A Stick for Carrie

‘Bei.. help me take it off.. ‘

Lying drunk on Bob’s stomach, Carrie could barely focus on removing his shorts, let alone keep her eyes open for it. Moments after they shut the door behind themselves, she had gone ahead to strip herself down to her lingerie, leaving little for him to do while he tried to make sense of her urgency.

As soon as his dick popped into sight, she placed her lips over it and stayed motionless, until Bob nudged her on her head. She stirred awake to continue sucking on his manhood, while he adjusted her position so he could reach her love hole.

Curled up right next to him, Bob managed to slip his hand into her panties, and further between her crack to feel a really juicy slit, that he knew was a tad too impossible for even the horniest her. Without attracting any attention, he retracted his hand and saw what was on it – translucent fluid, resembling – cum.

(Bob asked) ‘Did he cum inside you?’

‘Yeah.. two times.. Mmmm~’


Her head continued moving up and down along his shaft, still unaware of what she just confessed to. For Bob, upon hearing that, he got a little harder, but also more feisty. Which man would not be mad knowing that his girl just got creampied by another man?

Seamlessly bringing his hand to the back of her head, he pushed her down lower onto his extended cock, granted by the new knowledge of what she had been up to.

(Bob asked) ‘Is he bigger?’

‘He said I was too tight for him.. Ahh.. I want you inside me now.. ‘

That said, she rolled on her back and turned to kiss her man, oblivious to the mixed expression on his face. Bob didn’t waste a second and plunged his cock into her cum-filled pussy, withholding all movements to get her attention.

‘Bei.. why aren’t you moo.. (whispered) oh shit! I love you bei. You know I do.. ‘

‘I know. That’s why I want you to tell me.. ‘

‘Anything.. ‘

‘How did he fuck you.’

Looking into her guilty, puppy eyes while he was inside her, couldn’t be any more dominating. There she was, trying to concentrate, and Bob was making small thrusts to throw her off.

‘He offered to drive me to the club to meet you. And I said yes. Ahh.. let me fin.. Ahh! I was having a headache.. and he gave me a Panadol for it. Nghhh! I felt really sleepy after that.. and.. and.. the car stopped he woke me up and.. I thought he was putting me in the back so I can sleep.’

‘Yeah? And? Don’t stop now!’

‘I can’t concen.. you’re driving me.. (as she panted) I heard him unzip, then a warm stick was in my hand.. He was like.. like kneeling between my legs, trying to push it up my dress. I.. I had your favourite pair of panties on.. the open crotch one. He just.. he just shove his cock inside me and my mind just went blank!’

‘You didn’t resist him? Or did you want it as well? HUH!’

‘I was having visions of you whenever I try to open my eyes! He was going so fast.. rubbing the inside of my.. pussy so hard. I wanted to tell him to stop but I can’t stop moaning.. He.. AHH.. AHH.. fucked me so hard.. so fiercely.. ‘

Bob’s hips was moving quicker as her recount reached climax, with the saucy details that hurt him so good as she told the story in despair. Coincidentally, they were in the same missionary position that she was in, with another guy, mere hours ago.

‘He kept going until.. ahh.. until he came. I thought he was going to stop, but he just ahh.. came again. I saw things clearer and realised that.. (sobbing noises) it wasn’t you. I got up and left his car to find you. I’m sorry.’

That apology, did little to ease his jealousy that spurred his rapid hip thrusts, driving his cock so deep into her pussy that she gradually resumed moaning to. While she took it as a punishment, it was nothing close to one in Bob’s case.

He hammered the life out of his precious little girl and pumped his vigour into his rightful pussy, that was violated without permission. Yes, permission.

‘Text him.’

‘Text him what?’

In Bob’s mind, the worst possible mind-fuck was panning out in success, as his way of punishment that he knew she wouldn’t deny him of.

‘Text him that he will be held responsible for what he did.’

‘What? I just want to.. ‘

‘Text him. Because you are going to pick up your pieces, starting from his cock.’

Carrie, will then be Bob’s puppet, to puppet-ception that fucker, for his fantasy that even she didn’t know about.

School Fling

Cynthia (shouting): ‘Who’s there?’

Kevin came out to the window and looked at the Indian girl who just changed out of her PE attire. Keeping his phone safely in his pocket, he entered the classroom and leaned by the door.

Kevin: ‘Just changed?’
Cynthia: ‘Yeah. You’re forgot something?’
Kevin: ‘Not really. I saw you changing so I didn’t enter.’
Cynthia: ‘Saw me changing?!’
Kevin: ‘Yeah.’

He took his phone out and showed her pictures of her stripping herself and changing into the uniform, even capturing the moment where she wiped her privates with a piece of tissue before wearing her shorts.

Cynthia: ‘Oh my god. Can you delete them?’
Kevin: ‘Meet me after school at the Councillor room. I’ll delete it in front of your eyes.’

Her mind was all on the photos for the last five lessons of the day, and quickly followed him to the councillor’s room after the bell rang. Being a head councillor, he had the keys to the enclosed room and wasted no time in taking up a revolving office chair positioned at her.

Cynthia: ‘Okay. Can you delete them now?’
Kevin: ‘Can I ask for you to strip again? Just take off your clothes and put them on.’

Seeing that his phone was placed flat on the table, and the room was locked, it did not take long for her to decide it wasn’t too much of a hassle. Slowly, her buttons came off one by one, exposing the black bra that cupped her breasts so loosely. After the top, her bra was unhooked and those soft boobs just made him wild as they jiggled while she turned sideways to the zip of the skirt.

Gracefully like a leaf, her skirt landed at her feet gently and her panties was tugged down to her ankles. Waiting for Kevin’s response, he just stared blankly at her, and she stepped out of the pile of clothes at her feet.

Kevin: ‘Come closer. I want to see down there. You shaved?’
Cynthia: ‘Yeah.’

He made her sit on the table and asked her to open her legs, splitting those pinkish skin apart to reveal her clit.

Kevin: ‘Can I touch it?’
Cynthia: ‘Just for a while. I don’t want to get caught.’

He placed his stretched fingers on her clit and vibrated, making her moan shyly while she looked seductively into his eyes. Not wanting to risk himself, he stopped after a few seconds and let her wear her clothes back, and showed her the process of the photos being deleted.

