One Pet for Two

This story is written for a fellow blogger, Kathy, who writes and share pictures of her endowed figure on the blog, Kathy’s Diary, which is now defunct. This story has appeared on her blog, and is my turn to publish it for those who missed it.

A Pet – I’ve always wanted to know how does having a pet would feel like. Would it be a total domination? Or will my own principles stop be from being too inhumane?

When Kathy sent an email to me about an opportunity to understand a mind like hers, I felt more curious than excited. It was the ‘hopefulness’ of owning a pet, nor getting the experience of controlling one, but rather, the mindset and mental state of one.

Kathy (Whatsapp): ‘Hotel 81, Princess, tonight at 4pm?’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. I’m about to head out now.’

Upon reaching the hotel, I checked into the room to see the lock engaged to keep the door ajar. Entering it showed me a little more of the (helpless?) daring state of Kathy, wearing just her bra and panties lying on the bed.

An open laptop on the small dresser was facing her, streaming live feed to a frame where only the chest of a male was showing.

Kathy: ‘Master A wanted to help too. So he will be watching.’

Me: ‘So it will be like live porn?’

Kathy: ‘Yeah. I’m to.. listen to his command if you are too shy.’

Me: ‘Have you done this before?’

Kathy: ‘On camera, yes. But live, no. And you’re the first guy he allowed to touch me after he owns me.’

Having no idea on how to start, I only dropped my bag in a corner, and set up my own camera in video recording mode on the keyboard area of the laptop.

Me: ‘I haven’t really.. umm.. been invited to such stuff.’

A pair of hand started typing in the webcam feed and I was able to read it.

I’ll tell her what to do. Master J, can you ask Kathy to wear to earpiece?

I told her his wish and she tucked her hair behind her ear to stick a bluetooth headset in. A moment of silence later, she moved herself to one side of the bed and flipped the blanket open for me to join her. As I got all snuggly next to her, she removed her panties and brought a carrot between her legs.

Teasing her own pussy, one of her hands came over to my dick, fondling it as moans escaped her mouth. It seemed that Master A had never allowed pleasure to just be a one-way thing, making sure I was getting all heated up at the same time. Soon, the carrot was sliding in and out of her, and the handjob got more intense.

Me (moaning): ‘Do you like being a pet?’

Kathy (moaning): ‘I like to please Master, even if it means giving in to him all the time.’

Me: ‘What do you get out of it?’

Kathy (moaning): ‘He.. ahh.. he wants me to be less selfish. So I listen to him. He is actually helping me to control myself. If not, I’ll just be.. ahh!’

Her body shook gently and I knew she came while answering my question. Since I was supposed to be telling her what to do, it’s time for me to get started too.

Me: ‘Okay. Lie down in front of me, I want your mouth nearby.’

She gladly did it and was all ready to work her neck. Once she was lying on my thigh with her legs opened sideways, carrot still thrusting, I handed out my second command.

Me: ‘Keep your mouth near my dick. And continue with that carrot.’

Kathy: ‘You want me to suck it?’

Me: ‘You’ll be punished if you do it.’

Kathy: ‘You mean if I don’t do it?’

Me: ‘Nope. You heard it right. Go on.’

I kept her mouth hovering over my dick, ignoring the occasional contact of her lips on my rod, while she pumped the veggie deeper and faster, to get to the next orgasm. It was all but interesting to see how she held herself back from giving what that desperate dick in front of her wanted, and that orgasm almost caused her to lose balance and disobeyed.

Me: ‘Came? Good. Kneel in front of me now, and let the carrot slide out of your pussy. I only want you to keep the tip inside.’

She no longer questioned me and went to work. From her unwilling fidgeting, it was harder than ‘not sucking the dick in front of you’. A light tap on her head sent her mouth over my shaft, sucking me as she held her butt away from her feet. A few times the carrot fell out, but she got it back to where I told her. And for the other few times that the carrot caused a moan from her, I would push her head down into my groin and hold it to suffocate her a bit.

Me: ‘Okay. Now you understand the difference between Master A and J?’

The red-eye girl nodded faithfully and looking at the laptop, a thumbs up was in front of the naked chest.

Me: ‘Now, I want you to lie down.’

She took my position on the bed and readjusted her so she was sitting up towards me. I sat in front of her and my dick was inches away from her, so close yet all she could felt was the accidental brushes I made on her clit. After I kickstarted the handjob, she went at it, unknowingly pulling me closer and closer to her.

Me: ‘You want it inside?’

Kathy: ‘Yeah. Can I?’

I guided her back onto the bed and moved my hips closer, raw flesh touching the wet folds of meat. There was almost an invisible force drawing me right in. I let her pull my rod in and her legs docked me tightly.

We did not spend any time savouring the fit and began fucking, thrusting my dick in and out of Kathy. To make up for the size, I went as fast as I could from the beginning, sending her into screams as it licked her ‘top’ of her vagina continuously.

I was at the mercy of her wetness too, negating all the friction and human limits. While she was moaning in pleasure, I was grunting in agony of the speed I was solely responsible for.

We lasted for about ten minutes, before it was too tiring for me and I stopped. The hyped up Kathy was trying to put ‘me’ back when I had to stop her verbally.

Me: ‘No. No more. I want you to suck me off.’

I stood by the bed and turned the webcam into our direction, as she energetically sat down with legs wide open.

Me: ‘You can use the carrot for now.’

As soon as the carrot was in, her mouth was at where it belonged too. Slurping hungrily, all I needed to do was to relax. The tongue kept spreading saliva around and she found the comfortable tempo to go all the way.

Minutes of the fast and furious oral sex pushed me to my toes and I was at the verge of cumming for almost a minute straight.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum. Take it all in.’

Her lips squeezed tighter together and at that moment, my balls rapidly contracted, blowing my load into her mouth that was sucking as I came. One of her hand kept teasing my balls and the other was around my butt, pulling me closer to reach the base of my shaft.

