Day: Unknown Date: 6 August 2009 Time: 8pm Location: Playground around Peiling’s house Peiling and I met up and spoke about our relationship that bought the both of us to tears. Soon enough, we calmed down and went to the playground to settle our needs. We had already went around scouting blocks and alleys but […]

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Day: Unknown Date: October 2009 Time: 5pm Location: Hotel 81 I waited for her at Geylang East Library while she was finishing up her study. She was wearing a seemingly normal t-shirt and FBTs. We then walked to hotel 81 in that area and checked in. Upon check-in, I started stripping her and she was […]

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Day: Unknown Date: September 2009 Time: 8.30pm Location: Public staircase I was in need and so was she. I’ve MSNed and sms her about meeting that day and she told me she had tuition till 8pm. Since I’ve ended school with nothing to do, I decided to make my way down to Roxy Square, where […]

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Just Be Good

Day: Friday Date: 20th February 2009 Time: After 4pm. Location: J8 Cinema, my house Maybe I had been good lately, not sure. But I am trying hard not to ‘play’ with her. Peiling and I went to watch a movie after her class ends at 11am. So we went to GV Bishan to see what […]

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