiring as usual.’ Yvonne: ‘Haha. My work is boring as fuck. Shall we go to our usual spot?’ Me: ‘Uh huh.’ The 32 year old wife kept rubbing my thigh as she drove on the empty roads, turning into a landed estate with countless smaller roads in […]

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The Accounting Job

Claire: ‘J, I am really keen to take up the accounting job you have. You have seen my resume, I believe I have the skills.’ Me: ‘But you are just in your teens, would you know how to balance my accounts?’ Claire: ‘Yes. I can learn. You can teach me, and we will work together.’ […]

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Sugar Alice

After I booked out from my third reservist, I managed to hitch a ride in my friend’s car, driven by his mum, and chatty older sister. For most part of the journey, his sister was bombarding us with our NS lives and lots of funny incidents were brought up. His mum dropped them off first […]

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