Teaching Them

Andy: ‘Ms. Chen, this is for you.’

He left the glass of water by the edge of the table where two of his friends were, sitting in for a ‘preview’ of her lessons before they sign up for the informal group tuition. Sarah had begin giving tuition during the day where her husband was out at work, earning some money for their expenses. She had told him about this part-time job, and there was no reason to hold Sarah back from this meaningful job.

After she went through the worksheets with the three of them, they began work on the second set of work and Sarah sat on Andy’s bed with the glass of water. Sipping gracefully, Andy was making weird faces at his friends. Little did they know he had slipped a sleeping pill from his dad’s prescription into her drink, with some undissolved powder till floating at the base.

Within minutes, Sarah was lying on the bed, weak but awake. Andy stood by her with his friends, and they did a little ‘oh-ya-beh-ya-som’ to start things off.

Sarah (weakly): ‘What are you guys doing?’

Andy: ‘We need to decide who goes first.’

Sarah (weakly): ‘What?’

They got onto the bed and surrounded her, pulling her white V-neck shirt over her head, and another boy tugged her knee-length skirt out from her feet. Their hands ravished her body helplessly, while Sarah tried to push them away. With fingers wriggling into her bra and panties, the boys were applying what they have learnt in pornographic videos, pinching her nipples mercilessly and handling her pussy quite roughly.

Suddenly, one of their fingers hurt her and she jolted in shock.

Boy (whispering): ‘Remove her panties first. I think we hurt her.’

Unable to see what was happening, she felt her pussy in cold air after her panties were removed. The boys then took turn to dip their fingers inside her, exploring her vagina like how she touched herself the first time.

Not only it felt sexy to be felt up by inexperienced hands, their curiosity turned her on even more when they ran their tongues across her clit to have a taste of their seductive teacher.

Boy: ‘Okay, you win just now right? So you go first.’

One of them positioned himself under her hips and the other two raised her knees. As the body pinned her down, she felt a raw dick poking into her. For a sexually active housewife, she was still as tight, and did not require much effort to be made wet.

The dick then began to pump her with vigour, groans and moans started filling the room up. Another dick appeared before her weary eyes, disappearing out of her sight as her jaws were pried opened. The familiar salty taste got her tongue wriggling and even more groans were heard.

Phrases like ‘this is awesome‘, ‘it feels super good‘, ‘I think I am addicted to this‘ were heard and she kept sucking on the growing dick in her mouth. Her nipples were not forgotten too. The third boy had been sucking them, firming up her nipples till they were hard and swollen.

Soon, the guy inside her went faster, till she heard ‘I’m going to shoot’. The other guys reminded him to shoot outside and her pussy was empty for a momemnt. The mouth on her boobs stopped and her blowjob was cut short.

A wet dick appeared in her mouth and it moved fast, thrusting as deep as the length of his dick was. With a new and thicker dick pounding her pussy, her mouth worked even harder. Within minutes, a powerful squirt of cum hit her throat and she continued with a hard suck till the guy just jumped away. There was no way his untrained mind can handle the pleasure, and he left Sarah in the hands of his two friends.

Boy: ‘You want to change with me?’

Andy: ‘It’s okay. I want to shoot in her mouth.’

Her two holes were filled once again and her body got sweaty on its own. With her recovering strength, Sarah reached for her clit and massaged with her fingers. Slowly reaching orgasm, she got tighter and the dick inside her groaned.

Andy and friend: ‘I’m.. ‘

Boy: ‘So together?’

Andy: ‘Yeah man.’

The two energetic boys rammed their dicks to their hearts’ content, while Sarah tried not to so much let a moan escape her desperate body. Certainly she cannot let her vulnerable side be seen by her students. They were after all thinking that they had their teacher in ‘control’.

Without warning, her vagina received a huge serving of hot cum as her mouth expanded slightly with the cumshot. Andy could not hold himself back from deep throating his teacher and the dick at her pussy just kept thrusting deep.

Only after a full minute, did the two of them pull out slowly, leaving trails of semen at her mouth and groin. Breathless and tired, Sarah had long recovered her strength. She perched herself up to the surprise of the three boys, and she made them stand in front of the bed.

Sarah (sternly): ‘Had fun?! Do you want me to report this to your parents?’

Andy: ‘No please don’t. I’m sorry.’

Boy: ‘Andy suggested it. We didn’t know he was planning this.’

Sarah (sternly): ‘Whoever started it, doesn’t matter. From now on, there will be no more group tuition. And Andy! I will talk to you during the next lesson.’

Right after her lecture, she chased the students out and wore her clothes back, leaving the house seemingly angry.

Sarah (Whatsapp): ‘Andy, the next time I see you, I want you to be waiting without clothes on. Don’t try anything funny, I will be bringing a cane.’

As for the other two boys, she had sent them a similar message, since they had given her their contact numbers when they sat in for their first preview. Not was she going to let them off so easily.

That night, Sarah had no choice but to tell her husband what happened, and was prepared to be asked to stop giving lessons. Not only he showed an overwhelming sense of care, he actually did not mind what happened. But he had only one request – to have her follow his instructions about the ‘personal’ lessons each boy is going to get after their academic tuition.

A happy ending? Perhaps not for the three youngsters.

Breaths Taking Night

With the stars and city lights blending in the towering landscape, it was one of the most expensive hotel rooms in Singapore. We had spent the morning with a nice high tea session, along with an hour or so of shopping in MBS’ shopping area. No doubt things weren’t cheap, Amy and I managed to get clothes we wanted each other to have.

Checking in at 3pm, we returned to the room for a one-night staycation, one which both of us needed badly from the hectic lifestyle that kept us from living our increasingly erotic-inclined phone calls on restless nights.

We took our time in the bathtub, rubbing each others’ back apart from the occasional teases. ‘Accidents’ and ‘oops’ kept us turned on in the most controlled manner. Once we pulled the blinds and hopped into the bed, it was as dark as evening and our moods gradually changed to a more relaxed one, plus a little eager to get things started on the bed.

Amy: ‘So let’s start with our own warm up.’

Me: ‘Lying next to each other and holding back?’

She removed her towel from under the sheets and I did the same, knees lifting the thick cosy blanket that hid the most of our bodies. As I jerked myself off, she was making movements between her legs, along with moans that was driving me insane. A voice that was so seductive, sweet and innocent at the same time, I bet all of you would get hard listening to her.

My free hand shifted towards her and went to her legs, where she gave way to me and let me ravish her clit, which I could accurately find with the knowledge I gained from the R&D I did for this blog. I wouldn’t want to be disappointing her as an erotica writer right?

Amy (whispering): ‘So someone has given up.’

Me: ‘Did I? I just know that it feels better when *increasing finger speed* is doing it for you.’

