Debt Repayment

The first year uni student stepped into my view in a thin cotton grey dress, bra cups pushing against her chest area as she strutted to the table. Pointing to a seat opposite mine, she slid into position and her bag landed on the table. I held my new camera up and turned it on, giving the settings a check through my phone to make sure everything was set up right.

Me: ‘Put your feet up here.’

I patted on the edge of the empty seat next to mine and she took her feet out of the weathered slippers, perching them at where I wanted. Her frilly light pink panties immediately tightened against her pussy and a perfectly smooth mould appeared. The indication lights blinked to the shutter clicks I made, and the results flashed clearly onto my screen.

Me: ‘Okay done. Let’s go.’

In my hand, the camera was kept on, walking to a block where I knew it was quieter. Going up the lift, the opening and closing of her fists told me how uncertain she was. But there was nothing she could do about it. After all..


I turned straight into the door leading to the stairs and she hurried through quickly, worried about being spotted. Once we set our bags down on one of the stairs, it was time to work. In my bag was a short tripod, which I set up in front of her, aimed and framed to see her whole body. Even her face was captured in it. Since she could not see what was the camera recording, she just waited till I stepped away from the whole camera rig.

Me: ‘Ok. You can start masturbating now.’
Cheryl: ‘It might take some time for me to get wet.’
Me: ‘Then start now.’

The awkward, lost girl wriggled her butt to raise her dress slightly, exposing her panties in full to my eyes. Looking for somewhere to focus on, she finally settled on a blank spot on the wall behind me, and ran her fingers up her legs. Pushing hard against her underwear, the gentle circular rubs came to warm her up.

Her chest rose and fell faster as she continued to touch herself through her clothes, one hand between her legs and the other on her breasts to speed things up. Soon, she was panting and the surprising act to remove her bra took place on screen, stripping her bra off her hourglass figure into a pile next to her bum. Hard nipples poked through her dress as she dug her hand into her panties, middle finger clearly attacking her clit to explain the wetness that was forming a patch.

Seeing how much fun she was getting, the whole session wasn’t just about her. I unzipped my pants and opened it enough to let my briefs down, before jumping into the picture. Cheryl immediately stopped her act and made space for me, to sit next to her but faced towards her. She quickly removed her panties without showing too much of her pussy, and then looked at me for her next cue. We placed one feet on the higher step and rest our other on the lower one, shifting our groin closer till we were almost touching.

We straightened our backs to get really close and continued to move towards each other until my cock was touching her groin.

Me: ‘Put it in.’

She carefully bent my erection down and sat nearer, popping my dick head into her pussy at a comfortable depth. Before we knew it, my cock was sliding endlessly into her pussy where she tightly grabbed my forearm in response. Placing both my hands on her waist, I used the slight flabbiness of her ass to rock back and forth, plunging my cock into her as she moaned softly.

Cheryl instinctively grabbed both her boobs and massaged them desperately, working her nipples with her fingers as dirty squishing sounds were heard. Next thing I knew, her manicured fingertips brushed on my shaft while she massaged her sore clit, largely erected from the continuous public penetration it was receiving.

Me: ‘Let’s change position here.’

I backed away from the flushing faced girl and kneeled upright, signalling for her to get on her knees as well. She turned towards the plain beige wall and lifted her dress even higher, flashing the camera with a flawless, smooth complexion of her ass.

Grabbing her waist again, I sank my rod into her deepest spot in a single stroke that made her groan, and repeatedly hammered her to my heart’s content. It wasn’t everyday that I had excess to such a fine body, let alone bang one. Anyway, it was in the deal I had struck with a certain individual.

Our slamming hips echoed slapping noises into the tiny space, accompanied by her loud breaths that almost turned into screams. Droplets of juices were forming a puddle under our genitals, and the secretly kinky girl couldn’t stop orgasms from shaking her body up.

Cheryl (whispering): ‘Oh fuck.. I’m cumming again!’

She suddenly shoved her hips back and held me motionless in her squeezing cunt, sensually contracting in a wavy motion from my shaft to my sensitive tip. That single move of hers drove me really high and my body screamed into my head for the incoming orgasm I was about to have.

Me: ‘Okay okay. I’m almost cumming too. Let’s move down.’

She tiredly lifted herself away and we moved closer to the camera, red LED light still blinking in recording mode. She had returned to her sitting position and I stood before her, dick levelled at where her mouth was. Watching her closely, those glossy pink lips went over the tip and slipped along my surprisingly thick shaft, reddened and pushed to its limit from the vaginal intercourse earlier.

Although there were little tongue action, those wrinkled pressed lips did the job and I was tiptoeing to her deep suction. Just after two minutes, I was tapping her head to warn her and she was quick to push me out. She shut her eyes lightly and kept her fingers wrapped around my cock, jerking me at high speed with her saliva.

Me (loud whisper): ‘Cumming.. cumming!’

Her luscious lips parted a little as my hips buckled, sending creamy white semen spraying across her nose and mouth, forming huge blobs on her cheeks. As some dripped from her chin, more took its place and clung onto her exquisitely gorgeous skin.

Finally, I was done with her and behind the camera I disappeared to. She used her fingers to clean my cum off and stuck them into her mouth, licking and swallowing everything on her fingers with a tensed look. The camera stopped recording upon a click of the shutter button and she went on to put her bra and panties back.

Both now dressed and tidied, we made our way back to the void deck, where a mutual friend await.

Guy: ‘So how?’
Me: ‘Two hundred and fifty.’
Guy: ‘So much ah. Luckily she still has a lot of debt left.’

He showed her the IOU with the new details in, and I replayed the video of our little intimate act for him to verify. Smiling happily to himself, he took off on his motorbike, leaving Cheryl and I to ourselves.

Cheryl: ‘So can I go now?’
Me: ‘Give me your panties first.’

An instinctive click on the camera started the video mode and I aimed it at her, from the point she walked back to the table and till her panties landed in my palm. Shyly tugging at her dress, we coincidentally walked the same route to our bus stop, amidst the scanning eyes of the males we walked past.

Me: ‘I’ll edit and censor the video, then help you clear some of your debts with it. I don’t think it will take too long.’

