Two Plus One Way

Things got out of hand when Bernice’s two admirers knew of each other, pitting them together for a race to get her love. Single she was, but the frequency of meeting Jon (in class) paired them in a relationship that she learnt about the ways of love. Spending time on dates and in bed, he […]

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An Order of Rough

An Order of Rough. Inspired by Mel’s writing style. The gentle caress on Cindy’s cheeks did little to ease her discomfort when I tugged her knees suddenly, sending her crashing into a pile before me. There was little time to waste at the vulnerable location and the slowness of her response were getting on my […]

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Meal for Feel

Sophia: ‘Thanks for the food tonight. If not my kids will be hungry tonight.’ The 38 year old mother rested her head on my shoulder as we sat in front of the TV, hunger satisfied from the sticks of satay we devoured. To think it all began with her clothes falling onto mine (from upstairs), […]

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Bubbly View

Bubbles (whispering): ‘Daddy! I can’t believe this really happened.’ Me: ‘What? Did I promise you a reward if you did well?’ She climbed over my lap in a bra top from Uniqlo and a grey flare skirt, planting her panties on my bulge. There was no way she could have missed that bump under her […]

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Married Fling

Yvonne: ‘How’s work today?’ Me: ‘Quite good. But tiring as usual.’ Yvonne: ‘Haha. My work is boring as fuck. Shall we go to our usual spot?’ Me: ‘Uh huh.’ The 32 year old wife kept rubbing my thigh as she drove on the empty roads, turning into a landed estate with countless smaller roads in […]

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