In Gentle Silence

Feeling confused and helpless, Clara didn’t know how to get out of the situation even she pushed her student away. It was the last night of the chalet the graduating class had planned, and all of them consumed alcohol despite being underage. Sleeping at the first floor with a mix of male and female students, she wore an outfit as casual as the other girls, t-shirt and shorts.

Unknown to the invading hand moving up her thigh, she was pantyless after getting her panties wet by the pool. In their eyes, she is the ‘coolest’, most sporting, and could get very wild whenever she participated in any games. She knew who was sleeping around her then, besides the girl on one side, Alvin was the one who was feeling her up.

Slowly entering her shorts, the secondary school teacher turned herself towards the girl, and tried to keep as motionless as possible. Instead of giving up to that awkward angle, Shaun moved his hand to her bum and wriggled into her bottoms from the hips, almost slotting his palm between her ass when he went for her pussy.

‘Sexy huh.. ‘, the ticklish whisper into her ear made her bit her lips, in an attempt not to fuel whatever lust he was feeling. Just as his nimble fingers touched her pussy, her body began to shiver that ever slightly, just enough for him to get her ‘message’.

He didn’t wait for her to get wet before trying to poke a finger into her, tugging the dry skin in the direction of her hole enough times for her to start getting moist. Despite the snores in the hall, he could hear her breaths speeding up.

Two fingers easily slipped into her wetter hole and she was just arching her body back and forth in pleasure. Never once did Clara reach for his dick to reciprocate, but kept her lips tightly shut to avoid anymore awkwardness. Shaun stopped after a few minutes of that high-speed fingering, only to remove his shorts, and pulled her down her round, firm ass.

Unsure of what he was up to, she turned her head sideways (facing upwards) and saw him towering over her. He grabbed her free arm at once and held it against her waist, while pushing his dick into her. Shocked at his absurdity, she bit her lips as inches disappeared right up her pussy.

It didn’t take him long to start thrusting at that young teacher, plunging his cock deep and fast into her drenched gap. Amidst the rapid hip movements, no one else was awakened by that gentle, but disturbing slapping noise. The strength she had faded away as he accidentally gave her an orgasm, which she could only enjoy unwillingly in silence.

Ten minutes past quickly in that discreet, forced sex, before he leaned over her shoulder, whispering, ‘I’m gonna cum’ repeatedly. The wide, disbelieving glance she flashed at him threw him back, abruptly yanking that satisfying cock out of her. Moments later, he was on his knees, right in front of her face, between HIS classmate and her, at her mouth.

He casually pinned her head down and dipped his juicy cock into her, shoving it down her throat with his hips. Another few unknown number of minutes later, cum gushed into her mouth, unable to turn away from that disgusting load he just deposited. Like the asshole guys were at his age, he simply got up and went back to his spot behind her, leaving her with a mouthful of cum.

Immediately, she went to the toilet as quietly as she could and spat everything out. There were no words to describe how she felt after what he did to her, forcing her to leave the chalet in the middle of the night, also the last time she would ever see him.

Tiny Cindy

Cindy: ‘Vincent kor kor, are you going to swim?’
Vincent: ‘I just went in the morning lor. I’m going to sleep. You guys go ahead.’

His friend’s daughter said nothing else and the door shut on him, leaving him to face plant the soft pillow for his nap. The past two days have been tiring as he spent his time at the chalet jogging, or swim if the weather got too hot. The alumni gathering was more for the adults to unwind, and the kids to make friends with the gang their dads’ hung out with.

Just as Vincent lost consciousness about his surrounding, a pair of boobs pressed onto his back under the sheets, forcing him to turn around in shock. Cindy, the oldest among the youngsters at fifteen years old, was flipped onto her back in the white bikini she wore.

Vincent: ‘What are you doing? Didn’t you join them?’
Cindy: ‘But I want to stay with you. I don’t like how the other uncles look at me.’
Vincent: ‘Don’t worry la. They won’t do anything to you. Just humsup a bit only.’
Cindy: ‘Don’t want. I told my dad I’m not feeling well. You will take care of me right?’

Her hand massaging her neck suddenly pulled apart the knot to her top, and it fell onto her waist so tiny that Vincent believed his fingers could touch around her. Not waiting for him to react, she stuck her hand into his shorts and grabbed the meatstick, almost five inches unerected. Vincent actually pulled her hand away and shoved her back down to the bed, only to see her stripping her bottoms away.

Moving to the corner of the bed, he could not bring himself to even watch what she did, until moans came along calling his name.

Cindy (moaning): ‘Kor kor.. please?’

An unwilling look appeared on his face as he fought the temptation, knowing that he was safe in the room only he had the access card to. Cindy sat closer to him and held his hand in the most gentle fashion, bringing him to where her legs were parted.

Instinctively, he started moving around on her clit, making her moan even louder as her abs squeezed itself. Soon, he found himself lying next to her, masturbating for her while she wrapped her small hand around his member. His eyes were on his groin, admiring how her thin fingers failed to reach around his girth. It made him felt big.

As the side-by-side massage got intense, he poked his middle finger into Cindy and she grabbed his forearm tight, releasing at the same pace as his increasing thrusts. By then, she was wetting the sheets and he was as hard as steel, standing tall at 8 inches without any guilt holding him back.

Cindy (whispering): ‘Do you wanna fuck me?’
Vincent: ‘It won’t fit you. Don’t be silly. It’s gonna hurt a lot.’
Cindy: ‘How would you know?’

She stopped playing with his dick and adjusted the pillows to make herself more comfortable. Spreading her legs to do a horizontal split, Vincent recalled how proud his buddy was with his gymnastic daughter. Perhaps, just perhaps, it wouldn’t hurt her that much.

He went on his knees under her teenage hips and parked his mushroom head at her pussy, hands pushed against the bed by her ribs. Very slowly, he dipped his cock in and she breathed slowly, receiving inches of his dick in rhythmic thrusts.

Over a minute passed and it was then he could not see any of his shaft, fully buried in a girl over a decade younger than him. He could feel her pelvic bones, wrapped in a thin layer of flesh where her vagina wrapped him up in. As for Cindy, her eyes were barely normal whenever there was movements inside, and sentences were never completed in a single breath.