A long moan came and I knew she was enjoying it. Her hand came over to me and touched it playfully, stroking it with long moments of rests. There was no doubt I was distracting her to an imbalanced pleasure giving.

Me: ‘Hey Amy, I’m going to tie you up now.’

I reached for the light switches and darkened the room. Vision lit only by the bathroom lights that shone through a small opening into the bedroom. The restraints secured her wrists together, and that would be all that will hold her down. Still, a knee jab would do the job of getting me off her if I crossed the line.

In the dimmed setting, a lighter lit a candle I had in my hand, glowing the surrounding views as it hovered over her chest. Her hands were kept above her head, so she wouldn’t accidentally knock into me and dirty where we will be sleeping – or ‘working out’ on.

The hot wax dripped on one side of her buns, and I hastily sucked on the other to relieve the pain that was going nowhere. Perhaps it would be better converted to pleasure right? The candle melted over the length of her body as I kissed my way down, till I reached her thighs. Bringing the candle to her chest again, she blew it out and I immediately climbed off the bed, resting my upper body so I could reach her pussy.

Her legs remained wide opened as I lapped her slit, moving in long strokes along the slippery hole. Planting a kiss on her clit, I began spelling. ‘A.. B.. C.. ‘ That was the only way I knew how to keep my tongue working, and her body twitching. Her hands came over my head a little later and she was guiding me, licking at where she felt best at.

The amount of juice she was leaking, I kept swallowing and the wetness just showed me how things would go once it was over.

Amy: ‘J! Keep going at that spot.’

I froze my head and flicked that area I dug deep into with my tongue, it was directly over her clit but towards the left folds of flesh. Working non-stop on it, it took her a couple of minutes before her body jerked upwards and I was rewarded with an extra shot of her love gushing like a waterfall onto the bed.

The breathless Amy then asked me back next to her, and tasted herself by kissing me on the lips.

Amy (whispering): ‘My turn now.’

The cuffs were slapped onto the wrists and she made sure to keep my hands behind my back. The candle was lit again and she began pecking down my body, slowly and still moaning to keep me desperate. The moment she arrived at my groin, I could only wish harder that she would just end this torture. The heat from the wax, against the sensual lips of hers, my body didn’t know how to react at all.

The fire went out and her hands were over my rod next, massaging it till pre-cum was oozing out in droplets where she would smear over my dick. The next thing I knew that caused my mind to go blank momentarily, it was her mouth that engulfed me in such warmth I knew I could not get enough of.

Sliding her lips up and down, it was her tongue that was stealing the limelight. I could feel her twirling in circles, tickling the sensitive ring under the head, sucking so hard that all the blood was rushing down to enlarge it even further. Even my balls were subjected to her hands playing with them.

Amy: ‘Is J going to shoot?’

Me: ‘No. I’m going to.. *ahhh*’

She went faster and maintained a suction that felt as though I was inside her. I couldn’t think of anything else except that I was losing control, and might just cum if she kept going. Clearly, she was making the slurping sounds that turned me on even more, till I was flopping frantically to hold myself in.

Me: ‘Amy! I’m gonna cum! Stop stop!’

She left her lips at the tip and took over jerking the shaft, till my waist sank into the mattress. My throat gave off a loud, deep groan as the first shot fired into her mouth, and kept squirting as she lowered her lips in short, quick moves.

Me (groaning): ‘Amyyyy… ‘

She stayed in that position till my body went limp and I was too drained to see what she did with the cum. Hurrying back to my side, our vision locked in smiles and she swallowed loudly. What. Could. I. Be. Thinking?

Me: ‘Hey, you don’t need to.’

Amy: ‘Oops! But I know I want to.’

We made out for a while and brought the lights back on. As the clock showed 5.30, we called room service for dinner and the food arrived as we got decently dressed. None of us noticed the handcuffs and candle that was left lying on the night-stand. Damn.

Can you guys guess how we had our dinner? Naked of course! Unwilling to waste the food on each others’ bodies, we quickly finished up and went back to the dim lights.

Amy (whispering): ‘So is J ready for the rest of the night? Can’t waste the money sleeping right?’

To her horror, I took a silver pill box and swallowed the blue pill. The pill that would show her the best (or crazy) reality for the rest of the night. Armed with a hard rod fuelled by Viagra, she was wetter the moment she saw how it rose to the calling.

I pinned her down on the bed after slipping a condom on, and whispered in my most manly tone, ‘Let’s not let any of this go to waste’. My hips drove deep into her pussy and she grabbed my arms tightly, ready for the ‘tour’ we will be having around the room.

Most of the regular sleeping hours were spent in sex-filled moans, and mind-blowing orgasms. Despite our initial plan to ‘make full use of the one-night-stay’, our bodies did not hold up and collapsed once we hit the J5:A6 mark.

The final moment I remembered before sleeping was the sun shining through the ground-to-ceiling window, which we left undrawn as midnight struck. Yes, it was 4am. That morning when I woke up, it was her mouth that began making breakfast under my waist. Part assisted by the Viagra, I laid dead still on bed as she took me deep throat, finally balancing the score to J6:A6 in time for a relaxing long soak in the tub before checking out.

How would you guys spend a night in MBS with your girls? What’s your idea of ‘making your money’s worth’ in the newest luxurious hotel in our tiny island?

Tired Bunny

Cynthia: ‘You want to take it today?’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. I am working late tomorrow.’

She went into her room to bring me the little blue pill and I popped it into my mouth without hesitation. We spent the next ten minutes cuddling on the sofa, while waiting for the Viagra to take effect. Well, there was no specific need to take that kind of medication, but on days where we had offs, it would be our little enhancement drug to keep going for rounds after rounds.

As expected from the pill, her hand was soon roaming over my shorts, squeezing that erection that was growing slowly but surely. Cynthia couldn’t wait for it to be fully awakened and slipped my shorts off, giving that suffocated cock of mine some fresh air. That brown-haired girl I fell in love with had something in her that attracted me from the first sight. Her big eyes in those tiny lids, were always in an alluring wetness, looking full of hope.

I need not tell her what to do and her head descended over my lap, sniffing a few times to make sure I was clean. How could I not be prepared right? Even if both of us were working early the next day, we would always go for a round or two of routine sex. However, when we include that Viagra, things would be a little.. or a lot different.

That cute pink lips slipped over the tip and her tongue came forth to swirl around my pee hole, making it so sensitive my body trembled. It was her way of telling me she was ready. Though I wasn’t her first boyfriend, she was not very sexually experienced. That being one of her strong points, I was soon groaning as her mouth slid up and down my shaft, hungrily but in a controlled speed.

