Freed Boobs

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Did you just unhook my bra?!’
Ryan (whispering): ‘Yeah. You look sexier without ma.’
Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Wei.. how to wear it back now?’

She leaned away from her seat in the cinema and slipped her hand under her t-shirt, quickly tucking her bra into her bag. As soon as she was done, Ryan wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her closer, reaching into her collar. He gently cupped her breast and squeezed them in short, light squeezes, causing her to shift awkwardly in her seat.

Her chest-hugging top was already thin, and in white, her nipples wouldn’t escape the eyes of men. With her tiny peaks getting stiffer from his massage, her hand automatically went to his jeans and gave his bulge a pinch, feeling the thick, soft piece of meat ready for her.

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Eh.. let’s go to the toilet. The show is boring anyway.’

He acknowledged her sentence and got out of his seat with her, walking back up the theatre to the toilets. Before she could ask him anything, he just dragged her into the gents, slamming a cubicle door open and let her enter. In the sudden discovery of a discreet spot, she didn’t wait any longer to pull her shirt off, and he prompted went on to suck on those twenty-cents sized aerola.

Her job was to keep her voice down as he nibbled them, while sticking his hand up her ribbed, tube cotton skirt she wore. Her wet panties were pushed to the side and his rapid attack on her clit made her hang onto his head firmly.

Sherlyn: ‘I need your cock now.’
Ryan (whispering): ‘Shhh! Softer!’

His mouth never stopped working as he undid his jeans, letting his cock bounce free in her eyes. Remaining on his ass (on the toilet), Sherlyn kneeled between his legs and devoured his cock in a flash, letting her saliva flow around her slurping lips. His fingers could barely stay on her boobs from her fierce sucking, as if drawing blood through the tip. It only took five minutes before he felt his limits nearing, and he reluctantly stopped her.

Ryan (whispering): ‘Come. Up. Over here.’

He placed his shirt on the toilet and let her kneel on it, bending over into doggystyle. It was a quickie so hush-hush and intense that her pussy never stopped drooling. The moment his dick touched her, she jerked herself backwards to take his whole shaft in, much to his surprise towards the usually shy girlfriend.

Right before he moved, she turned sideways to him and mouthed, ‘fuck me’, biting on her own lips after that. He found the perfect spot to hold around her waist and began thrusting crazily, pumping all his energy into his groin that dug into her deepest spot. The slapping noises of their hips diminished as time past, droplets of sweat landing everywhere.

Her orgasms were silent, but the full effects were felt on his suffocating cock. She was just getting tighter and tighter with each deep thrust.

Ryan (whispering): ‘Shooting le! Wait wait!’

He couldn’t make the last stroke and pulled out to her dismay, but she did not just lie still. She turned around and sat on his shirt, shifting her body forward just enough to fit his cock between the pink, thick lips. One hand went to his shaft and the other on his balls, her head bobbed up and down on his member, suction increasing as she coordinated the physical response from his body.

Ryan: ‘Now now! Mmm.. Mmm!’

He cupped his own mouth to prevent any unwanted groans from escaping, and waited out the violent ejaculation he was unloading into his girl. Moving lips kept his penile muscles contracting, forcing every last bit out of his shaft with some suction at the tip. His legs went wobbly after the last drop was out and she left him alone. Rubbing her clit in front of the exhausted boy, he was in smiles to see her so satisfied.

The rest of the time was spent dressing up and waiting for him to text her that the corridor was clear, before she dashed out into his arms.

Sherlyn: ‘I can’t believe I did it outdoor!’
Ryan: ‘There’s a first for everything right?’
Sherlyn: ‘Idiot you. (whispering) I left my underwear in the toilet.’

He pulled her away from the washrooms after hearing that and went for dinner, cock constantly throbbing to remind that someone could be watching her panty-less pussy anytime. At the end of their date, they went straight to his place and got to work, stripping and capping on a condom for immediate sex.

Just imagine a girl readily wet, waiting to be fucked anytime. Would you not treat her like a princess?

Kingsmen and Women

Me: ‘You’re wearing your new shorts today!’
Kiki: ‘It’s not skorts la. I’m wearing a mini skirt.’

The flap over the usual skorts were sewn to the other side, creating a wrapping effect over my girl’s snowy fair legs. The light purple bralet complimented her skirt and kept her beautiful skin exposed, for everyone (humph) to feast their eyes on. In turn, I had to do a forfeit for a dare I lost to her a long time ago, forbidding me to wear any underwear underneath my black army shorts.

Just imagine me in shorts and slippers, while a gorgeous babe in a belly exposed attire cuddle tightly around my arms. Who wouldn’t think I’m worthless? Well, I supposed that would make her look better too. Though I was more for the kinky activities we could do in these clothes.

So off we set for AMK Hub to catch a movie, turning heads along the short walk to the mall. The countless stares she got actually made me a proud boyfriend, though a little jeaous.

Once we collected our tickets, we bought the popcorn and drinks and went straight into the theatre, still empty with plenty of time before the show starts. As there were only two columns of seats, we took the corner ones since this was the second time we watched Kingsmen, using the complimentary passes from her credit card reward program.

Kiki: ‘I sit inside. If there is no one then we change.’

Half of the popcorn was gone when the lights dimmed, after trailers the both of us could recite to. I placed the popcorn box on the empty seat next to me and raised the armrest, so she could cuddle closer in the chilly hall. As usual, she would tuck her hand under my shirt and onto my stomach, always warmer than her thin body.

Just ten minutes into the show, the lack of visible audience led her hand into my shorts, where my raw dick was semi-erect with the constant contact on my shorts. She skilfully rubbed her thumb under my shaft and helped enlarged it, till I was fidgeting in my seat.

Kiki: ‘Don’t move so much. Let me see it?’