Cindy (panting): ‘Try.. fucking.. me.. ‘

Vincent grabbed both her ankles and brought them behind his back, giving her a break from the agonising split to accommodate his size. After all, he was already in right? The gradual tension built up in his loin but it never backed down from the tight-fitting pussy.

As he began thrusting, each strokes forced her pelvic muscles to widen and close, pushing her straight into orgasm with that perfect seal on his textured dick. Her groans never stopped coming once he started, ramming his full length into the petite school girl. Her pussy was stretched to its limits but it held up well, bombarding her with climaxes her breaking mind could not get enough of.

It didn’t take them more than ten minutes to have over five orgasms, and Cindy was near-unconscious when Vincent felt his urge coming. Not needed to say anything, he went all out after her fifth climax and abruptly pull out before shot. Cindy suddenly went into a fit when her body could not stop shaking, and all Vincent could do was to let her body did what was needed – to ride it all out.

She spent almost two minutes thrashing violently around, suddenly lying motionless but alive by moving her hands.

Cindy (weakly): ‘Shoot in my mouth. I want to taste kor kor for a bit.’

The worried guy felt better when he heard her, and went to her mouth to jerk himself off. A couple minutes of assisted handjob later, he placed his tip at her lips and she opened wide, to receive his huge load that was nothing less than a mouthful. She swallowed all of it and let him wear her bikini back, before he tucked her in into his queen sized bed.

Taking the pull-out mattress next to her, he went back to sleep and it wasn’t until dinner time did his friends woke him up with excited knocks.

Friend (shouting): ‘Dinner time! Vincent! Wake up leh! Wake Cindy up too!’

He woke up feeling refreshed like never before and walked Cindy out, where she cooked for all the people there and appeared to enjoy the staring eyes on her bikini-clad top.

Friend: ‘Ready to go? Cindy said you can help her in English ah? Her England damn bad man.’
Vincent: ‘Huh? My Engrish as good as you leh.’
Friend: ‘Don’t act la. You always score high in Ms. Lim’s classes. Can help me teach her?’

On the ride home in his friend’s car, Cindy’s hand never left Vincent’s arm as she made suggestive motions behind her dad, somewhat happy that he had agreed to tutor her in English. Would any tuition really happen? Or would it be him pounding that small girl senseless whenever there was no one home?

Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution.

A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her yet. After a deep breath and opening her eyes fully, Melissa’s bikini-clad body almost made her giggle out loud.

Wen: ‘What are you wearing? Untie me first.’
Melissa: ‘Later la. We have something planned for you.’

She was Wen’s supervisor and also best friends in the company, and her clique was well-known to play pranks on fellow colleagues. Wen could not move anywhere with her tied wrists (to the bed frame) and knees opened with a spreader bar, but the level of trust she had in her supervisor made her think that it was just a quick prank they played on her.

Melissa’s fingers did not stop moving as Wen woke up to her senses, partly weakened from her constant rubbing. The room was clean except for the bedding and a lamp that hung from the wall above the bed. After a while of getting her really wet, Melissa left the room and let Wen looked out of the door.

To her horror, three of her male colleagues were tied up and blindfolded, only able to hop around. Two ladies from Melissa’s clique had those electric fly swatter in their hands and were shocking the guys while giving them instructions.

Clara (from afar): ‘Alvin, follow Melissa.’

He jumped in the direction where Melissa turned him towards and into Wen’s room he went. Clara commanded the rest of the guys to stay still and joined the two slaves they had restrained. After getting Alvin to sit on the bed, the commanding ‘officers’ went to each of them and covered their mouths with a handkerchief. The pinching of Wen’s nipple made her gasp a full breath of the pungent, super glue-like scent and it knocked her out weak on the bed.

Alvin put up a little more fight before he collapsed, and they snipped away his underwear, leaving them naked a few feet away from each other. Melissa stayed in the room and took a seat in front of the bed, as if expecting to watch what would happen.

First, it was Alvin who rotated his body upwards to relieve his weirdly, reddish erection. Wen was looking through her eyelids and could feel something awakening in her body. A sudden wave of wetness began lubricating her pussy and her nipples poked into the air painfully, begging to be relieved of an itch. Her clit was especially sensitive to the cold air from the conditioning unit and a chilling vibe was pulsating through her spine.

As Alvin felt around the bed for space to rest, his hand touched Wen’s feet and sent a electrifying wave through her leg.

Wen: ‘Alvin.. here.’

He moved his grip up her calf and stopped just before her pussy. Estimating at his best, he laid next to Wen and could barely speak from the suffocating drug he breathed.

Alvin (breathlessly): ‘Wen?’
Wen (breathlessly): ‘Yeah. It’s me. Can you scratch down there for me?’
Alvin: ‘You’re itching there too?’

He blindly made his way to her feet and carefully began massaging her clit, and his hips found where her toes were.

Alvin: ‘Help me too.’

Using her feet, she clamped his dick between her toes and moved up and down, channeling some form of comfort so he could focus on relieving her agony. As seconds passed, her nipples were hurting more and Alvin was feeling worse from the unbearable itch. It was as if an insect bite that would cause one to scratch till they bleed.

Wen: ‘My nipples. My nipples. Please.’

He felt her spreader bar and moved her feet up into the air, until the bar went behind his back. Using his mouth, he nibbled on her nipples in turns, while his fingers continued to masturbate her clit. Soon, Alvin expressed frustration from his lack of ‘scratching’, bringing his cock dangerously close to Wen’s pussy.

Alvin: ‘Can I put it in? I’m going crazy with the itch.. ‘

He waited for a few seconds and it was silence he heard. Unable to hold himself back, he poked his tip into her pussy and the wet environment took some pain away. Wen was feeling better too, when she realised that it was actually inside her pussy that needed attention. No wonder it didn’t feel right though he was rubbing her clit.

Almost in missionary position, he went all the way into Wen’s pussy and a moment of sigh told them of their relieve. Still, the discomfort returned and he began thrusting, pulling his dick along her vaginal walls that enjoyed the strokes. Her nipples felt better than and he laid flat on her body, jerking just his hips in the chained-and-locked embrace.

