Needy Model

Lying on the bed after the photoshoot, the organiser, who was also my friend, let the room for a smoke break. In my hand I had my phone, browsing through the photos broadcasting through a portable router to check for any badly taken shots.

Rebecca’s movements in and out of the toilet did not bother me as she needed to change out of the translucent boyfriend shirt of the ‘Morning Glory’ themed shoot, a series of photos that portrayed a girl’s routine after she wakes up.

Halfway through the photos, she plopped down on the bed beside me, in a nightie that told me she intended to spend the night here.

Me: ‘You’re sleeping here tonight?’

I sat up out of respect but she pulled me back down, hand roaming down my shirt into my jeans.

Me: ‘Hey, what are you doing? I’m not that kind of photographer. I’ve got all the shots needed.’

She swiftly climbed on top of my thighs and unclipped my belt, freeing the button that held my fat belly in. Before the worst happened, I rolled onto my chest and put my phone away, only to feel my jeans getting pulled towards my knees. When I returned to face her, the unhelpful nightie was already gone, and my underwear was yanked under my cock.

Me: ‘Hey hey! Stop!’

For a moment, she kneeled upright, straightening her back (and ass) and looked at me confused. When she waded forward to my hips, and bent forward to hold my dick, I was sure she wanted to prevent any unwanted contact down there. Then all of a sudden, she slammed her ass down on my straightened dick and sent me into a gasp of pleasure. One that you guys feel when your cock is sent to another world.

Rebecca then kept my dick embedded deep inside as she changed to a squat, torturing me with those minute movements against her vaginal walls.

Rebecca: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘No?!’

She swept her hair back and started hopping on me, clenching and opening my fists to her unbelievably skilled angle of penetration. It wasn’t just up and down. My dick head was scratching against the underside of her pussy while she grinded, rocking slightly back and forth as my dick went in and out.

Me: ‘Fuck! Stop Rebecca stop! You’re going to make me cum like this!’
Rebecca (moaning): ‘Like this?’

She sank her knees into the bed and rested her boobs on me, hips slamming viciously on my desperately, confused cock. The sly grin on her face was unmistakable. Perhaps I was the first to be unwilling to have sex with her, but this girl knew how to make a man beg for mercy.

Me: ‘Shit shit.. get off. Now!’

She hopped off my hips and stepped out of the bed. Dragging me by my feet over the edge, she pulled my arms to sit me up. Rebecca then dropped to her knees and shoved my cock into her mouth, ramming her face into my opened legs. The lack of gag reflex scared me to how many guys has she done this to, but the depth and overwhelming warmth was getting the better of me.

Me: ‘Arghh!’

She pushed me on my back and kneeled higher, containing all of my cum in her mouth as my legs trembled. Sucking me unlike anything I have ever felt, my mind went dark with the last squirt, to the last image of her licking her lips.

Rebecca: ‘Mister.. was it good?’
Me: ‘No.. I didn’t want it.’
Rebecca: ‘But you still came ah.’

I heard shuffling of shoes on the wooden flooring and she returned to my side with a piece of paper.

Rebecca: ‘See this? I’m clean.’
Me: ‘And you have to do this?’
Rebecca: ‘I’m just excited la. You’re the first guy that did a photoshoot I am proud to show others.’

She led the weary me into the showers and cleaned me up, dressing me like a little boy before leaving me to my devices. Once all the photos were backed up and confirmed, the excited girl invited me to stay for the night.

How could I refuse?

No Return

‘Open your legs wider.’

‘Good good. Now put your hand on your panties and rub.’

Jiale started to feel her panties getting wet, despite against her body’s wish. Her boyfriend, Dave, had assured her about the decency of this guy’s requests and turned up at the hotel room, only to be instructed to go behind a blindfold.

There was something about the fully covered up man that disabled her ability to question his intention. Her mind was turned on by that mystical power over her and it felt erotic to be controlled without any physical means.

The lingerie she wore for the night was given to her by Dave, a set of lacy red bra and panties to bring out her fair complexion. The accompanying outfit of a simple white tank left her bra cups visible and those shorts could not hide the panties that rode up her hips.

On the bed, her shorts was long gone and the masturbation had soaked her panties.

‘Take off your bra but leave your top on. I want to see your nipples.’

Unlike how her boyfriend worked, she was glad her nipples attracted him and removed her bra under the top, letting the shirt cling tightly onto her voluptuous assets. She sensed him getting out of the chair after a while, and the pressure on the bed affirmed her sixth sense.

‘Lie down’, he whispered seductively into her ears and felt his lips on her ear lobe, nibbling with his tongue salivating at the same time. Once he slipped his tongue into her ear, the wet slopping sounds caused her back to arch upwards and her busy hand rubbed faster on her clit.

Just before she put her hand into her panties, the grip on her wrist stopped her, only to have his hand slide down her tummy and into her underwear. ‘I’ll take it from here’, came a whisper that tingled down her spine while her pussy twitched excitedly to the stranger’s touch.

The moment his coarse fingertip reached her clit, another strong wave shook her body so ever slightly to receive the pleasure. Sure enough, having an unfamiliar hand rubbing her off was a sensational experience. One that brought an orgasm so quickly in under a minute. It wasn’t any different in intensity, but sure it did came quickly.

‘You like it?’ ‘Yes!’, she replied without much hesitation. Whatever her boyfriend had set her up for, it was awesome. As he continued petting her, he went lower into her panties, arriving at her pussy that he entered very slowly with his fingers.

Right then, her mind was screaming out for him to just hurry up. The amount of wetness should have told him how much she wanted it. Well, his finger was all she could ask for at that moment. The instant her pussy was spread apart to the size of his fingers, a squeeze of her bladder had surrounded his digits tightly.

Not only he did not move after he fit his whole finger in, he leaned his body closer to her.

‘I’ll keep my finger inside while you remove my pants.’ He brought her hand to his pants immediately and she unbuttoned them easily, diving straight into his underwear so he could start fingering her. Since she started jerking him off, he had been pumping his hand at her pussy, curled upwards to tickle the generic G-spot location till her body was thrown left to right and vice versa.

