Pet Student or Teacher

Ying: ‘J, see me after your CCA ends.’

That was all she told me when the bell rang after school. I didn’t anyone would imagine that a Math teacher would actually hook up with her student but I was wrong. It all started two weeks ago, it was during a break at my CCA when I went into the staff toilet, as it was single cubicle and was most conducive for doing ‘big’ business.

When she saw me through the mirror, I was behind her as she zipped her dress and her bra and panties were hanging on the sink. It was that time when she pulled me into the toilet and asked me not to tell anyone that she went braless and pantyless in school. At that age, I didn’t even think of spreading such rumours but the fact I was a normal guy, gave me a hard on which she saw immediately when I placed my feet together to loosen the groin part of the pants.

What she did next was unbelievable to this date, even though we had progressed much further. She let her dress drop to the ground and squatted in front of me, helping me remove my pants like a mother stripping her little boy. I did not initiate anything and she just took it into her own hands, both my dick and my fate. A few minutes of jerking later, she actually went down on me and sucked me till I came.

It was then I knew, she was much more deeper than just a teacher who felt threatened when her student saw her naked. There was something in her that made her lust for younger guys.

Back to that CCA day, I ended at 5.30pm, and rang her up at the school’s music room. She asked me to wait for five minutes before going to the staff toilet, at level 4, the highest floor of our school. I went up as instructed and knocked lightly before the locked undid itself. Walking in quickly, I did not want anyone to spot me.

There she was, only known as ‘Ying’ to protect her identity, seated on the toilet in a laced black dress that could be seen through into her nude figure. There was no way anyone could imagine her sexy slim figure from the modest clothes she wore during class.

I stood in front of her after hanging my bag on the door and she removed my pants for me. I fumbled in the side pockets of my bag for something she requested and a sparkle shone in her eyes when she saw the silver package. Since our little fling in the toilet started, she had been confiding in me about how a condom would turn her on, as if her body was dying to use it. Today, I brought it for her and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Bending her back down at my dick, she took it in her mouth without hesitating and made slurping sounds as she sucked it deep. My mind was in a blank state whenever she did it and her tongue would just roam all over my skin, rubbing each of my sensitive spots with her slippery tongue.

I reached down her neck to fondle her boobs and she was going down faster when I pinched on them. Given how young I was then, I did not really know how to satisfy a woman but she was more keen in showing me the pleasure of blowjob. Perhaps that was what got me addicted to it.

Once she felt that I was big enough, she stopped what she was doing and went over to the basin, where she bent her chest near to the mirror and I handed her the condom. She held it with two fingers at her pussy and I moved my dick towards her. Her clasp on the rubber relaxed as it rolled down my shaft, letting my dick pierce into her a little at a time. Soon, the condom was in place and I was inside, the warm, wet, deprived hole.

Wasting no more time, I held her waist and rammed hard at her, watching her orgasmic expression in the mirror. Whenever I slowed down to delay my climax, she would be fucking me by thrusting her butt backwards, like pleading me not to leave her idle. On and off, I went fast at her till she was pushing me back against the strong wooden door, grinding me as I took a rest.

Ying: ‘Let’s go to the toilet bowl.’

She hurried off to take her seat and opened her legs wide, rubbing her clit while I made my way over. Doing a half-squat, I sent my dick into her deeply and the strong force caused her to moan louder. This time, I knew it was time to end our fun and went all out, pounding her with my energetic stamina which was given by the PE lessons. Her hands warmed my cheeks and occasionally brought me to kiss her, making her feel young again.

Her legs went around me just as I felt her pussy squeezing down on me and her body went into a small shiver as she gasped.

Ying (whispering): ‘You’re so big!’
Me (whispering): ‘Ying, you look sexy in this position.’

She gave me a naughty grin and asked me to pull out. Left standing against the wall, she remained seated and went down on me again, licking it like a sweating lollipop. Her blowjob was as good as the first time, driving my mind numb with lust as her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock.

Her speed increased along with her fingers in her pussy and I was about to cum after five minutes. She brought me to the side of her head and her mouth was sort of milking me sideways (my groin at her ear). It was a totally different feel and my body gave in easily in that new angle.

The big splash happened in her mouth but from my view, nothing seemed to be happening. I was groaning and messing her hair as she kept teasing my pee hole, spilling more cum into her mouth. She finally stopped disturbing me after I told her I was empty and she cleaned me up with her tongue in the most obedient manner, covering her saliva over every corner to collect the semen into her mouth.

The satisfied teacher stood in front of me and swallowed, cleaning her mouth with some water before making out with me. Suddenly, I felt like a sex toy when her lips went berserk on my face, like she was forcing herself on me. We ended our session when her phone rang and a lovey dovey conversation went on while I got dressed.

Me: ‘Your boyfriend?’
Ying: ‘Yeah. He is in the carpark.’

She wore her clothes back and gave me a little performance, finally requesting me to zip her dress up for her. Still braless and panty-less, she left the toilet before me and went down the steps.

After that day, I did not know what was driving her to horny and became her pet student in class. Sure, a few girls who liked me got jealous as I spent more time with Ying than hanging out with them after school, but two of them did something far more than just confessing and daringly declare their liking for me to the rest of the class.

I shall leave that for the next upcoming story.

Caught Without

Mr. Ho: ‘You know what is the consequences of not wearing panties under your skirt?’
Jamie: ‘I didn’t mean it. They are all in the washing machine.’
Mr. Ho: ‘Can’t you at least wear a pair of shorts?’
Jamie: ‘I was in a hurry. I have no choice. I promise it won’t happen again.’
Mr. Ho: ‘It is not just that I asked you to stay back. Look at these photos.’

He placed his phone on the table where a series of pictures of her smoking in her uniform was cycling in the slideshow, wearing an old school uniform that was going translucent was bad enough. But to be caught with cigarettes, and some photos even showed her sitting on the railings exposing her panties to passer-bys.