The sudden lit in her eyes melted my heart a little, knowing that she would have an easier time and also to keep her from doing this to other guys. We exchanged numbers before we boarded our respective buses, and it did not take more than three videoed meet ups to finally get her debt to a manageable amount.

The gratitude she had for me somehow got me to spend nights over at her place, with her mum whom had no idea what her daughter did to repay her debts. My appearance came with the fast disappearing debt and no one in her family was happier to see Cheryl with a guy whom did not mind their broken background.

Sex with a desirable, educated hottie. Who wouldn’t want that right?

Test of Will

Jerry: ‘Hey bro! Nice to finally meet the writer!’
Me: ‘Hi. So this is the place huh? Am I the last to arrive?’
Jerry: ‘Of course. You’re the highlight man! Come.’

Two other guys, one around my age and the other in his 30s were introduced to all of us, shaking hands with our bags still over shoulders. In the luxurious chalet (resort) room, there were two bedrooms, with suspicious shuffling noises coming from behind them.

Jerry: ‘J, you go in that room. And put on that mask. You can set up your camera anywhere too. After that just wait around until nine?’

The blond hair Malaysian guy patted me on my bag towards the room and I went into it. A very youthful-looking girl, with flawless complexion sat on the bed, wearing a Venetian eye mask reserved for Venice festivals in particular, on top of a lolita corset dress.

Girl: ‘J?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Your name?’
Girl (gleefully): ‘Xiao Xin. Small heart.’
Me: ‘Nice name. Cute too.’
Xiao Xin: ‘You can write quite well uh? I read a few stories when waiting.’

Right then, screams were heard coming from the other rooms, followed by Jerry’s call for them to relax. Upon talking more, I learnt that she came from Malaysia as well, a province I never heard of. She came to Singapore to work as a freelancer, but needed to prove her worth through ‘service’.

As we spoke, my camera was set up in front of the bed, mounted on a high-end tripod that could extend into the bed while standing on solid ground. Once I returned to the bed, she had turned towards the wall the bed was against, one hand cupped over her shoulder.

Xiao Xin: ‘Unzip for me?’

The zip cranked seductively down to her lower back before the corset bounced free, dropping into her arms in front. When she turned to me, that was when I had to move away from the camera so it could capture what I saw.

A beautifully coloured tattoo of a dragon, head resting on her right boob, flowing down her slim abs before the tail twirl around her belly button to reduce the area of the body art. Seeing how I was enchanted by her ink, she laid down gracefully, attracting me to hover over her body.

Xiao Xin: ‘You can touch it.’

Tracing the seemingly alive mystical beast with my fingertips, I could only imagine the pain she went through for this. As I reached the tail, she jiggled my belt. Off my pants went, and I had to take a closer look at the detail. While my face was on the ‘head’, she carefully pulled me in, magnetically gluing my lips to her nipples.

The deep breath she took, expanded her chest and drew equal amount of air away from me. Tasting the majestic beast with my tongue, a sweet flavour brought me closer to her than ever. Was it some kind of black magic oil? Or just her perfume? Soon, I had came to the deadly end of its body, and only a few inches away from her G-string-clad pussy.

Instead of giving in to my prying hand on her thigh, she resisted and lovingly carried my head to her eye level. On my hands and knees, she took a moment to strip her matching red strings off, for me to peep at that perfectly shaved slit of pinkness.

Xiao Xin: ‘You are my master tonight. Lie down here.’

Well, what did I feel then? I was the emperor, and she’s the evil sorceress that bewitched the almighty king. My body listened to her and fell on my back. My eyes couldn’t leave that gorgeous body of hers as she climbed on top of me (in doggie), placing her abs too close to my face. Letting my nose catch another whiff of her, she sank swiftly south of my vision, head perched on her arm at my right thigh.

The seductress then fondled my balls for a moment, bringing her ‘claws’ around my cock and bending it in her direction. Those soft, pink lips pecked at the tip before devouring the man stick, skilfully sliding her lips up and down my steel rod. Her tongue did not stay stationary either, slipping over and under according to my groans. There was basically no way to get closer to her than this.

I was twitching and moaning, while caressing her silk-like hair between my fingers. She never felt tired to me, nor did my dick stopped getting more sensitive. Somehow, the non-intruding grip she had at my base delayed the urge to cum, and I was growing desperate as well as surprised with my stamina.

After what seemed like the longest visit to heaven, I felt the cold air blowing at my shaft, as she lifted her head away from me. The kisses she gave on the outside, signalled the end of her performance.

Once she stopped, I realised I was too relaxed to move, and the stern eyes she gave, acknowledged the after effect of her show too. Xiao Xin spread my legs wider before turned her ass to me, kneeling on the bed close to the camera to prepare for the best scene.

Before my eyes, she gently held my cock upright and sat back on her ass, feet tucked under my hips so she could get in the right position. About an inch away from her pussy, a condom appeared in the O-shape she formed with her thumb and index, rolling over my head and stopping there.

She then sank my cock into her body slowly, riding up and down to unroll the much needed protection. Through the transition of raw to capped, my mind ignored the differences in sensation, staying as eager and anticipative to the display of professionalism. Within a minute, I was inside the both of them, the rubber, and her.

Unlike the normal, crazy cowgirl, she was rocking her body on her arms, firmly pressed on the bed for support. In no time, my eyes shut down and images of her tight, squeezing pussy was flashing across my mind. My usually self-conscious dick, had this most consensual blanket of fleshy, soft vagina that was warm, and self-lubricating. She was no toy, she was no standard fuck-and-go prostitute, she was, the emperor’s scheming concubine.

She adjusted her feet to sit upright to let me calm my over-indulging mind down, and actually spun around to me. Lying on my chest like an obedient kitten, she continuously kissed my neck.

Xiao Xin (whispering): ‘Your turn to play on top.’

She straightened both arms along my hips so I could roll over, and then lightly resisted my thrusting waist in a convincingly, false shyness. I couldn’t believe when my ex started to appeared in my head. In the same affection, she led me by my cheeks to her mouth and frenched, part wild and part withholding. She moaned into my mouth as my hips locked in auto-pilot mode, thrusting vigorously against her lean bum. There was no fatty vibrations, nor any excess meat blocking the deepest strokes.

