The Accounting Job

Claire: ‘J, I am really keen to take up the accounting job you have. You have seen my resume, I believe I have the skills.’
Me: ‘But you are just in your teens, would you know how to balance my accounts?’
Claire: ‘Yes. I can learn. You can teach me, and we will work together.’

The brown haired girl had wore a beige tube top to our ‘interview’ and the bandage skirt somehow did not convince me that she was capable of handling what my business had. Her tensed body language and over-eagerness simply turned me off, not even once showing me the composed mindset in such common situation.

Claire: ‘Can I convince you in any other way?’
Me: ‘I am not someone who makes decisions on the spot. And I have your doubts about you, just like other candidates.’

My eyes gave away my intention when I looked behind her, at another equally gorgeous potentional whom had spotted me long ago. Her long flawless legs were uncrossed, and her short dress gave me sufficient rush to stay alert.

Suddenly, Claire held my hand and sat closer to me, making a bold move that would fail her immediately.

Claire (whispering): ‘I’ll fuck you to get this job. And do it as and when you like.’

Holding on to my priorities, I waved for the other girl to come over and the deadly silence lingered on for as long as I took to read her file. Apart from the second girl’s good looks, nothing else interested me besides her long list of entertainment and promoter’s gigs. Needless to say, her seductive outfit did nothing and I ushered her off, straightaway disqualifying her.

Claire didn’t even finish her drink when she got up excitedly, so sure that she clinched the job. Well, her offer had extra benefits and we walked over to my car, a luxury I couldn’t wait to let someone else drive me around in. Luckily, her attire complimented the high maintenance ‘wife’ well and she hopped in after me.

Claire: ‘Would you like me to start now?’
Me: ‘Here?’
Claire: ‘Yupp. Behind?’

I hesitantly got out of the vehicle to lower the backrest so I could climb to the back, while she did the same under the cooling blue sky. Within minutes of getting comfortable, she had her tube down to her waist and proceeded to unbuckle my pants.

Claire: ‘So, how big is your account now?’
Me: ‘About six mil held overseas.’
Claire: ‘And you have been managing it alone?’
Me: ‘Yupp.’
Claire: ‘Aww.. that must be hard on you.’
Me: ‘Tell me about it. I don’t even have.. arghh.. ‘

Her mouth descended on my cock before I could finish my sentence and she skilfully used her soft lips to lubricate my rod, moving up and down without hurry. Her wet tongue rested against my shaft as she bobbed her head, relaxing my mind from crafting the interview questions.

Her perky boobs was squished in my hand and there was no lack of sensual moans from her. My cock had a thick coat of glimmer when she pulled her lips away, gazing into my eyes with an unspoken desire.

Claire (whispering): ‘I think I would still have fucked you if I didn’t offer.’

Her hands pushed me against the backseat and she stripped her thongs off before straddling on top, just inches away from our first ‘professional’ partnership. Her lips quickly flattened onto me with her hand reaching my cock, positioning it upright at her pussy. Slowly, my dick entered her warm orifice and lured me into her erotic mood.

She did not waste any time to start bouncing and lifted her chest enough to let me suck her nipples, increasing her volume drastically in the constrained space. My back slipped lower along the seat as she slammed her butt on my lap, driving my cock further up her body. There was no lack of sharp screams as we fucked wildly, to a point she came all over my exquisite leather seat.

Claire: ‘Fuck.. I just squirted. I’ll clean it up later boss.’
Me: ‘You better do. Lie down on the seat.’
Claire: ‘Huh? Can do do it doggy? I only have missionary sex with.. ‘
Me: ‘No.’

The unwilling look on her face was priceless when she laid down for me, legs hanging over the headrests. I found the ideal spot to settle in and promptly stuck my dick into her, pounding her without any warning. I could feel the stretch of her vagina as she tried to open her legs wider, but the moans never sounded any better since we started.

Short, gasping moans echoed in darkness as I grabbed her waist harder, fucking her mind out with mine. In this position, we lasted a good ten minutes of intense reproductive act, overwhelming our bodies with draining orgasms.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m going to cum now.. ‘
Claire (moaning): ‘I’ll suck you off boss.’
Me (panting): ‘Good suggestion. But do it on the way to the office.’

We wore back enough clothes to get into the front seats, before I took the wheel and drove into CBD. Claire spent the first ten minutes of roadhead to empty my load, and the next ten minutes to clean me up with her mouth. As cool as I was, her blowjob only made the drive smoother than usual. Besides the momentary euphoria from my ejaculation, it was her eager lips that sparked an idea for the next big project.

Me: ‘You know you just inspired me for the next big project.’
Claire: ‘Really?! When you came inside my mouth?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’ll tell you about it next time.’

In the tiny office, we spent the next two hours going through the properly labeled files to get her up to speed, and then ending it with another round of sex on my table. It seemed that cumming in her mouth was the most ideal method to keep things clean and hassle-free, also, an option she readily accepted.

I hope she described this job of hers as ‘with a lot of perks’.

Baby’s Perk-her-Up

My mind was barely sober when I felt my bedsheets flipping away, followed by a tug on my cock into a warm mouth. My cock grew like a space shuttle’s lift-off in the strong suction, sending me deeper into the relaxed mood.

Me: ‘Baby?’
Baby: ‘Mmm?’

Her tongue quickly finished slurping my pre-cum up and she licked the outside thoroughly, before a condom went over the hard erection. Heavy thighs then climbed over my hips and my body sunk into the mattress for she had pressed against my chest for support.

Me: ‘Baby.. ‘
Baby: ‘Don’t say anything.’