Jamie: ‘Who sent this to you? You can’t let my parents find out. They will kill me.’
Mr. Ho: ‘I am the head of discipline you know? A new teacher saw this and took the photos. It was only after he asked me what to do before I noticed it was you. I have to let your parents know no matter what. If not how would I get their signatures?’
Jamie: ‘Please please.. don’t. I can do detention or whatever.’

The usually defiant girl suddenly turned soft in this situation, and Mr. Ho showed no signs of any other options for her but to embrace the consequences.

Jamie: ‘Is there anything I can do so you won’t let my parents know?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Even if I can close one eye, I don’t know if the new teacher will forget about this.’
Jamie: ‘Who is he? I can talk to him another time.’
Mr. Ho: ‘How can I just put this on hold and do nothing?’

Jamie’s feet under the table rose between his chair and pressed onto his pants, wriggling her toes to tease the unwavering teacher’s mind. Knowing that his student was doing something he should not be enjoying, something in him held him from pushing her away. Sitting back onto his chair, he shut his eyes to feel her feet stroking his growing bulge. It was definitely a way to convince him not to report her, and after him, Jamie needed to settle with the new teacher as well.

Mr. Ho: ‘Alright. I will forget about this if you do a good job.’

Seeing the glimmer of hope for her offence, she went around the table to sit beside him and unzipped his pants obediently. Her hand took some time to fumble into his underwear, beginning a handjob that he was groaning to.

Jamie: ‘Is it good?’
Mr. Ho (whispering): ‘Yes. Keep going.’

A little struggle in his pants while she whipped his cock out, ready to do more than just using her hands. The desperation was not only to keep her smoking habits from her parents, but to ensure that she could keep going to school. It wasn’t the first time she had been a bad girl and the demerit points were almost reaching the limit.

Her long hair fell over her face as she brought her mouth to his lap, flicking on the tip a few times. Jamie’s mind was delighted at the second chance to correct her wrong and her hardworking mouth totally showed him how grateful she was. Still groaning non-stop, the slightly plump teacher’s hands were over her head and forcing her to go deeper.

Jamie (breathlessly): ‘Mr. Ho. I can’t take it any deeper. Can I do something else instead?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Up to you.’

She stepped between his legs and perched herself over the edge of the table, holding onto her skirt with one hand to keep it out of the way. So was it a coincident that she was pantyless with a debt to pay? Right before him was a freshly shaved pussy that reeked a bit of sweaty goodness. He was in full control by then and took his time exploring the young cunt that was gapping in response to his massage.

At first, it was her clit being tortured in a fierce vibration. Slowly, his fingers penetrated into her love hole and started thrusting his hand in long strokes, make each pump count. Jamie was too turned on to care about the rightfulness of doing such a thing and finally begged him to put his cock in, getting more horny by the thick, rough fingers.

Mr. Ho: ‘You asked for it k? Not me.’

A loud gasp came from the girl as he slid his dick in one stroke, stopping only when his hips landed on her butt. There was no way she could take all of his length but he could not be bothered with that. An underaged pussy was too much to resist for anyone I guess.

Pinning her body firmly onto the table, he began pounding her pussy, shaking the table. As he increased his pace, the table was screeching across the floor as she moaned louder. Her body was drifting into convulsion quickly from that oversized dick, pushing along the sensitive areas of her vagina.

Jamie: ‘Mr. Ho. I am cumming.. ‘

It went unheard as she felt him going even deeper, causing her mind to shut down momentarily as an orgasm shot through her spine. It was so mind-numbing that the words she mumbled after was barely audible. All Mr. Ho cared about was his own ejaculation that was coming soon. There was no way he could last with that tightness, packaged with a petite body designed for some hard fucking. The next moment she woke up was when another climax struck her, jolting her up with the dick still pounding behind her.

Mr. Ho: ‘I will shoot in your mouth later. Don’t move after I pull it out.’

The grown man went for another five minutes at the lifeless, panting girl till he pulled out way before the urge came, just for precaution. Hurrying over to her mouth, she was waiting for this moment and took his dick in. With her body still lying on the table, there was nothing much she could do except to let him fuck her lips, pumping deep and choking the poor girl.

As expected, her lack of an active tongue delayed his orgasm much longer and she was barely awake when he told her he was cumming. A few shallow thrusts later, his watery, warm cum streamed into her mouth and her tongue got a taste from every bit of it. It wasn’t pleasant at all to have a mouthful of cum that was bitter. Bearing the deal in mind, she kept it as long as she could till he sat down on the chair in front of her.

Mr. Ho: ‘Swallow it.’

The ‘hopeless’ look appeared across her face as she closed her eyes to empty her mouth. It took her a few gulps to clear her throat that had cum still sticking around, and Mr. Ho’s smile was all she needed to see.

Mr. Ho:: ‘You want me to ask Mr. Yap over? I think he is still in school.’
Jamie: ‘Okay. I think he won’t mind ba.’
Mr. Ho: ‘He doesn’t need to know. I will be leaving soon. Make sure to thank him well for not reporting you k? Tell him I gave you a second chance.’

She sat down on her chair and tided her hair and clothes, in preparation for the next teacher coming in. Hopefully he would be as ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ like Mr. Ho, if not she would be having a tough, or should I say ‘fun’, time with him.

Right as the school bell rang for the remedial around the campus to end, a burly guy, smartly dressed walked into the empty classroom. Jamie swallowed her saliva unneeded this time, as she could already see the bulge in his pants even before they were erected.

Mr. Yap: ‘Mr. Ho said that you wanted to see me? I am Mr. Yap, home economics teacher for the lower secondary.’

What? A big guy wearing an apron and cooking? That would surely be interesting.

