Ultra Sonic

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Daddy: ‘Rinnie, come please daddy.’
Rina: ‘You’re not tired today Daddy?’
Daddy: ‘Never for you.’

She joined her dad on the couch and leaned on his lap, holding his thick cock with her little hand to guide his cock into her mouth. Given her small body, he easily reached into her shorts and slid his fingers between her pussy, rubbing that tiny clit till she’s wet.

Relatively, she took more of his meat into her mouth as she got wetter, swallowing up to three quarter of his adult manhood. He had long gotten used to her eager mouth that would peck along his shaft, and then making popping noises while sucking his tip.

This horrific act of incest started a few months ago, when he accidentally invented a top-secret medical device to help with PTSD. It worked similarly to mind control, but the only thing emitted is a single frequency in the inaudible sound spectrum, tuned to keep the thoughts of ‘purpose of living’ open for the wearer to redefine its meaning. The victim, when exposed to the frequency, will not consciously register whatever that happened, only side effects being the subconscious reduction of involved principles related to the acts committed.

That means, if he were to ask his daughter for the same favour without the device, he would face less resistance. The device driven by the kinetic movements of the blood vessels in the ear, can be worn indefinitely without any known long-term effects.

Daddy: ‘Good girl. Let’s go to bed early tonight.’

She stripped her shorts off and skipped into her bedroom, straightening her sheets for her daddy before lying on it. He need not do anything else since her legs were wide open. Lying on top of her, her pussy easily engulfed his dick in warmness and her moans started filling up the room instantly.

Rina (moaning): ‘Daddy! You’re especially big today!’
Daddy (groaning): ‘Yes baby. For you. Can you feel it?’
Rina (moaning): ‘Oh yes!’

Her little feet swung back and forth in the air as his hips slammed hard on her bum, plunging his cock deep into her pussy with pratice. Rina was just screaming in pleasure to his daddy’s strong strokes, flooding her mind with intense euphoria that she loved.

His body was growing weaker as his girl got tighter, wrapping around his dick in a perfectly wet environment. As his movements got sluggish, Rina embraced him in her arms and held him still for a moment.

Rina (whispering): ‘Daddy.. let Rinnie ride you.’

He pushed himself up and fell over on his back, giving his girl a chance to work her waist. She skilfully twerked her hips on his groin and sent him groaning, while his dick grew even larger inside her.

Rina (screaming): ‘Daddy! Cumming again!’
Daddy (groaning): ‘So am I!’

He quickly sat up and let her slip out of him, swapping her sweet, young pussy for her hand. Digging his finger into her, he rammed his digits deep as she pumped his cock, going all the way until they both hugged as his load sprayed between their bellies.

The father and daughter just kept moaning till he was done, and she playfully rubbed his cum over her fair skin.

Rina: ‘Daddy.. I’ll just sleep like this k?’
Daddy: ‘Alright. Just for tonight.’

He laid her down gently and tucked her into bed, careful not to dirty her blanket with his cum. After her goodnight kisses, he went into the living room, putting on a pair of shorts to continue waiting for his wife to get him.

*Distant giggles and keys clanging*

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Daphne’s Past 2

Part 1 | Part 2

After about two years of just dirty petting, I had graduated from primary into secondary school. The liveliness of the school really inspired me to be better, as the subjects were much more interesting and detailed. It was one night after CCA that I was dead tired, and being in dance really wore my muscles out. Dad joined me in bed as usual with mum abroad, and I knew what he wanted. Somehow, I wanted a ‘treat’ so I could sleep better too.

We were lying on our backs touching each other when he introduced me to ‘lubricants’, a slimy form of liquid that adults use for sex. I was having fun using it on his cock as he was squirming around when I stroke fast, making him appear weak in my grasp. He smeared some of it on my pussy as well, and it felt really sexy to feel his fingers sliding around. I had no idea how wet I was, but the lubricant was turning me on more than usual.

After a while of playing, he did not ask for me to sit up and help him finish off. Instead, he got up on his knees and pulled his shirt off, doing the same for me and even licking my nipples. The new sensation pushed my mind into a white screen with his fingers rubbing me at the same time, numbing my brains till I couldn’t think straight.

‘Use both hands to open your pussy’, his words skipped my mind and went straight into my body, translating it directly into actions. I pried my vagina lips open as far as I could while watching his distracted look, head pointing downwards at our groins I didn’t thought much of. A kiss went onto my forehead as he mentioned, ‘Daddy is going to put his little brother inside you k? Just hold onto me if it hurts.’

‘Are we having sex?’, I asked in a blur tone and that stopped him in his tracks. ‘Daddy wants his baby girl to feel even better’. Those words never left my head as pain screamed into my head, experiencing his large tip piercing into my small opening. I could picture every inches disappearing into me as my virginity was ripped apart, held open by his shaft that stretched me out thin. His groans actually made me thought that he was in as much pain and made me felt better knowing we were in this together. Little did I know he was in pure pleasure while I was in hell.

He had three quarter of his dick inside me when he stopped pushing, and my face was in a cramp from the agony. His next move to pull out ninety percent relieved my soreness for a moment, before another kind of pleasure replaced the ache. Each forward thrust took away more pain and I began looking forward to the next, body filling up with heat and an unknown relaxant, tightening my muscles at the same time relaxing it.

