High and Wet

Spending time alone is the rare occasion where I sort my thoughts out. At 2am, the silence of my neighbourhood was the most ideal time to zone out, even the residents coming home then would not make too much noise.

Sitting in front of my block on one of those metal benches, a Lancer I always knew as an ‘ah beng car’ revved up to the bus stop nearby and interior lights came on when the passenger door was opened. Spotting the guy leaning over to the girl’s lap, I watched in horror as he pushed her out onto the grass patch, slamming the door hard and then zooming off.

The girl, wearing a white off shoulder crop top and black bandage skirt stood up but was in a trance. Swaying left and right as she walked, she did not take more than a few steps before collapsing to the ground. I couldn’t stay put and ran up to her, throwing her arm over my neck as I stood up.

Her replies to my questions were all gibberish, having no other choice but to bring her to where I was sitting earlier. Once her ass was firmed placed on the bench, she grabbed my hand across her belly and shifted it to her breasts, braless and firm under the thin material. She helped herself to my hand, squeezing through my fingers on her gorgeous chest.

Just as I pried my hand away, she raised her feet onto the edge of the seat and stuck her hand under.

Girl (mumbling): ‘I’m so fucking horny.. help me.. ‘
Me: ‘No I can’t!’
Girl: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She took my wrist and guided me into her skirt, onto the juicy, wet cunt that was so warm to the touch. Using my fingertips, I massaged her clit while she relaxed, sobering up to my relief.

Me: ‘Are you feeling better now?’

I slowed down to let her respond but she quickly went back into the drunken state, holding my hand and resuming the masturbation.

Girl: ‘Don’t stop. The drug.. is making me horny, and I can only think when you keep touching me.’

Me: ‘You have to get home and wait it out. I can’t do this to you.’

Her expression and actions had turned docile during the short period of calmness, regaining composure to a nicer self. Just as I thought I could end this unexpected act of kindness, she went for my shorts to forcefully lower it enough to stick her hand inside. Hushing me continuously, she laid pitifully on my shoulder, stroking my cock while whispering that she needed it right now. Taking advantage of a normal functioning, straight guy, she rose from her seat and stood skirt-up between my legs, ignoring my state of confusion about how far we would be taking it to.

In full glory of the estates opposite my block, and not forgetting my own block that was right behind us, she bent her knees over my lap and slid her ass up my groin. She caught yy cock between her legs and aimed it upright, before taking her actual position over it. Slowly sitting on my erection, her pussy was so wet that I was in in a continuous stroke.

Hopping lightly on her bent knees, the gentle tightness got the better of me as soft moans escaped her lips, while I was desperately holding in my excitement. Orgasms hit her within seconds due to her sensitivity, and it only got more frequent as she rode, exhausting her body bit by bit.

After five of what seemed to be the most beautiful orgasms she had, her legs gave way and she eased down on my hips. Feeling her womanly gentleness appear, deep, long breaths separated her sweet smelling body from my sweaty shirt. Finally, she was done using me as an outlet. Right?

Girl: ‘I’m Jolene. You?’
Me: ‘J here. You’re alright now?’
Jolene: ‘Almost. Can you do something for me?’
Me: ‘Yeah? Tell me.’

She took a deep breath out of my sight and arched her back forward, bringing my butt to the edge of the seat just an inch away from falling off. She took my both hands and went one more step away from the bench, ensuring that my cock never left her pussy while we undocked the comfortable seats. By then, we were standing chest-to-back, and my-groin-to-her-ass, close.

Jolene: ‘Fuck me hard all the way. Till you know? Cum?’
Me: ‘No way. I’m not gonna cum inside you.’
Jolene: ‘Or should I ride you till you cum? Will that be better?’
Me: ‘*Sigh*.. must I? You sure you want it?’
Jolene: ‘Yes. I want it so badly.’

My hands lightly held her waist as she adjusted her skirt higher, and I was humping away in no time. Jerking in stealthy small movements towards her ass, I went under her shirt to feel the erected nipples on her voluptuous breasts. There was just no way I could miss those handful mammaries. Erotic moans filled the air as we boned in the grassland, oblivious to whoever might be looking at us. The soft, raw flesh of her vagina caressed my hard cock like taming a giant with affection, it was something I never experienced in my life.

Gradually, her pussy got too tight to continue the graceful thrusts and I paused to warn her about the incoming load.

Jolene (whispering): ‘Shoot it all inside me baby.’

I hugged her closer as my hips went into rapid-fire mode, squishing out all the juices her pussy could hold. Within a few seconds, I was at my maximum speed and she just held my hands (on her breasts) tighter, embracing herself for my next sentence.

Me: ‘Cumming now.. ‘

Powerful shots drew my cock deeper into her while my hips fidgeted erratically, forcing hard thrusts insider to my weakening knees. The minute vacuum sucked every bit I had and we were wobbling backwards to the bench.

Once my last twitch happened, I let my body fall onto the seat and she joined me after lowering her skirt. In the cool breezy night, our hands stay joined, without saying a single word. After what felt like a long time, her head landed on my shoulder, and a momentarily tight grip got my attention.

Jolene (whispering): ‘Thank you.’

Without looking at her bag, she fished her phone out and held it in front of me. I punched my number in and she listened to make sure I got her number, and kept her mobile quietly. We spent a while enjoying the peacefulness before she had to leave, and I had no reasons to stay too.

Since my block was right behind us, I had ample opportunity to watch her catwalk away from me, deeper into the concrete jungle away from me. After a quick shower, I jumped into bed just in time to see a picture message appearing on my Whatsapp, a selfie of her OOTD we had our little fun in.

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Goodnight Jolene. Don’t hang out with that guy anymore k?’
Jolene (Whatsapp): ‘Never again. I have you now.’

Fields of Green and Darkness

Jamie: ‘Turn away for what? Not like you never see me in panties before.’
Me: ‘Respect ma.’
Jamie: ‘Act only.’

