Past Forward

Ken (astonished): ‘Hey Amy.. what are you doing here? And what’s that under your collar?’
Amy: ‘My boyfriend is just there. He wants you to read this.’

Ken took the folded A4 paper from her and read it carefully.

We both agreed to live out a fantasy of mine. In summary, this is ‘another’ Amy you thought you know. Follow her to her car and let her drive you somewhere. I’ll be watching in the same room, but her body will be yours for tonight.

The piece of paper was folded and returned to her, where she took it and walked casually towards her car. As planned, I followed them into the car and took the backseats, while she removed her jacket to reveal the prickly nylon strapped around her neck. A full set of bondage straps had been tightened around her voluptuous D cups, but it was barely visible from her neckline.

We drove to a hotel at Paya Lebar and parked nearby, heading straight for the lobby where a few guests loitered around.

Ken: ‘Do you have a room for overnight stay?’
Staff: ‘For one night?’
Ken: ‘Yes.’

Her ex-boyfriend made the payment and held her hand all the way to the room, letting me enter before he locked the door. I found a seat near the window and stayed in a corner, watching him stand before my girl whose fists were clenched in anxiousness.

Ken: ‘You are not forced into this are you?’
Amy (softly): ‘No. I’m not.’
Ken: ‘Sure?’
Amy: ‘Yes.’

He tucked his finger into her dress’ strap and pulled them off her shoulders, revealing the two loops holding her breasts so tightly. The band around her neck had raised her asset a little, and the fastener around her back kept them in place. The unhelpful pair of nipple stickers were peeled off in his gentle hands, but her pointy tips did not stay long in sight.

His mouth went over to her right breast and sucked hard on it, making her slump onto the bed in weakness. As if reliving her past love, she held his head in her arms and dug into his hair, reacting appropriately to his vicious tongue movements. The duo was almost unstoppable if not for the wave of my hand, sobering Amy up for an extra treat.

She went to her backpack and fished a leash out, the end connected to a furry black collar. Along with that, a plastic bottle of lubricant was also left on the bed.

Amy: ‘You can tie me up with this.’
Ken: ‘Why would I do that?’
Amy: ‘So I won’t run away?’

I received the ‘you’re an asshole’ look from him but he took the collar nontheless, snapping the buttons around her neck to hold it in place. Unsure if he was just acting gentleman, he did not let the attachment go to waste as he led her to the bed, forcing her to crawl on her fours.

Slipping the end loop around his wrist, he sure knew how to keep a ‘bitch’ in control. As soon as he got his pants off, another tug pulled her in his direction until she reached his groin.

Ken: ‘Can you suck me like before?’
Amy: ‘I can try. But can you use this?’

His eyes widened upon seeing the bottle of strawberry lubricant landing in his palm, dumbfounded by her preferred use of flavoured lube for a blowjob. As soon as he made a few pumps of the clear, viscous liquid over his cock, she placed her paws on his thigh and combed her fringe behind her ears.

Bending over his waist, Amy took almost half of his length in before her lips shut tight, garnering a sudden deep breath of air from him. She made a few strokes before swapping to her hand, thumb focused on grinding his dick head until he was trembling. Her mouth went back to work and more sighs came, from the relieve from his sensitive tip.

She never stopped sucking as long as she could still smell the strawberry, and when it was almost gone, she surprised him by licking the sides of his shaft for him.

Ken: ‘You have never done that with me.’
Amy: ‘Is it?’

His abs was rising and falling from the sloppy blowjob, and it was obvious to her that he was feeling all she had been taught (by me). Taking a few seconds’ rest, he twisted his wrist to shorten the leash, followed by a forceful shove behind her head.

Ken: ‘Suck me more.’

Her face was stuffed with his cock and she had no control over the depth when he held her head down. Following his wishes, gagging noises filled the room up. No amount of thigh-slaps could stop him and her desperate waves to me was futile. She was his for the night – as stated.

After a long while, he relaxed the leash and helped her sit up, panting rapidly with watery eyes.

Ken: ‘I’m sorry Amy. I’m really sorry.’
Amy (sobbing): ‘It’s okay. I never gone this far with you before.’

He placed her on her back and laid on top of her, massaging both her boobs while alternating his mouth between both nipples. Her prior discomfort was quickly smothered as moans were heard, bringing him back to the loving guy he was.

Ken: ‘Open your legs wide.’
Amy: ‘Yes daddy.’
Ken: ‘Good girl. Rub yourself now.’

She pushed hard on her clit and moved in circles, while he went to his bag for a condom. Taking his time to put it on, she was thoroughly wet when he swiped his finger along her pussy. Wasting no words, she hugged him sensually as his hips thrust into her vagina, calming her tensed body in a single stroke.

The familiar moans came louder as he picked up speed, hammering my girl into ecstasy. Given how well the plan was executed, her first orgasm came within the first few minutes, sending her body into convulsion with her legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

Ken (groaning): ‘You are still as tight huh!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Of course. For you daddy.. ‘

He regained his position and split her knees even wider, jutting his hips at her pussy in hyper speed. Though not as deep, the speed and angle drove her nuts and it didn’t take long before she came again, this time, bending her chest forward to pull him down for a kiss.

Amy (moaning): ‘Daddy.. Fuck me till you cum.’