I was deep in, and fast out. Gradually, my overwhelming mind collapsed to her acts of love and elbows sank into the mattress above her shoulders. Pinning her down, I transferred the rest of my energy to my abs, digging as far as my speed could ram into.

Xiao Xin (moaning): ‘J.. stop.. stop.. ‘

The worried frown on her face ended my rampage, forcing my emotions to take over the animalistic instincts. She nudged me on my arm to return me to the bed, guiding my head down with care into the fluffy pillow.

Like the ‘man of the bed’, she laid on her side next to me, face staring at me while her fingers took the condom off. She reached towards her side of the bed and dipped her fingers into an opened black jar, coming back to my groin with a shimmering gel over her plain manicured fingers.

Rubbing the lubricant over my cock, she began her handjob that massaged the urge away, sending me into a dream world where pleasure constantly bombarded my mind. With the increasing jerking speed on my shaft, the urge came slow, and more importantly, beautifully sensual.

Me (groaning): ‘Xiao Xin.. ‘
Xiao Xin: ‘Shhh.. I know.’

She never stopped till I suddenly slapped on her abs, acting as a warning sign to my ejaculation. She closed her hand into a fist and covered the top with some space, pinky tickling under my little helmet to really get me off. Warm cum erupted into the restricted airspace and oozed out sexily, going down my swollen dick and mixing into the small puddle of clear lubricant.

There was no movements from her until I was done, and she squeezed my tube carefully for the last bits. I slammed my tensed neck back on the pillow only to see her sitting up in my line of sight, fingertips rubbing together to play with my fresh semen.

Then, her mouth opened, and one by one, the whitish, viscous liquid coating her fingers was sucked and licked off. Dragging her tongue along her palm, she cleaned everything till there was none of those lube or cum left, just a saliva covered hand.

Suddenly, a renewed sense of strength hyped her up and she dragged me upright from my resting position. Sitting legs opened over my similarly vulnerable (open legs) pose, she raised the eye mask for me.

I did the same for her as well, pulling the mask over my head till she placed it back for me.

Xiao Xin: ‘Don’t let the camera see us.’

Sure enough, her head was facing me and my face was blocked by her. I got dressed out of bed and she waited for me to be done, clearly awaiting me to zip her corset back. Once everything was in place, I went back into the living room, armed with my camera and tripod.

Me: ‘Jerry, the others?’
Jerry: ‘Left already. They really.. *sigh* Condom leh?’
Me: ‘She swallowed it.’
Jerry: ‘Awesome la. Give me a while ah. I transfer the video first.’

Walking to the couch facing the balcony, another girl laid naked, similarly fair skinned without any tattoos. Her mask was by her side, but her body was fidgeting possibly to a nightmare.

Me (shouting): ‘What happened to her?’
Jerry: ‘They really go all out on her. No mercy. The other girl fainted in the room. Go see la.’

The unmistakable Malay girl was up and sobbing, quickly hiding behind the sheets when she saw me. Xiao Xin came from behind and joined her in bed, comforting her while speaking in Malay. Right then, the darker skinned girl opened her arms and I hugged her, carrying her out to the living room where her friend was sleeping.

Back there, Xiao Xin sat next to Jerry whispering something to him, and I tended to the girls. Inside me, I was ashamed of what men are capable of, but seeing that they signed up for this, what they just went through might be the tip of the iceberg.

Jerry: ‘OH J! You want to work for me? You can take care of the welfare of the girls.’
Me: ‘Huh? I don’t think I am the right guy leh.’
Jerry: ‘Haha. I pay you 3k a month first, you will have a room to stay, with the girls. If you don’t like the job just tell me then.’

The rest of the details are basically non-crucial, and my job as a ‘product tester’ ended when I walked out the door. After a week, with a backpack of clothes and necessities, I went to the address given by Jerry, at a condo filled with four other girls, including Xiao Xin.

Well, you guys know the rest of the story.

Sweet Sweet Sex

Part 1 | Part 2

A few minutes of silence later, a buzz woke her up from her dazed state.

Andrew (Whatsapp): ‘You can come up now.’

Samantha went up the block behind the bus stop and joined her sugar daddy who was naked waist down. He cuddled her in his bed and planted kisses all over her forehead, while her hand was fondling that long erection of his.

Andrew: ‘How many times did he cum today?’
Samantha: ‘Twice.’
Andrew: ‘And you still have energy?’
Samantha (whispering): ‘You do right?’

She stripped her skirt off before climbing over his abs, where her jacket came off button by button. His strong hands went over her 34B cups and played with them erotically, juices leaking from her pussy onto him.

Samantha took her time sitting down on his cock, allowing her pussy to stretch wider to accommodate her daddy’s girth. He was after all almost twice her age. Once inside, Andrew sat up and flipped her on the bed. The hip-thrusts forced all the air out of her when he shoved his cock deeper, engaging a rapid fire mode that her eyes quickly rolled white to.

He loved how naturally tight she was, even though she just had sex. The initial few strokes really blew his mind but once properly stretched, it was a condom-tight fit over his rod.

Positioned in push up stance over her shoulders, he picked one of her legs and spread them to the side. Drilling in even deeper, Samantha unknowingly reached for her clit to massage it, brain slowly fucked to a mash. Andrew had lots of energy for her and was displaying it unrestrained. Strokes after strokes, her pussy received the full wrath of it by the non-stop orgasms.

No matter how her pussy contracted, he was not showing any signs of exhaustion. Soon, her other knee was lifted to her chest and he was in way deeper than before in her life. Her pussy was completely exposed and vulnerable to every change in angle, tearing her mind apart from the ferocious ravage.

Dirty words begin to come out of her mouth in a slur, and he was grunting like a bear. His thick cock could only take so much abuse and she was driving him over the edge with her demure expression, lit by the pinkish glow of sex.

Samantha (moaning): ‘I’m going crazy daddy!’
Andrew (groaning): ‘Me too babe. A while more. A while more!’

He shut her legs in midair and a shocked look flashed across her face. He pushed her hips together for the climax of the night and rammed his hips to create the loud slapping noises.

Andrew (shouting): ‘Fuck me babe! Urgh. I’m gonna cum inside you!’
Samantha: ‘Oh yes daddy. Please give me everything!’

