She Belongs

Bernice (panting): ‘Can I go up now?’
Sam: ‘NO! Two more rounds.’

The curvy girl darted off in a white jersey and pink FBT shorts, threading lightly on the toes to quickly complete the last two laps. Once she returned to the bench where Sam was waiting, she brisk walk in front of him, only to be stopped at each electronic gate where his card was needed.

Upon reaching the house, the poly student dashed straight for the toilet, releasing a powerful jet of pee against the ceramic bowl.

Sam (shouting): ‘I want to see you in it when you’re done!’
Bernice: ‘Okayyy.. ‘

She pulled her shorts up over her hips and stepped out into the bedroom opposite, where Sam was sitting on her bed and on his phone. After he set his phone down, she removed her wet shirt, revealing the leather straps that bound her boobs tightly. As her damp shorts came off too, the momentary relief of the single strap on her pussy relaxed as well, but not for long.

He spun her around and bent her arms to bind them behind, securing them with belt-like latches at an awkward height.

Sam: ‘Down on your knees now!’

She let him support her arms before going down, and watched listlessly at him stripping his shorts off. Once half naked, he brought her face to his dick and stuffed it in, shoving her face repeatedly in his groin to pleasure himself with her mouth.

As monotonous as it sounded, the gentle tugging of her straps pinched her clit non-stop, causing her to get wetter apart from the constant rubbing. Gradually, her head moved faster on its own, to the assistance of her master.

Once he had enough of her blowjob, he yanked hard on the straps for her to stand up and she quickly did so, afraid of abrasions that he might cause. Tipping her over the bed, he lifted her ass up to bend her knees, getting into a doggystyle without too many moves.

For protection’s sake, he still put a condom on, but it was to prevent the edges of the leather around her pussy from cutting him. The condom rolled in place in under a minute and all Bernice could do was to bite her lips, as he mercilessly plugged her pussy with his erection.

Sam: ‘Good?’
Bernice: ‘Yeah?’

He placed his feet at shoulder’s width on the ground and began pounding her, slurping noises filling up her room with her moans, partly relieving the aches she had all day from the inner wear. Orgasms somehow came easier from the whole day of clit teasing, sending her into loud moans as he plunged deep inside.

Just five minutes of mind-blowing doggy later, he was done before she could climax again. Forcefully, he flipped her over on her back and painfully arched her knees wide open. Automatically ramming his cock into his personal sex doll, her desperate expressions did little to make the whole session more romantic, only driving him crazier when he saw how much she was enjoying.

Well, that slut was supposed to feel used and objectified, not pleasure. Still, he ignored the girl’s desire to be loved and fucked faster and faster. Digging deep into her vagina, Bernice succumbed to more powerful orgasms in this position, rendering herself weak earlier than usual.

The robotic thrusting did pleasure the both of them, and Bernice was long accustomed to his sexual abuse – though willingly.

Sam: ‘I’m gonna cum soon.’

He abruptly pulled out of her, ending the sensual mood suddenly and sat at the edge of the bed. Bernice knew exactly what to do and hopped out from bed, kneeling between his legs for him to use. A peck on her forehead was all the affection she received that day and the next thing she knew, her face was once again slammed over his cock.

Cheeks puffing in and out from his hi-speed attack, she relaxed her throat to direct him in. Tasting his raw cock and salty precum, her mind clouded up with lust. It was like an auto-response to her fate of a sex slave. While he was mouth fucking her, Bernice was also about to cum.

Sam: ‘Here.’

A calm voice warned her of the incoming hot semen that poured into her mouth, in measly quantities since it wasn’t the first load of the day. His second cum dump was completed in a minute and he got up casually, wearing his shorts back and heading out into the living room.

Sam (shouting): ‘Once you’re dressed, go buy milk and eggs, we’re out of it.’

Bernice wore her FBT shorts back, and threw on a fresh set of t-shirt. Right before she left, Sam tightened the straps on her shoulders, sinking that particular strap across her pussy deeper between her legs.

Face completely flushed and inner netting soaked, she stumbled out into the corridor and braved herself in the lift, making her way to Sheng Shiong right under her flat. Now, what kind of man is Sam exactly?

If you guys have seen a weak legged girl shopping in one of those supermarket, she might just be Bernice. Try to go easy on her k? Though I believed Sam put that gear on her to deter rapists – or attract them?

Pet Kitty 2

Part 1 | Part 2

The familiar sounds of door unlocking came through the living room and Mel tidied her room up.

Mel (shouting): ‘Alex?’

A few minutes of waiting later, her bedroom door unlocked and a hunky guy stood there with a paper bag in his hand.

Anthony: ‘Mel?’
Mel: ‘Yeah. You are?’
Anthony: ‘Alex’s friend.’
Mel: ‘Oh! Come in.’

She let him in with a smile and sat him on her bed, pouring a glass of water for him.

Mel: ‘Sorry but there’s no food in the house.’
Anthony: ‘It’s okay. Alex told me.’
Mel: ‘Oh okay. What’s that in your bag?’
Anthony: ‘Some lubricant. He told me to get it for you.’

He handed her the bottles of lubricant and a blindfold, while she examined them carefully.

Mel: ‘Come! Put this on!’

The innocent girl was as playful as usual and stretched the blindfold over Anthony, who bent his head down for her. Once it was on, he felt her leave the bed and then helped him on his feet.

Mel: ‘Don’t move ah.’

She undid his shorts and underwear, before ruffling in front of his body. She sat him down and placed both his hands over her shoulders, before a shiver shot through his body. Her gentle hand had wrapped over his dick gracefully, and a moment later, a cold liquid touched his penis.

Anthony: ‘Is it the lubricant?’

She remained silent and planted her soft lips on his dick head, before pulling him lower for a kiss. The strawberry flavour rubbed onto his mouth and she let go of his face, returning to his dick that she licked wholeheartedly.

Slowly, her pressed lips split apart around his shaft and the inexperienced guy shivered more.

Mel (whispering): ‘You can lie down if you want. Just don’t look.’

Her mouth slid up and down his rod and with each stroke, her fingers rolled those testicles in his pouch playfully. It felt like fucking a loose hole, with precise control over the pressure and an extra ability to push his buttons on the right spot.

The sensual slurping sounds went well with the mental image of her in his mind, working her way up and down without any shortcuts. Soon, his hands went behind her head and guided her faster, which she followed through without so much a gag.

After about five minutes of the mind-blowing oral sex, Anthony was left out of breath and thighs twitching on its own. Mel, seeing how tensed he was, stopped and quietly climbed over his waist. Feeling her pussy touch his belly, Anthony reached his arms forward and felt her 32B cups.

Anthony: ‘Hey! Alex said that I’m only.. ‘
Mel: ‘Shhh!’

She leaned to one side and capped him with a condom nearby, before sitting down carefully on him. Making small squeals of discomfort while she penetrated herself, he was growing harder as she descended.

Anthony (gasping): ‘Oh my god. You’re so tight.’
Mel: ‘Maybe it’s you who is too big.’