In her favourite position, sprawled like an overturned dog, her boobs jiggled heartily between their chests. He was venting all his emotions through his deep-sea piling, filling up the void in her pussy. The couple went back to their old sex life, indulging in the intense, yet passionate sex.

Ken (groaning): ‘I’m cumming baby!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Shoot it inside me Daddy!’

He switched to the ‘deep, single stroke’ gear and pumped hard at her pussy, collapsing her lungs to exhale all the love out of sex. In under half a minute, a gentle tremble from her shoulders turned her to a possessed being, muscles twitching out of control.

Amy (exclaiming): ‘Fuck! I’m coming again!’

The lifeless body jolted like electrocution until she fell into a cross figure, only part moving was her chest.

Amy (wearily): ‘Can you leave the room to us now?’
Ken (panting): ‘You sure?’
Amy: ‘Please?’

He gathered his clothes and went into the shower, coming out to see his ex covered up under the blanket. During the time he put on his shoes, his gaze never left her direction.

Ken: ‘I’ll text you later k? Or you can text me.’

Not waiting for her reply, he left the room and us. I took off her collar and wiped her body dry, before lying deep in thoughts next to her.

Amy: ‘It’s your turn to be my puppy now. You can start by licking here.’

She held up her more-sensitive right boob and I took it into my mouth, flicking it gently with my tongue – the way she likes.


Sister: ‘Kor! I’m home. This is Xinni. Her sister is just following her here.’

I gestured an ‘OK’ sign to her without turning away from my computer, stuck in a web-conference. The sensible girls left me along and went into my sister’s room after a short orientation around my house. The meeting ended after an hour and it was only then I had the time to introduce myself proper.

Me: ‘Hey girls. Sorry I didn’t get your names earlier. I’m J.’
Xinni: ‘I’m Xinni, and she’s Wanni.’
Wanni: ‘Hi.. ‘

I waved casually to them and went into my room opposite them, unbuttoning my white shirt after the meeting. Though it was weird wearing a berms with a formal top, there was nothing more relieving than to get over the serious talk.

Wanni: ‘Umm.. excuse me.’

Turning around in my unbuttoned state with an iPhone in my hand, the petite girl in black denim shorts and a white spaghetti crop top appeared undisturbed.

Me: ‘Yeah?’
Wanni: ‘You want to get dinner together? The girls are hungry.’
Me: ‘Can! Let me change my pants first.’

Her body leaned against the door frame and did not seem awkward. I could understand what a girl her age have seen and just proceeded to remove my berms, changing into a pair of black pants. In a moment’s time, I had my wallet and phone stuck into the pockets, watching Wanni’s chest rise as she saw my complete gentleman’s look.

Wanni: ‘Wear so nice go tabao food ah?’
Me: ‘There is no such thing as overdressed la. Let’s go.’

We quietly left the house and took the stairs, since we only had to cover three floors. The walk to the kopitiam was a slow but interesting one, as she quickly chose a topic about relationships. Although she was attached, her boyfriend belonged to the unprepared one, devoting most of his time to games and partying. As for me, other than telling her I was attached, she was thew one doing most of the talking.

Returning home with three large plastic bags worth of fingerfood, there were no lack of thank yous and screaming, spoiling them with Singapore’s best street food. Wanni joined me in the living room while the girls ate, and it was hard not to eye the long legs that stuck out of her shorts. To get the cinematic mood going, most of the lights were off while HBO was on. Just imagine how romantic that was.

Wanni: ‘When was the last time you had sex?’
Me: ‘Wah. About two weeks ago. She went overseas after I finish my reservist. You?’

She only gave me a smile and slid the chicken off the satay stick in one move, placing the oily stick into a plastic bag. I wasn’t eating a lot then and could fall completely on my back when she leaned over for a kiss. In my attempt to dodge her, her chest accidentally planted onto mine.

Wanni: ‘Wei.. why you siam?’
Me: ‘How I know what you doing?’
Wanni: ‘Haha. Idiot leh you. Come up.’

We laughed in sync as we sat upright again, this time trapping myself by holding her hands. She literally pounced on me from the front and straddled herself over my lap, grinding her groin as she cupped my ears. My tongue automatically responded to her passionate kisses along with my primal instinct, almost letting my hormones loose.

She never let me shake her off and even guided my hands to her breasts, squeezing them to demonstrate how she liked it. I just keep massaging her soft B cups till she went to unzip it. Now, in the openness of the living room, I was attacking her nipples without any top on and the volume of her moans went up.

Me (whispering): ‘Shhh! Softer!’

A pair of giggling voices from my sister’s room got my attention and I couldn’t react to the two heads watching us, hands over their own mouths as the frolicking happened. Wanni moved away from my lap after some time and just stripped her shorts off. She helped me undo my pants in my frozen state and only when my dick was out, she realised her sister watching.

Wanni (shouting): ‘You two go back inside.’
Sister: ‘Kor.. oh horrrr!’
Me: ‘Eh eh eh! Don’t sabo hor!’

The bigger girl of the two (my sister) brought Xinni closer and all Wanni could do was to hop onto my groin. Hastily sitting down on my cock, most of our genitals were blocked.

Wanni (shouting): ‘Go away la.’