At one of the nature reserves in Singapore, we had gone for a day of photoshoot for her private collection, like how girls these days have artistic shots as their profile pictures. Although we had stopped shooting after seven, we continued walking in the park to make use of the last light.

Finally at nine, it was too dark to walk any more and that was when she needed to pee. So we wandered out of a boardwalk into the foliage that seemed the most levelled, and she responded to the nature’s call.

Jamie: ‘Eh. Stand closer leh. Let me hold you.’

She stripped her white, black romper down along with her panties to her knees, and squatted right next to me. Throughout these time, she had her cellphone screen on to see the ground, illuminating parts of her shaved pussy for me as well.

Haphazardly holding on my wrist, the stream of her pee splashed into the soil and there was nothing else to do except to wait. Seconds later, I felt her hand on my groin and jumped back, surprised at what she was doing.

Me: ‘Eh! You finished peeing already ah?’
Jamie: ‘Yupp. I thought you are hard ma. But you’re not.’
Me: ‘Umm.. Now I am?’

Once again, she felt through my thin shorts on my growing hard on and fondled it to feel its length. She stood up after she was done and grabbed me with both hands, stepping out of her clothes to remove her panties. Her clothes came back on after she stuffed her underwear in my palm and I just stood there like a statue.

Me: ‘Done?’
Jamie: ‘Huh? No?’

She removed my camera bag from behind and placed it on the ground, turning me sideways to slip her hand into my shorts. Of course, I held her hand still, unable to let her go any further and possibly ruin this friendship we had.

Jamie was the kind of girl whom you can tell with one look, that only her career boyfriend could match. Smart, pretty and luxurious, those were the words defined around her. Not sure about her sexual experiences, but it felt weird to taste something I didn’t deserve, yet or not.

Jamie: ‘Eh. Don’t need to be shy la. You did me a huge favour this time, and I have been feeling down until you cheered me up with all your lame jokes.’
Me: ‘Still, that’s not enough to get into your pants ah. You are more than a pretty face to me.’

She bit lips and forced her hand into my pants, fingers slithering around my rod that was at its full erection. Before I could grab her by her waist (playfully), she hid behind me and continued to rub her thumb on my cock head. My legs suddenly gone weak and I squatted down, which she followed by spreading her legs wide.

Naughtily forcing a handjob on me, I quietly reached my hand behind my back and brushed across her thigh, following her flawless skin into the gapping leg holes of her romper. Partly lubricated by her pee, she leaned her boobs closer on my back as I attacked her clit, vibrating fingers moving sideways.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Fuck. You are trying to control me huh?’

Feeling her legs giving way to pleasure, her handjob got slower until she began moaning. I spun around and hugged her in my arms, raising one of her legs to a low-hanging branch to spread her pussy.

Jamming my fingers in, her vagina clamped me down as hard as she could, but did nothing to slow my thrusting palm at her groin. In response, she wrapped her arms around my neck and breathed into my ears, moaning ‘oh yes’ repeatedly. Soon, the tremble in her body turned fiercer with more of her weight slipping downwards to earth.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Oh fuck.. ‘

A single jet of cum sprayed into my working palm and kept shivering for a while.

Jamie: ‘Help me over to the rock there. I need to rest.’

A boulder sticking out of the ground was what she was referring to and we made our way there half-dressed, with our belongings. After checking that it was clean, she landed her bum on it and fanned herself.

Jamie: ‘Still hard?’
Me: ‘A little? Thanks to you lo.’
Jamie: ‘Come.’

She pulled me by my cock nearer to her and pulled the bottom part of her romper wide, inviting me in. There was no words to say except a moan from her when my tip touched her clit, sliding under her wet pussy till I popped into her. Teasingly, I moved very slowly inside her and her tight grip on my forearm told me how much she enjoyed it.

The adventurous girl suddenly turned into an innocent one as she kept her gaze downwards, where our genitals connect. Once I picked up my tempo thrusting into her, she pulled my shirt to hide her face, appearing opposite to the moans she was giving.

Because her legs weren’t exactly wide opened, the pressure in her cunt really pushed all my buttons. Tiny squirts of her juice kept ejecting on my groin, wetting my legs as she orgasmed. There was no words to describe how much she wanted to keep this wrong act going, especially with her ‘don’t stop’ whenever I felt my end near.

Just five minutes into the romp, I couldn’t ignore my body’s scream to cum and stopped against her pleas. Once I pulled out of her, she fell forward on me and crumbled to a squat. Another small shiver from her came and she climaxed another time, untouched by anyone.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Your cock.. I can still feel it inside.’

Inches from her face was my twitching rod, covered in her juices that she left as evidence. Her tired fingers went around the shaft and she pumped it slowly, until more of her strength returned. Since there was no way for any ‘accidents’ to happen with my dick outside her body, I let her torture me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: ‘Jamie.. it’s getting too sensitive. I can’t cum.’
Jamie: ‘Really? But I always make my boy cum like this.’
Me: ‘Excuse me but I’m not him.’
Jamie: ‘Haha. True that.’

She stuffed her mouth full with my meat after that reply and worked her lips up and down, sensually milking me with every upward stroke. Magically, my senses returned and immediately urged me to give her the warning call.

Me: ‘Shooting! Shooting!’

She let go of my cock and gasped for air while pumping my rod at her face. Finally, ten seconds later, my cum launched into the wilderness onto whatever darkness in front of me. I could only hear her enthusiastic cheer as my hips buckled, losing power to the slow moving cock massage.

After what seemed to be my last squirt, she got up and pulled my shorts up as well. She handed me my bag in the darkness and we quickly made our way to the dimly lit boardwalk, empty except for a few couples far away.

She whipped her phone out and started the camera app, grabbing me to pose next to her. Through the self-portrait mode, I saw my cum on her eyes and nose, a huge quantity of it made her red lips pink.