I couldn’t bear too much of her oral sex as she might make me cum just right there and then. How could I let such a long night come to an end so early? Her head continued to bounce up and down, filling me with lust and a sense of security. It was that beautiful sight of trust being exchanged in our most private regions.

Slurping sounds began to get loud as she went faster, driving my head numb with excitement of what was about to come.

Me: ‘Cynthia, get on top of me.’

She rolled her t-shirt up and removed her tight black denim shorts, climbing over my body without looking away from my eyes. That level of urgency, I was beginning to fear I couldn’t satisfy her enough. She wrapped her arms around my neck and lowered herself, with my hand holding my dick upright so it would reach the right hole.

Her juices advanced first by lubricating all over my shaft, before her pussy came to swallow my manhood up. A long gasp escaped her mouth and her body moved naturally back and forth, grinding her hips even though I was barely prepared. My hands cupped themselves over her B cups breasts, jiggling as I kneaded them to make her moan louder.

Cowgirl wasn’t my favourite position, but seeing how she enjoyed being in control, I simply let her body gyrate till my dick head got too worked up, brushing against her g-spot that was slowly closing in on me.

I carefully straightened my legs under her body and rolled over to place her on the sofa. Holding her knees high up against her shoulders, I began to pound her deeply, forcing the sexy moans out of her mouth in the sweetest voice ever. She was letting my dick do all the work without faking, sometimes going silent and occasionally squeezing her muscles together to make me slow down in that tightness.

Me (whispering): ‘You’re super playful today.’
Cynthia (whispering): ‘I want all your cum inside me today.’
Me (whispering): ‘As you wish.’

I kept thrusting balls-deep into her till she herself was spreading as wide as she could, feeling my rod stiffen and thicken as more blood got blocked from exiting her mind-blowing love hole. Cynthia knew exactly how to keep me moving and I never stopped during the first round. Slapping sounds between our hips grew louder as she begged for me to fuck her harder. Whatever she asked for, my body obediently obeyed and made sure to make her regret asking me to go faster or slower.

Pumping in longer strokes, her soft palm went on my waist and held me as I jerked at an increasing speed. Her vagina was getting narrower around my dick, pulsating as her eyes closed gently. She looked as though she was going to lose consciousness, but was more awake than ever as her back arched abruptly up and down.

Cynthia (screaming): ‘I’m gonna cum. Go faster! Cum with me!’

I closed both her knees together and turned her to the side, where she helped herself up into doggie position. Now in my most enjoyable stance, her firm butt served as the most comfortable cushion as I rammed at my top speed, recoils softened by her meaty ass.

Me: ‘Almost there now.’

The quiet girl was just jerking to my movements and did not say a word, head pointed upwards as her senses went berserk over the first round.

I felt my dick tighten to an unbelievable level with help from Viagra, and the first load spurted out as I slid my cock into her. Followed by the non-stop intense ejaculation, I could not get Cynthia to talk to me even though I was groaning in that tight hole of hers.

The final moment lasted for a good ten seconds and I tumbled onto the empty space beside her, still wondering what she was up to without giving me any reply.

Me: ‘Cynthia, are you okay?’

Her ass was still perked in doggie but her eyes were closed. I did not dare to touch her till about thirty seconds later, her body went from a shiver to a convulsion, getting into a fit as she collapsed sideway towards me.

I could only hug her tightly while she repeated ‘oh my god’ over and over again. Only then, I knew she was cumming even after I pulled out and the orgasms had caused her muscles to stiffen.

We spent almost half an hour in each other’s arms to let her recover, and as much as I wanted sex, she had looked too weak and tired from just the first round.

Cynthia (whispering): ‘Can we rest first? I can’t do it anymore.’

I carried her like a sleeping kid into our bedroom, where she smiled weakly when I pulled the blanket over her. I laid by her side in a spooning position, with my dick poking at her uselessly knowing she might just sleep till morning. Deep in my heart, I know she wanted to please me more but her body was not listening.

As tiredness got the better of me, I did not expect anymore action that evening, and went to sleep. I had spent almost an hour looking at her when she turned over, and felt something so peaceful and calming I never experienced before.

It was that sound face in front of me, breathing slowly with a hidden smile I made out in the dark bedroom. She’s like.. a baby bunny who had too much fun playing around and had fallen asleep unknowingly.

New Sex

Hannah reached the hotel in Sentosa at exactly 2pm, and in the room, her contact was waiting. It was a working day for her, for a very special kind of job she requested. As her story plays out, you guys will find out what she does and how such a system works in the darker side of our society.

Agent: ‘Feeling good today?’
Hannah: ‘Yupp.’

Her bags and shoes were placed at the doorstep, where he would take them away to prevent anyone from stealing. He opened a metallic sweet can and took out two pills, handing it to her along with a glass of water. Hannah was used to this method and she swallowed the medication, removing her dress and bra, changing into a white lacy robe dress that could be undone from the waist strap.

Agent: ‘The guy will come at 3pm. Have a good rest till then.’

She tucked herself under the blanket and let the drug take effect, slowly draining her of her energy but did not let her fall asleep. Her job was similar to any prostitute, but being a Singaporean in her 20s and studying in a local university made her a sought after girl for guys who wanted to experience ‘raping’ or having sex with a passed out girl. This was her choice of providing service as it would lessen her guilt, yet remain appealing to a specific group of men.

About an hour later, the hotel’s room door unlocked and a man in suit appeared, stripping before her eyes (she could see him from the bed) and heading into the showers. Hannah was trying to calm herself down while waiting, still feeling tense from meeting someone for the first time (of many).

Man: ‘You can hear me right? I’m Anson.’

He was naked and looking into her eyes as she blinked in response. Now, all that was left for her to do was – nothing. The blanket slid down her body to the cold air and she felt her robe being undone, panties tugged awkwardly down her legs and into a corner she couldn’t see.

Anson climbed onto the bed and laid next to her, spreading one of her legs to the side to expose her waxed pussy. His fingers went straight for her pussy and moved in circles at her clit, triggering her breaths to go faster as she got horny and wet. His mouth cupped over her nipple and sucked on it gently, like a baby milking her.

Unlike other men, he was very delicate and was paying lots of attention to her breathing, as the only sign to know if she was ready. His teeth came to play on her nipples soon after, nibbling and grinding. The little pain did drive her crazy and she was glad she couldn’t move, if not she might have raped him instead (thus ruining the deal).

Anson: ‘I’m going to begin now.’

He changed his position to her groin and made sure her legs were wide opened. Leaning his hips towards her pussy, he had wore the condom while in the showers, and did not take advantage of the ‘raw’ offer her agent gave. Very carefully, he sent his dick into her and watched her eyes widened to his size.

