In the Bedroom

By Nikkinom

You can call it ‘charm’, when I found myself seated on the man’s bed, without any clothes, and legs spread as wide as I could. The only thing I knew about him, was the fact that he was almost twenty years older than me. But it was something else, that made me so comfortable to bare my body for him.

Even though he was shrouded in darkness, I could make out where his eyes were looking at. They were, on my naked body, at the area below my neck. My fingers mysteriously went to work, on my clit I never showed anyone how it was done. Little circles would cloud my mind, and taps would send tiny jolts up my back. There was no fear, of him doing anything but watch from his seat, a chair beyond the end of the bed.

The fiery tip of his cigarette would glow, as he took a puff of it, all in an unhurried, calm manner that helped more than he knew. I was slowly, touching myself to an orgasm. It would never occur to me, that I will come in front of a stranger, and even more so, at my usual loudness and intensity.

His smile that came when I climaxed, put my mind in even more ease. From where I sat, with the darkness he was in, I could tell that he was doing something to his pants. The unmistakable sound of zippers, messy ruffling of linen, he stopped moving once something tall, hard, poked out into the air.

‘Come’, his deep voice summoned my helpless body over, and I did. As I crawled closer, I could see how thick he was. It resembled his stature. A firm, grounded pillar, wrapped in flesh as thin as my labia. I went on my knees in front of his chair, and peered up at his overshadowed face.

Seconds passed without a word from him, and I knew better than to let him speak, for I cannot imagine what he might say. I put my hand around his penis, bent it towards me and brought my face closer. It was pink, I think. It was hard to tell from the yellow, tungsten light, but I could sense its power.

A power I craved to overpower.

My mouth went right up to it and my lips went around it carefully, without tasting anything yet. I held it there as I stuck my tongue towards it, pressing hard to know how much pre-cum, if any, was there. Salty, sweet, clean. That was all I needed to know of his hygiene. My head moved back and forth on its own, using saliva that gathered in my jaw to help him slide easier, in and out of my face.

I didn’t hear him groan, nor felt any twitches. He just sat there, smoking and enjoying it with his eyes closed. I almost liked how calm he was, but the competitiveness in me wasn’t gone. Like a natural, I went faster, taking him a little deeper but not enough to gag. Then, he flinched. I saw him tilt his head back, and he didn’t suck on his cigarette anymore. Ashes dropped as his toes clenched, until I suddenly felt his hand on the top of my head.

‘That’s enough’, he said in a suppressed-agitated tone. Had I won? Apparently, not. He helped me up and brought me into the bathroom, to the sinks where a wall of mirror laid behind them. All I noticed, was how my make up was still on, even my lipstick, that should be gone from the saliva and vigorous motion over it.

He put me over the sink and took a while to find my entrance, but it didn’t take any longer than that. He fucked my wet pussy so easily, as if I was made for him. My mind was all over the place. Especially so when his cock stretched my vagina walls so thinly, like a condom. I think I lost my wetness, when it got more and more intense. I could feel the bumps on his erection cleaning my insides out. He was reaching a spot no man had been, in a way no toys could match.

I was about to come again, and he could feel it too. He kept going faster and faster, hurting me at my hips where the sink was. Out of nowhere, a jet of hot cum sprayed inside me, and did not stop until I heard the loud, dripping noises of thick fluids hitting the floor. He gradually slowed his thrusts, but did not stop. He just went slow and steady until I felt my walls getting spread again.

He had already began picking up speed, shoving his meat inside my full vagina. As a first for me, to use cum as lubricant, I couldn’t help but get wetter. The thought of having cum pushed so far up me, while some of it was going to make another load. It turned me on so much.

Halfway, he grabbed a handful of my hair, and without yanking on them, brought me outside to the balcony where the cold wind blew. Somehow, he managed to bring his pack of cigarettes and lighter along, to light one up for each of us. While he made himself comfortable on the solid, steel chair, I bounced myself on his cock, feet tucked between his. It was an experience to be smoking at the same time fucking a man. I made sure to see where the lit end of the cigarette went when I put my hands on his thighs, so I could ride him better.

The second, consequetive round lasted longer, longer than the stick he handed me. Once I was done smoking, I could ride him better, and faster. I loved the huge electrifying shocks to my brain whenever I slammed my ass down on him. It would never fail to stop him from taking another puff. It was like a game, a child would play.

When my desire for another orgasm overwhelmed me, I stopped caring about his smoke. I rocked atop him so hard that when I was about to come, I made sure to use that tight, pretty pussy to milk him until his face crashed into my back. I felt the second squirt into my pussy coming so hard, and I went to rub my clit so I would still be throbbing on the inside.

He just came and came until he fell back, arms hanging over the armrest like a dead body. I only knew I felt full when I lifted myself up, but not how much until blobs of cum drenched his stubby cock. Not wanting to leave any stains on the floor, I turned to him and ate those excess cum up. I swallowed it like medicine, which taste didn’t get to me until they were in my belly.

We went back into the bathroom for a quick shower, and then to sleep. I remembered how I kept playing with his cock, wanting to see if a man could sleep with a hard on. The third round he so angrily forced it into me from behind, told me otherwise. The little anger made me wet quickly, and made him cum as quickly. There was almost nothing when he collapsed over my back.

Luckily, he still had strength to roll over before falling asleep. I couldn’t complain about the rage-sex that happened in the middle of the night when I sucked him because I couldn’t sleep.

I will miss his cock.