More evidence was collected and we stopped at a bench in front of us. The clean up process was a bit tedious, removing most of her make up as we wiped her down. The breezy night made up for our intense action by drying our clothes a little, and she reapplied her make up for the homebound journey.

Jamie: ‘Don’t tell my boyfriend k? If not I have photos to show your girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Idiot.’

We made our way to a bus stop but she did not stop any of her buses. We spent a good hour looking through the photos until a car honked in front of us.

Jamie: ‘I asked him to pick us up. Hehe. And send you home too.’

She got into the front passenger seat and they kissed in front of me, probably tasting some of my cum too. I stayed very quiet on the way home, while she was teasing her boyfriend across the gearstick.

Boyfriend: ‘Bro, thanks for helping her out. Owe you one.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention it. Sending me home is good enough.’
Jamie: ‘Remember our plans for the next shoot k? Sentosa!’

She gave me a wink out of the window when he checked the blindspots, zooming off loudly in the peaceful neighbourhood.

Jamie (WhatsApp): ‘We’ll be using the hotel stay he has. So you shoot first, then we shoot, then he shoot – and shoot and shoot.’

I left her conversation unreplied and headed back home, looking at the contents of another SD card where she posed for a few public exhibitionist photos when there was no one around. Well, it’s time to prepare an erotic story (or two) for the next shoot. One for private collection and another for her boyfriend to ogle at.

Twists and Turn

Stepping out of his house to the void deck, Darren’s eyes scanned for the lady whom described her outfit to him, a pink floral sundress with long brown hair. Half a minute after he planted his ass on the concrete stool, a girl in that exact dress appeared looking casual.

Darren: ‘Mavis?’
Mavis: ‘Hey. Hi.’
Darren: ‘You’re really not tired? It’s late.’
Mavis: ‘Nope. I just wanted to take a walk. Is there somewhere quiet around here?’

The two of them met for the first time after a brief introduction on the app, coincidentally living in the same estate within ten minutes from each other. He walked with her to the back of some HDB flats, before arriving at a park connector route where sparingly placed benches became their final stop. Not only few people used that path to jog, the lamps were located far away for some reasons.

Opening her large cloth tote bag, she took out two bottles of Bacardi Breezer dripping wet from condensation.

Mavis: ‘I’ll open it for you.’

Using a bottle opener, she popped the lid off and bubbles started fizzing out of the top, forcing Darren to sip them up while she took a few mouthful from her own bottle. The two of them sat motionless telling stories, exchanging more facts about themselves as the neighbouring flats began to darken.

The next thing he knew, she had slipped her fingers into his hand and leaned her head on his shoulder, conversation going dead slowly. Mavis unfolded her crossed legs and placed her thigh over one of his, spreading her legs a little too wide if not for the privacy of where they were.

Mavis: ‘Are you tired?’
Darren: ‘A little. I’m feeling light headed but still alright.’

He felt his shoulder blade and thigh muscles trembling under the skin, as if drained of energy. However, his arms could still move, misinterpreting as an onset of tiredness after his long day at work. Soon, she was guiding his hand under her dress, and he felt her soft, shaved pussy when he reached her groin.

Darren: ‘You are always this open?’
Mavis: ‘Nope. Only when I’m in control.’

His attempts to move his arm away proved futile and the situation got him worried. What if the paralysis is permanent? What exactly was happening to him? His fingers could move on her clit, even feeling the wetness that was coming from her. When she began to unzip his pants, that was when he realised it was something he drank.

Right, my drink was fizzy when she opened it but hers wasn’t. But she popped the lid in front of my eyes.

Darren: ‘Did you put something in my drink?’
Mavis: ‘So you noticed? I dropped it in when I opened it.’

By then, her hands were wrapped around his dick and stroking it to hardness. There was nothing he could do except to move his fingers, piercing into her pussy as she got faster. Just after he felt her vagina contract from an orgasm, Mavis got up and pulled her dress straight.

She spread his knees apart and half-squatted between his legs, tucking the rear of her dress towards the front. Before his eyes, she lowered herself over his raw dick, engulfing it in a level of heat he never experienced before. Apart from the breath-taking warmth, she was squishy wet when his dick slipped into her.

The rest of it was self-explanatory as she bounced up and down, fucking herself with a helpless guy’s dick. Changing between a hop and back-forth twerking, her moans escaped freely while Darren groaned in excitement.

Mavis (whispering): ‘You’re the biggest I’ve ever had and it felt wonderful!’

She suddenly slammed her body backwards onto him and his dick ached from the squeeze, hot juices flowing down his balls and into his lap where all of it was soaked by his badly-positioned underwear.

The crazy bitch then climbed on top of the bench and squatted face-to-face, calves horizontally flushed with the seat. Grinding front and back, her arms around his neck tightened with moans into his ears, combined with lip nibbles.

Slowly, over the course of two more orgasms, he regained his strength and could move his arms again. There was no way Mavis would know his body reacted differently to the same drug she used on an undisclosed number of guys.

Darren just wrapped his arms around her back and stood up, collapsing on his knees onto the grass patch surrounding them.

Mavis (shouting): ‘Oh fuck!’

She struggled to back away from him but he quickly secured her wrists under one hand, and covered her mouth with the other. Now thrusting in full control of himself and her, something in him was telling him not to let her get away with it.

He pulled out of her and tucked his knees together, helping her up by holding onto her wrists. In a swift motion, he swung both her arms behind her back and locked her movements, sending pain through little twists of her elbows.

Darren: ‘You like dominating guys huh bitch?’

One hand was all he needed to hold onto both her wrists, before he flipped her over onto her fours. The zip on the back of her dress came off and he ripped her clothes apart, tearing the shoulder straps away like paper. Half-naked, her strapless bra-clad chest was pushed onto the wet grass, still unable to move from the pain in her shoulder joints.

A nano-second into her screams, he yanked on her long hair to silence her.

