A Special Love

Baby: ‘Elson, lower your pants and don’t say a word.’ He knew where they were headed for once he was made to lie on his bed, not allowed to touch her anywhere. His underwear disappeared in a flash and the tall erection stood eye to eye with his girlfriend. For once, she put the lube… Read more A Special Love

The Accounting Job

Claire: ‘J, I am really keen to take up the accounting job you have. You have seen my resume, I believe I have the skills.’ Me: ‘But you are just in your teens, would you know how to balance my accounts?’ Claire: ‘Yes. I can learn. You can teach me, and we will work together.’… Read more The Accounting Job

Baby’s Perk-her-Up

My mind was barely sober when I felt my bedsheets flipping away, followed by a tug on my cock into a warm mouth. My cock grew like a space shuttle’s lift-off in the strong suction, sending me deeper into the relaxed mood. Me: ‘Baby?’ Baby: ‘Mmm?’ Her tongue quickly finished slurping my pre-cum up and… Read more Baby’s Perk-her-Up

Needy Model

Lying on the bed after the photoshoot, the organiser, who was also my friend, let the room for a smoke break. In my hand I had my phone, browsing through the photos broadcasting through a portable router to check for any badly taken shots. Rebecca’s movements in and out of the toilet did not bother… Read more Needy Model

Loving Time on Bed

Baby: ‘Come lie down.’ Me: ‘Huh? You don’t want me to start first?’ Baby: ‘Nope. Close your eyes too. Don’t peep ah.’ I pulled the corners of my blankets over my eyes and felt her fingers digging into the sides of my shorts. She removed them easily and her head was placed on my thigh,… Read more Loving Time on Bed