Day: Unknown
Date: 14 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Hotel 81

She wanted sex again. So, I suggested to bring along a friend for threesome. She wanted me to pick someone so I’ll feel better when someone else humped her too. I asked Q along and he has no idea who he’s meeting.

With me leading, Q followed me directly into a hotel and into a room that she was waiting in already. She opened the door and my friend was quite shocked. She was pretty to him. Hehe.

She then asked the both of us to strip down and being shy with another guy inside the room, Q was very reluctant. She then went over to him and took of his shirt, he automatically released his belt and undies.

She asked us to close our eyes while she took hers off. In a while, she says ‘ready’ and already under the blanket. I asked Q to take the left while I went to the right side of the bed and laid beside her.

She then took our dicks with both her hands and started jerking us off. I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked hard. Having no experience, Q touched her pussy and rubbed in a very gentle manner. Soon, she could no longer take it and releasing her hand on my dick, she spread her legs wider and guided Q’s finger in.

Once in, Q started to move in and out. She was back to jerking us. Soon, Q realised that the better she felt, she faster she would move. She went so fast that Q came hard into the air and onto his own body. He did not know what to do either, so she had to ask him to go get a shower.

I flipped myself across to get into 69 position so I could finger her and she could jerk me off easier. When Q was out, she and I had condoms prepared. It was those flavoured type so she could suck it without fear of rubber.

We put those on and I asked him to go take her from behind. He went to the end of the bed while I went to where the pillows were. She goes into doggy position and spread her legs wide for Q. Till now, she hasn’t noticed the size of Q’s dick, neither did I.

As she was already very wet, he slide in easily and started pumping, she let out a giggle and proceed to suck on my dick. Like before, the harder Q pumped, the harder she sucked.

After 15mins, we switched and she wanted to help Q shoot so the both of us could have another round. She removed Q’s condom while I was still banging her from behind, and sucked on it hard. Moving her hand and mouth speed fast, she got him cumming into her mouth at the same time when she came. She swallowed his cum quickly so as not to break the high feeling she had. After he shot, we could tell he was feeling pleased and tired and guilty and uneasy. Soon, he excused him to wash up while we continued in missionary style.

He got dressed and left saying that both her and I should spend time together. I continued pumping her in missionary and doggy style, shooting a total of 3 times in a row. We lay down and watched a little TV. She still looked energetic and asked if she could lie on my body.

Putting the right side of her head on my chest, she fondled my dick with her left hand and it got my dick standing again. The urge came again and I managed to shoot again, into her mouth. She swallowed it all without saying anything.

We laid on the bed till the managed called and told us about the time. We got dressed and left the place quickly. It was an interesting session with Q, in the threesome.

Handicap Toilet

Day: Monday
Date: 28 September 2009
Time: 9pm
Location: Roxy’s Square

We arranged a meeting again at the end of her tuition. When I got note that she was about to end tuition, I went to the handicap toilet at the top floor to wait for her.

She came to the door and knocked after confirming there was no one around. I quickly opened and pulled her in. As usual, we placed our bags and books down before frenching.

I seated her on the toilet bowl and took off my pants. She didn’t realise I removed the whole  belt before I pull my pants down. I then asked her to give me her hands and knowing she loves bondage, I’m going to try make her hate it.

I tied her hands (willingly) with my belt to the assist beam on her right. She turned her body around to sit properly to face me. I took our my dick and pushed her head towards it. She obediently took it deep into her mouth and even made slurping sounds to swallow her saliva.

I then lifted her head away and took a condom out of my bag. I removed the wrapper and placed it at the top of my dick. I then took her head and used her lips to roll it down my shaft.

I bent over in a push up position using the assist beam behind as support. I teased her pussy which was only a little wet and kept moving up and down till she’s really wet and ready to take it whole.

I thrust my dick in with one stroke and pumped her in missionary. We had to kiss to keep her moaning down. After 15 minutes, I couldn’t take her tight pussy anymore. So, I turned her around and pumped her from behind in doggy style. At about 15 minutes into the doggy style sex, she could not take the pleasure and asked me to stop.

Ignoring her, I continued pump for another 5 mins. After that, I took out the long yellow vibrator and I seated her back into the first position to continue toying with her. I went for close to 10 minutes with the vibrator till she was closing her legs to stop me. I used my right arm to spread her legs, with my palm on her right knee and elbow on her left. I didn’t rest till I was tired, and when I stopped, she was dripping wet and tired.

I stood up and took off the condom and pushed her head to it. She sucked it hard knowing she had no choice but to ignore the rubber taste. I unloaded and shot it down her throat. I got so engrossed that I forgot I was choking her.

She gagged and I quickly loosen her hands and apologised. She was tearing but was smiling and feeling pleased. I helped her wash up and waited for her to calm down before leaving. Now I know, she’s really into bondage and slavery. Hehe.


Day: Unknown
Date: 6 August 2009
Time: 8pm
Location: Playground around Peiling’s house

Peiling and I met up and spoke about our relationship that bought the both of us to tears. Soon enough, we calmed down and went to the playground to settle our needs. We had already went around scouting blocks and alleys but no avail.