Before she realised, her body had popped the embarrassing question for a budding model. ‘Do you want to fuck me?’ Instead of saying yes, the man straightened himself and left the bed, making her wave her hand blindly in the air to see where he went.

A minute later, the first thing she felt was his cock, wrapped in a condom. Somehow, Christmas had came early for her. He caught her ankles and flipped her to the side, one leg angled at ninty degrees while the other remained straight. He climbed over her thighs and injected the squishy, manmade needle into her cunt, and proceeded to pound her fiercely.

Unlike the gentleman she felt before, this muscular hips hammered her into desperation. Her limbs went weak in no time and her pussy was bombarded with orgasms she lost count of. The manly grunts, the sexy moans, the room was echoing the sounds of lust around without shame.

The five minutes felt like a long time for her sore pussy, smeared with her own bodily fluids around her ass. She was panting deeply for air after the crazy, intense fuckathon.

Within a minute, she was held up and he provided the direction by standing over her legs. He placed her hands on his cock and tugged at her hair, bringing her mouth to his manhood for the next part. Still hyped from the sensitive clit, she performed the most comprehensive blowjob on him.

Licking the sides of his shaft for a start, her tongue went to his dickhead to fondle them with cute, small flicks. Her lips wrapped around his cock and sank him down her throat, working her way up and down the cock that tasted as good as the sex he just deposited in her pussy.

‘Get into doggy’, the familiar voice broke the silence and she quickly flipped on her fours. He went back behind her and gave her clit a few rubs to assure her the presence of a condom, before piercing it right in.

Head now lifted up by holding her hair, the pounding shook the bed wildly in sync with the rhythm her body jerked. Both her hands were suddenly picked up and positioned on two penises, and head hurriedly yanked down on another in front of her.

With four dicks leveraging on the three types of ‘jobs’, she had tried to figure out what was happening. Of course, it wasn’t easy with the enormous rod raping her pussy, fucking her minds out onto the dude in her mouth.

The hand on her head suddenly let go and the dick inside her slowed down. Only the two ‘guys’ in her hand was moving, until about three minutes later.

‘I’m ready’, those words came one by one and she was placed on her back once again. The blindfold was ripped away from her head and four guys surrounded her with their dicks being worked on.

In under a minute, four pairs of testicles worth of cum coated her face, lips, neck, breasts, and stomach, along with groans of satisfaction. But amidst the group, was another guy standing at a corner. He was armed with a camera, that wasn’t a DSLR to keep the shutter sound silent.

The guys left her to get dressed and took turns to view the photos of the day. Jiale was still confused by how they got into the room and what was going to happen to her with those photos taken.

Without saying a word to her, the men left the room with the card key. Moments later, the door opened and Dave entered, with the same camera in his hand.

‘Hey Babe. Like it?’ The cheeky smile did not help with her distressed mood. Whatever happened was still sinking into her brain, lest easier knowing that her boyfriend had all the media safe in his hands from the gangbang.

Mentally broken, she went into the shower with a zombified look and rinsed all the cum away. She wore all her clothes back with the tempting red lingerie, with her arms wrapped tightly around her boyfriend as they exited the hotel.

For the days that came, she turned into a robot that listened to Dave wholeheartedly, traumatised by how she could enjoy being a slut okay with cum getting dumped on her body. Well, the variety of sessions that the couple got into only went wilder without resistance from Jiale, who is now mind-fucked beyond salvation.

Raped with Pleasure

‘No no! Please don’t!’, cried Laura as she was dragged backwards in the arms of a stranger, having a punch delivered across her cheek bones. She was flung into the tall bushes nearby, pricking across her arms and legs painfully, but face protected by her hands. As soon as she got on her knees to crawl away, strong hands held her ankles and flattened her on the uneven ground.

Holding her face against the rocks-covered soil, his knee jabbed into her back with his full weight down on her. ‘Struggle and your pretty face will be losing bits of skin to the glass shards here. Understand?’, the fierce whisper was only audible to her as breeze hustled the leaves, silencing the fateful rape in the foilage.

Laura knew exactly what left her in this mess. It was the pink, one-piece tank top dress that made her wore G-strings and a tube folded in half, to hide her nipples under the extra layer of cloth. The walk through the playground in the park was the que for the man to pounce, and there she was under his brute force.

He remained on one knee on her lower back as her dress got stripped downwards, all the way into the leaves behind her feet. The tube bra was left hanging around her waist and G-strings? Easily ripped apart to quicken the process of getting her ready.

As he moved between her thighs to feel her soft skin, he slid right up to her pussy and jolted her ass up. Fingers then started tugging skin into her vagina as he forced his way in, thrusting a few times before juices eased the warming friction. Finally, she was feeling better despite meeting this horrific encounter.

Without much space and privacy to carry his mission, the zipping noises injected fear right into her heart, making her fully aware that there was no protection between them. After his jeans were opened, he laid himself on top of her and wriggled his butt to get his dick in. He had his hands on her breasts, fondling them while blindly poking at the two holes.

In the mix of sobs and cries, a part of her was trying to get him into the right hole and getting the whole hellish torture over. And that random jabbing did not help. Left with no choice, she swallowed hard and turned her head to whisper what she had say, ‘it’s lower’.

A disgusting phrase of ‘thank you’ later, she sent a scream into his quick-shifting hand, which told him he was in. The man began humping immediately and groaned in a satisfying tone, complimenting her with words like ‘you’re so tight’ and ‘you like being raped right?’

Well, he wasn’t just patronising her with those comments. The unwillingness of her body was making the sick crime more enjoyable. A biological response she could not overcome. With that intense level of pleasure, the brute rammed even faster to meet his personal objective.

As for Laura, the stiffness of her pussy was forcing all her sensitive spots to stand out like splinters ready to be sanded. Each time he pulled and pushed, short, powerful shocks would send more lubricant leaking through the pleasure tunnel. Three minutes was all she took for her first orgasm to spasm her thigh muscles, jerking violently under the man who got more excited.

