Ultra Sonic 2

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Mummy: ‘Daddy! We’re home!’
Daddy: ‘Wow. Bought lots of things uh?’
Mummy: ‘Yeah. For Randy’s first day of work. Randy, go get a shower before you sleep.’
Randy: ‘Going now.’

She jumped into his arms once their son was out of sight and they exchanged a few light kisses, almost going out of control if not for their son still awake. They went through a few dresses she bought and spoke about their day, while Randy went into his room after his shower.

Daddy: ‘Go check if Randy had fun today. Remember to love him as much as you love me.’

He gave her boobs a squeeze before she slapped his hands away, and went into Randy’s room to tuck him in. Though he was in his twenties, the family stayed as close when it comes to their family day, giving their best wishes for the new week ahead.

Mummy: ‘Did you have fun today? We bought everything you need right?’
Randy: ‘Yupp. Thanks mummy.’
Mummy: ‘Silly. Can’t wait for you to tell me about your day tomorrow. Sleep early k?’

He shut his eyes for the awkward mummy’s kiss and felt her lips on his mouth instead, shocking his eyes wide open. Her hands went to his cheeks and held him still, while her tongue poked out of her thin lips into his.

Randy: ‘Mmm-mmm!’
Mummy: ‘Sorry. Daddy told me to love you like I loved him. So I thought.. ‘

She took his wrist and placed it on her thigh, sliding it between her slightly ajar legs. A shift of her position brought him deeper into her dress and the active fingers started to massage her knees apart. As she turned her body in the other direction to let him cup her groin, she lifted her other hand onto her breasts. Feeling the gentle massage of her son, her breaths quickened to a pant.

With both her hands free, she lowered Randy’s boxers to expose his erection and watched it grew to its maximum length. A slight hesitation made her movements sensual when she wrapped her fingers around it, just in time to trigger a moan from him.

The noises that came from the living room did not bother them a bit, as they released their moans quietly. Suddenly, the unlocked door swung opened and they saw Daddy carrying Rina into the guest bed in Randy’s empty room.

Daddy (whispering): ‘I like how we are bonding with each other.’
Mummy (whispering loudly): ‘Rina too?’

The secondary three girl sat at the edge of the bed like mummy and Daddy took his place like Randy. He mirrored their actions and the guys groaned together in the sickest turn of events.

Daddy: ‘Mummy, will you let Randy feel how I feel inside you?’
Mummy: ‘But it’s wrong!’
Daddy: ‘Isn’t he the most important person after me?’
Mummy: ‘That’s true.. ‘

A eureka moment came to her and she turned Randy ninety degrees, leaning his head against a wall so she could see Daddy. Rina let Daddy make the same adjustments as well while she watched Mummy climb over Randy’s dick, sitting down carefully as her hormones went berserk.

Mummy (moaning): ‘Oh god.. he is as big as you.’

While she began to ride him, Rina mounted onto Daddy’s belly as well, ready to fit him inside her. In the midst of Mummy’s moaning, Rina joined her and the girls were riding their dicks out, coordinating their tempo so the men could react in the same way.

Mummy (moaning): ‘Daddy.. I can’t watch this anymore. Stop Rina.. Stop.. ‘

Her mood suddenly changed and she ran over to Rina, lifting her off her husband’s rock hard erection. Quickly going on her fours along the length of the bed, Daddy went onto his knees and plunged deep into Mummy. Their usual sex acts were filled with loud moans and Rina had nowhere to go except to Randy.

As if she had done doggy before, she copied Mummy’s pose and let Randy pierce into her young pussy, yelping as inches disappeared into her. The foursome blasted off to the point of no return with the men fucking their partners wildly, vulgarities screamed as the ladies orgasmed.

Randy (groaning): ‘Shit.. I’m shooting!’
Mummy (worriedly): ‘No no! Not inside Rina!’
Randy: ‘I know! But.. ‘

Daddy got her cue immediately and let her walk towards their children without disengaging. Rina was told to lie on the bed while Mummy took Randy into her mouth, with Daddy banging her hard from behind. As the guys took their turn to cum inside Mummy, Daddy was fingering Rina to her own orgasm.

Randy (groaning): ‘Mummy! I love you!’

His load poured into Mummy like never before and she just kept sucking, until he was writhing out of sensitivity. Daddy didn’t fare too badly and thrust hard into Mummy as he fertilised her with his load, squirting forcefully till he was out as well.

As for Rina, she had gone quiet from having too much orgasms, lying listlessly while watching Mummy clean Randy up.

Mummy: ‘Go to bed now you guys. Don’t tell anyone about this k?’
Rina & Randy: ‘Goodnight mummy.’

The lights went out and the married couple went into their master bedroom, Mummy still a little shocked about what happened.

Mummy (in tears): ‘Why did this happen to us?’
Daddy: ‘Honey, don’t worry k? Don’t you feel closer to them now?’
Mummy (in tears): ‘I do.. but.. it’s just not right.’
Daddy: ‘Ok. Tomorrow, I want you to bring Alex here. I want him to feel the love that you have for me. Our love is strong, and we should show our friends what they should be looking for.’

Mummy: ‘Alex?’
Daddy: ‘Yupp. Fuck him the way you never dared to do to me. I know you are afraid of hurting me. So I will see for myself how crazy you can get without hurting me.’

They hugging for a long time before he fondled her sensitive nipples again, sparking another round of intense sex so loud that their children would definitely hear if not for their tiredness.

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Incest, ’nuff said.

Mum (moaning from room): ‘Oh yes.. go faster.. ‘
Voice (whispering): ‘Shhh.. not so loud.’

Christine woke up to the strange noises from her parents’ bedroom, aware that her dad was out on a business trip till a week later. If it was her mum masturbating, there wouldn’t be a second voice telling her to quieten down. Adjusting the loose collar of her sleeping t-shirt back onto her shoulders, she tiptoed out of her room and widened the gap into her parents’ room.

Catching her by surprise, her older brother’s unmistakable silhouette was moving energetically behind her mum’s bent-forward position, in full glory of the bed lamp broadcasting their shadows. The muffled moans her mum tried to hold in actually made Christine imagine how big her brother was down there, being able to please mum to a point her fingers clawed at the edge of the bed close enough for Christine to notice.

Brother (whispering loudly): ‘Mummy! I’m cumming!’

His hips slammed hard against her shapely ass and she plunged forward into the pillows, groaning in deep, trembling voice while he went for a few more deep thrusts. Right in front of the light, Christine watched in awe as his dick exited the sheath, completed overcast in darkness but looking sharp with a translucent strand of stickiness. Her mum then turned to him and sat with her legs crossed, squeezing his shaft from the base up, excreting a large blob of cum on the tip where her head blocked the light.