Her head leaned over dangerously over my groin and stretched the waistband downwards, placing my hand on it to hold it open for her. Still stroking my erection, her head descended lower and lower, slowly engulfing my cock head in soothing warm wetness. The sigh that came out of my mouth scared her a little but she dived down immediately, plunging me into another world of pleasure.

The cardigan I carried for her came to use as a cover over my lap, while my shorts were lowered to my bum. That way, I could free both my hands, and made good use of them inside her bra top. Fondling those fluffy B cups caused a few silent gasps, but her diligent blowjob did not stop at all.

After two minutes of intense tongue play, she pulled away from the oral foreplay with stringy saliva dangling over my dick, slightly breathless from bending down too long. Her silhouette in front of the screen was a sight to behold, long flowing hair tucked over one side of her neck, and lips wet from the lubricative saliva.

Once she returned to her seat, I moved into her corner and leaned on her shoulder, running her all time favourite, warm hand across her inner thigh between her legs. The clever girl opened her legs slightly and let me in under her skirt, which I stopped upon reaching her privates.

Me (whispering): ‘You didn’t wear any panties?!’
Kiki (whispering): ‘Yupp! You like it?’
Me (whispering): ‘You will zao geng one eh! You so rough when you walk.’
Kiki (whispering): ‘They also can’t touch me. I’m yours.’

I swiped my fingertips across her clit and worked on her clit, rubbing it gently in a swirling motion. The only response she could give was to stroke my cheeks with her hand, trembling as I focused on attacking her clit. Soon, she was grabbing my wrist and guiding me deeper, two fingers piercing into her pussy with her legs wide open. We had totally ignored everyone around us and got stuck in this erotic moment, fingering her pussy with movements big enough for anyone to spot us.

She did not bother to contain her moans and made soft purring noises, right into my ear in front of her mouth.

Kiki (whispering): ‘Let’s try fucking here.’
Me (whispering): ‘Here? How?’

She gave me a head-nod towards my other side and I looked where she referred to, another corner in the hall where two person ‘shared’ a seat.

Kiki: ‘We aren’t the only ones.’

She grabbed her cardigan and we changed seats, slanting our bodies towards the aisle with the other couple slowing down. Tucking both her knees into her chest, I straightened my legs and engaged in a spooning position. Blindly, I guided my dick inside her after two tries and a gasp signalled the completion of the docking process.

We remained silent as my hips started twerking, jutting back and forth into her unbelievably tight pussy. It was the first time we had so much privacy in the cinema, and even our other petting sessions weren’t this daring. Gradually, her body rolled over on her knees into doggie, and I had no choice but to get on one of my feet, keeping my other knee bent on the seat.

I bent as low as I could as I resumed thrusting, unable to escape the slurping noises from our genitals. The other couple got more adventurous and the girl (I assumed), bent over the row in front and let her guy banged her harder. Kiki was looking at them the whole time and only got tighter as I pounded, driving me to my wit’s end sooner than usual.

Suddenly, she leaned away from me and collapsed on the seat, body convulsing violently as orgasms shot through her senses. I pried opened her legs and dipped my fingers into her pussy, shoving with all my strength against her sealing cunt. Her shivers turned into flopping motions like a fish on dry land, ‘worming’ sideways on all three seats.

Kiki: ‘Fuck! This is crazy!’
Me: ‘Then me?’

As if she had enough of me, she stomped to my seat and kneeled hard on the carpet. Her mouth went straight over my shaft and deep throated me, throwing my lost hands over her head to guide her. Recalling how she loved to be dominated beyond her own consciousness, I slammed her head in my groin and gagged her mercilessly.

Her natural instinct to push against my thighs turned her head into a basketball, which I bounced harder and harder. Not a single area of my cock was untouched in our unexpected SM play, saliva dribbling all over my lap and her face.

Me: ‘Oh yeah baby. I’m gonna cum!’

I pushed her head down one last time and she gave up fighting, letting me lift her mouth away just as the first wave came, squirting hot loads of semen into her lips. She managed to get a little suction going on as I came, drawing every last bit once my throbbing dick died down.

Very quickly, she got up and took a sip of Coke, swallowing everything for the first time. The next thing to do was to get dressed, and we did that before falling lazily onto the seat. With her hand back in my shorts and massaging it, her bralet was stretched with my hand inside to give her nipples a little pleasing.

We watched the best part of the movie in embraced, and took our much needed rest before going back to her place. When we exited the cinema, we bumped into the other couple on the way out. They were dressed similar to us and none of us could bring ourselves to express our openness.

Once we got home, our minds were still on the couple. Kiki had a momentary crush on the punk-looking dude and I had my eyes on her translucent white dressed girlfriend. We took our consolation in each other on the bed and fucked our brains out, with fantasies and lust intertwining between our passionate love for each other.

A day well spent, I must say.

Daddy’s Secret

Part 1 | Part 2

This is an incestuous story from the numerous requests of my readers. It’s between a dad and his daughter. Happy fantasising!

Bernice: ‘Coming coming!’

She appeared in the living room in a tank top with gaping wide sleeves and a pair of plain denim skirt. Her tube bra was barely containing the contours of her breasts but there wasn’t a need to be worried with her dad around. For him, it was a pair of thick cotton pants and a t-shirt. It was after all a movie night for them as mummy worked late on Thursdays to hopefully get an off day on Friday.

Tucking her arms under daddy’s, they left their condo and made their way to i12, tickets paid for through online reservation. Being the first to enter the threatre, they found their spot somewhere in the middle. The film they were about to catch had been on screen for almost two weeks, and it was the last screening before it was gone.

Soon, the lights dimmed to the handful of audience and she went on to pull her bra down to her waist. With a cardigan on hand, it was more of a cover than to keep her warm. We all know that cardigans are invented to hide the beautiful skin of girls. Daddy quickly covered his legs and let her daughter lie on his shoulder, where his hand slipped under her shirt to fondle those pubescent young boobs.