After some time, I was totally drained both mentally and physically. Kathy got off my dick after I told her to and the carrot was just sliding in and out of her slowly.

Me: ‘Cum another time for me. I’m pleased with your performance.’

She masturbated herself to another orgasm, before throwing the carrot into the bin. The webcam went dark and it was just me and her in the room.

Kathy: ‘Can I suck you off again?’

Me: ‘He’s not here anymore.’

Kathy: ‘I know. It’s the first time he allowed me to do with someone else. So I want to make it worthwhile.’

By then, I was all soft, but the diligent lady did not give up. This time, I laid on the bed and she bent over to take my dick once again into her mouth. By then, I was exhausted, and her lips and tongue worked differently. It was slow, sensual and attentive.

Beyond my hardness, her delicateness stroked the most sensitive parts til I came again, harder and much more than the first. She took every drop into her mouth without a flinch, swallowing it before my eyes once she was done.

Me: ‘Is he coming up for you?’

Kathy: ‘Nope. He is at home. I’m going off too.’

She led me into the narrow standing shower and cleaned me up, making me feel like a kid washed by an adult. We left the hotel together and I could only feel proud when eyes were set on her, the well-endowed body with 36C firmly stuck on her chest.

Kathy: ‘I want to meet you again if he allows.’

Me: ‘Me too. You’re a nice pet.’

We boarded the same bus and on the upper deck, I took out the gift I almost forgotten. It was a Benwa Ball set that I had excess stock off. Immediately, she removed the packaging and inserted it under her dress, panties stretched out of the way. It tingled her then-sensitive pussy and kept her smiling till she alighted.

Kathy: ‘Master will be happy knowing that I enjoyed myself. Thank you Master J.’

As of now, we have been text till her husband needs her. That being his turn to get some of the love she showed to us through the photos on her blog.

A Little Monster

Me: ‘Amy, you have not tried this before right?’
Amy: ‘What? I can’t even see anything.’

A strap fell over her thighs and she remained still while I tied her legs opened. Her hands were free but she wasn’t going to do anything with them, except maybe to hang on for her dear life for what’s about to come.

I disappeared from the bed for a moment and returned with my Dremel, outfitting a thin dildo to the rotary head. The lights came on and blinded her for a few seconds, but the expression that appeared on her face was more of a shock than surprise.

Amy: ‘What’s that?!’
Me: ‘A little DIY project? It will spin and thrust at the same time. I ordered this from some 3D printer company online.’
Amy: ‘It’s supposed to be a construction tool of some kind right? Oh my god.. ‘

Her legs wide opened, I teased her clit for a while and the dildo went in easily. Her grip tightened on the old wooden headboard as she felt me pushing the handheld motor a few times, trying hard to keep her face straight before the real action began.

Amy: ‘You’re not going to turn off the lights?’
Me: ‘I want to see you.’

As the Dremel cannot be operated with one hand, I ended the short foreplay and pushed the switch to ‘1’. The spinning of the ribbed vibrator was slow (in comparison to its max speed), and it got her moans started.

Though it was loud, there was no one else at home. It was just me, her and the harmless looking Dremel. The thrust-motion was actually a physical attachment at the connector head, two sets of ‘teeth’ enabled it to make those ever short jerks. Thankfully for the ball-bearings, if not my arm would be vibrated off before she could get a orgasm.

Once it was running, my thumb was all it needed to get it to speed ‘2’, and Amy began to go into a fit. Imagine her body lying still, but the toy piercing into her kept thrusting. Juices leaked like a broken tap all over the bed but the moans she made was worth it.

Her eyes rolled white and fists stayed clenched, at the mercy of the Dremel going into speed ‘5’. The well-endowed girl suddenly looked pitiful, and I wasn’t going to stop.

Amy (shouting): ‘J!!! I’m going weak!’

Those were the last words from her as she sank into limbo, body trembling peaceful as the machine whined away. I had kept the whole set up as deep as she could take, with an inch or so of grace.

After I noticed the tears coming out of her eyes, the Dremel was shut off immediately and placed out of the way.

Me: ‘Hey! Are you okay?’
Amy (answering weakly): ‘Yeah. I’m still climaxing.. ‘

Her body did not stop shaking till five minutes later, when her soft hand went around my dick. Throughout the slow jerking, there were moments of pause. She would tell me that she came even when I did not touch her down there anymore.

Packing up the bed and loosening the straps, she appeared too tired to be up for anything else. In my mind, I was pleased with her getting too much pleasure. That’s a perk from being with someone who DIYs a bit right?

We fell asleep together shortly after, and when her fingers went around my dick again, it was time to wake up. She had lowered herself to my waist level and the opening of her mouth dropped me back on the pillow.

Her warm jaws took me in and worked up and down the shaft, sending waves of pleasure across my body. Midway, another pause came and she was moaning as though an orgasm had occurred.

Amy: ‘Shit. I think I just came again. I can still feel the toy inside me.’

Too distraught, a handjob finished my share of fun in her mouth and she climbed back into bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Let’s get dressed. It’s getting late.’

The momentary freezes came randomly beyond our understanding, but it got her hugging my arm with it happened.

After she reached home, there was no more messages from her till the next day.

Amy (WhatsApp): ‘J, I didn’t sleep much last night. I can’t stop cumming with I think about the drill. And the orgasms kept happening even though I didn’t do anything.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Let’s not use that again. I think it’s too powerful.’
Amy (WhatsApp): ‘Noooo.. I like it! Again tonight? I’m going to cum in the bus right now. Argh!’

The next call I received from her was from the toilet at her office. She masturbated and came while whispering my name, clearly enjoying the (un)wanted orgasms she got at random times of the day.

Did I awaken something inside her with that Dremel of mine?

