Rocking Car

Bartender: ‘Hey man. This is from the girls over there.’

I took a few long blinks to clear my vision and looked towards the semi-circle lounge seats adjacent to my counter stool. The group of ladies all pointed to one particular girl, wearing a denim jacket tightly grasped closed. After giving them a mid-air toast, they came over to invite me over, then disappearing into the dance floor.

Me: ‘Thanks for your drink. I’m J. What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Cyndi. My friends just asked me to buy a drink for someone that caught my attention. And that’s you.’

She was somewhat in a defensive position when we spoke, understandable from how she dressed, quite the opposite from the revealing clothes her friends wore to the club.

Me: ‘How did I get your attention then?’
Cyndi: ‘Your clothes? You are the only guy here who wore a suit – I think.’

True enough, I was in an attire too mature for my looks, since it was after an intense interview that had tests I was never prepared to take. The complexity of the questions I was given kind of threw me into confusion, about the nature of the company I was employed at. Frankly speaking, I had no idea what they did.

Cyndi: ‘Why are you alone?’
Me: ‘I needed some time to think. Oh, and I don’t have any trendy clothes like most guys here.’
Cyndi: ‘You’re never wrong in a suit.’

For once, we laughed at the irony of how men in suits were viewed, professional, arrogant and confident. Perhaps it was my clothes that gave me the courage to come this far. She took my hand and threw it behind her shoulders, leaning closer to me while handing me my bottle of beer. A click of our glasses and everything went down our throats, marking the beginning of a new friendship.

About ten minutes later, her friends returned with flushed faces, and a couple of them had guys holding their waists.

Friend: ‘Cyndi, we are going to another place now. Wanna come?’
Cyndi: ‘Nah. I’m done. I’ll leave with this handsome here. Have fun girls.’

Those half-filled glasses were emptied and all of us left the noisy entertainment joint, diving into second smoke the smokers were puffing right outside the exit.

Cyndi: ‘I’m going to my car and rest for a bit before driving. Want me to send you home?’
Me: ‘I can get home myself. But I’ll accompany you to make sure you are sober before you drive. Can?’

She pointed sluggishly in the direction of her car and we walked in arms, stepping into the passenger seats since we needed to rest. Once the doors were slammed shut and air-condition at full blast, our bodies instinctively hugged each other and started kissing. Her denim pulled away revealed a caged bra underneath. Without any more layers of clothes, my hands wormed into her bra and grabbed those petite B cups. Instantly, she woke up and unbuttoned my white shirt, caressing the not-so-lean tummy I owned.

Cyndi (whispering): ‘Your pants.’

We worked together to unbuckle and lower my pants just enough for her to whip my cock out, heartbeat pounding violently through the veins in that stick she held. Her high waist flare skirt provided easy access to her underwear, which disappeared into the darkness behind the driver’s seat.

In a sudden turn of event, she climbed over my lap and leaned backwards for the glovebox, fishing a condom out from a corner. I ripped the wrapper apart and capped myself quickly, before she sank her pussy over my manhood. Party-goers were still walking past her car when she started bouncing, but not distracting us one bit from our quickie.

One of her friends spotted our vigorous movements and stole a peek before hopping into her date’s car. Nothing too spectacular happened. As we fucked in cowgirl style, my hands never stopped massaging those boobs. She was just moaning her lungs out to my hardening cock, that was helplessly stuffed over and over again into her.

Me: ‘My turn to play now.’

I hugged her and turned to the side, dropping her on her back while catching both her feet that her heels clung onto. I bent her knees to her chest before taking full control, ramming my hips hard into her skinny pelvic bones her ass was conforming to.

Cyndi (moaning): ‘I’m gonna cum!’

I felt her pussy tightened and I went even faster, until she slouched forward to hold my waist close to her groin. Buried deep inside her, the spray of juices splattered all over our clothes during her orgasm. A minute later, as soon as the ‘tap’ slowed down, my body was back at work, pounding the trembling girl into another round of screams.

Me: ‘We’ve got a bit more to go before I cum. Hang in there k?’

She grabbed my neck and I let my chest touched her, kissing in intense passion without any pauses for air. Each breath we took filled our noses with the heavenly, sex-filled scent from our sweaty bodies, mixed with the saltiness of our saliva.

Me: ‘Doggie?’
Cyndi: ‘No. Just like this.’

I let my hips did its work, thrusting inches of meat into her cunt to increase her pleas for mercy. Another orgasm hit her after a few minutes and our lips broke free, letting her gasped for air as her abs shrunk to the mind-numbing climax.

Me: ‘Fuck.. I’m cumming too.. Hold on!’

While she was shaking non-stop, I forcefully spread her legs wide and pumped the last bit of strength into her. Her eyes rolled white and shook even more wildly, all the way till I made those long, powerful jerks along with my outgoing cum.

The last part lasted about two minutes, with her pussy milking me involuntarily. Strangely, I was still hard after finishing the first round and jumped straight into the action again, shoving my cock fast and deep without break.

Cyndi had no idea what was happening as she was just groaning inaudible phrases, up to the point I came again inside her. Completely exhausted, I fell on top of her and waited till she quietened down.

I picked myself up and helped her to sit upright against the seat, giving her a massage on her clit to help take the soreness away. She managed to find her phone in the dimness and unlocked it after two tries.

Cyndi (weakly): ‘What’s your number?’
Me: ‘8263****’
Cyndi (panting): ‘I’m going to need you again soon.’

The next fifteen minutes were spent in silence as we got dressed slowly, almost losing control a few times after more kisses. We got into the front seats after some time and she offered to drive me home despite being out of the way. And in exchange?

Cyndi: ‘Keep me turned on so I can focus on the road.’

Without saying more, my fingers got wrinkly from masturbating her throughout the whole journey, making a few stops at empty bus stops so she could cum.

It didn’t take more than thirty minutes after I got home before a new message came from her, compiling of details about our next meet the next day. The appearance of Cyndi made my new mysterious employment less daunting knowing that there was something I could look forward to after each day.

A new job, a new girl. What more can a man ask for?