As for Bernice, she had gone under her ‘cover’ and onto her dad’s lap, dick easily accessible without underwear on. Stroking it gently, she remain focused on screen while her nipples hardened in the chilly cinema. Once he had enough of warming her breasts up, he went for her skirt, where she had long been prepared without any panties on.

Dipping his finger into those wet, fleshy folds of pussy, she was wet as usual. Feeling daddy wriggling his rough finger into her pussy, she grabbed tighter onto his arm. Her hips had unknowingly begin to move, but he was soon moving faster to keep her still.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Let Daddy do the work.’

A shudder went across her body signalling an orgasm, with a smile that made her press her head harder onto the strong biceps.

90 minutes of showtime, 90 minutes of foreplay. Bernice had came a few times, and daddy haven’t. Given where they were playing, it was as far as they could afford to go. Before the movie ended, she pulled her bra back to its original position and helped daddy dry his wrinkled fingers. It was time for part two.

Heading back to their condo, they went straight for the carpark, where his personal two-door, four-seater car awaited. Hopping into the backseat, she removed her shirt and yanked her bra down, while daddy stripped his pants off. He leaned his body against the door and gave Bernice enough space to bend over.

Like a symphony, she was soon sucking on daddy’s cock, while he pushed her head downwards to get the momentum right. She loved how daddy groaned when she fondled his balls, not only would she be turned on more, she loved how he controlled her mouth, ramming his juicy cock down the same mouth mummy fed her milk when she was young. As long as he was happy, she would be.

Daddy: ‘Come, kneel here.’

The pair of cushions in his car was there for exactly this reason. She got into doggie with her knees on the floor softened by the cushions, and daddy was right behind her. Sitting close to the edge of the exquisite leather seat, he guided her down on his dick. Very slowly, she applied some resistance to feel every inch entering her. A love hole she didn’t dare to even her fingers into, was filled with her daddy’s cock. One that was mature, thick and long. It pushed every buttons inside her and never once did she get clear views with him inside. Her eyes.. they would roll white in pleasure.

Daddy: ‘Baby girl, you’re especially tight today.’
Bernice (breathlessly): ‘I always am, Daddy.’

Her body jerked from a slow to fast speed gradually, clamped between the two front seats. Daddy was sliding on the backseat while his dick got sucked into her small body involuntarily. It totally felt like she was made for him, or rather, by him.

Bernice (panting): ‘Daddy.. argh!!’

Going completely silent before she finished her sentence, she had gone cold from the intense orgasm. Another few strokes brought her back to life magically and the moaning continued. Daddy himself was quietly trying to hold it in, but without much success in his horny daughter’s presense.

Daddy: ‘I’m going to stop now. Don’t move.’

Once he slowed down to a complete halt, she wriggled her ass a little to push him off the limit. Sinking into his chair, he managed to get himself out before he really came into his own daughter.

Bernice: ‘What do I do now?’
Daddy: ‘Let’s finish it outside.’
Bernice: ‘How?’

He pulled her bra up and helped her put on her cardigan. Bare-bottomed, they exited the car after a quick check. Just outside their car, the door served as an emergency shield. They weren’t exactly in the open with another car next to them, but it was enough to frighten Bernice.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Come. Squat down.’

She moved to the rear wheels and held Daddy’s dick, while he leaned over her head. Feeling her lips wrap around his tip, her warm, wet mouth went back and forth, sucking him at a tightness he taught her to. After a minute of getting serviced, he moved his hips at her mouth till her head hit the car.

Having no space to move her head backwards, he started thrusting. In long, swift strokes, Bernice kept her teeth out of the way as her throat convulsed unpredictably, receiving all or some of Daddy’s meat. The excitement had triggered his finale earlier than usual, but it was all good.

Daddy (whispering): ‘I’m cumming! Ahh.. ‘

She opened her mouth and her hand formed an O over the base of his dick. A few thrusts later, the powerful streams of silk fired into her mouth, filling her mouth so fast she had to suck him like a straw to keep everything in.

Once he was done, she gave him a final few licks mostly at the tip and dashed into the car. Looking at Daddy, she swallowed and showed him her ‘disposal’.

Daddy (whispering): ‘That’s my good girl.’

They went back into the car and went back to their apartment, with Bernice in the cardigan-bra combo and skirt. With all the lights off, the glow from underneath his bedroom door was obvious. The both of them gave puzzled looks and tiptoed to the pillar next to the door, listening hard to what was happening inside.

Mummy (screaming): ‘Oh yes! You’re as big as Daddy! Keep going!’

Daddy positioned his hand on the doorknob and flung the door open, to the awkward scene of his younger son humping Mummmy in doggie style.

Mummy (shockingly): ‘Dear! I.. ‘

Bernice immediately reached for Daddy’s erection and stroked it, as though telling Mummy not to worry about it. Dad went straight to Mummy and hugged her, and behind her sobbing voice..

Mummy: ‘You two brother and sister cannot do it with each other k?’

The siblings replied ‘ok’ at the same time and Bernice pulled her cardigan off her shoulders.

Bernice: ‘Daddy.. can we join them?’

His arms opened to include their teenage daughter in their embrace and their son, hugged Mummy from behind with his hard on.

Mummy: ‘Let’s finish this.’

That night was the wildest night for the family of four, with moans and groans following orgasms and messy ejaculations. On the bed, with their lust satiated, Mummy had been in Daddy’s arms after their own intense workout.

Daddy: ‘So dear.. when did you and Alex got started?’
Mummy: ‘Umm.. ‘

Part 1 | Part 2

R(A)21 Cinema

This story is told by a friend, a lady in her 30s who decided that it was time she contributed a little from her younger days. Unsure of how young she was then, it seemed that this wasn’t unfamiliar to many whom had romps in public toilets before. Just that her story was a little unique.

I will be writing this from her point-of-view, so don’t mistaken ‘me’ to be a male this time.