Mum (whispering): ‘I hope we didn’t wake your sister up.’
Brother (whispering): ‘What if she found out?’

Right there and then, her mixed emotions of anger and jealousy swung the door open, and her mum was quick to pull the sheets over her naked body.

Christine: ‘Mum! How could you?! This is incest!’
Mum: ‘Girl.. please listen to me. He is as big as daddy, and I misses him a lot.. that’s why.’
Christine: ‘It’s not about dad, it’s about me! I had so much respect for the love you had for me, but it is lust that you had for kor!’

Her brother draped a towel around his waist and walked up to her, hugging her from the back around her neck to comfort the shock she just had. His hard on was evidently pressed between her butt crack and he nudged her towards their mum’s outstretched hand.

Brother: ‘Mei, I didn’t know what mum wanted when she made me promise to make her happy. But when I saw how much more she loved dad whenever he came home, I realised what do people mean when they say ‘wrong is not the same as bad’. A part of dad is inside both of us right?’

Listening to his reasoning, she could understand it was just ‘material’ her mum needed during dad’s absence. Her brother did what was needed to keep her functional, and the sex she always overheard between mum and dad was nothing less than what she just witnessed.

Feeling his hands moving around her hips, she climbed into bed and gave mum the much needed assurance, letting her hold Christine like her baby girl. Brother got into bed behind his sister and she was sandwiched between the two warm bodies, feeling a pair of hands coming from behind around her boobs.

Christine (whispering): ‘Kor.. ‘
Mum: ‘Let kor make you feel what mummy felt. You will understand better.’

As her senses got clouded with sexuality, her hands unknowingly went to her mum’s breasts, kneading them like when she was a baby holding and drinking from it. Her shirt soon came off her body and she was placed flat on the bed, slightly turned towards her mum while her brother reached between her legs.

Brother: ‘You’re already wet huh?’
Christine: ‘How could I not? I saw what you did to mummy.’

His fingertips sent tiny shocks across her belly as they flicked her clit wildly, occasionally sliding along her wet slot teasing her with a shallow entry into her vagina.

Mum: ‘Come, lie on top of me.’

In the most motherly manner, Christine was held against her warm chest, lying on her boobs where the nipples were as hard as gummy bears. Feeling it brush across her face, Christine suckled on her mother’s tits and felt her brother’s tongue swiping her pussy, going up and down and touching her sensitive areas.

Mum: ‘Good girl. Ready for kor?’
Christine: ‘Kor will know better if I am ready right?’

His mouth left her groin and a pair of strong hands held her waist firmly. The thick, round cock warmed her entrance up as he pierced into her body, widening her love hole with the slow and careful entry. In under a minute, all of him was inside her and Christine had perched herself in front of her mum’s face, looking satisfied with a gapping mouth.

Mummy delicately held her cheeks and brought her lips onto hers, kissing passionately at the same time as her baby girl’s body started jerking. ‘Mmm.. mmm.. mmm.. ‘ escaped her blocked lips as his cock slid deep along her vaginal walls, stimulating her mind with the bumpy surface of his cock.

Intensifying thrusts caused Christine to lose focus on the kissing and she just hugged her mum tightly, moaning sensually into her ears as she expressed her pleasure through a massage on mummy’s boobs. Ten minutes into the sex, brother was overwhelmed by her increasing tightness following every orgasm. He had to pull out and stick it into their mum’s pussy for a short break, clearly built differently in terms of tightness and softness.

The older body was in fact narrower on the inside, but the muscles were significantly softer, applying a different kind of effect on his high-speed movements. Mum knowing that it was Christine whom needed convincing, only let him continued for a while before using her heels to tap his butt. In a flash, he was back into Christine, and moving faster than before after she raised her body on her fours.

Brother: ‘Mei.. I’m gonna pull out and cum inside mummy.’

He held her shoulders and hammered her hard for the next thirty seconds, throwing her into an orgasmic abyss where she was shifted beside them so he could cum into their mother. He wasted no time and rammed his cock into the comforted parent, rocking his hips at the same time rubbing his sister off with his hand.

After three minutes of vibration-style thrusts, he collapsed forward over his mum’s body and let her embrace him as the second wave flooded her pussy, topping up the first serving of creampie with a fresh set. His fingers never stopped moving on his sister’s clit and she came shortly after, wetting his palm completely with their first ever incestuous threesome.

Exhausted mentally and phyiscally, they could barely get into their positions on bed for sleep, and the lights were forgotten for the next nine hours. When day broke, everything returned to normal except for their new unspoken dress code, ranging from lingerie to nudity, but definitely much more lax compared to ‘before’.

After a week of nightly sex, threesome or just one-on-one, everything had to end when their father returned home. For the first night of his arrival, the sumptuous dinner filled them up with energy for what happened back home. While daddy and mummy got started with their sex marathon, Christine and her brother was in the same bed, sucking and licking and fucking each other unknown to their father who was groaning loudly like a bear and ‘raping’ their mum for the rest of the night – or day.

Mummy’s Turn

Part 1 | Part 2

This is part 2 to the incestuous story before this, and a recount from Mummy to Daddy about when she started with their younger son. Happy fapping! Keep this only in your head.

Mummy (shouting): ‘Alex! Come!’

The secondary 2 boy ran into the kitchen, where he saw the pair of underwear he accidentally masturbated in. Embarrassed, he did not know what to say, but Mummy had her questions readied.

Mummy: ‘Don’t you know how to use tissue? This is going to dirty the rest of the clothes you know?’
Alex: ‘Sorry Mummy.’
Mummy: ‘How long have you been masturbating?’
Alex: ‘I just.. only this year.’
Mummy: ‘Let me see.’
Alex: ‘Huh! Don’t want la. I’m so big already.’
Mummy: ‘Alex.. ‘

He nodded shyly and went to his bedroom, where Mummy followed after she separated that underwear. Standing in front of his bed, he lowered his shorts without underwear on (since they were at home). Mummy, who was on the bed, took his dick in her fingers and inspected them, from above and below.

As soon as she peeled his foreskin back, his dick began to grow and the whitish powder on his little head only made Mummy gave him a stern stare.

Mummy: ‘How can you not clean this part? Must wash here in the shower k?’

She grabbed two pieces of wet tissue from his table and cleaned him up, which got him even harder as the coldness touched it. Not wanting to say anything to him, Mummy began stroking him, which caused his legs to give way, falling towards Mummy’s body.