I sat up and hugged her body tight, before turning sideways to drop her on the couch. Pinning my weight on her, there was no escape as my hips started humping, squishing loudly into her wet pussy. I had to turn her head towards me to keep her from being distracted by the two, whom had gone quiet and came closer to watch.

One of Wanni’s legs were raised to her chest so I could ram deeper, making her moan in front of her innocent sister.

Wanni (hoarse voice): ‘You are so fucking deep!’
Me (calmly): ‘I know.’

Proceeding to close her legs towards the TV, we changed into doggy with our sisters standing motionless in front of her.

Wanni (moaning): ‘What are you looking at?’
Xinni: ‘Jie.. is it painful?’
Wanni (panting): ‘Yes.. very.. ‘

I slammed my hips harder into her ass and she groaned out of control. My determined body never slowed down as her vagina got tighter.

Wanni (moaning): ‘Fuck me deep J! It’s coming again!’
Xinni (whispering): ‘That is pain meh?’
Sister: ‘Shhh.. ‘

The next few minutes solely consist of just pure orgasms and noisy grunts from her, receiving the full impact of my violent thrusts. Her arms gradually retracted into a ninety degree bend and before I could figure her out, she had shoved my butt onto my leather couch.

Seating on her calves, her ass stuck out sexily over my groin and my meat stick magically appeared and disappeared into her.

Wanni (snarling): ‘You want to make me pai seh right? Huh?!’

Slapping noises came from our sweaty contact and the demonic side of her surfaced. She was raging with vengenance, but my sensitive cock couldn’t decipher it as ‘punishment’.

She slanted her body enough to expose our private parts, continuing to ride me in reverse cowgirl. Dirty moans came together with her non-stop rubbing of her clit, making me feel the wrath of her natural contractions. I totally felt like a male pornstar when she fondled my balls in front of their eyes, showing them the method to fuck a guy.

As she slowed down her body movements on top of me, I took the chance to grab her waist and jabbed my cock upwards. Sensing her vaginal muscles tearing apart, I pound right into her and lengthened her incoming orgasm. The regret came almost immediately when I passed my safety point, spiralling into limbo as my mind went white.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m shooting now!’

She did a little hop just in time for my dick to flick against her pubic region, and let her jerked the load out of me. Hot, sticky semen flew across the air and clung onto her belly. The only logical thing to do to squeeze her trembling boobs to ‘return’ her favour, and let her feel some pain.

Needless to say, we was drained after cumming and I fell on my back, with her joining me shortly after.

Sister: ‘Kor. I bring Xinni back to the room first.’

The two of us tiredly separated to get our clothes back on, and satisfied our other ‘hunger’. As the night came, Wanni went home with her sister but not before we exchanged numbers, so we could play outside on our own.

As for my sister, she didn’t say a word when she snuggled with me on the sofa after sending them downstairs. A type of cuddle we had never done before. Was she traumatised by what she saw? Or just disappointed in me?

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor. Do you feel good inside Wanni?’
Me: ‘Alright I guess. We both feel good ba.’
Sister: ‘Then can you make me feel good too?’

Her hand went over my thin sleeping shorts and gave my cock a squeeze, quickly turning it erect in her grasp. The long duration of my silence was her perceived signal to continue, and we joined as one in the comfort of her bed.

Unlike with Wanni, it was sensual between us, and there were no loud, forceful actions. Just slow, graceful strokes that sent her groaning deeply over and over again. This time, my cum landed on her face as she requested, for her to taste and feel the texture in her mouth.

Sister (whispering): ‘Thank you kor.’

That sentence never left my head as she repeated it each time after sex, helping me feel less guilty and more of ‘doing a favour’ than what the law defines underage, incestuous relationships as.

Loyalty or Obedience?

Me (shouting): ‘Cheryl! Who is this guy?!’
Cheryl: ‘Huh?’

Her eyes widened when she saw the video clip clearly taken from a hidden camera, in a budget hotel with their distinct furnishings. She quickly ran to my computer and closed the VLC program, slumping to the floor behind me and cried.

Me: ‘Actually I’m fine with you doing with other guys. Didn’t I ask you if you want to try a threesome before?’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘What? You are serious about that? I thought you are just joking.’
Me: ‘Really. I’m more concerned about people recognising you now. Let me report this video first. So they can take it down.’
Cheryl (sobbing): ‘Ok. Hurry up. I love you baby!’

Her mood changed instantly and hugged me from my back as I reported the video where I downloaded it from, receiving a notice almost immediately that the clip was removed. She spun my chair around and straddled her legs over my lap, kissing me non-stop with her tears-soaked lips. Something awakened in her right there when she slid down to the floor and pulled my shorts down, enveloping my cock into her warm mouth.

The most mind-blowing blowjob then happened to take my breaths away and I was just groaning with every deep throat, admiring her bouncing head that was so busy sucking me off. Since a long time ago, I had never felt such dedication from her. Her tongue was licking me all over and the suction in her mouth was just drawing my strength away.

After close to ten minutes of tireless oral sex, she stopped and leaned between my legs again, holding my cheeks in front of her face with a grateful look.

Cheryl: ‘Don’t ever leave me k? If not no one will want me anymore.’
Me (whispering): ‘Hey silly.. I should be the one telling you that.’
Cheryl: ‘I’m sorry for cheating on you. You can ask me to do anything and I’ll do it from now on.’
Me: ‘You’ve done all you can for me dear.’