Opposite my Window

Peering out of the glass windows of the hotel, I was enjoying the view from the rare occasion where I checked into a hotel for a night of much needed sleep. This particular hotel in Malaysia had a few blocks, and directly opposite me, at a distance, was a dark-skinned girl, about to slip on her night dress.

I did not look away thinking that she would not notice, but a sudden pause in her actions scared me for a bit till she waved to me. I closed my unknowingly opened mouth and swallowed my saliva before waving back. She gestured her finger pointing downwards and I knew she was hinting an instant date.

The silly me did an O-K reply with my outstretched arms, rewarded with a giggle from the long haired lady. Without wasting time, I put on a plain red shirt and went downstairs, walking hastily to the lift landing at the lobby.

That very lady in a white short dress appeared with a denim jacket, walking out of her lift looking around. I did not make any more big movements and went straight to her, spreading my arms as she did so to hug me.

Girl: ‘Hi.. you can call me Natasha.’
Me: ‘And I’m Jhae.’
Natasha: ‘You live here alone?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Natasha: ‘Umm.. can I go up for coffee then?’

Her arms tucked under mine and we made our way back to my room, as though we had bonded just by our looks. Her smooth complexion was no doubt attractive with a bronze like glow. Nineteen years old, Malay, and staying at that hotel for her business meeting. She was certainly at another level compared to the mundane working life that most Singaporeans had, with little hopes of starting our own businesses or dreams.

As soon as the lights were dimmed, I pulled her jacket off her slim shoulders, while my shirt was removed over my head. Our faces stood motionless at an inch before each other, holding ourselves back for the last few moments.

Slowly, her eyes closed and chin tilted upwards, lips looking so delicious that I could not resist them. A second later, we were breathing through our noses, lips sealed around each other and tongues sliding into mouths.

An easy push of her shoulder-straps placed her dress onto the floor, revealing those pointy nipples that were so pinkish despite the dimness. Those shy hands of hers was rubbing along my groin, at that already huge bulge that she stirred up.

Natasha (whispering(: ‘Shall we?’
Me (whispering): ‘I can’t wait for it.’

Our hands went to my shorts, undoing the belt and going bottomless. She was only in a pair of silky white panties then, and it was less than easy to take them off. Our bodies then collapsed onto the bed, with her on top of me. We were still kissing with our sights on each other’s eyes, but the heat from her body was telling a whole new story.

A change of mood made her kneel over my hips, lips trailing down my body from the chest. Her body shifted as she made her way south, pecking till she arrived at my erection that was throbbing gently in her palm. That cute tongue stuck out at the sides and licked its way up, brushing across the whole shaft in full distance.

It was like those Japanese porn, where girls were trained to perform, yet I could tell her skills were driven by desperation, perhaps from the lack of sex. We did not exchange any words during the foreplay, only indulging in the awesome silent pleasure given to each other.

After the tease, her mouth did not continue down my shaft, disappointing me a little but for a reason. We rearranged our position to a 69 one, and I immediately went for her clit. The few deep breaths she took did not last once her lips went around my dick, going up and down once I began toying that enlarged clit.

Our mouths never stopped till she came a whole lot of juices down my face, which she apologised profusely while still moaning in pleasure. That was something I never seen or heard of, a girl being so shy while she was clearly enjoying it. A quick recovery of our bodies placed her on my arm, lying down and looking so ever innocently at me.

Natasha (whispering): ‘Sorry sorry.. ‘
Me: ‘It’s okay. I feel good knowing I made you happy.’
Natasha: ‘Huh? Then did I make you happy?’
Me: ‘Yes you did! It felt really good.’
Natasha: ‘Then how come I don’t feel that you’re wanting me?’

Well, that was a question I had not expected. Being a guy more driven by the ambient than activities, I did not really lust for her at that level. She meowed cheekily at me and climbed right over my hips, sliding her pussy down my abdomens to let my dick poke into her. It was a journey filed with pauses as she tried to accommodate me into her tight hole.

No matter how much pain her face was telling me, there was never a word of vulgarity coming out of her. That final moment where her head looked upwards with a gratifying sigh, placed my heart at ease. Once docked, her waist started rocking and riding, to the slight numbness her pussy was squeezing me with.

I wasn’t a fan of cowgirl since it did not fully stimulate my dick, but it was still fun to see her go crazy being in control, giving herself orgasms on this biological sex toy. Only five minutes later, did she look at me, and realised I was just smiling at her.

Natasha: ‘Are you enjoying it?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I am. I love how you get yourself off on top.’
Natasha: ‘You want to change positions?’
Me: ‘I don’t mind. Umm.. doggy?’

Natasha: ‘I want to look at you. Go on top of me?’

I nodded and let her lie on me before rolling over. Our genitals were still connected and there wasn’t much to do except – to thrust. My hips slammed hard against her groin, shoving my excited cock into her. In a few strokes, the whole room was sounding so erotic, moans and groans of pleasure could definitely be heard outside.

Natasha (moaning): ‘You’re really good in this position.’
Me (groaning): ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to disappoint a beautiful girl like you.’

My dick just kept pumping her till she got more excited, flipping herself over willingly into doggystyle. Speechless, I pounded her with all my might, making her knees slide between my legs as she screamed into the pillow. At last, she laid flat on the bed, jerking to the powerful thrusts I was delivering to her ass.

In fact, the harder I went, the tighter she got. Somehow, she was appearing pitiful as I rammed the breaths out of her, but never wanting me to stop whenever I asked.

Natasha: ‘Wait wait.. Let’s try something I never done before.’

She made me sit on my butt facing her, and her opened legs went over mine to fit my cock into her pussy. I leaned back on my elbows while she raised her hips, slamming down at my rod as she moaned ecstatically.