Wen: ‘Oh yes. Keep moving. It feels good.’
Alvin: ‘You’re getting tighter too.’

Suddenly, they heard Melissa’s voice and Wen’s mercy pleading.

Wen (moaning desperately): ‘NO PLEASE! No.. AHHH!’

She shocked Wen through her nipples and grabbed Alvin’s head over them. He resumed sucking on them and Wen dare not say another word when she hovered the swatter over his ass.


He almost bit her nipples off when the first slap excited him. His hips went faster and the both of them was moaning to the hastened mind-fuck. Melissa executed strokes on his bum as they enjoyed themselves, transferring some of the electrical shocks into Wen as well through his penis. Somehow, Wen liked it when Alvin was shocked.

Alvin (shouting): ‘I need to pee badly!’
Melissa: ‘Then let it out!’

Wen’s face turned into horror when she felt a strong gush of hot pee flush into her pussy, exiting in a spray-like fashion over her stuffed cunt. Melissa started spreading and flicking his pee over their bodies with her hand, coating them in a disgusting coat of ammonia. Luckily, Alvin was a non-drinker and only had water the previous night. So there wasn’t any strong smell.

After he was done, he resumed pounding the exhausted girl’s pussy with increasing vigour, delivering orgasms to her sensitive clit and G-spot. When the next smack descended on Alvin, a more powerful jolt made them both groan. Water, pee, whatever bodily liquid, was a great conductor of electricity.

Melissa raised the spreader bar up and instructed Alvin to get out, which he did promptly in fear.

Melissa: ‘Turn over Wen. Or I will shock him.’
Alvin: ‘Please Wen! Please please!’

Wen did a two point turn with the toy prying her legs open and went into doggie, officially out of sight with what would happen behind her. It was nothing scary when Alvin tucked his legs under the bar, engaging them in doggie style without much escape route. Alvin automatically plunged his dick into her and granted Wen a mind soothing sense of security, knowing that they had no reasons to be punished.

Melissa: ‘Are you all the way inside? Is he?’
Wen and Alvin: ‘Yes yes.’
Melissa: ‘Good. Hold her hair.’

Wen tilted her head back to let Alvin catch hold of her permed ends, ready to be fucked in her rear. But unexpectedly, Melissa stuck the racket on his butt and did not take it off immediately. The initial trembling turned into a convulsion that made Alvin rammed his cock in deep and hard, repeating it to take the pain away. For Wen, her G-spot was receiving orgasm-level kind of sensation and just kept cumming in loud moans.

The ten seconds Alvin had been electrocuted felt like hours to him, and when his cock regained feeling, Wen was too tight to continue fucking. Nonetheless, he bit his lips and pounded the blissful looking girl, eyes shut to the impending orgasms that her contracted pussy was getting.

Melissa did not touch them anymore and let him worked, allowing the ‘natural’ pleasure of sex recover in their privates. Gradually, the forceful fucking slowed down to a stop and ended Wen’s buffet of climaxes.

Alvin: ‘I’m almost cumming Wen. Melissa, shock me if you must. But I’m not going to cum inside her.’

Melissa: ‘Good. Take it out.’

He left her dripping wet hole and stood away from the bed, only to scream when Melissa tapped his dickhead with the racket. Melissa left him standing there and returned with another two patches of handkerchief, giving one to Alvin in his face. Wen no longer had any strength after the mindless sex and breathed in willingly, falling asleep right after that.

When she woke up, it was afternoon and her clothes were back, as if untouched. Party-like noises came from outside the door and true enough, everyone was just eating and drinking.

Wen: ‘Hi Alvin.’
Alvin: ‘Hey Wen. You slept for so long. Eat this.’

Confused, she ate the sandwich from Alvin and went back to pack her bags for the check out in the late evening. About fifteen minutes later, Alvin swung the door open to Wen’s room and Melissa was in his arms.

Alvin: ‘Move your stuff away! This bitch needs to be punished.’
Wen: ‘Wait. You mean it’s real?’
Alvin: ‘No shit. That’s why I didn’t let you touch the food and served you all the way.’

They tied her up while the rest of the bedrooms got busy with the other two ladies. Alvin brought a handkerchief laid with the drug she used on them and let her breath in the sexual-inducing medication. In less than a minute, she was up and struggling, begging to be fucked for anything.

Instead of torturing her, Alvin turned his attention to Wen, whom did not resist when he gave her a kiss. Right before Melissa’s eyes, the pair of horny lovebirds started stripping each other, hands running all over cock, pussy and boobs. In front of her, they began with doggie-style, Wen moaning extra slutty as Alvin happily pounded her pussy sore.

It was a consensual trade of lust between them, having her feminine body pounded by a fit, young man who was more than capable to fuck properly. The senseless jerking of Wen’s body on her knees drove Melissa crazy and only after they changed to missionary, did Wen help Melissa at all.

On her back, she reached for the pussy of her ‘master’ and pinched her clit, which Melissa was totally alright with. Alvin did not disappoint Wen as orgasms disrupted her tempo masturbating her supervisor, screams joining the the other torture/ pleasure rooms.

Alvin (whispering): ‘wen! I’m gonna cum soon.. ‘

Wen gave the sex-droid a grin and guided him to Melissa, who was dying from desperation. As Wen went to her side to attack her nipples, Alvin raised her feet high up into the air. In a swift, he pierced into her raw and Melissa went near unconscious. Thanks to her nipples, she sobered up when Wen sank her fingernails into the peaks, shocking her awake.

Wen: ‘Alvin is going to cum into you now.. It will be over soon.’

Alvin heard his new instructions and went all out, ramming his cock in full length into the dominant bitch. After two minutes of intense, sweat sprinkling, the stud unleashed his cum with powerful jerks to her pelvis, filling her up till cum overflowed out of her tight hole.

Like a scratch that temporarily not itch, Melissa stayed quiet for a while, and the pair got dressed with much excitement from their revenge. Once Melissa was back to her crazy state, the two model colleagues stayed by her side, helping her out till she was back to normal.