After the movie, my boyfriend and I was so horny. We had gone to one of the cinemas along Chinatown that had R(A)21 shows and I could say most of the audience were there just for the sex scenes. Rushing into the male toilets, the worn out state was certainly a turn off for me, but not for my boyfriend who was already unzipping his pants.

He placed his underwear on the toilet cover for me to sit and I hungrily took his dick into my mouth even before stripping. I left my top for him to unbutton and he was fondling my boobs as I sucked him hard.

Throughout the blowjob, the cubicles next to us were occupied and I knew we weren’t exactly quiet. I couldn’t remember how old I was then, but sex was a necessity for the two of us. On the plastic walls of where we were, there were two pieces of paper, with a tape across just the top portion. My boyfriend made me sat upright and kept my chest at the same level as the paper.

When he opened the flaps, eyes could be seen peering through the holes and the wrinkles told me how old the men could be. Two dicks came into our cubicle almost at the same time and was erecting. After a minute of inaction on their sticks, eyes were seen again looking at my body.

This time, my boyfriend came to my ear and whispered something I could never imagine doing. I placed both my hands on the holes to block them out for a while, before feeling soft flesh pressing into my palms.

I let go off my hands and the dicks returned. Holding them like the pilot in the ‘Gundam’ anime, I was sucking my boyfriend while jerking them off. Groans came like surround sound and the old men could be felt standing closer to our walls.

There was no way I could bring myself to suck them, so I kept stroking while my boyfriend made me stand. Turning myself around to face the stained water tank, he adjusted my position so I could hold onto their dicks while he slipped his dick into my pussy.

My mind was in a state of blank when he shoved his way in and I got so distracted from the double handjobs. The men took over to thrust their dicks between my fingers and one even got wet with a salty smell, as though he had smeared his saliva over it.

Three dicks, one girl. I was soon moaning and my fingers on my left hand was suddenly expanding. A few seconds later, thin, translucent liquid came shooting out of the rod and across the floor in front of my toes. The guy left abruptly and another dick appeared in its place, thicker and hotter.

My boyfriend was not giving me any breaks as he slammed his hips against my butt, driving that long piece of cock deep into me. Damn was I so tempted to suck the thick one if not for the fear of contracting any diseases. I was still moaning while jerking them off. The second dick on my right came hard and splattered its semen on the opposite wall, missing my toes just by that bit, and another male took the cubicle with the same demands.

My boyfriend switched position after my knees went wobbly and sat on the toilet seat, planting me over his dick as he kneaded my breasts from behind. High and horny from the impromptu sex we initiated, I couldn’t care less about those dicks but focused on riding my boy.

He was so loud that everyone knew there was a girl in the gents. The door was the only thing that kept me from being raped by the countless horny men waiting.

Shooting! Shooting!‘, a deep voice from one of the cubicles came and I aimed him upwards, forcing his cum to fire across my thighs as he pumped his dick at his own pace in my hand.

A ten dollar note appeared after he left and I tucked it into my bra, still bouncing atop my boyfriend’s lap.

Boyfriend (whispering): ‘Sweetheart. I’m cumming.’

I quickly stood up before damage was done and squatted before him. He brought my head to his dick and took his time to fuck my mouth, one hand still busy with that red, hot rod.

Within thirty seconds, my boyfriend forced his dick into my mouth, choking me for a bit before pulling out and letting his cum pour into my lower jaw like a fountain. I had only one orgasm and wasn’t satisfied, but I knew he needed time to recover as well. I wouldn’t want to have the second round here either.

I swallowed his load and he excused himself to let me rest. My hand did not stop moving till the man fired onto the floor, a thick yellowish mix that almost made me vomited. What if he unloaded in my mouth?! Yuck! I pushed his dick away and another ten dollar note appeared.

As disgusting as it was, I took the money and got dressed, waited for my boyfriend to leave first as a lookout before I exited. At the entrance of the toilet, were two elderly males that scanned me up and down despite wearing a decent pair of shorts and a denim jacket – though shirtless underneath.

We left the place for a hotel nearby and washed up thoroughly, teased by my boyfriend who was trying to convince me to do it again for the money. Well, the hotel was paid for using the dirty cash. And we had another few rounds of crazy sex that left my pussy sore and his dick too weak to stand for the day.

Now that the cinemas are closed, such memories proved to be precious but at the same time, scary. Cameras are so small and portable, and everyone is getting so daring. Rape is certainly one thing to be feared more than being recorded if I were to do it again.

Covert HJ

Erica: ‘Jie, where are you going?’
Eliza: ‘Eden is meeting us.’
Erica: ‘Huh? In that?’

As Eliza’s sister’s curiosity got the better of her, she was securing the front hooks of her bra. It was one of those halter designs with a silver ring to hold the straps around her neck, and a decorative gold ring between her boobs. Her matching undies had the same rings by her hips, and the material was so thin that it felt kinky just being in it. The black bodycon dress with sheer cuttings acted as a cover for the lingerie that looked so much better.

That evening, she had dressed a little slutty compared to her younger sister, whom their mum asked them to go out together. Erica had worn a spaghetti top with sewn in paddings, and a decent denim skirt below.

Burdened by the unwanted appearance of her sister for a date with her boyfriend, Eliza tried her best to walk faster, stopping at shops that wouldn’t interest Erica. The three of them had bought tickets and Erica wasn’t that insensible either. She walked around the mall on her own until it was time for the movies, and met them outside the theatre before heading in.

Erica wasn’t as fashionable as her sister, but she did not shy too far away in terms of looks and figure. The lack of frequent exercise gave both girls who used to be underweight, extra meat to fill in their boobs and hips. Eliza’s boyfriend, Eden, had long wished he could have them both but his girlfriend would get too jealous. Imagine one to be the sexy and adventurous, and Erica, the shy and submissive one. What a fantasy!