She pressed her delicate palms on his chest and rode him, bouncing up and down to the bear-like groans he was making. Through the sessions with Alex, she had learnt to squeeze her PC muscles and it worked wonders for Anthony, whose body twitches almost threw her off.

Besides up and down, she moved her hips back and forth as well. Apparently, it was Anthony’s weakness and he could not hold back for long.

Anthony (shouting): ‘Shit shit.. I’m going to shoot!’

Mel made her last descend and jumped off, ripping his condom away between his legs. Sinking his dick into her mouth, she shoved her face in his groin and sucked really hard. In under three minutes, his hips thrust upwards and flushed all his cum into her mouth, forcing her to swallow some of the huge load.

Panting fast to catch his breath, he laid motionless as Mel made the last few licks to clean him up. She peeled his blindfold away and swallowed before his weary eyes, and gave his cock a little massage.

Anthony: ‘Full?’
Mel: ‘Yupp. You taste sweet! Tell Alex what you ate k? His is always salty.’

He nodded with the last bit of strength and she helped wore his shorts back, dropping her singlet over her own head with a satisfied smile. Mel sent him to her door after the deed was done and he locked the door behind him, returning her to the confines without so much a plea.

Anthony (WhatsApp): ‘Bro, she’s really good. Slot me into Wednesday.’

After Mel had her ‘brunch’, she went back to sleep after a glass of water, followed by a wet dream with Anthony and Alex in a nice, cosy hotel room. Guess who was begging to be fucked when Alex returned home that evening?

Part 1 | Part 2

Pet Kitty

Part 1 | Part 2

Alex: ‘Come over.’

Seated in the passenger seat, he dragged Mel’s head of hair towards his groin and slammed her face down, choking her dry throat with his thick slab. Having starved and deprived of water for the whole day, the salty taste of his cock salivated her mouth, spreading thinly over her chapped lips.

Just a week ago, Mel had ran away from her home due to poor performance in her final exam, unable to face her strict parents. Since then, she have been staying in her fling’s home, prohibited from using any electronic devices and starved. With only two slices of bread a day, her shapely, well-endowed figure had turned into a skinny frame, but not too boney to fit into those kinky clothes Alex had bought for her.

She was a shy girl in nature, but her curiosity in sexual pleasure ended up with this guy, who was sweet at first but became possessive once he knew how to manipulate her, grooming her unconsciously into a sex slave he always wished to have.

Alex: ‘Keep sucking. Quench your thirst.’

The obedient girl moved her lips up and down continuously, sliding her tongue skilfully over his shaft listening to his groans. Having parked in the middle of an empty carpark, he had no worry about anyone interrupting them, especially not during the working hours of most people. While she was busy on his cock, he reached into her oversized tank top and unbuckled the Pierre Cardin bra, going straight for her pointy nipples that were begging to be fondled.

Moans filled the car up with little movements, bodies leaning towards each other as they indulged in the public foreplay. Once he was hard and wet with her saliva, he made her climb to the backseats, where he joined her after stripping his jeans off.

He slid his hands up her panty-less thighs and opened her legs onto the seat, rubbing her clit with his fingers gently to get her even wetter. The mentally exhausted girl let him do whatever he wanted, not blurting out a word till he was satisfied.

Alex: ‘Unwind the window on your side.’

He perched her ass up in doggie towards the opened window and leaned on his side of the passenger door, legs wide open at her pussy. She tucked her calves under his thighs and sat back slowly, spreading her pussy lips as he directed his erection into her.

*Arghh.. *

Less than a minute later, he was in and the helpless lady began to ride him. Rocking back and forth, Alex laid motionless, letting her fuck his hard cock faster and faster. She constantly collected juices from her cunt to lick them up, easing the soreness in her throat while moaning away.

Alex: ‘Turn around and ride me.’

She turned her body in the constrained space and rode him non-stop, grinding her pussy front and back. His cock was in direct contact with her G-spot as she adjusted to the perfect angle, garnering louder moans as they kept fucking. As time passed, her tiredness slowed her actions down and it was in opposite effect to the incoming climax from Alex.

In a single move, he sat upright and threw her on her back, hands pressing above her shoulder blade. Lifting his butt off the seat, his knees joined in a kneeling angle, thrusting deep and fast into his pet slave. Pounding at a deadly angle, Mel came quickly with her vagina squeezing tightly around his cock, throwing him into a frenzy after that.

His tempo only increased with each thrusts, plunging deeper into her cunt. Frantic hands began grabbing anything she could reach and droplets of sweat was caught by her opened mouth. Once the third orgasm hit her in an overwhelming, breath taking tremble, Alex slowed his rampage down to a stop.

Alex: ‘I’m tired. Suck me off.’

While he was doing all the work, Mel had her share of rest and got on her knees ecstatically, bending over his lap to feast on his rod. Head bouncing deeper and deeper, he let those desperate gasps out and it pleased her to some extent. There was no explanation to why she was feeling glad about pleasing a man whom tortured her.

Alex (groaning): ‘I’m gonna cum!’

She parked her lips at the hood of his penis head and jerked his shaft with her hands, sucking and twirling her lips around his cock head while his waist contracted.

Alex (groaning): ‘Fuck!’

A strong jet of cum sprayed into her mouth, and his hands pushed her lips downwards. More delicious cum coated onto her tongue and he lifted her head slowly, draining all the semen he could afford in tiny little jerks of his hips. Her mouth never left his shaft throughout the whole process and took in every drop, until his hands broke free from her neck.

The sensible Mel made one last downward stroke to clean him up and showed him his load, swirling around in her mouth. A few seconds later, she swallowed them all and threw herself into his arms, patted like a well-fed little kitty.

Mel (whispering): ‘Thanks for the meal.’
Alex: ‘I was thinking about getting some friends to help feed you. Do you want?’
Mel: ‘Umm.. I’ll only use my mouth and hand. Cause my body is reserved for you.’
Alex: ‘That’s my little kitty.’

They got into the front seats and made their way home, which Alex used the time to text a few of his buddies his address and timing, to keep his little sex slave fed and perhaps.. make some quick bucks.

Part 1 | Part 2

Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution.

A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her yet. After a deep breath and opening her eyes fully, Melissa’s bikini-clad body almost made her giggle out loud.

Wen: ‘What are you wearing? Untie me first.’
Melissa: ‘Later la. We have something planned for you.’

She was Wen’s supervisor and also best friends in the company, and her clique was well-known to play pranks on fellow colleagues. Wen could not move anywhere with her tied wrists (to the bed frame) and knees opened with a spreader bar, but the level of trust she had in her supervisor made her think that it was just a quick prank they played on her.

Melissa’s fingers did not stop moving as Wen woke up to her senses, partly weakened from her constant rubbing. The room was clean except for the bedding and a lamp that hung from the wall above the bed. After a while of getting her really wet, Melissa left the room and let Wen looked out of the door.