He was a gentle giant that made her felt more like a woman than a vulnerable slut. As he touched down in her pussy, he let off a soft groan to let her know he was feeling good and proceeded to thrust his hips, driving that long rod into the blushing girl who was helpless in his arms.

Seeing the immobilised state of Hannah, he was picking up speed fast and getting more violent, but without hurting her. Hannah was getting high from the powerful strokes and her breasts were being squeezed at the same time. Just as she was about to climax, he picked both her ankles up and closed them above his chest, creating an extra tight hole as he felt her contracting pussy.

His groans got louder as she felt his dick filled her hole up and the intoxicating waves of pleasure were flooding her mind in no time, trembles shooting through her body as she came hard to the merciless thrusts.

Anson: ‘You came?’

A weak smile answered him and he laid back down on the bed. Turning the exhausted girl to the side, he bent both her knees and got into the spooning pose, where their bodies got into doggie while lying down. Ramming his hips behind her, her breaths got faster and shallower, allowing the graceful flow of pleasure pour into her body through his penis.

As he pounded her lifeless, his hand rested on one of her boobs, kneading as he panted quicker too. Fucking for almost fifteen minutes into their meet up, he was getting tired as well and decided to let her lie flat on the bed, on her chest.

This time, he sat on her thighs and plugged his dick right in, pinning her back down with his chest. Going deeper and faster, his hips slapped loudly on her ass, screwing her poor hole as deep as he could reach. The second orgasm was coming soon and her pussy was already closing in on him.

Anson was at his wit’s end as he felt how tight she got, and moved at his maximum speed. Finally, Hannah’s mind overpowered the drug for a moment and moaned out loud, expressing her orgasm as he groaned in a deep voice.

Anson: ‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

He pulled out of her and hurried over to her head, where the condom was unrolled on the way. Turning her head to his dick, he pried her lower jaw open and sank his meat in, jerking in quick, short motion while pushing on her chin.

As her teeth scratched his raw skin, a new sensation of pain-pleasure mix shot through his body, forcing his cum to explode all over her lips in a poorly angled aim. Most of it was dribbling down her cheeks but he had cleaned them up with a towel, looking a little lost but satisfied at the sight of his cum still squirting onto her face.

Once he was done, he wiped her as cleanly as he could and head into the showers. Job done and pleased (along) with her customer, she calmed herself down while the man took his belongings and left.

After ten minutes, her agent came through the door and let her take a sniff from a brown bottle, returning her energy to her. Knowing that the effects will only last for a while, she quickly washed up and wore her robe back, lying in the same position earlier before she felt weak again.

Agent: ‘The next customer will come at 4pm. Have a good rest till then.’

With that, he left her and the next customer really made his money worthwhile, raping her in all three holes till he creampied into that sore pussy.

Now guys, if you had a chance with her, how would you spend that S$500? Imagine she was your girlfriend in slumber? Or a slut unconscious on drugs?

Fairy Tales

Mum: ‘Son, are you sleepy?’
Eric: ‘Yeah. Tired from work ba.’
Mum: ‘Okay. Go to bed earlier then.’

He went into the bedroom without thinking too much into the glass of cranberry juice she gave him and laid under the blanket while his mum came to close the door.

The long day at work had worn him out and his mean manager didn’t make it any easier for him either. Finally closing his eyes, footsteps came from his door and a glow appeared just as he blanked out.

Eric (whispering): ‘Mummy?’
Mum: ‘Shhh.. go to sleep.’

The half sleeping pill she slipped into his drink did not totally knock him out, but let him drift between slumber and sober. The bold plan of her to check out his son’s growth came after her group of ‘tai tais’ gossiped about their children being as big as their husbands.

Halfway making out what was happening, Eric felt his boxers get pulled down to his feet, and the blanket flipped away to uncover his unsuspecting dick.

Mum (whispering): ‘Mummy is just going to check how big you are. My friends are always talking about it.’
Eric: ‘Huh?!’

A row of fingers went to his skin-draped cock and cold air immediately blew over the top as she peeled his foreskin back. Holding his dick with her index finger and thumb, a gentle move up and down turned the closed-eyes boy on. In no time, he was semi-erect to his mother’s hand, worn out by the dishes and clothes she had to wash for the men in the household.

Eric: ‘Mummy.. can already?’

There was no reply from her as she breathed deeper, exhaling warm air over his groin. The mother of two (him and his sister) have not had sex for almost a week after his dad had went overseas, and now, eight inches of raw meat was before her eyes.

A warm breath came down his dick head after a few seconds and Eric knew what was about to come. A slippery wet tongue went over his tip and circled with accidental flicks across the little hood. Lips closing tightly together, that softness of his flesh glided into her mouth easily, garnering a whisper-like groan as she pushed her head downwards.

That bit of saltiness told her pre-cum was leaking, but the motionless boy was giving her much more to do than just pleasing his rod.

Mummy: ‘Ric, just lie down and relax k?’

His pillow shook as he turned his head to reject her incestuous offer. Did she stop? Not at all. Reaching between her own legs, her fingers wriggled into her shorts, going between her wet folds of meat to seek that clit desperately looking for some attention.

The slurping sounds came after a while and she was so energetic to get some action going, even if it meant having her son as a partner.

Climbing onto his bed, the familiar scent of her dear boy was filling up her nose and the desire to be closer to her just get stronger. She then placed her legs over his waist and sat on his abs, slightly flabby from the lack of exercise.

Fingers leaving her pussy, she reached behind for his dick and pointed it upright, sliding her ass down his body as the tip popped into her love hole. By then, Eric had his head turned sideways with his teeth over his lips, unable to resist nor intended to say anything.

As her slimy vaginal walls wrapped itself over his manhood, Eric opened his mouth for a sharp intake of air, as though her tightness had forced some air out of him.

Mum: ‘Is it comfortable?’

Eric gave her a nod and she continued moving her hips, grinding up and down and letting the waves of pleasure flow through her womb. Her 24 year old boy had never been so sexy in front of her, groaning gently as she rocked her bottoms. The fact that he was growing bigger in her told her how much he was enjoying it as well.

She began shifting her feet to his thighs after a while and Eric was making a different noise, like a hum with his teeth together. Mum was getting wilder as she bounced on his lap, slamming down harder to reach deeper. Droplets of sweat was landing on his body as she worked out, squeezing her pussy to drive Eric crazy as well.

After a few minutes, she saw him shaking his head wearily and increased her pace. Seeing him opening his eyes suddenly, she leaned backwards and continued fucking him in a sliding motion, going up and down his upper thighs.

Mum: ‘I’m gonna cum!’

As she felt her pussy contract, a warm gush of liquid shot into her and she went faster, using his dick to rub against her g-spot till she herself was trembling too. The orgasm was so strong as she did not had sex for a long time, weakening her while Eric’s hips jerked upwards instinctively.