Kevin: ‘Thanks for today.’
Cynthia: ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’

The two secondary four students parted ways after that and she was kept awake by the thoughts of him playing with her body. It was the first time she had been touched by a Chinese guy, and his level of tolerance was what made her curious about his urges then.

Just two days after that incident, she found it hard to focus when that discreet sexy scene kept replaying in her head. There was something in her that made her want him more.

Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘You want to meet in the councillor room after school today?’

Kevin was surprised at her question but did not probe further, simply replying that he would be glad to meet her. They were much distracted during lessons, till the school bell went off and they met again in the same room.

Kevin: ‘What happened?’
Cynthia: ‘Your fingers.. I can’t forget them.’
Kevin: ‘You want to feel it again?’
Cynthia: ‘Can?’

This time, she removed her skirt and panties, leaving her blouse unbuttoned but hanging over her shoulders. Kevin tapped on the table for her to get on and she did obediently, spreading her feet onto the armrest of his chair.

Cynthia: ‘I washed it extra clean before I came.’

With that, his fingers went to her clit again, and rubbed her for a good minute till her hands held his and tried to push him inside.

Kevin: ‘Wait wait. You’re all wet and horny, but me?’
Cynthia: ‘You want me to help you?’
Kevin: ‘Yeah.’

She hopped off the desk and kneeled between his legs, unzipping eagerly to take that slab of meat out. Seeing it semi-erected, excitement flushed through her head and her mouth went over his dick in no time. Sinking her lips as deep as she could go, he was too long for her, or at least her mouth. Feeling her tongue slide easily under his shaft, Kevin was moaning too and she could feel herself getting wetter.

Kevin (whispering): ‘Can I put it inside you instead of my fingers?’
Cynthia: ‘But you can’t tell anyone k? I don’t want my boyfriend to find out.’
Kevin: ‘I won’t. Come, bend over the table?’

She perked her ass out at him while her chest rested on the empty desk, pussy leaking juices before he even touched it. Guiding his dick into her hole, it stretched to accommodate his size and she clenched her fists to keep mum about the discomfort.

Slowly, inches disappeared and she was in pleasure, feeling how her vagina detect each part of his rough cock. Once he was in, natural instincts took over and he was pounding her hard, screeching sounds ringing from the table jerking along the tiled floor.

Cynthia: ‘Oh yes, fuck me harder.’

She moved backwards to create a distance between the table and her hips, ready for him to go faster without making anymore noise. As their hips slammed against each other, moans were echoing in the air-conditioned room. He was indeed balls-deep into this good looking Indian who was as horny as fuck for his dick.

Minutes passed to their forceful sex and there wasn’t anywhere more comfortable for them to change into any other positions. Kevin too, was ramming with all his might and his urges were blaring loudly in his head, signalling the countdown to his ejaculation.

Cynthia was groaning then instead of moaning, body weakened by the two orgasms he had unknowingly gave while his dick brushed along her g-spot. For one, he was much bigger than her boyfriend, driving her insane with lust, and a little addiction.

Kevin: ‘Cyn, I’m gonna shoot.’
Cynthia: ‘Okay. Take it out slowly.’

She turned her half-naked body around and let him sit on the table, taking the chair that was positioned right at his groin. Sucking with all her attention on him, her lips attacked the golden ring around his manhood, sending his legs trembling while his mind went blank.

Kevin: ‘Shooting!’
Cynthia: ‘Mmm~’

The powerful gush of cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed it as it filled quickly. This guy whom had not unloaded for weeks literally made her full with cum, and it just kept going for almost a full minute.

Once the last squirt was fired, she maintained a suction while exiting, clearing his rod of any leftovers.

Cynthia (gulping): ‘So much!’
Kevin: ‘Yeah. I haven’t shot in two weeks.’
Cynthia: ‘My god.. I feel full now. Don’t need lunch anymore.’

She wore her skirt and panties back, while he used some tissue to clean himself up. Watching that guy smiling, her pussy had her share of fun as well. That mental impression of his thick cock inside her was still vividly reminding her for more sex.

Cynthia: ‘Umm.. I leave first? I’ll Whatsapp you.’
Kevin: ‘Okay. Rest well k? I think you are tired.’

As soon as she left the compounds of the school, she immediately sent a text to Kevin, who was busy rearranging the furniture in the room.

Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘Wanna meet tomorrow?’
Kevin (Whatsapp): ‘They will be using the room tomorrow. Let’s meet at block G toilet on the fifth floor?’
Cynthia (Whatsapp): ‘Okay! Can’t wait for you to be inside me again. :p’

What a way to get a fling huh? She had never expected herself to be thinking about him while having sex with her boyfriend, who was a little surprised at her wild mood that came like magic after that day.

Written in Sadness

Alvin: ‘So, you broke up with him? Was he sad?’

Hyeonji nodded sadly while he placed his arms around her shoulders, calming the girl who was about to break out in tears. She dare not tell her ex-boyfriend that it was actually someone else whom had convinced her to leave him and the regret came immediately when he gave in to the breakup with a lot of patience and understanding. Thinking that it was the pressure from school and work that caused them to separate, he loved her too much to see her in such a struggle with herself.

Alvin had been waiting for this moment to act on his impulses, bearing no guilt as she was single. Rubbing his hand on her shorts-clad thighs, she did not resist the advances he made to her groin. Pressing hard on her pussy, he was moving his whole palm to get the Korean girl horny, trying to get her mind off her ex and his dick into her.

Alvin: ‘Don’t cry anymore k? We will take things slow.’

The button on her shorts had been undone and in the privacy of the hotel room, she let him have his way to remove her shorts after he placed her on the bed. He moved to the carpet where his fingers stripped her soft cotton panties off, and tongue proceeded to the delicate flesh to help her relax further.

Slowly, her body went into a split personality, one enjoying the tongue that was licking her wildly, and the other hanging on the thoughts of her ex going down on her. Tears were still rolling into her ears but there was no more strength in her to defend what was left of her sadness. Like a girl whom had given up on all hopes, she allowed him to widen her legs and shifted her higher on the bed. Even the lack of condom did not bother her since she was so disappointed about what she had done – to break the heart of a guy who loved her so much because of what this monster said to her.

The slight ache in her pussy was nothing compared to the pain in her heart, and Alvin promptly shoved his dick into her while exclaiming her tightness in the dirtiest words she heard. Lifeless, her body jerked up and down the bed as he rammed his dick into her, taking full advantage of this heartbrokened girl.

