Morning Workout

I woke up at 5.30am even on a Saturday. It was quite early and having nothing to do, I went online to wait till 7.30am, the time Isabelle and I planned to meet. It had been two weeks since I last met her. I knew Isabelle during poly, and she was in the same course with me. It was that rainy day that we met at one of the stairs and started conversing. I can’t really remember what happened but we were both feeling down and ended up making out just right there.

Anyway, we met at her house at 7.30am, when her parents went out to work. She didn’t live far from me, just two bus stops down the road and I was there, at her doorstep.

*knocking lightly on her door*

She opened the door slightly and hid behind it all the time, of course, I had to see what was she wearing once I entered. She had this little white towel wrapped around her, it was so short that it was either to cover her small breasts, or her kitty. We called her pussy kitty as it would sound a little less vulgar. Her breasts wasn’t big, but the towel was pushing them together so tightly that a little valley was created between them.

Me: ‘Hmm.. Isa feeling so naughty early in the morning?’

Isabelle: ‘Haha. You too! Look at what’s this?’

*she pointed to my bulge, I took her finger and pressed on it*

Me: ‘It’s awake for you.’

Isabelle: ‘Eeeee.. haha.. My parents will be back in the noon. Let’s play till then? I missed you.’

I couldn’t waste anymore time, it was merely three and a half hour away from the return of her folks. I dropped my bag and piggy-back her to her bedroom, which she directed while behind me. Standing beside her bed, I fling her upwards and onto it. She simply lay on the bed, arms and legs wide open, and the towel was a tug away.

I stripped to my bathing suit and my dick was so hard for her. I jumped into her arms and kissed her, while my dick went between her thighs and rubbed on her moist kitty. There wasn’t any penetration, but I don’t see why it will not happen. As one of her hand pressed hard on my back to keep my body close to hers, her other hand went down her belly button and she grabbed my dick.

At first, I thought she wanted to hold it, making sure it didn’t go in. But I was so glad I was wrong, she slipped it into her wet but not flooded kitty and clamped her legs over my waist.

Isabelle: ‘Can you push it in? Please give it to me. I can’t take it anymore.’

She said it in an ever sexy panting horny tone that I couldn’t say no.

Me: ‘Yes I’ll give it to you, enjoy it k?’

Right away, my hips started pounding, sliding my hard dick in and out of her. There was slurping sounds, there was juices being flicked out of her pussy, my bare dick had her white cum all over, it was as though I had cummed. Every time I took a pause to control my cum, she would squeeze me with her vaginal muscles and it would make me forget about resting and keep me going.

It didn’t take long for her to cum twice and it was my turn soon. I forced my hips to go faster than ever and her hands was just pushing against my hips, trying to slow me down. At the same time, her legs were around me, pulling me towards her. I totally didn’t had to really push or pull, her hands and legs were doing most of the speed control.

Nonetheless, her tight hole was forcing my dick to fire, it was like a air-pressure water gun. Every pump from the last minute was unbearable, I was holding it in as she continued her rage. Finally, I felt all the pipes in my dick readying and I pulled it out of her now-dripping-wet hole.

Me: ‘Open your mouth, quick! I’m cumming now.’

I knelt in front of her while she perked her head up with a pillow at the bed’s head rest. Putting my dick into her mouth, she took her hand and jerked me while she licked my dick head, occasionally sucking it gently.

Within seconds, I blew my load and she paused. I could feel a gentle suction as my dick poured every single bit of cum into her. It was five day’s worth, and she didn’t know about it. After I was done, I pulled it out and she tilted her head upwards while she swallowed. It wasn’t down in one gulp, it was down in two.

Isabelle: ‘Wahh! So much ah! Why you didn’t tell me? When did you last masturbate?’

She wiped her mouth as she slapped me gently on my thighs.

Me: ‘Haha. I was in the army mah. Five days didn’t masturbate lo. How? Breakfast nice?’

Isabelle took my dick and stroked it, pushing the remaining juices out of the shaft, before licking it up. She did it for about three times to make sure I was cleaned up. We made out for a while more before I took out the pink dildo with studded crystals to make her happy.

Me: ‘My turn now. And I’m going to make you crazy this time.’

After Band

It was close to 6pm when band ended. Elaine and I were tasked to keep the rest of the smaller instruments while the rest of the band took their leave. With the band store room keys in my hand, I couldn’t help but let my mind wander.

Me: ‘Elaine, there is no one else around le. Want to play a bit before we go home?’