Misty’s Fetish

After the hectic day at the office where Misty worked, her group of office staff agreed to dinner with the ground forces, mostly comprising of frontline service crew. One of the guys, Blake, was her eye candy at work and he would be there too.

Everyone reached the hawker centre after a fifteen minutes wait, and he showed up in the company’s polo tee unlike others.

Misty: ‘Wah. Blake so on ah. Free marketing for company.’
Guy: ‘Eh. Don’t disturb him like that leh. He stayed back to finish up the work for the rest of us.’

The tall, traditional Chinese guy had been in the company for close to five years. Using hardwork, he climbed to the position of Senior Supervisor which anyone else would be too stressed to take up. Despite his low education, his willingness to teach and guide earned him the respect of his team, even those who weren’t directly under him.

As the last bits of food was cleaned up by the guys, everyone tidied up and were ready to head home. Misty rarely had alcoholic drinks, but it was a day to relax and talk crap, so she had downed quite a number of mugs herself.

Blake: ‘Okay guys. Don’t come to work tomorrow hor. Have a good rest and we’ll chiong on Monday.’

A synchronised ‘ooosh‘ woke the drunken mood up and the ladies, with Misty, had to turn away in embarrassment. While some of them left for their cars, Misty, Blake and a few headed for the bus stop.

Blake: ‘Eh Mist, you forgot to wear bra today ah?’
Misty: ‘Got lah. This shirt is thinner la. Hum sup lou.’

The sheer black top did not hide the inner black spag she wore, but the unpadded bra could not do much about her nipples that could be noticed if one looked long enough. Somehow, she was glad to get his attention, and they had the privacy to talk alone behind the noisy group in front of them.

Misty: ‘Good hor you, a wife waiting at home.’
Blake: ‘Okay lah. The company give me high pay, I work longer hours lo. My wife understands. You? Always end work so late how to find boyfriend?’
Misty: ‘Don’t have boyfriend la. Earn money more important.’
Blake: ‘Haha. Then when you want to marry you can pick any one of my guys. I sure approve one.’
Misty: ‘Asshole. But I have someone I like in this company.’
Blake: ‘Eh! Who who! Don’t tell me James from your team hor. He don’t have balls yet.’
Misty (answering shyly): ‘No la. Your team de.’
Blake: ‘Say leh! Who? Me ah? I know you secretly in love with me la. I won’t tell anyone.’

If only he understood what kind of joke he cracked. Misty’s mind started wandering to scenes of his diligent mode giving instructions to his team, directing them with his strong arms, unkempt hair that made him looked so suave. On top of that, the fitting pair of jeans showed off his lean ass, straight-cut style right under his crotch.

Blake: ‘What bus you taking?’
Misty: ‘Dundred.’
Blake: ‘Same. You can continue dreaming. I’ll let you know when the bus come.’

They were the last at the bus stop while everyone hopped onto their own ride. Misty had snapped out of her fantasies and was noticing Blake, also deep in thoughts but probably about something more productive.

Misty (whispering): ‘You won’t mind if I like you right? You are already married.’
Blake: ‘Huh? You really like me ah? Shit man. *pause* I actually also quite like you. Too bad I’m married.’

Their bus finally came and they got on, sitting side-by-side to continue her proposal.

Misty: ‘Since you are married, I can’t ask you out right?’
Blake: ‘Haha. You can stay back with me in office ah. That will be our date lo.’

Throwing away all pride, she slipped her arm under his and placed her palm on his thigh, head leaning against his shoulder for comfort. He did not make any rejection signs, even putting his hand on her legs.

Blake: ‘Don’t text me funny things ah. If not I will have to marry you if my wife divorce me.’

The pair of matching black skirt made it worse with his fingers resting on her bare thighs, sending wild thoughts into her head. As erotic fantasies started building up again, the unconscious shifting of her hand had brought him into her world too.

As the bus emptied itself through the stops, her skirt was lifted higher by his muscular hand. At no time did he looked at her like a boyfriend, making the whole process feel like a stranger feeling her up.

Misty leaned herself on the window and brought her hand to his groin, squeezing it while he returned the favour by pressing onto her panties. The moisture that was already there made him grinned, but he did not stop rubbing.

Blake: ‘Shall we get off here? I’ll send you home with the company van.’

Right. The company van IS at his carpark.

The duo alighted and went to the multi-storey carpark, jumping into the back of the van once he started the air-conditioning. With no lights, they could only use the florescent lamps from the ceiling. Misty was already on the side of the van where least light could reach.

Blake (whispering): ‘No regrets?’

Misty no longer wanted to answer him and tugged at his belt, where he undid his jeans while she pulled her skirt and translucent blouse away. Her panties got flung into the darkness after he removed them, and he was soon lying by her side.

One of her hand got busy stroking him, and one of his was busy rubbing her out. His coarse finger felt really good as her clit was flicked in circles, messing up the rhythm for her handjob.

Misty (whispering): ‘You have a condom?’

Blake shook his head and told her about the vasectomy after his second kid, forcing her to make a choice she already knew the answer to. Not wanting to let time make things anymore awkward, Misty rolled over to dogggie facing the rear window and slant herself forward before he could put it in.

Blake (whispering): ‘Why?’
Misty (whispering): ‘Can you rape me?’

She flung the pile of nylon ropes across the floor and he caught them. He tied her hands behind her and secured her ankles together, then returning her to the doggie-style she wanted.

While Misty put up a little fight to resist his dick, he mercilessly yanked her hips back and wrapped his arms around her ribs, squeezing her sensitive pair of boobs till she stopped moving.

Blake: ‘That’s my good girl.’

That thick, hard manhood pierced into her and she screamed into her wrists. She had never been taken by force and his meat felt exceptionally huge inside her. Her pussy was ripped open beyond her own personal record and the violent thrusts stretched her vagina further inwards.

This strong man had fulfilled one of her desires to be raped, and her pussy just kept contracting with sheer happiness. Blake rammed really hard into her and those long strokes drove her mad. The fight in her disappeared like smoke and her body was giving in to him.