To her horror, three of her male colleagues were tied up and blindfolded, only able to hop around. Two ladies from Melissa’s clique had those electric fly swatter in their hands and were shocking the guys while giving them instructions.

Clara (from afar): ‘Alvin, follow Melissa.’

He jumped in the direction where Melissa turned him towards and into Wen’s room he went. Clara commanded the rest of the guys to stay still and joined the two slaves they had restrained. After getting Alvin to sit on the bed, the commanding ‘officers’ went to each of them and covered their mouths with a handkerchief. The pinching of Wen’s nipple made her gasp a full breath of the pungent, super glue-like scent and it knocked her out weak on the bed.

Alvin put up a little more fight before he collapsed, and they snipped away his underwear, leaving them naked a few feet away from each other. Melissa stayed in the room and took a seat in front of the bed, as if expecting to watch what would happen.

First, it was Alvin who rotated his body upwards to relieve his weirdly, reddish erection. Wen was looking through her eyelids and could feel something awakening in her body. A sudden wave of wetness began lubricating her pussy and her nipples poked into the air painfully, begging to be relieved of an itch. Her clit was especially sensitive to the cold air from the conditioning unit and a chilling vibe was pulsating through her spine.

As Alvin felt around the bed for space to rest, his hand touched Wen’s feet and sent a electrifying wave through her leg.

Wen: ‘Alvin.. here.’

He moved his grip up her calf and stopped just before her pussy. Estimating at his best, he laid next to Wen and could barely speak from the suffocating drug he breathed.

Alvin (breathlessly): ‘Wen?’
Wen (breathlessly): ‘Yeah. It’s me. Can you scratch down there for me?’
Alvin: ‘You’re itching there too?’

He blindly made his way to her feet and carefully began massaging her clit, and his hips found where her toes were.

Alvin: ‘Help me too.’

Using her feet, she clamped his dick between her toes and moved up and down, channeling some form of comfort so he could focus on relieving her agony. As seconds passed, her nipples were hurting more and Alvin was feeling worse from the unbearable itch. It was as if an insect bite that would cause one to scratch till they bleed.

Wen: ‘My nipples. My nipples. Please.’

He felt her spreader bar and moved her feet up into the air, until the bar went behind his back. Using his mouth, he nibbled on her nipples in turns, while his fingers continued to masturbate her clit. Soon, Alvin expressed frustration from his lack of ‘scratching’, bringing his cock dangerously close to Wen’s pussy.

Alvin: ‘Can I put it in? I’m going crazy with the itch.. ‘

He waited for a few seconds and it was silence he heard. Unable to hold himself back, he poked his tip into her pussy and the wet environment took some pain away. Wen was feeling better too, when she realised that it was actually inside her pussy that needed attention. No wonder it didn’t feel right though he was rubbing her clit.

Almost in missionary position, he went all the way into Wen’s pussy and a moment of sigh told them of their relieve. Still, the discomfort returned and he began thrusting, pulling his dick along her vaginal walls that enjoyed the strokes. Her nipples felt better than and he laid flat on her body, jerking just his hips in the chained-and-locked embrace.

Wen: ‘Oh yes. Keep moving. It feels good.’
Alvin: ‘You’re getting tighter too.’

Suddenly, they heard Melissa’s voice and Wen’s mercy pleading.

Wen (moaning desperately): ‘NO PLEASE! No.. AHHH!’

She shocked Wen through her nipples and grabbed Alvin’s head over them. He resumed sucking on them and Wen dare not say another word when she hovered the swatter over his ass.


He almost bit her nipples off when the first slap excited him. His hips went faster and the both of them was moaning to the hastened mind-fuck. Melissa executed strokes on his bum as they enjoyed themselves, transferring some of the electrical shocks into Wen as well through his penis. Somehow, Wen liked it when Alvin was shocked.

Alvin (shouting): ‘I need to pee badly!’
Melissa: ‘Then let it out!’

Wen’s face turned into horror when she felt a strong gush of hot pee flush into her pussy, exiting in a spray-like fashion over her stuffed cunt. Melissa started spreading and flicking his pee over their bodies with her hand, coating them in a disgusting coat of ammonia. Luckily, Alvin was a non-drinker and only had water the previous night. So there wasn’t any strong smell.

After he was done, he resumed pounding the exhausted girl’s pussy with increasing vigour, delivering orgasms to her sensitive clit and G-spot. When the next smack descended on Alvin, a more powerful jolt made them both groan. Water, pee, whatever bodily liquid, was a great conductor of electricity.

Melissa raised the spreader bar up and instructed Alvin to get out, which he did promptly in fear.

Melissa: ‘Turn over Wen. Or I will shock him.’
Alvin: ‘Please Wen! Please please!’

Wen did a two point turn with the toy prying her legs open and went into doggie, officially out of sight with what would happen behind her. It was nothing scary when Alvin tucked his legs under the bar, engaging them in doggie style without much escape route. Alvin automatically plunged his dick into her and granted Wen a mind soothing sense of security, knowing that they had no reasons to be punished.

Melissa: ‘Are you all the way inside? Is he?’
Wen and Alvin: ‘Yes yes.’
Melissa: ‘Good. Hold her hair.’

Wen tilted her head back to let Alvin catch hold of her permed ends, ready to be fucked in her rear. But unexpectedly, Melissa stuck the racket on his butt and did not take it off immediately. The initial trembling turned into a convulsion that made Alvin rammed his cock in deep and hard, repeating it to take the pain away. For Wen, her G-spot was receiving orgasm-level kind of sensation and just kept cumming in loud moans.

The ten seconds Alvin had been electrocuted felt like hours to him, and when his cock regained feeling, Wen was too tight to continue fucking. Nonetheless, he bit his lips and pounded the blissful looking girl, eyes shut to the impending orgasms that her contracted pussy was getting.

Melissa did not touch them anymore and let him worked, allowing the ‘natural’ pleasure of sex recover in their privates. Gradually, the forceful fucking slowed down to a stop and ended Wen’s buffet of climaxes.

Alvin: ‘I’m almost cumming Wen. Melissa, shock me if you must. But I’m not going to cum inside her.’

Melissa: ‘Good. Take it out.’

He left her dripping wet hole and stood away from the bed, only to scream when Melissa tapped his dickhead with the racket. Melissa left him standing there and returned with another two patches of handkerchief, giving one to Alvin in his face. Wen no longer had any strength after the mindless sex and breathed in willingly, falling asleep right after that.

When she woke up, it was afternoon and her clothes were back, as if untouched. Party-like noises came from outside the door and true enough, everyone was just eating and drinking.

Wen: ‘Hi Alvin.’
Alvin: ‘Hey Wen. You slept for so long. Eat this.’

Confused, she ate the sandwich from Alvin and went back to pack her bags for the check out in the late evening. About fifteen minutes later, Alvin swung the door open to Wen’s room and Melissa was in his arms.

Alvin: ‘Move your stuff away! This bitch needs to be punished.’
Wen: ‘Wait. You mean it’s real?’
Alvin: ‘No shit. That’s why I didn’t let you touch the food and served you all the way.’