Elaine: ‘Haha. Naughty boy, okay. Inside here ah?’

Me: ‘Yupp, can lock mah. And soundproof somemore. You can scream all you want.’

She entered the room before me and I twisted the lock. Turning back, she was already unbuttoning her school uniform. Without wasting anytime, I unbuttoned my pants but she stopped me in time.

Elaine: ‘Jasper, just pull your underwear down inside your pants, I want to play in school uniform.’

I pulled my underwear low enough for my dick to pop out of the zip, and she took her shorts off under her skirt, along with her panties too. Hugging her tightly in my arms, we had a fierce tongue fight and my hands were roaming inside her unbuttoned shirt, caressing her tiny breasts.

Lowering my head, I licked and sucked on her tiny nipples, trying to take her breasts into my mouth.

Elaine: ‘You trying to make my breasts bigger ah? Suck so hard? Haha. Silly boy.’

She pressed me against a wall, and slowly squatted down, spreading her legs to lower herself. Pushing her skirt to the side, I could see her shaved pussy. She had a tanned body, but the bikini line kept her privates fair. Her usual blowjob package began and I leaned on the wall, sealing my pee hole with a pouted lips, her gentle sucking sent a shiver into my spine.

My legs weren’t prepared to take this, pushing her head towards my bush, her lips remained tightly wrapped around my meat. She started masturbating herself with one hand and held my cock in position with another. Having her saliva covered around my meat, she simply bent over and used a chair to support herself.

Me: ‘Put in already ah? Haha. Horny little girl.’

Elaine: ‘Quick lah. Haha. Can’t take it le, you still deprive me.’

Having no condom with me, I stuck my dick into her, pushing my way in as she relaxed herself. Not being able to do this with her for quite some time, I paused for about ten seconds to feel her insides, squishing me tightly. Giving her a surprise, I moved my hips suddenly and quickly, pounding her hard, giving her no rest. Her body was collapsing to the floor, but her hands were still holding on to the chair.

Elaine: ‘Wait wait, give me a rest, too much le! You keep going I will go crazy de!’

Me: ‘I want to make you go crazy. Just enjoy k?’

Elaine gave a ‘hmm’ and I continued, at this kind of speed, I couldn’t hold it in for long too, she had been deprived for a good long week.

Elaine, Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Coincidentally, we shouted out together and I pulled my dick quickly out of her, while she replaced my dick with her fingers. She turned around and knelt in front of me, sucking me hard in and out, while she cummed from her fingering. My load exploded into her mouth, mixed with her pussy juice, which is has now made a little stain on the carpet of the store room.

Like how she always did it, she swallowed and  cleaned my dick with her mouth, sucking, licking every inch of it. Using her panties to clean her pussy, she rubbed my dick a few times  before putting it on. I adjusted my clothes as well, we left the room tired and full of sweat.

Elaine: ‘Shhhh… our little secret k?’

It was a fun band practice. And a very unforgettable and addictive one. Elaine.. you naughty girl.

Bride’s Maid

Angie was the bride’s maid for her sister who was getting married. And in her family, all the girls had model-level bodies. Probably because of their parents who married because of genetic compatibility. Having to wake up early the next day to help with preparations, Angie brought her gown and lots of other stuffs along, mostly make up and underwear.

Xavier was Angie’s eldest sister’s good friend, and this time, he would be the best man. Wanting to surprise the groom, she had invited Xavier to stay over for the night and to help out the next day too, after all, it would be better to have a guy at their command.

As the night falls, Xavier made his way into the guest room which was prepared for him, and being familiar with the family, he could treat it as his own house and help himself out. Angie just finished shower and was walking back into her room (she had a room but she doesn’t sleep in that house), she found herself admiring Xavier’s well-toned body, lean with muscles.

Suddenly, Xavier turned around and caught her off guard, in a panic, she ran and hit herself on her head before fainting. After a good long twenty minutes rest, Angie woke up to find herself in the guest room, Xavier rubbing a hard boil egg on her forehead.

Xavier: ‘You okay? Haha. I can’t help but laugh. What happened?’

His face was right above hers, and her heart suddenly sped up and she could feel her body getting warmer.

Angie replied in the sweetest voice she ever used, ‘Uhh… I slipped and fell. Nothing luh. I’m going back to my own bed le.’

By then, Xavier’s bulge was too obvious to be ignored, he needed to ease himself. Pressing his hands onto Angie’s recovering body, she soon realised what was happening. Doors locked, windows closed. Everyone else was out trying to salvage the torn wedding gown issue. It was the perfect moment to do anything he wanted.