Me: ‘Hey umm.. I won’t be able to last if you keep at it.’
Natasha: ‘Sounds like I am about to cum too. Let’s do it together.’

Half panting, half smiling, it was the happiest her I had seen for the night. I raised my hips whenever she went down, going on and on till I was about to climax. My hands went to her waist and held her down while my ass slid with help of the bed sheets, pulling them out from under the bed as I thrust for the last wave.

Just as her pussy tightened around me, she reached for my neck and we hugged each other closely for that exact moment when I unloaded. Making out and making ‘Mmm mmm mmm’ sounds, our chests were catching up on air while our privates danced in the constrained space.

Natasha: ‘I can spend the night here right?’
Me: ‘Yeah you can.’
Natasha: ‘I don’t want you to take it out.’
Me: ‘Uhh.. it would be my first time being inside a girl for the whole night.’

We laughed heartily and made ourselves comfortable, with lots of awkward movements to lay on the bed. Although I was getting smaller, I could feel her pussy moving on its own, massaging my tired penis till it was growing again. Her bodily scent and sexy, naked self, did not help at all when she felt how big I had gotten.

Well, we did not even had more than ten minutes of rest before we got so horny again, fucking our brains out till four in the morning. How could I still remember how many times I came right?

Sex, Love and Everything Nice

Girl: ‘Hi there. You’re a new barista here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Is the coffee any good?’
Girl: ‘It is. One of the best I’ve drank. I always grab my morning cup here. It’s really good.’
Me: ‘Thanks! Hope to see you more often then.’

Her long blonde hair over her shoulders totally mesmerised me, but I knew better to maintain my professionalism than to stare at the Caucasian girl for too long. Even though she had asked for a coffee ‘to go’, she sat at the table near the coffee machine and there was where I stood after cleaning the portafilter.

Girl: ‘How do I address you?’
Me: ‘I’m J. Yourself?’
Girl: ‘Anderson.’
Me: ‘That’s a cool name. Like a movie character.’

She giggled and took another sip out of the brown paper cup, with her peeking sideways of the cup cover at me.

Anderson: ‘Do you want to grab a drink after work? Not coffee though.’
Me: ‘Oh? I’m ending my shift at 4pm.’
Anderson: ‘Sounds good. I live nearby. Perhaps I can cook dinner for us?’
Me: ‘Haha. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but I’m certainly free.’

She thought for a moment before looking out of the glass window towards the alfresco dining area. It was just silence as she emptied the last bit of coffee, before handing it to me for disposal.

Anderson (whispering): ‘See you at that corridor outside the management office after four?’

A calm ‘okay‘ ended the short interaction and she left after bidding goodbye to all the staff around the bar. None of them had heard our conversation as they were just doing some stock refilling and admin work.

Weirdly, that shift passed quickly with everything going extra smooth. All the hand-takeover was done without troubles and the next shift had came to relief myself, the last of the morning shift to hang around till everyone was here. The minute walk to the entrance of the mall was much more exciting than I had expected as the slim waist girl leaned against the stone wall in the most alluring pose, right in front of the evening sunlight that was gently smoothing her skin.

Anderson: ‘You’re done? Let’s go.’

The ten minute walk out of the shopping mall in the south did leave me breathless, but the moment we entered her unit in the luxurious looking condominium, everything was set for dinner except the plates of food. Still wearing my uniform, she handed me a singlet to change into after a quick shower. By the time I was done, it was five and there was plenty of time for us to dine.

Apart from munching down my own food, she was the star of the night, dressed in a simple jacket with a pair of white shorts, bearing no thoughts to the simple outfit we were eating in. After the distracting dinner, we did the dishes together and she led me into her room, where a queen-sized bed stood in the middle of the room, huge flat screen TV mounted on the wall like a hotel’s superior suite.

Anderson: ‘Just click on the remote to watch anything. I’m going to the washroom.’

I sat comfortably on her bed with some doubts about what was going on and powered the TV on, only to be presented with some system dialogue that was reading her last watched file on a USB stick. Shortly after, the surround speakers in corners of the ceiling started playing the audio, moans from a Japanese sounding girl while the monitor took some time to load.

Right before me, was a scene from a Japanese Adult Video, a girl sucking on a guy’s cock. As hot as it may sound, it was actually very awkward to stumble upon someone else’s porn.

Suddenly, the bathroom door swung opened and she dashed out in a towel around her waist, jacket gone and only a white spaghetti strap top on.

Anderson: ‘Sorry sorry!’

She pulled out the USB and let the TV went blank. I was just looking at her body, probably with a hungry wolf’s expression. Her face blushed at an instant and we were caught in yet another queer situation.

Me: ‘You know, there’s nothing I haven’t seen before. I don’t mind watching it while you finish your business.’

She came over to the bed and switched the blank screen to a Japanese show, something like cable TV where they broadcasted shows overseas. Clearly, she was into the culture in that small island, which I wouldn’t deny that their level of devotion to good food and quality goods were actually great.

Anderson: ‘I’m done. Don’t mind if I join you in the bed right?’
Me: ‘Not at all. It’s your bed.’

She crawled under the blanket which I sat on and took out the towel, chucking it onto the ground. The way she threw herself into my arms was so.. heartwarming, like we have known each other for a long time. Now, Anderson wasn’t that tall. You could picture her as 1.58m, with a body of those Singaporean SYTs you see on the street. It came very natural to these Caucasian girls when it comes to dressing, and her top with whatever below was just ‘standard’ in our society.

