Running 2

Part 1 | Part 2 Luna and Jenson made their own way to her place and when he reached, he gave her a text. A few minutes passed without any reply but the window along the corridor slid opened. Luna: ‘The door is not locked.’ Taking a quick look around, he entered her house and […]

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Part 1 | Part 2 Luna’s favourite lesson was finally here and she rushed into the female’s toilet to avoid the rest of the class changing into their PE attire. Under her pile of clothes, she had hidden a wireless vibrator that she wanted to try so badly, but never had a chance to. Once […]

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Spare Tyre.

Being a fuck buddy with a guy you liked did not feel good at all, and Brenda knew that first hand but could never give up holding on to the one reason that she was needed for. Dawson called Brenda up in the middle of the night, sounding awake and asked her to get to […]

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A Beer

After attending a birthday party of her friend, Vanessa was on her way home but was feeling more awake than usual. She could go home to masturbate and rest, or stop by for a cup of ice milo at a coffee shop nearby for some peaceful time to herself. She walked to the shop and […]

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Happy Ending.

Kate’s university exams were finally over and getting a part time job was her first goal to earn her own allowance. Having depended on her family for the course of three years, she knew she had to make a living herself from that point onwards. The only advertisements that she were attracted to were the […]

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