Xavier: ‘Angie, just relax. I’ll try not to hurt you too much.’

Angie was getting into a real panic this time, her legs were pinned by his strong calves, and in his kneeling position, he could pry her legs open. With just a towel between them, Angie shouldn’t have stopped to watch him. Her mind went blank and just struggled a little, as fear overtook her.

He forced her lips onto hers and pushed his tongue in. Slurping around like a pangolin, he proceeded downwards. Angie was lying motionless, lost and confused, her mind was blanked out. Xavier wasted no time getting what he needed. Moving his dick swiftly towards her pussy, virgin or not, it didn’t mattered. He plunged his way in and started fucking her, without respect or consideration of how she felt.

The tightness and wetness kept him going, to Xavier, it’s a sign for more. Her legs were wide open, so were her eyes and feeble arms. Lifeless doll, that’s what Xavier is fucking. With a powerful thrust of his hip, a loud slap was heard as his hip hit hers. Immediately, she screamed and was back alive. His subsequent pounding was at that force and moaning and screams echoed throughout the whole house.

Hell lasted for a whole thirty minutes before Xavier needed to release. At his verge, he held Angie’s mouth open by squeezing her cheeks together and stuffing his meat into her mouth. Continuing to fuck her mouth, he blew his load into her mouth, pressing and squeezing every single drop from his shaft.

After he was done, he pulled his boxers up with a grin. ‘Thanks Angie.’ was all he could say.

*Baam!* The door slammed behind him while she lay half-dead, cum overflowing onto the bed. In shock.

Pretty Girl

Shilin: ‘You want to go upstairs? I think my cousin is inside, give you a chance to be with pretty girl.’

Me: ‘Lol, sounds so nice. You need to handle the crowd here. I go upstairs first, anything call me.’

Shilin: ‘Thanks man.’

*knock knock* she opened the door a few seconds later.

Me: ‘Uhh.. Silin asked me to shower and rest here, cause the crowd downstairs is too big.’

Siying: ‘Okay. Just.. make yourself comfortable. You staying overnight?’

Me: ‘Yeah. I’m going to stay tonight.’

It was Shilin’s twenty-first birthday, and I had to clean myself up in the other room since the bigger room is filled with visitors. Took my bag into the showers and washed up before changing into a fresh set of clothes. I couldn’t get the image of her cousin, outside, dressed in yellow top and shorts. Long, flowy hair down to her waist, her face was one you could fantasize with, an angelic one.

Soon, I was done and was ready for an entry on my iTouch, half-hornified. Whilst typing away, she began showing interest in the long passage I was typing.

Siying: ‘Ehh.. iTouch can sms meh?’

Me: ‘No lah. I’m typing a blog.’

Siying: ‘Ohh.. what blog is it? Your personal one?’

Me: ‘Yeahh. I write adult stories.’ *I wasn’t quite sure if she should know anymore.*

Siying: ‘I got read a lot leh. Which blog do you write in?’

I was quite sure that she wouldn’t be interested in a horny guy who writes stories to get off, I gave her my URL, typed on her iTouch.

Siying: ‘OMG, you’re the writer? I love your stories. Umm.. very.. realistic.’

Me: ‘Haha. Thanks man.’

Siying: ‘What are you writing now? Tell me leh.’

Me: ‘I’m writing a story about you lo. Haha.’

Siying: ‘Hmm.. are you open minded?’

Me: ‘I suppose I am quite open minded. Why?’

Siying: ‘Let’s have a little fun.’

I was shocked, it was also now I’ve realised her downblouse that was gapping wide open for me to see. She sat herself backwards on the bed and I took her face close to my mouth, kissing lightly. Her tongue slowly pry my lips open and we were enjoying a tongue fight then. My hands were running up her thighs, rubbing her pussy through her denim shorts.

*hmm* Her moans were muffled by the kiss. Taking a break, she locked the door and got naked, requesting me to do the same too. Crawling onto the bed, she went into a doggie position. With my knees, I waddled behind her and prepared to penetrate her.

Me: ‘Are you a virgin?’

Siying: ‘No. I gave my first time to my ex. You mind?’

Me: ‘Nono, just asking.’

With a slight smile, I pushed my dick into her semi-wet pussy. With her nod, I started moving my hips like the wheels of a train. Slowly, and got faster. Her pussy wasn’t small, it was a perfect fit for my dick. The vagina walls weren’t too tight, the amount of juices weren’t too much, her moans were subtle too. It was as though we were fucking a body made for each other.