Blake (groaning): ‘So you prefer to be my slave huh?’
Misty (moaning): ‘Can I?’
Blake: ‘Of course! My wife likes to dominate me, and I can unleash onto you.’

A sudden rush of pain shot into her scalp as he grabbed her hair, pounding her fleshy bums onto his stiff hips. If she had felt correctly, he was getting bigger inside her.

In and out, Misty drifted from a clear mind to a half-fucked sanity. Each orgasm had taken a little of her life with it and she was backing up on him before she realised. It’s like – her body wanted more.

Getting so close to blacking out, Blake was moving at a speed that caused her pussy to be ‘burping’. He was getting overpowered by her tightness, it seems.

Blake: ‘I’m cumming!’

A strong push knocked her off balance and she fell forward. He flipped her around like a piece of dough and held her legs up with one hand. His dick poked through her thighs (that was tied together) and she was looking right at his cannon appearing and disappearing before her.

Moments later, a loud grunt came and white cream spat onto her chest. After the first two squirts, the rest oozed out over her legs and down to her pussy, which she knew she had nothing to worry about.

Blake untied her as soon as he was done and cleaned her lifeless body up, paying extra attention to massage those sore breasts and clit while at it. As soon as he was done, he got her to strip naked and kneel on some soft foam.

With cleverly positioned knots, he made a ‘G-string’ and ‘bra’ for her. For the part of the rope running under her pussy, a few knots provided something to rub against, and the bra simply made her free-hanging boobs into firm, tight buns.

He did not give her much time to check out the DIYed lingerie, instead, helping her dress up quickly so she could go home and enjoy. On the journey home, Misty could only feel her sore breasts and occasional rubs of her pussy.

But when she straightened her legs to get off his van, the rope sank deep between her pussy, and caused her to crumble onto the ground. The torture was too much for her to bear at once.

Blake: ‘You can cut the ropes if you want. I’ll see you tomorrow k? At the office.’

Holding onto the door handles, she had to clarify the arrangement.

Misty: ‘You know we’re not open tomorrow right?’
Blake: ‘Yupp. No one will be there ah. My wife don’t know the office is closed. So I can still meet you. If you change your mind, just text me k?’

Luckily for the flats she wore, the walk home was not too awkward and before long, she was ready for the much needed shower. Standing naked in front of her mirror, she looked exactly like one of those Japanese porn stars doing bondage gig.

The loop around her waist had eaten into her hips and raising it would send tingles through her pussy into her mind. Heck, she took a quick shower before putting on some decent clothes to cover up. Ready for bed in no time.

Unlike the nights she had before, there were no thoughts of random stuff. They were all sex related. As she adjusted the rope on her pussy, the knots kept rubbing her clit till she climaxed against her tiredness.

Damn, this has either got to be the best or worst night in my life.

As the orgasms wore her body out, darkness came for her and overtook her eyes for some super wet dreams.

The next day, she skipped the morning shower and went to ‘work’ in t-shirt and shorts. When Blake saw her in the office, there was a dark patch of wetness between her legs, which she did not realise.

Blake: ‘I think you need to wear a liner. You’re too wet.’

Their clothes came off quickly and their boss’ table was the first to be tested for stability and reliability.

Young Wild Sex

After the girls claimed their victory at a beach volleyball competition at one of the beautiful beaches in Sentosa, the group of guys who accompanied them celebrated with a treat at the restaurant nearby. It was a tough fight as the opposing team was strong, but nevertheless, the girls did their best and won.

All tired but hyped, Cynthia and Randy separated from the group and headed towards his car, parked at the carpark where shuttle buses would arrive at to pick up the visitors.

Dressed in just her sports bra and beach shorts, he walked slowly behind her to admire her twisting hips, while she licked away on the ice cream they couldn’t finish. Upon reaching his car tucked away in a corner, they did not rush to start the journey back home. Instead, he pulled her by the neck in for a passionate french kiss, turning her excited mood into a lustful rage where her hand immediately reached for his shorts.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘I’m so fucking horny now. You’re growing bigger huh.’

She gave him a squeeze on his hard on and the knots came loose on both their shorts. A quick tug lowered his waistband below his erection and her back arched down at his groin, taking his manhood into her lips. Bobbing her head up and down, her tongue slid wetly under his shaft while he adjusted his backrest lower, groaning and thighs twitching to her impatient blowjob.

Randy (whispering): ‘You’re making me super hard.’

Her mouth went deeper to make him gasp for air and did not stop till he managed to slip his fingers into her g-string, and onto her clit that was soaking wet.

Randy: ‘Sit up. Let me finger that tight hole of yours.’

She ended the blowjob with a slow ascend and let him lean towards her, dipping his finger into her wide opened legs. As he was pumping his palm, she got on her knees and crawled between the front seats to the back, still moaning to his hand that did not stop.

Halfway towards the backseat, he held her waist upon seeing her legs opened on the driver’s and front passenger seat, jolting her to a pause. Of course, Cynthia knew what he was thinking and stopped crawling.

Randy stood above the gearbox and flipped his dick under her pussy, rubbing her clit a few times with his rod before angling it into her. Inches by inches, his raw meat disappeared into her wet slit and she was breathing deeply for air.

The long journey into her hole took her horniness to the next level and she was busy asking him to go faster. Randy knew exactly how to tease and the constant reminder to ‘fuck me’ went unheeded. Finally, he was fully parked inside her and she was desperately grinding her ass over his long cock, throbbing wildly inside her.

Not wasting any more time, he began pumping and she was just going crazy by screaming as he sank his rod into her deepest end. The two of them was so intense in that public car sex that the windows fogged up quickly, but not stopping them from raping each other.

As the orgasms hit her one at a time, the glistering sweat covered her skin and his hands went under her sports bra to ravish those constricted B cups, satisfying them with nipple pinches to turn her on even more. Cynthia could totally feel his dick getting thicker and it was creating a seal that sucked him back in whenever he pulled out.

Cynthia: ‘Horny boy, go back to your seat. I’m going to ride you till you cum.’