They tied her up while the rest of the bedrooms got busy with the other two ladies. Alvin brought a handkerchief laid with the drug she used on them and let her breath in the sexual-inducing medication. In less than a minute, she was up and struggling, begging to be fucked for anything.

Instead of torturing her, Alvin turned his attention to Wen, whom did not resist when he gave her a kiss. Right before Melissa’s eyes, the pair of horny lovebirds started stripping each other, hands running all over cock, pussy and boobs. In front of her, they began with doggie-style, Wen moaning extra slutty as Alvin happily pounded her pussy sore.

It was a consensual trade of lust between them, having her feminine body pounded by a fit, young man who was more than capable to fuck properly. The senseless jerking of Wen’s body on her knees drove Melissa crazy and only after they changed to missionary, did Wen help Melissa at all.

On her back, she reached for the pussy of her ‘master’ and pinched her clit, which Melissa was totally alright with. Alvin did not disappoint Wen as orgasms disrupted her tempo masturbating her supervisor, screams joining the the other torture/ pleasure rooms.

Alvin (whispering): ‘wen! I’m gonna cum soon.. ‘

Wen gave the sex-droid a grin and guided him to Melissa, who was dying from desperation. As Wen went to her side to attack her nipples, Alvin raised her feet high up into the air. In a swift, he pierced into her raw and Melissa went near unconscious. Thanks to her nipples, she sobered up when Wen sank her fingernails into the peaks, shocking her awake.

Wen: ‘Alvin is going to cum into you now.. It will be over soon.’

Alvin heard his new instructions and went all out, ramming his cock in full length into the dominant bitch. After two minutes of intense, sweat sprinkling, the stud unleashed his cum with powerful jerks to her pelvis, filling her up till cum overflowed out of her tight hole.

Like a scratch that temporarily not itch, Melissa stayed quiet for a while, and the pair got dressed with much excitement from their revenge. Once Melissa was back to her crazy state, the two model colleagues stayed by her side, helping her out till she was back to normal.

Well, the three ladies no longer played pranks in the office, and Melissa grew attached to Alvin not long after, who was Wen’s boyfriend as well. Unlike most love-triangle, the couple now has a ‘slave’ to do their bidding.

What would such an experience do to you guys?

Misty’s Fetish

After the hectic day at the office where Misty worked, her group of office staff agreed to dinner with the ground forces, mostly comprising of frontline service crew. One of the guys, Blake, was her eye candy at work and he would be there too.

Everyone reached the hawker centre after a fifteen minutes wait, and he showed up in the company’s polo tee unlike others.

Misty: ‘Wah. Blake so on ah. Free marketing for company.’
Guy: ‘Eh. Don’t disturb him like that leh. He stayed back to finish up the work for the rest of us.’

The tall, traditional Chinese guy had been in the company for close to five years. Using hardwork, he climbed to the position of Senior Supervisor which anyone else would be too stressed to take up. Despite his low education, his willingness to teach and guide earned him the respect of his team, even those who weren’t directly under him.

As the last bits of food was cleaned up by the guys, everyone tidied up and were ready to head home. Misty rarely had alcoholic drinks, but it was a day to relax and talk crap, so she had downed quite a number of mugs herself.

Blake: ‘Okay guys. Don’t come to work tomorrow hor. Have a good rest and we’ll chiong on Monday.’

A synchronised ‘ooosh‘ woke the drunken mood up and the ladies, with Misty, had to turn away in embarrassment. While some of them left for their cars, Misty, Blake and a few headed for the bus stop.

Blake: ‘Eh Mist, you forgot to wear bra today ah?’
Misty: ‘Got lah. This shirt is thinner la. Hum sup lou.’

The sheer black top did not hide the inner black spag she wore, but the unpadded bra could not do much about her nipples that could be noticed if one looked long enough. Somehow, she was glad to get his attention, and they had the privacy to talk alone behind the noisy group in front of them.

Misty: ‘Good hor you, a wife waiting at home.’
Blake: ‘Okay lah. The company give me high pay, I work longer hours lo. My wife understands. You? Always end work so late how to find boyfriend?’
Misty: ‘Don’t have boyfriend la. Earn money more important.’
Blake: ‘Haha. Then when you want to marry you can pick any one of my guys. I sure approve one.’
Misty: ‘Asshole. But I have someone I like in this company.’
Blake: ‘Eh! Who who! Don’t tell me James from your team hor. He don’t have balls yet.’
Misty (answering shyly): ‘No la. Your team de.’
Blake: ‘Say leh! Who? Me ah? I know you secretly in love with me la. I won’t tell anyone.’

If only he understood what kind of joke he cracked. Misty’s mind started wandering to scenes of his diligent mode giving instructions to his team, directing them with his strong arms, unkempt hair that made him looked so suave. On top of that, the fitting pair of jeans showed off his lean ass, straight-cut style right under his crotch.

Blake: ‘What bus you taking?’
Misty: ‘Dundred.’
Blake: ‘Same. You can continue dreaming. I’ll let you know when the bus come.’

They were the last at the bus stop while everyone hopped onto their own ride. Misty had snapped out of her fantasies and was noticing Blake, also deep in thoughts but probably about something more productive.

Misty (whispering): ‘You won’t mind if I like you right? You are already married.’
Blake: ‘Huh? You really like me ah? Shit man. *pause* I actually also quite like you. Too bad I’m married.’

Their bus finally came and they got on, sitting side-by-side to continue her proposal.

Misty: ‘Since you are married, I can’t ask you out right?’
Blake: ‘Haha. You can stay back with me in office ah. That will be our date lo.’

Throwing away all pride, she slipped her arm under his and placed her palm on his thigh, head leaning against his shoulder for comfort. He did not make any rejection signs, even putting his hand on her legs.

Blake: ‘Don’t text me funny things ah. If not I will have to marry you if my wife divorce me.’

The pair of matching black skirt made it worse with his fingers resting on her bare thighs, sending wild thoughts into her head. As erotic fantasies started building up again, the unconscious shifting of her hand had brought him into her world too.

As the bus emptied itself through the stops, her skirt was lifted higher by his muscular hand. At no time did he looked at her like a boyfriend, making the whole process feel like a stranger feeling her up.

Misty leaned herself on the window and brought her hand to his groin, squeezing it while he returned the favour by pressing onto her panties. The moisture that was already there made him grinned, but he did not stop rubbing.

Blake: ‘Shall we get off here? I’ll send you home with the company van.’

Right. The company van IS at his carpark.

The duo alighted and went to the multi-storey carpark, jumping into the back of the van once he started the air-conditioning. With no lights, they could only use the florescent lamps from the ceiling. Misty was already on the side of the van where least light could reach.

Blake (whispering): ‘No regrets?’

Misty no longer wanted to answer him and tugged at his belt, where he undid his jeans while she pulled her skirt and translucent blouse away. Her panties got flung into the darkness after he removed them, and he was soon lying by her side.