She spent some time sitting upright while moaning and rocked her hips back and forth on my groin. I wasn’t even prepared for sex and she just jumped on me. Feeling her occasional fingernails poking my belly, I knew she was rubbing herself at the same time.

Baby was in her own world during the whole time and I was merely a ‘tool’. Her feet tucking next to the sides of my hips next threw me into a series of uncontrollable moans, as she bounced her endowed hips on me. I could never get used to her tightness no matter how much sex we had. She simply did not need to do anything special to get me at my weakest moment.

Her vaginal muscles slowly closed in on my dick as she continued hopping, till her full D cups slammed onto my body. Her legs spread wide like a frog and she brought me into her orgasm, arching just her waist to slam my cock deep into her a few more times. Her unmistakable shiver escalated to an orgasm that made her tremble for a long period, choking my dick equally for as long.

Once she pulled away from me, I knew she was done and my exhausted mind was ready to fall back to sleep. I felt the condom came off, and then it was her mouth again. This time, I knew what she was up to when she parked her lips around my tip, bobbing her head in short, quick thrusts under my ‘hood’. Her fleshy hand then stroked the rest of the shaft she did not cover, making me struggle in my comfortable spot.

The determined girl of mine kept going non-stop, leveraging on our relationship to make me beg for mercy. My end hastily arrived when she sank my cock into her throat, and it was the same for the next few strokes.

Me (groaning): ‘Shooting-ngggg.. ‘

Girlishly, I held her head against my stomach as cum was ejected out of my system, pouring into her sucking mouth without restraint. She executed slow, deep moves to get everything out of me before skipping away from the bed, towards the toilet where she showered in the dark.

I couldn’t open my eyes anymore and only heard her mention that she was leaving for work, and then our main door locking. Well, that was it. Back to sleep now. The revenge shall happen the next day during the weekend.

Needy Model

Lying on the bed after the photoshoot, the organiser, who was also my friend, let the room for a smoke break. In my hand I had my phone, browsing through the photos broadcasting through a portable router to check for any badly taken shots.

Rebecca’s movements in and out of the toilet did not bother me as she needed to change out of the translucent boyfriend shirt of the ‘Morning Glory’ themed shoot, a series of photos that portrayed a girl’s routine after she wakes up.

Halfway through the photos, she plopped down on the bed beside me, in a nightie that told me she intended to spend the night here.

Me: ‘You’re sleeping here tonight?’

I sat up out of respect but she pulled me back down, hand roaming down my shirt into my jeans.

Me: ‘Hey, what are you doing? I’m not that kind of photographer. I’ve got all the shots needed.’

She swiftly climbed on top of my thighs and unclipped my belt, freeing the button that held my fat belly in. Before the worst happened, I rolled onto my chest and put my phone away, only to feel my jeans getting pulled towards my knees. When I returned to face her, the unhelpful nightie was already gone, and my underwear was yanked under my cock.

Me: ‘Hey hey! Stop!’

For a moment, she kneeled upright, straightening her back (and ass) and looked at me confused. When she waded forward to my hips, and bent forward to hold my dick, I was sure she wanted to prevent any unwanted contact down there. Then all of a sudden, she slammed her ass down on my straightened dick and sent me into a gasp of pleasure. One that you guys feel when your cock is sent to another world.

Rebecca then kept my dick embedded deep inside as she changed to a squat, torturing me with those minute movements against her vaginal walls.

Rebecca: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘No?!’

She swept her hair back and started hopping on me, clenching and opening my fists to her unbelievably skilled angle of penetration. It wasn’t just up and down. My dick head was scratching against the underside of her pussy while she grinded, rocking slightly back and forth as my dick went in and out.

Me: ‘Fuck! Stop Rebecca stop! You’re going to make me cum like this!’
Rebecca (moaning): ‘Like this?’

She sank her knees into the bed and rested her boobs on me, hips slamming viciously on my desperately, confused cock. The sly grin on her face was unmistakable. Perhaps I was the first to be unwilling to have sex with her, but this girl knew how to make a man beg for mercy.

Me: ‘Shit shit.. get off. Now!’

She hopped off my hips and stepped out of the bed. Dragging me by my feet over the edge, she pulled my arms to sit me up. Rebecca then dropped to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth, ramming her face into my opened legs. The lack of gag reflex scared me to how many guys has she done this to, but the depth and overwhelming warmth was getting the better of me.

Me: ‘Arghh!’

She pushed me on my back and kneeled higher, containing all of my cum in her mouth as my legs trembled. Sucking me unlike anything I have ever felt, my mind went dark with the last squirt, to the last image of her licking her lips.

Rebecca: ‘Mister.. was it good?’
Me: ‘No.. I didn’t want it.’
Rebecca: ‘But you still came ah.’

I heard shuffling of shoes on the wooden flooring and she returned to my side with a piece of paper.

Rebecca: ‘See this? I’m clean.’
Me: ‘And you have to do this?’
Rebecca: ‘I’m just excited la. You’re the first guy that did a photoshoot I am proud to show others.’

She led the weary me into the showers and cleaned me up, dressing me like a little boy before leaving me to my devices. Once all the photos were backed up and confirmed, the excited girl invited me to stay for the night.

How could I refuse?

Loving Time on Bed

Baby: ‘Come lie down.’
Me: ‘Huh? You don’t want me to start first?’
Baby: ‘Nope. Close your eyes too. Don’t peep ah.’

I pulled the corners of my blankets over my eyes and felt her fingers digging into the sides of my shorts. She removed them easily and her head was placed on my thigh, lying along my legs while her hand stroked my upright dick that was so excited by her adventurous mood that day.