The two of them let their bodies tire themselves out before she resumed a squatting position over him, standing up while her hand held him down.

A few drops of cum landed on his dick as she left, but her mouth quickly came to clean him up before the blanket went over his body.

Right then, their main door opened and his sister called out to tell them that she was home. Pecking on Eric’s forehead, her hand moved away from his dick under the blanket to leave him to sleep.

Once Elsa left her bag on the couch, she went into her brother’s room, mother busy with her stuff in the master bedroom.

Elsa (whispering): ‘Kor, asleep?’
Eric (whispering): ‘Nope.’

Her hand went under the blanket to find him bottomless, and understood that he was horny that night, just like her. As she joined him under the blanket, he could not find the strength to tell her what just happened, and went for another round of crazy cowgirl sex. Which surprised Elsa with his extra long stamina to get two orgasms before he unloaded into her hand with a finisher handjob.

Twisted tales? Well, if only mummy knew what daddy did to Elsa when she wasn’t around in the day.

Love Seeds

Seated at the dining table, Wendy waited patiently with her younger sister, Queenie, while Shane cooked a few packets of instant noodles for them. He was a secondary three student in the same class as Queenie and had saw how she was shivering when he walked her home. Not wanting to let her wait till dinner before she had her first meal of the day, he had invited her to his place where she asked Wendy to come along as well, with Shane’s permission.

Shane: ‘Here. Eat slowly k? I added something special to make it super yummy.’

The girls ate in huge mouthfuls to ease their hungry stomachs, unsuspecting that the ‘special’ ingredient he added would lead to something else. It wasn’t like Shane knew what he added too, it was a dried powder he saw in the condiment rack that he got addicted to sniffing whenever he was home alone. Perhaps the girls would like it too.

Wendy: ‘What did you add? It’s super nice.’
Shane: ‘I don’t know too. I always see my parents adding to their own food but not mine.’

While Wendy was finishing up the soup, Queenie had left the table and went to explore his house, one that was cosy and had high end appliances they would never have.

Queenie: ‘Your bed is so big! Can I lie down for a while?’
Shane: ‘Sure. Just don’t wet it.’
Queenie: ‘Wah lau. I’m only napping leh.’

He shut the door behind himself after he pulled the blanket over the uniform-clad girl, returning to the kitchen to see Wendy finishing her sister’s bowl of soup.

Shane: ‘So hungry ah?’
Wendy: ‘Yeah. Thank you so much.’

She did the dishes quickly and went to the living room, sitting next to Shane who was asking about her life. The 20 year old girl was studying in a local ITE then, and working part time to support her family. The two of them spoke for a while before Wendy got too tired, and started dozing off on the couch.

Seeing how tired she was, it was Shane’s turn to see the effects of the spice he put into their food. He removed his pants and sat nearer to Wendy, before placing his hand on her thighs. There was no reaction from her and he proceeded to slide upwards, pushing his way into the black skirt of her attire.

Drowsily, Wendy was feeling something new. Her body did not mind the hand roaming along her inner thighs and she even wanted him to go between her skirt. Turning her head sleepily towards Shane, she whispered to him not to stop and he knew his plan was succeeding.

Slowly, he let his finger tips touch on her panties and trembled intentionally, pushing against her pussy to get her off. Wendy held his hand and shoved it harder onto her panties, enjoying the few minutes of pussy-play till she finally gave in.

Rocking left and right, she lifted her skirt to her hips and pulled her panties to a side, then forcing his fingers into her pussy while moaning for him to hear.

Wendy (whispering): ‘Don’t tell anyone k? I’m just paying for the meal.’

The excited Shane kept his eyes on her face as he sank deeper, exploring the innards of her vagina that he had never felt before. Suddenly, Wendy held his wrist and thrust all the way, going in a jerking motion till her stomach arched upwards. Feeling her pussy closing in on his fingers, Shane was all smiles when he felt a stream of warm liquid flowing down his palm.

Shane: ‘You came?’
Wendy: ‘Yeah.’
Shane: ‘Can you touch me too?’

Grinning tiredly, she knew she had to return the favour. Sloppily, she wriggled her hand into his underwear and grabbed his manhood, still growing in her grasp. Stroking it up and down, Shane was going into overdrive as she had found the perfect tempo to help him ejaculate in the shortest time.

Shane: ‘Stop moving first. Can you use your mouth?’

That young boy looked so tempting to conquer and she let him removed his underwear before lying on his lap. Taking his dick whole into her mouth, she pressed her lips tightly on his shaft before bobbing up and down. It was totally overwhelming for Shane whom had never done it before, especially when she squeezed her lips on the upward stroke, and plunging deep down to her throat whenever she went down.

In her skilled mouth repeating the milking motion, Shane knew he could not last long in this situation.

Shane: ‘Can I have sex with you?’
Wendy: ‘Sex? Do you have a condom?’
Shane: ‘Wait.’

He ran into his parents’ bedroom and fished a condom out of a drawer he saw when he was exploring their room. Wendy took it from him and helped him put it on, before climbing over his lap facing him.

Wendy: ‘I’ll put it in myself. Don’t move k?’

The shy boy nodded as he felt her hand going between her legs to point his dick upright. She then lowered her body and Shane drew a deep breath of air when her pussy enveloped his dick.

Shane: ‘Shit.. I’m cumming.’
Wendy: ‘So fast?’

She then began riding him as his virgin load emptied into the rubber, filling it to the brim and pushing some of it out from the ring of the condom. Having just started with him, Wendy did not let him go and kept grinding him. The poor boy was thrashing his hips violently to get her off but she was pinning him down.

As time passed, the sensitive tip was going numb and he found himself erecting again inside her. The experienced Wendy could feel how strong he came back to and did not stop moving her hips.

Wendy: ‘Let’s do it right this time.’

She went to the bedroom of his parents and laid on the bed, while Shane changed out the condom for a new one. With her legs opened, he knew where to go and planted his dick right into the older sister, where she kept him still by wrapping her legs around him.

Wendy: ‘Move slowly. Don’t rush.’

As instructed, he pounded her at a comfortable pace, enjoying the waves of meat massaging his dick. Unknown to him, his parents had returned home to see the doorsteps with two new pairs of shoes. They saw what he was doing on their bed and did not interrupt him, leaving the house after placing the bags of groceries in the kitchen.

Wendy: ‘Change to doggie. I like that better.’

Doggie did not mean anything to Shane then but he let her flip on her hands and knees, getting into position for the rear entry. He did not spend anymore time looking at her and drove his cock back in, ramming her faster than before.