We didn’t wanted to waste too much time changing position, with her body slapping her pussy back against my forward thrust, I had my share of pleasure and wanted to unload soon – in case someone knocks. Putting her hand on her ass, she pointed to her ass.

Siying: ‘Can shoot inside? Just put the head of your dick in and shoot.’

Me: ‘Okay. I’ll do it.’

The pounding resumed and the slapping got louder, it wasn’t even twelve minutes in her perfect pussy before I had to pull it out, forced it into her ass and pumped a couple of inches into her before unloading. It was satisfying, the pulling out of my dick feels like a suck to clear whatever was remaining inside. And once my dick popped out of her ass, the thick cum started flowing out.

Siying: ‘You’re good.’

The clean up was easy, and we spent most of the night talking about our fantasies, even got me penning down some inspirations from her too. Goodnight Siying.

What If/s

How nice to have a girlfriend to satisfy your every needs. Let me create an imaginary girl, who would I hope be everyone of your desire and fantasies.

*tugging at Ivan’s shoulder*

Rinnie: ‘Hey, you awake yet? It’s 7am le. Work work!’

Rinnie had spent the night at Ivan’s place, her parents were out on a long holiday around the world. She came from a well-to-do family, had nothing to worry about since birth and was smarter than many girls her age. At just 18, she had graduated from poly with a Diploma with Merit for Psychological Studies.

Weighing at 40kg for a height of 160cm, she was the dream girl every guy would want to have. Usually dressed decently, jeans and shorts and tee, many a time she doesn’t wear anything below. Especially during dates with Ivan, she would be wearing a tube, and a skirt so short would show her cute lacy panties if the escalator is long enough.

Rinnie’s hand slowly went over Ivan’s waist and into his boxers, massaging his little brother. Ivan was an average guy with high self-control level, he was also born with a silver spoon. For his 21st birthday, his parents gotten him his very own apartment with a BMW. He had many girls after him, usually spending his time reading in the midst of everyday, girls would go up to him for numbers without fail. From secondary to sugar mummies, he could have any.

Ivan: ‘Okay okay, time to work.’

Work usually meant playtime in their schedule, without the need to work, they could spend most of the day doing anything they want. And here it begins.

Ivan slowly turned himself to lie flat on the bed, while Rinnie continued stroking his dick. Her other hand was grabbing Ivan’s arm, trying to get him to get her off as well. Her body was the hornier one, but he is the stronger one. As moans got louder from Ivan, Rinnie wrapped her legs around his hand, using his whole arm as a magic wand, stroking herself.

Uncontrollably, Rinnie started to jerk Ivan’s dick faster and he returned the favour by fingering her wet tight pussy. Both were moaning so loudly neighbours would complain if they were staying in a HDB flat. Soon, she wanted more from Ivan, but without his order, she was suppose to keep going. Since the beginning, Ivan was the master, and Rinnie was the slave. He had much control over himself than Rinnie, who could get horny for no apparent reason.

Ivan: ‘What would you do next?’

Without hesitation, she climbed on top of him, his dick in her hand, ready to make it disappear into her.

Ivan: ‘Wait. Don’t rush can? Tell me what you want now.’

Rinnie: ‘I want your dick in me now.’

Ivan: ‘Okay. Do what you want.’

She spread her pussy open wider and sat down, taking the whole length of the 5.6inch dick into her. Every thrust into her was the most orgasmic experience, his dick was the first and only one that hit her right at the end of her vagina, so deep and full.

She kept herself rocking over him, palms pressed on his abs, grinding and sliding back and forth. Ivan wasn’t all that satisfied, but nonetheless, he wanted her to be happy. Within minutes, Rinnie came for the third time and Ivan needed a change in position.

Hugging her, he pulled himself up and sat face to face with her. A gently peck on her lips and she fell onto her back, ready for Ivan to do his work. Moving his hips gently, his long hard dick started pounding on Rinnie’s hip, balls against pussy. Her moans became sobbing, from the joy and bodily reactions. She wasn’t getting tired for sure.

Pushing her legs up towards her breasts, she knew that to do, it was one of the times Ivan was so enthusiastic. Holding her own thighs, Ivan increased his speed of pounding, driving her wild and wet with orgasms. Her mind is blank, in a trance, wanting more. Ivan was cool, he knew how Rinnie loved sex, and slowly, he paced himself slower and still stuck deep into her.