Jamie: ‘Yeah. I wanted to ask you about the photos that you took of me smoking. Mr. Ho said I should thank you for not reporting me.’
Mr. Yap: ‘Thank me? I don’t even.. ‘

She went up to him before he could complete his sentence and ran her hand along the erection under his pants. Giving a hint so strong, he did not need to question any further and sat her down on the teacher’s desk, unzipping his pants immediately for her to start work.

Overflowing Panties

Getting out of the shower in a hurry, Charis slipped on the panties she prepared the night before, wriggling it up her waist for a comfortable fit. It was one of those PE days and her school sport shorts went over it, along with the white shirt that had her ‘house’ on it. She was running late for school despite staying just beside and dashed into the assembly area just before the bell rang.

Her semi-dried body caused her panties to feel a little damp but it did not bother her until PE started for the first lesson of the day. While most of her body was dried, the part where her pussy came in contact with, still felt somewhat wet, in fact, the word to use was ‘gooey’. There was no time to check what was happening and she followed the class after stripping her skirt away.

Teacher: ‘Alternate leg thrust!’

One of her knee tucked at her chest and the other stretched out straight. The wetness had gone but a sticky feeling took over instead. The poor secondary four girl did not understand what her body did and continued with the exercises that kept reminding her of the discomfort.

Wei Hao: ‘Why are your movements so weird today? You got hit so many times.’

The PE lesson ended with a loss on her side in a mini dodgeball game, that had really pushed her physical limits running around in that sticky panties. The sweat from her body soaked into her panties, making the gooey feeling return and she disappeared into the girl’s bathroom without giving him a reply. The rest of the class returned to their classroom for lessons, leaving Wei Hao, the class monitor, waiting for Charis.

Wei Hao (shouting): ‘Charis! Are you alright?’
Charis (shouting): ‘Hao! You want to go back to class first? I am having a stomachache.’
Wei Hao (shouting): ‘Andrew just texted me. Mr. Ho is on MC. There’s no relieve teacher too. I’ll wait for you. Faster!’

She sat on the toilet with her panties in her hands, wondering what the white sticky substance was. There was no other males in her house except her younger brother, whom had returned for a short while yesterday to pick up some clothes. Her dad was overseas and there was no one else. Unless it was really.. her brother?!

There was no way she could wear that piece of panties back, but she had never gone pantyless before. The PE shorts had soil over it when she fell on the field during a warm up run and it was damp from the dew too.

Charis (shouting): ‘Hao! Can you ask Sheryl to bring me her shorts? Mine is too dirty.’
Wei Hao (shouting): ‘I have an extra pair. My mum accidentally packed two. Want mine?’

Shit. Must she wear his? Anyway, things couldn’t get any worse and size just didn’t matter then.

Charis (shouting): ‘Can you pass it to me? Not convenient to come out now.’

After he ‘hello’-ed a few times into the ladies without a reply, he hurried through the door to help his friend out. Suddenly, through the slanted windows above the wall, the giggles of girls AND fast shuffling footsteps came out of nowhere! Wei Hao instinctively dashed into the only cubicle with its door ajar, covered her mouth and signalled for her to keep quiet with a finger on his own lips. Since Charis’ initial plan was to retrieve his shorts through the door, she was still half naked with her school blouse unbuttoned when he barged in.

He only pulled his hand away when he sensed a few nods from her, and in place of his hand, she laid her index across her lips, agreeing to stay quiet for their benefit.

The two of them dare not moved as the girls outside did not know there was anyone else in there. It is actually stealthy like mission impossible, except with more fear than excitement mixed with awkwardness. Wei Hao kept swallowing his saliva in the tensed situation and the sight of the frightened, half-naked girl, was the only thing taking away those fearful thoughts of getting caught. The ‘intruders’ left after a while and things returned to normal, for Charis to wear her new shorts.

When she sat on the toilet to wear them, her eyes caught the obvious huge bulge, and Wei Hao wasn’t even looking at her, for he had already seen enough of her smoothly shaved pussy.

For the first time in her schooling life, she found herself in the most embarrassing position without any idea on what to do. Charis had looked upon him as a leader but never crossed her mind to be that close to him in a toilet cubicle. Not that she liked or hated him, she was at a ‘inbetween’ state that didn’t mind being his. He has been watching her since she stopped wearing that pants, and was more than hopeful for something to happen.

With best intentions, her trembling hand reached for that bulging area to rub up and down against, and Wei Hao brushed his hand past her face for her boobs. One standing and the other sitting, that was all the space they had. He began fondling those nipples as soon as he laid his hand on them and she was gracefully lowering his zip to meet his monster. The shy gentleman took his dick out after she struggled with his underwear and left it ‘in her hand’ for her to play with.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘Sit back?’

She adjusted herself to lean against the flush sensors and raised her feet to the corners of the seat. He had gone to stand beside her and gently glided his hand down her thighs, progressing towards her pussy.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘You shave it everyday?’
Charis (whispering): ‘Yeah. It just feels cleaner this way. Doesn’t it?’

Yes, it truly did. With that said, his fingers contacted her clit and she gasped in shock. It was the first time someone else’s hand had touched her and the quick vibrations calmed her doubtful thoughts down. It had definitely felt better doing it herself and she returned the favour by jerking his hard on, thick to a point only her fingertips could touched each other. A few more girls entered and left quietly, as they progressed in their silent play.

It did not take long for Charis to let slipped the kinky side of her and it totally sent Wei Hao’s mind wild.

Charis (whispering): ‘Put your fingers in.’

He stuck his middle finger in and thrust at her innocent looking pussy carefully. He was admiring her slit most of the time to watch how the juices covered his finger, and the beauty of her was well hidden between a plump, fleshy mould of skin. He had accidentally triggered the most sensitive spot in her and she was responding to him in arousing arches of her back. Her handjob was moving at the same pace as his fingering hand, sending momentary waves of pleasure through his slow-shutting and opening eyes.