He returned to his driver’s seat and watched her kneel on the side near the door, while her other toned leg reached behind his seat. Hanging on his neck for support, she couldn’t wait to bounce on him, using her trained abs to squeeze the cum out of him. Imagine two masculine figures, locked in a fight to get each other to climax. That was exactly what was happening in that car.

Groping her breasts clumsily, her eyes were locked on his as she rode him, slamming her pussy over his rock hard dick that was touching her sensitive g-spot. Changing to a grinding motion, she moved her hips along his groin, till she felt the shiver in him intensified.

Cynthia: ‘Is my bad boy going to cum?’
Randy: ‘You know me best.’

Cynthia continued rocking on his abs till he hugged her tight out of a sudden, and she relaxed her pussy for a moment. In a focused state, she closed her eyes and worked her vaginal muscles, moving them in a milking motion with small grinding action.

Randy: ‘Cumming!’

He looked unwavering into her eyes as his hips jerked uncontrollably, shooting his load into her tight athletic body while she smiled excitedly. The warmth was spraying all over inside and she could feel herself filling up with his love juice.

Kissing lovingly, they remained inside each other till his dick had shrunk a little, easily pushed out of her pussy.

Panting and drenched in perspiration, they wore their shorts back and she was covered in a denim jacket without her bra on. On their way back to her home, she was busy stroking him while he had his eyes on the road, all hard and ready as he pictured his car parking in the multi-storey carpark of her estate.

In the empty second-top floor, they were fully nude and went into their second round of sex without hesitation, pumping the brains out of her with his energised cock. This time, she could not moan freely as there were houses just nearby, but still managed to orgasm at least twice before she felt a sore on her pussy.

Cynthia: ‘I’ll just suck you off this time k? It’s sore down there.’

She popped opened the door nearer to a wall and went out, squatting down and taking his dick whole into her mouth. Forcing her head into his groin, she let her throat did the work till he was shivering once again. As his legs started wobbling, she did not let him rest and just kept her lips deep at his balls, savouring the moment when his cum shot down her throat. Swallowing continuously, he couldn’t stop squirting till every drop was out, and got too sensitive for her to tease anymore.

Quickly hopping back into his car, they got dressed and she pinned him down on the backseats for a kiss, boobs dangling from under her unbuttoned jacket.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Thanks for the ‘rides’ home.’

She left with her top unbuttoned and went into the lift, where it would send her right to her doorstep.

What less can we expect from two fit young teens right? Nothing less than intense, wild sex that we are always jealous of. ;)

Double Jobs

Hong: ‘Calie, meeting customer later right?’
Calie: ‘Yeah. Two hours.’

He picked out a one piece sleeveless floral dress and watched her stepped into it before zipping up for her. Face lightly made up, her long lashes were the attention of her eyes and the mid-back length hair was tied in a high ponytail.

Once she was ready, they walked hand-in-hand to his car and made their way to NEX shopping mall, garnering a lot of jealous looks from the guys, some whom were walking with their girlfriends.

After a quick lunch at Pontian Wanton, they made their way back to the carpark, where his car was left in a discreet corner. Once the air-conditioning was up and running, she bent over to his lap and unzipped his pants, stroking his cock to its full length while resting on his thighs.

Calie: ‘There’s no smell today.’
Hong: ‘I washed it at your place just now. Haha. Like it?’

Her eager mouth saved her response and he lowered the backseat as her head bobbed up and down, taking his rod deep into her throat. Feeling her tongue wriggle under his shaft, the amount of saliva she used was just perfect to engage a similar effect as though he was inside her. Well, in a way, he was already inside.

Paying extra attention to the ring under his penis head, the circular motion simply took his breaths away as she circled continuously, teasing him to get more desperate for her body.

Hong (whispering): ‘Hey.. I can’t take it anymore. Let’s go to the back.’

She crawled towards the backseats before him and let him peep under her dress, before she stripped the polka dots panties away while he unbuttoned his jeans to halfway down his thighs. Sitting with his legs opened between the centre ‘footrest’, she got into position, bending over the gearbox and hands resting on the seats.

Adjusting his position to reach her pussy, she lowered her hips till the tip poked into her vagina and sat down in slow-mo. Giving it to her boyfriend raw was the only thing that differentiated from her work, being a freelance and all.

Hong slipped a cushion over the storage box in front of her knees and made her kneel on it, determined to save her some energy for the job she took up. With her butt positioned just behind her feet, he began sliding back and forth on the seat, using the second cushion to raise his hips and keeping the momentum smooth.

Pumping in and out of her wet hole, she remained motionless while he did the work, catching a wee bit of squeezes whenever he went too deep. The love making session was rather morbid in his car, but nonetheless, she was gladly taking him in. Trained to keep silent during sex, she let off a sweet high-pitched tone, moaning softly in a way she knew would portray an innocent girl.

Hong: ‘I’m getting a little tired. Can you move for a while?’
Calie: ‘Yupp.’

Her feet went back to the floor and she rode him this time, bouncing up and down with her body leaning forward. His dick was growing thicker and it was filled with blood, heartbeat channeling into it so strongly that she could estimate his timing.

Once she felt his penis stopped enlarging, she skilfully pushed her vaginal walls together, slamming harder but slower over his groin.

Hong: ‘You always know I am about to cum.’
Calie: ‘Of course! You’re my boyfriend eh.’

Just before he lost control of himself, he jerked Calie forward and grabbed her shoulders, driving his dick as deep as he could go. Her moans suddenly went louder as his hips slapped on her firm ass, slurping juicy noises as she grunted in between breaths.

Calie: ‘I love it when you rape me.. I’m gonna climax!’
Hong: ‘Arghh. I’m shooting!’

As his semen shot out of his pipe, his hands took control over pulling her body down on his dick, firing into her while she flipped her back on his chest. Swiftly, his hand found its way between her pussy and attacked the pearl of wonders, triggering a violent shiver as she leaked cum all over his balls.

Working her inner muscles, she milked every drop of cum he had and let him carried her to the side. Using the box of tissue behind the passenger seat, she let it soak up his cum while he wore his bottoms.

