Lacy Satin

Me: ‘Let’s try this block. The flats here are very old.’ Adel: ‘Umm. Anything?’ The HDBs around Jurong West were newly painted, but the structure used the old designs, with fully concealed stairwell. Perfect location for the adventurous outdoors. Adel and I met up at Jurong Point to pick up her passport sized photos, and […]

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It was 3am when Rinnie was home from studying, the burden of college life was hardly giving her any time off to play. Since it was a Saturday, there was no hurry to get home early. To reach her block, she will have to cut through a series of blocks and cross some eerie multi-storey carparks. About […]

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Love Discovery

Sitting next to the guy Alina likes, it was tough of her to hold back. With the glister forming on the lips of her slit, she wanted to slip his hands into his pants so much. She was fucking him in her own world. Royce: ‘You there?’ His suddenly question brought her back to reality. […]

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Back Fire

Amanda and I were at the usual staircase, having our weekly fun. She had removed her panties and her top, only to be covered by a shawl she bought at Action City. Sitting a step lower that me, she went between my legs and was giving me head, a strong and fast one. Suddenly, the […]

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