Well, the three ladies no longer played pranks in the office, and Melissa grew attached to Alvin not long after, who was Wen’s boyfriend as well. Unlike most love-triangle, the couple now has a ‘slave’ to do their bidding.

What would such an experience do to you guys?


Part 1 | Part 2

Background of the girls;

Beatrice – My adopted cousin, known for her figure due to yoga. Dresses like any other 16 year olds, often revealing her shoulders and long fair legs. Sometimes going pantyless, she explained that it kept her pussy airy apart from those tight shorts and pants she wore for yoga.

Fiona – The sloppiest but intelligent girl among the group. Known for her over-developed breasts and causal postures (with shirts and loose shorts) that gave many guys nosebleed from under her kiddy-looking panties, plus the occasional downblouse.

Elly – The skinniest girl who appears best in short dresses. A tattoo across her left breast would be left unhidden whenever she was out of school uniform. Known for her studious nature and lively attitude that attracted many guys, none got to see the full message of her tattoo above her nipple.

Alicia – A diligent girl who is caring and friendly to even her stalkers. An ‘A grade’ student, she often went braless for comfort, and to avoid the ‘coloured bra’ offence. Her A-cup boobs did not deter guys from trying to spot her horniness whenever her school blouse teased her bare nipples too much.

Fiona: ‘So.. you are Beatrice’s cousin?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why?’

Fiona: ‘No nothing!’

She ran back to the group of three girls without Beatrice among them and giggled while returning stares at me. I was ‘invited’ to the BBQ the girls organised at a chalet, and was at the grill after the girls returned from a swim at the beach. Being the only one above legal age, I was the one to bring the Bacardi and whiskey, mixing their drinks for them.

Apparently, they had asked the question to know if I was available, but whether or not I was in a relationship didn’t mattered. Little did they know, I have already been in Beatrice.

The evening came and go, with the girls taking turn to feed me as I filled their hungry stomachs. Alcohol was consumed like never before and they were just having their own fun in the air-conditioned bedroom. About to finish with the clean-up, Fiona creeped up behind me and playfully tried to shock me. She helped to bring everything indoors, and pulled the curtains to keep the lights out.

Fiona (whispering): ‘Everything done?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Why are you whispering?’

Fiona (whispering): ‘Shhh! I don’t want to wake them up.’

Drunk, she fell into my arms and began pulling my shirt up. Half-sleeping and half-ravishing me, I sent a text to Beatrice to help her ‘hornified’ friend up. Not only did she reply me with a :P, she asked me to have fun. What was she thinking?

Before I knew it, my beach shorts just dropped onto the floor and I was in only my shirt and underwear. Not wanting to take advantage of her, I brought her up stairs, only to find the room locked with laughters within.

Fiona got on her knees and pulled her laced cover-up off, along with her bikini top. Her skirt? Well, she stripped her undies while sitting on her bum. Pushing me onto the wooden floor, she climbed on top and began riding me, thankfully for the underwear between us. It seemed that she knew about it, and that ‘ride’ was to get me up.

Unable to deny my impulses, she whipped my cock out after it was poking at her and slipped it into her pussy. In that tiny space.. what could get worse?

Fiona (shouting): ‘He’s rock solid now!’

The door opened to loud music and the girls dragged me in. Fiona went first to ride me, while the rest of them got naked and Beatrice had a compact camera pointed at me. My limbs were pinned, skin on my fingers crumpled by being in pussies I had no idea who they belong to, and body never a break from their roaming hands.

Overpowered, okay. It was more of dominated. I could cum easier than with Beatrice. Fiona’s violent movements were hitting all my sensitive areas and I managed to tell her I was cumming. In the dimness, a cup was handed to her and she hopped off before the finale, pumping my single udder till I exploded in the cup.

Girl (shouting): ‘Woohoo! Next!’

Alicia got into doggie on the bed and I was helped up, dick guided by another hand into her pussy that was sticking right out at me. Holding her waist, I hammered my flaccid dick into full length, flooding her with orgasms.

Alicia outperformed Beatrice in that particular field. Her body just couldn’t stop climaxing when I attacked at a specific angle. In no time, her pussy got too tight that my ejaculation was brought forward, like in five minutes.

For her part, the girls had to pull her away when I was about to unload, emptying my second round into the same cup.

Girl (shouting): ‘Turn him around!’

I wasn’t sure of that command but when a pair of knees went over my head, I knew what she meant. A dildo came into sight and went straight into Elly, mouth quickly swallowing my little snub as the hand controlling the dildo pumped away.

One of the girls bounced Elly’s head in my groin, sucking all the blood to my nether region for the third refill. Her tongue, her throat, her teeth, all took turns to weaken me. My constant plea for them to end this position or swap to another went unheeded. The girls were extremely excited when I flipped left to right.

It took slightly longer for me to cum in this position, but the girls were too high with the music to feel the delay. My dick was driven straight down Elly’s throat, contracting and relaxing as the girls kept her head pinned.

A hand fondling my balls finally triggered my eruption and they lifted the worn-out Elly from my body, her hand still on the dildo that she masturbated herself to another orgasm with. The third shot went into the cup as usual, and the girls were done with me.

Beatrice: ‘Hey! What about me?!’

Girls (in sync): ‘But he’s your cousin!’

Beatrice: ‘What happens in this room stays in this room right?’

High-fives were exchanged, and I was helped up to let Beatrice lie on the bed. A pair of hands came from the side to revive my dick, and it was the view of Beatrice’s pussy that got me excited.

I raised her legs for the girls to hold onto and plunged right in, thrusting non-stop with no rest between. Beatrice was moaning her lungs out as the orgasms came every minute, cheered on by the girls who was tweaking her nipples.

She felt extremely tight compared to the others, possibly due to the Kegel she did. After a breathless and adrenaline filled eight minutes or so, I took the cup from one of them and pulled out. Someone then replaced my dick with the wet dildo and gave her another orgasm while I dripped whatever left into the container.

Finally done with the four girls, they surrounded me and poured an equal amount of my cum into each of their cups.

Alicia: ‘Can I mix some green tea to mine?’

Girls (in sync): ‘Nooooo.. ‘

They counted to three together and drank their share up, before putting whatever not needed for sleep away. Pushing me onto the bed, each pair of them laid on my arms, dozing off almost immediately after some comparing of my skills.

