Missed Connection

A brunette haired girl gave me a longer-than-usual stare before plopping the two thick books in her hands down onto the table. Swiping her sundress over her bum, she took her seat and quickly crossed her long legs before any peeping tom looked up her dress. Her smooth complexion was hard to ignore when she […]

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In Her Sleep

Jossie and I were in the library studying for our last paper for our poly exams. I was extremely bad in programming but she, on the other hand, was born for it. We spent the whole morning since the library opened and she merely accompanied me cause I asked. If not, she would have been […]

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Slip of Paper

Just as I was waiting for the ice cream machine to be free, the girl in a elegant black knee length dress caught my glare and thankfully, wasn’t too awkward to stare since I was waiting for her to be done. Once she sprinkled the teaspoon of rainbow rice on her bowl of soft served […]

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