Moans started coming out of my mouth naturally and he was just putting on a constipated look, while ramming his cock into me. The times he forgot about my small body and went extra deep, every thought drifted away like clouds. I had my knees raised like an overturned frog so he could go deeper, and he met my unspoken desire for most of the strokes.

We were just screaming and moaning during the whole time, not bearing any thoughts to our neighbours or the placement of our apartment in the publicly accessible corridor. In my mind, I was addicted to the free-flowing orgasms that I couldn’t get any tighter to, since he was holding me open with his hardness.

‘Daddy is going to shoot!’, he exclaimed into my ears suddenly and pulled out of my disappointed body. He closed my knees together and stuck his dick through my thighs, resuming his thrusts in a little peek-a-boo game from my view. It only took him a while before the same white load splashed all over my body, gathering into a puddle on my belly button.

He then leaned on my legs, pushing them near my chest while kissing me on my closed lips, forgetting that I never really opened myself that much to him. Panting, he let my knees down slowly and flipped me to one side.

‘Have you started your menses?’, he collapsed behind me while hugging my waist, still trying to catch his old man’s breath. ‘No. Not yet.’ I told him the truth and he sat up again, turning my body so my chest was resting on the bed. He immediately went behind me and lifted my hips up, commanding me to open wide. In a flash, his wet cock was buried back inside me and the initial pain went away with each jerks, feeling his cock force its way into my pussy relentlessly.

In that position, I was cumming much harder and my voice went hoarse halfway. I was receiving all of his cock and he literally tore me apart for my first time. We fell flat onto the bed when he went really fast on me, driving me insane and causing me to lose consciousness momentarily. His cock never stopped fucking me until a long time later, where his cum filled my belly up with such warmness I could never forget.

When he was finally done with me, my bedsheets were dirtied with his cum (from my belly) and he helped me to change them. The lifeless me was like a doll, receiving a shower from him whom never stopped feeling me up. Once I touched the fresh sheets on my bed, I fell asleep and never woke up until dinner, where he brought me out in a dress he bought without letting me wear any undies.

Since that night, we were fucking whenever and wherever we could, sometimes in the staircase and other times in my mum’s car (he used when she wasn’t around). When I turned sixteen, the whole thing stopped suddenly and the damage he did to me was disastrous. Only when I met my first boyfriend, did I realise the extent of his abuse that my (now-ex) boyfriend made use of and exploited my ‘unresisting’ nature.

I am twenty three now, and have moved out of my parents’ place, not by choice, but by desperation. Even though my step-dad and I still meet, we never spoke about what we did. Now that a lawsuit is in the works against him, it might settle the uneasiness in me once and for all.

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Daphne’s Past

This particular entry is written from Daphne’s abusive past. Since then, she has gotten over it and am working in a reputable HR company.

Part 1 | Part 2

When I was ten, it was the first time my step-father had came into my room to sleep with me. I didn’t officially recognise him as my dad, but I could tell he was doing his best to get accepted. His friendly appearance actually made me felt awkward, like a stranger trying to be your best friend overnight. Though I can’t remember the exact words he said, the things he did to me stayed as vivid till today.

‘Can daddy sleep with you tonight? Mummy is overseas.’ He said in a tone that was so causal as if it was illegal to sleep with me when mum was around. Not suspecting anything, I replied ‘anything’ so I could get back to sleep. It was just another attempt for him to build our relationship as father and daughter, or so I guessed.

I turned away from him to sleep on my side and drifted off to sleep after he stopped fidgeting. An unknown amount of time passed when he placed his heavy arm on my waist, waking me up unnecessarily in a grouchy mood. He rolled me onto my back and I let him, unaware that he was naked until my hand accidentally slapped onto his side of the blanket. Still, I didn’t ask.

He opened his blanket and tucked my hand under, this time wrapping my hand around his thick cock. His hand never left my hand as he moved it up and down, until I was moving on my own. Next, I felt that same hand shifting over to my waist and went into my shorts, pantyless as usual. He split my pussy lips open for the first time in my life and pushed his middle finger onto my clit, rubbing it in circles and making my head lighter.

The naive me did not know what was happening except that it felt soothing. It was nothing I had felt before and my legs just got wider as he moved faster. ‘Nice?’, he whispered and I gave him a nod, unaware that I was jerking him faster as well. We spent the next fifteen minutes in that position, arms crossed over our hips and constantly moving our hands.

After some time, he asked me to sit up and he revealed what I was touching under the sheets, a red, swollen stick that was covered in veins. He grabbed my wrist and slowed me down, while telling me, ‘Daddy is going to get high now. Don’t stop until daddy stop shooting k?’

The naive me only asked, ‘shoot what?’. Without a reply, I watched his agonising expression as I pumped him faster, partly distracted by slipping my hand into my shorts to feel what just happened. My fingers couldn’t stop moving once I felt my clit and I just did what he did, massaging it and getting dizzy on my own.

His moans grew louder as I sped up, bringing myself nearer to an edge I did not know how to process. My body suddenly froze as an electrical wave shot through my back, and my clit turned really sensitive with lots of juices leaking. He took over control of my hand and jerked himself off, shooting the very liquid that I was curious about. His hips jerked uncontrollably until only droplets were oozing out from the tip, and I was immobilised by shock.