Darren: ‘You scream and you will lose your hair.. and dress. Try me.’

He flipped her dress higher waist and lifted her hips (with one arm across her waist), perching her ass into a submissive doggie position. In a second, he rammed his cock into her and choked her body straight with one move. One hand across her throat and the other locking her wrists, there was no escape for her.

His hips pounded the confused girl’s pussy continuously in rage, making her moan while fighting needlessly. She simply could not overcome the pain that allowed him to rape her. Talk about a plot twist. Darren had all the anger needed to tear her pussy apart, dick growing significantly thicker inside her.

The unwanted orgasms weakened her struggle slowly, until she no longer made any sounds. He shoved her onto the ground and turned her over again, holding both her ankles wide apart like a gynae-examination. Stuffing his cock all the way, the exhausted girl laid unresponsive, eyes barely opened as her body jerked on the soil.

Darren (groaning): ‘I’m gonna cum bitch. Guess where am I unloading?’

He raised one of her knees to her chest and hammered down his ‘nail’, driving it so deep she sobered up immediately.

Mavis (weakly): ‘No please.. not inside.. ‘
Darren: ‘Arghh!’

His body paused for a second before he rammed it again, following the rhythm of his ejaculation that built up into another orgasm for her. Tears began rolling down her eyes as he grinned wider, making the last few thrusts to bury his semen deep.

Once his deed was done, he whipped his phone out and adjusted her dress. Flashes blinded the girl as the shutter sound fired away, in various positions he shoved her lifeless body into.

Darren: ‘I’m done here bitch.’

He unhooked her bra and threw it into the bushes, leaving her to fend for herself top-naked. He easily ripped whatever remains of her dress away and pulled his shirt off, stripping the singlet he wore under for her to put on. Once he was dressed appropriately, he began to record the last part of his adventure, aimed at her stumbling away in a translucent piece of top that barely covered her perky ass.

Darren (shouting): ‘Text me or these will go online!’

Mavis darted off once she heard him and disappeared around a corner, possibly faster than The Flash. Now, what would Darren do with those photos and video?

What would you guys do? You might be directing the next part of this story with your comments.

Pharking Groupie

I kept a few feet from Kathy walking in front of me, on one of the long stretches of roads along Pierce Reservoir. Around her neck was a dog collar, with a nylon rope attached and dragging along the asphalt road so no one would see the ‘connection’. As instructed, she wore a wrap dress and brought nothing else, not even her cellphone.

We walked into the carpark before the gates leading to the reservoir, and saw a few cars parked, some with lights on. Heading straight for a white van, I knocked on the door and Tim, one of SBF users, opened and looked out at Kathy.

Tim: ‘Her?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Tim shut the door and spoke into the walkie talkie, inaudible from the outside. A moment later, the driver’s seat window wound down and he stuck a thumbs up sign.

Me: ‘Let’s go.’

A tug at the collar nudged her towards the gates and we continued walking. Behind us, Tim and another guy (from another vehicle), took out some orange cones and a sign ‘Closed – No Entry’, hanging it on the swing gates.

They followed us in and Kathy was dropped off at the only pavilion on the fishing grounds. Lit by the street lamps, we could make out a few shadows by the waters, but we had no idea if they were there for night-fishing, or the little activity a few of us had planned.

Once Kathy was seated with Tim and his friend, a cat call was heard and a red light stick waved in the air. Kathy and I was surprised at the number of participants, and even more so when one of them took out metal chains from a rugsack.

There was no gentleness when it comes to pleasure. Kathy was stripped of her dress, leaving her naked. Chains locked her neck, wrists and ankles together, forcing her to lie on her back like an overturned tortise. As part of the act, two of the men grappled me onto a bench and loosely threw a few chains over my wrists, which I pretended to be painful and restrictive.

Me (whispering): ‘Kathy! I only asked for two guys.. I didn’t know.. ‘
Guy: ‘Shut up! Or she will be cut across her face.’

A butterfly knife flashed before her eyes and it was all whispering among the guys. Laying the ground with her dress, they bent her over into doggie and one of them immediately went for her pussy, thrusting so hard Kathy could only scream to alleviate the pain. They surrounded her quickly and her hands and mouth were put to use, causing her body to be stumbling around for balance.

As soon as her vision was blocked, Cindii, a nick I only knew her by, came over to my side. She was Timmy’s daughter, whom he said was caught browsing that adult forum and even having an account on it. Between Tim and I, we had met up a few times to discuss the plan following up to that night.

Never, never, did I expect to see his daughter, a brown skinned Malay Chinese mix to join the fun. My shorts were lowered as she unzipped the bralet she wore, shoving my hands onto her breasts while she went down on me.

Behind the pleasurable blowjob, was Kathy who was gagging and choking. Every time her mouth was free between swapping dicks, moans unlike her reluctance would come out.

Me: ‘Tim!’

He turned to me and saw my side nod, making a clear line of sight from Kathy to me. Trying to hold my grin in, I groaned in an agonising tone.

Me: ‘Kathy! Just give them what they want and it will be over soon.’

A loud slap on her butt cheeks interrupted our conversation, and another guy blocked her vision from me. The mouth sucking me was doing a heavenly job. I could feel her saliva and tongue working in perfection, drawing long strokes up and deep stokes down.

Even Kathy who was ‘gang-raped’, had became docile in listening to their commands, often lined with vulgarities. ‘Go deeper!’ and a pair of hand shoved her mouth down a dick she gagged on. The powerful pumping motion behind her rammed so hard her legs gave way to a split.

Luckily for her dress, her elbows and knees remained unharmed throughout the violent action. The men went in a round robin to get a taste of her pussy, at the same time giving her a fair share of the five cocks. Then, a guy wriggled underneath her boobs and took her pussy. While another man kneeled at her rear, easing himself into her ass she least expected them to go for.

Me: ‘Cindii, lift your skirt up and ride me.’

