A Little Monster

Me: ‘Amy, you have not tried this before right?’ Amy: ‘What? I can’t even see anything.’ A strap fell over her thighs and she remained still while I tied her legs opened. Her hands were free but she wasn’t going to do anything with them, except maybe to hang on for her dear life for […]

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Absent Panties

Michael (shouting): ‘LIFT YOUR DRESS UP!’ Shivering in fear, the skinny, malnourished girl raised her clenched fist holding the edge of her partially see-through white dress, and a bare ass revealed itself without a hint of a g-string on it. Michael: ‘You went out without panties again. You know where to stand right?’ His hand […]

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Foreign Connection

Girl: ‘Excuse me, are you guys hiring?’ Me: ‘Yeah! Are you interested?’ Girl: ‘I am. But do you guys need any educational qualifications?’ Me: ‘Not really. Do you have an ID or passport?’ She fished her wallet out from her tote bag and handed her blue IC to me. Emma, 1991, U.S.A. Frankly speaking, I […]

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My Landlady’s Daughter

Nat: ‘Can you cook something for me to eat? I’m damn hungry. So sorry for troubling you.’ How could I reject her? Staying for almost a month at their place, the rent was the lowest. Apart from just hiding in my room, I got used to tidying up their house when they were out, and […]

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Too Well-Trained

Denise: ‘Hey, you’re home.’ The lingerie-clad girl ran over to Cedric, whom kicked his shoes to a side to let her tidy them together. Placing one foot on her knee, she pulled those smelly socks off one by one and standing up to receive his bag. Since their marriage, Cedric had trained her to be […]

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