Rinnie’s eyes were closed, breathing resumed to the slow and deep ones, her legs were now wide open on the bed. Sliding his body downwards, his tongue gave her clitoris a flick, and she twitched. Ivan felt special on this day, he wanted to give her a treat. Using his middle finger, he stuck it up her pussy, twisting and curling his finger, making her moan and keeping her wet.

With his tongue, he continued flicking her clit quickly, keeping up with his fingering. Her love juice flowed non-stop down his finger and onto his hand. As much as he could, he kept his mouth sucking on her hole with every orgasms she had. It was close to 8am when Rinnie finally collapsed from exhaustion.

Ivan wasn’t done yet. Climbing over her limp body once more, he slid his rock hard dick into her tiny hole, resumed pounding at an even faster speed. Her eyes were trying their best to open, but all she could do was to let Ivan have his own fun with her body. Sure, she didn’t had control, but she knew Ivan was having the most fun pleasuring her. Soft moans, heavy and loud breathing.

Rinnie: ‘Ivan, you like it?’

Hmm‘, Ivan murmured while suckling her breasts, dick still in her. With a heave and puff, Ivan went hyperspeed on the pounding of her already sore pussy. ‘Shooting le!’, it was a pleasant surprise as she felt his load entering her, pushed deep with every thrust she received. His every move was matched by her breathing, embracing all of his love into her. She was more than happy and felt fortunate, with a grin across her face, she took Ivan by the chin, while he rested his sweaty body on her, and kissed deep.

Ivan: ‘You leh? Like it? My service today good hor? Specially for you de.’

That couldn’t make Rinnie anymore happy. With a hug, she flipped him onto the bed and wriggled her body downwards to his juicy dick, with her dried cum over it. Taking it into her mouth, she went as deep as her mouth was, right down her throat. Her gag response was trained, trained from the long hours of blowjob she did for Ivan.

Licking, sucking, nibbling, gentle bites, balls fondling, slurping, gagging, it was her gift for Ivan. He simply laid back, closed his eyes and enjoyed. There was no sense of hurry nor tiredness. Most of the time, she would keep herself working by fingering and rubbing her own clit, pinching it for a long time before letting go.

Ivan: ‘Rin, I’m going to cum. I want to cum in your mouth.’

Giving no resistance to Ivan, she continued sucking, but this time, with her fingers wrapped around his long shaft, moving in synchronization with her mouth.


Ivan blew his load into her mouth, almost choking her, but she could handle it well. For she knows when is he shooting after the warning, and how to know when it would fire. Taking it all in her mouth, Rinnie waited for Ivan’s powerful dick to finish pumping the proteins. After he signaled to her he was done, she swallowed the whole load in one gulp, *gulp*.

Her work wasn’t over. Without lifting her head off his dick, she sucked his dickhead gently a few times, making sure everything is out. If there is anything left, she would swallow it again. And after the check, she would naughtily suck him hard on his now-sensitive penis.

Rinnie and Ivan had a lot in common, sex was a routine for their young bodies and age. Before breakfast, and before dinner. It was more than a workout. It was dessert time, showertime, TV time, cooking time. More reasons to have sex than anyone. And surprising, Rinnie was the one with raging hormones. How nice.

Dirty Secret

The hurt hasn’t been more of a burden more than ever. Elaine’s boyfriend had been in the dark for as long as they were together. They were a perfect couple that never hid any secrets from one and other, friends knew boyfriend and girlfriend. Ivan had been with Elaine for close to one year now, and he knew she had great girlfriends she enjoyed being with. Having that in mind, he allowed Elaine to be with them even if it meant to cancel a date.

Elaine, on the other hand, had only one secret from Ivan. It wasn’t something you and I would even dare to think about, it might sound like a fetish, but the truth is seriously a nightmare. Every night, Elaine would go to bed, guilty and afraid of the secret. One that is so dark it gives her nightmare every other day.

She was thirteen when her parents divorced. Her dad was one of the most loving father in the world, earning lots of money running a successful company. He could give her anything she wants. Being so young, she didn’t think a divorce would affect her in anyway, couples are made when one like other, and separated when feelings died.

One night, it was raining heavily and her dad, being the boss, came home late from a meeting. He was an audiophile, home theater, surround systems costing over thousands of dollars. He walked into the house, played some classical and went for a shower. Elaine was in her room, doing homework and blasting her own music. Both of them lived in a bungalow, her ex-mum did get a share of his wealth but it didn’t affect her dad much.

Her biological mother gave up the custody to her because there didn’t want her to affect the relationship between her boyfriend and her. Thus, leaving the father to care for Elaine.