Her denim miniskirt went to her waist and she squatted over my dick, sinking her body down over my shaft. Once in, I picked her up and went behind the benches, bouncing her up and down in a hug. The 19 year old moaned like never before and the men turned more horny.

The two dicks destroying Kathy’s anus and cunt had knocked her into near-unconsciousness, eyes barely open to see where her only saviour was. Her mouth never had a moment without a dick, just like her pussy.

Just as I let Cindii onto the ground for some doggie lovin’, one of the guys came over to my side and rinsed his cock over the foilage.

Me: ‘Ready to cum?’
Guy: ‘Yeah. We will all shoot into her pussy.’

My cock slid right into Cindii and a yelp fired off the rapid jerks. Her tiny waist was every teenager’s wet dream to hold onto, and Kathy’s figure was ideal for men like her dad’s age. She was turned over on her back once the five men agreed and her legs were pushed all the way to her chest.

One by one, the men pounded her pussy to possibly a burn, while unloading their cum into her to put out the ‘fire’. I was too, about to cum in that devilish body, overwhelming my balance with that tightness. Leaning onto Cindii’s back, I whispered to her that I was cumming.

Cindii (whispering): ‘Inside me please. I.. on the pill.’

I maintained my rhythm as the guys took their turns, until the last person in the queue. I chose his tempo to follow and went faster towards the end, emptying my load into the moaning girl who was rubbing her own clit to cum together.

Having to hold her body for support, I pulled out of her tiny hole and let my cum splatter onto the floor. Panting for air, we returned to the bench and massaged each other’s genitals. Kathy was soon left alone on her dress, lifeless and breathless.

The exhausted lady stuck her arm out at me, and Timmy went to dress her up. Satisfied and happy, Cindii left her number in my phone and I returned to Kathy. The moment she got up on her feet, cum began leaking down her legs and she soaked them up with her dress.

Kathy (tiredly): ‘How are we going home?’
Timmy: ‘J! I have something for her.’

He ran over to us and requested Kathy to open her legs, before pushing a capsule into her pussy.

Me: ‘What’s that?’
Timmy: ‘You’ll know on the way home. Cindii!’

The studious looking girl slapped my butt when passed me and the few cars left together. Without transport, Kathy and I took the same path out, but something else was happening.

About twenty minutes out, her legs began to tremble and watery, whitish liquid flowed down her legs in great volume. Being a few feet behind, I could totally make out what was happening. Her legs opened a little and a hand was between them, rubbing furiously while trying to walk.

Me: ‘Shit. Call your husband on my phone.’

She dialled a number and spoke with a shiver. Her husband would be coming to pick us up and we would just have to wait. As we sat on a curb, she continued masturbating herself, climaxing continuously without saying a word.

The long awaited car finally came and we hopped in. I was dropped off at my place and she remained in the car for the rest of the journey home. Not long later, a Skype call from her account came in and her husband was pounding her from behind.

Kathy (panting): ‘I.. am so horny.. help me.. ‘

Her moans took over and the clit rub-cum-intense sex continued till 2am. By that time, I needed to catch some sleep and turned off the computer. The next day, her husband called on my phone and told me what happened.

Husband (on phone): ‘Kathy was so horny last night she made me cum three times straight. Whatever you guys gave her, I want more of it. She’s at work now, and willing to put a wireless vibrator on. Can you contact the guy who gave her the pill?’

Timmy was more than happy to provide him with more of that, as well as me. Cindii had been at my place for a week now, (imagine how much sex we had) and having orgasms no matter if she touched herself. Well, that is just a preview of a stronger dose of that magic pill.

As for Kathy, I can only say that the only relieve from that pill, is having as many dicks as possible so she can cum until it wears off. That would mean more gangbangs!

Raped with Pleasure

‘No no! Please don’t!’, cried Laura as she was dragged backwards in the arms of a stranger, having a punch delivered across her cheek bones. She was flung into the tall bushes nearby, pricking across her arms and legs painfully, but face protected by her hands. As soon as she got on her knees to crawl away, strong hands held her ankles and flattened her on the uneven ground.

Holding her face against the rocks-covered soil, his knee jabbed into her back with his full weight down on her. ‘Struggle and your pretty face will be losing bits of skin to the glass shards here. Understand?’, the fierce whisper was only audible to her as breeze hustled the leaves, silencing the fateful rape in the foilage.

Laura knew exactly what left her in this mess. It was the pink, one-piece tank top dress that made her wore G-strings and a tube folded in half, to hide her nipples under the extra layer of cloth. The walk through the playground in the park was the que for the man to pounce, and there she was under his brute force.

He remained on one knee on her lower back as her dress got stripped downwards, all the way into the leaves behind her feet. The tube bra was left hanging around her waist and G-strings? Easily ripped apart to quicken the process of getting her ready.

As he moved between her thighs to feel her soft skin, he slid right up to her pussy and jolted her ass up. Fingers then started tugging skin into her vagina as he forced his way in, thrusting a few times before juices eased the warming friction. Finally, she was feeling better despite meeting this horrific encounter.

Without much space and privacy to carry his mission, the zipping noises injected fear right into her heart, making her fully aware that there was no protection between them. After his jeans were opened, he laid himself on top of her and wriggled his butt to get his dick in. He had his hands on her breasts, fondling them while blindly poking at the two holes.

In the mix of sobs and cries, a part of her was trying to get him into the right hole and getting the whole hellish torture over. And that random jabbing did not help. Left with no choice, she swallowed hard and turned her head to whisper what she had say, ‘it’s lower’.

A disgusting phrase of ‘thank you’ later, she sent a scream into his quick-shifting hand, which told him he was in. The man began humping immediately and groaned in a satisfying tone, complimenting her with words like ‘you’re so tight’ and ‘you like being raped right?’

Well, he wasn’t just patronising her with those comments. The unwillingness of her body was making the sick crime more enjoyable. A biological response she could not overcome. With that intense level of pleasure, the brute rammed even faster to meet his personal objective.