Adjusting her posture higher up my body, her lips went to kiss the tip of my dick and went on to suck it till it hurt. That was exactly how I know my Baby loved to tease me and the long strokes she did after that just eased the ache with warm, wet pleasure that filled up my head.

A buzz went off at my feet and I stole a glance at what was happening. She had tucked the pink vibrator into her panties and was masturbating as she sucked. How sexy could that get?

Me: ‘Baby. Come up.’

She shook her head to let my dick touch her sides of her mouth and that instantly drove me weak with a groan. Suddenly, she kept shaking her head left and right to keep my thighs trembling. It was an achievement for her to drive me this crazy. I could only feel in bliss to have a girl like her.

After a while, she reached into our ‘secret’ box under the bed and took out the box of condom, retrieve what was needed and tore the wrapper away without effort. She placed the unrolled condom on the head and used her mouth to roll it down, much to my surprise since she did not like the taste of rubber.

Climbing on top of me, she finally let me watch what she was doing. Fingers holding her panties to a side, she had an agonising look as she sat down on my dick, splitting her pussy open with the man stick she had embraced along with me. Half-tired, she picked herself upright and rocked her hips along my groin. Her panties had held the vibrator in place as we made love, bringing our sex routine to the next level. Even with a condom, I could feel the full pleasure from rubbing my dick head against her pussy, non-stop bombarding my head with small jolts of love.

Baby: ‘Can we go straight to doggie?’
Me: ‘Of course. I want to see Baby go crazy too.’

She leaned back onto my feet and I sat up, hugging her in my arms. I flipped her over and she turned herself around, going into reverse cowgirl. Her hands went onto the bed followed by closing her knees together, and leaning forward at the same time I picked myself up on my knees. Her panties was out of the way as nothing should be bothering us, especially when I was about to go crazy with her.

Holding her waist, I took my time to roam around her body and held her pair of soft breasts in my hands.

Me (whispering): ‘Ready?’

She plopped her body down on my pillow and held the ends before I got started. Thrusting at a slow pace, she was gasping silently with me lying on her back. I could never get enough of this precious baby who went out of her way to prepare me so much for this moment. My body was out of control when I straightened my back, ramming harder and deeper into her.

She had buried her face into the pillow to quieten her moans, at the same time her pussy was tightening around my dick. I had never felt so big inside her before and her squirming butt was just making me go crazier.

Baby: ‘I think I’m going to climax. Let me ride you.’
Me: ‘Okay.’

Carefully, I held her butt against me to stay inside of her while she opened her legs to the sides of my hips, riding me while occasionally giving me the horny look. At that time, I was totally relaxed as my dick was being satisfied by my love.

Baby: ‘Can you feel it? You’re getting bigger.’
Me: ‘It’s you getting tighter!’

My eyes couldn’t open as her movements intensified. Waves were created inside her that squeezed me in an upwards motion, as though emptying a tube of toothpaste. My mind was constantly telling me that she had enough and it was my turn to go all out at her.

Me: ‘Come Baby. Turn towards me.’

She rotated her body while seated and I laid her down on the bed like a princess, never leaving her pussy unattended. We switched into missionary position where she hugged me while my hips slammed downwards at her, pumping her full of my love while she breathed hot air into my ears.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.’

Her legs wrapped around me tightly as I plunged all the way into her, squirting my love potion into the condom that expanded like a balloon.

Baby (whispering): ‘I can feel the condom filling up. It’s a lot. I think we can make many babies with it.’

Exhausted and out of breath, I lifted myself away from her before kneeling between her legs. She got up excitedly and helped me removed the condom, sperms seen all the way along the tube. Luckily for the ring at the end, if not my juices would get pushed out into her pussy.

Baby tied a knot at the end and collapsed on the bed, with open arms to cuddle me like a little girl. We fell asleep after a while but I woke up to her playfulness. Biting her lips and face against my cheek, she was stroking the little head awake for another round.

How could I deny her, and myself of making more love right?

An Incepting Story

(girl asked) ‘Hey.. Are you heading to Suntec?’

‘Not really. I’ll be waiting nearby for some friends to finish the countdown. Then maybe go for a drink or something.’

‘That’s cool. Smart choice to avoid the crowd huh? Do you have a nice place to chill? I think I’m going follow your plans until the countdown is over.’

We continued chatting in the train till I switched tracks to Bugis, for a quiet little spot where I would usually write if I am in the vicinity. Once we got out of the station, she casually clung onto my arm as the floor was wet after a rain, and proceeded to a rooftop in total silence.

(her surprised tone) ‘Wow! This place is awesome!’

Having three hours to kill, I set up my iPad and began typing a highly-likely-but-impossible(?) story inspired by our acquaintances.

Leanna knew better than it being a coincidence they had a chance to talk at all. The sight of his toned back, pressed against the thick, cotton, sleeved top that joined the pair of slim-fit jeans so perfectly, was what overpowered her usual shyness to any cross gender interaction. His seemingly light-but-weighted bag showed her more than enough about what he carried, bare necessities for him to get through that rainy night.

With no music in his ears, his eyes fixated on a blank point of the carriage, mind much more active than how distracted he appeared to be. Standing just one feet away during their brief introduction, her mind was mesmerised by his voice, rhythm of speech, and precision to get her questions answered.

As she saw her name, Leanna, appeared at the top, the nature of my literature slowly became clearer.

(she whispered) ‘Erotica?’


Seated beside an erotica writer at the rooftop, her eyes remained glued to the next part he was about to write. Partially overwhelmed by his intellect, the cold ground was gaining contrast to the warmth in her panties, directly in contact with the rain-washed rough surface.