‘Let’s go and wash up together’, he stepped out of bed and carried me in his arms, like a princess that felt some form of love from him for the first time. I remembered washing that sticky cock of his while he cleaned me below, my muscles twitching with every touch of my sensitive clit. We went to bed after that and I didn’t wake up until it was too late for school.

In a daze and stumped mood, he told me he had called the school and I got the day off. Never had I expected him to do such a thing for me. It was after all every student’s dream to have an off day once in a while. That day onwards, I did not bother dressing up much when we were alone in the house, often walking around in panties and shirt while he just wore a thin pair of pants.

Every night my mum was out of the country, we would do the same thing. I was constantly wet and he was hard, but I knew I did more work jerking him off than him rubbing me. It was only when I reached secondary school, did I realised what I did was wrong, but we never stopped until much later in my teens.

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Daddy’s Secret

Part 1 | Part 2

This is an incestuous story from the numerous requests of my readers. It’s between a dad and his daughter. Happy fantasising!

Bernice: ‘Coming coming!’

She appeared in the living room in a tank top with gaping wide sleeves and a pair of plain denim skirt. Her tube bra was barely containing the contours of her breasts but there wasn’t a need to be worried with her dad around. For him, it was a pair of thick cotton pants and a t-shirt. It was after all a movie night for them as mummy worked late on Thursdays to hopefully get an off day on Friday.

Tucking her arms under daddy’s, they left their condo and made their way to i12, tickets paid for through online reservation. Being the first to enter the threatre, they found their spot somewhere in the middle. The film they were about to catch had been on screen for almost two weeks, and it was the last screening before it was gone.

Soon, the lights dimmed to the handful of audience and she went on to pull her bra down to her waist. With a cardigan on hand, it was more of a cover than to keep her warm. We all know that cardigans are invented to hide the beautiful skin of girls. Daddy quickly covered his legs and let her daughter lie on his shoulder, where his hand slipped under her shirt to fondle those pubescent young boobs.

As for Bernice, she had gone under her ‘cover’ and onto her dad’s lap, dick easily accessible without underwear on. Stroking it gently, she remain focused on screen while her nipples hardened in the chilly cinema. Once he had enough of warming her breasts up, he went for her skirt, where she had long been prepared without any panties on.

Dipping his finger into those wet, fleshy folds of pussy, she was wet as usual. Feeling daddy wriggling his rough finger into her pussy, she grabbed tighter onto his arm. Her hips had unknowingly begin to move, but he was soon moving faster to keep her still.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Let Daddy do the work.’

A shudder went across her body signalling an orgasm, with a smile that made her press her head harder onto the strong biceps.

90 minutes of showtime, 90 minutes of foreplay. Bernice had came a few times, and daddy haven’t. Given where they were playing, it was as far as they could afford to go. Before the movie ended, she pulled her bra back to its original position and helped daddy dry his wrinkled fingers. It was time for part two.

Heading back to their condo, they went straight for the carpark, where his personal two-door, four-seater car awaited. Hopping into the backseat, she removed her shirt and yanked her bra down, while daddy stripped his pants off. He leaned his body against the door and gave Bernice enough space to bend over.

Like a symphony, she was soon sucking on daddy’s cock, while he pushed her head downwards to get the momentum right. She loved how daddy groaned when she fondled his balls, not only would she be turned on more, she loved how he controlled her mouth, ramming his juicy cock down the same mouth mummy fed her milk when she was young. As long as he was happy, she would be.

Daddy: ‘Come, kneel here.’

The pair of cushions in his car was there for exactly this reason. She got into doggie with her knees on the floor softened by the cushions, and daddy was right behind her. Sitting close to the edge of the exquisite leather seat, he guided her down on his dick. Very slowly, she applied some resistance to feel every inch entering her. A love hole she didn’t dare to even her fingers into, was filled with her daddy’s cock. One that was mature, thick and long. It pushed every buttons inside her and never once did she get clear views with him inside. Her eyes.. they would roll white in pleasure.

Daddy: ‘Baby girl, you’re especially tight today.’
Bernice (breathlessly): ‘I always am, Daddy.’

Her body jerked from a slow to fast speed gradually, clamped between the two front seats. Daddy was sliding on the backseat while his dick got sucked into her small body involuntarily. It totally felt like she was made for him, or rather, by him.

Bernice (panting): ‘Daddy.. argh!!’

Going completely silent before she finished her sentence, she had gone cold from the intense orgasm. Another few strokes brought her back to life magically and the moaning continued. Daddy himself was quietly trying to hold it in, but without much success in his horny daughter’s presense.

Daddy: ‘I’m going to stop now. Don’t move.’

Once he slowed down to a complete halt, she wriggled her ass a little to push him off the limit. Sinking into his chair, he managed to get himself out before he really came into his own daughter.

Bernice: ‘What do I do now?’
Daddy: ‘Let’s finish it outside.’
Bernice: ‘How?’

He pulled her bra up and helped her put on her cardigan. Bare-bottomed, they exited the car after a quick check. Just outside their car, the door served as an emergency shield. They weren’t exactly in the open with another car next to them, but it was enough to frighten Bernice.

Daddy (whispering): ‘Come. Squat down.’