For starters, she wasn’t those middle-age looking aunties. Her public relation job required her to maintain her figure and so she did, going to the gym and swimming in the convenience of their condo. Being braless then, she brought his hands to her breasts, and he knew exactly what to do.

While she lifted her skirt up, he did not stop and even went to tease her nipples once they were in view. Mummy did not moan so as not to distract him, or worse, to let him know he was in control. With his dick fully erected, she realised he could fit the width of her closed palm perfectly, like from her pinky to thumb unopened.

Mummy: ‘Have you watched porn before?’
Alex: ‘Yes, I have.’
Mummy: ‘Then you know what to do?’

She stood up and pulled her gym shorts off, revealing a shaved pussy that caused Alex’s eyes to shine. Lying on his bed, Alex sat between Mummy’s legs and began exploring. Swiping his fingertips along those sensitive folds, Mummy lost hold of herself and began breathing deeper, soon guiding her son’s fingers into her pussy.

The rediscovery didn’t end there. He felt around her vagina to know what it truly was like, and the amount of juices just kept his hard on, up. Seeing all those liquid flow down to butt cheeks, he got on fours and licked her for his first time, tongue shooting everywhere once he heard how she reacted to various parts. Slurping her juices up, she had been admiring him, fully aware that she brought him into this world for more than just.. licking.

Mummy: ‘Alex, put it inside Mummy?’
Alex: ‘Are you sure Mummy?’

She got up and placed him between her opened legs. Holding his dick loosely, she guided him in and a long ‘aww.. ‘ from him soothed her confused mind. Before she said anything, he was already pounding at her. For her body and his age, he was just nice. His dick had been poking non-stop at her g-spot, firing orgasms that squeezed him to a point he couldn’t move. It wasn’t those kind of intense sex she had with Daddy. It was more of family bonding to her.

What she had in her, was a man she brought up after the years of hardwork. Who could be better to give him his first taste of sex, as well as to know how his son have been doing? Slapping sounds echoed loudly in the room as his balls bounced off her butt, triggering yet another orgasm that finally told her she had enough – in that position.

Mummy: ‘Alex. Take it out first.’

She turned herself around and faced her ass at him, sticking her pussy out so he could see where he was going. Getting the point immediately, he let himself in and hammered away, though this time totally missing her g-spot. Between her own legs, her fingers were fast at work, vibrating on her pussy to give her the addictive climax.

Alex (panting): ‘Mummy.. I’m going to shoot.’

Mummy: ‘I’ll let you shoot inside me this time. It should be safe. But next time must have a condom on.’

She asked for him to lie down and squatted over his dick on the bed. For that instant, he was granted the full view of a pussy going down onto a rock hard dick. Only their genitals were joined then, as Mummy wanted to give him his virgin creampie. Holding onto her own knees, she hopped above him, squeezing her pussy to a level of tightness Daddy always succumb to.

Screams were heard from Alex as he went crazy from the over-sensitivity, dick head constantly brushed against by Mummy. An exhausting five minutes later, a huge load warmer than her body pumped out of the tube and she sat herself down, rocking back and forth to the flipping of the tortured young boy.

Alex (pleading): ‘Mummy! Stop stop! No more no more!’

Getting a little embarrassed by her initiative, she got off  him and let him wash up. As for herself, she sank her fingers into her pussy, scooped out a bit of his cum and gave it a taste. That smile across her face, was the most priceless thing Alex can never catch her with.

Since that afternoon, Mummy told Daddy that she would end work late, only to arrange a meetup with Alex so she could fetch him home. And once they were home, it was pure sex, still unprotected.

Now that Daddy and Mummy know what they were up to, things got more daring as they wore close to nothing at home. Blowjob and cunnilingus became the parents’ reward, and sex became their daily family workout at different, multiple times of the day.

Part 1 | Part 2

Fairy Tales

Mum: ‘Son, are you sleepy?’
Eric: ‘Yeah. Tired from work ba.’
Mum: ‘Okay. Go to bed earlier then.’

He went into the bedroom without thinking too much into the glass of cranberry juice she gave him and laid under the blanket while his mum came to close the door.

The long day at work had worn him out and his mean manager didn’t make it any easier for him either. Finally closing his eyes, footsteps came from his door and a glow appeared just as he blanked out.

Eric (whispering): ‘Mummy?’
Mum: ‘Shhh.. go to sleep.’

The half sleeping pill she slipped into his drink did not totally knock him out, but let him drift between slumber and sober. The bold plan of her to check out his son’s growth came after her group of ‘tai tais’ gossiped about their children being as big as their husbands.

Halfway making out what was happening, Eric felt his boxers get pulled down to his feet, and the blanket flipped away to uncover his unsuspecting dick.

Mum (whispering): ‘Mummy is just going to check how big you are. My friends are always talking about it.’
Eric: ‘Huh?!’

A row of fingers went to his skin-draped cock and cold air immediately blew over the top as she peeled his foreskin back. Holding his dick with her index finger and thumb, a gentle move up and down turned the closed-eyes boy on. In no time, he was semi-erect to his mother’s hand, worn out by the dishes and clothes she had to wash for the men in the household.

Eric: ‘Mummy.. can already?’

There was no reply from her as she breathed deeper, exhaling warm air over his groin. The mother of two (him and his sister) have not had sex for almost a week after his dad had went overseas, and now, eight inches of raw meat was before her eyes.

A warm breath came down his dick head after a few seconds and Eric knew what was about to come. A slippery wet tongue went over his tip and circled with accidental flicks across the little hood. Lips closing tightly together, that softness of his flesh glided into her mouth easily, garnering a whisper-like groan as she pushed her head downwards.

That bit of saltiness told her pre-cum was leaking, but the motionless boy was giving her much more to do than just pleasing his rod.

Mummy: ‘Ric, just lie down and relax k?’

His pillow shook as he turned his head to reject her incestuous offer. Did she stop? Not at all. Reaching between her own legs, her fingers wriggled into her shorts, going between her wet folds of meat to seek that clit desperately looking for some attention.

The slurping sounds came after a while and she was so energetic to get some action going, even if it meant having her son as a partner.

Climbing onto his bed, the familiar scent of her dear boy was filling up her nose and the desire to be closer to her just get stronger. She then placed her legs over his waist and sat on his abs, slightly flabby from the lack of exercise.

Fingers leaving her pussy, she reached behind for his dick and pointed it upright, sliding her ass down his body as the tip popped into her love hole. By then, Eric had his head turned sideways with his teeth over his lips, unable to resist nor intended to say anything.