She held my hand tightly as we went into the bedroom, changing our clothes to carry on our initial plan for the day. First to get lunch, then for a shopping spree I promised her once I got my first paycheck. She skipped wearing her panties and bra under the white romper leaving little to imagine with the almost-bareback design of the outfit. Her sideboobs were obviously unshielded and there was no visible panty line (VPL) at her hips.

Cheryl: ‘Ready?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Done.’

We left the house for a meal at AMK Hub, taking a two seater table at Ichiban Sushi. It felt kind of awesome to have jealous eyes staring at her, while knowing that she truly belonged to you. Uncles were taking the seats next to us, and a few younger teenagers got the table diagonally from us where her loose bottoms could give way. Those pointy nipples of her were mine to enjoy as we finished our food, feeding each other mouthfuls like a blissful couple.

Once we paid the bill, she made her way to the toilet at the fourth floor, where the DBS bank was located. Waiting outside for her, a text came into my phone after five minutes.

Cheryl (Whatsapp): ‘Come into the handicap toilet now. Knock twice.’
Guy: ‘Hey J! What are you doing here?’

My erection almost went down immediately when my army buddy called out to me, fearing a delay for the quickie that was about to happen. We spoke for a minute or so before another thought came to my mind, and we made our way towards the above said toilet. After knocking twice, Cheryl’s state of undress caused her to panic when an unfamiliar face appeared. Quickly shoving him into the cubicle, the three of us were stranded in an unquivering silent ambient.

I reached into my bag for a condom and threw it to my buddy, while taking my seat on the toilet and gesturing Cheryl over. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out, only to see Cheryl coming over and bending her back over to suck it. Zach went behind her and removed her romper from under her feet, and squatted down to give her a lick. Thankful for her daily shaving routine, he did not have much to think about when she moaned with my cock in her mouth, slurping hungrily in sync with the mouth at her pussy.

Zach: ‘J, can I really.. ‘
Me: ‘Just do it bro. She’s my girl.’

I helped her to my chest and we made out while he assaulted our common target, making her squeal with his size. I had kept her hand stroking my manhood, while I caressed her boobs non-stop, working on her perky nipples as her body jerked back and forth. Our vicious tongue fight kept going to relieve her guilt, from what happened in the hotel as well as right there. For the next few minutes, it was just violent thrusts that drove her mind crazy, and saliva was dripping all over my mouth in her orgasmic state.

Zach (whispering): ‘Bro! Cumming! Cumming!’
Me (groaning): ‘You can shoot inside her if you want. She’s on the pill.’
Cheryl (whispering): ‘Really?’
Me: ‘You did it raw with that hotel guy right?’
Cheryl (shyly): ‘Yeah.’

She gave off a louder moan when he reentered her raw, going at his fastest speed for the last few strokes. The strong, delayed movements of her body finalised his ejaculation inside her, and the deep breaths she took only told me how much she was enjoying herself.

Me: ‘Bro, once you’re done you can go off first. Talk to you again.’

He finished his business quickly and dumped the condom in a bin, before walking out unhappening into the buzzing mall. Cheryl locked the door again and we went back to our intimacy. This time, we went to the sink and made use of the sturdy wall mounted ledge, in front of a large mirror. She bent over the edge automatically for me and I took my position behind her, ready to sink my dick into her well-lubricated hole.

In a single stroke, I pierced my shaft into her and she planted her palms on the mirror, looking pitifully at me as I worked my hip muscles. In and out my cock went into the gorgeous twenty-four year old, listening to her encouraging moans as I embraced myself. She was especially tight that time and the sprawled, open legs stance really exposed her sensitive G-spot for me.

Climaxing at least twice for me, there was no lack of juices for me to slide around, while my mind was ticking down to my own orgasm.

Me (whispering): ‘Baby girl.. here it comes!’

I paused my movements and watched her slam her ass on me, working it out herself till I couldn’t hold it anymore and hammered the life out of her. My load came seamlessly into her pussy and she climaxed at the same time, squeezing me gently for every bit of my worth. We just collapsed on the sink once we were done and rested for a while, ignoring the knocks that kept coming through the door.

Me: ‘Let’s get going.’

She wore her clothes back and I did the same, walking out into the surprisingly empty entrance of the toilet without any unwanted attention. Holding onto my arm tightly, she requested to go back home instead of shopping impulsively.

Cheryl (whispering): ‘I can feel the warm cum inside me. And I want more of yours.’

That sentence cut out the cheesy, lovey dovey words for a much more straightforward one, sending me rushing for home for more rounds of intense make-up sex to undo the wrong she had done – sex with strangers without informing me that is. Since then, she became a girlfriend with complete obedience, for requests that are reasonable and non-absurd.

What would you want her to do?

Daphne’s Past 2

Part 1 | Part 2

After about two years of just dirty petting, I had graduated from primary into secondary school. The liveliness of the school really inspired me to be better, as the subjects were much more interesting and detailed. It was one night after CCA that I was dead tired, and being in dance really wore my muscles out. Dad joined me in bed as usual with mum abroad, and I knew what he wanted. Somehow, I wanted a ‘treat’ so I could sleep better too.

