Daddy’s Secret

Part 1 | Part 2

This is an incestuous story from the numerous requests of my readers. It’s between a dad and his daughter. Happy fantasising!

Bernice: ‘Coming coming!’

She appeared in the living room in a tank top with gaping wide sleeves and a pair of plain denim skirt. Her tube bra was barely containing the contours of her breasts but there wasn’t a need to be worried with her dad around. For him, it was a pair of thick cotton pants and a t-shirt. It was after all a movie night for them as mummy worked late on Thursdays to hopefully get an off day on Friday.

Tucking her arms under daddy’s, they left their condo and made their way to i12, tickets paid for through online reservation. Being the first to enter the threatre, they found their spot somewhere in the middle. The film they were about to catch had been on screen for almost two weeks, and it was the last screening before it was gone.

Soon, the lights dimmed to the handful of audience and she went on to pull her bra down to her waist. With a cardigan on hand, it was more of a cover than to keep her warm. We all know that cardigans are invented to hide the beautiful skin of girls. Daddy quickly covered his legs and let her daughter lie on his shoulder, where his hand slipped under her shirt to fondle those pubescent young boobs.

As for Bernice, she had gone under her ‘cover’ and onto her dad’s lap, dick easily accessible without underwear on. Stroking it gently, she remain focused on screen while her nipples hardened in the chilly cinema. Once he had enough of warming her breasts up, he went for her skirt, where she had long been prepared without any panties on.

Dipping his finger into those wet, fleshy folds of pussy, she was wet as usual. Feeling daddy wriggling his rough finger into her pussy, she grabbed tighter onto his arm. Her hips had unknowingly begin to move, but he was soon moving faster to keep her still.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Let Daddy do the work.’

A shudder went across her body signalling an orgasm, with a smile that made her press her head harder onto the strong biceps.

90 minutes of showtime, 90 minutes of foreplay. Bernice had came a few times, and daddy haven’t. Given where they were playing, it was as far as they could afford to go. Before the movie ended, she pulled her bra back to its original position and helped daddy dry his wrinkled fingers. It was time for part two.

Heading back to their condo, they went straight for the carpark, where his personal two-door, four-seater car awaited. Hopping into the backseat, she removed her shirt and yanked her bra down, while daddy stripped his pants off. He leaned his body against the door and gave Bernice enough space to bend over.

Like a symphony, she was soon sucking on daddy’s cock, while he pushed her head downwards to get the momentum right. She loved how daddy groaned when she fondled his balls, not only would she be turned on more, she loved how he controlled her mouth, ramming his juicy cock down the same mouth mummy fed her milk when she was young. As long as he was happy, she would be.

Daddy: ‘Come, kneel here.’

The pair of cushions in his car was there for exactly this reason. She got into doggie with her knees on the floor softened by the cushions, and daddy was right behind her. Sitting close to the edge of the exquisite leather seat, he guided her down on his dick. Very slowly, she applied some resistance to feel every inch entering her. A love hole she didn’t dare to even her fingers into, was filled with her daddy’s cock. One that was mature, thick and long. It pushed every buttons inside her and never once did she get clear views with him inside. Her eyes.. they would roll white in pleasure.

Daddy: ‘Baby girl, you’re especially tight today.’
Bernice (breathlessly): ‘I always am, Daddy.’

Her body jerked from a slow to fast speed gradually, clamped between the two front seats. Daddy was sliding on the backseat while his dick got sucked into her small body involuntarily. It totally felt like she was made for him, or rather, by him.

Bernice (panting): ‘Daddy.. argh!!’

Going completely silent before she finished her sentence, she had gone cold from the intense orgasm. Another few strokes brought her back to life magically and the moaning continued. Daddy himself was quietly trying to hold it in, but without much success in his horny daughter’s presense.

Daddy: ‘I’m going to stop now. Don’t move.’

Once he slowed down to a complete halt, she wriggled her ass a little to push him off the limit. Sinking into his chair, he managed to get himself out before he really came into his own daughter.

Bernice: ‘What do I do now?’
Daddy: ‘Let’s finish it outside.’
Bernice: ‘How?’

He pulled her bra up and helped her put on her cardigan. Bare-bottomed, they exited the car after a quick check. Just outside their car, the door served as an emergency shield. They weren’t exactly in the open with another car next to them, but it was enough to frighten Bernice.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Come. Squat down.’

She moved to the rear wheels and held Daddy’s dick, while he leaned over her head. Feeling her lips wrap around his tip, her warm, wet mouth went back and forth, sucking him at a tightness he taught her to. After a minute of getting serviced, he moved his hips at her mouth till her head hit the car.

Having no space to move her head backwards, he started thrusting. In long, swift strokes, Bernice kept her teeth out of the way as her throat convulsed unpredictably, receiving all or some of Daddy’s meat. The excitement had triggered his finale earlier than usual, but it was all good.

Daddy (whispering): ‘I’m cumming! Ahh.. ‘

She opened her mouth and her hand formed an O over the base of his dick. A few thrusts later, the powerful streams of silk fired into her mouth, filling her mouth so fast she had to suck him like a straw to keep everything in.

Once he was done, she gave him a final few licks mostly at the tip and dashed into the car. Looking at Daddy, she swallowed and showed him her ‘disposal’.

Daddy (whispering): ‘That’s my good girl.’

They went back into the car and went back to their apartment, with Bernice in the cardigan-bra combo and skirt. With all the lights off, the glow from underneath his bedroom door was obvious. The both of them gave puzzled looks and tiptoed to the pillar next to the door, listening hard to what was happening inside.

Mummy (screaming): ‘Oh yes! You’re as big as Daddy! Keep going!’

Daddy positioned his hand on the doorknob and flung the door open, to the awkward scene of his younger son humping Mummmy in doggie style.

Mummy (shockingly): ‘Dear! I.. ‘

Bernice immediately reached for Daddy’s erection and stroked it, as though telling Mummy not to worry about it. Dad went straight to Mummy and hugged her, and behind her sobbing voice..

Mummy: ‘You two brother and sister cannot do it with each other k?’

The siblings replied ‘ok’ at the same time and Bernice pulled her cardigan off her shoulders.

Bernice: ‘Daddy.. can we join them?’

His arms opened to include their teenage daughter in their embrace and their son, hugged Mummy from behind with his hard on.

Mummy: ‘Let’s finish this.’

That night was the wildest night for the family of four, with moans and groans following orgasms and messy ejaculations. On the bed, with their lust satiated, Mummy had been in Daddy’s arms after their own intense workout.