Absent Panties

Michael (shouting): ‘LIFT YOUR DRESS UP!’

Shivering in fear, the skinny, malnourished girl raised her clenched fist holding the edge of her partially see-through white dress, and a bare ass revealed itself without a hint of a g-string on it.

Michael: ‘You went out without panties again. You know where to stand right?’

His hand reached behind the sofa and a rattan cane with a yellow J handle appeared. Melissa held the centre of her dress in front of her stomach and turned herself sideways, between Michael’s legs. He tested the flexibility of the cane by making a few strokes in the air, each wave swooshing louder than the previous.

He casually pried one of her ass cheeks open and saw the silver buttplug intact, mentally reducing her sentence.

Michael: ‘Ready!’


He waited for three seconds for the pink line to show itself on her butt, and a snot of her nose came softly. The second and third took as long but his eyes were on her legs. He had held one of her thighs with his huge palm to keep her from moving, partly to swing his cane on the same line. The pain travelling up her spine merely multiplied as he counted to six, and a wet trail seeped into his fingers.

Michael: ‘I will increase the strokes if you do it again.’

She nodded with fear and turned towards him, holding the waistband of his shorts while he stood up. In a moment, he was naked and his closed legs signified only one thing. She climbed onto the sofa with one knee and went over his lap, pussy dripping clear, white liquid over his dick while she did that.

His dick gave her the first inch and the rest of it came when he pushed her hips down, flattening the sore ass on his legs. The pain could only be relieved by the pleasure that was shooting through her pussy, through a grinding motion that got her moaning.

Michael was pleased with her enthusiasm, riding his long dick while she eased the pain. Nonetheless, every second on her butt reminded her of why she went pantyless in the first place.

Michael: ‘Let’s change to doggy.’

The teary-eyed girl went on her fours on the sofa, senses too messed up to pay any attention to the TV. He forced his rod into her pussy and came in full contact with the freshly inflicted brusies, ramming continuously to her mixed cries.

A part of her was in pleasure, and the other kept fighting to tell her that the pain was more serious than getting fucked right then. Powerless, the pain mysteriously got ‘pulled’ into her pussy, amplifying the orgasms that came shortly after they got into doggie.

Each climax rendered her weaker as her chest touched the couch, ass bouncing his dick that was stabbing her non-stop. Tears started flowing more uncontrollably as he increased his speed, groaning in ecstasy at the expense of the abused little girl.

Michael (whispering): ‘Feeding time.’

She obediently crawled away and waited for him to return to his seat, before bending her back over his lap. Mouth positioned in front of his dick, he pulled her head towards his dick and bounced her like a basketball.

Keeping her lips tightly pressed together, it was the second ‘meal’ of her day. Barely filling, but that was all she was allowed to have at home. The low pitch of his groans came increasingly faster, and her throat was beginning to get less choking from the speed boost.

The moment her face got buried in his groin, she knew it was coming. His dick swelled up like a meat pipe and the huge load of cum overflowed the tip, collecting behind her sealed lips. With some of it stuck midway in her throat, the relieve came when he tapped her head, allowing her to finally take it out.

Two prominent loud gulps cleared her mouth and she went back to clean his manhood up with her mouth. Going back into her room, a nightgown replaced her white dress and the buttplug was washed and returned to its spot. Lying on the bed, thoughts of her outfit the next day kept her awake, for her wardrobe only had short, revealing dresses and skirts never meant to wear in any educational institute.

Melissa (WhatsApp): ‘Katlin, can you bring your jacket for me tomorrow?’
Kaylin (WhatsApp): ‘Katlin’s getting fucked right now, but I’ll pass your message along.’

Her classmate, is also a slave, but under a different master. A slave who is in chains and locks all the time, who luckily owns many jackets and clothes that hid her fetishes well. On a daily basis, Melissa would pass her panties to her and a jacket would be loaned to her in exchange. One of them loved to get caned, and the other, to be dangerously exposing her restraints without a pullover.

Foreign Connection

Girl: ‘Excuse me, are you guys hiring?’
Me: ‘Yeah! Are you interested?’
Girl: ‘I am. But do you guys need any educational qualifications?’
Me: ‘Not really. Do you have an ID or passport?’

She fished her wallet out from her tote bag and handed her blue IC to me. Emma, 1991, U.S.A. Frankly speaking, I had no idea why she chose to apply for work here, so I had to ask.

Girl: ‘To be honest, I was adopted by a family whose agenda was for me to work as a sex slave. There were five of us around my age. When they were training us to perform and do those dirty acts, I managed to escape. Since they cannot report me knowing what they have done. I need a job, so I can get a place to stay.’
Me: ‘Have you gone to the police?’
Emma: ‘No. I’m actually grateful to have a citizenship here. It’s just sad that no one suspected how wide-spread this is because of the nice image Singapore portrayed.’

I made a call to boss without the specifics, and she was allowed to start immediately. As it was a non-working day for housekeeping, she finished her work quickly from the experiences she got at home, practically done every chore herself.

Just as I finished carrying the cartons of soft drinks into the storage, she creeped up behind me and hugged me.

Emma (whispering): ‘Thank you.’
Me: ‘Hey. It’s cool. Boss agreed. So I guess you’re in.’
Emma: ‘No really. I’m very grateful. Can I repay you for the favour?’
Me: ‘Of course, how about taking the morning shifts so I can come in later?’

Her fingers wriggled into my jeans and I immediately took her hand out. That wasn’t how I pictured ‘favour’ to be, and she’s probably just working here till she found a better place. I couldn’t bring myself to make any physical promises.

The 1.6m girl pushed me up the racks once I turned around, forcing herself on my neck, breathing and pecking while her hands ran up my shirt. I pushed her back with ease and she fell on her butt, where I then quickly carried her up and returned to the bar.