Hong: ‘It feels so good to be cumming inside you.’
Calie: ‘Just for you huh! No one else.’

Forcing whatever cum she could out, a simple wipe summed up the housekeeping below and her panties went back before she sat next to him waiting in the driver seat.

Hong: ‘Geylang?’
Calie: ‘Yupp. Waiting for me?’
Hong: ‘I don’t mind. What if they approach me?’
Calie: ‘Haha! You can give the money to me, and I’ll fuck you like a customer.’

Shaking his head understandingly, he drove to the hotel with her directing. Seeing his girl pouting her lips at him while the automatic glass door opened, he knew she was his, and the thought of what her client did to her excites him a little.

How many guys know that their girlfriends are in the sex industry, and still allow them to continue? Not many I think.

Fling Challenge

Felicia finally got enough courage to just wear a tube bra under a denim jacket. Paired with it was a short skirt, tight-wrapping design that ended at her upper thighs, attracting the looks of guys as she walked into the heartlands. The top few buttons were undone and this was the most ‘seductive’ outfit she had ever gone in.

Felicia (on phone): ‘I am at your block now.’
Jason (on phone): ‘What are you wearing?’
Felicia (on phone): ‘Just a tube bra, jacket and skirt?’
Jason (on phone): ‘Okay. Unbutton your jacket and sit at the void deck. I’m coming down now.’

Although she knew he wouldn’t be able to know if she did it till he came down, it was a gentle whiff of lust that made her go for the dare. Removing the last few buttons at her naval, her shaking hands did not know what to do during the short wait. Residents were constantly walking past her and admiring her slim abs between the jacket, boobs held up by the red tube bra with black laces on it.

The lift finally rang after the frightening wait and Jason appeared, in a pair of loose shorts and ‘I

Jason (Whatsapp): ‘Follow me.’

He waited for her to stand up before walking towards the multi-storey carpark, where she knew he always parked his car. Perhaps having some fun in his car was what he wanted?

Continuing the walk for another few minutes, they reached the second top level and he turned into a row of vans and trucks, stopping at the parapet looking over the estates.

Jason: ‘Hey Fel.’
Felicia: ‘Hi. What are we doing here?’
Jason: ‘Let me ask you something.’

She stayed quiet as he hugged her in his arms, looking straight into her eyes.

Jason (whispering): ‘Do you want to be more than just friends with benefits with me?’
Felicia: ‘Like?’
Jason: ‘A couple. In love.’

Her heart started beating harder, as she always suspected she had a little feelings for him. To her, there was no signs of exposing her true feelings from what she remembered doing, but still, he managed to sense that from her.

Felicia: ‘Yeah.. I guess I would love to.’
Jason: ‘You will have to pass a little test then. Okay?’
Felicia: ‘Okay.’

He pulled her jacket over the shoulders and let it drop onto the floor. Moving a few steps into two of the taller vehicles, he tugged his shorts down and let her hand roam to it, stroking it while her head remained pointed at the ground.

On her knees she went and his dick went into her mouth, feeling her wet tongue wrap around him and moving down his shaft. Jason was high from the blowjob and placed his hand on the van, knocking it slightly loud but not worrying enough.

As she got into the mood, the van’s door suddenly slid open, and a pair of legs stuck out onto the floor.

Jason (whispering): ‘He is A, my friend. Help him too.’

With her head pinned on his groin by his hands, she could only reach out blindly to the guy next to her, and let him guide her to his cock. At that time, it was still soft but fairly large. Pumping her fist over his dry rod, her mouth did not stop while the guy roamed his hands into her bra, squeezing her breasts and toying with her nipples.

Jason: ‘Eh bro. Remember hor. Condom.’

There was no indication if A had heard Jason, but the need for condom meant another thing to Felicia. A walked away from her handjob after a while and positioned himself behind her. A few seconds of silence was all she needed to guess that he was capping himself on.

All three of them took a break while moving to the rear of the van, where the backdoor popped open for Jason to sit on. Now standing upright and working her mouth on his dick, A used his hands to pry her butt cheeks open, before rubbing a few times on her pussy.

Sensing that she was wet and ready for penetration, he slid the panties off her legs and let his hips guide itself under her skirt. Poking at the soft, wet mould, Felicia had no idea how big it was after some time had passed. Slowly, the tip poked into her hole and she had to close her eyes, pausing the blowjob while the rest of his meat sank into her body. For a girl who gets wet easily, it was a little embarrassing to get penetrated so easily without much foreplay.

Mentally, she could tell he was as big as Jason, leaving only the speed and stamina to be the last two factors of his skills. Holding her waist with his warm hands, her body began jerking back and forth in sync with the thrusts she was receiving. Slurping sounds free-flowed in the quiet carpark and he was screwing her as deep as she could handle it.

Moans escaped uncontrollably from Felicia as his dick brushed along her vaginal walls, teasing those sensitive areas continuously. Her mouth did not need any efforts to move as the powerful thrusts would simply send her lips gliding down the slippery cock.

As the carpark remained eerily quiet, A had enough of the doggie and climbed into the van from the side door, sitting in the middle of it while Jason got out of the van. Felicia was asked to climb onboard and this time, her mouth had another dick to satisfy. Jason stood right outside the van, giving himself just enough distance to take over his girl’s cunt.

Jason had been watching her mouth closely from the side, timing it at the same time as his dick plunged into her pussy raw. This was the exclusiveness she had given him, along with contraceptive pills she took for him. The pounding came immediately, pumping fast and deep into her, giving her no rest at all.

The pleasure flooding her mind was so crazy that she couldn’t really focus on the blowjob, leaving A to ram her head down as she groaned noisily.

As Jason went faster at her, he felt her hips buckling and legs trembling, as though she was going to cum. Now, making long, slower strokes into her pussy, her groans became louder and the gagging took her breaths away.

Right when Jason felt an overwhelming tightness over his dick, a stream of juices came spraying backwards onto the concrete floor, splashing loudly as he tried to keep his dick inside of her.

