A Given

It was a special day for Bubbles as she received a present from him, in a flat, brown carton box without any wrapper. They were in a chalet room he had booked just for the two of them, since hotels were out of the question. She popped the two cardboard lids open and saw a […]

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Cha-Let’s Sex

Tommy (shouting): ‘Guys come in!’ Felicia (shouting): ‘What are you doing? Haha! I’m scared of tickles! Hahaha! Stop stop!’ Tommy: ‘Fel is afraid of tickles!’ Two more guys, Jason and Timothy entered the air-conditioned chalet room and pinned her arms down,  proceeding to tickle her ribs still she was in tears. Though there were eight […]

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In Gentle Silence

Feeling confused and helpless, Clara didn’t know how to get out of the situation even she pushed her student away. It was the last night of the chalet the graduating class had planned, and all of them consumed alcohol despite being underage. Sleeping at the first floor with a mix of male and female students, […]

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Tiny Cindy

Cindy: ‘Vincent kor kor, are you going to swim?’ Vincent: ‘I just went in the morning lor. I’m going to sleep. You guys go ahead.’ His friend’s daughter said nothing else and the door shut on him, leaving him to face plant the soft pillow for his nap. The past two days have been tiring […]

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Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution. A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her […]

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