IRC Meet Up

Day: Tuesday
Date: 24 November 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: Her house

IRC seemed to be a danger zone for girls now. And to me, it’s impossible to find girls there. Even if there were, definitely very unlikely to get sex. Yesterday night, I was proven wrong.

Brenda PMed me asking me to intro, stating 21f for her. I returned a 20m and soon enough, we’re probing about each other’s IRC and the discreet lives. Quite a lot of information exchanged, both of us aware of where all these secrets should go too.

We decided to meet up for sex the next day, which is today. A quick meal and I was at her house at about 3pm. She was a sporty girl, dry fit tank top without bra, PE shorts. I entered the house and into her room immediately, seems like there was no one else at home.

She began taking off her clothes and so did I. As she sat on the bed watching me take off my undies, I could feel an uprising of my little brother. She held the semi-awaken dick and pulled me towards her. With one mouth, she took it as deep as she could and sucked me. She didn’t even look at my face, just keep going at it.

It was sensational, her tongue skilfully wrapped around my dick with every suck, teasing my pee-hole with every ‘out’ action. It was all wet and hard when she stopped sucking. She lay back to her pillow while I climbed on board her bed.

Spreading her well-toned legs, her neatly shaved pussy was waiting for me. I went down on her without hesitation, and made sure I covered every inch of her flaps with my saliva. My fingers went into her pussy and was met with a flood inside her. My tongue continued giving flicks and sucks on her clit while my fingers went as deep as they could.

As her pussy excreted a gush of juice, I could tell she was very satisfied with the foreplay. She helped me put on a rubber and back she went to lie down, prepared to be fucked real bad.

I shoved my hardened dick into her and pumped her so hard she would want to scream with every thrust. With the intention of hitting the ends of her vagina, I made sure my balls were slapping her ass.

As her pussy sent another wave of juice, I took my red, angry little brother out for a switch of position. This time, she wanted to be on top. Sliding my rod into her wet hole, it felt real good as though she’s serving me with her body.

Without warning, I felt her pussy tightened and she fell onto my body. A stream of juice was flowing down my balls, I moved my hips to continue to torture her already-sensitive body.

She got into a semi-sleep mode and I covered her with her blanket before dressing. Giving her a peck on her face, she asked me to leave, with a smile on her face all along. ‘It was the most intense and wildest sex I had’, said Brenda.

I gave her a smile in return and left her place. It was a fuck-and-go, but I know I made two person happy.

Drinking at Pub

Day: Sunday
Date: 22 November 2009
Time: 11.30pm
Location: Her house

I was too drunk for anymore Martell. Although the second bottle came, I was outside taking a break and preparing to puke. After about two rounds of puking, I calmed down and sat on the smoking area and watched people go by.

Then, a girl dressed in sheer kimono top, black tube bra and a bondage type skirt walked towards me and sat right next to me. With being drunk as the ice-breaker, we got to know more about each other. Throughout the whole conversation, I was admiring her perfect body and legs. She moved closer inch by inch and soon enough, she was a few inches away from me.

Asking for 3 minutes from her, I went in the pub to make my payment and left with her, named Florence. She was a hot babe, one that my parents will surely object me seeing. We cabbed to her place at Bishan and once we went through her door, the fun starts.

Pushing me against the door, she kissed me passionately and adjusted her legs to be between my thigh, which I lift up at about 60 degrees for her. No wanting to waste anymore time, she pulled me into her bedroom and we just spent the next 10 minutes kissing on the bed.

The stripping followed but we did not totally remove our clothes, only bottom half. With me lying on her queen sized bed, she went down on me, making slurping sounds as she took the whole shaft into her mouth. Her hips were at my calf (knees slightly bent), moving up and down to masturbate. With her mindblowing – blowjob, I had to stop her as I got close to cumming. I wanted to have more fun rather than me disappointing her by cumming so soon.

She climbed forward to lay beside me while I climbed over her in a missionary position. It was all fast and furious, there wasn’t time to admire or waste. Shoving my dick into her wet pussy, I could feel the immediate comfort inside her vagina. The whole protective gear thing slipped my mind until I was about to cum in doggy style.