Alvin: ‘Can you suck me later?’
Hyeonji: ‘No. Don’t even think about it.’

He had pulled out of her after five minutes of violent sex, and turned her limp body over on her knees. He grabbed her arms and held them behind her back as he rammed in doggie, bombarding her senses with little pleasure. Her pussy was reacting normally, climaxing and squeezing to his thrusts, but nothing in her wanted to feel any of those guilty pleasure he was pumping into her.

Minutes passed to the energetic guy pounding himself breathless, while Hyeonji was deep in thoughts about her own actions. The dick pounding inside her had little effect on her as she was figuring out whether to get back to him. Alvin had gotten what he wanted, and he probably wouldn’t have the affection to care for her either.

Alvin: ‘I’m coming Hyeon.’

He pulled out after a deep thrust and sprinkled his sperms on her back, letting her arms go to give his dick a few strokes to empty it. After sex, he just sat on the bed waiting for her to do what she needed to do. Hyeonji cleaned her back with the bath towel and rinsed herself thoroughly alone, knowing what she should do next.

While she wore her panties and shorts back, Alvin was on his phone, showing no pity for what he just did to the vulnerable girl.

Alvin: ‘Still thinking about him? What’s so good about him? Can he give you orgasms like me? I know you came.’
Hyeonji: ‘You made me break up with him so you can fuck me. Right? I pity you. Because he can make me happier without having sex.’

She slammed the door behind her after getting her bag, and took a cab down to where her ex-boyfriend lived. Not only he accepted her without much questions, he began loving her at another level deeper, showing that he was as lost and sad when she broke up with him. The hour of sex she gave him was his assurance that she would never leave him again, no matter how bad their circumstances was.

True love yes. But she paid a small price that Alvin spent at her expense.

Behind Her Back

Erica was one of Baby’s best friend who I have met a few times when they were out having meals and she helped me out when I wanted to surprise Baby too. But this time, she Whatsapped me on her own with a confession that she liked me, even though she was attached.

We met up at the Subway of City Square Mall and the familiar sight of her in a black dress with a cardigan over her shoulders did not help when I imagined what she had asked me out for. We settled for a quick meal and she led me to a hotel nearby, almost checking into a room before I stopped her.

Me: ‘What are we doing? You know Baby will get angry if she finds out right?’
Erica: ‘Just don’t tell her?’
Me: ‘What happened to you?’
Erica: ‘I don’t know how to put it. The three of us (the girls’ clique had three person) once spoke about sex with our boyfriends, and the way Baby describe how you two did it turns me on so much. I want to feel it for myself.’
Me: ‘You’re attached right? You can ask him to do it for you.’
Erica: ‘No he can’t. He.. he is quite violent when it comes to that. He just wants to shoot.’

I sighed loudly as she went to the front desk, paying for the room and returning to me with the card key. Since she decided that she wanted to do it, how could I reject the demure looking girl whom I’ve never imagined to do such things like cheating on her boyfriend. I was a jerk too, being with someone behind my girl.

We went into the room and she began peeling her cardigan off, unzipping her dress while I sat in a confused state on the bed. She climbed over my lap and pushed me down on the bed, whispering sweetly to calm my messed up thoughts, and that nothing would happen. Yeah, how could nothing happen when her face was telling me she wanted to be fucked.

I did not move after that and let her pull my jeans off, and followed her request to lie towards the center of the bed. My shirt and underwear was still on just like her bra and panties, but I reckoned it wouldn’t take long before they were gone. Erica then tugged my underwear down to let my semi-hard, contemplating dick out and stroked it while lying on my thigh.

Her eyes kept looking at it as it grew in her hand, oozing a drop of pre-cum right on its tip.

Me: ‘Are you sure?’
Erica: ‘Yes.’

She pushed her tongue out to wet her lips before taking my dick into them, darting her tongue around till I was fully erected. Her head then moved directly above my groin and lowered over my shaft, sending my dick into a warm haven that totally blew my mind. Was she so good in giving blowjobs?

The next few minutes was filled with groans as she slurped naughtily on it, driving me crazy and was dying to get it inside her.

Me: ‘Why are you so good in it?’
Erica: ‘My boyfriend taught me.’

Fuck, was he a lucky guy or she an unlucky girl? I lifted her head away after she choked once and brought her into my arms, where I hugged her while thinking about what she had to go through to be so good with her mouth.

Sex was no longer on my mind but the fact that this decent (or used to be) girl had been transformed into such a.. skilled lady, was bothering me. Despite her hand that kept stroking on my dick, I did not let my hormones take control and kept her motionless in my arms.

Erica: ‘You don’t want it?’
Me: ‘I just want to hug you now.’

I heard a sigh from her and she freed my dick, tucking herself by my ribs as her face buried into my chest. Turning towards her, I planted a kiss on her forehead and took in a whiff of her scent. It was the first time I smelled her this close and in my mind was images of her being innocent and doubtless about the ongoings of the adult world.

At least that was how Baby described her to me when they were in secondary school.

Erica (whispering): ‘Is this why Baby loved you so much?’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Erica: ‘I can feel your love, even for someone you are not attached to. It feels so warm. I feel wanted for who I am.’

This time, I turned my body to face her and her head lying on my arm was staring straight at me. Now, I really felt like granting her a wish.

Rolling on top of her, she felt my dick poking at her panties and she pulled it aside for me. Not wanting to ruin the romantic ambience, I let my dick flick a few times along her pussy to get lubricated. All it took me was a few swipes, and I was on my way into her. Inches by inches, there was no rush to get it inside her. I wanted to show her the difference between sex and love making. ‘Love’ was all she deserved anyway.

We took about a minute to get me inside of her, and her legs that went around my waist told me I did a great job. I could almost see the hot air coming from her mouth as my hips started moving, dipping the long stick into her moist, wet hole.

Erica: ‘Is this how love feels like?’

Her hands had gone to her bra to squeeze them while the bed jerked to our slamming bodies. Somehow, my mind was more keen on giving her a taste of an orgasm derived from love making instead of sex, extending the duration from my usual eight minutes climax. For the next ten minutes, she was thrashing her body wildly from sides to sides as I continued to drill my cock deeper, till her body started shaking and squirting a few shots of watery liquid over herself.

Erica (panting): ‘It’s so crazy. I like it.’