They sat themselves in the cinema, with Eden in the middle so he could share the popcorn between the two sisters. From the corner of Erica’s eyes, she saw the couple cuddling and sighed to herself, bothered by being the lightbulb. As soon as the lights went down for the trailers, Eliza pulled their cardigans out of the bag and handed one to her sister. Eden’s hand went under Eliza’s cardigan and wriggled into her dress, beginning the intimate fondling under the huge screen.

Erica knew what they were up to and kept focused on the show, doing her best to the awkward jerks that the both of them did occasionally. Daringly, Eliza’s hand went for his zipper to free Eden’s dick into the cold air and there was no way her little sister would not notice. Stroking playfully, Eden was fidgeting so much in his seat.

Eden (whispering): ‘Can I borrow your cardigan?’
Erica (whispering): ‘Cold?’
Eden (whispering): ‘Nah. Just to cover.’

Disgusted by what will be happening to her pullover, it was better to keep his tool out of sight. She handed it to him and her sister helped cover up the indecent actions. Their movements got more discreet as time passed, watching the movie while keeping each other alert.

Just when things got ‘normal’, Erica felt Eden’s hand went over her thigh and started moving up her skirt. She immediately stuck her head out to see her sister. Eliza was lying on Eden’s shoulder while her mouth open and close to his fingers in her panties. Fearful of her sister, Erica did not resist his hand moving under her skirt, but getting into her panties was a no-no. She stopped his advances and he knew what he was allowed to do.

So, going on top of her panties, he began rubbing on where her clit was and turned her into the same state as his girlfriend – breathing deeply with their faces flushed. After he got no response from the sister, he took his hand out and placed her hand under the cardigan.

Erica was a little disappointed when he stopped masturbating her, but immediately knew what he wanted when her hand was tucked under. Trembling in fear, she reached around his dick to ‘meet’ her sister’s hand, who was still at work.

Eliza felt the extra participant and sobered from her pleasurable state. The scary stare at her sister was blocked by Eden, whose fingers quickly made some strong movements and sent her back on the seat. He had pinched her clit so hard that it almost blew an orgasm into her pussy. He continued rolling her clit between his thumb and index fingers until she raised her feet onto the cushion while climaxing in the most gentlest manner.

Seeing how the guy subdued her sister, she got a boost of confidence and stroked Eden alongside Eliza. One hand on top, and the other below. It felt so good that Eden had problems sitting still. The difference in pressure, and the experience of the girls. They knew there wasn’t enough length to be ‘sharing’, so, they took turns instead.

Eliza, whom had been with him for a long time, knew where he liked to be teased, especially on the underside of his shaft. Her manicured nails worked wonders on him and it heightened up every inch of his foreskin. It was the most sensual climax-deprive style of a handjob.

Erica on the other ‘hand’, had only landed her hands on her second dick in her life. The raw, untrained fingers seek to explore the native rod with care, similar to handling an eel. His pre-cum had leaked all over their hands and it served well as a lubricant. But if there wasn’t enough, he had a supply of two pussies.

Back to the fidgeting trio in the first few rows. The two girls had been in orgasms at the most action-packed scenes and their hands were getting weary too. Eden had enough of their never-ending handjob and decided to finish with his beloved girl.

Arriving at the last few loving parts of the movie, he took Erica’s hand away while he shifted his fingers under her panties, completing the journey into her pussy. Erica was already too high to care, and having him raw inside would definitely feel better. He pulled opened the cardigan just enough to expose his dick to Eliza, whose head was ready to slide down his chest.

Her face disappeared into his groin and the heavenly blowjob made Eden’s fingers move much faster. Forcing her head down deeper, his mind was exploding like fireworks. They were merely seconds away from a triple orgasm that Erica was unwillingly brought into.

At the final lap, they went berserk on each other, with the innocent Erica pushing his fingers deeper and massaging his testicles at the same time. Eliza was gagging at the same time as the blaring music played. Grabbing into her hair, Eden made a hard thrust upwards and unleashed the humongous waves of cum that Eliza couldn’t refuse.

Once her mouth was full, she swallowed continuously until he was done. And for Erica, her pussy had squeezed onto Eden’s fingers so hard he could not free himself. That was how extreme and dangerously exciting they were.

As soon as they were done climaxing, they adjusted their clothes back to appear as normal as possible to the disapproving eyes of the audience behind them. The walk out of the cinema was a quick one, and the sisters who walked hand-in-hand clearly improved their relationship through the ‘share-a-dick’ event.

It wasn’t sure if it referred to Eden’s dick, or just him being one. From then on, it was common for the girls to share their boyfriends in the most confusing relationship. As all guys are, their boyfriends got extremely jealous when the sisters served each of the men on a two-on-one basis. But when it comes to any of the guys’ turn to enjoy the girls, the participant would have no qualms about it.

Weird and ironic huh?

Boy Boy

As 17 year old Jimmy wandered around the shopping mall after his friend cancelled the movie that they agreed to watch, the emptiness of the place was boring to him but there was an hour before the movie started. It would be a waste of the tickets that he bought if he skipped. So as he browsed in one of the clothing shops, a lady in her 30s saw his bored look and casual flipping of the hangers on display. There was no one else in the shop except the cashier who was busy on her iPad, presumingly playing games given the low human traffic that afternoon.

Rachel had ended her work early and was looking forward to buying some new clothes to wear, but the appearance of the young looking boy made her felt lonely. It was a case of two person alone who clearly needed a companion but had no reasons to be talking to each other. She walked to the rack where he was and popped a question about the quality of the clothes.

Feigning colourblind, she asked him to clarify the colour of the short skirt on her arm. The question was well handled by Jimmy and brought them into a conversation after she made her payment. Realising that they needed someone to accompany, he offered her the ticket which she took up without hesitation, glad that he had such an offer. Throughout the conversations and meeting, nothing sexual had came across Jimmy’s mind, but Rachel was feeling an urge to give the young man a try, to satisfy herself from the dry spell for the longest time.