Leanna couldn’t explain the racing heartbeat, and beyond that, an urge to give his bulge a squeeze to see if she turned him on. No way would a sex writer not be turned on when his mind is living a sexual fantasy right?

Slowly, her hand went under my belly that was ‘pushed out’ when I bent forward at my keyboard, and gave the zipper area my dick was supposed to be poking against, a squeeze. My abrupt pause stopped her as well but she requested me to continue, while she ‘tries’ to realise my fantasy.

She finally gave in to the temptation and reached for his zipper, cranking it down so she could slip her fingers into it. When the warm, semi-hard erection greeted her cold fingers, she quickly undid the only button restricting her entry. Once she wrapped her fingers around his manhood tightly, a satisfying gasp from him eased the embarrassment she was still in.

(she said) ‘You’re good.’

‘Here comes the challenge. I’m going to write ahead of what will happen now.’

‘Huh? In the story or real life?’

Within minutes of her handjob, he couldn’t take her teasing anymore and pushed his keyboard away. A little part of her had long been hoping for him to pay her more attention, but another part was dying to read more. His warm hand immediately slid down her thigh, went under her dress and pressed hard on her wet panties.

He had no inhibitions to hold him back when he peeled those underwear off, forcing her to jerk him faster to ‘calm’ him down. Once she was butt-naked, his fingers cycled on her clit at a fast speed, throwing her off with the explosion of pleasure. That guy she had so easily followed to the roof with, knew exactly when to slip his fingers into her, and drove her crazy.

As she moaned and trembled hysterically to his deep thrusts, her body fell into his lap where her hand was still trying to stroke him properly. The overpowering scent of a freshly washed cock, couldn’t be more inviting when she lowered her lips around it. Now, the duo was locked in a race for orgasm, but with the upper hand pumping at her pussy.

(she whispered softly) ‘fuck.. ‘

I couldn’t care less about the sluggish hand stroking my dick and looked at her other hand, fidgeting wildly inside her pink panties. Once the red-faced girl saw my bewildered expression, she shifted my iPad further and handed me my keyboard, to bury her face in my crotch. Holding the base of my shaft, she gave the tip a long kiss before I gasped at the long-awaited descend.

Placing the keyboard on her back, I kept writing while in the mixed realm of pleasure and intellectual sanity.

When she couldn’t take his non-stop digging anymore, she pinned him against the wall and climbed over his lap. In a flash, his dick was brought to a new high, strong heartbeat throbbing in her soft vaginal tissues. The little distance between the wall allowed him to slouch lower, for her to ride him like a rodeo.

Hips grinding fiercely, he played his part by keeping her boobs from bouncing too much – with a sensual massage on them. Her abundance of bodily fluids kept him at the edge, extending his stamina as flashes of numbness ran through his dick head.

After a few minutes of grinding, she planted her lips on him as an orgasm shook her body violently, causing her pussy to tighten around his erupting cock. The series of fast-paced events wasn’t doing any good to him either, as every pause would make him more sensitive below.

‘I’M CUMMING!’, he groaned into her ear and laid her gently on the grey concrete floor, unleashing the last set of womb-deep thrusts into her petite frame. Right before he came, he pulled out of her and she sat upright with him, picking her soaked panties at the same time.

She wrapped it around his cock and pumped for a few more minutes, before his thick semen squirted into it. The curiosity got the better of her when she opened the ‘wrap’, to see a soggy, sticky mess at where her pussy once stayed in.

A tap on her shoulder ended the addictive blowjob, and she spent a few minutes reading the last parts of the story.

(she asked) ‘What happens after that?’

‘I don’t know yet.’

I spun her legs towards me and stripped her panties off, ready to eat her out in doggy when she suddenly had a eureka moment. Squatting against a wall, I remain seated as I ran my tongue along her slit, alternating between flicking her clit and making out with her ‘lower lips’.

Moments later during a break, the huge patch of wetness around my mouth amused her for a good laugh, but it sure didn’t kill the sexy mood we were in. I sat against the wall with my knees up, legs opened. She did the same in front of me and lined our genitals for the penetration course.

We then shifted our asses closer and closer till I poked into her pussy, able to kiss or just hug each other at close proximity. Thankful for our not-so-firm butt, we could jerk our hips at each other and that launched the fastest strokes ever in my life. Both of us moved in the same direction, slamming my cock balls-deep each time we ‘met’.

First, she was leaning over me and fucking me with a peeing pose, swinging her hips so hard onto my groin to thoroughly cover every area inside her. Next, it was me in half-missionary, towering over her body as I drove my dick top-down on my knees.

Each passing minute got her tighter, and I still had not given her an orgasm yet. Indeed, unlike what I usually write, it just wasn’t that easy. We didn’t stop for a second to rest since we were taking turns fucking each other, until the inevitable was about to cum.

(she groaned excruciatingly) ‘It’s coming.. It’s coming!’

‘Fuck! Me too!’

A hard grip on her arms sent us in the opposite direction, disconnecting like a hose spraying out of control. I handed her her panties and she knew what to do with it. My fingers kept rubbing her clit as she fumbled for the ‘same spot’ on her panty as ‘her’ in the story. As soon as she found it, it went over my dick head and a handjob brought me to my climax.

Our timing was impeccable as we came together, watching our eyes sparkle as we looked for ourselves. In the moment of synchronicity, our returning epiphany smothered the temporary desire for each other.

(she said) ‘Now, this.’