His body weight pressed her legs close to her body and their eyes locked in a deadly gaze. As a shiver build up from his hips to his biceps, Samantha gasped and placed her hands over her belly. His cum had began unloading into her and it was in such quantity she had never experienced. His dick slowly slipped out of her as he came, lining her vagina with his man-juice reserved for his sugar baby.

Once he was out, he moved to the pillows where his little girl laid, still shaking from the intense sex they had. Using one of her hands to massage his rod, the other stuck into her pussy, scooping out gooey, thick cum for him to see. ‘Finger-licking good’, was what he saw when she cleaned her fingers with her tongue.

For an after-service treat, she rolled on her side towards him and cleaned his rod too. Apart from cleaning, there was something kinky she always did for him. Since he had more foreskin than any dicks she had came across, she would ‘hide’ his cock under the loose skin, and wriggle her tongue inside the skin-blanket to tease him.

It was never boring to see how a grown man squirm to her mouth. After a ten minute rest, Samantha went to the TV stand and opened the drawer of toys. In one hand was a compact camera, and the other was a bottle of banana lubricant. Just as agreed, she would perform an act of his one-and-only fetish in front of his camera.

Once he got the camera started up and filming, she poured a handful of lubricant and began stroking him. It did not take long for him to achieve maximum hardness again, and her other hand flattened over his dick head.

Samantha: ‘Ready?’
Andrew: ‘Uh huh.’

She started rubbing the tip with her palm and jerked with her other. Girly screams came instantly and his body flipped around uncontrollably. His legs wrapped around her without harm and the camera was held as steady as he could despite the agonising torture he enrolled himself for.

After five minutes of cock-head abuse, his masculine body arched high up before spraying cum into her hand, where she did not stop what she was doing. They kept at it until he came the second time, making Samantha smile widely knowing she did a good job.

By then, he was drained and she was left to clean up the mess. Like a dutiful daughter, she took a shower and tucked him in, before joining him in bed in his arms. A tiny peck ended their monetary relationship and a long night of rest await them.

Samantha (Whatsapp): ‘Goodnight baby love. I’ll drop by in the morning for my ‘breakfast’!’

At 1am, through the opened door of their bedroom, Samantha saw Andrew’s wife coming home, with a young stud holding her weak body. Reeking of alcohol, they entered the opposite room and kinky noises started filling up the house. It was the first time she had seen such thing, and Andrew assured her that nothing uncommon was happening. It was normal for them to have flings outside, especially after he discovered he was impotent and still wanted a baby.

Andrew (whispering): ‘That guy to her is like you to me.’
Samantha (whispering): ‘But.. there is a problem though.’
Andrew: ‘What is it?’
Samantha: ‘They are making me horny again.’

Her hands went to his dick and her pussy again, touching herself and the strong man she dedicated her free time to. With a bit of energy left, he was soon up on his knees as she went on her fours.

Two rooms, four person, sex was occurring in surround-sound.

Part 1 | Part 2

Winnie’s Chance

Read this particular entry from a female’s POV. More details available at the end of this entry.

Me: ‘Uncle Rick.’
Rick (whispering): ‘Shhh.. your mummy just fell asleep. Why are you still awake?’
Me: ‘Going to sleep now. Someone came over to look for mummy just now.’

He took the blanket away and opened my legs, rubbing my thighs in an uncomfortable way. It wasn’t the first time he entered my room when my mum was asleep, but he always visit her before he came over. So I assumed my mum knew he was here.

Rick: ‘Uncle bought something for you. Wear it for me to see?’

The then 16 year old me did not know what he was planning, and it was always those pretty clothes he bought for me. Those dresses that girls my age wear, and shirts and skirts that were always in the pictures of those blog shops I saw online.

My education stopped at secondary two when we moved out of our HDB into this condo, one that I knew my mum couldn’t afford on her own. My dad, who was totally capable of providing for us, got into some argument with mum and she took me with her when we left. Not knowing what happened, I just followed her and she gave me everything I asked for.

I took my shorts and panties off, in front of Uncle Rick and put on the black lacy thongs he gave me. It was a little ticklish at first, but after he showed me the photos he took while I was in it, I was fine with how it looked on me. My ass never looked so good with those cotton panties mum bought in packets of three.

He helped me remove my shirt and pulled a maroon coloured, cross-back, spaghetti top on me, snapping a few more photos after I posed for him to see.

The wide smile on his face made me happy, his eyes were all over me from top to toes. Frankly, I felt like the barbie dolls I always wanted when I was younger.

He placed me on the bed to browse through the photos he took and removed his own shorts. Since I had been getting naked in front of him, what he did did not bother me too much too. I’ve seen his little brother a few times. Whenever I saw his dick, my mind would be looking forward to the nice feeling that he would give me.

Climbing onto my bed, he felt up my legs again and pulled those undies off. His fingers went to my pussy and the pleasure tingled my head. He kept touching a sensitive spot and I could feel myself getting wetter. When he paused for a while, I knew he wanted my hand to be on his dick. He had guided me enough times for me to know that.

As soon as I was pumping his cock, he started moving faster. His fingers poked into my vagina and it was made wet when he entered. It moved in and out and all I wanted was for him to keep going.

My muscles stiffened up as he went super speed, making me moan with him. My pussy kept me shaking on the bed and before I knew it, a powerful sensation shot through my back, bringing me to a high. There was once he made me took a pill, and it felt the same. My mind was spinning and each thrust of his hand would introduce a soft, orange glow into my blurred vision.

I had to use his hand to please myself whenever he got tired, but his dick never left my hand.

Rick (whispering): ‘Want to try something new today?’
Me: ‘What is it?’
Rick: ‘It feels better than my fingers.’

Was it a toy? That vibrates? Or a second finger that I’ve never felt before? There was only excitement and none of suspicion I had for him. I had no doubts about anyone who showed care and concern for me. Yes, I was that naive. He spread my legs wider and sat between them. He placed both my hands on my stomach and helped me to open my pussy up.

He put the tip of his dick at my hole and leaned over me. It hurt a little when he forced my small pussy wide, but when he began to move in and out, the pain slowly went away. I felt him going deeper each time and my mind almost went blank when he was all the way inside.