‘You actually came before me huh? Glad you enjoyed it’, those were the last words she heard from him. Once her body calmed down, he spread her legs and positioned himself between. His hands held her waist and brought her ass up, adjusting into the much-loved doggie stance. Laura quickly brought her face off the ground and reached behind to push him away, only to end up with both her arms locked like a horse in harness.

What followed next was a rampage through her pussy, dick tearing her apart to a point her mind snapped, giving into the rape with moans. As she was nowhere loud, he let her be and continued fucking, pounding in a rhythm that soon brought him near orgasm.

Since damage was already done, he took his time pulling out of her and egged her on with ‘I’m gonna cum soon. Where should I shoot little slut?’. That sentence woke her up and her body slouched lower to free her pussy from his dick. Ironically, he laid on top of her as she went down, keeping his dick tightly fitted inside.

‘Not inside me please.. I’ll let you shoot in my mouth’. That was the only deal-breaker she could think of and his sudden gentleness kind of put her mind at ease. He got up on his feet and placed both her hands on his legs, head in front of his dick.

The moment she laid eyes on the rape tool, the amount of liquid embarrassed her a little, as if her body had betrayed the inhumane act on females. Without wasting anymore time, she brought her mouth to his dick and moved back and forth, milking his rod to the best of her skills. After all, she needed to get this over and done with.

Manly groans came shortly after and confidence delivered his dick down her throat, slurping wetly on the coarse drill bit that just completed its job. Her sixth sense was telling her that she had him under control, and making a run for it would be possible. Except that.. she was nude.

Part hand, part mouth, the final lap began and the man had a hand holding her head to guide her speed. ‘Fuck yeah!’, she barely made out what he muttered and a pile of cum just unloaded into her jaws, spraying it over her tongue and into places she could not lick off.

Once he got his fun, he yanked her tube off her waist and flung her dress at her. In a flash, his jeans went back on and he dashed out of sight. Now, feeling lost and confused, Laura wore her dress and picked her purse up.

Safely in her home, there was no tears nor shame she felt. Her body had made a pact with her mind on the walk home. As much as she wanted to feel victimised, the tingle in her clit constantly reminded her how much she enjoyed the process.

To be fucked unwillingly, and achieving a tightness she had never given to any man she had consensual sex with. What she just went through might just be that one experience of her lifetime impossible to recreate.

Strangely after that day, that particular pink, tank top dress was her favourite to go out in, never failing to get wet while feeling the thin cotton material rubbing all over her body as she moved.

A Little Too Much Enjoyment

Reena: ‘Hey! Have you been waiting for long?’

In her school P.E. shirt and a small FBT shorts, she hugged her boyfriend who just booked out. Immediately she could feel the bulge on his jeans pressing between her legs and she grabbed it naughtily, teasing Jeremy as he picked up his bulky assault bag over his shoulders.

She had a body just like any 17 year old. Slim with fats at the right spots, toned by the P.E. lessons from the cirriculum. Legs thin enough for short skirts and body well-endowed for low cuts. Not exactly a symbol of sex, but a figure that will grow on anyone once you have seen how she dressed – or undressed.

Stepping into the lift to their usual hideout floor, he hid behind her while he removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants, leaving his shirt to cover his readiness. The moment they went into the corner of the stair landing, their hands went under and began roaming each others’ bodies, unhooking bra and stretching his underwear.

Reena (whispering): ‘It’s so big already.’

She sat on the lower step and leaned backwards, while he kneeled higher so his dick would be aligned to her mouth. Sucking it dutifully, she worked her tongue all over it to coat it with her saliva before pushing the stick between her lips. There wasn’t much for her to do as he did the work, ramming at her mouth as her cheeks collapsed to the strong suction.

Her shorts and panties had been stripped as her shirt was long enough, so she could masturbate while he helped himself to get it really really hard.

Once he was done, they went to the railings and she held onto it, stretching her back straight in a standing doggie. A quickie you might call it, but it was the only place they could get any sex at all. Jeremy went behind her and plunged right in, jolting her senses awake with a moan.

The silent pounding continued to their bodies jerking violently, at the same time, he had been keeping watch at the opening where the handrails were. Secretly, he had asked one of his buddies for help, to film their outdoor action. And in return..

Jeremy brought both Reena’s hands to the back and tied them up with an extra long cable tie, which she did not question in the midst of reaching an orgasm. Right then, the prominent shadow came from above and she was hugged tight from behind, by her boyfriend.

Jeremy: ‘Reena, let’s try something new today k?’

Reena: ‘I don’t want!’

He took a few steps forward till her belly was against the rails, and his friend handed his phone to Jeremy before unzipping his jeans. Reena could not scream as she was almost naked. All she did was to put up a strong struggle, that Jeremy and his friend managed by bending her arms till it hurt.

Jeremy gave way to his friend once his dick was exposed, squatting down to open his girl’s legs up for him. Unable to overpower them, she bit her lips as a huge dick pierced into her pussy, shooting pain through her body that got worse whenever she fought back.

Reena (whispering loudly): ‘Let me go now!’

It was too late when the rest of his shaft sank into her hole. It had stretched her pussy to its limit, to a point she could feel every bumps and grooves on his rod. In no time, it was sliding in and out of her, in a vacuum her pussy had created without any space for even her own juices.

Mind blanked from the intense sensation, she no longer made any sounds and had bent her chest forward, to any eyes that might look up the handrails from above or below. Her shirt was pulled up for the video and the rape ensued.

Given his size, Reena’s body gave in to the orgasms just a minute into the high-speed thrusts, weakening her legs. Anyway, her feet was almost off the ground as the unknown man lifted her up to get the perfect angle.

For him, she was unbelievably tight too. And there was no intention for him to last long. It was fuck-and-go in that situation. About five minutes into the pussy ripping sex, he began to speed up and pulled out before he came.

Both guys helped her onto the steps and Jeremy went behind her to open her mouth, while his friend stuck his dick in and tugged her head. Within seconds, her cheeks puffed up with cum and more dribbled out of her lips around his shaft. The few strokes of deep throat forced some of his cum into her tummy, and the rest left around her lips.