Anderson: ‘It has been a long time since I had felt so cosy.’

She placed her head on my chest and closed her eyes, feeling my warm tummy under the white singlet she let me wear. The way she tilted her head left and right melted my heart, with this sense of indescribable comfort.

While the noise from the TV made the whole situation less tensed, I was feeling her hand move downwards into my jeans, which I was determined not to remove to make myself too comfortable.

Anderson (whispering): ‘Take it off for me?’
Me: ‘Are you sure about this? I am not expecting too much from our first date you know?’
Anderson: ‘You really treated this like a date?’
Me: ‘Of course! A girl invited me to her place!’
Anderson (giggling): ‘You’re the first guy I met, that doesn’t exactly have his own style. I could tell you’re moulded by the people around you. Making you so.. detached and reserved.’

I knew what she was talking about. That quiet but deadly aura I emitted made everyone distance themselves from me, but no one really knew understood that I am in fact tired of feelings.

My jeans came off with help from her and only my boxer briefs were left. Her thin fingers wriggled into my boxers easily and she began stroking that unwilling dick, never expecting itself to be wanted by such a gorgeous girl.

As I grew bigger, she was reaching between her legs (I assumed that from the movements of her knees under the sheets) and wetting her fingers with her own juices. How could any men take that kind of teasing when it was the girl’s honey that was providing the lube?

Me (whispering): ‘Do you want to do it?’
Anderson (frowning): ‘That’s so straightforward! But I can tell you want it. Tell me, is it love making or sex that we are having?’

At this time, with this question, I bet most of you must be waiting for my answer. Well..

Me: ‘We.. will be fucking.’

She gave me a sly grin and disappeared under the blanket, taking my dick all the way down her throat to start my engine roaring. My voice was indeed groaning as the tip of my dick slid deep into her mouth, brushing against her contracting upper throat. As much as I wanted it to last (forever), I did not want to disappoint her and stopped her shortly after. Guys, I hope you are not as weak as me. ;)

She climbed over my groin after the blankets were kicked out of the way and she pulled her top away, bouncing those C cups excitedly in front of me. She leaned backwards like an acrobat to the TV and plugged her USB back in, taking a while before the moans resumed on the speakers.

Anderson: ‘You said that there’s nothing you haven’t seen before. How about my boobs?’
Me: ‘I realised I was wrong about it now. They are unlike anything I’ve seen before.’
Anderson: ‘That’s a smooth reply. Let’s start fucking then.’

She aimed my dick at her love hole and sat easily on it, riding her ass up and down my thighs. Not sure if she was not-too-tight naturally or having too many dicks inside of her, I found no problems in those gently strokes around my shaft. It was fuzzy and warm inside, without those pre-mature ejaculation (P.E.) stress on my mind.

Letting her breasts rest on my chest, her hips did not stop moving even for a second. She was just slamming, if not grinding in whichever position her body was in.

Anderson (whispering): ‘You know, you’re just the right length to reach my g-spot.’
Me (whispering): ‘Was there other guys before me?’
Anderson (whispering): ‘Just him.’

Her hand pointed at the dressing table, scaring me to turn my head over to see ‘him’, a dildo that was longer than my hand’s width. It was too long for her I guess. There was no time to be jealous and it was my duty to do some work for this beautiful lady.

I made her straighten her legs while on top and rolled our bodies over, before she opened up to let me kneel in missionary between her thighs. Pumping at a slow pace, I ensured my dick was pointed upwards as there was where the g-spot was, or did I understood the anatomy of a female wrongly? The increased volume of her moans confirmed that I was doing it right and I just kept pounding, going faster and faster while she ran her hands over my back.

After some intense fucking, I leaned back on my feet and grabbed her ankles, putting them together and raising it as close to her chest as they could go. Still like an acrobat, she hugged her knees together as I sat on my butt, jerking at such high speed with the sheets as ‘rollers’.

Anderson: ‘Fuck! I’m cumming baby!’

I did not think twice and returned to my kneeling stance, jabbing my cock as deep as I could along the underside of her pussy. Juices were leaking in huge quantities but I had still some time before cumming.

Her hands suddenly reached for my wrists (on her upper thighs facing me) and her body started shaking uncontrollably, from a gently tremble to a violent fit. Her vagina just wrapped itself around my dick in its soft muscle environment, squeezing me as I continued thrusting.

Me: ‘I think I’m gonna cum too.’

The build up was undetectable in the earlier stages, but as we fucked like bunnies, the urge was growing stronger but without a threat. Until now, my balls were charging itself up like a stun gun, just waiting for the confirmation on the target location.

Anderson (panting): ‘Give it to me in my mouth.’

She stretched her weak arms out at me and I helped her up, distancing myself a little so she could skilfully bend her back forward and return my dick to the second best place to cum in. To my surprise, she took my hands and placed it on her hair, unleashing the Kraken in me to force her head down on my dick.

Of course, she had no issues with deep throat without the gag reflex. Her body was all mine.. or at least her mouth was all mine to use and I did not let her catch her breaths, jamming that thick(?) piece of meat till I was about to cum.

Holding her head down, my load just exploded, draining my energy away as she fondled my balls to extract every last drop. After she lifted her head up a little, her lips continued running up and down my shaft, emptying the leftovers into her swallowing mouth.

Anderson: ‘It was a great fuck. And it’s only eight.’

I collapsed onto the bed next to her and let her lie on my chest again, panting till our heart rates were back to normal.

Me: ‘Are you ready to make love now?’
Anderson: ‘You know what? I’ve always wanted an Asian boyfriend. You’ll be my first.’
Me: ‘And last?’
Anderson: ‘If you can keep up with my sexual urges. At least.. twice a day.’