Dad: ‘Hi dear, doing homework?’
Elaine: ‘Yahh. A lot leh. You want to help me do? *giggles*
Dad: ‘If I know how to, I will help you do.’
Elaine: ‘Daddy, you didn’t do well in school meh?’
Dad: *laughs* ‘Daddy can’t help you do your homework.’

Elaine was dressed in a singlet and shorts, she didn’t really knew how she affected her dad with her outfit then. She just kept writing and making sure dad didn’t flip through her stuffs.

*taking a cup from the bed desk and holding it in front of Elaine*

Dad: ‘Daddy made this honey drink for you. Drink it and finish your work.’

Elaine took the glass from his hand and finished all of it, handed daddy the glass and continued with her work. It was 10pm when her eyelids finally closed. Daddy slowly creaked open the door and carried his little girl to bed. It all seemed fine for any father to carry a sleepy daughter to bed, but more were running through his mind. Often, he sees her little girl covered in towel after shower and walking around. Once in a while, he would peep through the her room to catch her masturbating too. Tonight, he could no longer take it. The drink was doped.

Uncovering the strands of hair over her face, he could smell her sweet fragrance. He wanted her before anyone else. Her panties was one light tug away, her shirt didn’t matter anyway, there wasn’t much boobs to suck on. Lifting her shirt to expose her breasts, his big strong hand was already in her panties, rubbing her hairless pussy.

She was getting wet, she was drowsy, but awake. Elaine never felt so lost, but her body was sucked out of energy by the pleasure and the drug. Daddy was already undoing his pants, dumping his clothes on the floor. The room lights were off, only gently lit by the street lights from the outside. Positioning his body at her hips, he was ready to deflower his very own daughter.

Very cautiously, he sunk his huge meat stick into her pussy. It wasn’t all that smooth compared to his divorce’s defloration. With a jerk, he was in. His daughter’s eyes were almost closed, but she could still see, and feel the pain. Tears were flowing down her eyes, to the ears. Daddy didn’t care about her feelings, nor the blood. He went faster and faster, treating her daughter as a sex doll.

Elaine could not move, nor could her small body take the pounding, within seconds of the rape, she was unconscious. Her dad went all night long, fucking her lifeless body, pumping rounds and rounds of cum into her. He wasn’t thinking straight, he just wanted small Elaine.

Finally, in the wee hours, Elaine woke up, thinking it was a bad nightmare. Putting her hands under the blanket, her fingers went into her panties, and further in. Her pussy was sore, painful. It wasn’t a dream, it’s a nightmare came true. She laid in bed the whole day, and daddy was out.

Of course, once he returned home, he used his daughter for the painful release of his pressure. Being helpless, calling the police has never crossed her mind, she loved her dad for what he’s done for her. This time, under her dad’s threat, she got on top of him, and sat down on his long shaft, which is obviously too much for her to take. It was hell mixed with pleasure. Something she would not find worth the pain.

She finished her dad in a mere ten minutes of riding and he too, was quick to dump her aside and go to bed. It wasn’t just once a day type of torture. It was a morning routine, and evenings, and sometimes, in the middle of the night. She was getting used to it. Intercourse, blowjobs, handjobs. She’s learning everything the hard way.

Elaine no longer is herself. When she moved to secondary four, her mind was so corrupted that she would masturbate in school, tease the boys by making them hard wearing coloured bras and panties. It was until Ivan appeared, she finally found someone who truly loved her and pulled herself together.

Dad still occasionally did Elaine, but Ivan was someone her dad is afraid of. He was smarter, more matured. Knowing Ivan could call the cops on him, he made sure Elaine took great care of him, giving her money to splurge on him, encouraging her to have as much as sex with Ivan.

Elaine loved being with Ivan. Sex with him was mind blowing, there was never a condom between them. He would allow her to do anything she wants, and fulfill her every requests. If she’s too tired to do anything, or even ask for anything, he would then use his own methods to perk her up.

Long minutes of frenching, slow and arousing fingering, no matter in public or private, she found out the joy of sex. As the year went by, she no longer stays with her dad but with Ivan and his family. Not being able to do anything to her daughter, he continued to wire her money to keep the secret.

Every night, Ivan would have the most sensual session of love-making with Elaine, pumping his love into her, taking her every drop of love juice into his mouth. They were happy. Elaine was able to forget what her dad did to her especially during their long late night sessions.