Once he was done, he got dressed and went behind the couple with his phone still in video recording mode. Jeremy opened her legs and leaned onto her, sinking his dick into the now-loosened pussy. Thrusting at the lifeless body, he was the only person groaning up till the moment he was about to shoot.

Aiming his dick at her face, he jerked himself off and sprayed over her forehead, tilted her head down as he came and let cum covered her eyes. Like a rapist, he let go of her once he was done and got dressed, picking her shorts and panties up for the getaway with his friend.

Friend (fainting voice): ‘Call Janice now. Let’s go find her.’

Those were the words Reena heard as they ran down the stairs, leaving her face soiled and half-naked. Broken and emotional, she did not move at all for at least five minutes. After which, someone passed by and saw her backview, white shirt with streaks of brown stains from the dirty steps and railings.

Andrew: ‘Hey.. are you alright?’

He ransacked his bag for the packet of tissue he bought from a disabled uncle, wiping her face clean before carrying her up in his arms. He brought her into his place just one floor above and gave her the shower she needed, where she gave him a strong bear hug.

Reena (whispering): ‘Don’t let go of me. Ever.’

At his place sleeping for three hours straight, it was almost 9pm when she was awakened by the smell of food. That same man, who cleaned her up, had brought a plate of noodles into the bedroom, happily feeding her once she was up.

Reena: ‘Thanks for taking care of me.’

Andrew: ‘No worries about it. I’ve seen you around. You stay on the 7th floor right?’

She nodded and finished the food, wearing her washed-and-dried t-shirt with her school skirt before making a call home.

Reena: ‘Can I drop by when I need someone to talk to?’

Andrew: ‘Sure you can. Give me a call first.’

At the door, she gave him the longest hug he ever had and left smiling.

Andrew (shouting): ‘I’ll take care of you if you want! I’ll never let you go!’

She smiled at him right before turning down the stairs. For the days to come, he experienced what the rape had done to her, unlocking a side that brought her sexuality to the next level. The reason her ex-boyfriend was with her was for sex, getting her addicted to it. Then came the rape, where she was abused so kinkily she actually enjoyed the process.

Andrew, now owns a pandora box someone else has opened, and he is more than happy to care for the newly unleashed nymphomanic.


This story is written from Angela’s point of view, a fellow reader 17 years of age who got into a complicated affair with her brother-in-law. She had intended to share her story here so she could know there were other girls like her, who understand that such things wasn’t her fault.

When I walked out of the bathroom in my nightie, he gave me a shock. He wasn’t supposed to be here, at least I didn’t let him in. After my sister had told me she was working overtime, he had been ‘kind’ enough to buy dinner to our place. But that sight he had on me, when I walked across the living room to the kitchen, there was no mistake about it.

It was of lust, desire, a woman’s instinct is never wrong. As I warmed my milk in the microwave, he was still looking in my direction, probably at the nightdress that I had grown too tall for.

Brother-in-law: ‘Angie, I bought food for you too. Jie told me you haven’t eat.’

*Damn, must she tell him everything I told her? I could have easily gone downstairs to settle my own dinner.*

Me (shouting): ‘Okay. I’m coming.’

Before I could turn around from the kitchen counter, he had snuck up behind me. He wrapped one arm around my waist and covered my mouth with the other. No matter how hard I struggled or screamed, he did not drop me till we were in his room. No wait. It was their room, my sister and his. He pushed my head down against the bed so I couldn’t scream any louder than a murmur, and it was suffocating. When I felt his thighs on my legs, I knew his shorts were gone, and my options disappearing.

Brother-in-law: ‘Hey! If you keep struggling, you are going to get hurt.’

Right then, he released his grip to check if I understood.

Me (shouting): ‘Fuck off! I’ll tell Jie.’

In my mind, I was picturing my escape path. Through the bedroom door, and the main door, and shit.. the locked gates. My head was pinned to the side with a pillow, and I felt my dress lifted up above my waist. As he fought to reach my pussy, the stupid struggle accidentally lifted my butt up. He immediately kneeled on my calves, rendering me unable to straighten my body. Right then, I knew I had no choice.

Me: ‘Okay okay! I’ll do what you want. Stop hurting me.’

Slowly, he took the pillow away and I jolted up on the bed, like sitting upright. Guess what face I was giving him? Breathless and sweaty, the remorse on his face didn’t help at all. If he had left me where I was, I might not even tell on him. But in his stupid head, he must have thought he was too far in to just walk away.

Taking a glance at the door didn’t help as he spotted me, pulling my ankles so I would lie flat on the bed. I guess there was only way out of this.

Me: ‘Hey hey.. sorry sorry.. I’ll do what you want.’

Brother-in-law (sternly): ‘You sure?’

I nodded and tears formed against my wishes. How could I show him my weaker side? He laid on the bed where he could block me from dashing to the door, and grabbed my hand to place on his dick.

Brother-in-law: ‘Don’t tell me you have never done this before.’

I opened my palm and held his dick. It was clean, smooth and dry. My thumb and index finger could hardly wrap around it, but it wasn’t the handjob I was worried about. I began stroking him to my best efforts, and memories from my ex-boyfriends. It was a race against time to get him to cum as quickly as possible. Seeing that smirk on his face irritated me even more, but as I went faster, his groans became more frequent.

Brother-in-law: ‘You know, you are better than your sister at this?’

*So? I am not her anyway.*

I kept sighing as I stroked him monotonously, hoping that my sister would walk through the door. His eyes were shutting for longer periods as I pumped faster, pre-cum leaking over my hand that had nails newly manicured.

His hand reached for my head and easily controlled me. Pushing me towards his groin, I knew what was coming. Not wanting to smear his lubricant anywhere else on my face, I opened my mouth and took him in. He had made me kneel on the bed in doggie, where moments ago I was just lying beside him.