We were lying on our backs touching each other when he introduced me to ‘lubricants’, a slimy form of liquid that adults use for sex. I was having fun using it on his cock as he was squirming around when I stroke fast, making him appear weak in my grasp. He smeared some of it on my pussy as well, and it felt really sexy to feel his fingers sliding around. I had no idea how wet I was, but the lubricant was turning me on more than usual.

After a while of playing, he did not ask for me to sit up and help him finish off. Instead, he got up on his knees and pulled his shirt off, doing the same for me and even licking my nipples. The new sensation pushed my mind into a white screen with his fingers rubbing me at the same time, numbing my brains till I couldn’t think straight.

‘Use both hands to open your pussy’, his words skipped my mind and went straight into my body, translating it directly into actions. I pried my vagina lips open as far as I could while watching his distracted look, head pointing downwards at our groins I didn’t thought much of. A kiss went onto my forehead as he mentioned, ‘Daddy is going to put his little brother inside you k? Just hold onto me if it hurts.’

‘Are we having sex?’, I asked in a blur tone and that stopped him in his tracks. ‘Daddy wants his baby girl to feel even better’. Those words never left my head as pain screamed into my head, experiencing his large tip piercing into my small opening. I could picture every inches disappearing into me as my virginity was ripped apart, held open by his shaft that stretched me out thin. His groans actually made me thought that he was in as much pain and made me felt better knowing we were in this together. Little did I know he was in pure pleasure while I was in hell.

He had three quarter of his dick inside me when he stopped pushing, and my face was in a cramp from the agony. His next move to pull out ninety percent relieved my soreness for a moment, before another kind of pleasure replaced the ache. Each forward thrust took away more pain and I began looking forward to the next, body filling up with heat and an unknown relaxant, tightening my muscles at the same time relaxing it.

Moans started coming out of my mouth naturally and he was just putting on a constipated look, while ramming his cock into me. The times he forgot about my small body and went extra deep, every thought drifted away like clouds. I had my knees raised like an overturned frog so he could go deeper, and he met my unspoken desire for most of the strokes.

We were just screaming and moaning during the whole time, not bearing any thoughts to our neighbours or the placement of our apartment in the publicly accessible corridor. In my mind, I was addicted to the free-flowing orgasms that I couldn’t get any tighter to, since he was holding me open with his hardness.

‘Daddy is going to shoot!’, he exclaimed into my ears suddenly and pulled out of my disappointed body. He closed my knees together and stuck his dick through my thighs, resuming his thrusts in a little peek-a-boo game from my view. It only took him a while before the same white load splashed all over my body, gathering into a puddle on my belly button.

He then leaned on my legs, pushing them near my chest while kissing me on my closed lips, forgetting that I never really opened myself that much to him. Panting, he let my knees down slowly and flipped me to one side.

‘Have you started your menses?’, he collapsed behind me while hugging my waist, still trying to catch his old man’s breath. ‘No. Not yet.’ I told him the truth and he sat up again, turning my body so my chest was resting on the bed. He immediately went behind me and lifted my hips up, commanding me to open wide. In a flash, his wet cock was buried back inside me and the initial pain went away with each jerks, feeling his cock force its way into my pussy relentlessly.

In that position, I was cumming much harder and my voice went hoarse halfway. I was receiving all of his cock and he literally tore me apart for my first time. We fell flat onto the bed when he went really fast on me, driving me insane and causing me to lose consciousness momentarily. His cock never stopped fucking me until a long time later, where his cum filled my belly up with such warmness I could never forget.

When he was finally done with me, my bedsheets were dirtied with his cum (from my belly) and he helped me to change them. The lifeless me was like a doll, receiving a shower from him whom never stopped feeling me up. Once I touched the fresh sheets on my bed, I fell asleep and never woke up until dinner, where he brought me out in a dress he bought without letting me wear any undies.

Since that night, we were fucking whenever and wherever we could, sometimes in the staircase and other times in my mum’s car (he used when she wasn’t around). When I turned sixteen, the whole thing stopped suddenly and the damage he did to me was disastrous. Only when I met my first boyfriend, did I realise the extent of his abuse that my (now-ex) boyfriend made use of and exploited my ‘unresisting’ nature.

I am twenty three now, and have moved out of my parents’ place, not by choice, but by desperation. Even though my step-dad and I still meet, we never spoke about what we did. Now that a lawsuit is in the works against him, it might settle the uneasiness in me once and for all.

Part 1 | Part 2

Recuperating Ex-Patient

Me: ‘How have you been Ling?’
Ling: ‘Good. Thanks. If not for you, I would have been dead by now.’
Me: ‘Hey. Don’t say that.’

An ex-patient of mine asked me out for dinner and we met, chatting over food and a bit of wine. It was nice to see the once anorexic girl filled in her clothes, even learning make up to bring her cherry side out. In short, there were no shortage of eyes on us as we dined. The flaring red dress she wore, especially with the cross-stitch straps holding it on her chest, left much to imagine even though she revealed a lot of her shoulders.

As we walked back to my car in the unregulated parking spot at the floating platform, she was walking closer to me than usual.

Ling: ‘Are you attached now? Or don’t tell me you are married!’
Me: ‘No la. Just attached.’
Ling: ‘Ooo. Is she pretty?’
Me: ‘Always.’