Emma: ‘Why wouldn’t you want it? I thought guys would not turn down any sexed-up girls.’
Me: ‘Look. This is where I work, and you’re my colleague. No matter what background you come from, I got you the job you needed to turn your life around. I’m not going to ruin it here.’

Standing a few feet away, she raised her tank top over her head and a pink strapless bra hid her assets. A quickly motion with her hands behind her back dropped the bra and her shorts were tugged down her skinny legs before I could pick her shirt up.

Emma (whispering): ‘You’ve given me a chance. And.. I made a promise to myself. That I’ll belong to anyone who helped me start a new life. I’m just grateful it’s you.’

Helpless, I let her undo my belt and jeans, shirt coming off easily as I did not resist. This girl had been hurt enough, and perhaps through the next part, I could show her the way out.

After I was naked, I stopped her before she got down on her knees.

Emma: ‘Want me to do something else?’
Me: ‘Help me open the sofa bed.’

As if it was normal, we opened the sofa up and laid on the mattress, with her hands roaming all over my body.

Emma: ‘Shall I suck first?’
Me: ‘Nope.’

I turned on my sides and kissed her, frenching with just the tip of my tongue while she tried to make it wilder. Holding myself back, I did not let it turn into a tongue fight, kissing passionately while my fingers dived between her legs.

Emma (whispering): ‘This is awesome. I’ve never kissed like that.’

As I sunk my finger into her pussy, her hips twitched and her lips parted from mine. Turning all the attention to her pussy, she took my other hand and sucked on the fingers.

Emma (moaning): ‘Touch me like that.. I love it.’

Her hands too, had reached my dick and began pumping it to its full size. After a while, I stopped the petting and rotated myself around. So I was lying on her thigh and she was lying on mine. Playfully working my tongue on her clit, she took my dick in her mouth and sucked on it gently. It was as though she was sucking a tube of toufu. So delicate, yet confidently.

That sexy scent of body wash at her crotch was unforgettable. She looked so clean without a single bit of hair and the smoothness.. her pubs were permanently removed. Once I heard the choking sounds, her head was pushed out of the way and I returned to the proper position on the bed.

Emma: ‘Can I go first this time?’

I gave a short chin-up shake of my head and she climbed on top, looking all pretty with her blonde, brownish hair combed behind her ears.

Emma: ‘Do you happen to have.. a condom?’

I pointed to my bag by the side and she dragged it to me, where that silver wrapped protection was taken out from my wallet. She held the rubber loop outside her pussy and sat over my dick, stretching the condom as she slowly slid over me.

Emma: ‘Nice and tight. You fit comfortably inside me.. ‘

Once I made sure the condom was in place, the excited new staff began riding me, rocking her hips with her hands on her thighs, enjoying herself. In between one of her orgasms, she laid on my chest and told me her ambition.

Emma (whispering): ‘I’m going to be your little girl.’

After a while, I got her off me and made her lie missionary, legs lifted to her waist and pushed onto the bed. Piercing my dick slowly into her, every inch of her vagina can be felt squeezing me bit by bit. Unable to comprehend my delay, her feet was trying to hurry me up.

As soon I was inside, she was wishing for me to stop. Pounding loudly with echoes around the cafe, her legs couldn’t be spread any wider. I was so deep into her her eyes constantly rolled white, screaming untold pleasures into the air.

Emma: ‘I’m cumming again.. oh noooo.. ‘

A powerful jet of cum squirted onto my abs, pouring freely onto the floor. Her pussy went into shock and closed itself to a point I couldn’t pull out. Since I was stuck, I continued ramming her feeble body, till she felt my rod harden.

Emma: ‘You’re gonna cum with me!’

I pulled out suddenly and she held my arms desperately, pleading for me to put it back in.

Me: ‘Am I going to cum with you?’
Emma: ‘Sorry master. You can cum anytime and anywhere you want. I’ve long been addicted to sex since they began training me. Those long days of non-stop orgasms.. ‘
Me: ‘Where would you like me to cum?’
Emma: ‘Umm.. frankly, I’ve never seen cum before. They would make us imagine that water is cum, and filled us up with it, swallow it through a thick pipe, but I’ve never come in contact with any.’
Me: ‘On your hands then. Make this worth it.’

She went quiet and sat between my legs, rubbing her juices over her palms and began with the handjob. As I groaned in pleasure, she was exploring the different parts of my dick. Where to touch, where it got the most response, and how to get me to cum.

Five minutes past, and without any complains of tiredness, I was about to end too. Telling her about the progress, she pumped her fist faster, but holding on with a light grip. On and on she went, paying close attention to the balls that were in her fingers, and my body’s reaction.

Finally, she saw my belly tucking in and one of her hand cupped over the tip while the other continued jerking. The eruption surprised her as the warmth filled the grooves between her fingers, oozing for as long as she kept stroking.

Me: ‘It’s getting too sensitive Emma, let me go.’

She gradually slowed down and opened her hand, where the load of sticky cum got her curiosity. Giving it a lick, she smiled as I got more confused. Astonished, she slurped up my cum like half-boiled eggs, licking her palm as if it was that good.

Me: ‘It’s not salty or bitter?’
Emma: ‘It’s a little salty. I’ve had worse. They always told me it tasted like vinegar or raw eggs. I kinda like yours.’

She washed her hands thoroughly and came back to help me with my clothes. For the rest of the evening, we went shopping and dinner. After which she came over to my rented apartment, where we started spending the rest of our work stint having intense, passionate sex with each other.

Oh yes, she never got used to wearing panties no matter if she wore skirts or shorts. Which made everything easier whenever we saw a corner discreet enough for outdoor sex.

My Landlady’s Daughter

Nat: ‘Can you cook something for me to eat? I’m damn hungry. So sorry for troubling you.’