In case he forced my mouth down his 8 inches, I quickly held onto the base of his dick, automating my tempo so he would release my hair. As I focused on using my tongue to stimulate him, his hand reached between my legs, and I blamed myself for not used to wearing undies at home.

His rough fingers ran up and down my slit, wetting me involuntarily. My lips pressed hard against his shaft as I suppressed my moans, tongue still tasting up and down the side of his dick. Now that I think of it, there wasn’t any smell at all. At least nothing turned me off. Getting wetter to his touch, he poked his middle finger into my pussy and I was twitching in discomfort at first.

Not only did he continue inwards, he began fingering me like an engine. Smearing juices all over my groin. There was no words to describe how helpless I was, but there was something else he awakened in me. It was his finger, thick, rough, and fast. My mind was going blank when he ‘attacked’ at that speed, till my face was completely resting on his thigh, moaning and trembling as the first orgasm came from the most unlikely partner.

Brother-in-law: ‘Enjoying it aren’t you?’

Those words snapped me out of the delusional world and I picked myself up, pushing his hand out of the way as I did so. He got up and commanded me to lie on the bed, where I unknowingly raised my knees a little, as though.. inviting him.

He went between my legs and placed them over his shoulders, onto his back. Before I could make sense of what was happening, his tongue had already began sucking on my clit. The first one begin so hard that it got sore and sensitive. Was that what he had done with my sister? My hands dug into his hair as his lips moved up and down with his tongue, drawing lines and circles between those raw folds of meat.

I was totally drawn into his world, one that was filled with pleasure coming from an experienced and grown man. The second orgasm went into his mouth, slurping juices as my body shook more violently. He was getting everything I had been wanting to give to my Mr. Right. This man, between my legs, was owning me like the little slut inside me I hid from every guy I met.

Brother-in-law: ‘Hold your own legs.’

My hands went behind my knees to keep them up and he went nearer to my groin. Placing his dick dominantly over my clit, the next order was to put it in myself. My half-closed eyes could only listen to his voice as I reached between my legs, guiding him to where my door was. The rest of it.. well, the one-single-powerful thrust shocked me awake to my senses.

His face returned, his voice returned, more importantly, our relationship returned. I.. was.. being.. fucked.. by.. my.. brother-in-law. Did I feel disgusted? In a way, I was sharing a man Jie had found and kept to herself by ‘marriage’. He.. I didn’t know who, or what was I to him.

With every stroke, I could clearly feel the thick veins and prominent groove under his dick head. Instead of hitting the right spot, he was rummaging across every spot. My body instinctively squeezed my pussy tighter as pleasure bombarded me in every direction possible. My hands free those knees and had nowhere to hold onto, my feet were locked flinging in mid-air, my teeth had nothing to bite onto to relieve those intense orgasms.

He was making me cum at least three times back to back. Suddenly, my energy disappeared and I could tell my arms and body went flat, like battery flat. He stopped immediately and placed my arms by my side, before rolling me over.

The next thing I knew, my waist was being pulled backwards and my knees acted as a pivot. I was in doggie. He plugged into me right away and my arms regained strength, holding myself up as he pounded me towards the headboard. Right above the bed, was a picture of my sister and him. The man that was giving me yet another orgasm.

I moaned my lungs out when he pierced at that particular angle, covering all the areas he missed out in missionary. He too, was groaning extra loud, possibly from this position.

While my mind climaxed into the second orgasm, he finally stopped and spent the next minute savouring my convulsing vagina, clamping and releasing his rod that was throbbing inside me.

Brother-in-law (panting): ‘I am about to cum. But I’ll save that for your sister.’

*What? Now this?*

He pulled it out and I fell onto my side, watching him wipe my juices off his dick with the corner of my dress. I guess I was feeling a little disappointed then, but who am I to have his cum? No matter where he shot? He went back into the living room and kept his eyes on the TV, with me joining him in the sofa after tidying my hair.

I just couldn’t get the thoughts of my sister getting his load that I worked so hard for. Okay, maybe I didn’t work any harder than him. But it was mine. I took a deep breath and I reached for his waistband, without any resistance from him. He slouched lower into the sofa and my mouth enveloped his manhood unhesitant.

Working my way slowly downwards, his body did not flinch when I was gagging from the deep throat. Only when I fondled his balls in my palm, did he groan a little. Pumping my head faster, my hand had formed a ring at the base and was jerking him at the same time.

Suddenly, sounds of keys were heard at the door and I jumped onto my feet into my room. Fuck me, what overcame my mind to offer him, my sister’s husband, a blowjob?

About an hour of deep thoughts later, noises were heard from my sister’s room opposite mine. The familiar creaking sounds of the bed, sensual moans, dominating groans, slapping sounds with a hint of wetness. I was touching myself as I listened to them.

Brother-in-law (whispering loudly): ‘I am shooting!’

Sister (moaning): ‘Inside me.. all of it!’

The noisy action came to a silence abruptly, but not interrupting me from my incoming orgasm. The image of him pumping me in front was still fresh and vivid, which helped me cum for the umpteen times that night.

Before I fell asleep, I remembered hearing my sister walking past my door with him, a man I was glad I didn’t help till the end.

Sister: ‘Why did you shoot so fast today?’

Brother-in-law: ‘Cause you wore your nightgown tonight.’

Their conversation.. his words especially.. that subtle hint to me.

The next morning, he was on the sofa again, reading the daily newspaper delivered to our doorstep.

Me: ‘Jie is out already?’

Brother-in-law: ‘Yes she is. Wait for me in the bedroom after you eat.’

Did I go into his bedroom? Was I supposed to?

Dirty Acts in Dirty Places

Shelia: ‘I think there’s a toilet in this carpark. Help me find it. Super urgent.’

She dragged her boyfriend, Jacky, behind her as they walked up the ramps, setting their eyes on the small room in the center of the carpark. He had spotted it as well and let go off her hand, where she ran and locked herself in the toilet.

Shelia (shouting): ‘Jack! You still out there?’
Jacky (shouting): ‘Yes. Take your time.’

