House Pet

Kitty: ‘What do I wear today Master?’ Master: ‘This, and the white shirt.’ Kitty untangled the bondage bra and bikini set into two portion, putting them off in front of her Master she faithfully devoted her life to. Besides their marriage cert, a confidential document signing her obedience and anti-PPO (personal protection order) allowed her […]

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She Belongs

Bernice (panting): ‘Can I go up now?’ Sam: ‘NO! Two more rounds.’ The curvy girl darted off in a white jersey and pink FBT shorts, threading lightly on the toes to quickly complete the last two laps. Once she returned to the bench where Sam was waiting, she brisk walk in front of him, only […]

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Pet Kitty 2

Part 1 | Part 2 The familiar sounds of door unlocking came through the living room and Mel tidied her room up. Mel (shouting): ‘Alex?’ A few minutes of waiting later, her bedroom door unlocked and a hunky guy stood there with a paper bag in his hand. Anthony: ‘Mel?’ Mel: ‘Yeah. You are?’ Anthony: […]

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Pet Kitty

Part 1 | Part 2 Alex: ‘Come over.’ Seated in the passenger seat, he dragged Mel’s head of hair towards his groin and slammed her face down, choking her dry throat with his thick slab. Having starved and deprived of water for the whole day, the salty taste of his cock salivated her mouth, spreading […]

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Office to Bed

This entry involves pee-play. Please proceed with caution. A smile appeared across Wen’s face when she felt a finger rubbing on her clit, opening her eyes slowly to the glaring sunlight from the windows. She tried to move her arms but found out they were tied together, but there was no immediate shock to her […]

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