Can I keep up with her? Long story short, the one month we have spent together did not disappoint her, and I have a gut feeling that she will be mine for a long long time to ‘cum’ (into).

Close Neighbours

Just as I entered the lift to head back home, a girl in a tight black dress squeezed through the closing door, stumbling into a corner before whispering ’12’. Clicking on the button for her, the lift doors closed and she stood quietly in the corner. From the reflection in the tiny window, I could see her glancing up and down.

Staying on the third floor, there wasn’t much chance for anything to happen. Bringing my sling bag to the front, I reached my hand in for the keys and took a step out before a strong pull brought me back into the lift.

Without any chance to see what was happening, she dodged my body hitting against the wall and wrapped her hands around my neck. Kissing my cheeks downwards to my neck, I could tell how horny she was from the way she pressed her boobs on me.

Girl: ‘Touch me. I want you inside me.’

Given how impatient she was, she just grabbed my hands and placed it between our bodies, fingers guiding me into the narrow space of her legs, where she used my hand to masturbate.


The lift reached her floor and I was dragged out of it, bag dangling at my elbow as she led me to the stairs. Cornering me into the stairwell, she lifted her dress up to reveal her panty-less pussy and I dropped my bag right beside me. Fingers diving into her clit, I found myself rubbing her while she was drunkenly lowering my shorts.

In under half a minute, my dick was in her palm, growing to the random strokes she was giving. As soon as juices started leaking out of her and onto her legs, she squatted down and slammed me hard against the wall.

Without hesitation, her lips went over my little head and sucked on it, licking upwards from the base and nibbling at the pee hole. Feeling my sensitive cock drift in and out of pain/ pleasure, it was undeniable that this curvy girl had everything a guy could dream of. A slim body with meat at the right spots, a face that looked so innocent I never imagined her to let a cock ruin her lipstick, and long brown hair that she ignored over her pretty face.

Once my dick was generously coated with her saliva, she got up and turned her back on me, dress hanging around her waist. Bending forward a little, she reached under her pussy to hold onto my dick, and easily slipped herself over it.

The wetness of her pussy was unbelievable. I could feel myself forcing some of her juices out as she leaned back onto me, numbing my mind with the pleasure of a tight cunt. Instinctively, I placed my hands at her waist and she moved us towards the steps. Bending lower to balance herself, her butt was slamming onto my dick, fucking me without me making a single move.

Soon, I was listening to the slurping sounds of our connected genitals and her moans, which was more of ‘Mmms’ echoing in the corridor.

Taking the chance when she was getting tired, I rammed my hips in the opposite direction and softened her knees immediately, landing lightly onto the small space of the concrete steps. Now in the actual doggie position, I pulled her body backwards as I thrust deep into her, shocking her into dangerously loud groans.

Girl: ‘Let me lie down. My knees.. ‘

I pulled out of her and she sat sideways on a step, holding my dick immediately after she spread her legs.

Girl: ‘Go all out on me. I’m on the pill.’

Sinking my dick back into her pussy, her arms went around my chest like lovers. Making out at the same time my pounding hips was satisfying her, those watery eyes in front of a purple colour contacts was most alluring I’ve seen in a long time.

Kneeling upright, I held her knees and placed them over my shoulders, as a resistance in case she slid down the edges of the step. This time, with her tightened pussy, I went all out at her, panting as I watched her fingers rub her clit so quickly.

Girl: ‘I’m gonna cum.. fuck me harder.. ‘

With that said, I pinched both her nipples hard and let my body finished off. The powerful wave of ejaculation shot through my body and into her pussy, filling her up quickly while she relaxed her legs to wrap around my hips.

Knowing she was almost there, I endured the sensitiveness of my cock and rammed the last few times into her. Finally, a jet of cum splashed at my belly and her body started shaking uncontrollably. Hugging her in my arms, I picked her up and stood against a wall, dick slipping out and feeling the warm juices flow down both of our legs.

Feeling her weight increase in my arms, I knew she was worn out beyond revival and let her sit while I fished out a packet of tissue from my bag.

Wiping her legs dry, I could see those white slimy lumps, mixed with her clear juices that gave off no odour.

Girl (speaking wearily): ‘Put your cock in my mouth. I’ll clean it for you.’

I stood over her legs and she gladly licked me clean, with a ball massage while at it. At last, we got what we wanted and she crawled up with support from me.

Girl: ‘You stay at the third floor?’

Still a little weak in her legs, she took out her lipstick and stretched my arm out. Scribbling her number for me, it was as clear as I needed it and she walked back to her unit, at the eleventh storey.

Taking the few seconds before she knocked on the door, I pulled her dress back to its original length and she gave a silly smile before I walked down the stairs to my place.

Once I had showered and ready for bed, a reply had been given to the Whatsapp message I sent her right after we separated.

CaiYun (WhatsApp): ‘I’m already missing your dick inside me. :x’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Can you masturbate for me before you sleep?’
CaiYun (WhatsApp): ‘Wait.’

Minutes passed like hours for me in the exhausted state and right before I fell asleep, a video came from her, where she used a vibrator to get herself off, moaning my name softly in the background.

Taking moments to calm my erection, we chatted for a while more on Whatsapp before she stopped replying, probably falling asleep with my dick in her mind.

Guilty Rewards

With just a couple left in the bar, I had tidied everything up and was ready to close. They were seated in front of me and chatting over a couple of beers, which I was still serving as they gulped in big mouthfuls.