We got seated at a children’s playground, at the section outside the tube-shaped slide. Having a cover on top and the tube and metal sheet at either sides, we’re quite covered. She was seating above and me sitting on the little steps lower.

I was massaging her already wet pussy through her panties and she was just hugging me around my waist, moving her hands in response of organsms. After she had enough, I asked her to help me and she agreed.

She moved lower and I moved to her seat. She then asked me to unzip my pants and take my dick out. I followed her instructions and she bent down to suck on me, alternating with her hands. Using her saliva to lub, I got more turned on and played with her nipples through the top of her shirt.

I was about to cum when she positioned her mouth over my dick as usual. After shooting, I asked her to swallow it down. She was reluctant but did so after splitting half with me.

For a first attempt, she vomitted the food eaten earlier along with the cum after swallowing. I felt real bad but she said she was okay.


Day: Unknown
Date: October 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Hotel 81

I waited for her at Geylang East Library while she was finishing up her study. She was wearing a seemingly normal t-shirt and FBTs. We then walked to hotel 81 in that area and checked in.

Upon check-in, I started stripping her and she was wearing a lacy white bra which turns me on, soft and lacy. Once we’re in our undies, we kissed ferociously and upon contact with her panties, I realised it was wet. Wet before I even touched her, real naughty girl.

I laid her down on her back and starts to suck her nipples. I went downwards to admire a shaved pussy for the first time. I asked her to spread her legs so I could see clearer. Once she opened wide enough, I lapped her pussy gently.

She moaned slowly and gently, and closed her legs in pleasure, moving me on. I whipped out a long yellow vibrator and get done with the washing and batteries. I inserted it into her, and turned it on. Thrusting it in and out, she was struggling and twitching, all the while moaning.

I then proceeded to ask if she wants to try sex. She replied with a shy, ‘don’t know’. I went to my bag, took out the rubber and asked her to put it on for me. She didn’t know how to, so I showed it to her, along with a confusion on my part. Nonetheless, it was ready soon.

I positioned her in a missionary style and placed the top of my dick at her pussy. Slowly easing in and out, getting deeper each time, I felt a pussy for the first time. I tried moving faster and to my surprise, it didn’t feel better than the tenga I had at home.

Ignoring myself, I watched her expression and I knew she was enjoying it. She even said, ‘It’s so big’ halfway through. After about 10mins of pumping, I wanted to try doggy style. I flipped her around and gestured her to raise her butt. She raised and positioned it at my dick with her legs spread.

I stick my hard dick in and pumped. It was a different feel, way better and I can feel my sperms getting ready. Not wanting to shoot in her (despite the condom) I varied my speed and held on for about 8 more minutes.

Changing back to missionary, I pumped her fast and hard for 10 more minutes till I felt bored and the load coming.

When I really felt like shooting, I pulled it out of her. Letting her know I was going to shoot, I asked if she could help me finish off with her mouth. Feeling a little adventurous, I asked to do her raw for a while (about 1 minute) and oh god, it really felt good – in missionary (which I didn’t feel much with a condom).

I went to wash my still erected dick to remove the rubber smell. She had to taste-test with her mouth. After removing most of the smell, I lie on the bed and then she worked on me. I asked her to lie on my stomach while she suck me off.

Hearing my heartbeat going fast sorts of make her suck harder too, knowing I am enjoying. Alternating between her hand and mouth, I realised she could use her hands better. I taught her to hold it with all her fingers (as many as possible), moving it up and down without affecting the feel (which all guys know is linked with the tugging of skin).

After a while, I went to a 69 position. Not on top, just beside. I positioned my dick in front of her face and I prepared the yellow vibrator to penetrate her again. I turned it on, and thrust her pussy with it again. Her action of changing mouth to hand to mouth is quite amusing and sort of feels good.

I could tell she was in pleasure. I quickly returned to lying down and letting her finish me off. Again, I unloaded the whole load of about five days of storage into her mouth. She went to spit it out and we got dressed and left.

A few days later, during our sms conversation, I asked if my dick was really big and she said yes. And what she meant by big, she replied, ‘Like.. I was in ecstasy.’ The long yellow vibrator had that commendation too.

First sexperience. Contented, and guilty.


Day: Unknown
Date: September 2009
Time: 8.30pm
Location: Public staircase

I was in need and so was she. I’ve MSNed and sms her about meeting that day and she told me she had tuition till 8pm. Since I’ve ended school with nothing to do, I decided to make my way down to Roxy Square, where she is having her tuition.

I waited for her for about an hour, reading my book and lazing around. I saw her coming out and walked towards her, immediately she asked if I want to go to the staircase. I turned right and opened the door into one of the many stairs at the top level and went to scout around. Seems that going above would be impossible since there’s a camera aiming at the stairs.

We stopped at the staircase between the top and the floor below. Standing, I gave her a deep kiss and she returned it. We place our stuffs down and sat on the steps. She was wearing this pink babydoll dress which has a low cut, revealing her cleavage. She had already removed her jacket once we entered the staircase.