Daddy: ‘So dear.. when did you and Alex got started?’
Mummy: ‘Umm.. ‘

Part 1 | Part 2

Helping a Family

Me: ‘Mam! Let me help you.’

Her hands were full when one of the plastic bags tore, spilling the smaller bags of meat onto the floor. I quickly picked them up for her while she squatted to help me out. The Ocean Pacific skirt she wore instantly gave me an upskirt view of her leopard printed panties but she did not notice me as she tried to find space to contain the meat.

For someone in the F&B line, I had gotten used to addressing all the females as ‘Miss’ and males as ‘Sir’, so she wasn’t too offended when I offered my assistance.

Me: ‘I’ll carry this home for you.’
Lady: ‘Thanks boy. I live nearby.’

The heavy bag did take its toll on my arms as we went into the lift, exchanging details about where I lived and my name. Upon reaching her floor, she handed me another bag of groceries before fishing the keys out, inviting me in after removing the slippers off her smooth feet.

Lady: ‘Can put it in the kitchen?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

Why not? I’ve carried it for so far, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few more steps. At the sink, sounds came from the toilet behind me and a girl’s voice called out to greet her mum. Just as I was turning around to wash my hands at the basin right outside the bathroom, a girl in just a towel opened the door, only to close it back when she saw a stranger.

Not wanting to cause anymore trouble, I went into the living room while the lady brought me a cup of water, grateful for the help to get her home. The daughter had no clothes with her then and rushed into her room in the towel, before appearing in a long t-shirt that barely covered her legs.

Girl: ‘Mummy, who is this?’
Lady: ‘Oh, he helped me to carry the groceries home. Finish your homework before you go out k?’

With that, the petite girl went into her room, leaving her mum with me on the sofa. After some small talk, I found out her name was Linda, and her husband had been out for an overseas work trip. There wasn’t any reasons for me to continue taking up her time, so I tried excusing myself before she asked me to stay for lunch.

It was only 10am when I reached her place, definitely too early for lunch. The awkward feeling of being in someone else’s home without any agenda was bothering me and she could totally tell from my restless hands.

Linda: ‘Can you cook?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just simple dishes.’
Linda: ‘Want to help me prepare lunch?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

We went into the kitchen and she let me used the chopping board to cut up some veggies, busy with her own things behind my back. All of a sudden, I felt her breasts on my back and her arms just went over my hands, guiding me to use the knife.

Me: ‘I think I can do it myself. It’s dangerous to have to many hands on my chopping board.’
Linda: ‘Sure? Okay then. I’ll do something else.

Her hands were clean as they only touched mine. So, her next move was to lift up my shirt and wriggling her fingers into my shorts, where I had not wore any underwear for the short trip to the market. Yes, I totally forgot about the salt I needed to get.

Her thin hands just dived all the way to my dick and when the cold fingers touched it, I couldn’t help but gave a little shiver. ‘Linda?’, my whisper went unheard as she jerked me faster, causing me to drop the knife and hold onto the kitchen counter to support my softening legs.

Linda (whispering): ‘Come to my bedroom.’

She stripped her sports tank top off and dropped it into the laundry basket before walking me to the room. My dick wasn’t in my pants for too long after she tugged my shorts off, unwilling to do any of this big-boy stuff myself.

Her skirt dropped onto the floor and my eyes went to her pussy like magnet to steel. It was so young and smooth looking that I would love to explore them. How could her daughter fit through that tight hole?

Linda: ‘Like it?’

I cleared my throat and did not reply her out of respect. She did not looked as old but nonetheless, she was a mother. She grabbed my wrists and placed them by her hips, pushing my head down gently to give a little attention below.

I did not wait anymore and opened her legs wider, before placing my tongue on her clit and making a few strokes along the slit. It was so clean and the lack of taste just kept me going, flicking her clit and causing her body to tremble. No moans came as her daughter was just in the room opposite, but her hands behind my head was pushing me harder.

After failing to get her to cum with my mouth, she raised my chin up and brought me to kneel over her head. I stuffed a pillow between the bed frame and her, immediately sending her mouth over my growing dick. Taking it like a pro, she was swallowing my dick whole and throwing me into heavens with every stroke (or choke).

Me: ‘Linda. That’s good enough.’

I went to her side as she rolled over to the drawers at the bedside table, taking out a condom for me to put on. I rolled it on halfway and she stopped me, saying that her pussy could take care of the rest. Turning herself over on her chest, her butt stuck out excitedly at me and I took no time to shove it right up her pussy.

Before I could even move, her back was arching to grind me and I was the one groaning. With little chance to act, I held her waist and rammed into her as she backed up on me, thrusting in the opposite direction to hers. She did not last long with my powerful strokes and let me did the work after she came in a few seconds of my pounding.

The sounds coming from our room was so loud that I was certain her daughter had heard it. Right before I could go all out, she picked her chest up and looked in the direction of the door.

Linda (shouting): ‘Joyce!’

The shocked me did not know what they were up to. Was she going to turn up with a camera to catch me in the act? The door opened to her daughter in the same outfit, and she was asked to lie on the bed next to us.

Linda: ‘She’s yours as well.’
Me: ‘I can’t do that. She’s.. it’s not right.’
Linda: ‘Alright then. Let’s go into cowgirl.’

I tried hard to ignore her watching girl as I laid myself on the bed, waiting for her to shift her body to my face. It was actually some pussy licking she wanted and I did not mind, since she was still pumping my dick with her hand.

Joyce (her daughter) got up instead and climbed over my condom wrapped dick, sitting down while groaning in pain to the penetration. My hands were locked by the knees of Linda and there was nothing I could do when the tight pussy lowered itself over me.

The grinding began as I sucked on the clit before me, getting her too sensitive while my dick was in the same situation.

Me (muffled): ‘Can I not do your daughter?’
Linda: ‘Okay okay. Girl. Stop.’

The ladies got off my body and the condom was removed, as I thought they had enough. Linda went to make out with me while her daughter continued pumping my dick, before a wet hole suddenly sent my mind blank. Joyce was actually sucking me while her mum made the distraction, blowing my mind off with the double attack.

We only kissed for a while before she joined her girl at my groin, taking turns to suck that rod at the same time teaching her how to do it right. What was I getting into? Do they do this for all the men that came to their place?

Linda (whispering): ‘Girl, are you on the pill?’
Joyce (whispering): ‘Ya why?’