She then backed away from me and patted on the bed for me to lie on. Putting my legs together, she mounted over my dick and let her pussy slam straight down, jolting a body awake. Leaning on my chest, her head was next to my neck and planting kisses.

Erica (whispering): ‘Let me try making love to you too.’

Rocking her body along my abs, or rather tummy, my dick was treated to a tight pussy swallowing and spitting it. I could almost feel my rod fully exiting before she rode back down, all the way to my balls.

Erica: ‘Nice?’
Me: ‘Super.’

After realising none of us could cum in this position, she turned herself to reverse cowgirl and picked her body up into doggie. Waiting silently for me, I did not waste too much time and sank my dick right in, pounding from her rear till her boobs were on the bed, groaning to the deep thrusts I was delivering.

Erica: ‘Let’s try cumming together?’
Me: ‘I don’t think I can last that long.’

She brought one of her hands between her legs and massaged her clit while I rammed her harder. In under three minutes, I was blurting out the word ‘cumming’ while she was grinding me. At the moment of desperation, I let my body slump downwards to let my exploding cock out of her, firing into the open air and some of it landed on her butt cheeks.

Lying sideways and looking at me, the afterglow on her face was priceless when coupled with a smile. Soon, her bra was removed and we went back into each other’s arms, kissing and letting our tongues keep each other horny.

Erica: ‘Why didn’t you shoot inside me?’
Me: ‘It can get you pregnant. Does your boyfriend do that all the time?’
Erica: ‘Just sometimes. If not he will shoot in my mouth.’
Me: ‘Poor thing.’
Erica: ‘See.’

She showed the chatroom between her boyfriend and her, with a message ‘Let’s break up’. Dumbfounded by her actions, I bombarded her with questions to ensure I wasn’t the cause of it. All she said was that he was just fucking her instead of loving her. And what I’ve shown her, cleared her doubts about how she should be treated.

In one way, I changed her life. But in exchange, I have intertwined hers with mine, meeting up almost twice a week in the same hotel, to renew our love for each other without Baby’s knowledge.


Wearing a short dress, Alyn was in a fix when she dropped her books on the floor where many passengers were waiting at the bus interchange. I saw what she was wearing and immediately knew she would be giving those guys a free show if she had squatted or bent over to pick them up. I walked towards her and picked up her stuff, before whispering to her to stand up before more people saw her white panties.

She gave me a killer glance and stood back up, waited for me with her hair covering her face in shyness. I handed her the books and she took it from me, before whispering ‘thank you’ in the sweetest voice ever, filled with embarrassment and shyness. After she walked away, a girl came up to me with a wallet and told me she dropped this and I was the best person to return it.

Quickly scanning in her direction, she was out of sight and the next thing I did was to open her wallet, to see her address so I could return it. Seeing that she did not live far from me, I thanked the girl and made my way to her place, spending a good fifteen minutes to locate the exact block.

After reaching her floor, I double checked on the unit number before knocking on the door. A minute later, the same girl opened the door and saw me with her wallet in my hand. She popped her head into the corridor and dragged me in, before I could even say a word to her.

Alyn: ‘Thanks for making the way down! I thought i have lost it.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention. Why did you pull me in? I can just give it to you at the door.’
Alyn: ‘My boyfriend is a crazy control freak. He will surely hit me if he sees another guy at my house.’
Me: ‘But I’m in your house right?’

She thought about what I said for a while before realising it was as silly to pull me in. One thing that caught my eyes were her shoulders that was glimmering in the light with her sweat over them. It was so alluring that I could not stop looking at her until she asked if I wanted a drink. Still in a blur mind, I nodded and she walked to the kitchen in that same short yellow floral dress, leaving most of her legs exposed.

Alyn: ‘Here. What’s your name?’
Me: ‘You can call me J. I just live around here. So it’s not far for me.’

She sat down next to me and each time I looked at her, she would turn away shyly to avoid any eye contact. I couldn’t help it but asked why she did not dare to look at me and her reply made my heart melt.

Alyn (whispering): ‘Cause you look like a nice guy who wouldn’t hurt anyone. And you came all the way to return me my wallet. I like people easily.’
Me: ‘And I guess that is why your boyfriend is so possessive?’
Alyn: ‘Yeah.’

I shifted myself nearer to her and brushed my fingers across the bruises on her shoulders, trailing down to her chest where her dress covered the rest of the injuries. Knowing what a bad person she was with, I pitied her and could not bear to leave her in this state, not especially when I can do something for her.

We spoke about her leaving him and the usual method of threatening with suicide made her fear breaking up with him, and could not come up with another way. The two of us spent a good thirty minutes talking and she was getting more comfortable with me, and sat facing me, with a bit of her panties showing.

As our conversation came to an end, silence filled the living room and I was ready to try something silly but daring. Placing my hand on her knees, her skin warmed up to my touch and she quickly held my hand with hers, preventing me from going anywhere I shouldn’t.

Me: ‘Don’t worry k? I won’t hurt you.’

Her head tilted downwards to look away and my hand continued its way into her dress, stopping right on the part of her panties where her pussy hid under.

Alyn: ‘Can don’t? What if he finds out?’
Me: ‘I’ll let you feel how it is to be loved in the right way. Not through pain and guilt. Trust me k? I will take your pain and suffering away.’

A small nod came from her and I sat closer, wriggling my fingers into her panties that was closely sticking on her groin. Having not much space to move, I pushed her knees to face forward and tugged at her panties, where she helped by lifting her butt slightly and taking the other side to properly remove it.

Once her panties were out of the way, I parted her legs and she buried her face in my shoulder, breathing in my scent as my fingers worked its way around her pussy. Her moans came in the most gentlest tone into my neck and her hands clenched around my forearm, appearing so ever shyly to a stranger touching her.

Once her pussy was wet, I led her hand to my hard on and she casually rubbed on my pants, without stimulating it too much.

Me: ‘Want me to take it off?’
Alyn (whispering): ‘Up to you.’

I stood up and stripped my pants off, before returning beside her and continued fingering her. Holding my raw dick, she was just squeezing it and I knew she was that awkward to be anymore initiating.

Me: ‘Can you lick it?’
Alyn: ‘Don’t want.’
Me: ‘Okay. Then don’t.’

She looked up at me with a puzzled look and swallowed hard.