Just before the night took me, Alicia, the innocent looking girl with bangs and probably the most conservative one in terms of clothing, got up and cleaned my little one with wet wipes.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Thank you for tonight.. ‘

And a kiss landed on my pee hole.

Part 1 | Part 2

Drugs for a Lusting Love

Not being 18 sucks for Sarah who had been wanting to go to a club for the longest time. Around her were friends who weren’t exactly good, having taken drugs and sneaked into clubs and pubs to get drunk every other day. They had invited her along with her crush to patch them up at a chalet they rented for a night, where barrels of beers were bought to provide a free-flow drunken party.

She arrived in the late afternoon with Ryan, to start off with the barbecue that would supply food for the night. A few other guys and girls were already there, drinking as they played with the food on the grill. The group knew Sarah liked Ryan and left them alone after they took over the cooking, going into the chalet to the loud blasting music.

As night fell, the food and drinks were prepared and the soon-to-be couple were offered hard liquor with mixers in it. Ryan was those guys who preferred to be quiet in his own world but occasionally hung out with those rowdy friends, trying his best to integrate with them without success. He was the type that girls would like as he does not club, smoke but allowed himself to drink on such occasions.

After the clock strike midnight, the party began officially and the bedroom upstairs served as a place for their bags and a changing room for the guys who threw their shirt around to relieve the heat from the alcohol they were taking. The guys then rounded Ryan in a corner and made him took a puff from their drug laden e-cigs, a step in technology that should never have taken off. The girls did the same to Sarah against her wish and then placed them together on the wooden floor, where they danced uninhibited and she was grinding him as the group intentionally squeezed them together.

Suddenly, one of the guys grabbed Ryan’s arms and held him in a cross, and another friend yanked his shorts off. The girls then gave Sarah’s knees a push and she fell on the floor right in front of Ryan’s hard on.

Blowjob blowjob!‘ kept repeating around them and her head was forced closer to his erection, where Ryan was murmuring in a drunken state to stop them. Sarah had wanted to do this for a long time but not with her friends around! It was so awkward to be blowing her crush in ‘public’ but there was no way around it. She opened her mouth and took his dick in, gliding her tongue under his shaft.

The group then dispersed around the room and they got naked as well, not fully naked, but removed just enough clothes to get on with each other. The girls brought their partners to every corners and went on to please them, filling the room with moans and groans and cheers.

As Ryan was being overwhelmed by his admirer sucking him off, he could not keep himself sane anymore and went along with it, holding Sarah’s head still as he thrust at her mouth, forcing her to take him deep throat. Despite the discomfort, she was sucking him willingly and her hand was going to her pussy without any instructions.

The bikini she had changed into had a halter neck design and for her bottom, was micro-skirt alike of course with protection around her privates. As the guys around them started fucking, Sarah wanted more from Ryan and went on her fours, turning herself to let Ryan have a look at her ass. She then lowered the detachable bottom and she felt Ryan running his fingers along her slit, that was getting wetter from his touches.

The next thing she felt was his dick, at her entrance and he made his way in carefully, afraid to hurt her with the lust that was bombarding his mind. In no time, he was going all out at her and joined in the moans that was echoing, and the guys clapped for Sarah who got her wish. She was going crazy from his huge size and the rest of the girls were awed by his speed as well, ramming the poor girl mindless as her body shook violently to the machine-like dick of Ryan, which went non-stop.

Probably due to the drug, he had a killer stamina while inside her and she had already gotten five orgasms without tiring Ryan a bit. After fifteen minutes of fucking, he flipped the exhausted girl over and he was getting sober enough to see how worn out she was to continue. Just as he stood up, another girl went to them and climbed over Sarah, making out with her to keep her awake.

Ryan saw the two girls getting it on and he could not just leave his dick unsatisfied too.

Guy (shouting): ‘Ryan! Go for it!’

He went on his knees and plunged his dick into the new girl, who screamed as his dick ripped her pussy apart. Sarah’s hand went to her friend’s pussy and rubbed on her clit as Ryan’s dick went all out at her, till she crawled away to her partner that was sitting in a corner smoking. Ryan then placed his dick into the rightful hole and Sarah pulled his neck down to kiss him, while his hips rammed into her slurping pussy.

Ryan (whispering): ‘I am about to cum now.’
Sarah (whispering): ‘In my mouth then.’

They separated from the missionary and she went on her hands, getting into doggie style once again to let him fuck her mouth. The guy whose girl was ‘accidentally’ fucked by Ryan, went behind Sarah and shoved his dick in, sending her mouth over Ryan’s dick from the force behind.

Groaning for the guy behind him to stop, Ryan did not let that bother him and held her head at his groin. Thrusting with all his might, Sarah was taken two way and the pleasure in her pussy slightly made the deep throat more bearable. The three of them went on for a full minute before her head froze in Ryan’s hand, and a huge load gushed into her mouth.

The guy behind her pulled out once he saw that they were locked in position and went back to his girl who was rubbing herself in the corner. Sarah swallowed as each waves filled her mouth and let him go after he was done. Falling onto the floor, they joined the few couples who had expended their energy and sperms into each other and panted while still smoking their e-cigs.

Ryan got a few mouths of it as a treat and Sarah was on top of him after she took them, riding him for the next round while the rest of the guys were still recovering. The two of them were the stars of the night as they performed for their friends whom had too much of such sex to continue. Some of the girls were jealous at Ryan’s stamina, and went for a short ‘test drive’ with him when their guys had fallen asleep.

By the next morning, none of them had energy to clean up and they gathered money to extend a few more hours at the chalet for the mess they made. Imagine a group of guys and girls naked, rushing around to clear the rubbish and juices on the floor. After that night, Sarah and Ryan got together, and hung out more with the group for more mindless gangbang while on drugs.

Unexpected Earnings

Friend: ‘Ian! Since you won so much money, go ask any girl in the group if they want to have sex with you leh. We will just watch.’
Ian: ‘Seriously? You think anyone will want meh? I don’t think it will work.’
Friend2: ‘Just go try. Who knows?’