Man: ‘Are you closing soon?’
Me: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not working tomorrow.’
Lady: ‘What’s your name? Want to drink with us?’
Me: ‘I’m J. Nah. I can’t drink. I’m still at work.’
Man: ‘Come. Sit and drink. Pour a pint for yourself.’

Not wanting to turn down his friendly request, I brought a pint to their table and sat next to his wife, where she pulled the chair out for me. Most of the conversations were between them, but the frequent questions came to keep me entertained as well. As she got drunk, her hand was on my lap and moving on its own.

Man: ‘Don’t worry. She’s my wife. Anyway, I’m also quite high now.’
Lady (whispering): ‘Come to our place to drink next time. I can make cocktails for you.’
Me: ‘Sure. When I have my off.’
Man: ‘Then you give her your number.’

I swallowed hard and tapped my number into her phone, where she saved my name as ‘帅哥’. My working hours had been stretched for more overtime pay and their company didn’t make it too tiring for me too. Only when the clock showed three, did he take out a hundred dollars and placed it on the table.

Man: ‘How are you going home?’
Me: ‘I’m going to take a cab. I don’t drive.’
Man: ‘Don’t drive? How can it be? You’re a man!’

I smiled at him helplessly as there was just no time for me to take a license. They made their way out after finishing their drinks and I was left to clear the table and tally their bill. Once I had locked the doors, his wife came up to me and wrapped her arms around mine.

Man: ‘I’ll send you home. Wait for me here. I’ll drive my car over.’

In his stern tone, I knew he was still friendly but needed some help to take care of his wobbling wife. After a minute, his 7-seater sedan appeared and I went into the backseat with his wife who was mumbling inaudibly.

Man: ‘Postal code?’

There, I gave him my address and sat quietly in the back. His wife suddenly leaned onto me and turned my cheeks in her direction, whispering ‘Joanne’ into my ears. Right after that, she pushed me down forcefully onto my back and my head landed hard on the door.

Man: ‘Eh. Don’t be too rough.’
Me: ‘Okay.’
Man: ‘Not you lah. I’m talking to her. She’s crazy when she’s drunk. And you, don’t try to reject her. Let her do what she wants.’

Did he already know what she was up to? My jeans was tugged at and I raised my butt to let her bare my bottoms. The whole day of work had made me stink a little but she was obviously ignoring it. Hands came forth to stroke it and the beer I had earlier was making me a little high too.

Like a cougar, she jerked me till I was hard and crawled between my legs. Her mouth opened immediately once my dick was below her chin and took it whole without a flinch. Just as I was worried about offending her husband, a condom flew into my chest and the full picture was right in my face.

Joanne stripped her shorts off after getting my dick wet and clumsily climbed over me. In that short period, I managed to roll the condom on as she was moving in slow-mo.

Holding my dick between her legs, she dropped her pussy over it and shocked me with that tightness similar to a virgin. In the rear-view mirror, I could see him checking out our progress.

Man: ‘Tight?’
Me: ‘Very.’

Riding tiredly, we were fucking to our heart’s content at the back. Moans and groans came from both of us as she rode harder, slamming down in my lap till she came. I was totally helpless at that point, except using my hands to knead those soft C cups.

Man: ‘We’re here. But I want you to finish first. Dear ah. Doggie.’

I got up quickly and shifted to her back, where her body was too tired to move anymore. Heads just below the hood, I plunged my dick deep into her and she jolted her head up with a thud.

After she leaned her chest down on the seat, I held her waist and pumped fiercely, driving my cock in and out with slurping sounds. Her husband had his car camera turned towards us and was recording our sex as he lit a cigarette (windows wind down).

Joanne: ‘Faster! I’m gonna cum.’

I went all out at her as demanded and did not stop till she suddenly reached her arms back at me.

Joanne: ‘Dear, can I suck him off? I can’t take it anymore. Very sore below.’
Man: ‘Up to you.’

She asked me not to move and turned herself around, still in doggie but her mouth facing me. Devouring my cock into her sweet lips, she brought my hands to her head and pulled my waist at her face.

Oh? Mouth fuck? I got her cue right away and pumped my dick down her throat, feeling the pressure at the tip where her throat starts. Slamming away, she reached her hand between her legs and masturbated as I fucked.

Me: ‘Shooting.. ‘

After that, she stopped me from moving and patted on the seat, where I sat down and let her take over. Shoving her face at my balls, I was at her deepest ends and she was fingering herself faster.

Finally, the huge load of cum fired from my sweaty, wet dick and she caught it in her mouth, away from her throat. Sucking me dutifully, I could sense every drop being extracted and it took us almost a minute to recompose ourselves.

Man: ‘Shiok bo?’
Me: ‘Thanks bro.’
Man: ‘Don’t mention. It’s the first time my wife says her pussy is sore.’

I cleaned myself up with the box of tissue at the rear window and she climbed to the passenger seat next to him.

Joanne: ‘Next time I’ll just call you before we meet. Can hor hubby?’
Man: ‘Ya lah. Let him go home. Late liao.’
Joanne: ‘Not working tomorrow right? You can take care of me while my husband is at work.’

I replied a sure before hopping out of their car, given a thumbs up as he drove out of the parking space. A photo came into my phone from Joanne after I reached home, with her fingers in her pussy on top of the familiar leather car seats.

Perks and rewards come in many forms huh?

Simple Request

We were both under the blankets in our underwear with her hands grabbing my bulge. Behind the thin cloth was a rod that knew it would not go anywhere further than her hands, or her mouth. Sex wasn’t on our agenda to keep her ‘V’ for the right person, it was just a introduction process for the barely legal teen to know how foreplay felt like.

