Fields of Green and Darkness

Jamie: ‘Turn away for what? Not like you never see me in panties before.’
Me: ‘Respect ma.’
Jamie: ‘Act only.’

At one of the nature reserves in Singapore, we had gone for a day of photoshoot for her private collection, like how girls these days have artistic shots as their profile pictures. Although we had stopped shooting after seven, we continued walking in the park to make use of the last light.

Finally at nine, it was too dark to walk any more and that was when she needed to pee. So we wandered out of a boardwalk into the foliage that seemed the most levelled, and she responded to the nature’s call.

Jamie: ‘Eh. Stand closer leh. Let me hold you.’

She stripped her white, black romper down along with her panties to her knees, and squatted right next to me. Throughout these time, she had her cellphone screen on to see the ground, illuminating parts of her shaved pussy for me as well.

Haphazardly holding on my wrist, the stream of her pee splashed into the soil and there was nothing else to do except to wait. Seconds later, I felt her hand on my groin and jumped back, surprised at what she was doing.

Me: ‘Eh! You finished peeing already ah?’
Jamie: ‘Yupp. I thought you are hard ma. But you’re not.’
Me: ‘Umm.. Now I am?’

Once again, she felt through my thin shorts on my growing hard on and fondled it to feel its length. She stood up after she was done and grabbed me with both hands, stepping out of her clothes to remove her panties. Her clothes came back on after she stuffed her underwear in my palm and I just stood there like a statue.

Me: ‘Done?’
Jamie: ‘Huh? No?’

She removed my camera bag from behind and placed it on the ground, turning me sideways to slip her hand into my shorts. Of course, I held her hand still, unable to let her go any further and possibly ruin this friendship we had.

Jamie was the kind of girl whom you can tell with one look, that only her career boyfriend could match. Smart, pretty and luxurious, those were the words defined around her. Not sure about her sexual experiences, but it felt weird to taste something I didn’t deserve, yet or not.

Jamie: ‘Eh. Don’t need to be shy la. You did me a huge favour this time, and I have been feeling down until you cheered me up with all your lame jokes.’
Me: ‘Still, that’s not enough to get into your pants ah. You are more than a pretty face to me.’

She bit lips and forced her hand into my pants, fingers slithering around my rod that was at its full erection. Before I could grab her by her waist (playfully), she hid behind me and continued to rub her thumb on my cock head. My legs suddenly gone weak and I squatted down, which she followed by spreading her legs wide.

Naughtily forcing a handjob on me, I quietly reached my hand behind my back and brushed across her thigh, following her flawless skin into the gapping leg holes of her romper. Partly lubricated by her pee, she leaned her boobs closer on my back as I attacked her clit, vibrating fingers moving sideways.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Fuck. You are trying to control me huh?’

Feeling her legs giving way to pleasure, her handjob got slower until she began moaning. I spun around and hugged her in my arms, raising one of her legs to a low-hanging branch to spread her pussy.

Jamming my fingers in, her vagina clamped me down as hard as she could, but did nothing to slow my thrusting palm at her groin. In response, she wrapped her arms around my neck and breathed into my ears, moaning ‘oh yes’ repeatedly. Soon, the tremble in her body turned fiercer with more of her weight slipping downwards to earth.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Oh fuck.. ‘

A single jet of cum sprayed into my working palm and kept shivering for a while.

Jamie: ‘Help me over to the rock there. I need to rest.’

A boulder sticking out of the ground was what she was referring to and we made our way there half-dressed, with our belongings. After checking that it was clean, she landed her bum on it and fanned herself.

Jamie: ‘Still hard?’
Me: ‘A little? Thanks to you lo.’
Jamie: ‘Come.’

She pulled me by my cock nearer to her and pulled the bottom part of her romper wide, inviting me in. There was no words to say except a moan from her when my tip touched her clit, sliding under her wet pussy till I popped into her. Teasingly, I moved very slowly inside her and her tight grip on my forearm told me how much she enjoyed it.

The adventurous girl suddenly turned into an innocent one as she kept her gaze downwards, where our genitals connect. Once I picked up my tempo thrusting into her, she pulled my shirt to hide her face, appearing opposite to the moans she was giving.

Because her legs weren’t exactly wide opened, the pressure in her cunt really pushed all my buttons. Tiny squirts of her juice kept ejecting on my groin, wetting my legs as she orgasmed. There was no words to describe how much she wanted to keep this wrong act going, especially with her ‘don’t stop’ whenever I felt my end near.

Just five minutes into the romp, I couldn’t ignore my body’s scream to cum and stopped against her pleas. Once I pulled out of her, she fell forward on me and crumbled to a squat. Another small shiver from her came and she climaxed another time, untouched by anyone.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Your cock.. I can still feel it inside.’

Inches from her face was my twitching rod, covered in her juices that she left as evidence. Her tired fingers went around the shaft and she pumped it slowly, until more of her strength returned. Since there was no way for any ‘accidents’ to happen with my dick outside her body, I let her torture me until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: ‘Jamie.. it’s getting too sensitive. I can’t cum.’
Jamie: ‘Really? But I always make my boy cum like this.’
Me: ‘Excuse me but I’m not him.’
Jamie: ‘Haha. True that.’

She stuffed her mouth full with my meat after that reply and worked her lips up and down, sensually milking me with every upward stroke. Magically, my senses returned and immediately urged me to give her the warning call.

Me: ‘Shooting! Shooting!’

She let go of my cock and gasped for air while pumping my rod at her face. Finally, ten seconds later, my cum launched into the wilderness onto whatever darkness in front of me. I could only hear her enthusiastic cheer as my hips buckled, losing power to the slow moving cock massage.

