Indulge Once

Standing in the corners of the lift, we had no choice but to be strangers till the lift stopped at our floor. I pulled her by her wrist out of the elevator to where the sign pointed, until I shoved the door opened. I grabbed her bag as she was pushed inside, dropping it behind […]

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Moaning Morning

‘Hold me tighter’, the sweet morning voice made me tightened my grip despite being already in my arms. Rain was splattering on the windows of our hotel room and both of us were too lazy to turn up the air conditioning. I brushed my hand under her nightie and gave her boob a squeeze, making […]

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Sleepover Me

Me: ‘Wish you all the best guys! Don’t forget what we learnt in this camp.’ My group of eight poly students shook hands and exchanged numbers, a common routine that lasts at least two outings before the group dispersed. Still, the main focus of the camp was to instil critical thinking under stressed conditions, through […]

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Cindy: ‘Hey! Don’t snatch!’ My jeans were off in a battle of the two ladies, and I was still underwear-less. Sarah pushed Cindy away before she could lay her mouth on my cock and took the lead by going down on me, gagging noisily as she tried […]

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By You, For Me

I had never expected to check into a hotel with him. He was just a friend, a witty one that always types difficult-to-understand sentences with simple English. We had lunch together, and he helped me finished most of the dim sum he bought for me. Walking across the road without traffic lights, he was too […]

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