Wendy’s body was registering an incoming orgasm she least expected from this young boy, but it was too late to do anything. As she screamed out that she was cumming, Shane felt the similar sensation when he ejaculated earlier, going faster against his body’s wish.

Going wild at the older girl, she felt his dick pulsate as the condom filled up with whatever little cum he had left. Too overwhelmed by the second wave of orgasm, he fell backwards onto the bed and watched Wendy who reached for her pussy to massage her swollen clit.

Shane: ‘I’m going to my room to change.’

He then left her masturbating on his parents’ bed and went to where Queenie was sleeping, except that she wasn’t asleep.

Queenie: ‘You had sex with my sister?!’
Shane: ‘Yeah.. I.. ‘
Queenie: ‘You know I like you?’

He could not find any excuses for himself after appearing waist naked in front of his classmate. It was still dripping juices and Queenie couldn’t looked anymore disappointed.

Queenie: ‘It’s not fair.’
Shane: ‘What can I do to make up for it? I’m sorry.’
Queenie: ‘Do it with me too.’

He stared at her as she flipped the blanket away, revealing her pussy between her crossed legs. It was wet and glimmering in the sunlight from the window, giving his dick the wrong ideas as it twitched on its own.

Queenie: ‘See? You wanted it too.’

He looked at his feet where his dick was in the way, and saw how stiff it was standing. Silently, he walked to his study table and retrieved a condom, where Queenie snatched it away from him.

Queenie: ‘I don’t want to use it. I want you inside me.’

With that, she turned herself into doggie and looked back at him. Shane was happily left with no choice but to please his admirer too, after all he had done with her sister. Stepping near the bed, she perched her ass higher and he held it gently, dipping his tip into her while she clenched the bedsheets tightly.

Shane: ‘Your first time?’
Queenie: ‘Yupp. There’s no blood cause I always masturbate with my sister’s toys.’
Shane: ‘But I’ve given my first time to your sister.’
Queenie: ‘It doesn’t matter. I want you inside me now.’

He took a step forward to sink his rod into her, freezing when he felt how tight she was. A virgin after all, was unlike her sister. Increasing his speed slowly, he was in the next level of heaven as his dick kept pushing outwards of that tiny hole. His classmate was moaning ecstatically to his thrusts.

Somehow, the third round lasted way longer than he had ever imagined and they changed to missionary after a while, kissing while his hips kept slamming against her groin. The waves of orgasms began when they took this position, driving her body berserk as she climaxed non-stop from the g-spot rapid firing.

The area under their genitals was soaked but Shane was admiring how much she was enjoying herself. Biting lips, gasping air, serious looking glares whenever she cums, it was all etched in his mind clearly. Queenie simply couldn’t get enough of this vein-lined dick that was pushing all of her buttons at a fast speed.

Shane: ‘I am going to shoot.’
Queenie: ‘Take it out. I’ll suck it for you.’

He pushed himself against the wall to stand before her, closing his eyes as she placed his hands on her shoulders. Slurping his juicy dick in her mouth, she worked diligently, going as deep as she could take it. It was after all her crush’s penis that was inside her. There was no way she would hurt him, and on top of that, the determination to please him was driving her faster.

Shane: ‘It’s coming.’

Queenie took his testicles in her palm and rolled them around while she teased the underside of his little head, swirling her tongue in circles. Soon, the first shot erupted into her mouth and she moved her tongue faster, thrusting her head shallow at his rod.

With that vacuum suction draining him of his energy, Shane’s mind was elsewhere as he lost control of his body. Almost ten shots later, his magazine was firing blanks and Queenie gave the last slurp on her way out.

Patting his hips, he looked at her as she opened her mouth to reveal the load that was as much as his first. Unbelievable to him, he did not say a word while he sat beside her.

Queenie: ‘It tastes good. And it’s a lot!’
Shane: ‘I already shot twice with your sister.’
Queenie: ‘Really? Oh my god.’
Shane: ‘Yeah. I don’t know why it’s still so much.’
Queenie: ‘Not that. But it means we have to go for another round.’

The wooden door emitted two knocks, followed by Wendy who asked her sister to check her phone.

Wendy (Whatsapp): ‘I’m going home first. Have fun with your classmate.’

The main door opened and shut, returning everything to the same quietness as they entered the house.

Shane: ‘This time, I want to make love with you, not have sex.’

He slipped under the blanket with Queenie and let her handle his dick, jerking and rolling her thumb over the tip as he recharged himself. As his mind drifted off to sleep, Queenie woke him up with her weight over his abs, and sent his dick to where it belonged, hot and raw into her pussy.

The energetic 15 year old did the work of riding him for the rest of the session, grinding and bouncing on top of him till his body gave in and went into full relaxed state, keeping only his dick upright for her.

There was nothing he needed to do except to play with her breasts, and waiting for the moment to come. There was no words to describe how much they fun they were having, they were so intense that even his parents were ignored when they returned home.

Shane: ‘The second load is coming! Get off me! I can’t control it anymore.’

Thrilled by the good work she had done, she lifted herself just enough to let his dick out and slid her pussy along the underside of his shaft, stroking it between the fleshy moulds of her roselips.

In under ten seconds, the measly squirts of cum departed onto his body and Queenie glided her body down to rest between his legs. Thereafter, she licked his cum off his body and went back to cleaning his dick, coating it with her saliva in replacement to her juices.

Queenie: ‘Will you by my boyfriend?’
Shane: ‘Of course. You’re mine from now.’

The two students fell asleep till dinner time, where his parents had cooked up a sumptuous meal. Wendy was invited to their place and the girls’ parents couldn’t be happier to save on a meal so they could have more on their next.

Shane: ‘Daddy, this is my girlfriend, Queenie. Her sister, Wendy.’
Daddy: ‘Hope you girls had fun this afternoon. Tuck in.’

Wendy wasn’t jealous nor guilty that she had done Shane before her little sister, because Queenie had texted her, giving her permission to share Shane between the both of them. That night, Wendy and Queenie slept with Shane, but the ‘sleep’ didn’t come till he was too exhausted and dried.

So, what was the ‘special’ he added to their food? Did his parents add it to dinner as well?

Meth Equation

Boss: ‘Welcome home.’

On the glass coffee table, was a line of meth on a medical cutting mat and a paper straw. Josephine had just reached home from work and she immediately dropped her bag once she saw the treat. Bending over the table in front of Boss who was sitting naked on the couch, she snotted the line up her nose and waited for the effects to kick in.

Her white short skirt was raised up to her hips and he proceeded to plug his dick into his personal sex slave, driving it into her semi-wet pussy. Josephine who was in a trance did not bother about his entry and let her knees fall slowly down on the floor, allowing Boss to thrust his thick juicy cock into her. Moans and groans were soon filling up the living room and she was getting high from the drug. The tremors in her hands did not affect his domination over this addict and he just kept going.