As her slimy vaginal walls wrapped itself over his manhood, Eric opened his mouth for a sharp intake of air, as though her tightness had forced some air out of him.

Mum: ‘Is it comfortable?’

Eric gave her a nod and she continued moving her hips, grinding up and down and letting the waves of pleasure flow through her womb. Her 24 year old boy had never been so sexy in front of her, groaning gently as she rocked her bottoms. The fact that he was growing bigger in her told her how much he was enjoying it as well.

She began shifting her feet to his thighs after a while and Eric was making a different noise, like a hum with his teeth together. Mum was getting wilder as she bounced on his lap, slamming down harder to reach deeper. Droplets of sweat was landing on his body as she worked out, squeezing her pussy to drive Eric crazy as well.

After a few minutes, she saw him shaking his head wearily and increased her pace. Seeing him opening his eyes suddenly, she leaned backwards and continued fucking him in a sliding motion, going up and down his upper thighs.

Mum: ‘I’m gonna cum!’

As she felt her pussy contract, a warm gush of liquid shot into her and she went faster, using his dick to rub against her g-spot till she herself was trembling too. The orgasm was so strong as she did not had sex for a long time, weakening her while Eric’s hips jerked upwards instinctively.

The two of them let their bodies tire themselves out before she resumed a squatting position over him, standing up while her hand held him down.

A few drops of cum landed on his dick as she left, but her mouth quickly came to clean him up before the blanket went over his body.

Right then, their main door opened and his sister called out to tell them that she was home. Pecking on Eric’s forehead, her hand moved away from his dick under the blanket to leave him to sleep.

Once Elsa left her bag on the couch, she went into her brother’s room, mother busy with her stuff in the master bedroom.

Elsa (whispering): ‘Kor, asleep?’
Eric (whispering): ‘Nope.’

Her hand went under the blanket to find him bottomless, and understood that he was horny that night, just like her. As she joined him under the blanket, he could not find the strength to tell her what just happened, and went for another round of crazy cowgirl sex. Which surprised Elsa with his extra long stamina to get two orgasms before he unloaded into her hand with a finisher handjob.

Twisted tales? Well, if only mummy knew what daddy did to Elsa when she wasn’t around in the day.

Helping a Family

Me: ‘Mam! Let me help you.’

Her hands were full when one of the plastic bags tore, spilling the smaller bags of meat onto the floor. I quickly picked them up for her while she squatted to help me out. The Ocean Pacific skirt she wore instantly gave me an upskirt view of her leopard printed panties but she did not notice me as she tried to find space to contain the meat.

For someone in the F&B line, I had gotten used to addressing all the females as ‘Miss’ and males as ‘Sir’, so she wasn’t too offended when I offered my assistance.

Me: ‘I’ll carry this home for you.’
Lady: ‘Thanks boy. I live nearby.’

The heavy bag did take its toll on my arms as we went into the lift, exchanging details about where I lived and my name. Upon reaching her floor, she handed me another bag of groceries before fishing the keys out, inviting me in after removing the slippers off her smooth feet.

Lady: ‘Can put it in the kitchen?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

Why not? I’ve carried it for so far, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few more steps. At the sink, sounds came from the toilet behind me and a girl’s voice called out to greet her mum. Just as I was turning around to wash my hands at the basin right outside the bathroom, a girl in just a towel opened the door, only to close it back when she saw a stranger.

Not wanting to cause anymore trouble, I went into the living room while the lady brought me a cup of water, grateful for the help to get her home. The daughter had no clothes with her then and rushed into her room in the towel, before appearing in a long t-shirt that barely covered her legs.

Girl: ‘Mummy, who is this?’
Lady: ‘Oh, he helped me to carry the groceries home. Finish your homework before you go out k?’

With that, the petite girl went into her room, leaving her mum with me on the sofa. After some small talk, I found out her name was Linda, and her husband had been out for an overseas work trip. There wasn’t any reasons for me to continue taking up her time, so I tried excusing myself before she asked me to stay for lunch.

It was only 10am when I reached her place, definitely too early for lunch. The awkward feeling of being in someone else’s home without any agenda was bothering me and she could totally tell from my restless hands.

Linda: ‘Can you cook?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just simple dishes.’
Linda: ‘Want to help me prepare lunch?’
Me: ‘Sure.’

We went into the kitchen and she let me used the chopping board to cut up some veggies, busy with her own things behind my back. All of a sudden, I felt her breasts on my back and her arms just went over my hands, guiding me to use the knife.

Me: ‘I think I can do it myself. It’s dangerous to have to many hands on my chopping board.’
Linda: ‘Sure? Okay then. I’ll do something else.

Her hands were clean as they only touched mine. So, her next move was to lift up my shirt and wriggling her fingers into my shorts, where I had not wore any underwear for the short trip to the market. Yes, I totally forgot about the salt I needed to get.

Her thin hands just dived all the way to my dick and when the cold fingers touched it, I couldn’t help but gave a little shiver. ‘Linda?’, my whisper went unheard as she jerked me faster, causing me to drop the knife and hold onto the kitchen counter to support my softening legs.

Linda (whispering): ‘Come to my bedroom.’

She stripped her sports tank top off and dropped it into the laundry basket before walking me to the room. My dick wasn’t in my pants for too long after she tugged my shorts off, unwilling to do any of this big-boy stuff myself.

Her skirt dropped onto the floor and my eyes went to her pussy like magnet to steel. It was so young and smooth looking that I would love to explore them. How could her daughter fit through that tight hole?

Linda: ‘Like it?’

I cleared my throat and did not reply her out of respect. She did not looked as old but nonetheless, she was a mother. She grabbed my wrists and placed them by her hips, pushing my head down gently to give a little attention below.

I did not wait anymore and opened her legs wider, before placing my tongue on her clit and making a few strokes along the slit. It was so clean and the lack of taste just kept me going, flicking her clit and causing her body to tremble. No moans came as her daughter was just in the room opposite, but her hands behind my head was pushing me harder.

After failing to get her to cum with my mouth, she raised my chin up and brought me to kneel over her head. I stuffed a pillow between the bed frame and her, immediately sending her mouth over my growing dick. Taking it like a pro, she was swallowing my dick whole and throwing me into heavens with every stroke (or choke).

Me: ‘Linda. That’s good enough.’

I went to her side as she rolled over to the drawers at the bedside table, taking out a condom for me to put on. I rolled it on halfway and she stopped me, saying that her pussy could take care of the rest. Turning herself over on her chest, her butt stuck out excitedly at me and I took no time to shove it right up her pussy.