Without letting her recover, he used her new tightness to the max and fucked at the fastest possible speed, causing her to lose balance. A had gone on his knees as well, and was thrusting his hips at her face, driving that long cock down her throat as Jason rammed her forcefully.

A: ‘I’m gonna shoot!’
Jason: ‘Me too.. ‘

The two men groaned out loud as their cum filled both her holes up, satisfying her hunger at the same time as her horniness. The waves of cum pouring into her did not stop for at least fifteen seconds, and Felicia was just swallowing while trying to relax her pussy to contain all of his seeds.

They pulled out of the exhausted girl at once and watched her fall to the side, mouth covered with some of his cum and pussy leaking white fluid.

Jason: ‘You passed.’

Felicia could only smile at him till he said the second phrase, ‘the first round‘. A frown appeared on her face and she was helped up, wearing her jacket back and cleaned her mouth with some wet tissues from A’s vehicle.

Jason walked Felicia back to his place, jacket unbuttoned and wobbling on her feet. Back at his place, she was offered a cup of warm milk, and allowed to rest, till she felt weak in her limbs but remained awake.

A’s appearance in the room did not cause much of a worry, but the plastic bag he carried, had a small machine sticking out of it, like a dildo.

While she was unable to move herself, the two guys tied her up, and set up the machine right between her legs. The cold dildo went into her cum-filled pussy and the vibration was taking some of the soreness away.

Jason: ‘This is part two. I want you to squirt till the bed is wet. It will just take about an hour. Must pass k?’

With that said, a whirling sound came from the machine and the dildo started thrusting, sinking deep into her pussy while her mind was drowsy. The orgasms came non-stop and the amount of cum she squirted had wetted her whole body. The two guys just sat in a corner, drinking away while her moans played like an hour long symphony.

Did the second part just end this way? Of course not. By the time the machine’s timer stopped, she was as horny as hell and the two dicks present in the room was all she wanted to get her mouth and hands on.

Moving to the living room, Jason let her lie on the sofa, kneeling over her head while A went to her pussy. Shoving their cocks into her mouth and cunt, the two dicks pumped crazily into her and the twenty minutes non-stop fucking lasted like an hour to her.

Halfway into their threesome, they swapped positions and A went berserk at her mouth again, filling her up with the second load before Jason was done. With just a few minutes of energy left in Jason, he flipped her over impatiently and took her in doggie, where her face laid on a pillow to avoid abrasion from her weak arms.

Right as she squirted for the umpteen times onto the seats, he came together with her and sent the second wave of cum deep into her womb, warming the tired, worn out pussy of her.

By the time they were done, A got dressed and had left the place to the two lovebirds. All that was left was themselves to cuddle, having passed the final test he had planned for her acceptance.

As the clock strike 2, she was back on his bed, and her strength was returning at a fast pace too. Well, before he fell asleep, her mouth went to work on his soft dick again, taking a long time to suck him back to his ‘original’ hardness before riding him to yet another climax, that was pumped into her body for the third time that day.

Guilty Rewards

With just a couple left in the bar, I had tidied everything up and was ready to close. They were seated in front of me and chatting over a couple of beers, which I was still serving as they gulped in big mouthfuls.

Man: ‘Are you closing soon?’
Me: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not working tomorrow.’
Lady: ‘What’s your name? Want to drink with us?’
Me: ‘I’m J. Nah. I can’t drink. I’m still at work.’
Man: ‘Come. Sit and drink. Pour a pint for yourself.’

Not wanting to turn down his friendly request, I brought a pint to their table and sat next to his wife, where she pulled the chair out for me. Most of the conversations were between them, but the frequent questions came to keep me entertained as well. As she got drunk, her hand was on my lap and moving on its own.

Man: ‘Don’t worry. She’s my wife. Anyway, I’m also quite high now.’
Lady (whispering): ‘Come to our place to drink next time. I can make cocktails for you.’
Me: ‘Sure. When I have my off.’
Man: ‘Then you give her your number.’

I swallowed hard and tapped my number into her phone, where she saved my name as ‘帅哥’. My working hours had been stretched for more overtime pay and their company didn’t make it too tiring for me too. Only when the clock showed three, did he take out a hundred dollars and placed it on the table.

Man: ‘How are you going home?’
Me: ‘I’m going to take a cab. I don’t drive.’
Man: ‘Don’t drive? How can it be? You’re a man!’

I smiled at him helplessly as there was just no time for me to take a license. They made their way out after finishing their drinks and I was left to clear the table and tally their bill. Once I had locked the doors, his wife came up to me and wrapped her arms around mine.

Man: ‘I’ll send you home. Wait for me here. I’ll drive my car over.’

In his stern tone, I knew he was still friendly but needed some help to take care of his wobbling wife. After a minute, his 7-seater sedan appeared and I went into the backseat with his wife who was mumbling inaudibly.

Man: ‘Postal code?’

There, I gave him my address and sat quietly in the back. His wife suddenly leaned onto me and turned my cheeks in her direction, whispering ‘Joanne’ into my ears. Right after that, she pushed me down forcefully onto my back and my head landed hard on the door.

Man: ‘Eh. Don’t be too rough.’
Me: ‘Okay.’
Man: ‘Not you lah. I’m talking to her. She’s crazy when she’s drunk. And you, don’t try to reject her. Let her do what she wants.’

Did he already know what she was up to? My jeans was tugged at and I raised my butt to let her bare my bottoms. The whole day of work had made me stink a little but she was obviously ignoring it. Hands came forth to stroke it and the beer I had earlier was making me a little high too.

Like a cougar, she jerked me till I was hard and crawled between my legs. Her mouth opened immediately once my dick was below her chin and took it whole without a flinch. Just as I was worried about offending her husband, a condom flew into my chest and the full picture was right in my face.

Joanne stripped her shorts off after getting my dick wet and clumsily climbed over me. In that short period, I managed to roll the condom on as she was moving in slow-mo.

Holding my dick between her legs, she dropped her pussy over it and shocked me with that tightness similar to a virgin. In the rear-view mirror, I could see him checking out our progress.

Man: ‘Tight?’
Me: ‘Very.’

