Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution. A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her […]

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Pharking Groupie

I kept a few feet from Kathy walking in front of me, on one of the long stretches of roads along Pierce Reservoir. Around her neck was a dog collar, with a nylon rope attached and dragging along the asphalt road so no one would see the ‘connection’. As instructed, she wore a wrap dress […]

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That Thing

Melvin: ‘She looks good.’ Guy: ‘Confirm you want her?’ Melvin: ‘Wait. I still don’t get it. How does it work?’ Guy: ‘Let me activate her first.’ He clicked on the thumbnail with the girl in a school uniform, and sent a message with the words ‘Vince, 231A. 2030hrs.’ The stranger who contacted Melvin passed him […]

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Teaching Them

Andy: ‘Ms. Chen, this is for you.’ He left the glass of water by the edge of the table where two of his friends were, sitting in for a ‘preview’ of her lessons before they sign up for the informal group tuition. Sarah had begin giving tuition during the day where her husband was out […]

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Breaths Taking Night

With the stars and city lights blending in the towering landscape, it was one of the most expensive hotel rooms in Singapore. We had spent the morning with a nice high tea session, along with an hour or so of shopping in MBS’ shopping area. No doubt things weren’t cheap, Amy and I managed to […]

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