High and Wet

Spending time alone is the rare occasion where I sort my thoughts out. At 2am, the silence of my neighbourhood was the most ideal time to zone out, even the residents coming home then would not make too much noise. Sitting in front of my block on one of those metal benches, a Lancer I […]

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Fields of Green and Darkness

Jamie: ‘Turn away for what? Not like you never see me in panties before.’ Me: ‘Respect ma.’ Jamie: ‘Act only.’ At one of the nature reserves in Singapore, we had gone for a day of photoshoot for her private collection, like how girls these days have artistic shots as their profile pictures. Although we had […]

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Twists and Turn

Stepping out of his house to the void deck, Darren’s eyes scanned for the lady whom described her outfit to him, a pink floral sundress with long brown hair. Half a minute after he planted his ass on the concrete stool, a girl in that exact dress appeared looking casual. Darren: ‘Mavis?’ Mavis: ‘Hey. Hi.’ […]

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Pharking Groupie

I kept a few feet from Kathy walking in front of me, on one of the long stretches of roads along Pierce Reservoir. Around her neck was a dog collar, with a nylon rope attached and dragging along the asphalt road so no one would see the ‘connection’. As instructed, she wore a wrap dress […]

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Raped with Pleasure

‘No no! Please don’t!’, cried Laura as she was dragged backwards in the arms of a stranger, having a punch delivered across her cheek bones. She was flung into the tall bushes nearby, pricking across her arms and legs painfully, but face protected by her hands. As soon as she got on her knees to […]

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