The mother looked at me before her daughter did the same, waiting for me to give her the nod. Linda came to my face and asked if I could please her daughter for her, having no boyfriend and she did not want her to use toys to loosen her pussy.

As if my dick was any different, I grabbed her outstretched hand to pick myself off the bed and letting Joyce take the pillow. Knees between her legs, my back was bent over by Linda who held my dick from the back, pointing it in the right direction as she used her weight to pin me lower.

Then, I did not want to disappoint nor waste anymore time, so I slid my dick into her young daughter and proceeded to fuck her brains out. My dick was too much for her to take but Linda was helping by pinching her nipples to get her to relax more. The helpless girl kept moaning louder and louder as I went faster, plunging deeper as her pussy loosened.

Joyce: ‘Mummy! I’m going to climax!’
Linda: ‘Just let it all out.’

What were they thinking? Is such thing even legal? Her pussy tightened over my dick and it was the signal for me to unload too. It was just too overbearing in that tiny hole that was milking me non-stop inside her. The powerful gush of cum filled her small hole quickly and some of the whitish liquid came back out of her vagina as I rammed the last few times into her.

As I pulled myself out, I rested on my arms seated, till Linda helped her daughter up as well.

Linda: ‘Girl, lick kor kor clean. You will need to get used to the taste sooner or later.’

The frown between my eyes did not bother them one bit as Joyce went on her knees, sucking that juicy rod and cleaning every bit up. Linda left the room after her girl did her job, leaving the two of us silently looking at each other.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Joyce: ‘Sixteen.’
Me: ‘How many times have you done this?’
Joyce: ‘Just once. With you.’

She opened her arms to hug me and we were lying on the bed again, kissing as one of her hands went to stroke my dick. Getting it up in record time, I was back inside her, hammering away as the sizzling sound came from the kitchen.

She led me around their place to fuck at every corner, even doing it on the kitchen top where her mum was cooking with just an apron on. It was truly mind-fucking to meet this family who did not mind such acts in each other’s presence.

Joyce: ‘Mummy, can kor kor come over anytime?’
Linda: ‘Only until you start school. In three months’ time.’
Joyce: ‘Huh? And after that?’
Linda: ‘He will be mine. Don’t fight with mummy ah.’

Was that the deal I had no say in? After I was done with Joyce, Linda was next, but not after the meal. I was her dessert of the day.

A Little Girl’s Walk

Seated next to my 13 year old little girl in the bus, there wasn’t anyone else around us and she was stroking my thigh. We had just gone for a walk in the Hort Park and was on our way home, in the bus that would take us at least an hour and a half.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, pull it down a bit.’

I lifted my butt and lowered my shorts, smelling of sweat from the hour long walk we just went on. She laid on my lap and stroked my dick a few times before taking it into her mouth, sucking it gently as she enjoyed the cold air blowing over her tiny body.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, can touch me there too?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Put your feet on the seat.’

I reached for her thin cotton shorts and wriggled my fingers into them, going straight for her pussy that she maintained clean by shaving it every two days. As my fingertip rubbed her clit, she took my dick deeper and was licking it like a lollipop, understandable since it was considered big in her little hands.

Once the few drops of pre-cum was hungrily licked up, she positioned herself upright and sat between my legs where my shorts stood by at my ankles in case anyone appeared. She hugged onto the headrest bar of the seat in front as I aimed my dick blindly at her pussy, letting her descend over it once the tip was in.

My obedient daughter let of a moan as her pussy went down, filling my mind with pleasure as she bounced on top of me.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, it feels good. You’re so big today.’
Me: ‘Just today?’
Gigi: ‘Everytime we do it.’

Holding onto her waist, she was fucking herself with my dick and I enjoyed the little work done, feeling how her pussy sealed around my cock and milking it. Despite the singular pose we took throughout the next five minutes, she was moaning as her hands clenched around the headrest tightly, still hopping on her feet over my groin.

In the next few minutes, she came once and the new tightness totally drove me out of control as I felt my cum building up. A pity that it had to end so quickly, but time was of the essence then.

Me: ‘Daddy is shooting.’

She swiftly stood up and let my dick twitch for a moment as she laid by my side again. Taking it into her mouth, I held her head and pushed her mouth downwards, shallow enough not to make her choke.

It lasted for another two minutes before my mind went blank, and she sucked hard for the last time as my deep voice groaned into her ear. The hot load of cum shot into her mouth as I sank her head into my groin, feeling her tongue twirl around the head to make me more sensitive.

Well trained, I must say. She only stopped sucking when I patted on her hips, signalling to her the end of our little after-exercise-exercise. Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she looked at me with a smile and I knew it was all worth it to see my girl happy.

Gigi: ‘Daddy, I was thirsty but not anymore.’

I wore my shorts back and my fingers remained in her panties, fingering and masturbating my girl for the rest of journey home. Mummy saw how she held my hand as we entered the door and came to give us a group hug.

Mummy (whispering): ‘Still got energy for sex? I have been horny the whole morning.’

Gigi could hear what she said from the other side of my head and quickly excused herself to her room to finish her homework. Back in our bedroom, mummy stripped herself naked and went on her knees before me, tugging my shorts off and licking the cum-scented dick.

Mummy: ‘Someone is already smelling horny.’

She took my dick into her mouth and feasted on it, unaware that the slight sweetness came from our daughter whose juices had dried on my dick. The next hour was spent fucking our minds out on bed, while Gigi listened at the door and fingered herself for another few rounds of orgasms.

Eye For Eye

Max (shouting): ‘Vivian! Are you done? I need to use the toilet.’
Vivian (shouting): ‘Just use luh. The door is not locked.’

He entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet bowl, easing his bladder that was about to go off. Vivian was the daughter of his girlfriend, whom had divorced a few months ago and they had been living with him since then. Not only he was a caring boyfriend, but also a thoughtful father who took care of everything. The twelve years old’s mum did not need to worry about anything as she had to work, partly to pay for the expenses of the household.

The three of them were as happy as they could be for any family and nothing too serious had affected them yet. That very afternoon, Vivian ended school earlier and was asked to go to his place first for lunch before her mum returned home for dinner. The first thing Vivian did was to go for a refreshing shower once she reached his place, and very often their doors were not locked in case of any accidents.

After a few minutes of continuous water running, the tap squeaked and the primary six student stepped out of the bath curtains, walking into Max who was standing in front of the mirror shaving his chin.