She moved to the rear wheels and held Daddy’s dick, while he leaned over her head. Feeling her lips wrap around his tip, her warm, wet mouth went back and forth, sucking him at a tightness he taught her to. After a minute of getting serviced, he moved his hips at her mouth till her head hit the car.

Having no space to move her head backwards, he started thrusting. In long, swift strokes, Bernice kept her teeth out of the way as her throat convulsed unpredictably, receiving all or some of Daddy’s meat. The excitement had triggered his finale earlier than usual, but it was all good.

Daddy (whispering): ‘I’m cumming! Ahh.. ‘

She opened her mouth and her hand formed an O over the base of his dick. A few thrusts later, the powerful streams of silk fired into her mouth, filling her mouth so fast she had to suck him like a straw to keep everything in.

Once he was done, she gave him a final few licks mostly at the tip and dashed into the car. Looking at Daddy, she swallowed and showed him her ‘disposal’.

Daddy (whispering): ‘That’s my good girl.’

They went back into the car and went back to their apartment, with Bernice in the cardigan-bra combo and skirt. With all the lights off, the glow from underneath his bedroom door was obvious. The both of them gave puzzled looks and tiptoed to the pillar next to the door, listening hard to what was happening inside.

Mummy (screaming): ‘Oh yes! You’re as big as Daddy! Keep going!’

Daddy positioned his hand on the doorknob and flung the door open, to the awkward scene of his younger son humping Mummmy in doggie style.

Mummy (shockingly): ‘Dear! I.. ‘

Bernice immediately reached for Daddy’s erection and stroked it, as though telling Mummy not to worry about it. Dad went straight to Mummy and hugged her, and behind her sobbing voice..

Mummy: ‘You two brother and sister cannot do it with each other k?’

The siblings replied ‘ok’ at the same time and Bernice pulled her cardigan off her shoulders.

Bernice: ‘Daddy.. can we join them?’

His arms opened to include their teenage daughter in their embrace and their son, hugged Mummy from behind with his hard on.

Mummy: ‘Let’s finish this.’

That night was the wildest night for the family of four, with moans and groans following orgasms and messy ejaculations. On the bed, with their lust satiated, Mummy had been in Daddy’s arms after their own intense workout.

Daddy: ‘So dear.. when did you and Alex got started?’
Mummy: ‘Umm.. ‘

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Drugged and Loved 2

Part 1 | Part 2

I was in such a mess I couldn’t even ask him what he put in my drinks. Pleasure, mixed with pain from his vengeful fucking, was shooting me up.

Him: ‘Here bitch. Take it down your throat.’

He flipped me over and dragged me to the edge of the bed, where my head dangled lifelessly. My vision went dark when my throat felt his long dick spreading it apart. It was hot, salty and repulsive. My body was so weak I couldn’t choke, nor breathe.

He just kept jamming it into my face, hurting my nose while my hand subconsciously went to my pussy to masturbate. Suddenly, it didn’t feel like my body anymore. I had travelled out of my body and watching this girl, strangely looking very similar to me, getting face-fucked while she got herself off.

The man’s face was darkened, and an aura of hatred came with it. A jolt through my body woke me up when my throat tightened, deprived of air as he stayed motionless in my mouth.

A gradual expansion of his shaft unloaded a warm pool of liquid in the part of my mouth where I could not spit nor swallow, burning me as my gag reflex regurgitate an acidic mush of dinner.

He pulled out of me with a drop or two of cum dripping into my nose and placed me back flat on the bed.

Flashes of light was shooting across the ceiling like stars, and my pussy felt exceptional warm.

He fished a small bottle from his suitcase and put it at my cheek, pinching my nose to get my mouth to open. He emptied the bottle and I struggled to swallow so that I could breath. Inhaling once or twice, I blacked out.

Dad: ‘Hey! Wake up! Wake up!’

The violent shaking of my shoulders woke me up and a blanket was pulled over my body. He.. my dad was after all, still the only person I can rely on to be there whenever shit happened.

Me (whispering): ‘Dad.. he drugged and fucked me.. ‘
Dad: ‘Get dressed and sleep. Daddy will take care of it tomorrow. Promise.’

He went into his room opposite of mine and left the door open, probably so he could hear me if I called for him. Watching him remove his shirt in that incandescent light from the bedside lamp, his body suddenly became the apple of my eye.

I couldn’t resist the urge my body had to spread those legs and finger myself, possibly due to the second dose of whatever he drugged me with. No matter how hard I tried, my own fingers doesn’t seem long enough to be able to scratch that itch.

Once the light from his room dimmed, my instincts took over, skipping out of the bed with a floral shawl he bought for me.

Entering his room quietly, his weathered look couldn’t be more attractive with my hand still on my clit. I climbed under his blanket and he felt my presence immediately, flipping himself on his back to place some boundaries between us.

Dad (whispering): ‘Sleep tight dear.’
Me (whispering): ‘Daddy?’
Dad (whispering): ‘Yeah?’

My hand slipped into the pair of loose gym shorts he wore to sleep and held his dick – for the first time. I could barely wrap my fingers around and it was about 5 inches unerected. What the hell did my mum leave him for?

