Cashback Sex

Cherie: ‘Boss.’ Boss: ‘Hi Cherie. Go change first. I’ll be closing the shop early.’ Cherie: ‘K.’ His lifeless greeting did not make her feel any better about the poor performing month, barely meeting her salary, let alone the rental of the apparel store. As he started counting the money, she pulled the shutter down and […]

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Steamed Buns

At 10pm, the last swimmer got out of the pool wearing a bikini top and a tiny pair of beach shorts, attracting only one pair of eyes in the vicinity. I turned off the lights at the pool and made my way to the bathroom, enjoying the cold rinse even though I did not enter […]

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Dry Humping

As Ben opened the store’s shutter for the day, Charmaine walked in first and went into the storeroom, where an allocated cupboard was to store her belongings. Ben entered later but did not go to her side, wrapping his arms around her waist naughtily. Ben: ‘We came work so early for this right?’ Charmaine: ‘Tsk! […]

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Sweet Noon

Kel gave out a sigh whilst lying on the bed, wondering when her boyfriend would be coming over. Her boyfriend had been treating her like a princess all these while, respecting her wishes not to have sex before marriage. Their sex life were non-existent from her self control. And that day, would be one that […]

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