Soon, she was grinding him on the sofa while facing forward, fucking the dick to get her orgasms out of him. Boss then took a thin 6 inch dildo, and gave it a lick before sticking into her ass, where she groaned in pain to the rare occasion of being fucked in both holes.

Josephine: ‘Boss, let’s go to the room.’

He turned her around and let her mount on his dick, carrying her to the bedroom while connected to each other. Dropping her limp body on the queen-sized mattress, he remained kneeling and continued to pound the breath out of her. The disorientation was somewhat making her hornier and she had knocked Boss onto the bed, climbing over him to ride the stick that was pushing all of her buttons. Her strapless top was unzipped and he fondled her boobs by squeezing them and torturing her nipples till they were swollen and red.

Meth did its job of turning her on and the high purity of it kept the effects lasting. In no time, she was growing tired and collapsed onto Boss, where he had to do the work of thrusting upwards into her cunt.

Boss: ‘Feeling good?’
Josephine: ‘Yes. Thank you Boss.’
Boss: ‘Before you sleep, suck me till I cum.’

She got up very lazily and went into 69, without needing Boss to lick her. She let his hips guide the piece of cock into her mouth and jerked her body back and forth, fucking his dick as deep as she could go. At times when she slowed down due to the mental exhaustion, he would ram it down her throat to wake her up. Nearly five minutes later, Boss tugged on the dildo in her ass to make her go faster. She pressed her lips together and went down till her throat was gagging. Knowing how Boss liked her deep throat, she kept up for the last sprint without a break.

Boss: ‘I’m cumming Josie.’

Mmm~ She could only mumble that word as his dick thickened slightly, before a pulse worked its way along his shaft, channeling his semen into his little slut. She kept his pee hole at her lips to let her tongue play with it, while making a light suction to extract the essence of him. After a minute, he was done with her and she rolled to the side, drained of energy and filled with cum.

Boss: ‘You take a nap first. Put this on.’

He handed her a silk blindfold and went to the TV in front of the bed once she put it on. Taking the camcorder he placed by the table, he transferred the videos to his laptop and applied some automatic editing to it. The professional looking video clip was then played on the TV, going on a repeat mode.

After some time, Josephine was awakened by her legs spreading, and the familiar sized dick poked slowly into her. Knowing it was her Boss, she did not remove the blindfold and let him did what he wanted to her body. Just that, it wasn’t her Boss inside her this time. It was the supplier of the meth, Mr. M. He had dropped off a kilo of the white powder at his place as Boss wanted, and he was invited to fuck the loyal user of his ‘prescription’.

Taking the lifeless girl in missionary, he went all out at her while grabbing at her soft breasts, playing with them to get her to moan louder.

Boss: ‘Flip over.’

Josephine did as commanded without letting the cock inside exit, and her ass was soon feeling the dildo going deeper from the thrusts of Mr. M. He simply couldn’t get enough of her tight pussy and did not take any breaks in between. The familiar dick went on without stopping for almost ten minutes before the slow-down came, and she knew he was at his limits.

Boss: ‘Are you on the pill?’
Josephine: ‘Yes.’
Boss: ‘Okay. I am going to cum inside you.’

She grabbed the sheets tightly before it even began, and waited for Mr. M to increase his speed. Slapping sounds echoed loudly in the room as he pounded her fiercely, sending her two orgasms in a row before he froze deep inside her. The huge load of cum flushed into her pussy and it kept going till it flowed out of her plugged cunt. The dick then left her body and she fell to her sides, panting and catching her breaths from the intense fuckathon.

Smiling, she peeled the blindfolds off and her eyes widened when she saw Mr. M, a thin, muscular guy wearing a geeky pair of spectacles, zipping his pants up.

Josephine: ‘Did he just fuck me?!’
Boss: ‘Yes. Look beside you.’

She saw the packet of white powder labelled ‘Mr. M’ and knew what was happening. Not wanting to destroy the mood of the supplier of her medicine, she covered herself with the blanket and waited till he left.

Boss: ‘Here, take another dose.’

He brought another line of meth to her on the bed and she inhaled it in the same manner, through her nose. Falling back onto the bed, Boss tucked her in before returning to the camera, where the second episode was completed with the help of Mr. M. She knew she was being filmed, but it did not affect her one bit as long as Boss took care of her.

Beautiful sex or love story? It seemed to be none of them. But as long as they enjoyed themselves, who is to say they are in the wrong?

Enslaved by Lust

This time, she was in an old white t-shirt with a pair of beach shorts, walking with those slender long legs in front of me. I only knew which block she lived in, but nothing more than that. The multiple times we had saw each other, I was always in smart office wear and for her, in shorts and tank top depends if she was going far out or just across the road to buy lunch.

She turned into her lift landing and I continued walking in her direction towards the bus stop, where she give me a head-throw, in the most lian-ish manner while her hands were full.

Girl: ‘Going to work?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Lunch first.’
Girl: ‘You live next block ah?’
Me: ‘Yeah. At the end.’
Girl: ‘I see. Catch up some other time.’

Catch up? I was sure it was her way of saying the lift was here and I headed for work, bearing no thoughts to what she said earlier. Frankly speaking, the aura from her told me that she was towards the ‘ah lian’ side and I just couldn’t imagine myself having a girlfriend like her. Ah well, it was just pointless thoughts.

My day ended at 9pm and when I alighted from the same bus stop I boarded at, she was right there at the void deck, smoking till she saw me in the distance. Quickly stamping out the cigarette butt, she waved at me and I went to her, looking at the long stick she hardly took more than two puffs from.

Me: ‘So wasteful ah.’
Girl: ‘Haha. I don’t want you to see me smoking mah.’
Me: ‘Why not resting at home?’
Girl: ‘Oh.. umm.. here is more windy.’

Windy? Yeah. There wasn’t a single breeze when I stopped at the void deck. She was in the same white shirt but wearing a pair of FBT shorts this time, with a high cutting that showed some of her fair thighs.

Girl: ‘You want to sit down for a while?’

A flinch of my eyelids agreed and I joined her at the table, before taking out my iPad to check for some emails I was waiting for. She took out the box of Lucky Strike and clamped a stick between her fingers, before asking me for permission. Why not? I wasn’t going to stop her or tell her the harmful effects of smoking. She was just so easy to read in her defenceless state.

Girl: ‘You got girlfriend?’
Me: ‘No time lah. Need to work and earn money first.’

A click from her lighter lit the tip where she drew a gentle breath, catching all the idle smoke escaping from her lips into her mouth. There was something about how she smoke that got my attention, like portraying the beauty of how sexy a cigarette can look in the right hands.