Most of the time, rape victims would recall the bad memories during sex, but not for her. She never failed to take every inch of Ivan into her, she never fail to satisfy Ivan in anyway he asked for. Soon enough, Ivan learnt of her past and finally ended her nightmare.

Still, Ivan and Elaine never got tired of sex every night.

Play Once Again

*Ringgggg* My phone rang at the worse time possible. 10.30pm. I was just about to go to bed after a long tired day. Peiling was on the line and I picked it up, hoping for something fun.

Peiling: ‘Ehh.. you can meet now? My mum is not in Singapore to help me.’

Me: ‘Okay. Do I have to bring anything?’

Peiling: ‘Your camera lo. You got a small one right?’

Me: ‘Okay.’

I put on some ugly clothes and cabbed down to her private estate along Serangoon. She was in her usual PE t-shirt and matching shorts. I entered her unit and she brought me up to her room, covered with paper cuttings and stuffs on the floor.

Peiling: ‘Can help me take a video?’

Without saying anything, I took my camera out and turned it on for her, switching to video mode.

Me: ‘Nah.’

She placed it on her study table and positioned it to aim at the bed.

Peiling: ‘Come.’

She then pulled her PE shirt off, letting her boobs bounce free in the air. I was hard in an instant. My bulge through the pants was super obvious luh.

Peiling: ‘You want to play?’

How could I resist her? I hopped onto the bed with her and kissed. It had been a long time since I felt this way. Her hands were already roving under my shirt, tugging it off quickly. I knelt between her legs and pulled her shorts off, along with her white cotton panties.

Without wasting any time, I was licking her clit the way she liked, lapping sounds, with her deep and heavy breathing. My hands were above, playing with both her hard nipples and of course, her hands weren’t slacking either, pushing my head deeper onto her slit.

Everything went super speed. I was so hard that I couldn’t resisting asking her.

Me: ‘Can you suck me?’

She nodded and I crawled above her, with my dick right at her mouth. She was still lying down, that’s how she preferred it to be. With a gentle suck on my dick head, I went numb. She knew how I reacted when I am high. Her mouth and tongue didn’t stop either. Not until she wanted more.

Peiling: ‘I got a vibrator, you want to help me?’

I took it out of her drawer where she pointed at and went to the toilet to clean it. It looked just like the one I bought for her, just that it’s branded. I helped her put her panties back on, it was as though she’s a little baby, legs raised up for me to dress her bottom.

Slipping the vibrator into her undies and getting on top of her, with my penis pressed hard on the bulge in her panties. I asked her the usual question. ‘Are you ready?’ She grabbed my arms which is right beside both her shoulders and closed her eyes. Having the control in my right hand, I started it and she hugged me close to her.

Her hips was grinding against mine intuitively. I was enjoying myself watching her facial expression.

Suddenly, she stopped me and pushed me off. I feel onto the bed beside her. She climbed on top of me, pushed her panties to one side and sat hard on me. Her arms are now beside my shoulders, eyes glued to mine and hips grinding.

Her pussy took my dick whole in one push and she was wetter than usual. I thought she already broke her hymen, it was unbelievable sex. She finally gave in to me, I thought. With every thrust into her, her body shook more vigorously.

Until twenty minutes into the rough sex, her pussy wrapped tightly around my rock hard dick and contracted. She fell onto the my body, but hips still trying to move. Grabbing her meaty ass with my hands, I continued pounding her tight pussy, pushing her up so she could still fuck me using her body weight.

I pulled it out as the load unleashed. Spraying it all over her butt crack and flowing down across her pussy. I got up and turned her over, there was blood in my cum. Thinking I broke something, I check my dick only to realise it’s her pussy that was bleeding.

Me: ‘Peiling! I thought you are not a virgin?’

Peiling: *breathing heavily* ‘I want to give it to you.’

Me: ‘Thank you.’

I gently rubbed her sore, blood covered pussy. It was the only way to make her feel less pain. She smiled and looked at me, something I’ve never seen before. I still liked her, I think.

Slowly, she fell asleep and I transferred the video onto her Mac – our very own sex video. Going out on my own, I pressed the lock timer for the magnetic gates.

Confused by her decision, what happened that night stayed in my mind. Only to be interrupted by the S$10+ cab fare totaled.

Bad Mood

Joyce was in a bad mood and so was I. Somehow, without saying much, we sort of spill our hearts out. Looks like she was having problems with her boyfriend, which I am facing with my girlfriend, Peiling, too.

We decided to walk around Junction 8 to chit chat and kill some time. She was on the verge of breaking, and I was already single then.