Ian walked hesitantly towards the group of girls barbecuing next to their pit and took out the thick wad of fifty dollar notes. Clearing his throat in front of the suspicious eyes, he blurted out his dare in a calm tone.

Ian: ‘My friends over there dared me to come and ask if any one of you wants to have sex for this stack of cash. Say no and I will leave you girls to yourselves.’
Girl: ‘Just one of us?’
Ian: ‘I don’t know too. If you girls want to be together in this then it will be more fun. They are just a horny bunch of bastards.’

They looked at the group sitting at a stone table not far from them and giggled at the idea of making so much money in just one night. They politely asked him to go back and wait for a while before giving him a reply. Knowing such a silly offer would not take off, he returned to his friends who were jeering.

Eating a few hot dogs later, a girl in a spag top and shorts walked over to Ian and pulled him away from his jealous looking friends.

Girl: ‘I’m Kacie here. My friends want to know if it will be with one guy or the group?’
Ian: ‘Ian here. Umm.. with the group. Cause I can’t just enjoy on my own right?’
Kacie: ‘And we choose our own partners? How much money is there?’

Ian counted the money before her and it totalled up to be a little over a thousand dollars. There were five guys and seven girls so, it would be entirely up to the ladies to decide how they want to split.

Kacie went back to her group and chattered for a while, before five of them came to his table. Each girl stood behind their selection and Ian got Kacie, the waist length haired girl with glossy pink lipstick on.

Friend3: ‘We can use your room too right? I think ten people is too crowded.’
Girl3: ‘Can lah. Our friends will only come in after they finish cooking the food.’

Ian walked hand in hand with Kacie to a separate bedroom, fitted with a queen sized bed. Once her wallet and phone was tucked away, Ian grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in for a kiss. Kacie had liked him since he approached her group and stuck her tongue between his lips, exchanging saliva while making their way to the bed.

Kacie: ‘Since you are paying, I’ll start the ball rolling.’

‘Ball rolling’ huh? He removed his beach shorts and Kacie stripped her top off, leaving her in just her bra and skirt. Lying on his abs, she stroked his hard on a few times before giving a lick on the tip, causing Ian to groan at the sensitivity of it. With one hand at his testicles, her mouth dived down his shaft and bobbed her head up and down, sucking him while letting her tongue swirl around her mouth.

Ian could not believe that money really worked and he did not even need to fork out a single cent, while his friends get to enjoy the rewards of their losses as well. Cupping his hands behind his head, he was savouring every moment of the girl’s mouth working tirelessly on his cock, leaking pre-cum to add on to the meat stick that was warm and thick.

Ian: ‘My turn now?’
Kacie: ‘What do you want to do?’
Ian: ‘Lie on the bed. I want to lick you.’

She plopped herself comfortable among the sheets and let him removed her panties, a little wet from blowjob she was giving. In Kacie’s mind, she couldn’t wait to feel his throbbing dick inside her but it was his call after all.

Spreading her legs wide with her skirt on, Ian went straight between her thighs and landed his tongue on her clit, flicking it a few times before sucking it hard. Kacie immediately let off a loud groan as it swelled in his lips. After which, he proceeded to the wet slit to get a taste of this barely legal teen.

Kacie: ‘I can’t take it anymore. Put it inside me?’

Her hands were clenched above her mouth as she pleaded for him to let her have more. Ian shifted his body below her pussy and led her hand to his dick, where she guided it to her vaginal opening. Leaning his hips closer, the tip slipped abruptly into her hole and she gasped gently. Inching his way into her, the tightness of her pussy was sealing his dick into a close fit.

Ian: ‘Have you done it with any guys?’
Kacie: ‘Just my boyfriend. You?’
Ian: ‘Only my girlfriend.’

Holding onto her knees, he began thrusting his waist at her and sank his stick deep into her, plunging non-stop in an increasing pace. While they were at it, the volume of their voices grew louder as their lust built up to a much more intense session. Halfway pumping at Kacie, one of Ian’s friend walked into their room with his partner, both nude and with a handycam in his hand.

Friend: ‘Keep going k? I’ll make a little video for souvenir.’

The girl was spurring him on to get the angles right and Kacie couldn’t be bothered with them, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him deeper. After a few seconds, her thighs stiffened and tried to keep Ian’s dick inside, but he wasn’t giving in so easily, ramming her harder as she groaned agonising as an orgasm reached.

A painful sounding ‘arghh!’ came and her hips buckled below Ian, trembling as he continued pounding his cock into the slurping wet hole. The couple that walked into them had positioned the camera at them and went to the mattress next to the queen sized bed and were fucking atop too.

Kacie: ‘Let me ride you now.’

Ian excitedly swapped places with her and watched her mount herself over his dick, carefully lowering herself as she slipped his thick cock in. The last inch proved to be the toughest for Kacie as she knew her pussy was at its limit. Ian then held her waist and jerked upwards, stretching her cunt as his dick disappeared into her.

Kacie: ‘Fuck.. it’s so big.’
Ian: ‘Thanks!’

Pinning her hips down on his groin, he shook her body up and down his abs, using the little girl’s pussy to fuck himself. They remained in this position for almost ten minutes, giving her about two orgasms before Ian felt his urge building up.

Ian: ‘Where do I cum?’
Kacie: ‘You can shoot inside me. My boyfriend always does that too.’
Ian: ‘Don’t want. I want to unload in your mouth. I seldom have any chance to do that with my girl.’

She climbed away from him and went into 69, positioning her pussy over his face as she took his dick down her throat. Kacie jerked her body back and forth to automate the blowjob and her pussy was constantly teased by Ian’s fingers.

After three minutes, Ian was thrusting his dick upwards into her mouth as he felt his load coming. In no time, his feet went behind her head and pushed her down over his squirting cock, while he fingered her faster till she slammed her groin on his chest.

A huge amount of juices came spraying out of her pussy as her mouth filled up with his man-juice, shocking Ian with the fact that she could squirt – like him. They spent the next minute in that pose and only went back to the bed after she recovered from the non-stop trembling.

The pair fucking next to them was already done and the girl was massaging her pussy covered in his friend’s cum.