As for Laura, the stiffness of her pussy was forcing all her sensitive spots to stand out like splinters ready to be sanded. Each time he pulled and pushed, short, powerful shocks would send more lubricant leaking through the pleasure tunnel. Three minutes was all she took for her first orgasm to spasm her thigh muscles, jerking violently under the man who got more excited.

‘You actually came before me huh? Glad you enjoyed it’, those were the last words she heard from him. Once her body calmed down, he spread her legs and positioned himself between. His hands held her waist and brought her ass up, adjusting into the much-loved doggie stance. Laura quickly brought her face off the ground and reached behind to push him away, only to end up with both her arms locked like a horse in harness.

What followed next was a rampage through her pussy, dick tearing her apart to a point her mind snapped, giving into the rape with moans. As she was nowhere loud, he let her be and continued fucking, pounding in a rhythm that soon brought him near orgasm.

Since damage was already done, he took his time pulling out of her and egged her on with ‘I’m gonna cum soon. Where should I shoot little slut?’. That sentence woke her up and her body slouched lower to free her pussy from his dick. Ironically, he laid on top of her as she went down, keeping his dick tightly fitted inside.

‘Not inside me please.. I’ll let you shoot in my mouth’. That was the only deal-breaker she could think of and his sudden gentleness kind of put her mind at ease. He got up on his feet and placed both her hands on his legs, head in front of his dick.

The moment she laid eyes on the rape tool, the amount of liquid embarrassed her a little, as if her body had betrayed the inhumane act on females. Without wasting anymore time, she brought her mouth to his dick and moved back and forth, milking his rod to the best of her skills. After all, she needed to get this over and done with.

Manly groans came shortly after and confidence delivered his dick down her throat, slurping wetly on the coarse drill bit that just completed its job. Her sixth sense was telling her that she had him under control, and making a run for it would be possible. Except that.. she was nude.

Part hand, part mouth, the final lap began and the man had a hand holding her head to guide her speed. ‘Fuck yeah!’, she barely made out what he muttered and a pile of cum just unloaded into her jaws, spraying it over her tongue and into places she could not lick off.

Once he got his fun, he yanked her tube off her waist and flung her dress at her. In a flash, his jeans went back on and he dashed out of sight. Now, feeling lost and confused, Laura wore her dress and picked her purse up.

Safely in her home, there was no tears nor shame she felt. Her body had made a pact with her mind on the walk home. As much as she wanted to feel victimised, the tingle in her clit constantly reminded her how much she enjoyed the process.

To be fucked unwillingly, and achieving a tightness she had never given to any man she had consensual sex with. What she just went through might just be that one experience of her lifetime impossible to recreate.

Strangely after that day, that particular pink, tank top dress was her favourite to go out in, never failing to get wet while feeling the thin cotton material rubbing all over her body as she moved.

Perfect Finish 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Asleep?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Not yet.’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Buy some beers and come over?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘To your place?’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘No! At that place we did it last time?’

Skipping the rest of the conversation, I got a few bottles of fruity alcoholic drinks and headed straight for a bench near the fence. After informing her of my arrival, she appeared in a dress, those wrap around kind with a deep V-cut into her cleavage.

For the next hour, we were emptying bottles to stories of our lives, breaking the ice we missed when we met the last time (or first time). Her family was of importance back in Korea, and she was here to be the wildcard in case anything happened to them.

So apart from working at one of the offices of her parent’s company, she basically had no friends outside work. Partly due to her stature that needed discretion too. She got drunk faster than me since she was popping all the lids, somehow drowning the loneliness in beers.

Hae (whispering): ‘Want to go to that corner again?’

A grin on my face told her my answer and she untied the strap around her waist, leaving a long trail of skin visible to any peeping toms. We quickly made our way into the bushes to protect her decency.

While I was looking around for our safety, she had begun to tug my shorts down, which I wore to make things ‘easier’. The lack of lingerie soon got my hands roaming across her breasts, kneading the firm bumps hard and soft.

Moans came along with the wetness I felt on my fingers during the clit-rub, and she reciprocated with a sloppy handjob. If you guys knew how sloppy handjob felt, you would understand the amount of tease without any ‘right’ strokes to make one cum.

To take things one step ahead of her, I raised one of her feet onto the concrete parapet below the fence and got on my knees. My face dived in for her pussy and her hands secured over my hair. The feminine scent was a treat to lick at and the random flicks caused her legs to wobble dangerously. Yes, dangerous but the curled toes were a sign of pleasure. As my mouth got covered in her juices, she had her hands under the dress and pinching on those perky pink nipples, visible from one of the overhead lamps from her own yard.

Hae (whispering): ‘My turn!’

A pleading tone got me back on my feet and she sat at the edge of the wall, head bent over my dick. The angle her back lined with her legs were of a gymnast’s standards. I did not wait for her to start sucking and thrust
right in her face. She got the cue immediately and stayed motionless, while my dick plummeted her glossy pink lips without rest.

She had maintained a comfortable suction and her tongue was kept behind her throat, tapping the tip of my dick whenever I went deep. We had no intention of cumming just with our mouths, so I didn’t keep at it for too long either.

Me (whispering): ‘Condom?’
Hae (whispering): ‘I got an IUD at a clinic. It’s inside.’

My lips-biting expression couldn’t get more foxy. She hung her fingers into the fence and stuck her butt out at me, as if begging for me to fuck her. Plunging deep into her pussy first, the fence shook to her suddenly grip.

Our hips fired off the slam-athon with a slow start, picking up speed as her back curved into a more seductive angle. My hands gently squeezed on those slim waist and jerked her backwards, driving my shaft even deeper. The rattling of the fence soon got too loud and I pulled out of her to let her recompose herself.

Hae (whispering): ‘Try the other hole now. I have put some lubricant inside.’
Me (whispering): ‘Really? Let me know if it hurts k?’