They walked around the mall for a while more before entering the cinema, where there was only another couple at the far end corner of the theatre. The couple were so far back that when the both of them looked back, they could not even see their heads as the seats were levelled at the back.

The movie commenced without delay and she raised the armrest separating them, leaning onto him in the cold temperature. With one hand under his arm, their hands were on his lap and she placed her palm on his leg, gliding left and right into his inner thighs. Jimmy was slightly turned on by what she did but did not respond, since they were considered strangers then.

Rachel’s elbow nudged against his groin in an ‘accident’ and felt his hard on that was hidden well under his pants. Suddenly, the movie seemed irrelevant as her mind was tempting to tease him further till he lost control. Leaning her body closer to him, her other hand slid under his shirt and rested on his tummy, which wasn’t 6-pacs for your info. Still, his pants was those with a stretchy waistband that did not needed tying.

Pushing her hand into his shorts, she dug deeper into his underwear and held her warm rod in her hand, stroking it using his foreskin that had generously covered the length. Pumping slowly, it was getting Jimmy horny and that close to moaning out. Rachel then pulled the waistband down and exposed his dick in the cold air, while he gave the rows of seats behind another glance to confirm there was no one else.

Under the illumination of the screen, she could see the deep grooves of his throbbing manhood clearly, and it was red to be precise. She placed her mouth over it and let saliva coat the top before using her tongue to spread it around his little head.

The expression on Jimmy’s face could be summed in one word – lost. He did not know what to do as such things had never happened, nor was he expecting such an advance from her. But up till then, she was the one making all the advances without asking for anything. His eyes remained fixated on screen while she gave it another coat of saliva.

Once his dick was glistering with wetness, she got off the seat and squatted in front of the cushion. She bent over the front row of seats and brought herself between his legs. Giving his pants a tug, Jimmy lifted his butt and let his pants get yanked down to his ankles, a move that he had never imagined he dared to do. Rachel flipped her skirt up and moved her hips back until her panties was against the base of his shaft.

She reached backwards for his dick and pointed it forward, where used it to push her panties to the sides, piercing into the entrance of her pussy. Sliding her body backwards, his dick poked right in and a gasp escaped from his mouth. Rachel did not look at him once but only moved her body forth and back, using her pussy over his dick over and over again.

There was nothing for Jimmy to do as he just sat still and let her had his dick. The opening of her pussy was tight, and it was squeezing him in a milking action, slurping conveniently as though he was a toy. The scenes on screen was no longer in his sight, only the sexy figure that was continuously fucking his rod. She was getting so wet that her juices dripped onto his shorts at his feet. It was only a matter of time he cummed and the random contractions of her pussy told him she was getting pleasured as well.

It was his first time having sex, but the satisfaction of giving orgasms to her had beefed his confidence up. The few times he tried to hold her waist, resulted in her pushing him back to his seat to maintain control. As time passed, her body moved slower with the abundant number of climaxes, and it was time to give him his one shot.

Gathering her last bit of strength, she moved her hips in a circle and brought Jimmy to his limits. He leaned forward at one point and whispered that he was cumming. After hearing that, she just lifted her pussy away and turned herself around before squatting down, taking his juice-covered dick into her mouth.

Her head went into his groin and lips glided up and down his shaft, giving him the slutty looks as she tried to time her pace to get him to cum. True enough, he did not take long before holding her head and thrusting his hip into her mouth. Warm shots of cum sprayed on her tongue and she was still moving her mouth with her lips tightly squeezing around his dick.

The sensitivity had forced Jimmy into a slight spasm of his legs and it was only when he stopped creaming, that she stopped. Rachel gave his rod a final suck from the base up to his dick head, before removing her mouth with the cum still swirling around inside.

She turned his head to her and opened her mouth to show him her rewards, before swallowing it down and flushing it with a sip from the cup. They sat back down and adjusted their clothes to finish the movie, before separating after a hug at the exit of the cinema.

No doubt it was his first time, it felt good and satisfying. And for Rachel, she had confirmed her taste for younger guys and managed to get his number so they can meet up for more movies.


Jamie had a twin sister, Jessica, which she was constantly jealous of because her slimmer figure, and a boyfriend who had been with her for many years, while she drifted in and out of relationships. That day, the both of them had ended their classes in the newly built ITE at Ang Mo Kio. Jessica’s boyfriend, Rong, came to meet them and headed to Cathay above the shopping mall, planning to catch part 2 of ‘Ah Boys to Men’. As usual, the couple stuck together while Jamie walked and was all by herself.

After a ten minute wait, the show started and the two of them started making out, while Jamie watched from the corner of her eyes how her sister’s hand went under his bag on his lap, and started some random movements under. His hand slipped under her short black skirt, and dived into her slippery hole to finger her, which Jessica did a good job not to let any sounds out.

Feeling even more jealous and bored, Jamie was no longer looking at the screen but the bag on Rong’s lap, jerking up and down. Slowly, the movements died down and her sister was the only one enjoying, getting all the attention from his fast moving hand. Lifting the armrest gracefully, Rong did not notice her advances. Jamie then pushed her hand under the bag and held his dick, which almost made him jump at her daringness.

He gave her a quick look and stared at her sister, whose eyes was closed and head tilted, breathing hot air upwards out of her lips. Jamie took the chance to stroke him faster, and in return, her sister got even wilder from the excitement in her pussy. She finally came real hard and her closed legs clamped on Rong’s arm, keeping him immobilised while he continued to rub on her swollen clit.

Jamie’s hand pulled away from his bag and went to her legs, hugging both knees tightly. Rong’s fingers were still busy, poking their way into Jessica’s pussy as her legs relaxed. He stole a glance at the playful girl and saw into her skirt, with a translucent netting underwear to greet him. His hard on got even more solid and quickly gave Jessica another round of orgasm. This time, it was quicker and it made her so weak she rested for the rest of the show, while her boyfriend feasted his eyes on the upskirt from Jamie’s raised legs.