She took a good five minutes in there before the wooden door creaked eerily, her hand stretching out to pull him inside. Her skirt hung over the edges of the sink and she was naked waist down. Being her boyfriend, they had their share of intimacy, but Jacky wasn’t too keen on doing it in that dirty washroom.

Shelia (whispering): ‘Can we do it here?’
Jacky (whispering): ‘Huh? But we are meeting tomorrow right? We can do it at my place.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Please? I’m kinda wet now.’
Jacky (whispering): ‘Even peeing can make you wet.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Duh.. I was thinking of you raping me inside here.’

He smiled and hung his bag on the hangers, before pinning her at the cleanest wall he could find. His hands had gone to her neck but before she could kiss him, he held her by the neck and made a little squeeze, choking her a few times.

His fingers scrapped into her hair and tilted her head to the side, ears almost touching his lips that were breathing warm air into them.

Jacky: ‘You wanted this huh? Then you better don’t disappoint me.’

He jerked her head downwards and she unlocked her knees to squat at his feet. Before her eyes, his belt, zip, came undone and a flaccid piece of 4 inches dangled. Right as she wanted to hold his dick up, his fingers tugged at her hair without hesitation, whispering a short but clear phrase in her eyes, ‘no hands‘.

With just her mouth, she collected his meat onto her tongue and began sucking him, feeling blood rush into his rod to stiffen it up. In no time, he was hard as rock, but she wasn’t gagging for some unknown reason. Having a cock erect in her mouth somehow made her body ready for it. And so, her head soon bobbed back and forth at that manhood, coated with generous amounts of her saliva as she fed off him hungrily.

This was another side of Jacky Shelia had never felt before, one so powerful and scary. He was full of control and rage, confusing her if this was what she wanted when she initiated at first.

After he had enough of her blowjob, he helped her up and placed her in front of the mirror. Her spaghetti bra top was unzipped next, freeing her breasts for him to grab and knead. As painful as they were, her nipples grew hard and swollen, as though asking him to continue the hurt.

He adjusted her hips away from the sink and made her stood feet-together. Moments later, the tip of his penis touched her pussy and it did not stop advancing till he was all the way inside. Her head had been up looking into the mirror, watching the satisfied face of Jacky as he felt her wetness and warmth overpowering his senses.

Hips began thrusting, and her boobs jiggled beneath her chest. Never had she felt so turned by this kind of outdoor sex, for it was making her a woman that belonged to a man, a strong, loving man who could pleasure her. Juices dripped loudly in the confined space, right from his balls onto the ground. There were no words to describe how horny she was, jerking her ass at him whenever he paused. They were so hot the room could be a sauna, but for two person.

As Jacky went into the final phase of his intense hammerage, Shelia came faster and longer, sucking his dick deeper with her pussy. That length was perfect to stroke her g-spot, sending that tiny spot into a frenzy.

Jacky: ‘I’m gonna cum, and it will be inside you this time.’
Shelia: ‘Eh no! Jacky! Don’t don’t. Don’t play with this!’

His nails dug into her waist as he pounded her, not letting her slip out of his control. There was nothing Shelia could do except to try and lean forward, away from him. His balls continued slapping on her clit, till she came another time, and releasing the last bit of inhibition from him.

Her pelvic bone hit the ceramic as he stumbled closer, jutting his hips as thick, cream shot into her vagina. Shelia wriggled herself to break free at once but it only made things worse, massaging his dick to really force every drop out. Within that couple of minutes, he kept panting and groaning, allowing his body to freely convulse as his balls shrank quickly.

Finally, his hand held the back of her neck weakly and kept her still while he pulled out. Large blobs of cum came flowing down her legs and her feet opened up to ease the heat from the machine-like speed of his sex.

Jacky: ‘It’s not over yet sweetheart.’

He picked her up by her hair and forced her to kneel again, shoving his cum covered dick right back into her mouth. Licking and sucking him clean, the whole process did not take long and she was soon in a corner, trying to cover up her naked body.

Jacky (whispering): ‘Are you alright? Did you like it?’
Shelia: ‘Is it over?’

Jacky nodded with a concerned look and helped her wear her clothes back, walking with his arm around her waist out of the place. For once, she found herself wet just thinking about what happened, staining her panties (with some cum mixed in) even before she got home.

The two of them had opened a side to her deepest desires that would be interesting to follow up in their future meet-ups. Right after she reached her room, she snapped a photo of her wet panties, and sent it to Jacky, who was feeling really guilty about what he did.

Needless to say, they went on FaceTime to let him see her getting off. For one, he had no more energy for another round. It was just too..

New Sex

Hannah reached the hotel in Sentosa at exactly 2pm, and in the room, her contact was waiting. It was a working day for her, for a very special kind of job she requested. As her story plays out, you guys will find out what she does and how such a system works in the darker side of our society.

Agent: ‘Feeling good today?’
Hannah: ‘Yupp.’

Her bags and shoes were placed at the doorstep, where he would take them away to prevent anyone from stealing. He opened a metallic sweet can and took out two pills, handing it to her along with a glass of water. Hannah was used to this method and she swallowed the medication, removing her dress and bra, changing into a white lacy robe dress that could be undone from the waist strap.

Agent: ‘The guy will come at 3pm. Have a good rest till then.’

She tucked herself under the blanket and let the drug take effect, slowly draining her of her energy but did not let her fall asleep. Her job was similar to any prostitute, but being a Singaporean in her 20s and studying in a local university made her a sought after girl for guys who wanted to experience ‘raping’ or having sex with a passed out girl. This was her choice of providing service as it would lessen her guilt, yet remain appealing to a specific group of men.

About an hour later, the hotel’s room door unlocked and a man in suit appeared, stripping before her eyes (she could see him from the bed) and heading into the showers. Hannah was trying to calm herself down while waiting, still feeling tense from meeting someone for the first time (of many).

Man: ‘You can hear me right? I’m Anson.’

He was naked and looking into her eyes as she blinked in response. Now, all that was left for her to do was – nothing. The blanket slid down her body to the cold air and she felt her robe being undone, panties tugged awkwardly down her legs and into a corner she couldn’t see.