He tried to pull my hand away but couldn’t do so as I grabbed them tighter. My body curled into a ball to go under the blanket and just as he tried to cover his dick from outside the sheets, he had pressed onto my head. My mouth was over his dick and tongue went to work immediately, throwing him into confusion about the legitimacy of what we were about to do.

Dad: ‘Ger.. ahh.. ‘

His dick had grown and told me its wish. I was taking him deep throat without any resistance like before. The suffocation was sending pleasant shivers down my spine, all the way to my vagina.

Quickly adjusting my position, I was kneeling in doggie next to him slurping away on the big gulp. Dad too, did not feign decency and leaned over to my ass, where he sent two of his thick fingers into that juicy hole that had its share of dicks.

I was sure he could feel how much my pussy needed it. I was basically massaging his fingers inside of me. And every joint, curves, can be pictured in great detail.

Before he could sit up to end the incestuous rape, I ended the blowjob and did a quick flip to sit on his abs. Yes, abs, that was how fit my dad was. The dick I held behind me was still throbbing, and the deep gaze of his eyes silenced whatever wrong he was about to express.

Placing a finger on his lips, I slid my wet pussy down his belly and paused when I felt the tip at my clit.

Dad (whispering): ‘Lift up.’

My knees closed a little and his dick slipped over my clit. He gracefully moved his hips to stroke my sensitive spot without penetration and made me leak even more lubricant, all over his shaft.

As he went faster, my fingers were digging into his shoulder blades. It felt better than sex, or was he just hinting how better can sex be with it inside me?

Stroke after stroke, my pussy was shifting downwards, till the tip poked into me.

Me: ‘Daddy.. don’t move.’
Dad: ‘Are you sure?’

I nodded my head looking at our genitals, not able to see a single thing in the darkness. That huge rod was splitting my vagina as well as my head, flooding my senses with pleasure as every vein brushed across the walls of my uterus.

There were no words to describe how heavenly it felt, especially when we stopped moving inside each other. He knew how to use that tool of his well.

Me (whispering): ‘This was all I needed, for you to be inside me forever.’
Dad: ‘Come.’

I laid on his chest, listing to his heartbeat as my pussy peeled away from his groin, but still connected.

Dad (whispering): ‘Would it be better.. ?’
Me: ‘Huh?’
Dad (whispering): ‘If I can move inside you forever?’

With that said, his hips wriggled on his Japan-imported mattress and thrusts his cock upwards. The big contrast between my tightness and his size became so real my mind had problems imagining it. Each entry felt as good as the first, and each exit left my body begging him not to.

My hips threw me upright and while my knees maintained the gap between our groins, my hands were kneading my 34C cups for more. Unknowingly, I got tighter for no reason and he was groaning as fast as I was.

Dad: ‘Dear.. *sigh* You’re.. so.. tight.. ‘

Seconds later, my sight went blur and I found myself motionless on top of him, body shaking violently as my pussy sprayed all over his body.

Dad: ‘Dear.. I think.. ‘
Me: ‘Lie down Dad.’

My hips began rocking across his lap, swallowing his dick to fulfil my own needs. I was still wet like when we just started, and my clit and nipples were itching badly. Only an orgasm would take them away, and it was for a few seconds. It was time to get more of it.

He took over my hands to massage my boobs and let me do my job. I had began to enjoy his groans, his size that was stroking my g-spot continuously, the short stubs of his pubs that tickled my clit. He was the perfect figure for me, and inside of me.

About five orgasms later, my body was wearing out and my movements got sluggish. He was still strong and fondling my nipples, yet paying his full attention on me.

Me (whispering): ‘Daddy.. ‘
Dad: ‘Finally done?’
Me: ‘Can you help me finish you off?’
Dad: ‘I’ll try.’

He sat up and placed his arm around my neck, carefully resting me on the pillow and turning me to a side. He flipped my body over by the waist and with my face down, he got my ass up in the air.

Dad: ‘Tell me if it hurts k?’

Slowly, he pushed his dick into my pussy and warmed it up, filling it up with life through the pulsating heartbeat I felt. Like a locomotive, his hips began moving and the piece of hot rod slipped easily in and out of me, as if I was at my final task.

Everything had returned to normal. No itch, no urges, just pure sex. As the dreadful thoughts of my ex-sugar-dad was fucked out of my head, dad took his pleasure spot.

As he rocked on, it got thicker, and hotter. Though I had never felt anything so realistic and close.

Me: ‘Daddy, are you going to cum?’
Dad: ‘Yeah bae, you can feel it?’
Me: ‘Go all out then.’

I clenched my fist on the bedsheets as he picked up his pace, burying the full length into me. The slapping sounds from our bums went like firecrackers, driving me insane with his sheer speed.

Under a minute later, he pulled my waist backwards and a loud groan ensued. He pulled out of me and threw me onto my back, kneeling his way to my waist before his load exploded over my body. He probably wanted to end at my mouth but he had held back for too long. The warm semen touched my cold stomach and he had managed to splatter all the way to my neck.

The amount he gifted.. some of it flowed down my sides and some were collected in my belly button.

Dad: ‘I’m so sorry. Let me get a towel for you.’

He disappeared and appeared from the bathroom, bringing his scented towel to me. Cleaning myself up with his body scent, couldn’t be anymore intimate. After we were dried, he cuddled me in his arms, reassuring that he will be there for me.