After the movie, the three of them made their way to the sisters’ place, agreeing to smuggle Rong into the house before their parents returned. The plan went successfully and nightfall came. Without wondering, Jessica and Rong were busy humping each others’ minds out and she finally fell into deep sleep after his ever-hard dick satisfied her beyond what her body could take. He went out of her room to get a drink, at the same time to take a look at her sister, who did not possess a figure like Jessica, but could be wilder than her.

He looked into the half opened door to find her typing on her phone, face and bare shoulders lit by the light.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Don’t walk about the house! Come in!’

He took a step in and shut the door, locking it behind him before heading to her bed.

Rong (whispering): ‘Why are you not asleep yet?’

Jamie (whispering): ‘Not tired.’

Rong (whispering): ‘You want me to make you tired?’

Jamie (whispering): ‘How?’

He went under her blanket and turned to her, running his hand down her shoulders, to find her topless. His fingers then went to her nipples and gave it a pinch, sending Jamie’s hand to his thigh.

Rong (whispering): ‘Like it?’

Jamie (whispering): ‘Yeah.’

His head went to her boobs and sucked on her nipples, letting his saliva flow generously all over her chest. She had held his hand from her pussy as she liked to take things slow, but could not hold him still for long either. As his tongue attacked her tips, his hand slid down her body and between her opened legs. rubbing on her clit like how he did for her sister in the cinema. Her free hand was on her mouth, covering the moans but her body was responding well to the sensual fingertips that was going to make her climax.

Soon, she felt her body weakened and went into a sudden relaxation, juices flowing like a stream onto her sheets. He then moved his body below her pussy, and held his dick straight to enter. She reached for his dick and held it firmly, allowing him to push his moist rod through her palm. The tip of his dick touched her pussy and she gasped, grabbing his manhood even harder.

He could not stop midway and just shove his hips forward, pushing his dick straight into her pussy. The sudden fit of his rod into her vagina blew her mind and she flipped her arms to the sides of the bed to hang onto the sheets. Once he was fully parked, his hands went to her boobs and massaged them as his hips rammed hard at her.

The sounds of the juices slurping was louder than anything but it did not bother them at all. They did not change their position throughout, and he did all the work of pleasuring himself and her. The tightness of her had been squeezing evenly along his dick in a milking manner. The heat and wetness inside made him went faster and faster, until he could no longer take anymore of it.

Rong (whispering): ‘Jamie, I’m going to cum.’

Jamie (whispering): ‘Pull it out!’

He got onto his feet and went to her face, kneeling and bending his hips over her head. Her mouth remained closed as she did not want to take it orally.

Rong (whispering): ‘I don’t want to dirty your bed. Open your mouth?’

Her lips parted and his dick was forced in. Pumping her mouth straight, all she could do was to use her tongue to block his deep intrusion. She pressed her lips tightly around his shaft and finally made him cum. His sticky load spewed into her mouth in buckets and she could only swallow the overfilling liquid.

The disappearance of his cum down her throat made him excited to squirt more. A few more pulses of cum and he was done. Wiping his dick with her blanket, he got up and left the room, as though she was just a hooker. As unwilling as she was, the sex was awesome and she gained a little confidence having this little secret from her sister.

I wonder who was the last one laughing, Jamie? Or Rong who get to fuck both sisters?

Great Possession

Jason: ‘Baby, you’re going to wear this today.’

He threw the set of a a tiny bralet top and a piece of small black cotton skirt that was so thin that it would be translucent under strong light. Alice had never wore such suggestive clothes before, usually dressed in her dress or shirt and tight denim shorts. Since it was her boyfriend’s birthday, she decided to go with her and put on the revealing two piece outfit.

The bra top was so short that it created a gap under her chest and the skirt was too light to feel secure. But knowing how possessive Jason was, she did not voice her discomfort and went out with him in that. They made their way to the coffee shop under her flat for breakfast and all the guys’ eyes were on her, scanning up and down like a pack of wolves looking at a tasty piece of meat.

Alice (whispering): ‘My skirt is so short!’
Jason: ‘So is your top. Just bear with it today for me k?’

Alice sat down with her legs crossed but could not pull the skirt any lower to cover her upper thighs, revealing that bit of the lacy edges of her black briefs. Jason ordered her favorite egg prata and they ate without much conversation. After he was done eating, he reached into his sling bag and took out a tiny vibrator, not longer than her pinky’s length and passed it to her.

The neighboring tables could totally make out what toy he just handed to her but she had no say to turn it down. Quickly, she took it from him and finished the last piece of prata. After that walking to the unpleasant smelling toilet to ‘install’ that toy. From the moment she stood up, the opposite tables had looked at her skirt and caught the upskirt revealing her laced underwear against her pink slit. Two older guys even walked to the toilet too to see her up close.

Alice went to the squatting cubicle and pulled her briefs down under her skirt, and gave the toy a lick before pushing it inside her sensitive slit. It wasn’t too big for her, so it sat inside her without giving her much trouble moving around. She appeared in front of Jason who was waiting and they made their way to the bus stop to head to Plaza Singapura for a movie. As she got on the bus, the height she had to raise her feet again exposed her underwear to the bus driver and there was nothing she could do to pull her skirt any lower to cover her exposed thighs. Filled with embarrassment, her long hair blocked most of her face for the ride.

Bringing her all the way to the back of the upper deck, he let her sit near the window and holding the remote control in his hand, he turned it on and sent it vibrating. Alice immediately sat up in surprise and controlled her expression so as not to show the passengers around how turned on she was getting.

Jason (whispering): ‘Baby, remove your panties.’
Alice: ‘Huh? Here?’

