Gemini Couple

Denny (whispering): ‘There’s no one else?!’ Liying: ‘I think so. The movie started some time already.’ His hand immediately dropped over her denim shorts that was teasing him so much with her butt cheeks, tickling her thighs till her feet went on the seat. She pulled her shorts down just low enough for him to… Read more Gemini Couple

Freed Boobs

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Did you just unhook my bra?!’ Ryan (whispering): ‘Yeah. You look sexier without ma.’ Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Wei.. how to wear it back now?’ She leaned away from her seat in the cinema and slipped her hand under her t-shirt, quickly tucking her bra into her bag. As soon as she was done, Ryan… Read more Freed Boobs

Kingsmen and Women

Me: ‘You’re wearing your new shorts today!’ Kiki: ‘It’s not skorts la. I’m wearing a mini skirt.’ The flap over the usual skorts were sewn to the other side, creating a wrapping effect over my girl’s snowy fair legs. The light purple bralet complimented her skirt and kept her beautiful skin exposed, for everyone (humph)… Read more Kingsmen and Women

Daddy’s Secret

Part 1 | Part 2 This is an incestuous story from the numerous requests of my readers. It’s between a dad and his daughter. Happy fantasising! Dad: ‘GIRL AH! ARE YOU READY?’ Bernice: ‘Coming coming!’ She appeared in the living room in a tank top with gaping wide sleeves and a pair of plain denim… Read more Daddy’s Secret

R(A)21 Cinema

This story is told by a friend, a lady in her 30s who decided that it was time she contributed a little from her younger days. Unsure of how young she was then, it seemed that this wasn’t unfamiliar to many whom had romps in public toilets before. Just that her story was a little… Read more R(A)21 Cinema