Kacie: ‘Had fun?’
Ian: ‘You’re really good. Yeah.’

Picking up his phone, he sent a text in the group chat and his friends were all done then. A quick deal was made to spend the night where they were and the other two girls who did not join in came and sleep next to Ian, where Kacie woke up in the middle of the night for another round of sex, keeping her two friends up.

As they bounced on the bed, the two girls were getting each other off and Ian understood why they did not join in. The second load was emptied inside Kacie and she fell asleep next to Ian who were eyeing on the two lesbians in the bed.

While Kacie snored away, he was pleasuring the girls whom had not had a cock for the longest time and literally fucked each others’ minds out in the noisy chalet room, where some of his friends were awake for some late night ‘snacks’ – of their girls.

The next morning came and he distributed the money, with his number on the blue note that he gave to Kacie. Well, she texted him shortly after they returned to their rooms and he left the place earlier with her, walking to his car to continue their little fling at a budget hotel nearest to them.

Smoking A Pipe

Taking long drags from his box of cigarettes from Malaysia, Edwin stood at one of the staircase of Downtown East chalet where his friends were still drinking away. He had found this quiet spot from his many visits and knew little people would walk past. Deep in half-drunk thoughts, footsteps were suddenly heard behind him and he tucked his box away, worried that it could be the police making their rounds.

Girl: ‘It’s just me. Don’t worry.’
Edwin: ‘Scare me. Thought it’s the police.’

The short haired girl stood next to him in a silky, one-piece night dress and took his lighter to lit her stick. Edwin only took a glance at her and went back to his thoughts, smiling to himself knowing a beautiful girl was accompanying him.

Edwin: ‘Spending the night here huh?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. My friends were all asleep. No fun one.’

He took a sip from his bottle of Carlsberg, wiped his hand dry and reached out for a handshake, giving his name and getting hers in return. The name Eliza fitted her well as a certain high-class aura surrounded her, especially how her manicured fingers clamped the cigarette.

Edwin: ‘Not drinking tonight?’
Eliza: ‘Nah. They are a bunch of good girls. I think I’m the most badass among them.’

He turned his body around to face the steps, while she slanted sideways at him. Under the dim moonlight, he could make out the shapely figure that was actually braless. The nightdress was slightly loose for her, but it was meant to be comfortable right? He finished his last breath and stamped out the butt with his feet, in no hurry to leave this pretty lady.

Edwin: ‘You.. want to do something together?’

A short blow of smoke concluded her smoke break and she flung the butt into the grass patch through the opening. His bottle was further emptied when she gulped a mouthful down and she stepped up to him, outrageously cupping her hand over his groin to rub it up and down all the time keeping her eyes on his.

Eliza: ‘Something like this?’
Edwin: ‘Yeah. Exactly what I am talking about.’

He grabbed her waist and flipped her back onto his chest, hugging her closely while his hand lifted her dress to get under. In no time, her boobs were getting fondled to her moans and the hand over his crotch was digging awkwardly into his shorts.

Edwin (whispering): ‘Let me remove it for you.’

With one hand, he unbuttoned his shorts and she handled the zip. The cold touch of her fingers on his dick took his breath away and they were getting hotter by the minute. Edwin had no idea how far she was willing to go, but certainly did not want to lose his chance even if it was only a handjob. Subsequently after the breasts play, he ran his hand between her legs to find her panty-less pussy a little moist.

Not risking any mood killer words, he pressed onto her clit and vibrated his fingers, causing Eliza to tremble as an orgasm came for her fast. He had been holding onto her throughout the climax that weakened her legs, smelling the womanly perfume she had wore as her head leaned back on his shoulders. Oh how much did he want to kiss on those thin, red lips of hers.

Eliza: ‘It’s your turn now.’
Edwin: ‘You’ve had enough?’
Eliza: ‘I wasn’t even supposed to get any tonight. It’s more than enough.’

She squatted down in front of his shorts and he let his closed feet drop the pants. The girl gave it a few pumps to get his pre-cum flowing and then took it into her lips, shoving her head forward for a start. Edwin was in the most relaxed mood as he did not need to do anything, for she was diligently sucking him at her own pace.

Her tongue had pushed his dick against the top of her mouth and served as a pussy replacement, maintaining a soft environment in the warmth. Her saliva had flooded her orifices and it was truly as good as being in a pussy. Edwin’s job was simple, to shoot. As the girl placed her hands on his butt, the increase in speed caused him to lose his balance and had to hang onto the railings for support.

Eliza was listening closely to his breathing and voice, slowing down as soon as his rod started pulsating. Edwin was looking down at her when she gave him a grin with his dick still in her mouth, and did a last outward stroke to push the eject button. A little lip massage under his hood caused him to bend forward and exclaim that he was cumming.

As if she was a doctor, Eliza stood up and stepped aside, grabbing his dick and stroking it in the opposite direction. The inward force of his sperms was uncomfortable at first, but she gradually synchronised her movements with the waves, forcing him to keep shooting beyond ten rapid rounds. Edwin had never done this before and it felt good despite the initial discomfort. There was so much cum on the floor that she herself was glad she did not take it in her mouth.

Eliza: ‘Like it?’
Edwin: ‘It was the best in my life I think.’
Eliza: ‘I’ve heard that many times from my ex.’

Edwin passed her the bottle of beer to drink so she could rinse her mouth. He offered to get her off another around and she agreed, sitting on the steps while he sat between her legs. This time, his fingers entered in a +1 sequence until three was all she could take, and body convulsing uncontrollably to his powerful jabs.

As the night ticked away, she was smoking and moaning in pleasure, filled with his hand that had the roughness on the right parts. The first time having three fingers totally drove her beyond her limit and the next orgasm came very differently.

A huge gush of cum squirted over his thrusting hand and onto the ground over the semen, mixing in as it splattered. Edwin kept going despite the fact she held his hand in resistance, triggering a back-to-back squirting move that proved too much for her. After seeing the girl collapse in exhaustion, he finally stopped and helped her back to her room.

With a big patch of wet stain on her dress, she was fully worn out and could sleep better. They exchange numbers at her door and he left after a peck on his cheeks. Lying on the empty bed (while his friends were still drinking), his mind was still thinking about the blowjob she gave and a hard on was slowly appearing in his shorts.