Before I could even move, her back was arching to grind me and I was the one groaning. With little chance to act, I held her waist and rammed into her as she backed up on me, thrusting in the opposite direction to hers. She did not last long with my powerful strokes and let me did the work after she came in a few seconds of my pounding.

The sounds coming from our room was so loud that I was certain her daughter had heard it. Right before I could go all out, she picked her chest up and looked in the direction of the door.

Linda (shouting): ‘Joyce!’

The shocked me did not know what they were up to. Was she going to turn up with a camera to catch me in the act? The door opened to her daughter in the same outfit, and she was asked to lie on the bed next to us.

Linda: ‘She’s yours as well.’
Me: ‘I can’t do that. She’s.. it’s not right.’
Linda: ‘Alright then. Let’s go into cowgirl.’

I tried hard to ignore her watching girl as I laid myself on the bed, waiting for her to shift her body to my face. It was actually some pussy licking she wanted and I did not mind, since she was still pumping my dick with her hand.

Joyce (her daughter) got up instead and climbed over my condom wrapped dick, sitting down while groaning in pain to the penetration. My hands were locked by the knees of Linda and there was nothing I could do when the tight pussy lowered itself over me.

The grinding began as I sucked on the clit before me, getting her too sensitive while my dick was in the same situation.

Me (muffled): ‘Can I not do your daughter?’
Linda: ‘Okay okay. Girl. Stop.’

The ladies got off my body and the condom was removed, as I thought they had enough. Linda went to make out with me while her daughter continued pumping my dick, before a wet hole suddenly sent my mind blank. Joyce was actually sucking me while her mum made the distraction, blowing my mind off with the double attack.

We only kissed for a while before she joined her girl at my groin, taking turns to suck that rod at the same time teaching her how to do it right. What was I getting into? Do they do this for all the men that came to their place?

Linda (whispering): ‘Girl, are you on the pill?’
Joyce (whispering): ‘Ya why?’

The mother looked at me before her daughter did the same, waiting for me to give her the nod. Linda came to my face and asked if I could please her daughter for her, having no boyfriend and she did not want her to use toys to loosen her pussy.

As if my dick was any different, I grabbed her outstretched hand to pick myself off the bed and letting Joyce take the pillow. Knees between her legs, my back was bent over by Linda who held my dick from the back, pointing it in the right direction as she used her weight to pin me lower.

Then, I did not want to disappoint nor waste anymore time, so I slid my dick into her young daughter and proceeded to fuck her brains out. My dick was too much for her to take but Linda was helping by pinching her nipples to get her to relax more. The helpless girl kept moaning louder and louder as I went faster, plunging deeper as her pussy loosened.

Joyce: ‘Mummy! I’m going to climax!’
Linda: ‘Just let it all out.’

What were they thinking? Is such thing even legal? Her pussy tightened over my dick and it was the signal for me to unload too. It was just too overbearing in that tiny hole that was milking me non-stop inside her. The powerful gush of cum filled her small hole quickly and some of the whitish liquid came back out of her vagina as I rammed the last few times into her.

As I pulled myself out, I rested on my arms seated, till Linda helped her daughter up as well.

Linda: ‘Girl, lick kor kor clean. You will need to get used to the taste sooner or later.’

The frown between my eyes did not bother them one bit as Joyce went on her knees, sucking that juicy rod and cleaning every bit up. Linda left the room after her girl did her job, leaving the two of us silently looking at each other.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Joyce: ‘Sixteen.’
Me: ‘How many times have you done this?’
Joyce: ‘Just once. With you.’

She opened her arms to hug me and we were lying on the bed again, kissing as one of her hands went to stroke my dick. Getting it up in record time, I was back inside her, hammering away as the sizzling sound came from the kitchen.

She led me around their place to fuck at every corner, even doing it on the kitchen top where her mum was cooking with just an apron on. It was truly mind-fucking to meet this family who did not mind such acts in each other’s presence.

Joyce: ‘Mummy, can kor kor come over anytime?’
Linda: ‘Only until you start school. In three months’ time.’
Joyce: ‘Huh? And after that?’
Linda: ‘He will be mine. Don’t fight with mummy ah.’

Was that the deal I had no say in? After I was done with Joyce, Linda was next, but not after the meal. I was her dessert of the day.

As a Mother

This is a confession made by a single mum of 36 years old, working in the banking industry. Violette (name changed for protection) has a secret that we (guys) have always fantasised about when we were younger and she found this the right place to share her little secret. Let’s lend her our listening eyes and hopefully find some enjoyment in her recount.

My son had reached manhood earlier than I had expected, usually determined by the time males would enlist. But being brought up in a single parent environment, Kai Wen actually matured faster and the help from his school’s PE lesson only made him more.. tempting. He is now in secondary 4, sixteen years of age and have a body reserved for the fitter group of guys.

It was one day when I made the ‘wrong’ step and it changed my life forever, into one I found it hard to get out of. He was home at 3pm after school and was wearing his PE attire, those absorbent dri-fit t-shirt and a decent pair of shorts. It was a habit to run after school in the park behind our house and he did it whenever school ended early.

As usual, I picked up his clothes from the laundry basket to air dry them before putting them back to get rid of the sweaty odour. Somehow, his shirt still smelled great, perhaps because he is my son. I took the shirt into the bathroom and shut the door, resisting the urge to do something dirty. I was after all the ideal mother in his eyes, but the door was there for a reason right?

That strong drive in me finally guided my hand (with his shirt) to my neck and I wiped it all over my chest, trying to smear his sweat on my body. After a while, I realised I needed something more, just my neck and chest wasn’t enough. Stripping my old yellow t-shirt and shorts off, his shirt was soon running over my body, driving me crazier when the moisture met my perspiring self.

Slowly, I brought the rigid cloth to my groin and ran them up and down my slit, pushing against my clit with the shirt. It was dirty anyway, and bound for the laundry after I had my fun. It was all good and quiet until something happened.

The two-panel door slid opened abruptly and Kai Wen stepped right in, staring at my slouching body on the toilet bowl. Tears almost burst out when I realised what nonsense was I into, but he merely walked up to me and hugged my head on his tummy, repeating the words ‘it’s okay mummy. It’s okay.’

I wasn’t sure if he understood what I was going through, and something else was distracting me too. His scent from his shorts that was right in front of my face. The towel in his hand told me that he was about to shower, but I had obviously delayed his plan.

Overwhelmed by the sight and smell of his shorts, I gave in to my animalistic instinct and tugged the waistband open, sliding my head downwards and taking his dick into my mouth. His initial response was to push me away, but my hand around his hips held me in place and the fight in him was growing weaker as well.