Max: ‘Done? My turn to shower now.’
Vivian: ‘And my turn to use the toilet.’

Her jubilant adolescent body had developed well with two lumps on her chest, much like a mini A cups on a teenager’s body. Her dry hair was in a bun and her smooth face seemed so yummy to kiss. He was a respectable figure in her eyes and never did she felt ashamed or shy in front of him, cause he had always complimented on how gorgeous she was, often calling her by ‘pretty’.

Max: ‘Come, give Max a kiss.’

She went over to his naked body and he carried her up to let her kiss his cheeks, when she grabbed his cheeks and turned his head to plant her lips on his.

Vivian: ‘I just want to know how it feels kissing on your lips.’

He placed her back down with a serious looking face as something grew longer. Her soft lips had given him a taste of how it would feel around his cock and only made him hornier when fantasies started coming into his head.

Not wanting to step over the boundaries, he hopped into the shower before anything else happened and started the running water. The curtains weren’t covering the bathtub completely and left some space near the taps where Vivian was looking whenever he reached for the body foam or adjusted the temperature.

Vivian: ‘Max, do guys get hard when they are near girls?’
Max: ‘Of course not! If not how can I walk properly with your mum?’
Vivian: ‘So you are not affected by her?’
Max: ‘Not all the time. When we go shopping or dinner, my mind is on something else. Guys only get hard when they want to have fun.’
Vivian: ‘You mean you want to have fun now?’

Somehow, the conversation was getting awkward. The more he tried to explain, the worse her ideas got. After Vivian was done with her business, she drew the curtains opened and stepped into the tub with him. Holding the shower head at her, he knew she needed it.

Max: ‘Use this to wash?’

She raised one of her feet to the edge of the tub and rinsed her pussy clean, before getting some soap off his body to clean it as well.

Max: ‘You want me to help you wash?’
Vivian: ‘Is there any difference?’
Max: ‘I can see clearer and clean it more thoroughly.’

An ‘okay’ later, he turned himself around to shock her with that huge erection that wasn’t what she saw earlier. It was so much bigger and thicker that her hands wouldn’t be able to go around.

Max: ‘You sit in the tub first. I’ll fill it up with a little water.’

The innocent girl obeyed his instructions and sat comfortably, with her legs opened. Max went on his knees in front of her and took some soap from the bottle, before reaching under the water to rub her clit. As young as she was, there was no way she knew what ‘pleasure’ felt like, but that a calming and soothing sensation totally made her weak and wanted more, like a cat being patted and kept moving to cover each area.

Vivian: ‘Can I wash you too?’
Max: ‘I don’t think it’s right for you to do that. I’m too hard now.’
Vivian: ‘You really don’t want? I don’t understand why I can’t clean you when you’re hard. I can wash it more thoroughly too right?’

What she said did made a little sense. But he wasn’t done with her yet. After he rinsed the soap away, the water was drained and he took a seat along the ledge of the tub.

Max: ‘You want to help?’
Vivian (excitedly): ‘Yes yes!’

She pumped an enormous amount of foam in her palms and wrapped her hands around his dick, stroking up and down and then using her tiny fingers to clean every cracks, especially the ‘ring’ under his dick head. While she was focused on that area, Max was heard groaning as he watched her foam-covered hands work his tool harder.

Vivian: ‘Do you feel good too? I felt it when you washed me.’
Max: ‘Yeah it’s nice. Come, turn around and sit on my lap.’

She faced the wall this time and he pushed her knees together, before guiding her down on his groin. His dick was clamped between her thighs and under her pussy, keeping her in a doggie style but without any penetration.

Vivian: ‘Max.. your below is making me sensitive.’
Max: ‘Shhh.. let me try something. Tell me if it feels good.’

In the narrow space, Vivian’s face was inches from the wall and her knees rested between his feet, holding them firmly so she would not slip. His hips were right behind her butt and dick was out of sight, stuck under her smooth pussy with hair sparsely covering it.

Slowly, he jerked his hips forth and back, slipping his cock under her slit and teasing her clit at the same time. The confused girl was silent at first, but as he went faster, moans were coming out and he was getting carried away ‘dry’ humping his step-daughter.

Max: ‘How does it feel?’
Vivian: ‘It’s super wet down there. I feel like I’m going to pee.’
Max: ‘We are in the tub, you can pee if you want.’

He understood that ‘pee’ could be ‘orgasm’ but did not correct her. It would be best for her to feel what an orgasm was before he told her the truth. Pumping faster and in longer strokes, Max was groaning louder too as his dick could not handle the softness between those firm gluts.

Vivian: ‘I am going to pee now!’

He held her small waist and went faster for a while, till he felt a warm liquid pour out of her pussy in contrast to the soap that had turned cold. Vivian looked at him lost when she realised pee did not came out.

Vivian: ‘What just happened? I didn’t pee.’
Max: ‘It’s called orgasm. You feel really good when it came right?’
Vivian: ‘Yeah. But it’s quite scary before that. And.. I’m a little tired too.’
Max: ‘It’s normal. Let me do a bit more?’
Vivian: ‘You want to orgasm too?’
Max: ‘Haha. You don’t call it orgasm for guys. It’s called ejaculation.’
Vivian: ‘Ee-ja-kiu-lation.’
Max: ‘Yupp.’

She turned her head front and let him use her pussy, listening to his voice while feeling another round of orgasm building up from his thrusts.

Vivian: ‘How did mummy and you make the slurping sounds?’
Max: ‘When?’
Vivian: ‘I hear it every night.’

Damn, was his girlfriend that loud? Was it too much to teach his girl in just one session?

Max: ‘Your mum was sucking me then.’
Vivian: ‘Suck where?’
Max: ‘My stick.’

She turned herself towards his legs and took the shower head before washing the soap off his dick. Right before her eyes was a twitching, red piece of meat that was oozing a clear liquid at the tip.

Vivian held it with three of her fingers and took a whiff. Of course, they had just showered and it was definitely clean. Her small mouth opened up and went over the ‘head’, where she sucked like a pacifier.

Max: ‘Don’t suck like that. Move your head front and back. Make sure to touch below the head.’

More fingers came to hold that stick still and her head moved. As much as she tried, only one-third of his size could enter but he did not demand too much of her too. Making small movements, her lips stimulated the sensitive ring under the hood and alternated with using her tongue to swirl and flick his pee hole when his thighs trembled.

Max: ‘Keep going Pretty. I am going to ejaculate. Something is going to shoot out but I want you to keep it all in your mouth k?’

