Party Time.

It was finally the last day that Edmund had the chastity device strapped on him, which had been causing him some inconvenience since. Given the short plastic tube, his erection would hurt whenever he had one, without Coco beside to free it. And for these five days, she had not been having sex with him… Read more Party Time.

Two Boyfriends

The first time Nicholas saw Jacie was when his brother, Christ, brought her home for the night. Nicholas was in the living room, watching a movie connected to his iPad on the flatscreen, just giving her a simple ‘hi‘ to break the ice. They then proceeded into Christ’s room and the new night noises came… Read more Two Boyfriends


It was easy sneaking out of the girls’ sleeping quarters after midnight as the whole day was spent on really draining activities organised by Charmaine’s Girl Guides group. As expected, the guys’ room was still brightly lit and laughters were coming out of it. After she had showered earlier, all she wore was a long… Read more Spotter

Sit In

Rick went to Nikki’s place per normal and right in the living room, was her sister, Stacie, on the shared desktop doing her stuff. She was in her usual attire, a tank top, probably braless as a pair of navy coloured shorts, legs crossed on the chair while her sister lazed in her room waiting… Read more Sit In