We got into the car and our lips met accidentally when she wanted to surprise me with a cheek kiss. The sudden change of mood quickly launched her at me and her warm hands cupped my neck as we made out, tongues slurping around while we hugged over the gear stick.

Ling (whispering): ‘Drive me to somewhere quiet.’

I clipped my seatbelt on and she loosened her dress from the front, one hand holding on my arm as I reversed out of the lot. Once on the road, she bent over to my groin and unzipped my pants, whipping out my cock with a bit of struggle. I only felt her hand stroking me for a few seconds before her mouth took over, sucking the breaths out of me as I tried to focus.

The graceful strokes kept sliding her lips up and down my shaft and none of the traffic stops actually stopped her. I drove at the fastest legal speed on the expressway till we reached her block, in one of the developing estate. The car was parked in the first lot I could find and she paused the blowjob for a while. After she stripped her black panties off, she crawled to the back exposing her shaved pussy to me, and sparing enough space for me to join her.

Ling: ‘I have no other ways to thank you except this.’

Her shoulder straps dropped to her arms and her dress was lowered to her waist, baring her little firm tits for me to see. While I was removing my pants, she had began masturbating in a corner, tempting me to hurry up.

Ling: ‘Let me lie down first.’

Her head was two inches from the door once she got into position, and I had to make do with one feet on the ground, while the other remained kneeling between her legs.

The gentle hand came to guide me in the right direction, as my hips went closer to her groin. The mesmerising entry into her relaxed pussy was quite an unforgettable one. She was so soft and warm, without any intentional squeezing. I was pumping my hard cock so swiftly into her that I almost fell in love with that innocent look during my deep thrusts.

She kissed me from time to time and we were just engaged in a beautiful love making session, feeling both her hands run along my back throughout. And it was exactly the sensual ambient that got my mind really high, and she was just squealing with every surprise shove.

Ling: ‘I’m not exactly a virgin you know?’
Me: ‘I know. Your brother.. ‘
Ling: ‘Yupp. He.. nevermind.’
Me: ‘I’ll go all the way now k?’
Ling: ‘Uh huh.’

She wrapped her legs around me and held me tight as my body went into hyper speed, slamming my cock as deep as I could reach. Her sweet voice led me into a passive-aggressive beast mode that desperately wanted to slow down but impossible to.

Me (groaning): ‘Cumming!’

Her head tilted back as I engaged the long reach, regulated slow strokes mode into her body, sensing her vaginal walls closing on me increasingly. My mind went blank as my cum was drawn out of the vacuum tunnel, entering her body all at one go. Her feet kept me pressed on her body and we just kept moaning non-stop.

I could feel her every squeeze, every shiver, and her desire to have all of me inside. We stayed in that position till I shrunk out of her and recomposed ourselves. Sweating and smiling, we did not touch each other until our clothes were on. I was filled with delight when she continuously rubbed her groin to feel my cum deposited inside her.

Ling: ‘Thank you for tonight. Call me anytime k?’
Me: ‘I will. I had a wonderful night too. Call me once you’re home.’
Ling: ‘Okie!’

We hugged for one last time before she left my car, and a bigger impression on my mind. After that night, we met up more often but kept our distance, apart from the times I was inside her. She understood I had a girlfriend then and it wasn’t long before she found her love, outside our underground relationship.

Cashback Sex

Cherie: ‘Boss.’
Boss: ‘Hi Cherie. Go change first. I’ll be closing the shop early.’
Cherie: ‘K.’

His lifeless greeting did not make her feel any better about the poor performing month, barely meeting her salary, let alone the rental of the apparel store. As he started counting the money, she pulled the shutter down and went into the dressing room, changing out of one of the shop’s dresses into her home clothes.

Just as she got to her underwear, the curtains swung open behind her, chest promptly slammed against the mirror as her boss pinned her flat. Her cheeks were pinched so hard she could not scream and her panties were dropped down to her knees in a flash.

Boss (whispering): ‘Shhh.. don’t scream. Or I will post the CCTV video online. I know you have been stealing out of the cash register.’

The ten dollars she took from every big purchase wasn’t a lot, but theft is theft. He kept her face on the mirror as her hips were dragged backwards, forcing her into a standing doggy position. Zipping noises came from behind and she felt his dick on her bushy pussy next.

Without spreading her feet, he shoved his cock between her ass crack which hurt a little until she stuck her pussy out. Into her body his dick went and it ripped her dry vaginal walls apart. The shallow thrusts gradually made her wet but she was far from being turned on.

Moving her feet forward to his continuous thrusts, they were standing back-to-chest in no time, hips jerking non-stop from the rear entry. Within minutes, moans started to come out of her mouth despite her resistance, nipples getting pinched to a sore.

Boss: ‘You’re so fucking tight huh? Don’t you ever quit here.’

Tears started to flow down her cheeks as she realised what his plan was, and her warming body did not help by getting wetter. After five minutes of fierce humping, he pulled out and turned her over to face him. Forcing his mouth on her neck, he enjoyed her feminine scent as he fucked her hard, digging deep into her pussy with his dick.

Boss: ‘Argh! You’re getting tighter! Cumming soon?’

He shoved his cock even deeper into the trembling body until she embraced his back, fists clenched on his spine. The orgasm blew her mind away and weakened her legs, but his weight on her kept her from slipping to the ground.

Boss: ‘I’m gonna cum now!’