Crystal (whispering): ‘It’s so big!’
Me (whispering): ‘Yeah. Just for you.’

I kissed her forehead as she stroked, lying towards me for one of my hands to go between her legs. Being a dancer, those slim thighs couldn’t touch even when she sat up with her feet together. It was one of her beautiful feature no man could resist. Pushing hard at her panties, the smooth mould was soft and fleshy, feeling a little warm to the touch. She did not have any suggestions about what I should do since it was her first time. Everything was dim enough to bring the mood right for her to learn something that night.

I wriggled my hips to take my underwear off and she did the same, kicking her panties off the bed once it reached her ankles. My fingers soon slipped between her raw opening and began work on her clit, where she gave off a gentle shiver when I circled my movements.

Crystal (whispering): ‘What should I do now?’
Me (whispering): ‘Wanna try giving me a blowjob?’
Crystal (whispering): ‘Okay. But don’t look k?’
Me: ‘Yupp.’

She pulled my thighs apart and crawled between, sitting back on her calves and bending forward to my dick. The blanket was left over my stomach to hide her shyness and her eyes were on the calibre, pink and dry for her to feast upon. Licking just the tip, she watched my expression over the white sheets before sliding her lips down, taking half of my length into her mouth. Rising and lowering her head, the sensitive area under my small head was the focus of the day and it was slowly stirring my lust stronger.

As much as I could, I held myself back from forcing her head down and let her suck me at her own pace. Groans were her driving force to go deeper, saliva gathering at her mouth to lubricate the thick slab of meat she was devouring. The blowjob lasted for a good three minutes before I asked her to take a break, giving me the chance to return the favour.

Me (whispering): ‘Lie down.’
Crystal: ‘I want to see you licking me.’

She stuffed two pillows behind her back to lean against and spread her legs for me. At that position, I couldn’t keep watch on her expression but went directly to the wet folds. Making a few strokes up and down along those reddened slit, her fingers raked into my hair and was pressing me to go down on her.

I carefully opened her labia out of the way to reveal the precious gem that was glistering wet, and flicked my tongue on it. I was determined to give her an orgasm no matter how tired my mouth was, she was after all, my honour to be teaching her such things. Giving her clit a hard suck, Crystal’s body unlocked something wild in her and rolled my head around her pussy, guiding me to fondle those pleasurable areas that she knew best.

I concentrated on swiping my tongue wherever she wanted, going faster as she requested. I could feel she was high and possibly almost cumming from her violent shakes shooting through her body.

Crystal: ‘I’m going to climax.. ‘

I kept sucking on her clit till she let out an ‘arghh’, shooting a couple jets of thin liquid into my face as her body trembled. She had let go off my head when she felt the juices dripping from my chin and grabbed the sheets to wipe them away.

Crystal (panting): ‘Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t know.’
Me: ‘You like it?’
Crystal: ‘I’ve never climaxed so hard before.’

I quickly hid under the blanket next to her as I got cold, hugging her to get some warmth. Her body was as cold but we were enjoying the cosiness more after she had her orgasm.

Crystal: ‘Umm.. want me to help you?’
Me: ‘What should we do?’
Crystal: ‘Come lie on top of me.’

She closed her legs to form a little ‘Y’ shape and pointed my dick at the intersection. She was still wet then and we did not need to add any lubricant.

Crystal: ‘Can you trying moving?’

My legs were placed on her sides as I thrust into the tiny opening, listening to her moans as I brushed across her clit. It was a risky position as my dick was constantly angled to go into her but her legs kept it from doing so. We went for about five minutes in this non-penetrative pose until I placed my fingers on one of her nipples to squeeze it. The double attack of pleasure caused her legs to open and the next thrust I made accidentally shoved my dick deep into her pussy.

One of her legs then went around my waist to keep me from moving any further, and I knew we did something we never wanted.

Crystal (whispering): ‘Are you inside me?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m sorry.’
Crystal: ‘It’s okay. Keep moving?’

The worried me was confused about what she just said but the damage was done. There was no turning back for the both of us after we felt how awesome it was to be really – having sex. As she asked, I continued pumping my dick, going deeper and harder this time. Her legs opened wide in this missionary position and my mind was fading to a blank from her tightness. She too, was grabbing and kneading her own breasts as I thrust, giving her no chance to catch her breaths amidst the pounding.

Crystal: ‘I’m going to climax again!’
Me: ‘Me too!’
Crystal: ‘Don’t take it out until the last moment k?’

As best as I could, I distracted myself from her glowing face with her eyes looking up innocently at me. I kept ramming into her till her vagina suddenly clamped itself around me so overwhelmingly tight. I knew she was cumming and pulled out right before I came. She placed her palm open above her clit and I let her wrap her fingers around the juicy cock that was in her just seconds ago.

Still moving my hips, her soft fingers couldn’t felt better as I could still picture myself inside. Within a few seconds, the powerful streams of cum sprayed over her chest and belly, all thick and white without flowing off her sexy figure.

We stayed in that position till she pumped every drop out of me, and we parted to a distance to ensure none of my semen landed where it should not. Hopping into the shower hand in hand, the cleanup was made fun for the both of us lathered and rinsed each other like small children.

Crystal: ‘Shall we.. umm.. rest before doing it again?’
Me: ‘Let’s go buy some condoms so we can go all out without worrying.’
Crystal: ‘Okay!’

