Language Barrier

Standing at my usual bus stop, the next bus was coming in two minutes, and the bus after was three minutes away. A small Vietnamese girl working at a massage shop behind me stood beside me and asked if I had a lighter. I had seen her a few times and out of the few […]

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How Old Are You?

Lying face up on the bed of the usual massage outlet I went to, I was expecting one of the regulars to pop in and give me the package I asked for. Most people would link massage parlours to shady whorehouses but this outlet was a family business, offering traditional massage that services a small […]

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*Ding dong* Jayson: ‘Hi, welcome. Come on in.’ Jayson was a well known person in the cosmetic world for his painless waxing services. Working from home, there was little hassle of managing a shop and he could work alone at his own pace. Although most of his clients were males, occasionally, females would patronise him […]

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The Massage Girl

To have come so far and worked as a masseur was no easy feat. And to BE in this line simply because she doesn’t know of any other methods to make money, is even more disheartening. Jing Jing provides massage services in Singapore at a condo in the vicinity of the most happening place at […]

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