Alyn: ‘Really? I thought all guys want it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. But only if girls want to give it.’

Her eyes suddenly swelled up with tears and she placed her opened hand on my chest, pushing me down on the sofa.

Me: ‘You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.’
Alyn: ‘It’s okay. I don’t mind doing it for you. At least you didn’t force me like my boyfriend.’

She wrapped her fingers around the base to keep it upright and slowly sank her mouth over it. I could sense the fear when she kept still, only moving her tongue around. The thought of being forced held her back and I wasn’t going to let her continue for long, not when she was scared.

As I tried to lift her chin away, she held my hand down on my thigh and went deeper, sucking it in the most heart touching manner. Her saliva was leaking from the sides of her mouth and tears were flowing as well. It was partly painful to watch her push her own limits but the pleasure was too addictive coming from a girl who was trying to break out of her own fears.

Soon, she was going all out, bobbing her head up and down and listening to my groans. Fondling my testicles, she really drove me crazy with her mouth and I was about to unload when she suddenly stopped.

Alyn: ‘Going to cum?’
Me: ‘How did you know?’
Alyn: ‘My boyfriend sort of trained me I guess. I had to find a way to know he was cumming before he shoot inside my mouth.’

I sat up and hugged the sobbing girl tightly, while she brought my hand to her pussy that was still soaking wet.

Alyn (whispering): ‘Will you show me how it is to make love properly?’
Me (whispering): ‘Yes. Just for you.’

I wrapped one arm behind her back and let her down gently on the sofa, before positioning my legs behind. She held my dick in her soft hand and guided me to her pussy, where she pleaded for me to go in slowly. Taking my time, I dipped my rod carefully into her and she was facing sideways to avoid looking at me.

Me: ‘I’m in.’
Alyn: ‘It’s not painful at all. Unlike the times my boyfriend just force it in.’
Me: ‘I am going to move faster. Hang on.’

She straightened her neck to look at me as I moved back on my knees, still inside her throughout the whole time. Grabbing her boobs over her dress, my hips thrust automatically at the demure girl who was moaning as she placed her fingers in a V shape around my dick, ramming gently but intensely into her.

Her arms then reached for my neck and I lowered my chest for her, to pull me down to her face and making out passionately as our privates friction against one another.

It was so touching to see her tears of happiness roll down her face as we had love, it was unlike anything she experienced before. I was soon moving at full speed to her digging her nails into my back and it was only a matter of time before I came.

Alyn: ‘You want to try doggie?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I smiled at her and got off, watching the excited girl flip on her fours. I made my way into her and she brought her back to my chest, wrapping my arms around her waist as I pounded her from behind, sinking my rod into the depth of her soul. Occasionally, she would hold my hands over her boobs and make me squeeze them, enjoying the pleasure from both her pussy and nipples pinches.

Being squeezed by her ass cheeks and orgasmic pussy, I knew I couldn’t last long and told her I was about to cum.

Alyn: ‘You can shoot inside me. I am on the pill cause my boyfriend always shoot outside and I don’t want to worry about getting pregnant.’
Me: ‘You are too good for him.’
Alyn: ‘I am yours now.’

She bent forward to let me pound her hard for the rest of the session, and I was rewarded with a tightening pussy just as I came, filling her pussy up with my baby-making juices that was going nowhere thanks to the pill. I continued shoving my hips to push the cum deeper and she was moaning non-stop as I tortured her sensitive pussy.

About a minute later, I was totally emptied and pulled out of her, still on my knees when she sat back down on the sofa and took my dick in her mouth. Licking and sucking it clean, I was overwhelmed by the sensitive tip and had to stop her.

Thereafter, she led me into her bedroom, where she stripped naked and helped me get out of my clothes. Cuddling on her bed, she poured her heart out about her abusive boyfriend.

Alyn: ‘Don’t say anything till I finish k? *gulp* At first, we started out fine, and like most girls, I gave him my virginity after I felt it was time. But once he had a taste of my body, he demanded sex every time we met. We did it everywhere, from the stairs, to shopping mall toilets and changing rooms, I was obliged to give it to him anywhere he wanted.

He would beat me when we were doing it, and did not care even if we were spotted. I didn’t know what to do except to let him do what he wants. Cause he lived near me and will find me whenever he liked. I don’t want him to disturb my family.

Now, I am going to leave him but won’t ask you to be my boyfriend. I will be smarter and take my time to find the right one. Promise me you won’t leave me can?’

Me: ‘I promise I won’t leave you. You will be my sister.’
Alyn: ‘I don’t want to be your sister. We can’t have sex like that.’
Me: ‘Who says sister and brother cannot make love?’

Her hand went to my dick and stroked gently, assuring me she would be there for me whenever I wanted and in return, be there whenever she needed me. That evening, we went for dinner together and went for another round of sex at a stairwell she knew it was safe, and another round back at her room when she smuggled me through her windows facing the corridor. I guess her pussy will always be filled from now on.

Whoever her boyfriend is, I hope you are reading this and realises who did you lose your love, or rather, sex slave, to. Guys, don’t ever hurt your girls cause there will be someone out there taking all the pain away with their dicks. Karma? I don’t think so.

Shared Interest

Standing awkwardly at the condom section of Guardian, I was glancing between the stomachache pills and the bright coloured boxes, deciding to go for a new brand to try or to stick with the old one. Walking around the shelf was a girl in her teens, possibly around 20 years old, stopping right beside me at the boxes of stomachache pills too.

Girl: ‘Umm.. which brand is good?’
Me: ‘For stomachache?’
Girl: ‘This.’

Pointing at the condoms, I was as puzzled on which brand to recommend since I was in a fix too. Holding up the more expensive Durex Featherlite, she took it from my hand and turned to the back, reading the details about the product.

Me: ‘I always use this. But it’s slightly expensive.’
Girl: ‘Any cheaper ones?’

I squatted down to the Okamoto level and she followed suit, positioned right beside me to showcase her gapping shoulder gap that clearly exposed her black laced bra.

Me: ‘This is as good. Okamoto Crown. Cheap and not bad.’
Girl: ‘Thin?’
Me: ‘And cheap.’

I grabbed the box behind and got back up, with her taking one and walking behind me to the counter. Tapping on my shoulder, I turned to her and she handed me eight dollars, held on top of the box.

Girl: ‘Can pay for me?’
Me: ‘Yeah sure. Wait outside?’