She threw her towel at me after drying herself and slipped on her black short dress, without any bra or panties underneath. We made our way to the convenience store nearby and got our equipments, returning to our hideout for a night of crazy sex we both had unintentionally created a lust for.

Half Time

Wearing just a pair of worn out shorts and t-shirt, I walked towards the bar where Beatrice was waiting quietly at the alfresco dining area. We had planned to return to the workplace on a Monday where it was closed, to drink together since we both had nothing on. Closing in on her, the white fitting shirt and a pair of denim skirt was seen on her slim body. It was a surprise to see her wear so casual yet appearing sexy, so unlike her black attire when she worked.

Me: ‘Reached so early?’
Beatrice: ‘Don’t want you to be drinking alone mah.’

I opened the door and locked it behind us, turning on the aircon and putting some lights at the semi-circle sofa. She was quick to make herself comfortable while I brought a bottle of Barcardi and a jug of Coca Cola, pouring some into each of our glasses. There was nothing more relaxing than to drink and chat in a drunken state, sharing our lives over laughters and awkward silences.

As we reached the halfway mark of the bottle of liquor, she was hugging my arm and talking with her eyes closed, face flushed to a light pink. I knew things were going for a change when she held my hand and brought it to her tummy. Guiding me under her shirt, my palm was soon over her bra cup and squeezing as she moaned. It felt like I was on my job, except that I was serving her in a sexual way.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Can we have a little fun in here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. The CCTVs don’t come on on the closed days.’

Seated with our backs facing the glass door, she stripped her top off and unhooked her bra, giving me full access to fondle her boobs. She was lying with her back straightened and arching to my advances, feeling the gentle waves of pleasure wash against her mind. As a guy, I couldn’t just ignore the pair of erected nipples and dived into them, sucking and nibbling to get her to moan louder. That was one way to know if I was doing a good job pleasing her.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Take it off too.’

She let the elastic waistband slap against my groin and I hurriedly removed my shorts, with her hands lowering my underwear while I kicked my bottoms away. Those cold fingers on my dick did sent shivers up my spine, but I changed my arm to reach under her skirt, digging under to peel her panties away as well. Contrary to the outfit she wore, the pair of cute white panties with pink seams made her seemed cuter for that brief moment. Nonetheless, she was too heated up to care about what I think.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Lie down. Let me try sucking. I have my braces though, you don’t mind right?’
Me (whispering): ‘Just give it a go?’

She nodded innocently and I laid comfortably against the arm rest. She held my dick upright and brought her lips over the tip, sucking it hard before sinking her mouth down my shaft, saliva filling up in her jaws as things got slippery. Her teeth were well out of the way and just her lips were on my girth. Sliding up and down continuously, my groans couldn’t hold themselves back and my mind succumbed to the non-stop flow of euphoria making my heart melt.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey. My turn to lick you?’
Beatrice: ‘Don’t want! I want you inside.’
Me: ‘Condom?’
Beatrice: ‘Nope. Let’s do it like this.’

She flipped on her hands before I got up and I made my mind not to disappoint her. Adjusting her skirt to her waist, I parked at her entrance before ramming all the way in one stroke, causing her to grunt from the splitting pain that froze her momentarily. Not waiting for her cue, I thrust violently to ease the pain and soon after, the petite girl was screaming as my dick plunged into her. Her arms were straightening and bending while we were at it, sending orgasms shooting through her body as I alternated my speed.

Unknowingly, her pussy was taking my pounding for at least ten minutes before she crawled away in an attempt to get a break.

Beatrice: ‘I can’t go on anymore. Let’s pause for a while.’

A halftime was unexpected that night, but it felt good knowing I had given her orgasms to a point she couldn’t take it. We rested with her hand stroking my dick to keep me up and my fingers inside her to ensure the wetness. After five minutes, I did not want to wait anymore and let her lie on the sofa, while I angled myself at her legs.

Me: ‘Ready?’
Beatrice: ‘Yupp. But go slow k? It’s sore down there.’

I sent my dick in gentler this time and let her vagina spread at its own pace. A gasp came and I knew she was done, so I increased my speed and sent her moaning crazily once again, this time with our genitals slamming hard against each other. After the rest, my dick had regained its sensitiveness and I was feeling the disappointing urge so quickly.

Me: ‘Oh no. I’m going to cum.’
Beatrice: ‘I’ve had my fun the first round le. Let me suck you off.’

I backed away from her and sat dangerously on the thick armrest, obvious to the passers-by if they looked into the bar. Her head was between my legs and milking me through a series of deep throat and under-the-hood tongue swirls. My mind had gone blank from her oral skills but it always took longer to cum with a blowjob.

She took her time and did not stop for the next few minutes. It was certainly arousing to see such a beautiful 18 year old go down on me so willingly, and grinding her hips as though she was still feeling me inside.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.’

A nod from her head stirred my dick into ejaculation mode and she sent her lips all the way down once the first load splashed into her mouth. Sucking me without mercy, my cum was drained long before my dick had stopped twitching. The grin on her face told me I was hers to play with till she deemed it was time to let me go.

Finally, after another minute of mind-blowing cocktease, did she let me go and I just slide to the sofa to catch my breath.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘It’s so crazy with you. The orgasms just kept coming.’
Me (whispering): ‘Same for you too. Your mouth.. it’s awesome.’

She shyly covered her face with her shirt and we got dressed after dashing into the toilet, risked being seen. We drank for a while more and left the bar, sofa to dry the moisture on its own over the night. In the cab to her place, my fingers were inside her, jerking while her hands grabbed my forearm tightly.

Can you guys guessed what happened when we reached her place? That’s right. Indescribable.