After that night, his company made amendments to his working hours, allowing him to spend more time with his daughter, hopefully building a case to eliminate alimony altogther. Though I must say, he was spending as much time with her, as well as inside her.

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Common Act

Hi all, before the story begins I have to address an issue regarding the comments section. Whenever a reader subscribe to comments, he/she would receive an email when a new reply is made. However, from feedback, I learnt that the ‘Reply’ button directs the reader to an inactive website. Here, I would like a apologise for my lack of knowledge to remedy the problem, and propose a solution. To make new replies, simply head over to the original post and head towards the comment section usually located at the bottom of the entry. There, you can reply and be read by everyone.

Sherlyn and Mike finally reached home after the fondling started from the bus ride. As usual, they made their way into his room after entering and his parents were in their room. It was the first time she saw them turn in so early, but it’s their personal lives, so she did not give much thoughts.

Once in his room, he pinned her onto the bed and made out passionately. His bulge was eased from the restricting jeans and her dress was gone too. After he unhooked her bra, he reached into her panties and she opened her legs for his fingers. He continued to rub on her clit till she was wet and stuck his fingers inside for a furious thrust. As he went on relentlessly, she moaned as quietly as she could and her hands reached for his dick to jerk him off as well.

Then, faint noises was heard from his parents’ room and they were trying to keep quiet too. A few moments later, they heard his dad panting and the creaking of the old bed grew constant. It was awkward no doubt, but he did not let it hinder him too much. He pulled of Sherlyn’s panties and coated his tip with some strawberry lubricant. She opened her legs too for him, and he proceeded to get his relieve. His hips slapped lightly onto her pelvic, and the manicured fingernails dug into his back. They kissed whenever they slowed down for him and both their hands were all over each other.

Suddenly, loud pounding noises emitted from the room opposite theirs and her mum’s voice gained volume. She was screaming in ecstasy calling out his dad’s name and he was groaning in response too.

Mum (shouting): ‘You’re so big!’

The two teenagers went even faster and harder, before Mike decided to change to his favourite doggie style. She got on her fours on the bed and he rammed his enraged dick into her, before she grabbed the sheets around and sank her head into the pillow. Without realising, his parents’ room went quiet and they were the only one moving. He kept pumping until Sherlyn went into a daze and finally went blank from the orgasms.

Disappointed, he let her rest on the bed and slipped on his shorts to get a drink from the kitchen. His dad too, was there for a cold can of beer and they sat at the table while sharing his can.

Mike: ‘Mum’s asleep?’
Dad: ‘Yeah. Lynnie?’
Mike: ‘Same.’
Dad: ‘I haven’t even had my turn.’
Mike: ‘Me neither.’

Their heads shook in agreement and laughed as they discussed for the reasons. It seemed that a common gene in them caused the extra long delay which was actually good, but it lasted too long for their partners. Mike was exactly in his dad’s situation, and probably will remain the same even after marriage.

Mike: ‘Sherlyn is a deep sleeper like mum too. I think we can have breakfast tomorrow after they wake up.’
Dad: ‘I know mum is definitely asleep. I go check on Lynnie? Then maybe we can watch the new Batman DVD I got in Malaysia.’
Mike: ‘I’ll check on mum for you, just to be sure.’

He left the last bit of beer in the can for his dad and left the table. Entering into his parents room only to see his gorgeous mother lying on her side, soundly asleep. He walked beside her and pulled the blanket over, before nudging her arm. The blanket which was covering her was those thick types, and so, he lifted the part at her legs away, so the air conditioning could keep her cool too. As the sheets rose to her waist, he caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy, which was still wet. Carefully climbing onto the bed, he looked between his mum’s legs and used his fingers to explore her cave.

Dad walked to his son’s room, and peeped into where his wife was sleeping, just in time to see Mike fingering her and she bent her leg higher for the extra pleasure. Dad grinned and went into Mike’s room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Watching his teenage daughter-in-law sleeping on her chest, she was lying flat down with her legs opened. He too, carefully got on the bed and stretched his legs over her butt. Gently, he lifted her hips up and she mumbled something while asleep. Still coated with the strawberry flavoured lube, he knew it would be easy to enter.

Mike was done with his fingering, and sat over his mum’s straightened leg, from where he was, he made out his dad’s bulky figure on his bed where his girl was. And so, it would be a fair trade. Slowly, he pushed his dick into his mum and upon reaching the depths, even more juices got pushed out and it created a totally slippery sensation for him. Without so much a sound, he moved his dick in and out, careful not to slip and wake her up in pain.

Soon, his mum was moaning in pleasure with similar sounds from his girlfriend, and he knew the two women would be having a satisfying nap. He leaned over his mum’s body and cupped one of her breasts to suck on, while his dick was still moving. She wasn’t as tight as Sherlyn, but the feel was more of a matured pussy than a tight and untrained one. There was the occasional squeezes there weren’t too tight, and juices just kept flowing. Mike was moving swiftly until his body timer rang.

Dad had shoved his dick into Sherlyn and was pounding her from behind. Her pussy was way hotter than his wife’s due to the lack of juices, but it felt tighter the moment he was in. On and on, he rammed in and out of her, making her mind relax even further into slumber. The two guys fucked away on their inconvenient new partners and the urge to cum was arriving earlier than usual.