One of her hand got busy stroking him, and one of his was busy rubbing her out. His coarse finger felt really good as her clit was flicked in circles, messing up the rhythm for her handjob.

Misty (whispering): ‘You have a condom?’

Blake shook his head and told her about the vasectomy after his second kid, forcing her to make a choice she already knew the answer to. Not wanting to let time make things anymore awkward, Misty rolled over to dogggie facing the rear window and slant herself forward before he could put it in.

Blake (whispering): ‘Why?’
Misty (whispering): ‘Can you rape me?’

She flung the pile of nylon ropes across the floor and he caught them. He tied her hands behind her and secured her ankles together, then returning her to the doggie-style she wanted.

While Misty put up a little fight to resist his dick, he mercilessly yanked her hips back and wrapped his arms around her ribs, squeezing her sensitive pair of boobs till she stopped moving.

Blake: ‘That’s my good girl.’

That thick, hard manhood pierced into her and she screamed into her wrists. She had never been taken by force and his meat felt exceptionally huge inside her. Her pussy was ripped open beyond her own personal record and the violent thrusts stretched her vagina further inwards.

This strong man had fulfilled one of her desires to be raped, and her pussy just kept contracting with sheer happiness. Blake rammed really hard into her and those long strokes drove her mad. The fight in her disappeared like smoke and her body was giving in to him.

Blake (groaning): ‘So you prefer to be my slave huh?’
Misty (moaning): ‘Can I?’
Blake: ‘Of course! My wife likes to dominate me, and I can unleash onto you.’

A sudden rush of pain shot into her scalp as he grabbed her hair, pounding her fleshy bums onto his stiff hips. If she had felt correctly, he was getting bigger inside her.

In and out, Misty drifted from a clear mind to a half-fucked sanity. Each orgasm had taken a little of her life with it and she was backing up on him before she realised. It’s like – her body wanted more.

Getting so close to blacking out, Blake was moving at a speed that caused her pussy to be ‘burping’. He was getting overpowered by her tightness, it seems.

Blake: ‘I’m cumming!’

A strong push knocked her off balance and she fell forward. He flipped her around like a piece of dough and held her legs up with one hand. His dick poked through her thighs (that was tied together) and she was looking right at his cannon appearing and disappearing before her.

Moments later, a loud grunt came and white cream spat onto her chest. After the first two squirts, the rest oozed out over her legs and down to her pussy, which she knew she had nothing to worry about.

Blake untied her as soon as he was done and cleaned her lifeless body up, paying extra attention to massage those sore breasts and clit while at it. As soon as he was done, he got her to strip naked and kneel on some soft foam.

With cleverly positioned knots, he made a ‘G-string’ and ‘bra’ for her. For the part of the rope running under her pussy, a few knots provided something to rub against, and the bra simply made her free-hanging boobs into firm, tight buns.

He did not give her much time to check out the DIYed lingerie, instead, helping her dress up quickly so she could go home and enjoy. On the journey home, Misty could only feel her sore breasts and occasional rubs of her pussy.

But when she straightened her legs to get off his van, the rope sank deep between her pussy, and caused her to crumble onto the ground. The torture was too much for her to bear at once.

Blake: ‘You can cut the ropes if you want. I’ll see you tomorrow k? At the office.’

Holding onto the door handles, she had to clarify the arrangement.

Misty: ‘You know we’re not open tomorrow right?’
Blake: ‘Yupp. No one will be there ah. My wife don’t know the office is closed. So I can still meet you. If you change your mind, just text me k?’

Luckily for the flats she wore, the walk home was not too awkward and before long, she was ready for the much needed shower. Standing naked in front of her mirror, she looked exactly like one of those Japanese porn stars doing bondage gig.

The loop around her waist had eaten into her hips and raising it would send tingles through her pussy into her mind. Heck, she took a quick shower before putting on some decent clothes to cover up. Ready for bed in no time.

Unlike the nights she had before, there were no thoughts of random stuff. They were all sex related. As she adjusted the rope on her pussy, the knots kept rubbing her clit till she climaxed against her tiredness.

Damn, this has either got to be the best or worst night in my life.

As the orgasms wore her body out, darkness came for her and overtook her eyes for some super wet dreams.

The next day, she skipped the morning shower and went to ‘work’ in t-shirt and shorts. When Blake saw her in the office, there was a dark patch of wetness between her legs, which she did not realise.

Blake: ‘I think you need to wear a liner. You’re too wet.’

Their clothes came off quickly and their boss’ table was the first to be tested for stability and reliability.

A Pet for Three

This is the second story Jhae has written for Kathy, the author of Kathy’s Diary (now defunct). It’s a foursome story that have appeared on her blog, and it’s now my turn to publish it.

Kathy has long gotten used to being a pet. Listening to commands, awaiting her turn for orgasms, paying attention to the man before her, those were the things she was used to. When Master A allowed her to meet up with me on her own, I wanted to introduce something new to her. Though I’m not sure if she had done it before, it’s the people who are involved that will be new.

I reached the hotel earlier than her to set up the room, slightly bigger than the previous venue we had our fun in. Apart from the cameras, there were also two other guys I invited. Both were my readers, one in his 30s and the other in his teens. As planned, the three of us had masks on, Marvel superheroes to be exact. There was Spidey, Iron Man, and Hulk. For our own ease of recognition, the youngest among us had the Iron Man on, and the oldest had the Hulk.

Kathy (WhatsApp): ‘I’m outside the room.’

Hulk let her in and the shocked expression of her was a sight to behold. Although it was a bigger room, the crowd in there made it look happening.

Kathy: ‘Wow. So many people? I thought you said.. where are you Master J?’
Me: ‘It doesn’t matter which one is me. Put your bag down and lie on the bed.’

The three of us were seated like kings in front of the window and Kathy dropped her bag in a corner, removing the cardigan she had over a floral dress. We gathered around the bed and started the inspection, conveniently stripping her naked and turning parts of her body to see if she had cleaned herself well.

Her ears were tickled, mouth dug into to make sure she brushed, nipples twisted to stiffness to ensure she was ready, and legs spread so we could see if it was properly shaved.

Our underwear came off together and we returned to the chair.

Hulk: ‘You can start with mine.’

He lit a cigarette as she came over, kneeling between his legs and taking his cock into her mouth. While she worked, we introduced ourselves and picked on a topic I’ve planned.

Me: ‘How shall we start after she’s done?’
Iron Man: ‘I want to continue using her mouth can?’
Me: ‘Can. And Hulk?’
Hulk: ‘I’m going to start fucking her if you don’t mind.’
Me: ‘Alright. And I guess I’ll have to keep her hands busy. Oh. Maybe we can try DP. Iron Man never done it before right?’
Iron Man: ‘Nope. Hope it’s nicer than normal sex.’

Being the youngest guy among us, he was attached to a loving girlfriend. But never had any chance to do anything out of the world. Surely, anal would be something new.