Riding tiredly, we were fucking to our heart’s content at the back. Moans and groans came from both of us as she rode harder, slamming down in my lap till she came. I was totally helpless at that point, except using my hands to knead those soft C cups.

Man: ‘We’re here. But I want you to finish first. Dear ah. Doggie.’

I got up quickly and shifted to her back, where her body was too tired to move anymore. Heads just below the hood, I plunged my dick deep into her and she jolted her head up with a thud.

After she leaned her chest down on the seat, I held her waist and pumped fiercely, driving my cock in and out with slurping sounds. Her husband had his car camera turned towards us and was recording our sex as he lit a cigarette (windows wind down).

Joanne: ‘Faster! I’m gonna cum.’

I went all out at her as demanded and did not stop till she suddenly reached her arms back at me.

Joanne: ‘Dear, can I suck him off? I can’t take it anymore. Very sore below.’
Man: ‘Up to you.’

She asked me not to move and turned herself around, still in doggie but her mouth facing me. Devouring my cock into her sweet lips, she brought my hands to her head and pulled my waist at her face.

Oh? Mouth fuck? I got her cue right away and pumped my dick down her throat, feeling the pressure at the tip where her throat starts. Slamming away, she reached her hand between her legs and masturbated as I fucked.

Me: ‘Shooting.. ‘

After that, she stopped me from moving and patted on the seat, where I sat down and let her take over. Shoving her face at my balls, I was at her deepest ends and she was fingering herself faster.

Finally, the huge load of cum fired from my sweaty, wet dick and she caught it in her mouth, away from her throat. Sucking me dutifully, I could sense every drop being extracted and it took us almost a minute to recompose ourselves.

Man: ‘Shiok bo?’
Me: ‘Thanks bro.’
Man: ‘Don’t mention. It’s the first time my wife says her pussy is sore.’

I cleaned myself up with the box of tissue at the rear window and she climbed to the passenger seat next to him.

Joanne: ‘Next time I’ll just call you before we meet. Can hor hubby?’
Man: ‘Ya lah. Let him go home. Late liao.’
Joanne: ‘Not working tomorrow right? You can take care of me while my husband is at work.’

I replied a sure before hopping out of their car, given a thumbs up as he drove out of the parking space. A photo came into my phone from Joanne after I reached home, with her fingers in her pussy on top of the familiar leather car seats.

Perks and rewards come in many forms huh?

Second Anniversary

Claire: ‘What’s this?’
Jayson: ‘Open it and you’ll know.’

She unwrapped the little rectangular gift box and an exquisite flip top case was revealed underneath. She popped the cover opened and saw a little metal ball, welded to a string of crystals. Having never seen anything like it, she did not know what was it used for.

Claire: ‘What is it for?’

He only gave her smile when he took the gift, leaning towards her and making her lie on the bed.

Jayson: ‘It’s for you to keep it inside when you go out pantyless.’

Never had she gone pantyless before but the present looked too pretty to be unused. It was after all from her boyfriend. She relaxed her head on the pillow and let him spread her legs, rubbing the sphere up and down her clit to get her wet. After a minute of teasing, she felt the ball enter her pussy and the chain dangled freely between her legs.

Jayson: ‘Let’s go for dinner now.’

A nod from her made him helped her up and she picked a lovely yellow dress, decently length to hide the crystals sticking out of her pussy. Walking with the toy inside felt a little weird at first, but she quickly got used to it since it did not require too much effort to hold it in place. Boarding the bus, she was ushered to the upper deck with her boyfriend behind, heading to the secluded seats at the back.

Jayson: ‘Lift up your dress a bit.’

She pulled the centre up till her pussy was exposed and let him used her fingers on her clit. Rubbing gently, Claire held his forearms tightly as passengers came up and took their seats in front. It only took him a few minutes to get her to climax and the innocent girl shivering to his touches made him hard.

As pleasure filled her mind in a dreamy state, she knew what her boyfriend was looking forward to and slipped her hand into his jeans, heading in from his waist. Her fingers wrapped around his dick and toyed with it while he unzipped his pants to take his dick out.

Jayson (whispering): ‘Can you give it a suck?’

Saying nothing, she bent her back and let her mouth take the tip in, sucking while moving her lips across his shaft. Going deeper as her saliva lubricated his rod, he made sure to look as normal as possible while containing his excitement from the sensual blowjob his girl was doing for him. She had been working her wet tongue quietly behind the seats covering every corner of his dick to try and make him lose control.

Jayson (whispering): ‘Dear.. I can’t take it anymore. Let’s alight at the next stop.’

She stopped what she was doing and wiped her mouth clean, tucking his dick into his pants while her dress got straightened. They alighted the bus in the industrial area before they reached the interchange and walked aimlessly for a place to get their urges relieved. Finally, a metal gate left opened became their destination for the night and they went up the building to search for a quiet corner.

They found a corridor along the backdoors of the rows of offices and a small worn out sofa became their ‘bed’. Sitting with her legs apart, Jayson took his toy out of her and went on to give her pussy a lick, except that his tongue kept flicking and sliding up and down her slit to make her moan freely. Her hands were over his head and guiding him to where it felt best and he did his job by keeping her wet and hornier than before.

For the first time, she asked him to put it in as she couldn’t take it anymore, turning him on to the max from her first step to demanding sex. His pants quickly fell to the floor and she gave him a blowjob while he fished a condom out of his wallet. Giving it to her, she rolled it down for him and the smooth looking rubbery dick couldn’t seemed anymore tempting to be inside her.

She adjusted her position to lie on the sofa while he laid in missionary over her. Jus as he placed his tip at her opening, she whispered for him to be gentle. The first inch entered and her hands went to his waist to pull him right in. Unlike usual, she did not feel any discomfort and really wanted him inside as soon as she could.

The vigorous pounding began after he secured his knees and her jerking breasts were grabbed while her pussy was fucked to orgasms. His thumb went to her clit and tortured it mercilessly against her pleas not to, driving her insane as the double pleasure overwhelmed her mind. Her legs suddenly closed on him and her body went into a violent fit, squirting a strong jet of cum into his groin and wetting the couch.