She got up energetically and wore the panties back, smoothing out the part where my cum came in contact with her pussy. We adjusted our clothes back and caught the seconds from midnight. Like lovebirds, I stood behind her and hugged tightly, as fireworks marvelled the night sky with the impressive land-to-air attacks.

(I whispered) ‘Let’s go.’

To start off our new year, we exchanged numbers before going our separate ways, but never too far for us to live out the fantasies I wrote for her in her absence.

Bushy Bash

There wasn’t a need for Jin to do anything once he was in Stella’s bedroom. She hopped into bed with him once she got into her panties, removing those pesky obstructions. It was normal for him to strip to his underwear at her place when there was no one around, so she could caress his body. Lying next to him in her bed, her hand moved to his balls and fondled them without being instructed. And Jin’s arm went across her chest to reach into her panties, teasing that wet pussy always ready for him. The strange thing about Jin was that he preferred her not to shave, and she did just that to save trouble.

His fingers rummaged through those bush to split those pink lips apart and stroke along the slit, deliberately using his fingernails to include a little hardness during his fingering. Stella was jerking him off according to his speed and the moans that went into his ears was simply too much to handle, forcing him to dig his fingers into her hole. As he picked up his speed, Stella got so turned on that her mind was telling her to quickly get him hard enough to have sex.

Getting on her fours, she went 69 over his head and took his dickhead into her lips, swirling her tongue around it to get it sensitive. For Jin, he had already spread her pussy lips to see the juicy cunt, that gave him a mission. One that he knew was possible. Raising his head with an extra pillow, he began rolling her clit between his fingers and alternating with his tongue that sucked at her love hole. He knew how much she enjoyed being teased without cumming, cause she had always been wilder in sex than just achieving orgasms.

Licking her hungrily, her pussy was gapping on its own as if it was awaiting something bigger.

Stella: ‘Can we fuck already?’
Jin: ‘Up to you?’

She turned herself around on top of him and squatted on one side, pulling her panties aside to let him in. Holding his dick upright, she bit her lips as it touched her opening, and then sliding herself down on it. Usually, girls would prefer it to be slow as it might hurt, but Stella was different. A sudden descend sent a chilling sensation across her spine and shocked Jin, every time. As soon as she was fully seated, she did not wait for her vagina to get used to his size and just rocked away, sliding her groin up and down his waist.

Here was where Jin did not feel that good. Not that she was doing it wrong, but he wasn’t allowed to do her in any other position. That little slut in her would ride him till he cum, and he wished she would just let him try something else. So, as usual, he laid still while kneading her boobs, toying with her nipples as she bounced away. At times, she would squeeze on him and watch him groan in agony. For a girl who was so sex-driven, he had no complaints about his life.

After the grind, she leaned backwards onto her arms and picked her hips up, only to slam down on him to get him really deep at her g-spot. He could only moan louder as his hips ached, but too horny to tell her so. She wouldn’t last long in that stance too, since she knew it was painful for him. About a few minutes later, she laid down on his chest and let him thrust upwards at her pussy. There was no need to remove her panties as they did not disconnect throughout the session.

Using his waist power to ram her, her breaths blowing into his neck was getting faster and her body was turning cold.

Jin (whispering): ‘Are you cumming?’
Stella (whispering): ‘Yeah. I want to cum with you.’
Jin (whispering): ‘Don’t worry. I am shooting too.’

He used what was left of him and shoved his dick faster, fucking her so hard that she had to pick herself up, and did a half-squat over his hips. As their final moment came, he held her waist down and did the last few shallow strokes, before his thick load exited right into her pussy. The tired girl sat on him as her body froze, feeling the vibration in her body getting stronger until it became a violent shiver. Jin felt his shooting dick being milked in an upward pulse and more cum came out of it, filling her pussy with more juicy goodness.

The next thing she knew, her cunt was streaming her own fluids and it went over his waist, onto the bed. He had never seen this side of her before and it was so arousing. That watery liquid had a smooth feel to it and she could no longer move while still seated.

Stella: ‘I’m so tired.’
Jin: ‘You always are. Come, just fall to my side.’

She let him help her lie down beside him and once again, his hand went to her soaked panties, reaching under to play with her damp forest. Getting a soothing massage to sleep was the best treat after sex and she did just that, drifting to lalaland with his fingers rubbing her clit, giving her a seamless climax right before she lost consciousness.

And that was how Jin fell in love with Stella, the girl who was addicted to sex and feeling cum inside her. He just laid by her side, watching her sleep soundly, and at the same time, resting so he could get it up just in time when she awaken. There’s at least another round to go for that day, part of their routine whenever they meet.


It was the first time someone had requested me to give her tuition, and it wasn’t too bad helping out a beautiful girl in need either. Stella had just finished her O’ levels and the ambitious her wanted to get a head start in the course she would be taking in poly. Although the results weren’t out, she had a pretty good idea and confidence that she would get into the course. I met up with her at her void deck before going up to her place.

Since it was noon that we started, her parents were not in and it happened in her room, cozy and cool with the air conditioner on. She pulled the computer desk that had her laptop on it and we sat on her bed while waiting for it to start up. In her hands was a textbook that was filled with terms and images of computer parts, along with guides to simple programming and use of Microsoft softwares to automate simple tasks.

As the class went on, we were soon getting comfortable in her bed, but not in a sexual way. Just covering ourselves under her blanket while she asked questions about the innards of a laptop. The textbook that her school recommended was indeed very interesting, with up to date information, and new hardwares as well. Slowly getting engrossed in the book, I did not feel her hand moving under the blanket until she landed it over my crouch, which was semi-hard in the situation I was in. Sitting beside a skinny girl, with that protruding collarbone, wearing a singlet that hid none of that slender shoulders, it was even tight around her waist. Plus that short tight shorts that I was sure it was more of a pair of briefs than shorts, but the faded prints on it implied that it was indeed a casual wear.