As I unloaded in her, I realised I didn’t wear condom. But when I pulled my dick out, the rubber was there. Pushing my dick back into her, I prepared to give her another round. I couldn’t help but asked her when did she put it on for me. Well, I guess I was too distracted to feel the whole process of rubber capping during the blow.

I went for another round of missionary and cowgirl (for her) before collapsing onto her bed, both of us covered in sweat and tired. I lay for a while before asking my dad to fetch me home.

There was no exchange of contacts, only names. It was an one night stand (ONS), a mysterious and special first time for me. =)

Sis’ Birthday

Day: Saturday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 12am
Location: Her room

She was out clubbing till about 11pm before collapsing on her bed. I had to go downstairs to pick her up from her friends as she’s too drunk to go up on here own. As she lay on the bed sleeping, I went back to bed as I had plans to go out early.

It was her 19th birthday and I didn’t get anything for her. She is my sister, and a very good one who takes good care of me. Slowly, my thoughts tire me out and I fell into sleep.

Just as I was about to fully sleep, I smelt my beer-reeking sister enter my room and lie beside me. Knowing she’s tired, I took my blanket and covered her, unaware she was naked until we’re under the blanket.

She hugged me and opened her eyes, ‘I’m here to claim my birthday present.’ ‘I didn’t prepare any, tomorrow?’ replied quickly. ‘No. You’re my present.’ said my sister with a grin. Not wanting to spoil her mood, I just let her hand roamed into my shorts I wore to sleep. I didn’t had any undies on then.

She wrapped her legs over me and slid her hips across, her pussy that close to my dick. Immediately, I reached out for my drawer which had a pack of condom from my girlfriend and slipped one on before she attempts anything.

Sitting down slowly, she guided her pussy down my shaft deep and rode it like a real cow girl. Dizzy from the beer, and high from the sex. It was super wrong, but she wanted it as a birthday present.

Her pussy was wet and tight, I became the bad brother who took her virginity, her own brother. There was a little blood, but not too difficult to clean up. My sis and I had the same blanket, it was easy to swap and claim that her period dirtied it.

As I unloaded my first shot into the condom, she fell onto my body and asked, ‘Can you keep moving? I want to make tonight last.’ I moved my semi-soft dick, which is still in the condom and quickly got hard again.

Her moans and look made me continue moving without feeling tired. I kept going at it until she was asleep, with a contented look on her face. I pulled my softened dick out and went to wash up. For her present, I came 3 times in a row. I was happy, and hopefully nothing bad will come out of our relationship.

I covered her up with another blanket and slept on her bed, with thoughts (maybe regret) of our actions running through my head.

Slowing It Down

I thought I would type something different for once, sharing my first sexperience.

It was my first time, and was doing with a friend I felt very comfortable with, who was also giving her first time. It wasn’t hard slipping on the condom, it was more about finding the entry point.

I could finger her at the right spot, I could lick her at the right spot. But I didn’t want to put it into the wrong hole. As I lubricated the condom on my dick with my saliva, thoughts were running through my head to get everything right.

Position my dick at the opening at the end of her pussy, close to her ass, I placed my dick head on a spot, and asked if that is the right place. Pushing it slowly into her pussy, I had no idea where I am going.

I was focused on the sight of my dick entering her. As her pussy skin get slightly tugged with the rubber, I felt as though I was pushing my little brother into a hole. Opening a door, with an oversized key. I pushed it as deep as I could, wanting to feel the difference with my Tenga. There wasn’t any blood to mess anything up, I trusted her statement that her hymen was torn by a (damn) bicycle.

Back to topic, it was warm, tight and slippery. The action of moving my shaft in and out of her made it quite unbearable for my first time. It felt good, it wasn’t just the pussy that made me feel good. It’s the moaning, hastened breathing that I hear, ecstatic, pleasurable face that I see, perspiring, warm body that I felt, that turned me on.