Girl: ‘You want?’
Me: ‘No thanks. Don’t have to go home for dinner?’
Girl: ‘No one home also. Or you want to eat.. *cough cough*.. me?’
Me: ‘Eat you?’
Girl: ‘Eat WITH me lah!’
Me: ‘Order Macs can?’
Girl: ‘Anything lo.’
Me: ‘Let’s go to your place?’
Girl: ‘K. But I tell you first ah. It’s messy. Don’t laugh at me.’

I took my iPad and she helped me with my sling bag, taking it for me right to her door step. Her place had this homely smell like childcare centres, but it did not bother me at all. Upon placing all my stuff down, I sat at her couch and she joined beside me to check out the sluggish new menu of the Mcdelivery app. In no time, we placed our order and I paid with my card, not wanting to be delayed with cash or make her fork out a single cent.

She led me into her room using an excuse that there was air conditioning and I followed blindly, only noticing the conditioning unit above the TV when I found the time on the wall clock. Being in a girl’s room was as good as being in a different universe. The smell, comfort, and the hangers with clothes around every possible hanging space, was totally different from a guy’s ‘mess’.

Girl: ‘I go change first.’

She grabbed another old shirt that was longer and left while I asked her for her name. ‘Hannah!’, she shouted outside the door where she changed into a sleazy looking outfit. As though there was nothing below her waist, she joined me on the bed while I continued probing into her life, learning some facts about her work.

The delivery came after thirty minutes and she ran out of the room in front of me, taking the paper bags and walking away from the staring eyes of the delivery man. I could totally understand what he was imagining but that was all he was entitled to.

Hannah: ‘Let’s eat.’

The dinner was finished in a very animalistic manner as we fed hungrily, till she was too full and collapsed on the bed with her legs pointed at me. Well, being a gentleman and putting away the rubbish gave me a look between her legs, and a pair of pink, blue panties greeted me.

Hannah: ‘Come sleep with me.’
Me: ‘Huh!’

She held me by my arms and pulled me over herself, causing me to fall forward over her body and landed face to face with her. A loud gulp from her was like magic, silently waiting for me to pounce. I did not know how to react then and she began unbuttoning my shirt, stripping me in the most arousing way.

Tugging at my belt, she whispered ‘take it off’ and I obeyed easily. I was left in my underwear and she laid still on the bed, giving me a little space beside her waist. Guiding my hand to her crotch, she was sending so much vibe I couldn’t fight my urges anymore. To do or not to do? That was what kept repeating in my head. Could anyone be so lucky so easily?

Her hand went to my underwear and slipped into it effortlessly, holding and stroking it to start my fingers moving over her panties. Like clockwork, my hand rubbed on her pussy and her eyes closed, giving me a good look at how sleeping beauty fell into her own world. With soft moans coming from her, she was teasing the tip of my dick and I automatically removed her panties for her.

Finally, she held my dick in an over-grip and popped the golden question.

Hannah (whispering): ‘Can you fuck me?’

That was it. I had enough of holding myself back. Shifting to her legs, I raised her knees to the sides and let her position my dick with two fingers, like holding a cigarette. Docking myself carefully, her pussy spread so ever.. the word was ‘sensational’. I felt like I was opening a brand new Apple device when I entered, stretching her soft flesh around my hardness, taking breaths away from her gasping mouth.

Hannah: ‘Yes.. yes.. fuck me.’

Wasting no more time, I increased my pace at her and went from a ballet pace to a hip hop one, sliding my dick that felt extra long in and out of her. I made sure to leave every inch covered and rammed her with my might, determined to make good use of the Mcdonald’s we just ate.

Soon, I placed both her knees together and was fucking her so wildly the bed couldn’t stop creaking. Before my eyes, she reached for a drawer and took out a hand-rolled joint, lighting up as her body shivered when an orgasm blew up in her pussy. The first breath she took in rolled her eyes to a white and her moans changed to groans.

Still slamming my butt at her, she suddenly got a surge of energy and flipped herself on fours. Prying one of her ass cheeks open, I knew what she wanted and shoved my dick in one move, throwing her forward, almost hitting the headboard. Both of my hands on her waist, I was pounding the life out of her when I sensed my head spinning from the smoke she was exhaling.

It wasn’t normal cigarette smoke but had something in it. Not wanting to breath in anymore of the unknown substance, I took a deep breath and entered anaerobic state, sprinting my dick at her till she dropped her stick as orgasms flooded her mind. The tightness over my dick told me she was cumming and I kept pumping, extending the single climax into a continuous one.

The girl was convulsing non-stop in my hands and I kept going for another three minutes till I felt my urge coming. Quickly pulling out of her, she slumped onto the bed and picked up the smouldering stick, taking a last puff from it and getting hyped up once again.

Turning to me, she pushed me onto the bed and took my dick in her mouth, engaging a deep throat mouth fuck for a minute before I called out to her that I was cumming. She did not stop sucking and sank her head down, locking her lips near the base of my shaft.

The last straw came from her throat that was contracting to the foreign object and I gave in, firing my thick load into her mouth. Slowly lifting her head up, my sensitive cock kept squirting till she gave a final suck at it from the tip.

Giving my dick a peck, her mouth departed and her hand remained to keep it upright. Rubbing her thumb over the small droplet of sperm dew forming on top, I was breathless and felt a sense of freedom as she fondled my spent rod.

Falling in my arms, she laid still while her hand went to her pussy, masturbating herself while moaning into my ears.

Hannah: ‘Like it?’
Me: ‘It was so crazy. *panting*’
Hannah: ‘Will you do it with me again?’
Me: ‘Of course I will. You are super sexy.’

I brushed her face with the back of my hand and she brought her head to my dick again, sucking the small stud till it grew in her mouth. This time, she went slowly down on it and executed her best moves on me, stirring my dick fully awake with the skilled tongue of hers.

The second load went into her mouth and she swallowed it without hesitation, citing it as a pre-payment for the third round. Well, I didn’t expect to go for the third, but with what she did for me, I couldn’t say no right?

After a long rest, my dick stood up with her playful fingers and I went at her again, this time keeping her in missionary while I rammed my dick deep into her, and making out with her to prevent her from smoking anymore of the drug. The third round went into her mouth and she did not find a need to smoke anymore of that shit, making her glad I was the one to show her that sex was better than anything on earth.

Hannah: ‘I want you to fuck me everyday. Can?’
Me: ‘After work?’
Hannah: ‘Okay! Then can I help you out before work? I want to suck it again.’

So she was a drug-turned-cock addict? Whatever the case was, Hannah is now my little cum dump who willingly enslaved herself to my desires. From then on, she was asking me to do her at various places of our neighbourhood whenever we went for late night suppers or morning ‘walks’.