Vivian: ‘Mmm!’

His hands went to her head and very carefully, he used fucked her mouth shallowly. It went on for almost two minutes with Vivian feeling relaxed as she no longer had to do the work. After a few deep groans, her head stopped moving and his dick vibrated, till the finale came with a powerful gush of cum hitting her teeth.

Vivian’s mouth was kept in front of his dick and she even used her tongue to try and plug the hole, but instead, she touched the most sensitive part and made him shoot an extra few times. Finally, he was done and lifted her head away, while pushing her jaws up.

The tired him slid down into the tub and sat in front of her, pointing to his throat and drawing an imaginary line downwards.

Max: ‘Swallow it for daddy?’

Vivian crawled towards him and the surprised man leaned back, till she was almost on top of him and she went for a kiss. In that single peck, he felt her throat move and right after, her mouth opened to show him the empty orifice. The unwary girl sat down on his groin and let his dick slid between her butt crack, where she suddenly sensed another temptation to go for another round.

Vivian: ‘Can you make me orgasm again?’
Max: ‘You sure you have energy?’
Vivian: ‘I’m going to eat and sleep after this.’

He carried her up and dried themselves in a hurry, before bringing her to the sofa in the living room. She had put on a short pink flora dress by then and he was in a t-shirt and boxers. Vivian knew exactly what to do when he sat beside her and raised one legs over the armrest.

Max did not waste anymore time and went for her tender slit, rubbing it up and down till it was dripping wet. The amount of juices had so much excess that it stained the seats, but he quickly realised that her mum could get equally wet as well. The following vibrations of his fingers sent her moaning and screaming, hanging on to his strong arms as orgasms hit her waves after waves, almost non-stop since the first one that she begged for him to stop.

After fifteen minutes of intense masturbation, Vivian’s mind was so caught up with the pleasure she experienced in such a short time and pushed Max down on the couch. She grew violent when his boxers were tugged down to his thighs and the crazy daughter climbed on top of him. In a riding motion, his dick was under her pussy and was given the ‘roselip’ treatment, driven out of his mind with that soft, delicate pussy grinding along his dick.

The both of them went out of control in their little activity, having no worries of anyone interrupting since her mum only end work in the evening.

Right then, Vivian raised her hips too high once and accidentally pushed some of his dick in, feeling her hole stretched but painless.

Vivian: ‘Is sex supposed to be painful?’
Max: ‘Not sex. Just the first time.’
Vivian: ‘But it’s not painful eh.’
Max: ‘Huh?’

She hopped a few times sliding his dick deeper and Max repeated ‘shit’ a few times as he felt his dick sinking deeper into her. Both her hands were on his abs as she rode him and in under a minute, his dick was engaged in full blown sex with a twelve year old who was crazily riding him like a stallion.

Vivian: ‘Why didn’t you tell me sex feels so good?’
Max: ‘Cause you’re too young for it! Arghh!’

The tightness of her pussy was too much for him, so much that he could not cum given the high pressure around his dick. Vivian did not let him rest a bit and went all out, jerking her waist at him.

Finally, he could not take the torment anymore and sat himself up, throwing Vivian on her back onto the couch.

Max: ‘You want it right? Daddy give it to you.’

In a savage mode, he pinned her hands onto her tummy and rammed his cock in missionary. Vivian’s eyes had turned white and her chest was just bobbing up and down to his violence. Once he took control of the speed, his senses returned and the urge was felt coming.

As his dick grew a little numb, he let go off her hands and held her waist, pulling it downwards at him. The little girl simply placed her hands around his chest and looked at him with a pleading eyes, unsure if he should go faster or slower.

Vivian: ‘Daddy, shoot inside me.’
Max: ‘But you might get pregnant!’
Vivian: ‘My menses haven’t started yet. Mummy told me about it.’

Hearing that, he pulled out abruptly and flipped her on her chest, picking her butt up to his height. He rammed his cock into her swollen pussy and pounded her with all his strength, going non-stop for the next three minutes.

Max: ‘I’m shooting!’

Vivian composed herself and picked her chest up in a ‘standard’ doggie position, awaiting for the moment to come. Less than five thrusts later, a huge amount of warm liquid flushed into her pussy and Max froze while he came. She was so appalled by her silent orgasm mixed with his cum that she began jerking herself backwards, milking more cum out of him.

He could not take her horniness anymore and backed away, falling on his butt, catching his breaths. The worn out girl laid on her side with one leg over the backrest, massaging her clit where white substance was pushed out.

Vivian: ‘So this is how it looks like?’
Max: ‘Yeah. You cannot tell mummy about this k? If not daddy will be in trouble.’
Vivian: ‘But why? I see 二叔 (mum’s 2nd brother) doing it with mummy too.’
Max: ‘What! When?!’
Vivian: ‘When she was still with Teddy (her ex-husband).’

That evening, after mum returned from a long day at work, she was greeted with her boyfriend and daughter at the dining table, waiting for her dutifully to start the sumptuous dinner he had prepare. There was nothing different from usual until he asked her the first question of the day.

Max: ‘Mummy, Pretty told me you had sex with your brother. Is it true?’

Mum broke down at the sofa and Max went to her, holding her in his arms while assuring her that things would not change.

Mum (sobbing): ‘We did it once when we were drunk and he took photos to blackmail me. That’s why I was so distraught whenever you two met. I was so afraid he would destroy me again.’

Max: ‘I.. did something wrong too. Pretty and I.. did it. We had sex.’
Mum (sobbing): ‘You don’t blame me for what happened between my brother and I?’
Max: ‘No. I love you for who you are. Not what you did.’
Mum (sobbing): ‘Max, Pretty is our daughter, you can do anything you want to her. Just don’t hurt her. Pretty.. you must take good care of daddy k?’

Vivian ran to them and hugged tightly, with Max’s hand roaming up her dress and feeling her bare butt. Mummy stripped down to her lingerie for dinner and her daughter followed suit. For desserts, the girls treated themselves to his warm ice cream and Max found himself in a new life where non-stop sex awaits whenever he wanted it.

Drugged and Loved 2

Part 1 | Part 2

I was in such a mess I couldn’t even ask him what he put in my drinks. Pleasure, mixed with pain from his vengeful fucking, was shooting me up.

Him: ‘Here bitch. Take it down your throat.’

He flipped me over and dragged me to the edge of the bed, where my head dangled lifelessly. My vision went dark when my throat felt his long dick spreading it apart. It was hot, salty and repulsive. My body was so weak I couldn’t choke, nor breathe.