I got my purchases and went out of the store, to the shy girl who was waiting for me. I took my box out of the bag and handed the plastic bag to her, along with the change.

Girl: ‘Thanks. My boyfriend is too shy to even get it himself.’
Me: ‘Haha. It’s quite tough for me too. But no choice. Safety first.’

We walked in the same direction through a shortcut behind the shophouses leading to the newer blocks and she politely asked me if I could help her once more. Seated under a block, she took out one of the condoms and asked me to demonstrate to her how to use it. Seeing that there was no one around, I felt more courageous to dare her into trying it herself.

Me: ‘You want to try it yourself?’
Girl: ‘How?’
Me: ‘Put it on for me?’
Girl: ‘Huh. Not here ba. Let’s go up.’

We went to the fifth floor where the doorsteps were filled with shoes, a sign that everyone was home – hopefully. Seated on the steps, I lowered my shorts and she stretched the rubber to try understand how it worked. Holding onto her hands, I guided her to cap the tip on, keeping the reservoir pressed and she got the rest of the picture.

Me: ‘You must make sure your guy is hard before you put it on. I’m already hard. So it’s easier.’
Girl: ‘Why are you already hard?’
Me: ‘Cause of you?’

Giggling to herself, she extended the rubber along my shaft and continued stroking it, till it was thick between her thumb and middle finger.

Girl: ‘Will the rubber tear?’
Me: ‘If you are not wet enough, it might. Or you use the wrong lubricant.’
Girl: ‘Oh. Then it won’t tear le. Cause I am wet enough.’
Me: ‘Haha. How wet is it? Want to test the condom?’
Girl: ‘Tsk, you very playful leh. I know I am wet enough lah.’

I got up to her surprised look and sat one step higher behind her. Reaching for her groin, she leaned backwards on me and wanted to unbutton her skirt, before I stopped her.

Me: ‘You know skirts have another opening right?’
Girl: ‘Oh ya! Wah. My boyfriend and I are as stupid to see it man.’

Pulling her hemlines into a V shape, I ran my fingers to her black panties and felt a wet patch right below her pussy. She willingly stretched the elastic band of her panties and let my hand in, as though she was not thinking about what was happening.

Right on her clit, she was right about being wet enough. Her juices coated around my fingers tightly and I went on to rub on her clit, making her moan in the isolated stairwell. Continuing for another few minutes, her head fell on my shoulders, looking up at me with her watery eyes before whispering in her cutesy voice.

Girl: ‘I thought we are going to test the condom?’
Me: ‘Don’t cry eh. Almost forgot about it.’
Girl: ‘Ya right. You forgot. And don’t make fun of me lah. My eyes are always watery one.’

I guess that was what attracted to me when we bought the condoms. She turned herself around kneeling on one of the steps and I went behind her, raising her skirt out of the way to her waist. Tugging her panties down her butt cheeks, her pussy was too dark to be seen but I knew she was ready for it. Sticking my rod into her piehole, I pushed my way in slowly and she kept still without making a sound. Was she well trained or just well disciplined?

Once I felt her heartbeat pulsing in her vagina, I went increasing my pace and she finally let off her moans, softly but intense. As the clock ticked away, we were going faster and deeper, testing the condom in all aspects from being wet enough, to going fast enough. Her orgasms came shortly after and the gentle tremors through her body did not collapse her at all.

Holding on to the handrails, I helped her on her feet while inside her and resumed thrusting my rod into her wet cunt, dripping juices loudly on the concrete floor. The new position triggered her sensitive areas and she was whispering something I couldn’t make out, unsure if she was still sane with my hips slapping hard on her ass.

We spent a good ten minutes in that place till I finally felt my urge arriving, signalling to her by whispering into her ears when she stood upright against my drenched shirt.

Girl (panting): ‘He likes to shoot in my mouth. Will it have the rubber taste?’
Me: ‘Let’s give it a try to find out.’

She used the handrails to seat herself back down on the steps, before rolling the condom carefully off my rod. In an instant, my dick disappeared into her mouth, engulfed in the most soothing warmness and wetness. Her slippery tongue roamed around as she slid her lips along my shaft, sucking lightly as she fondled my balls in her palm.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m shooting!’

She plunged her head down into my groin and took it down her throat, where the hot lava erupted without touching her mouth. She gagged quietly as it flowed down her throat and the tiny contractions clicked on my buttons for more. She remained in that pose for a short five seconds before pulling herself away, letting the rest of my load pour into her jaw.

Swallowing instantly, she cleared her throat and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, before facing the ground between her feet in case she puked. I stroked her back for a little while before she adjusted her panties straight, pulling her skirt back to its original height.

Girl: ‘I think I know how to use it le. Thanks.’
Me: ‘I should thank you instead. For helping me out. Take my box. It’s unopened. If not your boyfriend will suspect.’
Girl: ‘Actually, I don’t have a boyfriend. I broke up a few days ago le. I bought this just to find someone to fuck to drive those sadness away.’
Me: ‘Don’t do that k? Guys out there will take advantage of your loneliness and even film you secretly to blackmail you.’
Girl: ‘So you will keep me company for this period?’

I nodded silently and placed my phone in her hand, where she gave herself a missed call and she got up in preparation to go home. Walking up the stairs, she took her keys out of her bag and kept her opened box of condom, to my astonished look that almost scared me away. We were fucking just right at her doorstep!

Waving to me with her hand out of sight from her house, I took my leave and she texted me seconds later, along with a photo of her panties that was covered in her thick wetness.

Girl (Whatsapp): ‘I really enjoyed just now. Can’t wait to have you inside again.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Tomorrow. 12am, same place.’
Girl (Whatsapp): ‘Deal!’

I went home in a happy mood from the unexpected session, still vivid in my head with scenes of me doggie-ing the sweet, young thing in the darkness of the staircase. Let’s hope this dream will last for a long time.

Taxi Buddies

Mandy opened the door to the frenzied knocking to see Kai, with her husband drunk, arm around his friend who had sent him home after some drinks at the coffee shop under their block. She let them in and Kai brought him to the master bedroom, dropping him off before collapsing on the sofa to catch his breath.

Mandy: ‘Thanks for bringing him home. He drinks every night and I have no idea what to do with him.’
Kai: ‘Don’t worry. Being a taxi driver is not easy nowadays, I get scolded and fined so many times till I am numb now.’