The perfect difference between sex and DIY. I pumped my dick in almost no constant speed as I try not to unload so soon. Fast for a while, then slowed down to close to a stop, then fast again. The whole cycle went for close to 5 minutes, which felt more like 5 hours.

She was in pleasure. Asking if she felt good, I was replied with a nod everytime. We changed to the doggy-style and the feeling was different. The movements were the same, but not the feel.

It was hitting a different part of her, and it gave me the right stimulation on the head of my dick. I could cum many times just being in doggy. Not wanting to risk anything (the thought of cumming in any girl even with a condom scared me a little), I took it out of her and she collapsed to the side of the bed.

In the end, it was her award-winning blowjob that helped me release. I enjoyed myself, so did she. It was the safe feeling that both of us felt. We knew exactly where my cum went and could visually confirm (she could tastefully confirm).


Day: Wednesday
Date: 18 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: Public Staircase

It was quite a coincidental way to know each other. I was suppose to add a friend on MSN whose address I didn’t get correctly, adding a girl instead, whose name was Christine. Instead of shying away, we chatted and got along quite well with each other.

We’ve chatted online for a few weeks before finally deciding to meet for a photo shoot. She was into photography too, but I was more focused on getting pictures of her. She was slim, with perfectly proportioned breasts, somewhere between B and C size for a 17 year old body, long silky black hair with tints of brown.

We met at Raffles Place to gather some shots of the busy city area. After a tiring three hours of roaming and shooting, we grabbed a bite at City Link before taking the train back. It was then when I took notice of her attire. Dressed in a black tight tank top and denim jeans, she looked very much like a pro with a camera in her hands.

Sending her home first, we decided to separate our ways at the staircase a few floors above her unit. As I turned to leave, she pulled me by my arms towards her and gave me a peck on my cheek. I was stunned for a second or two and felt the heat build up on my face, quite embarrassed. Without wanting to miss the chance, I held her arm and ask, ‘Can I return the kiss too? But on your lips?’ She turned to face me and gently closed her eyes.

Our lips met and it became a naughty deep tongue kiss. With her back against the wall, my body pressed hard on hers and thus, her little sister was aroused by my little brother.

Reaching under her skirt, she pulled her panties down, followed by pulling my shorts and taking out my upright-standing dick. Spreading her legs with assistance from the steps, she guided my dick right to her hole. Moving a step up solved the positioning problem and we had sex standing on the stairs.

Her pussy was not very wet. The little lubrication worked with my shaft skin to give deep thrusts. My hips was the only thing moving, along with her body which sync with the in-out rhythm. My dick was feeling extra warm, unlike with the others. After a long excruciating 20 minutes of trying not to cum, I felt it coming and pulled it out of her. Without waiting for anything, she squatted down and covered my dick with her mouth to give me the final suck and tease to fire it all out. Right into her mouth, she was teasing my with her tongue while I unloaded, right till after I was drained.

She stood up and adjusted her panties while I did up my pants, I didn’t even realised she gulped it down until she opened her mouth to show me that she accepted my gift. Giving me a wink and a peck on the lips, she turned and skipped down the stairs to her unit, not forgetting to gesture for me to sms her.

I left for home while my mind kept replaying the whole scene over and over. Will there be another time? Am I really that lucky?

New Visitor

Day: Tuesday
Date: 17 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My house

Peiling and I went to Takashimaya to get the canvases that I needed for a project, as there were quite a lot to carry, I asked her to accompany in case I needed help.

Taking 162, we pass by my Bishan house and suggested we get off here. After a short walk, we entered my house and for once, her claim that her house is messy doesn’t apply, mine was worse.

We placed our stuffs down and went into my bedroom. Wasting no time, I kissed her as though she was my girlfriend. My hands were already pulling the zip down her jacket, revealing a sexy lacy bra. Unbuckling it for her, my mouth automatically went to sucked her nipples. ‘You bite arh?’, she asked while looking at me with wide opened eyes. ‘No, I just sucked very hard.’, she smiled upon hearing my reply.