How could I reject her? Staying for almost a month at their place, the rent was the lowest. Apart from just hiding in my room, I got used to tidying up their house when they were out, and occasionally cooking with the family. I was after all given a tiny spot to store my chopping board and knives that no one knew how to use. I was grateful for them.

She stood beside me as I cut the chicken chops, marinated in teriyaki sauce in my designated section of the fridge. The aroma got her stomach growling even louder, and she placed her hand on my lower back, nudging my thoughts slightly awry.

Nat: ‘What’s inside?’
Me: ‘Soy sauce, mirin, ginger, sugar?’
Nat: ‘Is it suppose to be for yourself?’
Me: ‘For times when YOU are hungry!’

A cheerful laugh broke out and she took over the task of cooking the chicken, while I listlessly shook the pasta in a strainer. She was a normal 18 year old in a local poly, dressing decently when out and casually clothed at home in mostly t-shirts or singlets with tiny shorts at home.

Nat (screaming): ‘Oww!’

Hot oil had splattered on her and she used me as the shield. Now, it’s time to teach her something logical.

Me: ‘When hot oil splatters, we dodge. So the meat will chao ta (get burnt) on the pan. Be brave!’

I went behind her and held her hand, forcing her to bear with the pain and flip the meat onto the final side. Scraping the skin of the chicken, the crackle showed her it was all worth it. She held the hand I placed on her waist and squeezed it tightly, as the pain grew in her cooking hand.

Barely legal, she had a figure like her mum, slim and well-maintained. Years of dancing had given her that body to die for and I was out of her league to make my imagination come true.

Nat: ‘Hey J, you know? Most girls always want someone to cook for them. But I prefer this. Cooking with that someone. It makes the food more tasty.’

I laughed through my nose as she plated the chicken to rest, while I scooped the pasta over to soak up the remaining juices. Keeping my hand in hers, we swapped positions and she stood behind me while I cooked. The other hand came around me and I was in the midst of tasting a strand for doneness.

Nat: ‘I want to try too!’

She pinched the dangling strand from my mouth and turned me sideways to slurp it up, till our lips got dangerously close. Her chewing turned sensual as she slowed down, flipping the gas switch off behind me. Everything up to that instance pointed in a direction I knew we were heading to.

Nat (whispering): ‘It’s yummy.. like you.’

Breaking away from her seduction, I finished stacking the chicken on top of the noodles and she took it from me. Hand in hand, we made our way in her room and it was left ignored on her study desk. In embrace, we stripped each other down and I lifted her onto the desk, where she forked a mouthful of food while I sat on a foot stool between her legs.

Licking her abalone in short flicks, her body moved on its own. I just kept going till a strong shiver was felt and she had to stop eating. Picking me up by my cheeks, she placed me on her revolving chair and hopped onto the stool, going between my legs and tapped on the table’s edge where she left the plate.

In an instant, my dick disappeared into her mouth and I took a few bites of chicken, too distracted to really taste anything. As she was working her lips up and down my rod, a pair of silk ropes found their way into her hands and she tied me to the arm rest of the chair, loose enough for me to wriggle out of if I really wanted to escape.

Windows unblinded, she was not bothered by it. She shifted the plate away and bent over the table, lowering her pussy down my cock as she clenched her fist by the edge. With both legs together, she was tight beyond description.

In no time, she had turned into the little bunny, bouncing on my lap and moaning as though the windows are drawn. Fully naked, I was left to admire her back view while feeling her pussy squeeze my rod dead, occasionally grinding her butt left and right to wake me up.

Before I knew it, I had to free myself and kept her seated on my lap as we moved to the bed. Staying connected for the whole position change, I kneeled behind her opened legs and hammered her mercilessly. It was pure sex that we had, perspiring onto each others’ body as we pounded.

After a long while of doggie sex, she turned onto her back and I pushed both her legs close to her chest. That fair skinned pussy stared right at me and I filled her up with my dick once again, thrusting the life out of her as she begged for me to be gentle. It wasn’t her legs that were aching, but the sensitivity of her pussy that had her clit exposed.

It was being tortured by my prickly groin non-stop. I tied her hands together during a short pause and she gave up control to whatever position I put her in.

Me: ‘Are you okay? I’ll not tie you up anymore k?’

Part of me got worried. But what she said.. I was overthinking.

Nat: ‘No don’t. I tied you up so you will tie me. I have been fantasising about this for a long time now.’

I regained my composure to pump her for another few minutes before she was too much for me to hold in. We were doing it raw and I didn’t want to risk anything. Readjusting her body to lie sideway, I held her head against two pillows and sank my dick in.

Next up was mouth fuck. I buried my dick at her cheek and went on for at least five minutes. She was all willing and smiling whenever I slowed down to look at her. Time is up.

Me: ‘I’ll cum in your mouth k?’
Nat: ‘Don’t need to tell me. Just shoot anywhere you want. As long as you let me help you finish it.’

Suddenly, a eureka moment came. I stopped and sat in front of her eyes, jerking myself to her helplessness.

Nat (frantic): ‘Hey! What are you doing?!’
Me: ‘Just torturing you a little?’

She got on her knees and pushed me down with her head, swallowing my dick whole and I bounced her head on my lap. A strong suction with lots of tongue action, got me squirming in a minute. Every time I tried to lift her away, she could bite. So I had no choice.

Drawing every bit of cum in me, she only let go when I went quiet in exhaustion. Seeing her in that pitiful state, I replaced her on the bed and fed her what’s left on the plate. When I was about to untie her, she dodged.

Nat (whispering): ‘Don’t take it off. I like it this way.’

We fell asleep on her bed naked and the next thing I knew that woke me up, were her hands checking if I was asleep. Well, how could I be still asleep when it was up?

My landlady’s daughter had been in bounds (at home) since we started, and she became the most obedient girl any master could have. Not that I am into anything extreme, but to have someone to please when I get home, was what I liked. In return, she would sneak into my room when her mum was asleep, or drag me out to the corridor when her mum was awake to have those quickies we never got enough of.