Then, he said something.

Kai: ‘Mummy, can we go to the bed?’

Immediately, I stopped my crazy acts and used his towel to cover my naked body, before letting him lead me to the queen sized bed in the master bedroom I slept in loneliness every night. He waited for me to sit at the edge before he dropped his shorts, where I wasted no time in grabbing his dick and giving it a few strokes.

Frankly speaking, his hand that went behind my head made me felt connected to my husband again as that was what he would do too. Slowly, my mouth went down on him and the skills I learnt suddenly came back to me, all of it. Wrapping my lips tightly around his girth, I flicked my tongue at his tip till I heard a groan from him. The tremble in his legs pushed me to the next step of devouring his cock and I sank my mouth as deep as I could reach.

And yes, his size. It was a little short of his father, but still tasted familiar. The oozing pre-cum helped lubricated the blowjob and my head was bobbing up and down faster. After five minutes, he lifted my chin up and kneeled before me. Putting his hands at my neck, he pulled my face to his and kissed me. Well, it was more of a peck than a make out.

Kai (whispering): ‘Mummy, I love you.’

Once again, tears almost flowed when I heard that. It was a calling to make this son of mine happy, despite being in a single parent family. I helped him up and shifted back to the bed, where I laid peacefully for him to do anything to me.

Kai: ‘Mummy, let me do the work now k? You’ve taken enough care of me.’

My knees were then spread and his head disappeared below my pussy. A kiss then went onto my clit before his tongue came and stroked over it, swiping up and down, brushing along my clit and love hole. I was helpless against my body’s wishes and held his head harder, making him lick me faster and in turn, stirring an orgasm awake. To think back, it was almost two years since I felt someone this intimate, let alone a tongue and a dick. The 7 inch dildo my husband left was all that kept my hormones appeased.

Kai: ‘Does it feel good?’

I dare not tell him yes it did with the amount of ‘wrong’ I felt, to let him attempt to replace his dad. I pulled his head in closer to my pussy to let him know how I felt and he continued licking for another few minutes. After that, I led him to lie on my body without putting it, bringing him close enough to catch a whiff of his familiar odour from his father. It was just too much to take for my lonely soul.

Me (whispering): ‘Do you know how to put it in?’
Kai: ‘I got watch porn. I know.’

He then kneeled at my groin area and poked his dick into my pussy, all the time my eyes closed to imagine it was someone else, someone who wasn’t around anymore. Slowly, his meat split my long unused tunnel and filled it with life, throbbing wildly in the small hole. A groan from him made me smile as I knew nothing much had changed. I could remember clearly how his dad always told me I was as tight as a virgin whenever we had sex.

Kai did not stay motionless for long after inserting into me and his body started slamming at my butt, sliding that thick cock swiftly. The occasional peeks at his face, showed me that he was doing fine and did not have the urge to cum yet. A sign of a healthy boy.

Soon, I was moaning louder as he laid on top of me, sucking my nipples while he thrust. We kissed more violently when we were connected and I was in tears of joy, smiling and moaning whenever he ‘tortured’ me by going super fast. It did not take long for me to cum with his speed and depth, spilling out juices that made a slurping sounds.

Kai: ‘Mummy, turn over for me?’

This wasn’t the best position for me and I knew he needed a change too. I rolled over and went on my fours, partly admitting I was his to command after his father. There just wasn’t any guilt doing this with him. In a way, I was having an affair with the only person I had to be accountable for. And he is doing a good job so far.

As soon as his dick plunged into my wet hole, my body jerked backwards unknowingly, the way that would drive his dad crazy. Cause when I did that, it seemed that I had control in the position that shouldn’t give me any. Kai’s hands around my waist was trying to slow me down but I wasn’t, cause I needed him to take over me soon.

A few thrusts later, he pinned me down on the bed and took over. He was pounding his dick hard at me and my pussy was losing control, squeezing him against my wishes. I didn’t want him to cum that soon, but nature made me this way, into a sex-starved slut who pounced on her son. My moans kept going out of my mouth and his dick felt bigger in the contracting space of my body.

Kai: ‘Mummy! You are too tight! I am going to cum!’
Me: ‘Shoot wherever you want.’
Kai: ‘Even in your mouth?’

I knew what he wanted when he asked. I let him go for a few more strokes before stopping him, and made him lie on the bed. Like a slow-mo movie, I was staring at his dick when he took his rest, chest and abs moving up and down as he panted. Well, it was time to finish the game for my beloved son. I laid on his abs and brought my mouth to his dick, sucking it with no hurry.

Increasing my speed to his breathing, his hands were on my head and pushing me lower. I worked my tongue to the best of my knowledge, causing him to hold me still instead. It was so pleasing to see him lose control especially when he wanted it most.

After a few more minutes of me driving him desperate, he got on his knees and positioned my mouth in front.

Kai: ‘Mummy, I’m cumming.’

His creamy, white load then gushed into my mouth and onto my tongue, spilling those virgin cum into his mother’s body. I let him finish before licking the tip of any leftovers, and swallowed in front of him. He pulled the blanket over me once I laid down and took his spot beside me.

Kai (whispering): ‘Mummy, will we be doing this often?’
Me: ‘Nope. Only when I want it. Like next morning?’
Kai (whispering): ‘Then how often will you want it?’
Me: ‘Don’t sound so sad can? I want it whenever you feel like it.’

We made out for a minute before collapsing on the pillows, turning in for the night where our new lives begin. I know it is a taboo to be fucking my own son, but as with every unusual form of sex or impulses, I do have my reasons and needs. He wasn’t just a horny pervert who asks all the time, and in a way, he grew more diligent and protective of me.

To date, we are still having sex even when he is attached. A mother and child’s bond is unbreakable no matter what happens. And I know that.

Common Act

Hi all, before the story begins I have to address an issue regarding the comments section. Whenever a reader subscribe to comments, he/she would receive an email when a new reply is made. However, from feedback, I learnt that the ‘Reply’ button directs the reader to an inactive website. Here, I would like a apologise for my lack of knowledge to remedy the problem, and propose a solution. To make new replies, simply head over to the original post and head towards the comment section usually located at the bottom of the entry. There, you can reply and be read by everyone.

Sherlyn and Mike finally reached home after the fondling started from the bus ride. As usual, they made their way into his room after entering and his parents were in their room. It was the first time she saw them turn in so early, but it’s their personal lives, so she did not give much thoughts.