She placed a cup of water in front of him and he stared at the beautiful wife whom his friend married recently to quickly settle down. Kai had been a frequent visitor in a sense who sent her drunk husband home and even dropped off cakes and foodstuff during festivals. Mandy knew Kai as a good friend and she was just glad someone like him took care of the sole breadwinner.

Mandy: ‘Working tomorrow?’
Kai: ‘Nope. Rest day. But he is driving.’

She took up the seat next to him and continued reading the magazine where she had stopped at. Kai couldn’t help but admire her long legs that her shorts could not hide, along with her ample boobs that protruded from under her slim fitting shirt.

Kai: ‘I will rest for a while before going home. Can’t afford to be caught drink driving.’
Mandy: ‘Take your time. Actually you can sleep here if you want. Just hope the sofa is comfortable enough.’
Kai: ‘I can really spend the night here? Cause I am still a little drunk.’
Mandy: ‘Can can. I bring out a spare blanket for you.’

She stood up hurriedly and he watched her sexy ass shake as she disappeared into the bedroom, before appearing with a thick blanket that held her boobs up as she walked.

Mandy: ‘Here.’
Kai: ‘Does he hit you when he is drunk?’
Mandy: ‘Nope. He just.. goes super wild.’
Kai: ‘Wild?’
Mandy: ‘Yeah. On bed.’

The sudden realisation of the topic he had stumbled into quickly quietened him, and he felt his dick twitched from the fantasies of how his buddy fucked her in a way she called ‘wild’. Once he finished his cup of water, he asked if he could remove his top to dry his sweaty shirt and she gladly took it to the kitchen to hang them dry.

Kai followed her to the windows and stood behind her silently, before she bumped into him and was held in his strong arms.

Kai (whispering): ‘You know, I have been fantasising about you for some time now.’
Mandy (whispering): ‘I can’t do this. I am married.’
Kai: ‘Shhh.. ‘

His hands went to her boobs and squeezed them gently, working his way around her braless chest he was surprised at. Her initial response to struggle went away after his hands went under her shirt and touched her nipples, pinching them lightly while rolling them around.

Mandy (whispering): ‘What if he hears us?’
Kai: ‘I’ve been drunk with him before. He sleeps like a pig.’

His hard on was poking at her thin shorts painfully and she knew it was her job to ease the tension. She kept herself looking out of the window and reached behind her back for his bulge, rubbing over it as he continued fondling her breasts.

After he saw how cooperative she was, he paused for a moment to remove his pants and dragged her a few steps from the window sill. Standing in front of her, his long rod dribbled a strand of pre-cum and he guided her face to it, watching her smooth complexion glow in the lights from the neighbouring block.

Kai (whispering): ‘Suck me.’

Obediently, she opened her mouth and his dick found its way in, jerking shallowly and flooding her senses with the salty scent from the long day of work. After he had enjoying his time with her oral skills, his dick was thicker and longer than before, and he quickly helped her up to stand in front of the window once again.

Pulling her shorts down with her panties, she automatically spread her legs and bent lower, waiting for something to happen. Kai then held her shoulders and let his dick auto dock into her pussy, where she moaned softly as it split her vaginal walls wide.

It was bigger than her own husband and her body was fighting to accommodate his size. A minute passed and he was all the way inside her, triggering a gradual build up to a higher speed. Pounding her ass in the most gentle manner, he could not hold himself back after a few thrusts and went faster, sliding his cock along the bumpy walls that was stimulating his rod.

As the night slipped by, the two figures moved faster and faster, moans kept to a minimal volume as his dick went deeper. The two of them did not change their positions and kept going like that for another ten minutes, giving Mandy three orgasms in total that spilled juices onto the floor between their legs.

Her mind was no longer on her husband but was yearning for more, squeezing uncontrollably at Kai’s dick to make him go all out at her. For the last two minutes, he was groaning and pulling her body back on his dick, reaching to the maximum depth her pussy could contain.

Kai (whispering): ‘I can’t hold it in anymore. I am shooting.’

She did not mention a word and simply let him hold her waist, slamming loudly on her ass as his dick throbbed wildly before the end came. After another minute, he froze inside her and she reached for her clit, rubbing on it furiously till she climaxed.

Kai came with her and his load flushed like machine gun into her body, milked by the instinctive waves caused in her pussy. They held in that position for some time before he stepped away, listening to the globs of cum that leaked out of her as his dick unplugged.

Mandy turned herself around and hid behind the wall, while holding onto his dick and guiding it into her mouth. Starting with a lick, she combed his foreskin and took his dick into her mouth to suck the last bit out, before teasing his cock head with her tongue. Kai could not take anymore of her mouth and lifted her up gracefully without offending her.

Mandy: ‘Actually, my husband ask me to please you if you come over the next time. He trusts you a lot.’
Kai: ‘He comes to my place often as well, and my wife.. I didn’t mind him fucking my wife too. I just couldn’t tell you until I knew he allowed me to do it with you.’
Mandy: ‘You two are indeed best buddies.’

She led him into the bedroom where her husband was on the TV, watching the surveillance cameras he had placed in the house. The smile on the guys’ faces were priceless and Mandy went between them, keeping them satisfied for the rest of the night before her husband took a nap before work the next day.

And for Kai, he stayed for another few hours to have lunch and another round of sex with the hot wife, before returning home to prepare for his buddy’s visit after work.

Kai: ‘I’m going to give Joo a surprise. I’ll tie you up for him k?’
Kai’s Wife: ‘Okay. Just be around when he comes. I want you to join in too.’

Hotel Line

Angel: ‘I have no energy left. So many guests checked out today.’
Ray: ‘Haha. It’s over le lah. Go shower and head home. Tomorrow still need to wake up early.’

The two students on internship at one of the hotels in Sentosa was in the cafeteria, where a few other friends were next to them. It was a specially long day for them as an event ended and guests checked out in the mass, leaving them no time to rest as they prepared the rooms.

One of them who was working with the front desk had asked if they could use one of the rooms to rest for the night and being such a hardworking bunch, the in-charge gave them a thumbs up and granted them two rooms, one for the guys and one for the girls.

Ray: ‘We have two rooms for tonight. So we don’t have to rush to work tomorrow. Is anyone staying?’