When her hand touched me, I looked at her in a shocked way and had a direct view down her shirt with that gap into her chest. Those fine looking subtle nipples were just looking at me, like little cream toppings on top of a soft sponge cake. Well, I would have to confirm the ‘softness’ for myself. She moved her hand down to my thigh, then slipped into the loose opening of my shorts, giving a wriggle of her fingertips to get under my skin tight boxer briefs. How could I have missed her braless pair of breasts?

Although I was still flipping pages, her hand that had wrapped itself around my shaft was working up and down, using the tight skin around it to reduce friction. The book was just a cover for the emotional awkwardness. I had no idea what to do next. Lean over? Push her on the bed? I reached for her legs under the blanket and left it there, warming her with my palm.

Stella: ‘Don’t just stay there.’

I moved my fingers along her inner thigh and closed in on her pussy. Expecting the shorts to reduce the sensitivity of my nails on her skin, I did not hesitate or stop, but just kept advancing until my fingertips touched something wet.

Me: ‘Huh? When did you take it off?’

The cheeky grin on face gave me my answer and I knew ‘when’ did not matter anymore. My fingertips found their way around her pussy, using her fleshy, wet folds to moisturise. A few times I would just insert a bit of my finger into her entrance, but that was just part of foreplay. While her hand kept rubbing on me, mine was rubbing on hers as well – the clit. That special erogenous part of her was slightly bigger than what I’ve seen in those Japanese porn, and it was so much more easier to play with. I could pinch it to make her suffer for a moment, and let her enjoy the relieve after a while.

The movements of my hand had accidentally brushed across her pussy at times, and the wetness just kept topping itself up. After five minutes of this intimate foreplay, she got on her knees and made me lie straight on the bed, before pulling my shorts off. Haven’t we (guys in this case), wished that such an initiative girl would appear and want it instead of us appearing desperate?

She crawled to my lips after I was naked bottom down and the tongue fight began. It started with the light pecks, followed by an extended lip kiss, before her tongue naughtily poked between my lips. Doing the same to her, our tongue just kept touching each other in light taps. Being the ‘top’, she was skilful to make little sucks and swirls around my tongue, making me go wild just imagining her oral skills.

Kissing down my chin, my neck was not spared and my shirt was raised above my nipples, which fell prey to her active mouth and moved further down in time. My chest, stomach, belly button, groin were pitstops for her, until she arrived face to face with my armed meat-ssile. Her soft pink lips parted in my watchful eyes and an even softer tongue appeared from it, rubbing saliva over the tip, before a kiss sealed the pee hole. I could feel the soothing warmth from her saliva gather at the top, which was then spread downwards with her lips running down the red stick.

That awesome, short, high sensation flooded my head and my eyes just had to shut themselves while her mouth went up and down, with extra care at the part where my little mushroom ended, being the connecting part to the rest of the manhood. She did not just use her lips as it was, but she made use of the extra tender part that was behind the exposed lips that we usually see. Think of the shape as a pout. It just felt so good having my dick taken care of in that special way.

After she made it large and deadly, her mouth left with a strand of saliva connecting them for an instant. It was time to return the favour, or so as I thought. I angled my body upwards as her head moved away, but was pushed down mercilessly.

Stella: ‘Where are you going?’
Me: ‘Umm.. Returning the favour?’
Stella: ‘Just lie down and let me move.’

How wonderful could it get? She walked on her bed and stopped herself directly my head, kneeling down onto the pillow before adjusting backwards so my tongue would reach without tiredness. While she lowered, I managed to catch a glimpse of were I should go for, and immediately went for her swollen clit the moment my lips touched ‘up’. Sucking on it in pulses, she was just moaning with her head tilted up. Her shirt was tight that I could not look into it, but as I tortured her further, she peeled that tight singlet off and her twin peaks appeared in my horizon.

Well, silly me tried to raise my arms to them but soon realised it was nicely tucked under her calves. I brought my focus back to her pussy and made a few strokes across her slit before trying to poke into it. The moans continued and she was enjoying herself so much that her hips just kept grinding her pussy all over my mouth. At times, my tongue took a rest and she would use my nose to tickle her clit. That unforgettable aroma of her body wash was the only thing that I could make out, there was none of any other smell I could detect.

With an extra loud breath of air she breathed out, her body left my face and glided down me. Stopping directly above my dick, her hand reached to it and held it straight as she sat herself over it, letting her wet hole devour that throbbing slab. As soon as the tip was in, her hand released the grip and slowly, she pushed her body downwards, allowing me to just enter her. It happened so smoothly, that I gasped at the sensitivity that my dick was responding with.

Stella: ‘Is it tight?’
Me: ‘Very.’
Stella: ‘I’ll move slowly until you want me to go faster.’

That statement she made was a wake up call to me, that such a wholesome treatment was even possible. She got into the cowgirl position with her body just a few inches away from mine and her hips just thrust back and forth, similar to the iconic Michael Jackson hips jerking motion. I was totally relaxed and did not attempt to take control. She was just humping onto my body non-stop, alternating to a sitting up position whenever she felt a climax incoming.

It seemed that her body was tuned to get orgasms easily, from both her clit and vagina. Was it considered a blessing to have such ease? I wondered, but did not think too much. Her slim waist just kept bouncing on top of me, making her breasts move in the same manner.