After walking from the top level to bottom, she asked if I wanted to accompany her home. Her family is out and she needs someone beside. Knowing she is feeling down and wants to talk, I followed. She was staying in the houses opposite Junction 8, a long way in though. We chatted throughout the journey till we reached her house. Feeling bad about me accompanying her in and walking out alone, she invited me in.

Once in the house, her mood switched for the better. She asked me up to her room to view some clothes she saw online and see her room’s new makeover. I tagged along and was alone in there with her, with doors closed due to the air-con.

She sat on her revolving chair and I stood behind her. She is those kind of cute girl who had a little girl’s look and a chest quite flat. I was turned on by her bed and the down-blouse which was so close yet so far. She was wearing a grey bra then. She showed me the clothes and new stuffs she discovered on her pink Vaio laptop. I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked if she wanted a massage. She didn’t say anything, so I started massaging her.

As she got more relaxed, I bent over to the side of her face with the excuse of having a better view. The lights were no on since it was quite bright. She then turned and looked where was I and our face came real close.

I whispered to her softly, ‘Can you close your eyes?‘ and she did.

I pressed my lips on her small mouth and started to spread her lips with mine. I slide my tongue into her mouth and her tongue came out to play too. I turned her around (revolving chair) and kissed her. I knelt down on the hard wooden floor so it would be more comfortable for us.

Both my hands went up her legs and undid her denim shorts. With our lips still kissing, she stood up a little so I could pull her shorts down, revealing a cute bunny cotton panties. I spread her legs and ran my left hand up her thighs to massage her pussy through her panties.

My left hand moved under her shirt and into her bra, fondling her tiny nipple. She was getting flushed and moaning while her lips are on me. Her panties got wetter by the seconds and then I stood up, releasing the kiss unwillingly.

I led her by hand to her bed and she tumbled onto it, covering herself with the blanket. I tucked myself on her right side. Turning towards her, my left hand went into her panties, and searched around for her hole.

She stopped me and said, ‘Ehh, I remove my panties first lah. 很挡路。’ (blocking the way). She then took it off under the blankets and placed it above the pillow.

I moved her left leg up and right leg towards me so I could finger her. My middle finger slide into her and she was moaning with heavy breathing. For her small build, her pussy was naturally tight. She asked me to remove my pants and I did. She took a condom from a bag by the wall and asked me to put it on too, and I did too.

She flipped open the blanket and positioned herself over me in a cowgirl style and sat slowly onto my dick. She stopped a few times and kept saying, ‘wah lau ehh, you one so big.’ I did support her by her bottom and helped her get my full dick in.

She paused for a while with my dick inside her, me in a daze with her throbbing tight pussy. She moved forward and backward slowly, something which I have not tried before. Her body wasn’t so heavy so I sat up and hug her. Moving both our hips in and out on a bed feels great.

I fall her onto her back and did her in missionary. She was practically clawing my arms. Imagine this, doing a cute girl with small petite body doggy style, moaning softly and breathing hard. Her pussy is so tight that I had to go slow most of the time in case I ended it too soon.

Suddenly, she screamed, ‘Wait wait!’ and I got a shock, thinking she was in pain.

I pulled out my dick and she gestured me to pull her up. She said her period ended one day ago and was okay for me to do her raw. All the while while saying those, she was rolling the condom up with both hands. Lying back down, I slide my now, raw dick, into her.

It was like nothing I’ve felt before. Her pussy muscles were twitching and sucking me in. I humped her quick and let her know that when I was going to shoot, I’ll pull it out. Just a few more thrusts later, I looked downwards and she held me by her legs pushing me deeper into her, giving my dick a final thrust and squeeze to release it all into her.

She held me in that position for about 5 mins after I’ve collapsed. After that, I moved my hardened dick in her again. Pumping again in missionary on her, who was close to fainting with tiredness and pleasure. Her eyes would close and moaning would go soft, but everytime I tried pulling out my dick, she would use her legs to clamp me down.

After shooting once more into her, she then allowed me to pull my, softening dick out. I admired her pussy which was overflowing with my cum, and there she looked at me lazily from the bed.

‘我喜欢里面有温温湿湿的感觉。’ That phrase really turned me on.

She went to her toilet to clean up and I put on my clothes and waited for her. She came out in her nightdress and sat in front of her computer.

Her: ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’
Me: ‘Yupp, never. Will we do it again?’
Her: ‘Hmm.. maybe? (high pitched)’

She sent me downstairs and off on my way home. She was my type but never had a chance with.