Debt Repayment

The first year uni student stepped into my view in a thin cotton grey dress, bra cups pushing against her chest area as she strutted to the table. Pointing to a seat opposite mine, she slid into position and her bag landed on the table. I held my new camera up and turned it on, […]

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Test of Will

Jerry: ‘Hey bro! Nice to finally meet the writer!’ Me: ‘Hi. So this is the place huh? Am I the last to arrive?’ Jerry: ‘Of course. You’re the highlight man! Come.’ Two other guys, one around my age and the other in his 30s were introduced to all of us, shaking hands with our bags […]

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Sweet Sweet Sex

Part 1 | Part 2 A few minutes of silence later, a buzz woke her up from her dazed state. Andrew (Whatsapp): ‘You can come up now.’ Samantha went up the block behind the bus stop and joined her sugar daddy who was naked waist down. He cuddled her in his bed and planted kisses […]

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Winnie’s Chance

Read this particular entry from a female’s POV. More details available at the end of this entry. Me: ‘Uncle Rick.’ Rick (whispering): ‘Shhh.. your mummy just fell asleep. Why are you still awake?’ Me: ‘Going to sleep now. Someone came over to look for mummy just now.’ He took the blanket away and opened my […]

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Girlfriend for Rent

Nelson: ‘We’ve done threesome before. It won’t be any different.’ Alicia: ‘Are you sure? Don’t find someone too old can?’ Nelson: ‘Yupp. The person I contacted is my age. So don’t worry.’ They waited in the hotel room till the bell rang, where a smartly dressed guy came to see the two of them. Man: […]

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