Once in his room, he pinned her onto the bed and made out passionately. His bulge was eased from the restricting jeans and her dress was gone too. After he unhooked her bra, he reached into her panties and she opened her legs for his fingers. He continued to rub on her clit till she was wet and stuck his fingers inside for a furious thrust. As he went on relentlessly, she moaned as quietly as she could and her hands reached for his dick to jerk him off as well.

Then, faint noises was heard from his parents’ room and they were trying to keep quiet too. A few moments later, they heard his dad panting and the creaking of the old bed grew constant. It was awkward no doubt, but he did not let it hinder him too much. He pulled of Sherlyn’s panties and coated his tip with some strawberry lubricant. She opened her legs too for him, and he proceeded to get his relieve. His hips slapped lightly onto her pelvic, and the manicured fingernails dug into his back. They kissed whenever they slowed down for him and both their hands were all over each other.

Suddenly, loud pounding noises emitted from the room opposite theirs and her mum’s voice gained volume. She was screaming in ecstasy calling out his dad’s name and he was groaning in response too.

Mum (shouting): ‘You’re so big!’

The two teenagers went even faster and harder, before Mike decided to change to his favourite doggie style. She got on her fours on the bed and he rammed his enraged dick into her, before she grabbed the sheets around and sank her head into the pillow. Without realising, his parents’ room went quiet and they were the only one moving. He kept pumping until Sherlyn went into a daze and finally went blank from the orgasms.

Disappointed, he let her rest on the bed and slipped on his shorts to get a drink from the kitchen. His dad too, was there for a cold can of beer and they sat at the table while sharing his can.

Mike: ‘Mum’s asleep?’
Dad: ‘Yeah. Lynnie?’
Mike: ‘Same.’
Dad: ‘I haven’t even had my turn.’
Mike: ‘Me neither.’

Their heads shook in agreement and laughed as they discussed for the reasons. It seemed that a common gene in them caused the extra long delay which was actually good, but it lasted too long for their partners. Mike was exactly in his dad’s situation, and probably will remain the same even after marriage.

Mike: ‘Sherlyn is a deep sleeper like mum too. I think we can have breakfast tomorrow after they wake up.’
Dad: ‘I know mum is definitely asleep. I go check on Lynnie? Then maybe we can watch the new Batman DVD I got in Malaysia.’
Mike: ‘I’ll check on mum for you, just to be sure.’

He left the last bit of beer in the can for his dad and left the table. Entering into his parents room only to see his gorgeous mother lying on her side, soundly asleep. He walked beside her and pulled the blanket over, before nudging her arm. The blanket which was covering her was those thick types, and so, he lifted the part at her legs away, so the air conditioning could keep her cool too. As the sheets rose to her waist, he caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy, which was still wet. Carefully climbing onto the bed, he looked between his mum’s legs and used his fingers to explore her cave.

Dad walked to his son’s room, and peeped into where his wife was sleeping, just in time to see Mike fingering her and she bent her leg higher for the extra pleasure. Dad grinned and went into Mike’s room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Watching his teenage daughter-in-law sleeping on her chest, she was lying flat down with her legs opened. He too, carefully got on the bed and stretched his legs over her butt. Gently, he lifted her hips up and she mumbled something while asleep. Still coated with the strawberry flavoured lube, he knew it would be easy to enter.

Mike was done with his fingering, and sat over his mum’s straightened leg, from where he was, he made out his dad’s bulky figure on his bed where his girl was. And so, it would be a fair trade. Slowly, he pushed his dick into his mum and upon reaching the depths, even more juices got pushed out and it created a totally slippery sensation for him. Without so much a sound, he moved his dick in and out, careful not to slip and wake her up in pain.

Soon, his mum was moaning in pleasure with similar sounds from his girlfriend, and he knew the two women would be having a satisfying nap. He leaned over his mum’s body and cupped one of her breasts to suck on, while his dick was still moving. She wasn’t as tight as Sherlyn, but the feel was more of a matured pussy than a tight and untrained one. There was the occasional squeezes there weren’t too tight, and juices just kept flowing. Mike was moving swiftly until his body timer rang.

Dad had shoved his dick into Sherlyn and was pounding her from behind. Her pussy was way hotter than his wife’s due to the lack of juices, but it felt tighter the moment he was in. On and on, he rammed in and out of her, making her mind relax even further into slumber. The two guys fucked away on their inconvenient new partners and the urge to cum was arriving earlier than usual.

Mike groaned in his deep voice just as his dick sprang out from under her and he quickly went to her mouth from the side of the bed. He shoved his dick between her lips and used her mouth to continue the stimulation. Fucking deep down her throat, he only took seconds before he pulled out to the mushroom head and shot his cum. One of his hand was holding her head down and blocking her sight in case she looked up. But lucky for him, her mum was just awakened and could not make out whose ejaculate it was. It should be her husband’s.

She swallowed the load and continued sleeping after sucking him dry. Mike then covered her body with the blanket and left the room for his. He stood outside his room while listening to the activities happening. Dad was still pounding his girlfriend and he was groaning too. Perhaps he had missed the pleasure of fucking a young body. It showed how faithful he was and never cheated outside.

Dad was still grabbing her waist tightly in his hands, and shoving his dick into her pussy. The duration created a little pain for her, but it was nothing compared to how good she felt. He then flipped her to the side and raised one of her legs to his chest, while continued to fuck her. One leg in the air, one leg under his body. Her moans got louder until an extended hum came about and the guys knew she had her orgasm.

Dad then got off her and went to the side of the bed as well, using her mouth as a replacement and pushed in and out, but much shallower than how he did with his wife. Sherlyn’s tongue twirled around whatever meat that was inside and in no time, he froze his movements and gave her one last thrust. Gagging sounds came from her throat but she did not immediately push him away.

He spilled his cum along her throat while he pulled out slowly. Her mouth caught most of the creamy mess and she swallowed without opening her eyes. Dad used her mouth to clean up as well, and finally got dressed and exited.

On the couch was his son, on the brainless midnight news channel. They smiled and chatted throughout the latest Batman film. It had been a long time since they talked about a topic they were masters in – sex.

Mike: ‘You know.. Sherlyn had never swallowed for me.’
Dad: ‘Your mum too! But I think your girl will be doing it from you in future.’
Mike: ‘I bet mum will do it for you too.’

Mike had a better idea about what he meant, but he gave his dad a huge clue too. Whatever clues or hints, they knew what they meant and breakfast came before they could get any sleep. But mysteriously, they just had enough energy to enjoy a few rounds of sex after they got home.

What a secret to keep. Or did the girls knew what really happened but chose to keep mum?

Lifelong Job

Note: This is an incest entry between a mother and her son. Please do not proceed if such contents offend you.

