Jenny had finally bought herself a set of gym outfit to motivate herself to exercise and she felt great when she put it on at home. A set of red black sports bra, that held her firm C cups in place. And pulling the skin tight shorts up her legs felt even better without the […]


Sherlyn was terrified to hear footsteps coming through the doors of the lecture hall. The cup of coffee she drank had something in it that made her weak, immobilising her on the fold-out table of her seat. A bright light from what seemed like a cellphone blinded her momentarily and slowly, more LEDs were lit. […]

Amnesia 2

Part 1 | Part 2 Ever since she was rape at the club, Jollene had developed a habit to wash herself extra thoroughly whenever she showered and being alone in the bathroom, she had all the time and privacy to clean herself up. Once she was done rinsing her hair, she would sit at the tub […]