He just kept jamming it into my face, hurting my nose while my hand subconsciously went to my pussy to masturbate. Suddenly, it didn’t feel like my body anymore. I had travelled out of my body and watching this girl, strangely looking very similar to me, getting face-fucked while she got herself off.

The man’s face was darkened, and an aura of hatred came with it. A jolt through my body woke me up when my throat tightened, deprived of air as he stayed motionless in my mouth.

A gradual expansion of his shaft unloaded a warm pool of liquid in the part of my mouth where I could not spit nor swallow, burning me as my gag reflex regurgitate an acidic mush of dinner.

He pulled out of me with a drop or two of cum dripping into my nose and placed me back flat on the bed.

Flashes of light was shooting across the ceiling like stars, and my pussy felt exceptional warm.

He fished a small bottle from his suitcase and put it at my cheek, pinching my nose to get my mouth to open. He emptied the bottle and I struggled to swallow so that I could breath. Inhaling once or twice, I blacked out.

Dad: ‘Hey! Wake up! Wake up!’

The violent shaking of my shoulders woke me up and a blanket was pulled over my body. He.. my dad was after all, still the only person I can rely on to be there whenever shit happened.

Me (whispering): ‘Dad.. he drugged and fucked me.. ‘
Dad: ‘Get dressed and sleep. Daddy will take care of it tomorrow. Promise.’

He went into his room opposite of mine and left the door open, probably so he could hear me if I called for him. Watching him remove his shirt in that incandescent light from the bedside lamp, his body suddenly became the apple of my eye.

I couldn’t resist the urge my body had to spread those legs and finger myself, possibly due to the second dose of whatever he drugged me with. No matter how hard I tried, my own fingers doesn’t seem long enough to be able to scratch that itch.

Once the light from his room dimmed, my instincts took over, skipping out of the bed with a floral shawl he bought for me.

Entering his room quietly, his weathered look couldn’t be more attractive with my hand still on my clit. I climbed under his blanket and he felt my presence immediately, flipping himself on his back to place some boundaries between us.

Dad (whispering): ‘Sleep tight dear.’
Me (whispering): ‘Daddy?’
Dad (whispering): ‘Yeah?’

My hand slipped into the pair of loose gym shorts he wore to sleep and held his dick – for the first time. I could barely wrap my fingers around and it was about 5 inches unerected. What the hell did my mum leave him for?

He tried to pull my hand away but couldn’t do so as I grabbed them tighter. My body curled into a ball to go under the blanket and just as he tried to cover his dick from outside the sheets, he had pressed onto my head. My mouth was over his dick and tongue went to work immediately, throwing him into confusion about the legitimacy of what we were about to do.

Dad: ‘Ger.. ahh.. ‘

His dick had grown and told me its wish. I was taking him deep throat without any resistance like before. The suffocation was sending pleasant shivers down my spine, all the way to my vagina.

Quickly adjusting my position, I was kneeling in doggie next to him slurping away on the big gulp. Dad too, did not feign decency and leaned over to my ass, where he sent two of his thick fingers into that juicy hole that had its share of dicks.

I was sure he could feel how much my pussy needed it. I was basically massaging his fingers inside of me. And every joint, curves, can be pictured in great detail.

Before he could sit up to end the incestuous rape, I ended the blowjob and did a quick flip to sit on his abs. Yes, abs, that was how fit my dad was. The dick I held behind me was still throbbing, and the deep gaze of his eyes silenced whatever wrong he was about to express.

Placing a finger on his lips, I slid my wet pussy down his belly and paused when I felt the tip at my clit.

Dad (whispering): ‘Lift up.’

My knees closed a little and his dick slipped over my clit. He gracefully moved his hips to stroke my sensitive spot without penetration and made me leak even more lubricant, all over his shaft.

As he went faster, my fingers were digging into his shoulder blades. It felt better than sex, or was he just hinting how better can sex be with it inside me?

Stroke after stroke, my pussy was shifting downwards, till the tip poked into me.

Me: ‘Daddy.. don’t move.’
Dad: ‘Are you sure?’

I nodded my head looking at our genitals, not able to see a single thing in the darkness. That huge rod was splitting my vagina as well as my head, flooding my senses with pleasure as every vein brushed across the walls of my uterus.

There were no words to describe how heavenly it felt, especially when we stopped moving inside each other. He knew how to use that tool of his well.

Me (whispering): ‘This was all I needed, for you to be inside me forever.’
Dad: ‘Come.’

I laid on his chest, listing to his heartbeat as my pussy peeled away from his groin, but still connected.

Dad (whispering): ‘Would it be better.. ?’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Dad (whispering): ‘If I can move inside you forever?’

With that said, his hips wriggled on his Japan-imported mattress and thrusts his cock upwards. The big contrast between my tightness and his size became so real my mind had problems imagining it. Each entry felt as good as the first, and each exit left my body begging him not to.

My hips threw me upright and while my knees maintained the gap between our groins, my hands were kneading my 34C cups for more. Unknowingly, I got tighter for no reason and he was groaning as fast as I was.

Dad: ‘Dear.. *sigh* You’re.. so.. tight.. ‘

Seconds later, my sight went blur and I found myself motionless on top of him, body shaking violently as my pussy sprayed all over his body.

Dad: ‘Dear.. I think.. ‘
Me: ‘Lie down Dad.’

My hips began rocking across his lap, swallowing his dick to fulfil my own needs. I was still wet like when we just started, and my clit and nipples were itching badly. Only an orgasm would take them away, and it was for a few seconds. It was time to get more of it.

He took over my hands to massage my boobs and let me do my job. I had began to enjoy his groans, his size that was stroking my g-spot continuously, the short stubs of his pubs that tickled my clit. He was the perfect figure for me, and inside of me.

About five orgasms later, my body was wearing out and my movements got sluggish. He was still strong and fondling my nipples, yet paying his full attention on me.

Me (whispering): ‘Daddy.. ‘
Dad: ‘Finally done?’
Me: ‘Can you help me finish you off?’
Dad: ‘I’ll try.’

He sat up and placed his arm around my neck, carefully resting me on the pillow and turning me to a side. He flipped my body over by the waist and with my face down, he got my ass up in the air.

Dad: ‘Tell me if it hurts k?’

Slowly, he pushed his dick into my pussy and warmed it up, filling it up with life through the pulsating heartbeat I felt. Like a locomotive, his hips began moving and the piece of hot rod slipped easily in and out of me, as if I was at my final task.