It was so much bigger than his fingers and so deep I could sense my sensitive vagina hugging his stick. Cute, squishy sounds started coming out of where he was pounding, and it was way better than his hand.

I was half moaning and screaming, while he was grunting like a big bad wolf. To think I imagined myself to be ‘little red riding hood’ then, it was embarrassing.

We stayed in that position since I was too weak to turn over, and he just kept shoving his thick cock into me. Those colourful orgasms kept pulling me away from sanity, he was shocking my body with those tiny little climaxes.

Rick: ‘Mei, I’m going to cum!’
Me: ‘Cum?’
Rick: ‘Shoot something out. Like how you moan when you feel high.’
Me: ‘Oh! Then just keep going? I want Uncle Rick to be high too.’
Rick: ‘Cannot. It will dirty you.’

He took it out as my body recovered from an orgasm. He went around me to my mouth and I turned sideways to help him out. His hand went between my opened legs and continued massaging my sore clit, while I jerked him off.

My moans made him harder and he tasted my juices every once in a while. He was soon fingering me and I went faster till he held my hand tightly still on his dick.

Rick: ‘Open your mouth for me?’

Well, he licked me before in the past, so it was only fair I did it for him. He aimed his dick at my mouth and placed one of my hand on my pussy so I could masturbate.

Surprisingly, I was getting myself off easily and he was groaning louder. Suddenly, my body trembled violently to an orgasm and he shoved his dick at my lips. I sucked hard on them to keep myself from moaning too loud and a hot liquid splashed over my tongue.

It was warm and salty, and it kept coming. I was so worried my mouth could not hold all of it. After it finally stopped shooting, he squeezed his stick to get every bit out and his hand went back to my clit to rub me.

It was so comfortable when he did that and I just licked off all the white stains as he calmed me down.

Rick: ‘Let me see it.’

I pushed his cum with my tongue and he was in all smiles when some almost leaked onto my bed. He patted my chest and whispered for me to swallow, having only achieved that with some peaceful thoughts to ignore the eggy taste.

He took a few pieces of the baby wet wipes for me and we cleaned each other up. He wore his clothes back and I slipped the new pair of thongs on, along with my sleeping shorts. As for the top, I decided to wear it to sleep since it was so comfy and sexy.

Rick: ‘Can you tell mummy about this?’

I placed a finger over my lips and he placed a few blue notes on the dresser table for me. Only after two more occasions with Rick, I learnt that he had supplied my mum with drugs to keep her working (or sleeping). That was how he could get into my room my mum always warned him about.

At that age (of 16), I had no idea what I was being groomed into but it was clearer to me after I tried to Google ‘sex with uncle’. I found Jhae through this blog. It has been almost three years since I knew the author, and only now, did I allow him to write my story for all to.. enjoy(?)

It is my past that is long behind me, and I no longer stayed with my mum in that dreadful ‘sex stop’ where more and more men came in and out I was spending more time outside than that ‘home’.

For my mum, she never moved out of the condo since the arrest of Rick never affected her ‘trading venue’. She’s probably earning more than me and has never bothered me more than those casual ‘how are you doing’ texts. I guess she knew how risky it was to be in that house where she worked.

Winnie now lives with two other girls whom I, Jhae, knows went through similar ordeals. They were more than happy to take Winnie in to help with the rent-sharing. True story or not, it shouldn’t matter to you guys.

Although all things related to prostitution and freelancing should appear to be more professional now, there are countless unreported (small scale) cases where both lives overlap. I guess very few of us can picture ‘doing it for my children’ as a valid reason for them to sell themselves.

Yes, there are organisations set up to address that problem, but what if prostitution is the only way out? Have you ever cared to find out the truth? Or does it not matter as long as you paid?

Girlfriend for Rent

Nelson: ‘We’ve done threesome before. It won’t be any different.’
Alicia: ‘Are you sure? Don’t find someone too old can?’
Nelson: ‘Yupp. The person I contacted is my age. So don’t worry.’

They waited in the hotel room till the bell rang, where a smartly dressed guy came to see the two of them.

Man: ‘Hi, I’m Greco. You must be Nelson, and she’s Alicia?’
Nelson: ‘Yupp. Nice to meet you.’
Greco: ‘Here is the money.’

He handed three hundred dollars to him and made his way to the bed, where Alicia was lying down in a white nightie with black lace around the hems. Greco removed his clothes hastily and sat behind her, opening her legs to her boyfriend who was sitting in a corner.

Greco: ‘Your first time?’
Alicia: ‘First time with a stranger.’
Greco: ‘I’ll be gentle. Trust me.’

He began by rubbing her clit with his fingertips, going all out at just the pussy rub. Her body could not stop shaking from the strong fingers that was driving her wild, yet holding herself back without sounding too much of a slut. He was breathing in the sexy perfume she put on and was focused on getting her to climax. While it did not take long, Alicia was exhausted when she felt her muscles tightening, from her neck down to her pussy.

The strong jet of cum shot over the sheets was so intense that her body just threw itself back against Greco, who hugged her while his fingers kept going. Out of breath, she could not focus on what he said when he asked if she was alright. The purpose of his visit was straightforward, he wasn’t there to please her. It was the other way around.

Nudging her back to bend her over, he kneeled behind her and let her get into doggie. The tip of his dick went in first, following by a never-ending shaft that shocked the energy back into Alicia’s body. He was so thick and hard that she felt like it was a plastic dildo, but with some throbbing to keep it alive.

There wasn’t enough time for her to rest before his hips slammed against her butt, driving that long screwdriver into her pussy without mercy. Nelson couldn’t be more delighted to see how much his girlfriend was enjoying despite being ‘fucked-for-money’. It would certainly get her to do more of such jobs knowing how pleasurable it could be.

Greco: ‘You’re damn tight girl. The way I like it.’

He gave his penis a squeeze of muscle and it grew even thicker, stretching the thin walls of her vagina to fit inside. Every sensitive area was stretched, revealing the most vulnerable parts of her that was being stroked with each thrust. Saliva drooled out of her mouth as the dick rammed into her, flooding her body with lust and drawing her energy out at the same time.

Alicia: ‘I’m going to cummm.. Slow down.’
Greco: ‘Good.’