Hulk: ‘Move on. I’m done.’

Kathy crawled to me and continued sucking, while Hulk went into the toilet to wash and get a condom. Kathy was totally insignificant in our conversation, only required to keep us hard. After two minutes, I had enough and passed her to Iron Man.

He started groaning as she went down on him and we could tell he was the most excited.

Hulk: ‘Iron Man, go to the bed and let her continue.’

He brought her to the bed and Kathy remained in doggy, slurping wetly on his iron-cock. Hulk went behind her and fingered her pussy, ensuring that she was wet enough so it wouldn’t hurt. By the bed was a few bottles of liquid, lubricants and massage oil in case we needed them.

Iron Man: ‘Kathy, you okay?’
Me: ‘Eh. Don’t need to ask her anything. Just lie down and enjoy.’

Kathy moaned louder when she felt Hulk’s tool penetrate her pussy, sinking in like a long sword. Her legs almost slid open flat but Hulk held her waist. As for me, I sat beside Iron to get her handjob, clumsily trying to focus on the one dick her teeth might hurt.

Hulk’s forceful thrusts jerked her onto Iron Man’s dick, giving him the deep throat he wasn’t ready for. Every stroke was wetter and deeper, causing Iron Man to groan uncontrollably.

Me: ‘Your girlfriend don’t do this for you?’
Iron Man: ‘She only suck for a while. Then we will have normal sex.’
Hulk: ‘My wife.. she’s not as tight as Kathy.. ‘

He was squeezing her ass hard as his hips pumped, finally hearing some moans with the dick in Kathy’s mouth.

Hulk: ‘Iron Man, let’s stop for a while. Turn her around. I want to feel her boobs this time.’

The three of us turned her head to the foot of the bed, dangling her neck over the edge. Hulk sat on her chest with his dick in her cleavage and I squatted at her mouth. While Iron Man took his time to put on the condom, the two older guys (Hulk and I) started. I was fucking her deep throat like missionary and Hulk was playing with her breasts mercilessly. He had rubbed some Durex warming lubricant for the boob-job and he was enjoying thoroughly.

Hulk: ‘If only my wife has her boobs.’
Me: ‘Are you in yet Iron Man?’
Iron Man: ‘Now now.’

The parting of her lips signalled the extra pleasure at her groin. Iron was pounding her so hard that the both of us above her waist lost all momentum. As usual, his groans overpowered our voices and her throat just kept squeezing erratically on my dick head.

A few minutes later, I pulled out first to let her breath, and the two guys stopped shortly after.

Hulk: ‘Iron Man! Ready for the DP?’
Iron Man: ‘I’m afraid I’ll cum too fast.’
Me: ‘Nevermind la. I think I’m going to cum soon too.’

Kathy was never given the chance to speak since she was panting most of the time. She was looking so tired that her sluggish movements could not pick herself up. I laid on the bed and Kathy climbed over me. She had done the job of putting myself inside her and Iron kneeled behind her.

A few moments of silence later, her face squinted hard as Iron Man grunted, plus a thumbs up from Hulk who guided him in. Hulk came over to my head and leaned on the wall, balls right in front of me.

Hulk: ‘Pai seh ah. Might as well do TP – triple penetration.’

Hulk pulled Kathy’s mouth over his dick and left her alone. Both Hulk and I then coincidentally told Iron Man the same thing.

Hulk & Me: ‘You’ll be controlling the speed.’

We fist-bumped and Iron Man started thrusting. Slowly but deeply, the thin wall that separated our dicks got super slippery. It only took him a while to reach his comfortable speed and Kathy was full of moans from the three dicks.

Her pussy was overwhelmingly tight on my dick and her anus was overbearing for Iron Man. His sudden screams of vulgarities said it all. Hulk had his own share of fun by holding her head straight, body jerking by Iron Man’s sheer force.

Iron (shouting): ‘You’re so fucking tight!’
Hulk: ‘You are trying to suck me dry huh little bitch?’

I was long out of my mind from her tightness that was turning my vision white. My brains had flashes of numbness and I bet the two of them felt the same too. Hulk’s wobbling feet and Iron’s increasing frequent pauses.

Iron Man (shouting): ‘I’m going to cum guys!’
Hulk: ‘Hey! Let’s cum together?’
Me: ‘Good idea.’

Iron Man went on pumping at his max speed for a while more before slowing down. The three of us, now breathless and super horny, couldn’t wait to get out of her crazy body that was trying to addict us.

We surrounded her on the bed and Hulk went back to her pussy. Both Iron Man’s and my dick were in her hands, stroking us at unbelievable pace. We aimed our dicks at her face and let her carry on.

Close to three minutes later, Hulk suddenly let his dick flick out and waded over to her chest. Another few jerks of his own rod sent hot cum spraying all over her face. Iron and I took her hands off our meat too and jerked till our load covered her face in a cum-mask.

Me: ‘This is crazy man.’
Iron Man: ‘Let’s help her clean up. She can’t see.’

Hulk walked over with her panties and placed it in her hand, where she tried to soak up the impossibly thick coat of semen. Once she could open her eyes, we ordered her to smear the cum over her body, while we watched on our chairs.

Me: ‘Kathy, help us clean up with your mouth.’

With cum in her hair and all over her face, she came over to us one by one and sucked up all the juices over our dicks. After she was done, we allowed her into the bathroom while we wore our clothes back.

Hulk: ‘Kathy, we have asked Master A to come up here for the rest of the night. The three of us booked this room for you.’
Me: ‘Let’s not forget to give her a review. Iron Man first?’
Iron Man: ‘I can tell her mouth was well-trained, but her teeth still scraped my dick a few times. Ass wise, tight and seldom used. Not for beginners like me.’

Hulk: ‘She’s a good sex slave to own at home. And even better for gatherings like this. Her mouth had a lot of training, and pussy lots of fucking. Not too tight that I will cum too fast, a nice fit for long, insane sex. Oh! And her boobs. Soft and addictive. If only I can cut them off.’

Me: ‘Haha. Crazy Hulk huh? Kathy actually kept her pussy squeezed throughout the whole session. Her hands need more practice though, too easily distracted. Mouth wise, mindblowing. I would not mind paying her for blowjobs. Probably worth $50.’

The three of us thanked each other before picking up our bags. We handed over the card key to Kathy and left together, unmasking at the first trashcan we saw in the corridor.

Kathy (WhatsApp): ‘Thanks Master J for organising it. You guys really make me feel like a pet. Hulk was really big, and Iron Man’s dick is really cute. Smaller but super energetic. And for Master J, I know which one is yours.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘I’ll let the guys know. Master A is coming up now. Get ready. I’ll send you the videos once I edited them.’
Kathy (WhatsApp): ‘Xoxo!’

One Pet for Two

This story is written for a fellow blogger, Kathy, who writes and share pictures of her endowed figure on the blog, Kathy’s Diary, which is now defunct. This story has appeared on her blog, and is my turn to publish it for those who missed it.