All he gave was a tilt of his head and she raised her butt to pull that lacy black briefs off. Tucking it into her bag, she was now fully at his control to protect her if anyone tried to take advantage. He pulled one of her thighs open and slipped his fingers under her skirt, stopping on her clit and giving it a slow and rhythmic massage in circles. Alice could only place her head against the glass window with her eyes closed while enjoying the masturbation her boyfriend was doing for her, climaxing after about three minutes of continuous rubbing. After which, he let her touch herself and the delighted expression on her face appeared once she began to finger her pussy. Although the toy was in the way, she was satisfied with just feeling the entrance contract as she thrust.

The long bus ride came to an end and she was feeling less conscious about her dressing, walking hand in arm with her boyfriend straight to the cinemas. Once seated, they waited for the lights to dim before she heard his zip going down and a piece of 6 inch sausage appearing. Alice brought her palm to her mouth and a puddle of saliva aided the handjob to get him started, thereafter, the vibrator buzzed away and her head disappeared below the headrest, going down on him without hesitation. At the far end where they were seated, another guy was also enjoying the same treatment from his partner, giving each other a thumbs up in recognition.

With her head held down by Jason, she could not rest but she wasn’t too tired either. Her mouth was filled with saliva from facing downwards and she knew she was doing a good job with the deep breaths her guy was drawing. Her tongue continued to circle around his tip and lips kept stroking up and down his shaft. About five minutes later, his hands pressed even harder on her head and the streams of cum sprayed into her mouth, generously coating her tongue and when he let her free, she turned his head to her mouth and swallowed with her mouth opened.

The rest of the show went on with him fingering her pussy to a small patch on the seat, vibrator out of the way in her hand. Finally, the lights came back on and they waited till the credits were over before leaving the place. At the stairs to exit, Jason sat her down on one of the steps and instructed her to masturbate in front of him. Knowing that he would take care of her, she opened her panty-less legs and adjusted her skirt just high enough not to stretch the material too much.

Her fingers dipped into her wet hole and they just kept going until she reached an orgasm. Just as she was about to start on the second lap, the door they came out of suddenly opened and a couple barged through, with the girl on the guy’s body and kissing passionately. The situation caused the two girls to stop what they were doing and tided their clothes as though nothing had happened.

The unknown pair walked down to the steps Jason was on and the guy simply asked his girl to sit with Alice.

Man: ‘I think you know what she was doing right? Why not you do the same?’

She looked at Jason shyly and sat herself down, opened her legs to the similar panty-less sight and worked her fingers on the clit. Alice saw what she was doing and somehow, the control of the guy over his girl was so powerful she felt obliged to continue her act too. So Alice sat down and spread her legs, fingers returning to what she was doing.

Jason: ‘Alice, you think you can help your friend over there?’

Immediately, her fingers pulled out and reached straight for the girl’s pussy, sinking them all the way in till she gave off a long moan. Alice did not just put it inside and not move, but was wriggling around her pussy until the tensed body relaxed before she started to finger fuck her. The girl wasn’t insensible either. She reached for Alice’s pussy and fingered her the same, the two of them masturbating at the same pace and moaning at different pitches.

The man stepped in front of his girl pulled his berms down, showing his manhood in front of her. With one hand free, she grabbed it and brought it to her mouth, sucking it till it was all red and hard. He then stuck his hand out for her to hold on to and pulled her to her feet. Alice too, was about done and she got up ready to go with Jason.

Man: ‘You two need a place? My car is nearby.’
Jason: ‘Why not?’

The two couples made their way all the way to the carpark and the seven seater proved more than spacious for whatever the guys were planning. The doors slid opened and the second row of seats were lowered to make two beds for them. Jason got in and the man walked away with his girl, to another corner for their own fun. Surprised at the offer, they had the whole vehicle to themselves and Alice was excited too. She removed her top via a zip at the back of her top, and skirt too, with just a tug. Jason’s pants disappeared in no time and they began kissing in the backseat, frenching each other like hungry lions.

With her pair of boobs freed, he was grabbing them and squeezing them to a sore. Her mouth went down his body for a short blowjob to get him ready and it did not take long at all. Pinning her boyfriend on the backseat, she jumped on his lap and lowered herself down his cock, letting it fill her emptiness to the tip. Once fully parked, she began to hop in small motion, on top of him, letting his cock pump pre-cum into her.

Jason was enjoying how wild she was, but it wasn’t enough for him. Impatience got the better of his little head and he turned her around, to put her on the seat before pumping into her in missionary. In the new position, his balls could reach her butt and was thrusting so deep into her the car could barely contain her screams. She wrapped her legs around him and was trying to pull him closer, but it was as deep as he would reach.

Jason: ‘Baby, I’m cumming!’
Alice: ‘No no! Change change.’

He knew what position she loved, and so he let her get on her fours on the seat. He got up and out of the car, bottomless. The passenger door remained opened as he positioned himself outside the car, behind Alice, pushing her legs together to get a more – compact feel. Squeezing his dick into her tight cunt, he felt the ache from the intense pressure her walls were creating. But nonetheless, his hips were pounding deep into her with the tightness that had numbed him a little. On and on they went, making Alice climax round after round. She knew she was dead tired, but the pleasure she was getting was too good to stop.

With the extended duration before cumming, Jason finally gave way and pulling his girl’s tiny waist backwards, his dick pierced into her deepest spot and the warm goo flooded her pussy. It was such a warming and fulfilling sensation that she just had to squeeze him with all her might not to let him out of her. Still, after about twenty seconds, he got out and let her lick his dick clean of any juices. As Alice dressed herself in the car, he gave a wave to the couple that was smoking in sweat at the far end. They went their separate ways with a handshake and the car disappeared out of the carpark.

Alice having her desires met and urges curbed, the fact that she was still panty-less with a vibrator did not bother her too much and the upskirt views she gave was considered a gift to all the non-participants for her boyfriend’s birthday. The rest of the day at her place was another story as she was fucked around the house naked, in front of windows and even for a few moments at the corridor.