Mike groaned in his deep voice just as his dick sprang out from under her and he quickly went to her mouth from the side of the bed. He shoved his dick between her lips and used her mouth to continue the stimulation. Fucking deep down her throat, he only took seconds before he pulled out to the mushroom head and shot his cum. One of his hand was holding her head down and blocking her sight in case she looked up. But lucky for him, her mum was just awakened and could not make out whose ejaculate it was. It should be her husband’s.

She swallowed the load and continued sleeping after sucking him dry. Mike then covered her body with the blanket and left the room for his. He stood outside his room while listening to the activities happening. Dad was still pounding his girlfriend and he was groaning too. Perhaps he had missed the pleasure of fucking a young body. It showed how faithful he was and never cheated outside.

Dad was still grabbing her waist tightly in his hands, and shoving his dick into her pussy. The duration created a little pain for her, but it was nothing compared to how good she felt. He then flipped her to the side and raised one of her legs to his chest, while continued to fuck her. One leg in the air, one leg under his body. Her moans got louder until an extended hum came about and the guys knew she had her orgasm.

Dad then got off her and went to the side of the bed as well, using her mouth as a replacement and pushed in and out, but much shallower than how he did with his wife. Sherlyn’s tongue twirled around whatever meat that was inside and in no time, he froze his movements and gave her one last thrust. Gagging sounds came from her throat but she did not immediately push him away.

He spilled his cum along her throat while he pulled out slowly. Her mouth caught most of the creamy mess and she swallowed without opening her eyes. Dad used her mouth to clean up as well, and finally got dressed and exited.

On the couch was his son, on the brainless midnight news channel. They smiled and chatted throughout the latest Batman film. It had been a long time since they talked about a topic they were masters in – sex.

Mike: ‘You know.. Sherlyn had never swallowed for me.’
Dad: ‘Your mum too! But I think your girl will be doing it from you in future.’
Mike: ‘I bet mum will do it for you too.’

Mike had a better idea about what he meant, but he gave his dad a huge clue too. Whatever clues or hints, they knew what they meant and breakfast came before they could get any sleep. But mysteriously, they just had enough energy to enjoy a few rounds of sex after they got home.

What a secret to keep. Or did the girls knew what really happened but chose to keep mum?

Princess Tiffany

When Tiffany was four, her mum had left her for another man. Her parent’s marriage was a shotgun, resulted from the thrills and excitement of making creampies. Both her mum and dad was just 24 then, and ever since, it had been her dad to bring her up to a mature young lady. If you had ever seen her, she would be one of those common SYTs in skirts, dresses or just shorts and tank tops. There was something between her dad and her though, that no one knew, cause it had appeared normal to Tiff too.

Once her parents divorced, her dad had been dressing her up, from picking of clothes, to putting them on her. Giving her the little oily massages every now and then, walking around the house in his bare body. So, Tiff learned and did the same. When girls are little, it might not seem much, but when she hits 14, she too, noticed her dad’s penis standing up high instead of the usual ground-pointing stance.

Tiffany: ‘Daddy, why is it standing?’

Dad: ‘When it senses a pretty girl nearby, it will get high.’

Tiffany: ‘Daddy! You’re making me shy! So how do I make it go down?’

Dad: ‘Go and get the massage oil and give it a massage.’

Tiffany went and returned, covering her hands with the fragrant lotion. Sitting on the small cane stool, she began her handjob and stroked it up and down, feeling the warmth and the vigour of a 34 year old man. With that same familiar scent, it was the same liquid that she had been massaged with since young, feeling the warm rough hands running all over her body, playing with her nipples, the rubbing between her butt and the quick flicking between her pussy lips. The scent was bringing all those memories back.

Of course, a fourteen year old giving a handjob in her skin, it was natural to get even harder. Her B cups were jiggling slightly as she increased her pace.

Dad: ‘Tiff, stand up will you?’

She paused and stood with her legs over the stool. There was no hiding that she was wet and dripping onto the seat. Her nipples were as hard as gummy sweets, and her pussy was blushing.

Dad: ‘You’re fourteen. And you can think for yourself. Will you have sex with your dad?’

Tiffany: ‘Yes daddy. You’ve been taking care of me, treating me like a princess. I want to make you happy too.’

He carried her like a new bride into his room and placed her lightly on the bed. Going between her thighs, daddy began French kissing her pussy, shooting his tongue in every directions. The frequent masturbation wasn’t anything close to this, and for the first time, Tiffany creamed some white substance and daddy didn’t even let her see it before licking it all up. Once he felt her love hole getting drenched inside out, he knew it was time to break his little girl into his new world.

Aiming outside her cute little pussy, it was obvious to him that she wouldn’t be able to take it, and a lot of stretching would be required. Poking his pee hole into the slit, the leaking pre-cum was driving Tiffany wild, helping her to relax at the same time. This was way far from fingering herself, her daddy was thicker and hotter. Not long, the widest part of his penis made its way in and all that’s remaining was the four of the six inches.

With gentle strokes, daddy inched in and the little girl’s body accepted it like a perfect fit. The full length of him would reach right to the ends of her and by then, the pain and pleasure had already knocked her out. Taking the small chance, he started sliding in and out of her in normal fucking speed, driving her awake with the ecstasy. Her hands were on his arms, gripping it ever so tightly to manage the overdrive.