He rammed even harder when she said that, forcing the orgasm out of her, squirting all over the bed while he enjoyed the overwhelming contractions over his dick. They were doing it raw but he had made a promise not to cum inside her. After all, she was almost lifeless when she was done cumming, lying on the wet bed while jerking to his thrusts.

Greco: ‘Can you turn over for me?’

She tried her best to move her legs but it was him who finally got her on her back. He held her by the waist and helped her to sit in front of him.

Greco: ‘Just lean back on the pillows k? I’ll finish it as soon as I can.’

He began sliding his ass on the sheets, driving his light sabre into her as she threw her head back and moaned. It was definitely the craziest sex she had with this guy she barely knew. He was giving her the love that her boyfriend could not reach inside her pussy. Everything was in a blur when he went at his fastest speed, juicing her pussy non-stop as she tightened.

Greco then pulled out abruptly as she came and stood over her legs, holding her face towards his dick. Ramming deep down her throat, her body kept shaking while he groaned in a deep voice. The powerful squirts erupted from both their bodies at the same time and she swallowed without thinking to clear her throat so she could breath.

Some of her juice actually landed on her boyfriend who was watching in the distance, and he got worried when Greco finally stepped away from her face. Cum had covered her forehead and lips in huge amount, leaking out of her mouth as she continued convulsing from the orgasm.

Nelson went over to her to keep her wam under the blanket and Greco went to dress himself up after a quick rinse. Before he left, the guys shook hands and Alicia was looking better after the life-sucking orgasm blew her away.

Nelson: ‘You alright?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. Can we find another customer today? I am still horny.’

No matter what he did to his girlfriend, she was enjoying it and they were making money while keeping her pleased, or changing into a sex-hungry girl. As the doorbell rang for the second time in a few hours, she was already masturbating to the Caucasian who was smiling as he made eye contact.

Man: ‘Here. Five hundred.’

Yes, there was a price jump, and his girlfriend would be getting a shopping spree with the money after she was done with him – if she could still walk after her pussy was tortured by two dicks, plus Nelson’s in a day. Could she have asked Nelson for money if he wanted sex again?

What’s Your Price?

Wearing a black front-zip bra top and matching short skirt, Alice’s heels did not make a noise as she strolled along the crowded streets along Geylang. She was there to meet her friends for dinner and eyes were staring at her hungrily, in contrast to those trained streetwalkers whom were looking for their customers.

Men along her path had been blaring numbers at her from forty, to hundred, but she knew better to ignore them than to even give them a second look.

Man: ‘一千五百。’
Translate: one thousand five hundred

She suddenly slowed down and went deep in thoughts as the man she ignored followed a few steps behind. Finally, the men around her saw her turned around and he opened his wallet to show her the notes in denotations of thousands and hundreds.

Alice: ‘会很久吗?’
Translate: Will it take long?

Man: ‘那一千。半小时。’
Translate: For that thousand, half an hour.

A thousand in thirty minutes?! Nothing like that would ever come again and he walked in the opposite direction after telling her to follow. They made their way to a hotel where more prostitutes waited at the lobby, front-desk ah bengs waving to him like a regular before they entered the lift.

Man: ‘我是这里的老板。别紧张。’
Translate: I own this place. Don’t fret.

She went into the room at the highest floor, interior unlike anything she had imagined these sleazy hotels to be. Standing in a royal themed bedroom, gold and silver furnishing made her felt like a princess, though more like a whorish princess who was doing it for the money.

Man: ‘My name is Dave. You can start now.’

His English was near perfect totally different from the China Chinese he conversed with her in. Seeing that the door was locked and the lights were dimmed to a comfortable brightness, she began unzipping her top and let the straps fall onto the ground. As she was wearing nipple stickers, they too were removed quickly and her skirt was gone before he took a second look at her.

Dave: ‘Keep your heels on. That is what I like about you.’

She shyly covered her waxed pussy as he pointed at his khaki coloured shorts. She had kept her head turned as she stripped his bottoms off, leaving him bottomless since he did not wear anything else.

Dave: ‘I know you’re not a hooker. But can you start with a blowjob?’

Feeling assured that he would not treat her like those familiar whores, she nodded and climbed onto the bed, resting on her knees between his legs. Taking that piece of grown-up dick in her hand, she pumped her fist up and down slowly, careful not to rush or hurt him with her manicured nails.

Seeing how relaxed he was, a thought came to her to get things started before he took control. Right next to the bedside lamp was a box of Okamoto Crown condoms, and she helped herself to cap him on.

Climbing over his groin, his eyes were still closed as she slowly lowered herself over his dick. Now, feeling his dick split her always-unsatisfied pussy stirred something in her and her hips began moving before she was ready.

Her boyfriend was much smaller due to his age but this dick inside her was too much to resist. Riding herself happily, Dave did not make a sound while his eyes opened occasionally to see how she was doing. Instead, he grabbed his phone by the pillow he was lying on and dialled a number.

Dave: ‘Siao eh. Remember the girl I brought when she leaves. If she ever comes again, let her into my room.’

Moaning sensually, her pussy was grinding his dick that was poking at her g-spot with ease. Her nipples were pink to a red and she was rubbing her clit to get herself high.

Dave: ‘If you ever need money again, come and find me. My staff will call me. I’ll be here for you.’

It was such a quick offer before she even finished her job. Not wanting to show any signs of dependance on the quick cash, she pressed her hands on his chest while bouncing harder, slamming his dick all the way to her deepest end.

Dave: ‘Come. My turn to do some work. Doggie.’

Like a command from her master, she dismounted and went on her fours, enjoying the moment he guided his dick into her. His hands went gently on her waist but the hard pounding she took was greatly in contrast to the gentleness he showed.

As her orgasm came and left, those principles she held onto so strictly suddenly left like the breaths she panted out. That intense session drove her mind so high she was more addicted to the dick inside her than the money.

Dave: ‘How many times did you cum?’
Alice (panting): ‘Three.’
Dave: ‘Good. Can you suck me off? I need to rush off to somewhere else. Don’t want to hold you up any longer.’

It was almost twenty minutes into their encounter and he was letting her go? She let him lie back on the bed and removed the condom, covered in her own juices that made her shy about how wild she was.

