Hotel Rendezvous

Checking around to see if anyone say the tiny shiver, Jasmine remained seated in her panties that was completely soaked. The man she knew on Tinder had won every bit of her heart, up to the dirty roleplay she tested him on. Earning straight As from her, the additional bonus came when he told her […]

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This Way

Girl: ‘Excuse me. Do you know where is Ikea?’ The strong China accent came from a girl with neatly tied ponytail, donning a navy dryfit tee with short matching skirt. Yan (nametag), was holding up a paper map pointing at the building just five minutes away. Me: ‘I am going there too. This way.’ I […]

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Wetting Ourselves

Without waiting for her friend to move into the passenger seat, Diana jumped onto my lap in her drunken state to get to some stable ground. A hard object hit my groin and wetness immediately warmed my shorts, to which she just act playful and stayed on top of me. ‘Are you going to sit […]

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Office Slut

‘Umm.. J. For the appraisal, can you write something nice for me?’, asked Tiffany whom did nothing but come up with excuses every time I tried to get her outside working hours. Most of the programming were done by me over sleepless nights and endless cups of coffee, on top of building the custom server […]

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Cindy: ‘Hey! Don’t snatch!’ My jeans were off in a battle of the two ladies, and I was still underwear-less. Sarah pushed Cindy away before she could lay her mouth on my cock and took the lead by going down on me, gagging noisily as she tried […]

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