Subsequently, her mouth opened and turned towards his dick, where he stood up for and let her lips went around his shaft. The girl did not know how to execute a blowjob then and just moved her head up and down, maintaining a suction that caused him to groan.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘It feels damn good.’

She had thought the same too, with a second finger poking into her body, spreading her pussy lips even wider. He was prodding at her g-spot non-stop and the fingering only lasted a minute before her legs closed onto his hand, immobilising him with a strong contraction that hurt his fingers.

Now, she had came and he had not. Charis folded her legs and turned her body to face him, at the side of the cubicle. One of her hands went between her pussy and continued masturbating herself while she sucked faster, with a little help from his hands that were licked clean (by Wei Hao himself). He was shoving her head down on his dick and she was holding out fine from some unknown reasons.

The discreet ‘physical exploration’ slowly came to an end as his hips buckled in a couple of strange, twitching wriggle. She had expected things to come to an end about then.

Wei Hao (whispering): ‘I’m cumming. How?’

She took her dirtied panties without thinking and wrapped the butt area around his dick, using it to jerk him off. After a minute plus, he blew his load into her underwear and it seeped through the thin material easily, sending her into a frantic mode to contain his cum. The deep, breathing schoolboy did not move as his dick kept squirting, till every drop was out.

Wei Hao was done in a few long seconds and was mostly cleaned during the panty-rub. He then helped her put on his spare clean shorts and buckled her bra for her, before leaving the toilet behind Charis. Just so no one would spot him coming out of the ladies first.

Charis: ‘Don’t tell anyone about it k?’
Wei Hao: ‘I won’t. Who do you think I am?’
Charis: ‘Our class monitor. And my good buddy.’

They walked uneventfully into their class that had gone havoc in the absence of a teacher. No one had questioned their disappearance and appearance, leaving them to be the only ones to know what they did.

Classes came and passed quickly for that day as their MC teacher was supposed to take them for two subjects over three periods. It was freedom for everyone after their last lesson and Wei Hao got a message after he stayed behind to ensure everyone left the classroom.

Charis (WhatsApp): ‘Left school yet? There is no one in the toilet now.’

Of course, it was a Friday and everyone had rushed off for their weekend activities. The school emptied itself in a flash, and even the teachers were no longer around. I guess we would understand how it felt. Wei Hao happily made his way to the toilet and did the same, hello-ing a few times before going into the same cubicle where Charis was waiting in her school uniform.

Charis: ‘We have till five before the uncle locks the gate. This time, you are going to strip me.’

A smile broke his cool look and her buttons popped off easily. What would they do this time? Using just their hands and mouths? Who knows? ;)

Dangerous Recount 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Shelia had been very obedient when we got back together, keeping me updated about her whereabouts and who was she hanging out with. Even our sex got better when she gave in to my every demands, and living out many of my fantasies. While our relationship gave our friends an impression that we were so ever loving, a dark secret still lived in her life, and I had to find out the hard way.

The guy she had cheated on me a while back in the past, was still contacting her although she told me she did not reply a single message to him. He was sending my girlfriend long, kinky messages accompanied with pictures of his dick. I was fine with her masturbating to such pictures, but he did not stop there. I had a friend in Shelia’s school and had asked of him to keep a lookout for her, and dear, was I not disappointed.

That friend of mine, had seen Jonathan stalking my girl, especially along the dimmed corridors at the lower floors. Once, she had been stopped by him when he ran up to her and held her by her arms. Instead of a conversation, he forcefully pushed her into the old toilet nearby and my friend went in to record a video of what was happening, using his phone over the cubicle they were in.

Sheila: ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’
Jonathan: ‘Don’t lie. I know you miss my cock.’
Shelia: ‘I don’t.’
Jonathan: ‘Hold it and tell me again.’

He dropped his pants and placed her hand on his rod, where she began playing with it instinctively. He did not wait for her to get it bigger and pushed her head down, causing her to sit on the toilet and had her mouth driven over his cock. His hands went away and she was sucking him on her own, slurping and going deep on him.

After he had a five minutes enjoyment of her wonderful gag-less blowjob, he picked her up on her feet and helped the motionless girl remove her shorts and panties. He then raised one of her feet onto the toilet cover and stood close to her, while she looked up at the camera with her eyes closed. As soon as his hips started thrusting, her mouth opened and I could hear the moans from the video.

She was hugging him in no time and asking him to go faster. What a bitch! So much for telling me she had been faithful and listening to me. A few minutes later, she hopped on his body and her legs went around his waist, letting him carry her and bounce over his dick. Her moans were getting louder from the deeper entry and she had to stop him after some time.

Uninstructed, she went on her fours over the water tank and kept her knees together in doggie. That was the position we had most of our sex in and she was giving it to him. He stood behind her and rammed his cock in, pounding her senseless till she was begging him to go faster. I did not understand how could she let someone else fuck her this much, and the fact she had another dick to satisfy her was painful to me.

For the next minute or so, he kept pumping at the moaning girl until his hips slowed down, probably ready to unload.

Jonathan: ‘I am going to shoot.’
Shelia: ‘Not inside me this time? I don’t want him to know I did it with you.’
Jonathan: ‘Ahh.. Fuck him.’
Shelia: ‘No, if not I won’t do it with you again.’

That was the last straw. She was going to do it again anyway, no matter if he unloaded in her. She turned around sat with her legs opened, fingers rubbing on her pussy while she went down on him. She blew him for a while more and he exclaimed ‘fuck your boyfriend’. Her cheeks puffed up from the amount of cum she got and the toilet cover was lifted as soon as he stepped away. He cupped his hand over her mouth and held her head down at the bowl, rendering her unable to spit.