My dick head got into a flat squash before popping into her, shocking her into a soft yelp. Clear, thick lubricant started showing up and I impatiently thrust at her to get my full length in.

Within a few strokes, her anus was all over me. An unknown force was shitting me out while my body shoved it back in. Hae had her fingers on her clit as we butt-fucked, making awkward popping sounds as her ass tightened.

Each of her orgasm drove me closer to mine, and I could feel her slender fingers on my dick through her vagina walls. Like rabbits, we humped at full speed with my hand over her mouth.

Me (whispering): ‘Hae! I have to stop.’
Hae: ‘Ok!’

I took a whole ten seconds to pull out of that unbelievably tight hole and she was still rubbing herself. Hae made a dash for a half-drunk bottle and returned to our hiding spot. With a piece of wet tissue from my sling bag, we rinsed my dick with the Strawberry Barcardi and cleaned it thoroughly.

Squatting over the piles of dry leaves, Hae carefully smelled my rod before devouring it, swallowing all the alcohol as she sucked. I had to sit myself on the parapet of the fences as her tongue drove my mind blank. Continuing non-stop, she just kept going while her fingers made slushing noises at her pussy.

Me (whispering): ‘Okay okay.’

She stood up all of a sudden and climbed onto me with her hands around my neck. Half-sitting, I aimed my dick at her pussy and she slammed her hips on mine. Making a squinting face, she closed her vagina tight as I came, blowing up into her baby-proof cunt with a few days’ worth of cum.

We could totally feel my load leaking out onto the leaves with loud splatter and she stay focused to milk everything out.

Hae: ‘Done?’
Me: ‘Yeah.. ‘

I let her down slowly and she stroked my dick clean while pouring more Bacardi over it. As for herself, she scooped the excess cum into her pussy and tied her dress together. Exhausted, we went home in our separate ways and the happy girl skipped all the way to her main gates.

Hae (WhatsApp): ‘I love the warm feeling inside me. Don’t find other girls k?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘I can barely handle you already. No other girls for me.’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘Can I keep you dry so you won’t find someone else?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Tomorrow?’
Hae (WhatsApp): ‘;)’

Part 1 | Part 2

Creampie Me Not

Walking along the dark path in a public park, the couple had their fingers interlocked as their heads kept darting left and right at the bushes and pavilions, as though looking for a place to sit.

YiQuan: ‘Eh, here?’

They stopped at the side and faced a stone bench under the canopy of dense foilage. The few trees surrounding the spot was lower and provided some cover with its low hanging branches.

Cindy: ‘Sure? Looks okay though.’

They carefully stepped into the dried leaves headed straight for the bench and went around it to get a view of how visible they were. With the overhead tree branches, they themselves could not make out where the pavement was. So, they found their sweet spot.

YiQuan ran his hands up her legs while standing behind her and flipped her black dress up, revealing the two half-moons in the cloudy night. She knew what he was up to when he suggested a walk in the park, and simply let him guide her to what he was after.

A zip sound came behind her and she felt his warm dick pressing against her ass. There was no time for foreplay since the location wasn’t exactly speckless too. He pushed his hand between her legs to glide his fingers along her pussy a few times, going for as long as he needed to get her in the mood.

YiQuan (whispering): ‘Ready?’
Cindy (whispering): ‘Yupp. Hurry.’

She spread her legs for him and closed her eyes momentarily as his dick plugged into her wet hole. In that position, she wasn’t as accommodating for an easy entry, but her horny boy was more than willing to get it in despite the hassle.

He heard her gasped and felt her pussy tightened around his dick, proceeding to thrust into that blissful feeling slit. YiQuan made sure to go as gently as he could so there won’t be any slapping sounds, but did not take things too slowly either.

Cindy was bending further down over the backrest of the bench and he held her waist firmly while ramming happily into her. With the calming wind blowing, a storm was heading their way but not before they got what they wanted. Nothing could stop them then and that area was all theirs to play in.

Cindy (whispering): ‘Let me turn over. You can go deeper also.’

YiQuan let his dick flick out of her hole and waited for her to sit dangerously on the backrest, holding her hands for support. She held his dick at her pussy and wrapped her legs around him to pull him right back home. That snuggly fitting connection drove him crazy and made him smile cheekily at her.

YiQuan (whispering): ‘Don’t let go of your hands ah.’

She held his neck tighter as he picked up his pace, slurping sounds playing from their high speed love making. Cindy was sky high from the orgasm that was taking its time to build up in the relaxing night, holding herself back from moaning to the neighbouring estates. Her breaths were so hot and quick compared to YiQuan who was holding her at an arm’s length while ramming his hips.

Cindy (whispering): ‘I’m going to climax. Go faster.’

Her thighs stiffened around him as he continued moving within the constrained space, shoving his cock so deep into her that she flung her head backwards as the deadly moment came. Her body started shaking before anything happened and a strong jet of juices hit against his groin.

He wasn’t bothered by his shorts getting wet but the sight of his girl squirting was driving him more excited. He had never seen her like this and the overwhelming tightness of her pussy made it an instinct to just thrust hard into it.

Without giving her any breaks, YiQuan blew the mind out of her convulsing body by going so fast and deep she could not stop squirting all over his shirt. A long groan came from Cindy and body jerked crazily while her arms and legs were still around him.

YiQuan (whispering): ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

Her legs offered no space for him to back out of and the top inch of his dick was in her no matter how hard he tried to pull out. The first wave came and her leg muscles contracted to push him right in, pumping the rest of his seeds deep into her pussy.

It was the first time she had received a creampie in her life and the semen that was inside her caused an undesired reaction. It wasn’t anything life-threatening, but it did affect her physically. Something in the sperms had made her vagina orgasm again after he pulled out and Cindy could only kept her legs closed as her body shivered non-stop.