Too Well-Trained

Denise: ‘Hey, you’re home.’

The lingerie-clad girl ran over to Cedric, whom kicked his shoes to a side to let her tidy them together. Placing one foot on her knee, she pulled those smelly socks off one by one and standing up to receive his bag. Since their marriage, Cedric had trained her to be his personal slave with an additional job of child-bearing. Now one year into her ‘training’, she had been groomed to his methods without getting scolded.

Sitting tiredly at their Italian designed dining table, she stood behind him to remove his shirt, before fetching his dinner on a tray. As he began eating, she crawled under the table and undid his belt, tugging his bottoms off along with his underwear once he raised his body. On her knees, she kept a close watch till he finished his meal, and proceeded to wrap her lips around his dick, sucking till he was in full size and sitting relaxed.

Cedric: ‘Let’s shower.’

She stopped her blowjob and went into their bedroom, turning on the switch for the heater while she stripped herself naked. The both of them went in for his shower and she covered herself in soap before body-sliding on him, cleansing his sweaty body with hers. Paying extra attention to his dick, her hand did not leave that rod while she lathered him. In less than ten minutes, he was cleaned and made their way to the bed where his laptop sat on a bed-top wooden stand for him to work a little more.

As soon as she slipped on the Thursday nightgown, she went to his groin and continued the blowjob, keeping him focused while he finished the last bit of the email he did not finish typing while at work.

Cedric: ‘Use the dildo on yourself first.’

The obedient wife opened the drawer by the bedside desk and sat with her legs opened, thrusting that rubber toy to moan for him to hear. Being a guy used to her voice, he did not get any hornier. Instead, he placed the laptop webcam in video recording mode and aimed it at her, which spurred her to enter a ‘pornstar’ mode to perform.

Denise: ‘You want to have sex today? Or just suck you off?’

Cedric: ‘Let’s fuck tonight. I am not tired yet.’

A smile appeared across her face and she turned herself around into doggie, where his dick spontaneously plunged into her pussy. The comfortable size of his dick flooded her mind with lust and her voice turned sweeter as he rammed really deep.

After just a few minutes, Cedric commanded her to take over and moved their bodies back onto the bed, where he laid with pillows behind his back and her pussy still over his dick. Bouncing just her hips, slapping sounds reflected her desire to please and his dick just stood upright for her to climax. That ten minutes she took to came twice felt really short but Cedric was suggesting her to ride him cowgirl style.

Excited with the thoughts of being able to watch her master’s expression, she continued slamming her pussy over his dick, while letting him grab her breasts till they were sore. She was his to play, and use, and fuck, and command. Everything she did was for him, but never once did she felt lost, cause she knew her job well.

Cedric: ‘I’m about to cum now. You can choose where you want to receive it.’

Denise: ‘Can you pump me in missionary? I want to hug you and.. ‘

Cedric: ‘Alright.’

She waited for him to free her space and laid down anticipating his love. Once his dick pierced into her body, her legs went around his back and she pulled him near enough for a kiss. To be filled with a penis from a guy she loved, exchanging saliva with tongues touching, her pussy grew tighter from this expression of love.

Cedric had felt her commitment and was slightly softened by her sacrifices she made for him. Pumping faster and deeper, his wife broke out in groans and he placed her feet together, further increasing the pressure on his manhood. In turn, the full length of her love hole was sent into hyper-sensitive mode which made her orgasms fire away like a machine gun.

Time was running out for him as well, being in a tight position, he did not bother to hold himself in any longer. Right before he came, he opened her legs and pinned her down with his body, pecking down her neck till her nipple was between his teeth. That ejaculation came together with her climax, pushing her over the limit as her nipple stiffened to his nibbles.

For the first time, she squirted so hard her body went berserk, thrashing around for almost three minutes. His cum kept pouring into her contracting pussy like there was no end to it. It was truly a round of sex he would never forget, drained to a point he felt so refreshed.

Cedric felt super tired but was taken aback by the pleasant suprise, a sign of his good stamina, and how happy he made her. Deep within that steel, powerful control, was a heart made of pure gold, soft but dense.

He left her lying on the dryer part of the bed while he blew dry the wetter part. By the time she recovered her energy, the lights were out, and he was snoring softly in sleep. The images of them making love kept appearing in her head, till she lost control and went under the blanket, to suck him off another round.

The next morning, her moans woke him up and he turned towards Denise to see her dipping her favourite dildo into her pussy.

Denise (whispering): ‘Good morning dear.’

Cedric: ‘Morning.’

He went to the dining where the box of cereal awaits with the jug of milk in an ice bath. As he started his day with the American style breakfast, Denise was having her breakfast under the table, right between his legs. Asian sausage, is that right?

Somehow, the method he ‘raised’ her had accidentally made her so sexually active she would milk him at each possible moment. Sometimes, Cedric wondered if his guidance had gone too far. How could he work when his wife always starts his day with a draining blowjob and ends his day with intense, desperate sex? Perhaps it’s time to rent his wife out again, not like he has not done it before.

Raped by a Virgin

Shirley (shouting): ‘I’m home!’

Danny jolted awake from his sleep and found himself in the same position he was left a few hours ago, arms and legs tied to the bed frame to keep him imprisoned. It had been two days since he had saw any light with the blindfold around his head and the long hours of tortured made him beg for freedom from the last person he could imagined doing this to him.

He was originally supposed to be the more sexually driven person in their short three months of relationship but ever since he date raped her a week ago, he became a sex victim to his very own girlfriend.

Shirley: ‘Are you ready for tonight?’
Danny: ‘Please let me go. I will do anything you ask, but free me first?’
Shirley: ‘Then I won’t get to play the dom anymore right?’
Danny: ‘No no! I will let you have control.’