He lifted her chin up after she refused to swallow and pinned her neck against one side of the cubicle. Quickly sinking his fingers into her, he went on to thrust his hand at her pussy till she had to swallow. A loud groan came from her and the video stopped.

I fired up my Whatsapp and eagerly attached the video cropped to the sex scene and sent it to her. For the next few hours, she appeared online and offline, and finally came knocking at my door.

Shelia: ‘I am sorry for doing it again. I can’t stop him.’
Me: ‘Okay. I get it. Want to go out for dinner? I haven’t eaten.’
Shelia: ‘You’re not angry? Can I pay for dinner?’
Me: ‘You are paying. And wear this out.’

I threw a red blouse at her, slightly longer but was nonetheless meant to be just a top. She put it on after removing her t-shirt and saw the length ending just below her crotch.

Me: ‘Without your shorts.’

She had no choice but to remove her FBTs, and lifted the blouse to see how much panties was she going to expose. I had no heart to bring her out to somewhere crowded and just settle for dinner at the coffee shop under my block, where pervy eyes still stared at the upskirt she caused when she sat. That blouse was my favourite from then on, as crossing her legs would reveal the sides of her panties, and not crossing would show the patch of underwear between her legs.

Much fun isn’t it?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Two Teachers

Like many of those ‘confessions’ made on FaceBook and smaller sites, Jhae has received one so far and it was certainly most unexpected coming from someone who is teaching in a secondary school. It was a brief description that the person gave, but nonetheless, I find it arousing enough to be written into a story, mixed with a little of my imagination to it. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.

For this entry, compromising details like the school’s name, location will be left out, but names, will be kept the same, in accordance to the email. Like most of you would address your teachers (back then), Tay is the female partner while Lee is the male.

Here it goes;

Lee: ‘Tay, where do you want to try today?’
Tay: ‘I have a lot of work to rush. Can we leave it for tomorrow?’
Lee: ‘How much more to go?’

He went behind her office chair as she continued making lines with her red pen, letting him hug from her neck. His hands unbuttoned her short-sleeved blouse and slipped right in onto her bra. Wriggling into the cups, he kneaded on her soft breasts, successfully distracting her from her work. Hearing no sounds from Tay, he just kept fondling her boobs until she gave up fighting the urge, undoing her bra hooks to free the padless constricting bra.

It had took him a bit of an effort to remove it completely, but once it was off, his fingers dived in to her nipples, twisting it as she tidied her desk. She stood in a semi-squat state to let him take her seat, and then falling back onto his lap tiredly.

Tay: ‘See lah. I’m too turned on now to do anything.’
Lee: ‘Just a quickie alright? I know you have to go back to marking papers.’

Tay rested comfortably on the man’s body while he continued massaging her chest, until her brown nipples poked painfully at the thick material of her top. Between her butt, she could feel the hard on hinting at her to proceed once she had enough. Pulling her knee-length skirt up, Lee’s fingers went to rub on her panties and moans were finally coming from her. Tay’s hands were all over his head, pushing him down to kiss her neck while her body shifted to his teasing.

After a while, she could not take the foreplay anymore and got up, bending over the table for him to remove her panties. As her panties were left hanging at her knees, she shook them down and off her ankles, giving some time for Lee to unzip and take his magic stick out. Checking the other cubicles for the last time, she was feeling safer and rolled her skirt high enough to expose her pussy, that was a little wet from his fingers.

Admiring her long legs with heels on while she stripped, Lee parked his meat behind her and her legs could not open anymore wider than what the tight skirt allowed. The cosiness of her pussy did give him a tighter entry and he groaned during the trip into her, feeling her soft flesh wrap around his hard on.

Tay: ‘This is what I am waiting for.’
Lee: ‘You are especially tight today.’
Tay: ‘I know. We are fucking so much that my body just lust for this moment to come each day.’

The gradual increment of his speed made her moan louder as her body jerked against the table, feeling that warm piece of meat stroke her insides non-stop. The two of them were having fun in that empty staff room without regards to any recording cameras, ravishing each other as his dick grew bigger in her.

After a good five minutes of doggie, she rotated herself on the table to come face to face with that intelligent, sexy man. He slipped himself in easily between her opened legs and she placed her heels on his butt. Thrusting steadily, they just held each other in their arms, indulging in the connection between their intimate body parts. Both of them were already engaged in their own relationships, but the stress from teaching simply drove them crazy, looking for ways to relax during school hours.

The first time they did it was when he snuck a pack of beers into the staff room, drinking it after everyone left – or so he thought. Tay walked in on him emptying a can and couldn’t resist joining him. Being a poor drinker, she got drunk quickly and went kinky on the darkened mini lounge, teasing Lee until he lost control himself. Making their way to the single cubicle washroom, they just stripped naked and went all out in the constrained space, going rounds after rounds while drinking. As she had noted down her safe days, it was a fun-filled day of creaming her pie hole full and feeling her mouth going up and down his rod as frequent as he asked.

Since then, they had been finding chances to do it again with no luck, only to stumble upon this particular Wednesday before a long weekend. Ramming his hips at her table, she gave in to the urge to make out with him and they lasted for ten minutes in that position.

Lee: ‘Is it your safe day?’
Tay (whispering loudly): ‘No.. it was merely two weeks since we last did it!’
Lee: ‘Then can I cum in your mouth?’
Tay: ‘Do I need to tell you?’

A cheeky smile came across her face and he gave his last few strokes, before pulling out and letting her take the rolling chair. Sitting at the warm spot on the table, he watched closely as the sex-filled lady took his rod into her mouth, working up and down on it with diligence. It was the same attention she had given to her students when they needed help in their work, and Lee was totally weak from her sucking.