He moved back to let her slump to the floor and jerked his own cock off, aiming the tip at her beautiful face that no one would suspect her of stealing. In under a minute, deep groans came with the forceful squirts of cum splashing across her face, lips and eyes shut to avoid tasting the unruly guy’s semen. He just kept cumming until she felt his dick brush on her cheeks, and an ‘I’m done’ phrase to sum it all up.

She opened her eyes slightly to reach for her bag nearby and pulled out tissues to wipe her face, watching her boss zip his dick up in front of her.

Boss: ‘See you tomorrow.’

A piece of fifty dollar note landed in front of her and she grabbed it quickly, dashing out of the store towards the toilet. Whatever her boss was up to wasn’t her concern anymore, and for the rest of the night, her mind was just worrying about the next day.

It had never crossed her mind that she would be a victim of theft, even go as far as blackmail.

Freed Boobs

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Did you just unhook my bra?!’
Ryan (whispering): ‘Yeah. You look sexier without ma.’
Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Wei.. how to wear it back now?’

She leaned away from her seat in the cinema and slipped her hand under her t-shirt, quickly tucking her bra into her bag. As soon as she was done, Ryan wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her closer, reaching into her collar. He gently cupped her breast and squeezed them in short, light squeezes, causing her to shift awkwardly in her seat.

Her chest-hugging top was already thin, and in white, her nipples wouldn’t escape the eyes of men. With her tiny peaks getting stiffer from his massage, her hand automatically went to his jeans and gave his bulge a pinch, feeling the thick, soft piece of meat ready for her.

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Eh.. let’s go to the toilet. The show is boring anyway.’

He acknowledged her sentence and got out of his seat with her, walking back up the theatre to the toilets. Before she could ask him anything, he just dragged her into the gents, slamming a cubicle door open and let her enter. In the sudden discovery of a discreet spot, she didn’t wait any longer to pull her shirt off, and he prompted went on to suck on those twenty-cents sized aerola.

Her job was to keep her voice down as he nibbled them, while sticking his hand up her ribbed, tube cotton skirt she wore. Her wet panties were pushed to the side and his rapid attack on her clit made her hang onto his head firmly.

Sherlyn: ‘I need your cock now.’
Ryan (whispering): ‘Shhh! Softer!’

His mouth never stopped working as he undid his jeans, letting his cock bounce free in her eyes. Remaining on his ass (on the toilet), Sherlyn kneeled between his legs and devoured his cock in a flash, letting her saliva flow around her slurping lips. His fingers could barely stay on her boobs from her fierce sucking, as if drawing blood through the tip. It only took five minutes before he felt his limits nearing, and he reluctantly stopped her.

Ryan (whispering): ‘Come. Up. Over here.’

He placed his shirt on the toilet and let her kneel on it, bending over into doggystyle. It was a quickie so hush-hush and intense that her pussy never stopped drooling. The moment his dick touched her, she jerked herself backwards to take his whole shaft in, much to his surprise towards the usually shy girlfriend.

Right before he moved, she turned sideways to him and mouthed, ‘fuck me’, biting on her own lips after that. He found the perfect spot to hold around her waist and began thrusting crazily, pumping all his energy into his groin that dug into her deepest spot. The slapping noises of their hips diminished as time past, droplets of sweat landing everywhere.

Her orgasms were silent, but the full effects were felt on his suffocating cock. She was just getting tighter and tighter with each deep thrust.

Ryan (whispering): ‘Shooting le! Wait wait!’

He couldn’t make the last stroke and pulled out to her dismay, but she did not just lie still. She turned around and sat on his shirt, shifting her body forward just enough to fit his cock between the pink, thick lips. One hand went to his shaft and the other on his balls, her head bobbed up and down on his member, suction increasing as she coordinated the physical response from his body.

Ryan: ‘Now now! Mmm.. Mmm!’

He cupped his own mouth to prevent any unwanted groans from escaping, and waited out the violent ejaculation he was unloading into his girl. Moving lips kept his penile muscles contracting, forcing every last bit out of his shaft with some suction at the tip. His legs went wobbly after the last drop was out and she left him alone. Rubbing her clit in front of the exhausted boy, he was in smiles to see her so satisfied.

The rest of the time was spent dressing up and waiting for him to text her that the corridor was clear, before she dashed out into his arms.

Sherlyn: ‘I can’t believe I did it outdoor!’
Ryan: ‘There’s a first for everything right?’
Sherlyn: ‘Idiot you. (whispering) I left my underwear in the toilet.’

He pulled her away from the washrooms after hearing that and went for dinner, cock constantly throbbing to remind that someone could be watching her panty-less pussy anytime. At the end of their date, they went straight to his place and got to work, stripping and capping on a condom for immediate sex.

Just imagine a girl readily wet, waiting to be fucked anytime. Would you not treat her like a princess?

Pleasure Prick

When I saw Mabel after so many years, I couldn’t believe how thin she was. The singlet did not even try to hide her pink bra she wore underneath, and to meet at ’10th’ floor of a block was even a more weird request.

Mabel: ‘Eh! Come here.’
Me: ‘What? Where are we going?’

She knocked twice on a door and a face appeared between the gap, before we were allowed in. It seemed like a normal apartment with a mix of guys and girls on the couch, until I saw the syringes on the coffee table.