Anson climbed onto the bed and laid next to her, spreading one of her legs to the side to expose her waxed pussy. His fingers went straight for her pussy and moved in circles at her clit, triggering her breaths to go faster as she got horny and wet. His mouth cupped over her nipple and sucked on it gently, like a baby milking her.

Unlike other men, he was very delicate and was paying lots of attention to her breathing, as the only sign to know if she was ready. His teeth came to play on her nipples soon after, nibbling and grinding. The little pain did drive her crazy and she was glad she couldn’t move, if not she might have raped him instead (thus ruining the deal).

Anson: ‘I’m going to begin now.’

He changed his position to her groin and made sure her legs were wide opened. Leaning his hips towards her pussy, he had wore the condom while in the showers, and did not take advantage of the ‘raw’ offer her agent gave. Very carefully, he sent his dick into her and watched her eyes widened to his size.

He was a gentle giant that made her felt more like a woman than a vulnerable slut. As he touched down in her pussy, he let off a soft groan to let her know he was feeling good and proceeded to thrust his hips, driving that long rod into the blushing girl who was helpless in his arms.

Seeing the immobilised state of Hannah, he was picking up speed fast and getting more violent, but without hurting her. Hannah was getting high from the powerful strokes and her breasts were being squeezed at the same time. Just as she was about to climax, he picked both her ankles up and closed them above his chest, creating an extra tight hole as he felt her contracting pussy.

His groans got louder as she felt his dick filled her hole up and the intoxicating waves of pleasure were flooding her mind in no time, trembles shooting through her body as she came hard to the merciless thrusts.

Anson: ‘You came?’

A weak smile answered him and he laid back down on the bed. Turning the exhausted girl to the side, he bent both her knees and got into the spooning pose, where their bodies got into doggie while lying down. Ramming his hips behind her, her breaths got faster and shallower, allowing the graceful flow of pleasure pour into her body through his penis.

As he pounded her lifeless, his hand rested on one of her boobs, kneading as he panted quicker too. Fucking for almost fifteen minutes into their meet up, he was getting tired as well and decided to let her lie flat on the bed, on her chest.

This time, he sat on her thighs and plugged his dick right in, pinning her back down with his chest. Going deeper and faster, his hips slapped loudly on her ass, screwing her poor hole as deep as he could reach. The second orgasm was coming soon and her pussy was already closing in on him.

Anson was at his wit’s end as he felt how tight she got, and moved at his maximum speed. Finally, Hannah’s mind overpowered the drug for a moment and moaned out loud, expressing her orgasm as he groaned in a deep voice.

Anson: ‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

He pulled out of her and hurried over to her head, where the condom was unrolled on the way. Turning her head to his dick, he pried her lower jaw open and sank his meat in, jerking in quick, short motion while pushing on her chin.

As her teeth scratched his raw skin, a new sensation of pain-pleasure mix shot through his body, forcing his cum to explode all over her lips in a poorly angled aim. Most of it was dribbling down her cheeks but he had cleaned them up with a towel, looking a little lost but satisfied at the sight of his cum still squirting onto her face.

Once he was done, he wiped her as cleanly as he could and head into the showers. Job done and pleased (along) with her customer, she calmed herself down while the man took his belongings and left.

After ten minutes, her agent came through the door and let her take a sniff from a brown bottle, returning her energy to her. Knowing that the effects will only last for a while, she quickly washed up and wore her robe back, lying in the same position earlier before she felt weak again.

Agent: ‘The next customer will come at 4pm. Have a good rest till then.’

With that, he left her and the next customer really made his money worthwhile, raping her in all three holes till he creampied into that sore pussy.

Now guys, if you had a chance with her, how would you spend that S$500? Imagine she was your girlfriend in slumber? Or a slut unconscious on drugs?

Rough Like Rape

Shaun: ‘Not taking off your panties?’
Emily: ‘Nope.’

She hid under the blanket shyly and gave him a tongue out smile, returning to the spooning position after seeing his disappointed look. Their main projects were over and had planned to head to his place after school, just a stone’s throw away from RP. In that tiny tank top, her breasts fell to the sleeping side and the horny boy just sat by her feet.

Emily: ‘You’re not going to do anything?’
Shaun: ‘You’re tired right?’
Emily: ‘Ya! I’m not stripping.’

He was hesitant about removing his underwear as he did not want to step over the line but the anticipation was killing him slowly.

Emily (whispering): ‘But you can rape me.’
Shaun: ‘Huh! You want that?’
Emily: ‘If not you won’t get any today.’

Looking at her beautiful sleeping posture, he pulled the blanket away with some fight but she could not hold on longer when he pried her fingers opened. Struggling to remove her panties, the resistance soon got so intense her underwear ripped apart and he threw the torn undies out of the way.

Flipping herself upwards, her hands cupped over her waxed pussy and used her feet to keep him at a distance, before he held onto her knees with a menacing glare. Given how muscular he was, her legs opened like an unresponsive lift door where he quickly kneeled under her groin to prevent her legs from closing.

Right after she was helplessly placed in a missionary position, Emily desperately tried rolling to the sides while he pinned her shoulders flat on the bed. Bending his body to her breasts, his mouth went over her nipples and a hard bite showed her who was the master. The more she fought, the harder he bit. Until a bite mark had appeared around her aerola, she stopped twisting and grabbed his thick biceps with an innocent look.

Emily: ‘Don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll let you do what you want.’

Shifting his hands to her belly, he kept her still while his dry dick poked at her pussy continuously, forcing himself into the equally dry slit. Pain was felt through her body as he maneuvered his way in, to the seemingly real requests to take things slow. Never once did he suspect she was playing it real and merely kept shoving till his dick stopped inside her.

Emily: ‘Wait wait.. Don’t move first.. ‘

Not understanding how ‘not moving’ would get her wet, he thrust gently for a while till she was wetter, and began thrusting with all his strength. In an attempt to push him out of her pussy, he could see her constipated expression while his dick underwent a change in an extra tight sensation.