He felt the tip of a straw at the corner of his mouth and sucked in huge mouthful till the glass was empty. Starved and driven to thirst, he had no idea what he did to the innocent girl turned crazy from the rape. As soon as the thud came from the glass landing on the table, she climbed into the bed and he sensed her skirt or dress dragging over his groin.

Shirley: ‘How many rounds today?’
Danny: ‘I don’t want it anymore.. please.. I beg you.’

Her hand went around his dick and gave it a few pumps before it grew instinctively till it reached the huge size he used to take her virginity away. Feeling her body weight increasing on his tummy, his dick felt the moist pussy touching the tip, followed by the rest of her vagina devouring his hard cock.

Danny could not overpower the girl who had been taking dance classes with his hands tied, feeling her hips grind against his groin as his dick slipped in and out of her wet cunt. With her hands on his chest, she rode him non-stop and he was groaning to his dick being milked by the tightening hole.

After she spent a few minutes on top, she leaned her body backwards, pressing on his calves as her feet parked themselves next to his waist. Bouncing up and down, the dick head stroked along the underside of her pussy and sent her moaning louder as her g-spot was teased mercilessly.

Shirley: ‘You like to hear me moan right? I like to see you in agony. Please me and I might let you go.’

The last statement had been ringing in his ears for the uncountable times he had came, and she used that excuse to get him to lick her whenever she got tired. But that evening, she was much livelier as his hips kept slamming against her butt and felt his dick fall into submission to her clenched hole.

Shirley returned to riding him in the normal cowgirl after getting her first orgasm for the night and continued fucking her boyfriend who was groaning in pain, partly caused by his dick that was thrown into a constant state of pleasure without a break. Even for Danny whom had wished he had a sex-starved girlfriend, Shirley proved to him that it could well be more than what he could handle if such a wish ever came true.

After a long and torturous ten minutes, their bodies were covered in perspiration, the deprived girl still bouncing happily on top of him, making sure to cover every inch of his dick.

Danny: ‘Shirley, please.. I am going to shoot. Get off.’

Sitting herself up on his dick, she jerked her waist like a belly-dancer to send his dick into oblivion as she felt her pussy squeezing before her orgasm. Going faster than before, the shackles around his wrists clanged louder to his struggle, mind thrown into a state of blank as his dick went over sensitive to her gyrating hips.

Shirley: ‘Your dick is pumping so fast now.’
Danny: ‘Yeah! Argh.. argh.. ‘

His voice softened as his cum fireworked into her pussy, filling her up with the fresh load of semen for the day. Shirley slowed down as well, recovering from her orgasm but was still moving on top of him. Leaning her boobs over his mouth, she placed the tip at his lips and he took it like a hungry puppy, licking and nibbling on it till she was satisfied.

Shirley: ‘You’re getting better with your mouth huh?’
Danny: ‘Can you let me rest now?’
Shirley: ‘I wanted to, but you turned me on again with my nipples.’

Shit.. This time, she got off his body and sat between his legs with her legs folded. Lowering her mouth over his throbbing half-erection, she sucked on it hungrily till it was fully up.

For her second mission, she slammed her face against his groin and took him deep down her throat, getting used to the gagging that was disappearing into the second day of practice. Feeling her throat contract around his dick, Danny was already in a trance making moaning sounds as his dick begged silently for mercy.

Shirley: ‘You wanted this right? When you fucked my mouth after raping me?’

Using her tongue, she licked the sides clean of cum and went back to deep throating him. Fingering herself between her thighs, she moaned louder for him to get some relieve and he was soon thrusting his hips upwards at her as she sucked.

Shirley knew she could rest more if he did the work and let her use her mouth, ramming all the way without rest so he would get too tired. After a good five minutes of mouth-fucking, his waist grew weak but the urge to cum was about to arrive.

The trained girl picked up the signs immediately and picked herself up, squatting down while facing his feet and lowering her pussy with her legs closed. The tightness wasn’t new to him but was certainly overwhelming to his sensitive dick.

As soon as she standing doing little squats above his groin, Danny begged for her to slow down to let his penis recover, since he could not cum if his dick was getting numb. Listening to his request, she paused for a minute to catch her breath as well. Once he was groaning again to the slight shifting of her butt, she knew he was ready and resumed slamming her butt on his dick.

Shirley: ‘Cumming? Cumming?’
Danny: ‘Yes yes! Oh my god!’

The slapping sounds of their genitals got louder as he creamed the second serving into her, going into a slight convulsion as his dick got so sensitive he was losing his mind.

Shirley lifted her body up after the pulses in his rod died down and let her meat pie squeeze the load out and over his manhood, like a sausage covered in a cheese sauce.

Shirley: ‘Had fun? I am going to shower now. Once I am done, I will come back for more.’

Danny’s neck relaxed and fell his head onto the pillows, where a drop of tear formed at the corner of his eyes. There was no knowing how long would this abuse last, and he was regretting what he did to his girlfriend who had gave in to his every request except the vaginal intercourse, which he took by force.

Another glass of purplish liquid was swallowed down his dry throat that had crushed Viagra mixed into it, and he was hard and ready in no time for the long night to come.


Josephine had ended her school and returned to a guy’s home, huge and a quiet mansion. Sounds from his room upstairs shuffled in metal clangs and clinks, until he appeared in front of her in his stocking mask and wrists and ankles individually wrapped with leather.

Josephine: ‘Good, you are learning fast.’

He went into the kitchen and brought her a cup of hot tea, before going to her feet and removed the standard white shoes, and socks. He placed them neatly at his doorsteps and went to a room, coming out with a set of fresh clothes for her. She went with him to that room and he unbuttoned her shirt, removing them along with her white bra that had its buckle between the cups. Wrapping a spandex jacket over her, he zipped up halfway to expose part of her small chest and then knelt on the floor, undoing her skirt, shorts and panties. He helped her got into a pair of tights also made of the same soft, light material before she left the room for the living room.