A Pet – I’ve always wanted to know how does having a pet would feel like. Would it be a total domination? Or will my own principles stop be from being too inhumane?

When Kathy sent an email to me about an opportunity to understand a mind like hers, I felt more curious than excited. It was the ‘hopefulness’ of owning a pet, nor getting the experience of controlling one, but rather, the mindset and mental state of one.

Kathy (Whatsapp): ‘Hotel 81, Princess, tonight at 4pm?’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. I’m about to head out now.’

Upon reaching the hotel, I checked into the room to see the lock engaged to keep the door ajar. Entering it showed me a little more of the (helpless?) daring state of Kathy, wearing just her bra and panties lying on the bed.

An open laptop on the small dresser was facing her, streaming live feed to a frame where only the chest of a male was showing.

Kathy: ‘Master A wanted to help too. So he will be watching.’

Me: ‘So it will be like live porn?’

Kathy: ‘Yeah. I’m to.. listen to his command if you are too shy.’

Me: ‘Have you done this before?’

Kathy: ‘On camera, yes. But live, no. And you’re the first guy he allowed to touch me after he owns me.’

Having no idea on how to start, I only dropped my bag in a corner, and set up my own camera in video recording mode on the keyboard area of the laptop.

Me: ‘I haven’t really.. umm.. been invited to such stuff.’

A pair of hand started typing in the webcam feed and I was able to read it.

I’ll tell her what to do. Master J, can you ask Kathy to wear to earpiece?

I told her his wish and she tucked her hair behind her ear to stick a bluetooth headset in. A moment of silence later, she moved herself to one side of the bed and flipped the blanket open for me to join her. As I got all snuggly next to her, she removed her panties and brought a carrot between her legs.

Teasing her own pussy, one of her hands came over to my dick, fondling it as moans escaped her mouth. It seemed that Master A had never allowed pleasure to just be a one-way thing, making sure I was getting all heated up at the same time. Soon, the carrot was sliding in and out of her, and the handjob got more intense.

Me (moaning): ‘Do you like being a pet?’

Kathy (moaning): ‘I like to please Master, even if it means giving in to him all the time.’

Me: ‘What do you get out of it?’

Kathy (moaning): ‘He.. ahh.. he wants me to be less selfish. So I listen to him. He is actually helping me to control myself. If not, I’ll just be.. ahh!’

Her body shook gently and I knew she came while answering my question. Since I was supposed to be telling her what to do, it’s time for me to get started too.

Me: ‘Okay. Lie down in front of me, I want your mouth nearby.’

She gladly did it and was all ready to work her neck. Once she was lying on my thigh with her legs opened sideways, carrot still thrusting, I handed out my second command.

Me: ‘Keep your mouth near my dick. And continue with that carrot.’

Kathy: ‘You want me to suck it?’

Me: ‘You’ll be punished if you do it.’

Kathy: ‘You mean if I don’t do it?’

Me: ‘Nope. You heard it right. Go on.’

I kept her mouth hovering over my dick, ignoring the occasional contact of her lips on my rod, while she pumped the veggie deeper and faster, to get to the next orgasm. It was all but interesting to see how she held herself back from giving what that desperate dick in front of her wanted, and that orgasm almost caused her to lose balance and disobeyed.

Me: ‘Came? Good. Kneel in front of me now, and let the carrot slide out of your pussy. I only want you to keep the tip inside.’

She no longer questioned me and went to work. From her unwilling fidgeting, it was harder than ‘not sucking the dick in front of you’. A light tap on her head sent her mouth over my shaft, sucking me as she held her butt away from her feet. A few times the carrot fell out, but she got it back to where I told her. And for the other few times that the carrot caused a moan from her, I would push her head down into my groin and hold it to suffocate her a bit.

Me: ‘Okay. Now you understand the difference between Master A and J?’

The red-eye girl nodded faithfully and looking at the laptop, a thumbs up was in front of the naked chest.

Me: ‘Now, I want you to lie down.’

She took my position on the bed and readjusted her so she was sitting up towards me. I sat in front of her and my dick was inches away from her, so close yet all she could felt was the accidental brushes I made on her clit. After I kickstarted the handjob, she went at it, unknowingly pulling me closer and closer to her.

Me: ‘You want it inside?’

Kathy: ‘Yeah. Can I?’

I guided her back onto the bed and moved my hips closer, raw flesh touching the wet folds of meat. There was almost an invisible force drawing me right in. I let her pull my rod in and her legs docked me tightly.

We did not spend any time savouring the fit and began fucking, thrusting my dick in and out of Kathy. To make up for the size, I went as fast as I could from the beginning, sending her into screams as it licked her ‘top’ of her vagina continuously.

I was at the mercy of her wetness too, negating all the friction and human limits. While she was moaning in pleasure, I was grunting in agony of the speed I was solely responsible for.

We lasted for about ten minutes, before it was too tiring for me and I stopped. The hyped up Kathy was trying to put ‘me’ back when I had to stop her verbally.

Me: ‘No. No more. I want you to suck me off.’

I stood by the bed and turned the webcam into our direction, as she energetically sat down with legs wide open.

Me: ‘You can use the carrot for now.’

As soon as the carrot was in, her mouth was at where it belonged too. Slurping hungrily, all I needed to do was to relax. The tongue kept spreading saliva around and she found the comfortable tempo to go all the way.

Minutes of the fast and furious oral sex pushed me to my toes and I was at the verge of cumming for almost a minute straight.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum. Take it all in.’

Her lips squeezed tighter together and at that moment, my balls rapidly contracted, blowing my load into her mouth that was sucking as I came. One of her hand kept teasing my balls and the other was around my butt, pulling me closer to reach the base of my shaft.

After some time, I was totally drained both mentally and physically. Kathy got off my dick after I told her to and the carrot was just sliding in and out of her slowly.

Me: ‘Cum another time for me. I’m pleased with your performance.’

She masturbated herself to another orgasm, before throwing the carrot into the bin. The webcam went dark and it was just me and her in the room.

Kathy: ‘Can I suck you off again?’

Me: ‘He’s not here anymore.’

Kathy: ‘I know. It’s the first time he allowed me to do with someone else. So I want to make it worthwhile.’

By then, I was all soft, but the diligent lady did not give up. This time, I laid on the bed and she bent over to take my dick once again into her mouth. By then, I was exhausted, and her lips and tongue worked differently. It was slow, sensual and attentive.

Beyond my hardness, her delicateness stroked the most sensitive parts til I came again, harder and much more than the first. She took every drop into her mouth without a flinch, swallowing it before my eyes once she was done.

Me: ‘Is he coming up for you?’

Kathy: ‘Nope. He is at home. I’m going off too.’

She led me into the narrow standing shower and cleaned me up, making me feel like a kid washed by an adult. We left the hotel together and I could only feel proud when eyes were set on her, the well-endowed body with 36C firmly stuck on her chest.

Kathy: ‘I want to meet you again if he allows.’

Me: ‘Me too. You’re a nice pet.’

