I Volunteer

Girl: ‘I’m Michelle! You are?’ Me: ‘J.’ Michelle: ‘Oh! Nice to meet you. You also volunteered to collect goodies for the old folks?’ Me: ‘Yeah. I have some free time today.’ I partnered the daughter of a community centre lady to collect food and non-perishable items from the neighbourhood, as part of the twenty plus […]

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Drowning on Land

Working as a lifeguard in a peaceful neighbourhood swimming pool, Paul bade farewell to his regular visitors before going back to the Olympic-sized pool. Stripping his yellow shirt off, he dived into the cold water where Brenda, a daily visitor to his pool, was doing her laps. Together, they did a five sets of fifty […]

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By You, For Me

I had never expected to check into a hotel with him. He was just a friend, a witty one that always types difficult-to-understand sentences with simple English. We had lunch together, and he helped me finished most of the dim sum he bought for me. Walking across the road without traffic lights, he was too […]

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Childhood Neighbours

Ginny: ‘Tony kor kor, going out?’ Tony: ‘Yeah. Sheng Shiong. You?’ Ginny: ‘Same! Going to buy bread and eggs.’ They locked their doors and went into the lift together, attracting him with her oversized basketball jersey (singlet style) that has her school logo on it. He had pretty much watched the poly student grew up […]

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Cha-Let’s Sex

Tommy (shouting): ‘Guys come in!’ Felicia (shouting): ‘What are you doing? Haha! I’m scared of tickles! Hahaha! Stop stop!’ Tommy: ‘Fel is afraid of tickles!’ Two more guys, Jason and Timothy entered the air-conditioned chalet room and pinned her arms down,  proceeding to tickle her ribs still she was in tears. Though there were eight […]

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