Occasionally looking up at him, the pleasure of satisfying men shook her confidence up and she sped up, sinking his rod deeper as she did so. Within three minutes of her sensual blowjob, Lee opened his legs wider and laid on the vertical file holders. She knew what was about to come and slowed down, moving her lips in longer length along his shaft. A few more strokes later, the first gush of cum landed on her tongue and she kept her tongue still, teasing only under the ‘hood’ with a shallow thrust.

An involuntarily groan came to signal the end and she slurped all the juices up, clearing his rod of any sperms stuck inside. They took turns to visit the toilet to wash up and wear their clothes back, until she came back to her table with Lee waiting, holding a pretty box in his hand.

Lee: ‘This is for you, and your fiancée.’
Tay: ‘What is it?’
Lee: ‘Open it and you’ll know.’

She ripped the poorly wrapped gift and took out a skin-coloured dildo, feeling as soft/ hard as a real one and did a thorough check on it.

Tay: ‘Why is there a hole behind it?’
Lee: ‘So he can put it over his dick to amp up the size? Don’t girls like it big?’
Tay: ‘Not all girls, but luckily, it’s fleshy enough, not too hard.’

A few seconds later, the unique bump at the middle of the toy stirred some resemblance to something. She gave him a deep-thought look and then a sharp breath of air entered her mouth.

Tay (whispering loudly): ‘Isn’t this your dick?!’
Lee: ‘Yeah! So you’ve realised.’
Tay: ‘Asshole! You made a replica of your dick, and want my husband to fuck me with it?’
Lee: ‘Yupp. Won’t that be fun?’

She happily accepted the toy without a word and went back to her papers, sitting on Lee’s lap while his fingers resumed masturbating her outside her panties. Indeed, she completed marking much faster with that extra stimulation and he drove her home, before returning to his waiting wife for dinner.

You guys could have guessed how glad Tay’s husband was when he saw his wife with a dildo, a sign that she had grown more sexual. As much as I hope he doesn’t find out whose ‘dick’ had been inside her with that extension on, cause Lee was also doing his own wife with Tay, just the sexy fucking scenes playing in his mind.

Closed Doors

After Evelyn had her lunch with Charles, they walked along the empty classrooms in the poly until they reached a room that they used for meetings. She was in a sleeveless short flare dress that had been teasing him so much that he had been raping her mentally long before their class ended. She clicked down on the door handle and a slight push let them into the ‘activity’ room. Charles couldn’t wait any longer and nudged her in, dumping his bag on the table and flipping her skirt up.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘Can’t you wait?’

Charles (whispering): ‘How to when you are wearing so sexy?’

As she placed her bag down, he was already tugging her panties down her legs. Once her bare pink pussy was unprotected, he slid the rolling chair behind her and took a seat, licking between her ass on the drying oyster. Evelyn perched herself up on the table and let him work his tongue up and down her slit, wetting it so she could accommodate him. After a minute, he was already too hot to just lick her, and he began unzipping his pants.

Evelyn turned herself over to sit on the desk and opened her legs for her fingers to masturbate. There she was, rubbing her own clit slowly while the sex-starved guy was whipping his cock out. As soon as he freed his hard on, he went up to her and pulled her head onto his lips, frenching her and taking over the clit rub with his hand. Running his fingers up and down a few times, he sank into her pussy after she jerked her hips. Charles loved to tease his little girl to the point she took control.

His fingers rammed into her tiny hole faster and faster while he felt her hand stroking his manhood vigorously. After five minutes of furious hand actions, he was getting impatient. He stood away from her and she bent herself over the table, raising her dress higher to her chest.

One hand reached for his dick between her legs and he placed it into her open palm. The hormone-crazy girl pulled him into her hole and reached both her hands out, stabilising herself for the high speed thrusts she loved. Charles pinned her waist down on the table and rammed into her, going in deep and fast. Evelyn was expressing her pleasure through moans filled with yes! yes!, oh god..

Charles had gotten exactly what he wanted and he pumped faster, shaking the whole table with his hip power. Evelyn was crazy from the sensitiveness of her pussy, and it was making her so high. After a while, he flipped her over into seated missionary and pounded her face to face, letting her suckle on his nipples to keep her quiet. Her legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, bringing him closer and deeper.

Suddenly, a tight squeeze came over his rod and he paused to look at her in bewilderment.

Evelyn: ‘I’ve been doing Kegel like you wanted me to.’

Charles: ‘Good good. Let’s see how much you practiced.’

The skin-close wrap around his rod was much more unbearable, and he went even faster, taking every thrust as the final one. At last, he felt his urge coming and yanked his dick out. He sat next to her on the table and Evelyn took the chair in front of his legs. Rolling herself between his thighs, her mouth went down on his wet cock and slurped hungrily on it. Holding her head in his hands, he pushed her down on his shaft until he was about to cum.

He let go off her and she held his dick in her mouth, making a few more trips down awaiting the load. Her hardwork paid off and the warming streams of cum leaked into her mouth, covering her tongue with a slight sweetness and a mix of salty, bitter taste. Moving her lips down for the last time, the exit was done slowly and with a light suction. Charles groaned at her teasing tongue and she smiled in front of his face. A kiss was planted to end the session and he kept his eyes closed, enjoying the movements in her lips as she swallowed.

Evelyn: ‘Let’s get out of here.’

Charles couldn’t agree more and got dressed, hiding her panties in plain sight into his bag. They walked hand in hand out of the room and left the premises, with a small stain of juice flowing down Evelyn’s legs.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘I’m still wet.’

Charles: ‘Off to my place now?’

Evelyn: ‘Yeah.. ‘

Student’s Mess

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, I wanted to see you cause I think I am in trouble.’
Mr. Lee: ‘What happened? I’ll try to help you out if I can.’
Christine: ‘I.. got intimate with another classmate.. and his sperms were caught on my vagina.’