All of them were lying on the table and only Angel replied, since she lived quite a distance away. In the end, only Ray and Angel wanted to stay on and the rest of them left when the clock strike one.

Ray: ‘You want to crash with me? Then don’t have to clean two rooms tomorrow.’
Angel: ‘I’m fine with anything uh. Am just going to shower and sleep.’

He took both keys from the reception and went to the room, letting Angel shower before he did. Their uniform was issued by the laundry department and did not have a fresh set for the next day. After Angel was done, she slept in her white blouse and panties, tucked under the thick blankets hotels were known to have.

Ray: ‘I turn off all the lights k?’
Angel: ‘Okay. I’ve set the alarm for 7am. We can wake up later.’

The single queen sized bed had an imaginary line between them, and Ray went to bed in just his underwear, knowing that the blanket will serve as a cover till the day comes. As the earlier events flashed through Angel’s mind, she was constantly thinking about the tip a guest left and was smiling to herself. Ray wasn’t asleep due to the bump he suffered during the course of duty and noticed her happy look.

Ray: ‘Why are you smiling?’
Angel: ‘Cause I got a tip.’
Ray: ‘How much?’
Angel: ‘100 euros.’
Ray: ‘Wow! Lucky you. And I am feeling the opposite lo. I hit my leg when I was rushing and it is hurting till now.’
Angel: ‘Got apply medication?’
Ray: ‘No leh. Nothing to put on. I think it will be gone tomorrow ba.’
Angel: ‘Cannot eh. We still have a lot of work to do tomorrow. Let me see?’

Ray flicked the bedside lamp on as Angel pulled the blanket away, scaring her with the blackish bruise on his thigh. As long as it was untouched, it did not hurt, but Angel was more worried about his discomfort the next day that she had gone to the toilet to wet a warm towel.

Angel: ‘I’ll rub it for you. Bear with it k?’
Ray: ‘Mmm.. ‘

The concerned girl massaged his legs for a while, not realising that he had been peeping at her panties and admiring her pink nipples showing under the translucent top. The staff had a blazer over them most of the time and did not take them off unless they were in the room. So there was no way he could enjoy such a view until such a fateful night came.

Ray: ‘Umm.. Angel, you have pink nipples?’

She glanced down on her chest to spot the pinkish patch and pulled her buttons together. The underwear above his thighs had a bulge set up and she was embarrassed by his words too. Her cameltoe was so alluring he could not stop staring at them and she finally covered herself with the blanket.

The sense of freedom in a hotel room had made her so comfortable that she forgot the other person in the room was not her boyfriend. Quickly dumping the towel onto the carpet, she turned off the lights using the main switch above her head and went back to bed.

Ray was still hard and did not want this to end just like that. It was not everyday he could be in bed with someone so gorgeous as Angel, with long flowing hair bundled up distastefully due to work. In a fearful manner, he shifted himself under the sheets to her and spooned her gently, poking his hard on on her ass.

Saying nothing, his hand went to her waist and moved upwards to her boobs, unshielded and bare to his touch. Her nipples were first to be pinched and rolled, till she could not take it anymore and reached her hand behind to feel his bulge.

Angel: ‘You know I have a boyfriend right?’
Ray: ‘I know. But I can’t resist you.’
Angel: ‘Okay. As long as you know.’

Her fingers did not stop fondling outside and it took her some time before braving up enough to enter his underwear. Stroking his rod that felt so clean and dry, Angel was slowly opening herself. Surely, no one would know what happened in this room. That very thought pushed all the guilt away and she lowered his underwear, while he tugged her panties down as well.

Getting into a horizontal doggie style, they laid on the bed sideways, angling her body almost perpendicular so he could put it in. After he lubricate his rod with some saliva, it was easier for him to push his way in and Angel was getting wetter as he struggled to penetrate her.

Angel: ‘Go slowly k? It will hurt at first.’

He continued inching his way into her pussy with a little obstruction from her panties but did not delay for too long. In a minute, he was inside of her and wriggling, to thrust her so sensually she did not mind moaning for him.

Ray: ‘Let’s change into doggie k?’

Angel let him guide her hips upwards and he kneeled at her feet, increasing his speed as she clenched her hands around the pillows. The rawness of his dick was brushing along all the sensitive spots in her vagina and his balls were slapping loudly at her clit. The double attack was simply too much for her to take and her body gave her the first orgasm after five minutes of their discreet sex.

Ray: ‘You came?’
Angel: ‘I think so.’
Ray: ‘Your cum is so thick and white.’
Angel: ‘Shhh.. ‘

He understood her feelings and did not mention another word as he thrust harder and deeper. The attempts to get her into missionary was futile as she did not want to see him, and think of how she cheated on her boyfriend. Ray wasn’t any bigger or special than her own boyfriend, but it was the circumstances that drove her so horny and willing to be dominated by another guy.

The two of them fucked in this position for the night, making her cum at least three times before he abruptly pulled out. Angel already had her share of pleasure and was executing the squeezing motion in her pussy to get him to cum, and it was finally time he did. The pleasure she had was filled with so much wrong she knew nothing would make up for the betrayal.

Ray: ‘Sorry I had to stop. I am cumming.’
Angel: ‘It’s okay.’
Ray: ‘So.. where do I shoot?’

Angel had never liked to touch a wet dick but for that night, it was different. She made him lie on the bed next to her and covered themselves with the sheets. Her hand went on to work, stroking his dick fast and furious, letting the soft material of the blanket tease the tip as she pumped.

In no time, he was groaning louder and the blanket was suddenly pulled away, just as a huge load of cum spewed out of his pee hole and over her hand. The playful girl kept jerking him off till he had to escape and dashed into the toilet to hide himself.

Angel: ‘Someone cannot take it huh?’
Ray: ‘Do you do this to your boyfriend too?’
Angel: ‘Uhh.. no.. He usually shoot in a condom inside me.’
Ray: ‘Wah.. so I should be honoured to do you raw?

Right.. how could she do that to someone she barely loved? Ray washed up and returned to the bed, falling asleep from the intense sex and ejaculation Angel had given him with regret. The next day came and went like nothing had happened, but Ray was constantly seen with a hard on around Angel.

After the two days of non-stop service, Angel finally found time to catch up with her boyfriend. Everything seemed normal except when they got into bed, where Angel went out of her usual way to suck him off and please him like a king. It was the least she could do to relieve the guilt from cheating on him with a guy at work.