Seated on her left side, my right arm went over her and into her cleavage, directly to her right breast and pinching her nipple, fondling it. My left hand went up her left thigh and massaged her pussy outside her panties. Being naughty, I went down to see the colour of her panties, black!

My left hand entered her panties and searched around for the entrance. I asked her to guide me and she did, by hold my finger and positioning it at the entrance of the hole. My middle finger went deep and she sure is moaning (more like mewing) fast. I fingered her without stopping as her moans turned me on even more.

After I took a break, I asked if she can give me her blowjob again. She said okay and we’ve agreed earlier that I shoot my load in her mouth. She proceeded to suck me off, with slow and constant movements. Her hand-mouth coordination is out of the world, she made my (big) head go numb a few times. One word of it, heavenly.

As my stamina is a little unprepared for, I asked that she alternate between her hand and mouth. And on the last stand, I cummed loads of cum close to ten days of storage.

She spat it out at a drain hole nearby and we packed and left. Tired, but contented. And felt a little guilty.

Just Be Good

Day: Friday
Date: 20th February 2009
Time: After 4pm.
Location: J8 Cinema, my house

Maybe I had been good lately, not sure. But I am trying hard not to ‘play’ with her.

Peiling and I went to watch a movie after her class ends at 11am. So we went to GV Bishan to see what is available. We decided on the Pink Panther 2 and after a few minutes of walking around, we went into the cinema.

Around halfway into the movie, she moved her hands under my shirt and rested on my tummy. I thought that was just another attempt to get some warmth. She always does that.

Little did I expect, her hands started to move downwards and I used my right hand (she was sitting on my left) to loosen the belt. She rested her hand on my FBT shorts I wore as undies (too lazy), and started massaging it.

I was surprised and didn’t want to stop her, no guy would stop a girl from doing that. On and on she went, I was enjoying it when I remembered that I should be trying to stop playing with her.

I put my left hand around her after we adjusted ourselves to sit properly. Slowly, I moved my hand up under her bra and while I am doing that, she’s adjusting herself – turning a little to her left.

She suddenly turned back and whispered to me, ‘I like it when you press my nipples hard.’ That is what I did next. We kept alternating between her touching my dick and me touching her breast. The best part I enjoyed most is putting my fingers through her short shorts and rubbing her through her undies. We didn’t continue for long cause we wanted to make the money worthwhile and finished the movie.

My girl always wore shorts and if she sat in the ‘right’ position, I can get a glimpse of what she’s wearing. She will then be very shy once I told her about it and that only makes me harder.

Back to story. After we roamed about J8, we went to my house. Once she entered the door, she went to sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. I went to join her after I locked the door and took off my spectacles.

I asked her to lie on my legs, and frankly, at that moment, I had no intentions of making out with her. She was lying on my lap when she took my hands and placed it on her chest. I was like asking, ‘Why? What’s wrong? Heart beat very fast?’. About 3 seconds later, I asked the golden question, ‘You horny ah?’. She nodded her head while looking up at me. I asked her to turn inwards towards me while I unbuckled her bra.

I moved my mouth towards her breast and sucked on both alternately. It was kinda tough cause the distance was quite far and I had to lift her boobs to my mouth by raising my thigh. My right hand then moved south and undone her belt and button of her shorts.

Slowly, I rubbed her pussy through her panties. I do not have access to her pussy yet. Hers was very sensitive to dirt and dust. A little can cause a huge and serious infection, so I didn’t put my hand unless she felt comfortable.

As I rubbed, I can feel a her panties getting wetter. I then asked her if she wants to go to the room. Without answering me, she climbed onto me by the front and said, ‘要’. I carried her like a baby. Dropped her on the bed and bluffed her that I didn’t bring my vibrator.

She said it was okay. So I continued. After making her damn high, I said I will go out and get something. I surprised her with the vibrator and gave her what she wanted immediately. Into her panties, but no penetration. It was my treatment that was different.

She asked me to lie onto her, with my dick at her face. I said okay, and she sucked me off while my dick was at her mouth area. She was sucking me non-stop and I am feeling numb, for the second blowjob I received. A while later, I told her that I was tired and want to switch to another position. She agreed without saying anything.

She asked me to lie back and she adjusted herself. I thought it would be the usual. She will USUALLY sit at my side and jerk me off. This time, it’s different, for the first time too.

She sat in between my legs, then grab my dick, starting moving a little, then spits a little saliva onto my dick while her hand is still there. So, she moved at her own random pace, and sometimes, two hands, one hand. The alternating is made me go crazy.

After a while, she sped up and I shot all of it into her mouth. It was a lot. She patted on my thighs with her hands to stop. But well, there was no way to stop it.

It was a huge load. Since I am just saving all for her. I enjoyed this day. I know it’s a huge load that I blew into her mouth, I felt it all coming out.

We washed up and then went home. Of course, it’s after me sending her home. It has been a long time since we last ‘played’. We agree to no sex, not even any contact with her pussy. But it’s okay. I can feel that she really wants it, but can’t.

I don’t know when is the next time. Hopefully not too long later.