Taking his dick in more willingly this time, her head shoved at his groin and made him groan when she accidentally went too deep. Choking and sucking, those tears in her eyes did not bother them one bit. He had never once forced himself on her and she was totally grateful to his kindness.

Dave: ‘I’m cumming. Standby.’

He got up on his knees and let her lie on the pillow, plunging his dick into her mouth from the side. Thrusting shallowly, she pushed her lips together around the sensitive dick head and waited. About a minute later, a strong gush of cum filled her cheeks and he was holding on desperately to the bed while she used her tongue to tease his pee hole, smearing his cum as the waves continued.

Dave: ‘You can stop now. Suck hard when I pull out.’

With that, his dick was as good as new while her mouth was flooded with his cum. He carried her into the bathroom and helped her get her heels off before placing her into the foam-topped bathtub.

Dave: ‘Take a shower before leaving.’

He did not close the door when he left and returned with a piece of thousand dollar note, along with a few blue notes she couldn’t count accurately from the tub.

Her ‘boss’ left her to herself and she rinsed thoroughly from her neck down, not wanting to mess her make up. Leaving a thousand dollar plus richer, those guys at the front desk gave her their boss’ phone number and showed her more respect than she could ask for.

Walking across the lobby, none of those girls dared to take one peep at her, knowing she had done better than any of them could to please the man that kept them in the business. While eyes kept staring at her on her way to the restaurant, her friends (all females) were all bitching about what prices they have been offered, not knowing that one of them actually took it.

Will she ever return for the sex or money? Only time will tell. Do you girls have a price too? As high as it can be, leave a comment for those who can afford it.

Seal the Deal

Melody: ‘So, how do you find this place?’
Derrick: ‘It’s good. Quiet with a nice view. So all that’s left is the price. I’m looking to knock another fifteen thousand off the asking price.’
Melody: ‘But what you’re getting is the lowest. I assure you.’

She suddenly got tensed after she heard the request for a discount. The deal would definitely go through but her commission would be reduced to mere peanuts. In the furnished house, he was in one of the bedrooms, leaving her to consider his offer, or come up with something.

Having no choice, she was prepared to offer him something he could not reject. Not that Derrick couldn’t afford the price, but any savings he could get would translate into more investment funds or even the renovation expenses.

Melody: ‘Umm.. Derrick?’
Derrick: ‘Yes?’

He turned around to see her black skirt being unzipped, collapsing into the ground silently. He took a seat at the dressing table and watched as she unzipped her tank top.

Derrick: ‘So your offer is this?’
Melody: ‘Can I?’
Derrick: ‘Sure. It will be up to your performance then.’

She stripped down to her bathing suit and stepped up to him, kneeling between his legs and helped him remove his pants. His Calvin Klein underwear was gone and his dick sprang out half-awake. Bearing thoughts about the money rolling in, she held it gently stroked it awake.

The weathered look on Derrick’s face did not turn away nor showed her any expressions. He was just lying back and letting her give him a handjob.

Derrick: ‘You know you won’t get far with that.’

Keeping her knees on the ground, she straightened her back and brought her mouth to him, parting her lips just above the tip. Melody’s tongue reached out to go under the foreskin and circled it around to peel it backwards.

Derrick: ‘That’s something new.’

His penis was clean and did not leave any taste on her tongue. It was like a smooth piece of meat that had her saliva over it, inviting her to go further to please this wonder rod. Sliding her lips down his shaft, she took as much as she could and let her cheeks swell and deflate as she moved her head.

Derrick reached his hands to her boobs and fondled the nipples while she slurped away, pinching her rare pink raisins till she was moaning with the dick in her mouth. Her body was turned on by the energetic rod she was sucking on, throbbing wildly against her tongue. His fingers weren’t just hungrily touching her but he was massaging her, as though teasing ladies was part of his job.

Derrick: ‘Go to the bed. Let’s give it a test.’

Melody climbed onto the soft mattress and sat on her hips, waiting for him to suggest something. Instead, he went on his knees and helped her to turn around, going on her fours on the luxurious bedding.

He made sure to cap a condom on from his wallet before positioning himself behind. Moments later, she felt the tip poke into her pussy and he thrust shallowly till her body was ready to accommodate more of him. A minute passed and he was deep inside her, pausing to let her mind prepare for what’s to come. Except that she had no way of knowing that.

He grabbed her waist and pumped fiercely into her, knocking the breath out of her in just a few strokes. His dick was splitting her pussy all the way to her ends with every thrust, thick veins brushing along her sensitive walls as he buried himself deep. Her mind was sky high while her body was jerking non-stop to his forceful banging. There was only so much she could take and he was really pushing her to the limits with his powerful hips.

Derrick: ‘I am just going to cum in this position. Better hang on.’

Right after he said that, he tucked her legs together and laid her flat on the bed, except her butt was raised slightly so he could bounce on top of her. Her elbows supported her chest from the bed and his dick was long enough to deliver the waves of pleasure despite her ass taking some length away. The thickness, speed, intensity, depth, it all had came together so perfectly to form this beautiful sword.

Biting the bedsheets, the sturdy bed made no sounds even though he was slamming his hips on her butt. Her G-spot was in direct contact with his stabbing sword and it was driving her mind crazy.

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Her energy was drained so quickly by the muscular guy who seemed to be enjoying the workout.

Derrick: ‘Still awake? I’m going to cum soon.’

His thighs landed on her legs and he changed to a sitting position. Jabbing between her ass cheeks in short pumps, he kept most of his dick inside her while thrusting at high speed.

The third wave of orgasm hit Melody hard and she drifted out of consciousness, but not before a pair of hands grabbed her breasts so hard it hurt her sober. The condom filled up with his warm liquid and some of it was forced out over her slit.

He quickly pulled out to avoid splashing his cum over her privates and disappeared into the bathroom to get himself cleaned. For Melody, her job was done and she got dressed, ready to meet another client in an hour’s time.

Derrick: ‘I’m happy about the deal. We’ll fix it at the original price then. I would like to see you here again, to sign the contract. Hope you will be prepared the next time.’