Mabel: ‘Jie. Knock before you come in my room ah.’
Girl: ‘Go in for what? Siao ah?’

She led me into the bedroom and locked the door, confusing me with what I just saw. When I learnt the truth behind the ‘house’, an unnerving thrill was hyping me up. I was actually in a safe house where runners meet outside their distribution ‘jobs’.

Mabel: ‘Don’t worry la. We don’t keep much drugs here.’
Me: ‘Eh. If I am caught.. ‘
Mabel: ‘You won’t la. I won’t sabo you one.’

With the text messages and intent clear, I was clearly a line between them and my presence. We went on to catch up on our lives, while she took a transparent straw with some white substance at the end. ‘Can help me?’, she asked while handing me the straw.

Me: ‘With what?’

Without explanation, she wriggled her shorts off and flipped onto her chest, raising her ass up in the air. Her panties were lowered to her thighs and she pried open her ass crack in front of me.

Mabel: ‘Blow it into my ass.’
Me: ‘You sure?’
Mabel: ‘Yupp. I’ve always wanted to try it. But the guys outside.. I trust you more.’

I stuck the tip shallowly into her rear hole and blew really hard, not wanting to smell whatever she smelled like down there. Her body flattened on the bed and it took her a minute before she lost herself, stripping her shirt and bra off her skinny chest.

Mabel (heaving): ‘Oh god.. I’m feeling so warm. Come.. ‘

I remained seated on the bed knowing what might happened but she just pulled me down with her, removing my shorts despite my resistance. In front of a high and needy girl, how long could I resist my urge? Her hand was jerking my cock before I knew it and my fingers were forced into her dripping pussy.

The next ten minutes were just furious masturbation happening on bed, both of us eager to drive each other crazy. In a way, she knew stroking me faster would get me to finger her as fast, thus escalating the sensations she was feeling.

Mabel (whispering): ‘Let’s fuck.’
Me: ‘Condom?’
Mabel: ‘Let’s do it raw.. ‘

She laid flat on the bed and guided me on top, holding my cock delicately in her sweaty palm. Even though she had gone awry, the sincerity and truthfulness I hear from her voice did not make me doubt her choices. In safe hands, I pushed my way easily into her pussy and her eyes rolled white in ecstasy.

Mabel (moaning): ‘Oh fuck.. you’re making me crazy!’

My hips started to move on their own and she was a loose fit over my shaft. It was a soft, warm but gently pressurised, without surprising my mind. I couldn’t believe how sensual it felt, without any intense groans, just beautiful, slow pace of repetitive penetration.

Before I realised it, her arms had gone around my neck and we were kissing, to an orgasm awakening in her belly. Though she got a little tighter, it was still manageable. The perfection of the delicate pressure on my cock was in fact another experience to get me to cum soon. To put it simply, intense, raw sex belonged to the physical challenge. And a slow, graceful type of sex belonged to the spiritual level of love-making. Both having the same effects on a man’s mind.

I could feel my orgasm building up as she purred into my ears, complimenting my size and depth non-stop. For some reason, I could tell this was going to get more out of me than just regular sex. Some time later, our exhausted body slowed down and she finally stopped my thrusts with her feet.

Mabel (panting): ‘Is someone feeling it too?’
Me (panting): ‘Feeling what?’
Mabel: ‘The drugs.. some of it might be transferred to you.’

Right.. Why haven’t I thought of that? As I regained my energy from the much needed pause, my hips was slamming harder into her pussy, transcending beyond the beautiful love-making speed. Her fingernails amplified my senses as she dug into my back, kissing me harder to muffle her moans.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m shooting!’
Mabel (moaning): ‘Inside me baby.. inside me.. ‘

I let myself go and hammered the hell out of her, jerking her knees back and forth as my pelvis hit her thighs. Her vaginal muscles closed on me and created a vacuum, in time for my first load that was sucked out of me as I withdrew. The next thrusts loaded my incoming waves and I pushed my cum deeper into her, filling her up with all my balls’ worth.

Each entry would push some air out and then empty my shaft, repeating it until I was spent. Collapsing on her body, she carefully rolled me over and stayed ‘intact’, riding me for a while and resting on top of me.

Our bodies stuck together in a sweaty state for a good fifteen minutes, allowing me cock to shrink out of her. Just moments after, she began snoring and I let her take her nap in my arms, genitals taking their break after such an unbelievable session.

When I woke up much later, she was seated by my side, slurping noodles hungrily from a large bowl. I sat behind her and placed my hands on her breasts, toying with her pink nipples while she ate.

Mabel (whispering): ‘Hey.. you’re making me wet again.’
Me: ‘Can you feel me poking you?’
Mabel: ‘Can.’

She finished her food at the fastest speed and bent over in doggy again, signalling me to give her another dose. I did what I shouldn’t and she was on top of me this time, riding wildly with renewed energy till I creampied her again.

Me: ‘Are you on the pills?’
Mabel: ‘No. I can’t get pregnant anymore.’
Me: ‘Why? Did you see a doctor?’
Mabel: ‘Yeah. It’s the drugs.’

Upon further probing, her menses had not came for years and she knew the results even without a check up. I was allowed to move in with her after a new safe house was established (constantly moving) and the amount of sex we had only increased upon her recovery from the addiction.