Eliza (Whatsapp): ‘I like your cigar. It is good to smoke.’
Edwin (Whatsapp): ‘Let’s not get me started on your water gun. Thanks for tonight. Really enjoyed myself.’
Eliza (Whatsapp): ‘I had fun too. Am tired now. Goodnight.’

What a wonderful night to be so lucky to win a fling. He went to sleep after her last message and wasn’t disturbed until it was time to check out. As they met again on their way to the gantry, he smiled at the shy girl with friends around looking as great as her. The sight of her in a bikini under a sheer halter dress stayed in his mind throughout the ride home.

As for Eliza, he was just one of the guys she had blew on the three nights stay at the chalet. Who cares if she was a slut? Just so long she doesn’t have any STDs right?

Out of Control

Rynn (whispering): ‘C’mon man, she won’t know.’
Jeff (whispering): ‘Fuck lah! You really drugged her drink?’
Rynn (whispering): ‘Then? And why the fuck are we whispering?’
Jeff: ‘Bro, if she finds out, we’re in deep shit!’
Rynn: ‘You and I know she’s a bitch. Always telling us about the guys she went home with, and you fucking know she’s as easy as shit.’
Jeff: ‘She gets to choose who she wants to fuck. It has never been us guys to decide.’
Rynn: ‘If you’re not going for it, then I will.’
Jeff: ‘Seriously?!’
Rynn: ‘Then? Steal S$50 from her to pay for the pill ah? Or you paying for her?’
Jeff: ‘Fuck! Then I might as well join you. I’m not going to pay for that shit. We’re in this together. Don’t sabo me hor.’
Rynn: ‘What are bros for?’

The two guys stripped their beach shorts off and went to the bed where Jolin was dead asleep. Rynn began undoing her translucent sarong and Jeff went for her g-string that was showing clearly under that slutty one piece dress. The three of them returned to the chalet early from a beach swim, leaving the rest of the couples still frolicking in the pounding waves.

Having stripped her of all the clothing, they went for her boobs and sucked on them to the disorientated movements of her limbs. Jolin was murmuring inaudibly and the two guys knew the drug was in full swing. Lying on each of her sides, they spread her legs and went to fondle her pussy, one hand was rubbing her clit vigorously while the other was fingering her dry hole to get it wet.

As time was against them, Jeff asked Rynn to go first and he went to get the video camera he brought for the stay. Rynn raised her calves to his shoulders and slipped his cock in, thrusting shortly after he enjoyed a brief pause in that freshly showered pussy. Ramming with all his might, the handycam’s illumination lamp served as the only source of light to admire her body jerking to his tempo, and the occasional kneading of her breasts.

Jolin was lifeless throughout but moaned as her body acknowledged the pleasure, all done without her awakening. In the heat of the moment, Rynn was chanting vulgarities as the number of guys she had fucked while his dick slurped continuously into her. At times, he would groan when her body started shivering from a mild to an intense state, signalling an orgasm was happening in the subconscious mind.

After five minutes of hard pounding, Rynn waved to Jeff for his camera and aimed it at his thrusting dick, ready to capture the spectacular moment on camera. About ten strokes later, he pulled halfway out of her pussy and held the camera steady, to the twitching of his dick that was in the cumming mode. Once done, he hurriedly exited and let Jeff take his turn.

Jeff: ‘You think can get her into doggie?’
Rynn: ‘I’ll help you.’

They flipped her body onto her chest and adjusted her knees to go below her stomach. It had taken them some effort to get her into the ideal position and Jeff immediately went behind for his share of fun. Rynn parked himself at her head that was turned to a side, stuffing his dick into her while Jeff was busy doing the same thing, at a different hole.

An embarrassing groan came from Jeff shortly and he displayed an agonising look on his face.

Jeff: ‘She is so fucking tight.’
Rynn: ‘That’s why I couldn’t last long at all. Faster.’

Without wasting anymore time, Jeff pounded her rear and shook her body back and forth, guiding her mouth around Rynn’s rod. For a ‘dead’ body, Rynn had been on his knees and moving his hips too, in the direction of her mouth, making her suck him with that bit of success.

Jeff, known as the loud but timid guy in the group, banged her so hard that his hips grew sore, yet driven to overwhelm himself with that free fuck. The rest of the hour had much less changes in their positions and Jeff was just on the countdown to his ejaculation.

Jeff: ‘Rynn, you unloaded inside right?’
Rynn: ‘Yeah. Why?’
Jeff: ‘Will she notice if there is too much cum inside?’
Rynn: ‘Don’t throw my face leh. Just empty it in her.’
Jeff: ‘Okok.’

Pumping with his might for the last lap, Jeff paused inside of her as his cum flooded her pussy, forcing some of Rynn’s fluid out of her. Rynn did not cum the second time but it was the least of his priorities. After that minute of Jeff’s unloading – or loading, the guys rolled her onto her back and wore her clothes back, paying more attention to her g-strings that they planned to hold all of their load. Thankfully, the coagulation of their cum made things easy and the rest of her clothes were returned to their original place.

With everything as good as before, they laid on the mattress next to the bed and popped two cans of beer, celebrating their little trophy who was stirring awake.

Jolin: ‘Guys?’
Rynn: ‘Yes?’
Jolin: ‘Can you turn on the lights for me?’

Jeff got up to flick the switch and went to the girl, who was holding her forehead as though in some kind of pain.

Jeff: ‘Are you okay?’
Jolin: ‘Yeah. I had the weirdest dream.’
Jeff: ‘About?’
Jolin (whispering): ‘I dreamt that I was fucked by two guys. Don’t tell anyone k?’
Jeff: ‘Luckily it’s just a dream.’

She went into the bathroom and emptied her bladder, where a few drops of cum fell into the toilet without her noticing. She changed her soiled garments after realising the awkward ‘juices’ leaking and went back to bed, bidding the two guys a goodnight before falling asleep again.

In the darkness lit by a blue light from a USB charger, the two guys brofisted each other and went out of the room, just in time to begin another night of drinking with the group that returned, all in translucent clothes from the swim.