Two Plus One Way

Things got out of hand when Bernice’s two admirers knew of each other, pitting them together for a race to get her love. Single she was, but the frequency of meeting Jon (in class) paired them in a relationship that she learnt about the ways of love. Spending time on dates and in bed, he […]

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Ocean Two

The strange woman entered the house again and went into my parents’ bedroom, where Dad was home earlier than usual. She was much younger than mum but wore really fashionable clothes. Short skirts, see through tops, black bra. The unmistakable sex sounds came out loudly from the room and I couldn’t shut the noise out […]

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Married Fling

Yvonne: ‘How’s work today?’ Me: ‘Quite good. But tiring as usual.’ Yvonne: ‘Haha. My work is boring as fuck. Shall we go to our usual spot?’ Me: ‘Uh huh.’ The 32 year old wife kept rubbing my thigh as she drove on the empty roads, turning into a landed estate with countless smaller roads in […]

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A Stick for Carrie

‘Bei.. help me take it off.. ‘ Lying drunk on Bob’s stomach, Carrie could barely focus on removing his shorts, let alone keep her eyes open for it. Moments after they shut the door behind themselves, she had gone ahead to strip herself down to her lingerie, leaving little for him to do while he […]

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School Fling

Cynthia (shouting): ‘Who’s there?’ Kevin came out to the window and looked at the Indian girl who just changed out of her PE attire. Keeping his phone safely in his pocket, he entered the classroom and leaned by the door. Kevin: ‘Just changed?’ Cynthia: ‘Yeah. You’re forgot something?’ Kevin: ‘Not really. I saw you changing […]

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