Luckily, her dress was all the way to her chest and his jeans were removed. The sight of Claire squirting was the first for him and he couldn’t stop pumping, triggering her body to continue shooting while her pussy tightened to a level he couldn’t move due to the heightened sensitivity.

They took a break after she lost consciousness but he didn’t just let her lie still. Using his strength, he turned her over and rested her bum on her feet – in doggie style. Piercing his dick right back in, he woke her up and the following thrusts recharged her instantly. Her body was up almost touching him and he placed his arms around her, kneading those wonderful pair of breasts as his hips slammed against her butt.

He was so deep inside her he could feel himself stretching her pussy to a new depth. That constricted end really drove him crazy, forcing him to ram her even harder.

Jayson: ‘I’m going to cum!’
Claire (whispering): ‘Baby, wanna shoot inside my mouth?’

Another first for the day. She waited for his legs to open wider before sitting upright, with her head resting on the armrest. He kneeled over her chest and let her mouth take his dick before thrusting shallowly, feeling all of her tongue stroking the bottom of his dick. Coupled with her hand at the long shaft, the hand-blowjob quickly pushed him to his limit and the strong jet fired into her lips. Her mouth kept sucking as he came till the last drop was emptied, still pulsating blanks as she moved her mouth under his hood.

Jayson: ‘Stop baby stop. It’s too sensitive!’

A pop sound came when she released her bite and he stepped away to prevent her from torturing him any further. Wearing their clothes back, she was allowed to keep the toy in her bag but she surprised him by putting it back to where it should be – inside her body.

Claire: ‘I think we missed the showtime. Shall we go to your place now?’

Excited, he grabbed their belongings and went to flag a cab, heading for his place to get more intimate sessions with his loved one. I do hope the driver didn’t head the slopping sounds coming from between her legs as he fingered her for the whole twenty minutes journey, keeping her horny for what was about to come.

Plain Car Sex

Sandy: ‘Can I take it out now?’

Sitting beside her boyfriend, Kim, who was driving, she had a day of shopping with a wireless vibrator buzzing in her panties. It was a surprise for him when she handed him the controller to the wireless toy she bought overseas and he had his fun disturbing her when they were in public, clicking on the toy whenever she least expected it. Now, they were in the privacy of his car and they were on their way to his place, where a night of sex would begin.

Kim: ‘Yupp. You had too much fun for today.’
Sandy: ‘It will be your turn soon k?’

His car slotted into the empty space between two vehicles and she unclipped the seatbelt, leaning towards Kim to unzip his pants. The vibrating bullet was out and kept under the dashboard after a brief wipe. It was finally time for the toy to rest. She took his dick out from the opening in his underwear and fondled it in her hand. Twitching in his seat, she knew how much he liked blowjobs and did not hesitate when his hand went behind her head, lowering her mouth to his dick and dropping some saliva on it before taking it down her throat.

With the lights turned off, they lowered the risk of being discovered and Sandy felt safer this way too. After a few minutes of sucking him off, Kim returned her to the passenger seat and walked over to her door to move to the backseats. Sandy was wearing a bustier tube top and short skirt that night, making it easy for them to do anything they wanted.

Seated at the back, he went straight for her pussy and placed his fingers on her clit, circling it so ever slowly to make her beg for him. With their hands on each other’s privates, the car was steaming up as they entered a little competition to turn each other on to the max. Sandy was wet from the shopping spree earlier with the toy inside her and Kim was about to move to the next phase too.

The little space in the car did not give them much choice when he asked her to bend over. Sandy kneeled on the seat with her butt at him and he was still thinking how could he enter her comfortably.

Kim: ‘Dear, I go outside and do k?’
Sandy: ‘Do I have to go outside too?’
Kim: ‘No no. Just move yourself to the door can le.’

He opened the door and stepped out, bringing her body back till she was just at the edge of the seat. Giving his dick a pre-rub, he teased her by flicking his dick up and down her slit, till she shifted her butt in response to his torture.

Watching his girl plead with her body was so arousing he couldn’t wait anymore. Standing right behind her, he pierced into her with one swift move and made her groan into the car, while he immediately went all out at her juicy, wet cunt. Their bodies slammed against each other hard but her soft ass cushioned most of the noise, successfully hiding themselves among the cars.

It was one of those plain normal sex just to relieve their urges. It had been this way since they were together and he was a happy man to have found such a girl. After ten minutes of the robotic sex, Sandy grew tired from the orgasms that came easily from that position, and Kim was tired from the tightness of her pussy that was having no effect on his stiff rod.

Kim: ‘I cannot move le. My legs are tired.’
Sandy: ‘Why can you last so long today?’
Kim: ‘I don’t know too. Tired maybe?’
Sandy: ‘Come inside. Don’t let others see us.’

He went into the other door with his dick dangling and sat before Sandy, who laid on his lap and continued sucking his juice-covered dick. Going into a semi-asleep state, her mouth was milking it like a baby sucking on a pacifier and he was zoning out in his own world as well. The build up of his climax kept him aware of his surrounding but his muscles were sleeping soundly.

The two of them remained in that position with her mouth on his dick and he awakened to the timer counting down to his ejaculation. Seeing how well his girl was sleeping, he did not wake her up and just squirted into her mouth, stirring her sober just to swallow his load.

Sandy: ‘Done already?’
Kim: ‘Yeah. Go to sleep baby.’

They slept in the car for a few hours after he opened the windows a little, and woke up to the noises of car driving off. Upon clearing his vision, he saw his dick still in her mouth and she was lying with her legs opened, showing her pussy under the skirt at the window.

He carefully placed her head on the seat and sat below her groin, sticking his dick in slowly as she awakened.

Kim: ‘You can continue sleeping.’
Sandy: ‘Sure?’
Kim: ‘Yes.’

With that, he pounded at her pussy in the wee hours and came inside her, like a breakfast but served into a different hole. It wasn’t much excitement for them, but they got their share of pleasure in the tiny space of his car. Do you guys have similar experiences too?