Mr. Lee understood what she was getting at as he was her class’ biology teacher, and young enough to understand the students. He was the most ideal person to talk to without risking being sent to counselling or some health check up. Plus, his disciplined nature made him well respected, yet friendly when it comes to his students’ problems.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can you tell me in details where his semen went?’
Christine: ‘He pulled out in time, but he shot directly on my outside. Will there be any problems? I really don’t want to get pregnant.’
Mr. Lee: ‘When did this happen?’
Christine: ‘During recess today.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Okay. That will give you some time before the worst can happen.’

He asked her about the cleaning up and scarily, she did not wash it away and even wore her panties back. The puddle of sperms were still in her underwear and Mr. Lee could only asked her to immediately remove it and let him have a look.

She stood up in front of him and pulled her shorts and panties down, before he took it up to give it a closer look.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can I take a look at your groin as well?’

In the enclosed meeting room designated for 1 to 1 counselling, Christine sat herself at the edge of the table and lifted her skirt up. Mr. Lee went over to her legs and pulled a latex glove he carried around all the time with him, over his hands.

Mr. Lee: ‘I’m going to check if any of the sperms got into your system. It will be a little uncomfortable. Bear it with k?’

Christine nodded and he went on to separate the sticky folds of her labia. He got up after seeing some horror and brought the first aid kit to the table, where he wetted a few cotton balls and wiped the whitish fluid away. During the clean up, his fingers had constantly came in contact with her clit and the sensitive opening of her pussy, turning Christine on a little as he continued wiping her focused.

Mr. Lee: ‘Now that the outside is cleaned. I will be putting my finger in to see if any went in.’

He took his pinky and poked into her hole, arching it upwards before scooping out any fluids that might tell him how far they went. A finger of clear juices cleared his suspicion and he repeated the action a few times, moving as gently as he could. That few strokes into her pussy made her moaned a little and Mr. Lee stopped after he picked up her signals.

Mr. Lee: ‘Ok. I did a simple check and I don’t think any sperms had went in. But for pre-caution, I will have to bring you to my doctor so we can get a morning-after.’
Christine: ‘What’s a morning-after?’
Mr. Lee: ‘It’s a medicine to harden your.. egg. So no sperms will make it through and get you pregnant.’
Christine: ‘Is it 100%?’
Mr. Lee: ‘It’s just an emergency medication. After all, prevention is better than abortion right?’

Christine adjusted her skirt and sat beside him on the chair.

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee.. I am really scared.’

He patted on her shoulders and she buried her face into his chest, sobbing from her silly mistake. Facing her was his pants, that had a bulge that looked out of the ordinary. Christine found it weird that she could turn him on and placed her hand over his crotch to give that hard on a squeeze.

Mr. Lee: ‘What are you doing?’
Christine: ‘Checking. Mr. Lee, are you turned on by me? It’s hard.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Well, I am a man. And I can’t help it. So sorry about it. Shall we pack and get your pills?’

Her hand went back to his pants and kept kneading that tip, while Mr. Lee’s grip on her wrist slowly loosened. An inner desire to feel a young body was building up in him since he explored her pussy, and letting her continue would help suppress a little of it.

Mr. Lee: ‘You know we can’t do it right? I’m your teacher.’
Christine: ‘And one that I know I can trust. Unlike that idiot Sean.’
Mr. Lee: ‘He is the one?’
Christine: ‘Yeah. It doesn’t matter anyway. You have found a solution for me.’

It was most wrong of her to think of the morning-after as a solution, but her fingers that began unzipping his pants distracted him from trying to explain it to her. Slowly, her hand disappeared into his pants and massaged over his underwear, before putting in a little effort to bring his raging hormones to light.

After it was out of his pants, she continued giving him a handjob and he got more excited, feeling much better when his dick was in skin contact with his young student.

Mr. Lee: ‘Did you suck him as well?’
Christine: ‘Just a while.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Can you do it for me?’
Christine: ‘But you are so much bigger.’

That little boost of confidence made him pull her head down to his groin and she grabbed the base, placing her lips over his rod. Her tiny mouth went up and down and he could tell she was trying her best to take more than just his tip in. But as we know, a 26 year old man would be too much for a 14 year old girl right?

After a few minutes, he stopped her and picked her up effortlessly, placing her on the table in front of them.

Christine: ‘Are you going to put it inside?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Can I?’
Christine: ‘Go slow k? I’m afraid of pain. But you can shoot inside right? Cause the morning-after will stop your sperms from reaching my egg?’

His mind was already picturing how he would be fucking her, and a nod gave her the assurance there would be no problems. She spread her legs wide and Mr. Lee took a step closer, placing the saliva-coated dick at her pussy.

Mr. Lee: ‘I am going in now. Grab my arms if it hurts k?’

She placed her hands on his strong forearms and frowned as his dick pierced into her inches by inches. Surprisingly, her body did not trigger any pain signals and Christine even felt good as his dick brushed across her sensitive vagina. The quiet girl finally managed to contain his full length and Mr. Lee held her waist firmly against his dick.

The incoming waves of thrusts sent Christine moaning ecstatically with her mind being clouded with pleasure. That huge dick was satisfying her so much that her legs automatically went around his butt and pushed him to go even deeper. True enough, an older guy did have the tools necessary to please girls, and she was experiencing it first hand.

As time past, her body grew accustomed to him and the climax to her first vaginal orgasm was coming. It had taken her some time, but the suspense was already killing her. She had wanted it so much to feel how an orgasm in her pussy was. Mr. Lee kept up with his forceful thrusts until he felt her contractions got more frequent. Thereafter, the table shook like an earthquake as he pumped much faster and deeper, causing Christine to go into a trance and drooling from her mouth.

Christine: ‘Oh no.. I’m cumming Mr. Lee!’