Although I had wanted to change positions through that ride, she was satisfying me the way I wanted. As the clock ticked away, she started to show me numbers with her hands in relatively to the number of times she came. Five. Was I that good? Or was it her agile body? I found myself lying back and relaxing, until about ten minutes later did she pop the golden question. And that question was not the one you get asked in massage parlours.

Stella: ‘You ready to cum?’
Me: ‘You’ve had enough?’

Stella showed ‘7’ on her hand and I gave her the nod to the ultimate finish. It was something that gave me that delay most men wanted, and I knew she could go on and the urge to cum might not even appear. Perhaps she knew how to stimulate a penis with her pussy, but it was the least of my concern.

Her hands came to my chest and I felt some of her body weight, before her hips went harder onto my groin. My dick was screaming in ecstasy as the tip was brushing against something constantly. That little change in her angle was causing so much madness, almost making me hold her down to reduce that tease. But as soon as she noticed how my body resisted, an even squeeze along my shaft that was still inside her calmed me down and it felt like her giving me oral.

That tight grip, in a soft and wet environment. That was one moment I told myself I had no regrets if I died on the spot. A few more strokes later she pulled herself up and away, leaving my dick twitching for more, but she was waiting for something. Positioning the tip at her entrance, a single move down just armed, locked, and denoted my missile. The fireworks just went off inside her and I was the one who had a strongest trance-like tremble, begging for her to forgive me as my dick just unloaded into her, like an over pumped super soaker.

Her smiling face followed my face as I turned my head left and right in expressing the craziness, madness, sorrow, disappointment, satisfaction and every other emotion that a person can have. It was like a scientist looking at a hormone raged monkey going wild as it received the ‘royal’ treatment.

My intense struggle died down after a while and my shirt was soaked in my own sweat. As I caught my breath, she lifted herself away and went down on me to clean me up. The way her after-care was done can only be concluded with one word – heavenly. She just moved my dick in and out of her mouth without any suction, opening her lips at the base to catch all the sticky fluid, before sealing and pulling all of it away in her mouth.

A final process of sucking my dick for remnants finished me nicely and she laid in my arms while holding my tired one in her hand.

Stella: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘Very much.’
Stella: ‘A friend told me that sex is a good way to slim down.’
Me: ‘Haha. And that’s why you wanted to stay on top?’
Stella: ‘Yeah. She said that finding the right person to work out with was the key.’
Me: ‘Am I your final answer?’
Stella: ‘You’re my only answer. But I understand that it’s a grey area we’re in. Let’s just say we are workout buddies if anyone asked k?’

Me: ‘As you wish.’

She tucked her head into my chest and we cuddled up for some rest before we finished the first chapter of her textbook. Workout buddy was something new, and it sounded pretty serious too. At the end of the day, we arranged another day to continue with chapter two, and also for the workout. I think it is time I plan a similar regime like hers too, since she would be the one with me for ‘abs firming’, I could do the same too.

Damn my fat tummy.

Not Yet

Me: ‘Girl, stop stop!’

Michelle: ‘Noo-oh..’

With my dick in her mouth, it was the clearest answer she could give. With a deep breath, I spurted my load into her mouth, six.. seven times my revolver cocked and fired. She didn’t just pause and wait. her mouth was nicely sealed over my member and tongue teasing for more juice. As I was done, she gave it a little suck and emptied my shaft of it before pulling it out of her mouth.

Michelle: ‘Na-ise..?’

I could tell my cum was still in her mouth. And it was definitely a huge load for one week of storage. She opened her mouth to show me how much love juice I gave her and she smiled sweetly before I saw her throat moved. Michelle was a nice girl I met on one of a social networking site, who would thought we would get along well, and went into intimate topics almost immediately. Guess this relationship was more of a sexual one that a lovey dovey one. Still, which guy would mind?

It was round one, and she said she wouldn’t let me go until she was full. She was good with her mouth, and it wasn’t those slow, gentle sucking. It was wild, fast, and deep. Almost felt like having sex, but safer, since we know no one gets pregnant from swallowing. Hehe. Luckily, her house was empty with everyone out at Tioman for a trip.

Michelle: ‘Ready for round two?’

Me: ‘Huh? You see for yourself.’

It was still a little soft, but nothing she couldn’t solve. She lay on my chest and gently fondled with it till it was bigger, but still soft. What would a girl do at this time? She was a smart kinky seventeen year old. Did I mention she was good with her mouth, and better with her pussy? She sat on top of me and lifted herself in a kneeling position over me, pushing her G-strings to the side.

Me: ‘Are you sure? It won’t be hard enough.’

Michelle: ‘I’ll show you something. Close your eyes.’

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the position of my dick head at her soft dripping slit, and I could feel her fingers digging herself and pulling it out, then she placed my dick just as her fingers exited, letting me fill the little suction she made inside her. My soft dick went in and immediately blood rushed in to solidify it.

Michelle gave me a grin and started moving her hips, not wanting to waste any of my energy or time. It was heavenly, like any other sessions with her. Her small boobs would be right before my eyes, contained in her purple halter bikini, and in her ‘trance-mode’, eyes rolled up and heavy panting. She gets wet easy, and cum even easier. About four strokes down my manhood and her body paused, embracing herself for the oncoming orgasms, and the moment I felt her contractions, her motion resumed and I could feel my dick forcing her tight walls open and the immense vacuum wasn’t giving me an easy time either.

It lasted for as long as she could before the orgasms took too much out of her and I.

Me: ‘Michelle, I can’t take it anymore.’

Michelle: ‘Neither can I.’