We boarded the same bus and on the upper deck, I took out the gift I almost forgotten. It was a Benwa Ball set that I had excess stock off. Immediately, she removed the packaging and inserted it under her dress, panties stretched out of the way. It tingled her then-sensitive pussy and kept her smiling till she alighted.

Kathy: ‘Master will be happy knowing that I enjoyed myself. Thank you Master J.’

As of now, we have been text till her husband needs her. That being his turn to get some of the love she showed to us through the photos on her blog.


Josephine had ended her school and returned to a guy’s home, huge and a quiet mansion. Sounds from his room upstairs shuffled in metal clangs and clinks, until he appeared in front of her in his stocking mask and wrists and ankles individually wrapped with leather.

Josephine: ‘Good, you are learning fast.’

He went into the kitchen and brought her a cup of hot tea, before going to her feet and removed the standard white shoes, and socks. He placed them neatly at his doorsteps and went to a room, coming out with a set of fresh clothes for her. She went with him to that room and he unbuttoned her shirt, removing them along with her white bra that had its buckle between the cups. Wrapping a spandex jacket over her, he zipped up halfway to expose part of her small chest and then knelt on the floor, undoing her skirt, shorts and panties. He helped her got into a pair of tights also made of the same soft, light material before she left the room for the living room.

He went on his knees in front of her and she opened her legs, for him to lick after he tore a hole in the stocking at his mouth area. His tongue dived in for the treat and licked diligently on her clit, until she was wet and moist. As Josephine browsed the channels on his large flat screen TV, her body climaxed and a gush of juices were quickly slurped up by her slave.

As the sofa had a longer side that stretches out towards the TV, she laid over the cushions he placed on her chest and waited for the massage that would follow. With his skilful acupuncture massage, her muscles relaxed and it felt dreamy for her, given that rain had been falling for the whole day. Soon, she hear his clothes drop onto the floor and raised her hips, for him to get behind her and push his dick into her tight shorts, right between her slit and sinking all the way without hesitation.

With her juices lubricated nicely, her slave had no problem and began pumping his hips against her butt, slurping her juices with his thrusts. Josephine was only 14, but this slave of hers had an infatuation with her and willingly commit to being hers for as long as she needed him to be. His dick fitted her from the previous intercourses and now it filled her up nicely, brushing against every corner of her vagina. Josephine moaned with his vigour and was soon going into the orgasm she was waiting for, shocking her into a daze and rendering her weak.

As her pussy gradually shrank, her slave pumped even harder until he was about to cum. Pulling out quickly, he grabbed a disposable cup and shot all his cum into it, before presenting to his mistress to drink it up, in a gulp. Once done, she got up and let him lie on the cushions, facing the ceiling and hips raised to the highest point. She reached for the toy box behind the sofa and took out the strap-on he kept, and slipped it over her shorts, pulling up a side until the other end of the dildo could reach for her pussy.

It was designed in a way that one end of the dick on it would stay inside her and the other part would go into wherever she wanted. Also, the part of the dildo sticking out was covered in loose rubber, allowing every stroke forward to push part of the flexible rubber tube inside back towards her pussy, fucking her as she thrust. It was a brilliant design and was a costly toy too.

Josephine leaned against him and let him lubed up the dildo, with some KY jelly. Once the lubricant was applied and dripping onto the cushions, she poked the tip into his anus and moaned as she moved her hips forward, going deeper into him but also herself at the same time. Her delicate hands held his dick and jerked him as she pumped, fucking herself mad.

This was the best part for him as he got to enjoy her handjob, and to be able to watch her pleasuring herself at the same time. She had total control all the time and the whole house was flooded with his manly groans and her cutesy moans. Within minutes, Josephine had to pause as her pussy squeezed with all its might, to manage the orgasm from the rubber tip that had reached deep into her. She continued ramming his poor ass after she recovered and finally, he was cumming and she placed her mouth over his dick, forcefully yanking it down to face her. He creamed right at her gentle sucking and emptied his balls into her, going down the throat as she swallowed.

Josephine fell onto her sides on the empty couch and laid in shortness of breath while he got up to undo her strap-on, disappearing into the kitchen after she was comfortable under a blanket. A quick meal was served to her and just an hour later, the door handle creaked and another guy entered. It was the father of her slave and someone she liked better. She got up in an instant and ran to him, taking his bag and belt away.

After she placed the items at their usual spot, she went behind the sofa and bent over the headrest, balanced herself over it and spread both her legs like a frog. Her master went to where she was and let his pants fell, before sinking his long tool into her pussy, still moist from the earlier orgasms. He watched the evening news while fucking his toy girl, blowing her mind over and over again with the frequent orgasms. With minutes ticking away, the news soon ended and a few more hard thrusts later, he rammed her over the edge and shot all his cum into her tiny pussy, and let her drop onto the soft leather seats in front.

Master went into the kitchen to wash up and returned to the sofa, leaning on one of the armrests and gesturing her to get dinner. She took the plate of food from her slave and served it to Master, before going between his legs and slurped hungrily on his meat, going up and down licking it like a lollipop and taking it between her thick lips, sucking on the whole length for the tasty cum she wanted.

TV was especially boring at that time and so after finishing his food, he laid it on the coffee table and lifted the small girl over his dick, letting her slip down his thighs until her pussy devoured the whole shaft. Josephine had a weakness for his size and everytime he was inside her, she would be unable to move due to the sensitivity and pain, if she angled wrongly. It was him that really stretched her pre-mature pussy and showed her how good it felt to be dominated.

Master then adjusted himself to sit up properly and held her in front of him, hugging like a koala bear. Shortly, his hips began shooting upwards and into her, making her wrap her hands around him tightly. It felt extremely good to have a larger-than-fitting piece of hot throbbing meat inside and pushing all her buttons like how it should be done. As much as she tried to do some work, it was hard with his strength and desire for control.

After a good long hour, he let her free and she took over the job, bouncing that little over his dick until he came forward and hug her again, letting his dick go right to her extreme end and filled her womb up with hot, thick cum. There was not a drop that leaked out as it all reached her womb and even made her feel bloated with his presents. He lifted her up and away on his side and rested, seemingly asleep in peace without so much any signs of breathlessness. Josephine went back to the toilet in the kitchen to wash up and let her slave bend her over the dining table for a good doggie session to relieve his hard on.

He did not waste the chance and kept pumping fiercely, hitting her pelvic bones against the wood until he could not take it, partly because of imagining she was his ex-girlfriend. He helped her off the table and onto a chair, before sitting on the edge of the table that faced her and let her jerk him off. Taking the fourth load of cum for the day, she gave him a treat by sucking on it after she swallowed, sending his man pipe into shock and desperation even it was empty. His dick shrivelled at the quickest speed and Josephine was done for the day.

She let her slave changed her clothes back into the decent school uniform and shoes, leaving her slave and master to themselves.

Master: ‘Shall we bring Rinnie out of your room? She haven’t had dinner yet, and I still feel full.’