He went on his knees in front of her and she opened her legs, for him to lick after he tore a hole in the stocking at his mouth area. His tongue dived in for the treat and licked diligently on her clit, until she was wet and moist. As Josephine browsed the channels on his large flat screen TV, her body climaxed and a gush of juices were quickly slurped up by her slave.

As the sofa had a longer side that stretches out towards the TV, she laid over the cushions he placed on her chest and waited for the massage that would follow. With his skilful acupuncture massage, her muscles relaxed and it felt dreamy for her, given that rain had been falling for the whole day. Soon, she hear his clothes drop onto the floor and raised her hips, for him to get behind her and push his dick into her tight shorts, right between her slit and sinking all the way without hesitation.

With her juices lubricated nicely, her slave had no problem and began pumping his hips against her butt, slurping her juices with his thrusts. Josephine was only 14, but this slave of hers had an infatuation with her and willingly commit to being hers for as long as she needed him to be. His dick fitted her from the previous intercourses and now it filled her up nicely, brushing against every corner of her vagina. Josephine moaned with his vigour and was soon going into the orgasm she was waiting for, shocking her into a daze and rendering her weak.

As her pussy gradually shrank, her slave pumped even harder until he was about to cum. Pulling out quickly, he grabbed a disposable cup and shot all his cum into it, before presenting to his mistress to drink it up, in a gulp. Once done, she got up and let him lie on the cushions, facing the ceiling and hips raised to the highest point. She reached for the toy box behind the sofa and took out the strap-on he kept, and slipped it over her shorts, pulling up a side until the other end of the dildo could reach for her pussy.

It was designed in a way that one end of the dick on it would stay inside her and the other part would go into wherever she wanted. Also, the part of the dildo sticking out was covered in loose rubber, allowing every stroke forward to push part of the flexible rubber tube inside back towards her pussy, fucking her as she thrust. It was a brilliant design and was a costly toy too.

Josephine leaned against him and let him lubed up the dildo, with some KY jelly. Once the lubricant was applied and dripping onto the cushions, she poked the tip into his anus and moaned as she moved her hips forward, going deeper into him but also herself at the same time. Her delicate hands held his dick and jerked him as she pumped, fucking herself mad.

This was the best part for him as he got to enjoy her handjob, and to be able to watch her pleasuring herself at the same time. She had total control all the time and the whole house was flooded with his manly groans and her cutesy moans. Within minutes, Josephine had to pause as her pussy squeezed with all its might, to manage the orgasm from the rubber tip that had reached deep into her. She continued ramming his poor ass after she recovered and finally, he was cumming and she placed her mouth over his dick, forcefully yanking it down to face her. He creamed right at her gentle sucking and emptied his balls into her, going down the throat as she swallowed.

Josephine fell onto her sides on the empty couch and laid in shortness of breath while he got up to undo her strap-on, disappearing into the kitchen after she was comfortable under a blanket. A quick meal was served to her and just an hour later, the door handle creaked and another guy entered. It was the father of her slave and someone she liked better. She got up in an instant and ran to him, taking his bag and belt away.

After she placed the items at their usual spot, she went behind the sofa and bent over the headrest, balanced herself over it and spread both her legs like a frog. Her master went to where she was and let his pants fell, before sinking his long tool into her pussy, still moist from the earlier orgasms. He watched the evening news while fucking his toy girl, blowing her mind over and over again with the frequent orgasms. With minutes ticking away, the news soon ended and a few more hard thrusts later, he rammed her over the edge and shot all his cum into her tiny pussy, and let her drop onto the soft leather seats in front.

Master went into the kitchen to wash up and returned to the sofa, leaning on one of the armrests and gesturing her to get dinner. She took the plate of food from her slave and served it to Master, before going between his legs and slurped hungrily on his meat, going up and down licking it like a lollipop and taking it between her thick lips, sucking on the whole length for the tasty cum she wanted.

TV was especially boring at that time and so after finishing his food, he laid it on the coffee table and lifted the small girl over his dick, letting her slip down his thighs until her pussy devoured the whole shaft. Josephine had a weakness for his size and everytime he was inside her, she would be unable to move due to the sensitivity and pain, if she angled wrongly. It was him that really stretched her pre-mature pussy and showed her how good it felt to be dominated.

Master then adjusted himself to sit up properly and held her in front of him, hugging like a koala bear. Shortly, his hips began shooting upwards and into her, making her wrap her hands around him tightly. It felt extremely good to have a larger-than-fitting piece of hot throbbing meat inside and pushing all her buttons like how it should be done. As much as she tried to do some work, it was hard with his strength and desire for control.

After a good long hour, he let her free and she took over the job, bouncing that little over his dick until he came forward and hug her again, letting his dick go right to her extreme end and filled her womb up with hot, thick cum. There was not a drop that leaked out as it all reached her womb and even made her feel bloated with his presents. He lifted her up and away on his side and rested, seemingly asleep in peace without so much any signs of breathlessness. Josephine went back to the toilet in the kitchen to wash up and let her slave bend her over the dining table for a good doggie session to relieve his hard on.

He did not waste the chance and kept pumping fiercely, hitting her pelvic bones against the wood until he could not take it, partly because of imagining she was his ex-girlfriend. He helped her off the table and onto a chair, before sitting on the edge of the table that faced her and let her jerk him off. Taking the fourth load of cum for the day, she gave him a treat by sucking on it after she swallowed, sending his man pipe into shock and desperation even it was empty. His dick shrivelled at the quickest speed and Josephine was done for the day.

She let her slave changed her clothes back into the decent school uniform and shoes, leaving her slave and master to themselves.

Master: ‘Shall we bring Rinnie out of your room? She haven’t had dinner yet, and I still feel full.’