She went hyper speed and in a few seconds lifted herself off me and collapsed on the side, body shivering as the waves hit her again, while using her mouth to suck on my desperate torpedo covering in her cum, counting down to explode in her mouth. Her skillful tongue twirled around my ‘mushroom’. Much of the work is done while she was on top, and the moment she got off was quite in time for just a little more.. and I finished my second load without warning into her mouth. This time took more energy out of me, and all I could do was close my eyes and gather all my energy to quickly filled her up.

Michelle: ‘Wow. This was even more than the first time. I think.’

Me: ‘I’m drained.’

Michelle: ‘I’m sure you are.’

She adjusted her pink cotton floral mini skirt from Billabong, back down from her waist (which we didn’t even bother to remove, just lifting it up above her ass) and went into the kitchen in just her bra and skirt. It was sexy watching her waist twist left and right as she walked, plus her purple  bikini top, which clearly showed her pointy nipples, still horny from the stirring below earlier.

After about five minutes, she returned and woke me up from my sleep with a soft peck on my lips. Her hand automatically roamed into my shorts and peeled my foreskin back and forth, making it grow very slowly.

Michelle: ‘Drink this.’

She handed me a bottle of Naughty G. Well, I don’t even know if it works, but heck. I was there to fulfill my job as a man. I drank it up and lie for a while more before she got it up, big, but still soft. She took it into her mouth and lay on my tummy, sucking it like a baby. Till she fell asleep accidentally I think.

Me: ‘Michelle, wake up. I have to pee.’

Michelle: ‘Hehe. Can I watch?’

Me: ‘If you want, I guess I’m okay with it.’

She seductively removed her skirt and G-string, leaving them on her bed. And once she was done, she helped me take off my top and shorts, leaving me with nothing on. She went in and sat on the toilet, aiming my dick at her mouth and body.

Michelle: ‘Pee?’

Me: ‘No way, what are you doing?’

Michelle: ‘You can shower me after that. Please?’

Not wanting to disappoint, I relieved myself over her body and she was washing her body with it, right until I was done. She took my dick into her mouth and sucked hard, and to both of our surprise, I got super hard and totally ready. The drink she gave me must have kicked into action.

Michelle’s mouth went straight to work and while I was standing, her hands grabbed my butt tightly and pushed herself against my dick, choking and gagging. Still covered in my warm pee, she was basically forcing herself on me. While I was trying my best to pull it out and slow her down, so she could catch her breath.

Me: ‘Hey, hey, wait.’

Michelle: ‘Cumming already?’

Me: ‘No. Wait.’

She stopped and looked at me with the puppy eyes. I simply took the shower head and watered her down, washing her in her bikini. She was cooperative too, she paused with my dick in her hand, stroking every now and then to keep it hard. And once I was done, I guided her lips to my tool and she opened her mouth to accommodate it. Her other hand slowly slid up her thigh and between her opened slit, fingering herself, touching herself on her soft spots, as I have my fun.

As she went down on me and was ready to pull it out, I held her head with both hands and thrust it further down her throat, out and in and out. Her eyes immediately filled up with tears and her fingers went faster to relieve the pain on her throat. The involuntary expelling motion from her epiglottis (lower throat) was super sensual and although it would hurt a lot for it, it felt heavenly to know a part of her is rejecting me, yet our minds wanted it.

She finally choked and I pulled it out, and thankfully? I felt my balls shrinking and arming itself for the discharge. I forced my twitching manhood back down her throat and that final tickle from her tongue was all I need for a good ten seconds of deepthroat for her, to unload every single bit down her throat.

Me: ‘Nice?’

With tears in her eyes, Michelle nodded eagerly and I hugged her to hopefully take some of the pain away. She recovered after another warm shower on her own and I waited on the bed for her. This time, she exited the bathroom in a colourfully polka dotted white bikini, complete with a matching pair of thongs. One thing to note though, she doesn’t like wearing bra and panties as she finds them thick and ugly, while bikini are soft and airy, usually fanciful too.

She came out and paid attention to my still rock solid dick.

Michelle: ‘The drink worked!’

Me: ‘Did you add anything inside? It wasn’t really sealed.’

She showed me a V with her fingers, and mouthed the word ‘Viagra’ and I could immediate guessed her actions – Vigra. Somehow she got it and somehow she made me trust her enough to down that drink. But surely that was better than other addictive drugs.

Me: ‘Are you on the pill?’

Michelle: ‘Yes I am. Why?’

Me: ‘Let’s give you some attention now.’

Hopefully she forgot about the filling part. Wait no she didn’t.

Michelle: ‘Hehe. I’m full by the way.’

She got on her fours and prepared herself for some pounding from me, with that huge hard on she created. I slipped my meat into her with ease and went on to clean her insides with it, while her own nectar made the whole ride smooth. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes of slow sexy intercourse, dripping juices all over the bed sheets. She then flipped over and opened her legs wide, inviting me for a ride.

My hips aligned with hers, and in it goes, and out it went. Hip thrusting, sweat mixing, saliva trading, balls slapping, pussy glowing. The sex went for as long as my erection kept up, and as I got tired, she would take over and climb on top, working till her pussy was too sore and flooded for anymore of my soldiers. Keeping it inside her wasn’t easy either, to receive every remaining drop and not letting a single bit go to waste. Either down her throat, or into her pussy.

Our session ended with about eight shots from me, and countless orgasms for her. No one had energy to get up to do anything, so we ordered pizza and the naughty her picked it up just in her polka dot bikini top and skirt, I’m sure she gave the delivery man something to fantasize over. Who said violent and rough, slow and sensual sex can’t exist together?