She jolted up and hugged him tightly as her body trembled violently, squishing her soft pussy all over his shaft as juices leaked out of her. His close proximity was sealed with a kiss from his beloved student as energy drained out of her quickly. He carried her up and placed her on the headrest of the sofa, resuming the pounding as he was about to cum too.

Mr. Lee: ‘Your teacher is cumming soon too. Can you go on?’
Christine (semi-conscious): ‘Yes. I want you inside me.’

He jerked his hips back and forth, ramming the small pussy with his oversized rod. The poor girl was drooling all over her shirt and enjoying the forceful pounding at the same time. For one, her orgasm never ended with that non-stop torture of her pussy. Mr. Lee gave her no slack until he felt his dick expand from the cumming sensation.

Mr. Lee: ‘Christine, here it comes.’

He gave his dick a strong shove into her and held her closely, hugging her like before while his semen filled her womb up. The amount was enormous but the warmth that accompanied it made the whole process so soothing. They remained in each others’ embrace until he was done and he carried her to the sink before pulling out. Her small pussy instantly pushed whatever she could not contain onto the sink and it splattered in huge blobs.

Christine: ‘There’s so much.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Yeah. I haven’t unloaded this week. Thanks to the papers I have to mark.’
Christine (giggling): ‘Next time, I help you unload while you mark. Ok?’

He smiled at her and handed her some wet tissues. They cleaned themselves up and he tucked his dick back. Christine packed her shorts and soiled panties with her dirty PE clothes and they made their way to his doctor, who gave them the morning-after without prescription nor asking questions.

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, you are married right?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Just engaged.’
Christine: ‘So can we do it until you are married?’
Mr. Lee: ‘We can do it as long as you don’t mind sharing me with my fiancee.’
Christine: ‘Good things must share!’

He drove her home and went for another round of mutual masturbation, before she swallowed all of his sperms and him getting her thick juices all over his fingers.

Sticky Wet Panties

Grace woke up in the empty classroom after falling asleep during her remedial lesson. She picked herself up drowsily from the table and sat with her head spinning from the hot and humid weather. Something didn’t feel right as she squirmed on the chair, feeling some sticky fluids leaking out of her vagina. Was it just the usual discharge she experienced from day-to-day? She raised her green school skirt and tugged her panties open, only to see a huge load of white liquid gathering at her pussy.

The confused girl did not think much about the empty plastic cup on her table, but her phone which was kept in her pocket, appeared in the corner of the desk. She woke her phone up and saw that the opened photo app, with a new video of her in the sleeping position on the table. Frightened, she tapped on the thumbnail and the clip started playing.

Someone had held the phone at her and a lot of noises were heard in the background. She was then carried and placed chest down on the desk, while a pair of hands raised her skirt to her waist. The pink FBT shorts she wore was removed to her feet and her panties was lowered as well. The camera angle pretty much remained in the same frame, but the guy that stood behind her started to unzip his pants, taking out his dick and stroking it to get it hard.

Grace was lifeless throughout most of the action, but the desire to know what happened kept her watching the rape that happened on her. Moments after his rod was hardened, his hands went between her butt and rubbed on her pussy, until those clear juices caught on his fingers, even showing it to the camera. After that, his dick was stuck into her and the monotonous thrusting began, with loud cheers and even more guys stroking their dicks on screen.

The guy went on and on until he came and basically just came inside her, before giving the camera man a high five. The next guy came and turned her over onto her back, unbuttoning her blouse to reveal the orange coloured bra under the white top. More hands came into the picture and molested her breasts like savagers. Her nipples were pinched to redness and grew so large that she did not realise it was possible. A few heads went to kiss on her lips and continued to abuse the unconscious girl while her body was still being jerked up and down from the guy who was fucking her in missionary on the table.

Within a minute, he groaned loudly and his head fell on her breasts, sucking on a nipple until the next guy asked for his turn. This time, she was kept in the same position but was adjusted till her neck fell over the edge of the desk. A dick sticking out of a pants went up to her face and was shoved into her mouth. The guys in the double entry pose did a synchronised job of mouth-fucking and pussy-raping, going as long as three minutes until her pussy was filled up again. The oral guy took over her pussy and rammed a few times, before creaming inside her as well.

Flashes from cameras appeared throughout the session and a few phones were seen going up close to her pussy, snapping at the overfilled hole. The next guy went up to her and held her thighs together, plunging his dick into the small slit and groaning in satisfaction. He pounded her much harder than the rest and probably took a longer time, that the clip was cut off and started again in a new file.

Right then, Grace saw on screen that he had pulled out and took the camera from the ‘crew’, aiming it at her pussy. The strong jets covered her groin with cum and it was thick to a point it stuck onto her skin. She scrolled through the seekbar until a scene where the guys joined another table to support her head. She watched in silence as the guys cleaned her up, checking and double checking on her face, boobs. Helping her to wear her panties back in a hurry to contain the overflowing pussy, and finally pulling up her FBTs to the original position.

She watched herself being placed on the chair and returned to her sleeping position, listening to the sounds of the guys packing up and leaving one by one. Finally, the clip went quiet, and the guy who was filming, showed a piece of paper in front of the camera for a few seconds.

We couldn’t help ourselves to the most slutty girl in class, and we have made many videos just from what just happened. If you report this, some of us will get into trouble, but the person who will suffer is you. Because your face is in it.

Thereafter, about five iPhones without casings were flashed in front of her phone, playing the little piece of action simultaneously. The camera went dark towards the table and finally ended the visual torture.

Shivering from what she just watched, Grace felt dirty from the gangbang. Something in her had woken up to their doings, and a little thought in her to be owned came into her mind. Part of it wished she was awake when it happened, because she would still feign asleep, just to enjoy the gang rape of her nicer schooling state of mind.

That particular night, she played the clip over and over again, masturbating with that soiled panties. Her pussy was still leaking cum, and she got herself off countless times until she fell asleep.

Do you think she had any wet dreams that night?