YiQuan couldn’t be more frightened then about what was happening that had no explanation for.

Cindy: ‘I can’t stop cumming. Don’t let me go.’

He remained by her side hugging her while she was at a loss. Everything was looking normal as they shifted themselves to the bench, still in each other’s arms.

YiQuan: ‘Could it be that my sperms is making you like this?’
Cindy: ‘Try scooping some out.’

Her shaking body did not relax when he stuck his fingers into her, forcing her legs to shut themselves. YiQuan used one of his knees to keep one side of her legs open and pushed the other with his free hand. When he curled his fingers inside her, another wave of intense orgasm hit her and her arms wrapped around his head to control her limbs.

As more of his cum was retrieved, her body began calming down and the shivers went away after a full ten minutes.

YiQuan: ‘Okay now?’
Cindy (panting): ‘Yeah. I think it’s your sperm.’
YiQuan: ‘Let’s go home ba. You need to wash up and rest.’

On their way home, he had one of her arms over his neck and looked like he was helping an injured girl home, only that she was exhausted between her legs.

In her room after she had washed herself clean, she joined her boyfriend resting on her bed and tucked herself into his chest.

Cindy: ‘It’s really crazy when I climax non-stop. I want to try it again. And you cannot pull out after you shoot inside me. Tell me how it feels inside.’
YiQuan: ‘Are you crazy? You look so much in pain when your body kept shaking.’

She climbed on top of him and tugged his shorts to his thighs, stroking his dick behind her back while she watched his pitiful look trying not to get hard. Well, how could any guy not get an erection when their girlfriends give them a handjob?

Most of the night was spent inside her pussy while she laid on his chest, trembling away the orgasms that her body was giving. The peacefulness of her climaxes wasn’t like in the park and he was just glad she recovered quicker than before partially due to the lesser load in the second round.

The Innocent S

LindaMichelle: ‘Thanks for your help. So sorry to trouble you so late in the night. I don’t know why my iBanking isn’t working.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. How’s everything now? Is the money helping?’
LindaMichelle: ‘Yeah. Slowly fixing.’

We walked along the busy road along Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 towards the park behind the station and I had to admit I couldn’t let my eyes off the short red skirt she wore. Her top was body hugging, translucent white that did not even bother to hide the black bra she wore under, and that skirt, it was elegant and flirty at the same time, having a couple of layers right at the hems to make it appealing.

LindaMichelle: ‘I haven’t met anyone except you when my iBanking failed. It just feels safer to meet another writer I guess.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention. Glad you don’t find me intimidating from what I write.’
LindaMichelle: ‘How can it be? Your stories do turn me on.’

We went up the long flight of stairs with me behind, catching glimpse under her skirt that was too dark for me to see even the colour of her panties. Stopping under a pavilion, it was a quiet evening as most people had to work the next day. There was practically no one else walking through the park, partly because it was close to 2am.

She sat demurely with her legs closed and I took the ‘ah beng’ (term to describe small time hooligan) sitting pose, with one feet on the seat. As she was in no hurry to get home, we sat there for some time talking about our lives and the urge to just touch those soft skin on her legs grew more intense. For someone who writes that well, I respected her more than others, and the silly me asked if I could feel her skin.

She replied yes with a smile and I placed my hand on her leg, caressing it in an up down motion. After a few strokes, I shifted my hand to her skirt and raised it as I advanced, to see her opened her legs for access. Upon my fingers touching her groin, a string of pearls was all that she wore. It was the same g-string that she had given away on her site, and tugging on it simply caused her to let loose a single moan.

Remembering how most of her stories went, I switched places with her so she could lie on my lap, and I could still reach her pussy. I pulled my waistband down and she bent it low enough to take it into her mouth, while my fingers rubbed her quicker. It was really exciting to be masturbating her under the moonlight, where anyone could just look out of their balcony and see us. After my dick was at its maximum length (more or less), I stopped her distracting blowjob and asked her to go to the back of pavilion, where less light would reach.

I placed her knees on the seat and she went into doggie immediately, raising her skirt herself so I could focus on the more important task. In just one try, my dick slipped right into her and she opened her mouth to breath instead of moaning. Pumping quickly, I knew time is of the essence and her wetness told me how much she wanted it too.

LindaMichelle: ‘Oh.. if you didn’t know, you can cum in me. Just like my stories.’
Me: ‘Are you sure?’
LindaMichelle: ‘Wouldn’t I know better?’

Her short hair flicked gracefully in the wind as I took her rear hard, pounding hard but landing gently. It was so erotic to be fucking so close to home. As for LindaMichelle, she was working her pelvic muscles to amplify the sensations stirring in her pussy, feeling that orgasm building like a timer on an atomic bomb.

Me: ‘Are you cumming? I can feel you getting.. ahh..

An overpowering squeeze went around my dick and I groaned dangerously loud, whispering ‘I’m cumming.. I’m cumming’ as her last act totally threw me off guard. Within seconds and one single thrust, my cum pumped into her like an over-pressurised water gun and sprayed into her pussy. While I was keeping still to lower the sensitivity, she was moving backwards on me to keep me shooting. I must say, it was one of the craziest sex I had that got so much cum out of me.

After we sat back down on the wooden seat, she took a fresh set of panties and slipped it on over her pearly strings.

LindaMichelle: ‘Just to make sure that your creativity doesn’t go to waste.’

We picked up our bags and I flagged a cab with her, watching her legs widen for the taxi uncle to peek as she got on. Throughout the ride, I bet the driver must have noticed the flash from her camera as she took a few pictures for me through email, in various poses and even attaching a short video of her masturbating, accompanied by moans that sounded a little too loud to be discreet.

LindaMichelle (email): Thanks for your help today. It’s really exciting for me. I think I’ll have to masturbate when I get home.

What can I say? A hard on was waking in my shorts again, and we kept our conversations strictly to emails until we fell asleep to each others’ photos of our private parts oozing cream.