Ever since John passed away, it had been Ally that brought up their only son, Michael. He was fatherless since he was 2 and had survived in a single parent environment for as long as he remembered. Ally was just 18 when she gave birth to him and a year later, lost her husband in a car accident.

One night, after she tucked Michael into bed, she went to the living room and played a video tape that had been sitting in the TV cupboard for a long time. It was one of his crazy idea to record their first sexual intercourse and it was also the fondest memory of him. She then had his slightly fat body, lying on top of him, and the moment he slowly put his dick into her was remembered very vividly. As she watched the tape, she was turned on as well, letting her own hands roam to her shorts and disappeared into it.

She opened her raw labia as the video played on, with her late husband’s hip closing in between her legs. Her fingers then slipped into the dry lips and started fingering as he gained speed on TV, groaning as she moaned louder and louder, fingers darting in and out faster and faster. Michael, who was woken up by his mother’s voice, woke up and went into the living room, quietly watching the TV screen as his father continued to fuck his mother, getting all sweaty and worked up. He could not understand what was on screen, he wasn’t angry or mad, but the expression on his father’s face was happy, despite the groans he gave off.

Ally’s eyes had shut and one of her hands had gone to her breasts and was grabbing them, squeezing and massaging as she fantasised the scene her husband was around. Her shorts had slowly went down her thighs and her fingers were making slurping sounds. Soon, John was about to cum and he pulled out of her, the camera was picked up as well, and aimed at his own dick.

His hand fiercely jerked himself off until the stream of thick white substance shot out of the pee hole and into Ally’s mouth. She too, had stuffed her own juicy fingers into her mouth as she remembered how she sucked him weak.

Michael’s pyjamas had been brought down to his ankle and was moving his hand up and down his own dick too. Though he did not know what was he feeling, he knew it felt soothing and safe. Ally composed herself after the tape ended and turned to check on Michael, which made her scream the moment she saw what he was doing – masturbating.

She ran over to him and pulled his hand away, carrying him in her arms and hugged him tightly on the sofa, while sobbing away. His dick was still in the open, and was hard too.

Michael: ‘Mummy, what was daddy doing? It felt good.’

She lifted the eight years old child at one arm’s length and saw his dick was dripping pre-cum. She was totally lost and did not know what to do. She was caught at her weakest moment and he even picked up something off the tape. Indeed like father like son, turning horny as early as he could be. Looking at him silently, Michael appeared to look like his father even more and she swore silently to protect and take care of him till the day she died.

Michael: ‘Mummy, can you help me like how you helped daddy?’

She looked at his dick and placed him lying on the sofa. Sitting at his bent legs, her hands went between his legs and took the small birdie in between three fingers, and jerked him. His face had a smile throughout the whole thing and suddenly turned into a confused expression just as he was about to cum.

Michael: ‘Mummy! I’m going to pee!’

She continued stroking and lowered her head over his dick, and caught the spoonful of cum his body had released, before swallowing and giving him a smile. He was tired beyond his limit and she let him sleep on the sofa that night. She stayed by him too.

The next day, he woke up before her and he put his hand into her shorts, which she had forgotten to tighten with the draw strings. His fingers touched her clit and he felt around her privates, fondling the slippery folds of skin and even putting a finger inside her. She woke up that instant and pulled away his hand by instinct, what was he trying to do! Realising what she had done, she hugged him again, and cried. How could he be doing this to his own mum, torturing her mentally and physically, reminding her of John?

As she heard the clock strike six, they still had an hour before the school bus came. So, she removed her shorts and opened her legs in front of Michael. She was hairless, having her pubic hair permanently removed upon John’s request when he was still around. Michael immediately went to explore her private part and made her even wetter.

Ally: ‘Put your finger inside.’

He did and she could feel the tiny finger wriggling around. His cute face had tons of question marks around but he did not know what to ask. She took his hand out, putting two fingers up and pushed it inside her again. She still could not feel enough. Again, she took his hand and made him show ‘5’ with the fingers together. She opened her legs wider and pushed his hand in, after rubbing her juices all over his fingers.

His hand did managed to enter after a while, and Ally could not hold back her moans. His fingers naturally roamed around and tried to push further, which made her even crazier. Holding his forearm, she sat up slightly and began fisting herself with her son’s hand, in and out it went, and more juices leaked. Michael was still lost but he was happy that mummy was happy. His hand almost popped out when she orgasmed, but he made sure to remain inside of her, and continued moving his arm on his own, fisting her for a good fifteen minutes.

Ally: ‘Boy boy, lick the juice up, it’s good for you.’

She was expecting him to pull his hand out to lick, but he understood wrongly and went straight for her pussy, licking and slurping whatever he could get. Sure enough, Ally was fighting against her own mind to fuck her own son, since his dick was too small to get any pleasure out of it anyway.

The two of them continued the fisting, exchanging his hands after a while. Her pussy was sore from the penetration as his wrist was too wide for any dicks, but it still went into her. She got her third orgasm and removed his hand, which was stained with her juices.

She got to her feet, and sat on the floor in front of the couch he was on. Pulling his pyjamas down, she saw the dried cum that she missed and could not think of anything but to suck on it again. She went down on him for the second blowjob of his life and taking her time, she made sure he was hard before she went faster, sucking and circling his dick with her tongue.

The overwhelming sensitivity made Michael hold onto her head and hugging her as his hips shivered his ejaculation out, which was even lesser compared to the first one. Again, she swallowed and cleaned him up this time. Feeling energetic, he went for his shower as Ally remained seated on the floor, with her head on her arms on the couch. She had no idea what was coming.

Since that day, Michael had been allowed three blowjobs a day, and as long as she got him off, he would fist her till she had three orgasms. It was a daily routine until he went to secondary school. Her pussy could still take his fist, but it would probably hurt her. So, as a upgrade, she shamefully took his virginity and let him fuck her, three times a day. And since his sexual training had started young, his cum control was good and in return for unloading three times a day, he would give her around nine orgasms. On top of that, he unconsciously made his own mum his personal cum dump.

Up to this date, Ally had been giving her son blowjobs as and when he requested, and after he was all rock hard, he would then pleasure her, anywhere in her house she wanted. Ally is 40 now, and Michael, 23. He knew what he was doing was incest, but she was all he needed, and he understood how important he was to her too. Despite the society’s extreme view about incestuous relations, their love for each other was stronger than any families’.

Never once he came in her although they did not use a condom, for she would always be ready to take his load down her throat. Until one day, she found herself pregnant with a baby girl. I wonder what would their family tree look like.