Everything had returned to normal. No itch, no urges, just pure sex. As the dreadful thoughts of my ex-sugar-dad was fucked out of my head, dad took his pleasure spot.

As he rocked on, it got thicker, and hotter. Though I had never felt anything so realistic and close.

Me: ‘Daddy, are you going to cum?’
Dad: ‘Yeah bae, you can feel it?’
Me: ‘Go all out then.’

I clenched my fist on the bedsheets as he picked up his pace, burying the full length into me. The slapping sounds from our bums went like firecrackers, driving me insane with his sheer speed.

Under a minute later, he pulled my waist backwards and a loud groan ensued. He pulled out of me and threw me onto my back, kneeling his way to my waist before his load exploded over my body. He probably wanted to end at my mouth but he had held back for too long. The warm semen touched my cold stomach and he had managed to splatter all the way to my neck.

The amount he gifted.. some of it flowed down my sides and some were collected in my belly button.

Dad: ‘I’m so sorry. Let me get a towel for you.’

He disappeared and appeared from the bathroom, bringing his scented towel to me. Cleaning myself up with his body scent, couldn’t be anymore intimate. After we were dried, he cuddled me in his arms, reassuring that he will be there for me.

After that night, his company made amendments to his working hours, allowing him to spend more time with his daughter, hopefully building a case to eliminate alimony altogther. Though I must say, he was spending as much time with her, as well as inside her.

Part 1 | Part 2

Phone Call

Levin was almost asleep when his phone suddenly rang with his daughter’s name on screen. He quickly picked it up and asked her what happened since it wasn’t everyday where his daughter called him up in the late hours. His wife, Sarah, woke up as well and listened to their conversations. Their daughter had broke up with her boyfriend and was slightly drunk at her best friend’s place, having no one to talk to. With a calm and fatherly tone, he consoled her and she then began pouring her heart out to him, telling him in details what he did to her.

Sarah knew their daughter was in good hands of her friend, and her loving husband, working tirelessly while managing their small family. As a reward, she ran her hand under the blanket along his body until it reached his sleeping manhood. He looked at her in disagreement given the importance of the phone call, yet distracted by what she was doing. There was no way he could drop the call for his loving wife. She placed a finger on his lips and disappeared beneath the blanket, creating a little hill at his groin.

Her mouth then took the tip of his dick and licked it a few times before forming a kiss shape, gliding down his dick in a one way trip. A gasp from him alarmed her daughter on the end of the line, but he continued talking calmly to her. After the conversation resumed, Sarah began gagging herself by bobbing her head up and down, sending her devoted husband into seventh heaven. He turned on the loud speaker and the sweet voice of their daughter was heard, talking about the selfish sex her ex-boyfriend did with her.

Levin then told her about masturbation and even persuading her to give it a try, touching her in specific areas, until she was heard moaning through the phone. His free hand went under the blankets and helped her to go deeper as the conversation with his little girl got more erotic.

Levin: ‘Your mum.. is sort of giving me a blowjob as we speak.’
Daughter: ‘How do you feel daddy?’

He gave the two ladies a moan to express his pleasure and Sarah was very delighted to hear it. She diligently continued with giving him head and he resumed describing how good it was, explaining how her mum did it with such skills. His daughter’s moans soon got louder and it was escalating to phone sex, part legit, part incest.

Levin: ‘Your mum has climbed on top of me now, and slowly lowering her pussy over my hard on.’
Daughter: ‘Oh daddy, how I wish I was the one on top of you. Will I be tighter than mummy?’
Levin: ‘Maybe?’

Perhaps it was the wrong answer, cause he felt his wife squeezing him really hard before beginning the soft bounce on his lap, tormenting him with guilt. The line went quiet for a moment before slurping sounds emitted from the speakers, blasting the sensual fingering of their precious little girl. He reached for Sarah’s clit and massaged it with his thumb while the groans channeled into the microphone for her to hear. The moans from both ladies were so seductive he wished both of them were by his side that instant.

Daughter: ‘Daddy, I am coming home now. I’m not very far away. Mummy.. slow down for me?’

She listened to her girl and paused with him inside, dismounting after a short while to get back to the blowjob on the juice covered dick. In ten minutes, the sound of keys opening the door was heard and their girl was home. She walked into their room and as soon as the door was closed, her elegant one piece mini dress fell onto the floor, leaving her in the set of red lingerie she bought for herself the last birthday. The lacy bra and panties did not stayed long on her either.

She went to the bed where her mum was still under the blanket sucking her husband’s dick. She laid behind Sarah and her hands reached for two mature breasts that fed her when she was young, massaging them in a kneading motion until her nipples were erected. A pinch on them sent her squirming and the two ladies, kissed for the first time in years. Well, I guess parents no longer kiss their children after they grow past a certain age.

Levin’s dick was unattended for a while as they kissed passionately, with Sarah reaching downwards for her girl’s pussy and the other hand towards her own. Coordinating all her fingers, she was masturbating her girl in exactly the same way she touched herself, drooling juices from their girl onto Sarah’s slit.

Sarah: ‘Give daddy a taste.’

That phrase could mean so many things, but she picked the right one. Jolie rolled over to his dick and pulled the sheets away, staring it for a few seconds before devouring it. Her mouth remained motionless at the upper portion while her tongue went in circles around the swollen head. Sarah took over the testicles and massaged on them while their girl sank her head lower to complete begin her blowjob.

To an extent, it was a familiar sensation, like her mother, but her lips had applied a little pressure around the girth to form a seal, that kept the saliva in. It was not as skilful, but extremely wet. Levin’s hands went to her head and forced her to go deeper, yet not choking. She had handled her dad’s manhood well and she graduated from the oral sex class.

Levin let the two have most of the bed, with his girl on top of his wife, kissing and touching each other lovingly. He went to the end of the bed with lots of space, and a great view to the two pussies grinding each other. The strap on he used on his wife for double penetration suddenly had a use at that moment and he strapped it on with some clumsiness. Once secured, he pushed the rubber end into his wife, and used his fleshy dick on his own girl. His girl moaned in a single breath as he went all the way inside of her, and Sarah groaned as the dildo stretched her pussy deep.

A few seconds later, he was jerking into them and the kissing turned into a tongue fight, taking turns squeezing, sucking and nibbling on each other’s nipples while the only man in the room did his work. The volume of madness in the room kept increasing as the three family members literally fucked their brains out. His girl was unbelievably tight compared to his wife, even when she squeezed. It was so weakening that it was numbing him, which is good in some ways.