Pausing, I went out to get a condom and the yellow vibrator. I took her shorts off to again, reveal a cute cotton panties which was displaced in a blink.

For her warm-up, I took the blunt head of the vibrator and drilled it into her pussy – slowly. Her pussy was different (from those I saw in porn), the outside of her vagina would appear dry no matter how horny she is, but the inside is the opposite, as though there was a flood.

As the vibrator disappeared into her, I took effort not to push it in too deep. After she had enough fun, she pushed my hand that was holding the vibrator out and said, ‘I had enough of that, I want something else’, with a grin.

Pulling down my pants to my knees, I laid on the bed while she sat beside to give me a blowjob. It was her usual relaxing suck that could make me forget everything. I tore open the condom and asked if she wanted to help me put it on. She shook her head and prepared to lie down while I took it out and rolled it down my shaft.

Exchanging our position, I was right at her pussy, prepared to penetrate. As I slid my hard cock in, her sobbing-like pleasure moans started. A few thrusts later and I was very afraid she was really crying in pain. After her assurance, I kept up my speed of the thrusts and didn’t feel quite good enough. Her legs were spread, but in a V shape while I was in between.

Moving my back backwards, I took her legs and asked her to hold her knees close to her shoulders so I could go deeper. As I attempted to go deeper into her, her moans got more intense and she was really wet that it got easier to move as I keep going.

Finally after a few deep and fast thrusts, I could feel my soldiers ready to exit. Asking her if I could cum in her (with condom) I was unloading as she said ‘okay’. After moving a few more times in and out of her twitching pussy, I could really feel my dick and balls empty.

Fearing my parents who could return home any time, we cleaned up and prepared to go to my house to put all the canvases before sending her to the airport.

I still couldn’t believed what she wore. A bra and a jacket. For the first time, it was the most daring thing I could imagine for a girl to wear.

The Russian Tourist

Day: Friday
Date: 21 November 2009
Time: 8pm
Location: Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I was walking along Orchard Road to get to Takashimaya. Without any plans, I could take my time while I wonder about the little people on streets. It’s a Friday, but the number of people was horrifying little. There were tourists around as usual, but a family with a cute teen caught my eyes. They were gathered around at a map and was obviously – lost.

I went up to them and offered help. I wasn’t really going to get anything specific, so I decided to bring them around to where they want to go, and to some of my favourite places too. The girl was beside me all the time while her younger sister walked with her parents.

Their day ended around 7pm, so I brought them back to their hotel for their night. I learnt that they’re from Russia, and the girl whom caught my eyes just turned 18. Her parents planned the trip to celebrate her birthday. Her parents and sister entered one room, and I was invited into the room she was sleeping in.

I sat at the bed while she went to wash up. After ten long minutes, she exited with only a towel wrapped around. Undoing the towel, she pushed me onto the bed while frenching me. With our lips still locked, she unbuckled my pants and soon enough, we’re stark naked.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Russian naked. Her body is in perfect shape. Contours at the right place, slim with a little baby fats. My hands ran all over her body, feeling anywhere on her body I want to.

With me lying on the bed, she went down and sucked me hard and deep. Her gagging on my dick got my whole shaft covered with her saliva. I pulled her right beside me as it’s my turn to go down on her. Licking a clean shaven smooth pussy is like having a nice abalone in sweet sauce.

I turned over towards her and slid my dick into her dripping wet pussy. She didn’t mind doing raw, she didn’t mind me being rough. I hit her with everything I got while she kept moaning like many of the Japanese porn I watch. With my dick in her, she stopped me and turned around so I could fuck her doggy style. We changed back to missionary and did it for as long as we could.

After about fifteen minutes of non-stop loud thrusting, I came inside her with her approval. Collapsing on the bed, she gave a sweet smile and I returned the smile. She passed me my cellphone after she turned her pussy towards me. With little effort, she managed to squeeze out a load, showing me a ‘live’ creampie for the first time. I took a few random pictures with her and left for home.

Well, they will be leaving for their home country the next day. A little sad, but satisfied.