He picked his briefcase and left her alone, struggling to calm her excitement and sense of despair from what she just did in exchange for commission. As tough as the property market is getting, there are few out there who would be looking for such agents.

With Much Gratitude

Zi Rong: ‘Why did you agree to come so far to meet me here?’
Kailing: ‘Cause I needed to borrow money from you? So I figured I should be the one making the trip.’

She had met him at the stairs of his house as planned to retrieve the few hundred dollars she needed to tide through her family’s financial burden. They had known each other for some time and Kailing is a quiet girl who is known to spend very little due to the low income her parents bring in, but her friends will not let her fork out a single cent when they went out together. This time, her dad, the only breadwinner, had suffered a small accident and he could not make any deliveries, at least till he recovered.

Zi Rong climbed to the step behind her and took a wristlet from his bag, handing it to her unzipped. She checked the contents and saw the few pieces of blue notes, along with a few S$10s.

Kailing: ‘Why got extra?’
Zi Rong: ‘For you to spend lo. Don’t need to pay that back.’
Kailing: ‘Huh? Really? Why you so nice to me?’
Zi Rong: ‘Cause I know you’re a good girl. It must be tough for you.’
Kailing: ‘Thanks.’

After packing his bag into a corner, he placed his arms over her shoulders and she stayed still without hiding away. His hands then went into the collar of her shirt and dived straight into her bra, reaching for her nipples and giving them a squeeze.

Zi Rong: ‘You’re fine with it?’
Kailing: ‘Yeah. You can play with it if you want.’
Zi Rong: ‘Why?’
Kailing: ‘Cause you’ve done so much for me.’

He almost stopped himself from the guilty act but she did not struggle or show any signs of unwillingness. In fact, her head laid on his chest as he continued to fondle her breasts, till she was moaning in short, soft purrs. Zi Rong’s body was responding to her voice and his dick grew longer, poking against her back. It was only a matter of time before he needed to ask her to do something.

Zi Rong: ‘You want to remove your shorts?’
Kailing: ‘Okay.’

She stood up and stripped her shorts off, leaving the plain nude coloured panties to cover her privates. He made her sit beside him and sat one step lower, going between her legs for the next part. Pushing her panties to a side, he found her clit by sliding his fingertip upwards her pussy and she groaned as the finger circled with a light pressure. Her hands went to his arm to hold him down but she wasn’t resisting.

Zi Rong: ‘Feels good?’
Kailing: ‘Yeah.’

Moving on, he pushed his finger into her wetting pussy and her body fidgeted to his gradual thrusts. With his fingers getting drenched from her juices, his dick was throbbing so hard, reminding him to go further to get his urges satisfied. But in his head, he was fighting from taking anymore advantages of the innocent girl.

Kailing: ‘Do you want to have sex?’
Zi Rong: ‘You want?’

A yes would have sufficed, but she left the decision to him, clearly showing him that it was his call. At that point in time, how could anyone say no. He removed his shorts and let his dick poked out of the opening of his underwear, giving Kailing a good length to wrap her fingers around. Pumping with her inexperienced hand, he shut his eyes to enjoy the rough handling of his dick that gave him a feeling of being with his first girlfriend again. Those wide eyes stared at him to monitor the expressions on his face while she stroked him.

Zi Rong: ‘Come, lie down on the steps.’

She moved to the center of the step and placed her body down, lying with her legs opened for him to do anything he wanted. Zi Rong kneeled on the concrete floor and leaned his body closer. Kailing held his dick towards her pussy and let him did the rest of the work, sliding his cock slowly into her wet hole. Inches by inches, it disappeared into her filling her up with lust and Zi Rong groaned to her tightness over his shaft.

Kailing: ‘Okay?’
Zi Rong: ‘Yeah. You’re too tight. You’ve done it before?’
Kailing: ‘With my ex. You’re the second guy inside me.’

The moment she said that, he almost came. She was truly a decent girl who did not know much about love making, and even let her gratitude control her into giving him her body for the moment. Slowly, he began moving and the pace picked up, dripping her bodily fluid onto the floor under their genitals.

Kailing wasn’t holding back her moans and her voice rang sweetly in his ears, driving him faster in the most pathetic struggle between not cumming and cumming. After a few minutes, he got her to flip over and she went into doggie, ass stuck out at the kind hearted guy. He did not waste any time and sent his dick back into her, where her head suddenly flung upwards.

Kailing: ‘I’m cumming!’

He went faster and her pussy tightened even more. In less than a minute later, a stream of liquid flowed onto the steps and went between their legs to the stair landing. Zi Rong went crazy when his dick was thrown into an overwhelming squeeze, as though in a different world.

Zi Rong: ‘I can’t move anymore. I might shoot anytime.’
Kailing: ‘Take it out first?’

He slumped back down on the step next to her and she squatted with her face in his groin, barely balanced while on just a narrow step. He was sitting upright with his hands just under her arms to hold her and she had her hands on his hips as well. Taking his rod into her mouth, she made a little bounce to start the momentum and the urge in his dick died off a little.

Now, all it took was time before he came. The hardworking girl kept going to suck on his dick, wriggling her tongue all over the place. Until about five minutes later, he held her head still and let his hips did a shallow thrust. Kailing knew what was happening and sucked on the pee hole till a groan came from him.

Thereafter, streams and streams of milky thick cum sprayed into her mouth and she kept teasing his dick for more. After the few squirts, the firing ended and she emptied the rest in his dick by making her way out while vacuuming real hard. Still in front of him, she swallowed his cum and smiled happily, knowing her saviour was satisfied and pleased.

Zi Rong: ‘Come, let’s wear our clothes back before anyone comes.’

They got dressed and spent the next hour on another flight of stairs, clean and free of cum and juices. Before they parted ways, she gave him a warm hug to thank him, and all he could do was to whisper something she would not accept.

Zi Rong (whispering): ‘You don’t have to pay the money back.’
Kailing (whispering): ‘I have to. But for the interest, we can meet when we’re free and I will do my job.’

Will he use her pleasant attitude to get more sex out of her? I can tell you the answer now, it’s a no. That was the only one time they met for sex and the last time they did it, was when she returned the money to him a year later. Friendship and sex isn’t all that far between, but no sane minds would abuse gratitude with personal gratification, right?