Recuperating Ex-Patient

Me: ‘How have you been Ling?’ Ling: ‘Good. Thanks. If not for you, I would have been dead by now.’ Me: ‘Hey. Don’t say that.’ An ex-patient of mine asked me out for dinner and we met, chatting over food and a bit of wine. It was nice to see the once anorexic girl filled […]

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Third Passenger

Moving to the backseats, Keith and Stephanie locked their lips in the most intense French kiss ever, unleashing their desires after two weeks of separation. As he roamed his hands under her crop top, she turned her attention to his shorts, unbuttoning it at the same time he unhooked her bra. She slid her hand […]

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Repaying Cassie

After my sister took the wheel in the car I drove to pick her up, her friend, Cassie, joined me in the back seats, wearing a light blue chiffon blouse and red flare skirt so short I caught an upskirt view when she boarded the car. Cassie: ‘Your brother is so shuai la!’ Sister: ‘Haha. […]

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Ride on the Ride

Me: ‘Send you home?’ Jacie: ‘Yupp. But before that.. ‘ She reached behind the driver’s seat and brought her black cardigan to the front, throwing it over my lap. Jacie: ‘Take it out first.’ Me: ‘Hey. It’s dangerous you know?’ Jacie (pouting): ‘I don’t care!’ The twenty girl old date was tipsy from the glasses […]

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Mobile Quickie

Baby: ‘I’m not going to get out of the car in this k?’ Me: ‘Yeah yeah. We are just going to park somewhere and play.’ Wearing the white translucent oversized tank top, she had her office blazer over her shoulders despite driving in the night. We turned into a multi-storey carpark of a newly built […]

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