Despite the frequent visits to his fuck buddy which was as tight, doing his little girl seemed to have a different vibe and it wasn’t helping in delaying his ejaculation. After changing to doggie style and going fast and hard at the tight cunt for ten minutes, the rock hard penis was at its’ wits end.

Dad: ‘Tiffany, I’m cumming!’

Tiffany: ‘Me too!’

Did he had to worry about impregnating his daughter? Nope. The vitamin pills he prepared every night for her always contain the pill. With that baby issue away, strong dad filled her with his precious semen, to the brim. It was a priceless sight to have his daughter in doggie, slumped onto the bed from exhaustion and watch the cream ooze from the slit.

Falling onto the bed with Tiffany, the two only had smiles for each other.

Tiffany: ‘Daddy, we are doing this every night right?’

Biting her lips and giving him the puppy eyes, the answer was already in both their minds. If one were to be brought up the wrong way, guilt would never come over their usual habits. Is sex all that guys care about?

Daddy, How?

Milly: ‘Daddy, I know this sounds weird, but my below is very itchy. I couldn’t sleep at all.’

Daddy: ‘Hmm.. Can you let daddy have a look?’

Milly was very close to her father, which had been playing the role of mother, father and breadwinner for as long as she remembered. Her mother had been working overseas, coming home once every few months. Though she had the option of staying home and be a housewife, earning money with her own hands seemed like an esteem issue more than anything.

Milly sat on the couch and placed one of her legs on the coffee table, spreading her other legs wide to let her dad see the waxed patch of bikini line. She didn’t know it was normal for growing hair to have a little itching sensation, but her dad was there to help anyway.

Daddy: ‘I see.. you waxed. When hair begins to grow out of minimized pores, there will be some itch to it. Don’t worry. It will go away.’

Milly: ‘But daddy, the itch is unbearable, and there is nothing to scratch.’

Daddy: ‘I’ll see what I can do.’

Taking a bottle of baby oil, he applied some onto his hands and started rubbing it over the groin area, which she described to be the area. A few accidental brushes across her slit cause more wetness to gather around the light pink entrance. Peeking secretly at her dad’s pants, it displayed interest as well. The thought of those guys grinding her at clubs were soon turning her on. Though she could feel those guys’ hard ons under the pants, it was different from getting up close to a real one.

Milly: ‘ Daddy. Can I help you to apply the lotion too?’

Daddy: ‘Umm.. But daddy isn’t feeling itchy down there.’

Milly: ‘I’ll just give you a massage then?’

Daddy: ‘Sounds okay to me sweet.’

He pulled his pants off and let her daughter oil up the clean shaven groin as well, but with the tree already standing high up. Her hands slowly stroked upwards and the strong heartbeat passing through felt steady and secure. To imagine this is the tool that created her.

Milly: ‘Umm.. Dad.. Can I?’

Daddy’s eyes were closed, enjoying the gentle strokes of her daughter’s innocent hands, thumb pressing on the tip like a control stick. Not paying attention to her questions, she continued her handjob. After a short moment, his hand were back on her pussy, teasing her clit while she masturbated him by her side. With the increasing pace of her up-down motion, daddy’s strong fingers were shooting in and out of her, in synchronisation with her hands.

Milly was all wet and high from the mutual getting off, but daddy wasn’t that contented at all. After all, mummy had been away for a period of time and there was no one else he looked for to satisfy. Helping his 40+kg daughter up by her waist, she supported herself on her thighs as she hovered over his dick.

It wasn’t her first time having something going inside of her. But the few toys she had couldn’t be compared to what her dad had. As she slowly sat over his dick, she could feel her pussy lips opening to her limit, spreading her vaginal walls wide open to match her daddy’s size. While Milly was enjoying the moments of glory, daddy was struggling to cope with the tightness and fluidity of the lubrication.

His groans were of a man and it turned Milly on even more, creating different tightness as her pussy convulsed with the gradual rocking of her hips. The two immoral members, continued their dysfunctional sex, changing to doggie on the sofa after the reverse cowgirl reached daddy’s limit. The perfect seal of his daughter’s love hole over his giant dick was too much for him to handle. With their age ration at over 2.5 times difference, their lust and horniness were matchable. Though Milly was inexperienced, her dad was granting her wish of being fucked by an experienced guy.

The duo’s moans and groans were echoing throughout their two storeys bungalow, flicking sweat, cum and other bodily fluids over the living room. As his penis stroked the insides of her, the constant orgasms kept her screaming and awake. They enjoyed over an hour of sex and rest before daddy decided that he had to finish it. When guys don’t shoot after a long time, a little frustration does kick in, and Milly understands that.

With the final lap consisting of non-stop, hard, revengeful hammering on her ass, daddy’s dick was proving to be possible of creating madness along with orgasms.

*Grghh.. *

Warm cum spill into her and it dripped out generously as daddy continued his pounding until his dick went soft. The two love cuddled on the couch for a good hour before going to wash up together, in the showers. Guess what happened? :p Even though incestuous sex is kinda taboo in our society, it doesn’t hurt to fantasize about it right? Writing gets them out of my head. ;)