Like a challenge, he was focused in making her relax while she did all she could to make him cum. Beyond her expectations, he went much faster than she could handle and gave in to his powerful strokes, relaxing her pussy and moaning herself silly. As he saw her submitting to him, he felt more confident and fucked her even harder for a while more.

After that position got too monotonous for him, he flipped one of her legs over and placed her sideways, before continuing his machine-like movements that got her cumming in no time. The feeble attempts to close her legs went in vain as he locked her knee still with his weight, still driving that thick cock into her as she moaned into the pillow.

About five minutes later, he carried her waist up and her knees fell under her body, getting into a doggie pose where she tried to escape by leaning forward. How could a small girl run from her strong boyfriend right? Her waist was forcefully pulled to his abs and a loud slap landed on her ass cheeks.

Shaun: ‘Don’t try to run away. If not I’ll spank you.’

The pain from the slap was glowing warm and she knew he was serious. Being turned on by the rough sex, she resumed squeezing her pussy together as he penetrated her again, sinking that erection into an overwhelming piece of heaven. While he moved slowly, he gave her a few more lighter slaps which totally made her give in to him. Feeling his time was almost up, he sat down on the bed with her on top, and stretched his legs next to her feet.

Shaun: ‘Ride me.’

Her feet were still together then and the moment she tried standing up, he pulled her hips down, slamming it over his dick with a groan from her. It had went all the way in when she put up a fight. Now only left with the front to ‘escape’, he kept his hands firmly around her tiny waist and pushed her down whenever she moved in the opposite direction.

Her soft ass was cushioning their violent sex perfectly and in no time, she was riding him naturally.

Shaun: ‘I thought you wanted to escape?’
Emily: ‘I don’t want to be slapped again.’

That’s right, he did not even intend to hit her again but she reminded him that he could. Bouncing for a while more, he was feeling better and had extended his cock for more action before unloading. Getting back on his knees after he had enough of her reversed cowgirl, he made her lie flat on her chest and sat on her thighs. Sliding his cock between the ass cheeks, she lifted her butt slightly so his dick would slip easily into her pussy.

Sitting at her rear with his hands on hers, he was groaning in this new position, where his dick could reach deep inside her as she moaned helplessly.

Shaun (whispering): ‘I’m cumming soon Em. Tell me where to shoot.’

Between her shallow, high-paced breaths, she whispered ‘just not inside me’ to him and felt him slowing down. Ready to give him a blowjob or jerk him off, she knew the sex was about to be over. Or was it not?

Changing to a kneeling stance, her ass was picked up as their bodies sat upright on their ankles. His hands went around her waist and she was about to turn sideway for a kiss when she was suddenly thrown forward, sensing a strong grip on her waist. The raging hormones of Shaun had overthrown his sanity and worked his dick instinctively, ramming at the poor girl who was horrified at where they were headed for.

Emily: ‘Shaun! Stop stop! Don’t cum inside me!’
Shaun: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She could no longer obey him and the struggle really turned into a fight for freedom. No matter how she tried to crawl away, his dick would weaken her limbs and there was no signs of him stopping. A full two minutes passed to his violent pounding and he was getting faster as his cum locked and loaded in his balls.

Shuan: ‘Yeah! It’s coming!’

He pulled her ass down on his dick and sent it as far as her womb, spraying his hot cum deep into her. The first few squirts was the most intense as she tried to force him out, ending up milking him for more as his adrenaline shot up to tighten his grip over her. A few seconds of horrifying moments later, he pushed her onto the bed before pulling out, dashing for his cupboard where he took out a blister pack of pills.

Emily: ‘Why did you shoot into me? What if I get pregnant?’
Shaun: ‘You won’t. This is a pack of morning-after pills. For you.’
Emily: ‘Take now? Supposed to take after some time right?’
Shaun: ‘Yeah.’

Sitting with her body at him, she spread her legs to force whatever cum out and Shaun watched closely as his thick cum got stuck at the entrance (or exit) of her pussy. While she was reading the information on the back of the blister pack, he gathered some tissues before digging out whatever he could to give her a piece of mind.

Tucking themselves back onto the bed, she snuggled into his arms, and wiped his dick clean with wet wipes. Be it for more action or after-sex procedures. Her gentle fingers was already turning him on again as she cleaned him up.

Emily: ‘You know, you really scared me when you shot inside. It was really like rape. Now I know how scary it is.’
Shaun: ‘Haha. I won’t get you into trouble. I also got some medication for you to stop your menses. You said you don’t wait it to hinder our sex right?’
Emily: ‘Really! Does it mean you can go raw and shoot inside me everytime?’
Shaun: ‘Yupp. But I think I will still use condoms.’
Emily: ‘No! Don’t waste money on condoms. I rather you buy the pills and just shoot inside. Cut down on rubbish.’

As his dick rose after her ‘clean up’ services, his fingers were roaming to her pussy again, fingering her till she could not take it anymore and mounted over his tired body. Sliding her body backwards, his dick slid easily into her wet hole and she began round two of their love-making day, feeling more energetic as he had all the precautions in place.

Grinding her hips actively, he was commanded not to do anything but relax while she switched to a few positions, finding the one that made him groan really loud. It was the cowgirl position but without her slamming on his hips, instead, just grinding back and forth, teasing his dick head with her g-spot that kept her orgasms going while he took minutes before giving her the second load of the day.

There was no hurry for Shaun as they had the whole day, with round two marking their time for a nap. Can you make a guess how many times they fucked that day?

When the sun rises the next day, they only managed to catch three hours of sleep and she woke him up to make him watch her take the pill. Popping a tablet into her mouth, she swallowed it with water from her bottle and gave him a tired smile. Clearing her throat and significantly happier, she felt at ease even after he creampied her countless times through the night. But for safety, they replaced their morning sex with a wake up blowjob from his grateful girlfriend.

Unknowingly, he did some reverse-psychology on her and he knew their sex was about to get better. No condoms, no mess. Does rough sex turn you guys on as much as them? What more could a guy asks for when his girlfriend willingly goes on the pill right?