The threesome lasted for a good ten minutes before he felt his climax nearing. Maybe a change of position?

Levin: ‘How many times did you two cum?’
Sarah: ‘Three for me.’
Daughter: ‘Four for me.’

He took a break and looked at the two of them, noticing that Sarah was exhausted with little response from the frenching they had. His girl on the other hand, was still as high and excited. He let his wife lie on the bed, pulling his little girl to the edge of the bed, right in front of Sarah. He stepped off the bed and spread his daughter’s legs apart, before shoving his dick in and pounding her, jerking her body back and forth, boobs freely swaying in the air.

Daughter: ‘Daddy! Daddy!’
Levin: ‘Yes?’
Daughter: ‘Let me try being on top of you.’
Levin: ‘Are you sure?’

She nodded and he backed away from her. She tapped at her mum’s feet and gestured for her to sit at the edge of the bed, while she asked her dad to sit on the floor, legs stretching under the bed. She then placed both her calves on the floor and sat back slowly, letting him aim his dick at her pussy. As her dad’s dick poked into her once again, she leaned forward and sucked on her mum’s clit.

Immediately, her hands went to her head and pushed her face right at her groin, moaning loudly as she flicked her tongue at the clit in a speedy fashion. Levin waited for her to get started before holding on to her waist, and shifting it front and back. The grinding was heavenly with her tight pussy, and the juices she was producing was abundant for a slippery ride. With her pace increasing, her tongue got busier too, until Sarah gave in and squirted at her daughter’s face, falling into a convulsion on the bed, thrashing her body like a fish on dry land.

Daughter: ‘Daddy?’
Levin: ‘She’s going to be fine. Shall we finish this?’

They got up without separating their bodies, and the race to the finishing line was done in standing doggie. With forceful, deep thrust, Levin did not stop for even a nanosecond until he felt his balls shrink, like a bomb going off.

Levin: ‘Shit! Girl, you’re on the pill right?’

She did not reply and pushed him back until he bumped into the wall. Her butt then rocked forth and back until her dad groaned in both fear and pleasure, pushing out the creamy load into her cutie pie. Her body kept moving until he was too sensitive that he forced her onto the bed, still on her knees. The remainder of his cum was delivered with a seemingly flash of energy that he used, pounding her for a short while to force his cum deep into her womb.

His girl fell forward with him onto the bed and they panted heavily for their breaths. He crawled to his position on the bed, before she did the same, except on top of him, parking his meat into her pussy for the night. Although he remained somewhat hard, the three of them still fell asleep until the next morning. His girl began riding the moment she woke up, leaving no cum for Sarah to feast on for breakfast.

Levin had been buying the pills for his daughter for fear of unwanted pregnancy, so he had nothing to worry about, except for the nightly sex his two precious ladies wanted. Time to use his secret stash of Viagra!

A Glass of Milk

Kelda was about to head to bed after her warm glass of milk prepared every night by her mum. And since young, drinking that glass of milk had another more sensual link to sleeping thanks to her sick dad. But her age of 14 soon passed the stage where he could manipulate her, so Kelda was left alone, but not without a little muscle memory.

Since eight, her dad would bring the glass of milk into her room and read a book of short stories to her as she sipped away. Watching his little girl hold that tall glass with her tiny hands kind of turn his paedophile side on and when it was time to tuck her into bed, his hand would run up her legs and push them apart before beginning his gentle massage on her clitoris, going in circles and up and down. Kelda, whom did not know anything didn’t know her body was responding by secreting those sweet liquid, that daddy would claim to be his form of night drink and lap it up off her pussy.

Of course, it escalated to giving daddy some lollipop licking and drinking the new ‘milk’ that had a different taste. But that’s another story. Back to that glass of milk, Kelda was about to sleep soon and that imaginary hand creep up her legs, that warm palm that heated her inner thighs. Slowly gilding to her panties that revealed when her knees instinctively spread. Quietly removing her kiddy looking panties off her shapely legs, fingers started to roam onto the familiar spots that felt best when daddy did his magic on her years ago.

Her eyes rolled back and the movements of the clit-tease hastened, throwing her into body into a slight shiver, which she knew was far from what she needed. Quickly adjusting her nightdress, she tip-toed into her parents’ room to find that daddy’s lollipop had not fell asleep. But mum was just right beside, facing away from him. Like a ninja, Kelda knelt beside the bed on her dad’s side and lifted the sheets up slowly. Watching the bulge rose to a stand. Putting her hand into the sheets was the best scene, it was like reaching into a mystery box, grabbing it after a millisecond of search. Needless to say, dad woke up.

Placing her finger on her lips, he knew it was do or die, mostly for himself only. Her hand skilfully stroke his raging dick up and down in graceful motion, stopping before the sensitive ring and then back down and up, so not to make the head too sensitive to make dad twitch or shiver. For two years, this was what she learned, to pleasure and read the signs of men so well, that she could own any guy with just a handjob. Daddy could only smile to himself as he knew what Kelda was doing apart from masturbating him, she was pleasuring herself too, fingers almost ready to disappear into her love hole.

Bending over the edge of the bed, her head disappeared beneath the sheets and the soothing warmth of her mouth began work on his 7 inch, going down on him and taking it right to her throat without any gagging. The uncontrollable salivating helped her to take it better and she knew the speed could not be too fast to be generating any recoil on the bed. Her hand was still between her legs, half-bent from the overwhelming excitement she gave herself, and moving her fingers into her slit. As it darted in and out of her wet hole, her head increased the pace to reduce oxygen flow for a much intense orgasm. Kelda could take it well thanks again, to the training, conditioning her to know that the enhanced climax was worth the deprivation of air.

Not wanting to risk waking his wife up, daddy did not held back and reached for his daughter’s pussy as he was closing into his own orgasm. Fingering her with his strong thick digits, her knees gave way and his dick almost slipped, if not for his other hand which pressed her head firmly onto his groin as he unloaded his choked pipe of three weeks plus. Which skilful Kelda took it all and swallowed it without letting the texture of it bother her mind.

Mummy wasn’t asleep after all, as she turned around after hearing the door closed with that tiny little click sound.

Mum: ‘Dear.. there’s something I have to tell you. My brother and I.. had been having sex since young and we’re still doing it behind you. I’m sorry. Just be safe with our daughter k?’