After what seemed to be my last squirt, she got up and pulled my shorts up as well. She handed me my bag in the darkness and we quickly made our way to the dimly lit boardwalk, empty except for a few couples far away.

She whipped her phone out and started the camera app, grabbing me to pose next to her. Through the self-portrait mode, I saw my cum on her eyes and nose, a huge quantity of it made her red lips pink.


More evidence was collected and we stopped at a bench in front of us. The clean up process was a bit tedious, removing most of her make up as we wiped her down. The breezy night made up for our intense action by drying our clothes a little, and she reapplied her make up for the homebound journey.

Jamie: ‘Don’t tell my boyfriend k? If not I have photos to show your girlfriend.’
Me: ‘Idiot.’

We made our way to a bus stop but she did not stop any of her buses. We spent a good hour looking through the photos until a car honked in front of us.

Jamie: ‘I asked him to pick us up. Hehe. And send you home too.’

She got into the front passenger seat and they kissed in front of me, probably tasting some of my cum too. I stayed very quiet on the way home, while she was teasing her boyfriend across the gearstick.

Boyfriend: ‘Bro, thanks for helping her out. Owe you one.’
Me: ‘Don’t mention it. Sending me home is good enough.’
Jamie: ‘Remember our plans for the next shoot k? Sentosa!’

She gave me a wink out of the window when he checked the blindspots, zooming off loudly in the peaceful neighbourhood.

Jamie (WhatsApp): ‘We’ll be using the hotel stay he has. So you shoot first, then we shoot, then he shoot – and shoot and shoot.’

I left her conversation unreplied and headed back home, looking at the contents of another SD card where she posed for a few public exhibitionist photos when there was no one around. Well, it’s time to prepare an erotic story (or two) for the next shoot. One for private collection and another for her boyfriend to ogle at.


Rocking Car

Bartender: ‘Hey man. This is from the girls over there.’

I took a few long blinks to clear my vision and looked towards the semi-circle lounge seats adjacent to my counter stool. The group of ladies all pointed to one particular girl, wearing a denim jacket tightly grasped closed. After giving them a mid-air toast, they came over to invite me over, then disappearing into the dance floor.

Me: ‘Thanks for your drink. I’m J. What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Cyndi. My friends just asked me to buy a drink for someone that caught my attention. And that’s you.’

She was somewhat in a defensive position when we spoke, understandable from how she dressed, quite the opposite from the revealing clothes her friends wore to the club.

Me: ‘How did I get your attention then?’
Cyndi: ‘Your clothes? You are the only guy here who wore a suit – I think.’

True enough, I was in an attire too mature for my looks, since it was after an intense interview that had tests I was never prepared to take. The complexity of the questions I was given kind of threw me into confusion, about the nature of the company I was employed at. Frankly speaking, I had no idea what they did.

Cyndi: ‘Why are you alone?’
Me: ‘I needed some time to think. Oh, and I don’t have any trendy clothes like most guys here.’
Cyndi: ‘You’re never wrong in a suit.’

For once, we laughed at the irony of how men in suits were viewed, professional, arrogant and confident. Perhaps it was my clothes that gave me the courage to come this far. She took my hand and threw it behind her shoulders, leaning closer to me while handing me my bottle of beer. A click of our glasses and everything went down our throats, marking the beginning of a new friendship.

About ten minutes later, her friends returned with flushed faces, and a couple of them had guys holding their waists.

Friend: ‘Cyndi, we are going to another place now. Wanna come?’
Cyndi: ‘Nah. I’m done. I’ll leave with this handsome here. Have fun girls.’

Those half-filled glasses were emptied and all of us left the noisy entertainment joint, diving into second smoke the smokers were puffing right outside the exit.

Cyndi: ‘I’m going to my car and rest for a bit before driving. Want me to send you home?’
Me: ‘I can get home myself. But I’ll accompany you to make sure you are sober before you drive. Can?’

She pointed sluggishly in the direction of her car and we walked in arms, stepping into the passenger seats since we needed to rest. Once the doors were slammed shut and air-condition at full blast, our bodies instinctively hugged each other and started kissing. Her denim pulled away revealed a caged bra underneath. Without any more layers of clothes, my hands wormed into her bra and grabbed those petite B cups. Instantly, she woke up and unbuttoned my white shirt, caressing the not-so-lean tummy I owned.

Cyndi (whispering): ‘Your pants.’

We worked together to unbuckle and lower my pants just enough for her to whip my cock out, heartbeat pounding violently through the veins in that stick she held. Her high waist flare skirt provided easy access to her underwear, which disappeared into the darkness behind the driver’s seat.

In a sudden turn of event, she climbed over my lap and leaned backwards for the glovebox, fishing a condom out from a corner. I ripped the wrapper apart and capped myself quickly, before she sank her pussy over my manhood. Party-goers were still walking past her car when she started bouncing, but not distracting us one bit from our quickie.

One of her friends spotted our vigorous movements and stole a peek before hopping into her date’s car. Nothing too spectacular happened. As we fucked in cowgirl style, my hands never stopped massaging those boobs. She was just moaning her lungs out to my hardening cock, that was helplessly stuffed over and over again into her.

Me: ‘My turn to play now.’

I hugged her and turned to the side, dropping her on her back while catching both her feet that her heels clung onto. I bent her knees to her chest before taking full control, ramming my hips hard into her skinny pelvic bones her ass was conforming to.

Cyndi (moaning): ‘I’m gonna cum!’

I felt her pussy tightened and I went even faster, until she slouched forward to hold my waist close to her groin. Buried deep inside her, the spray of juices splattered all over our clothes during her orgasm. A minute later, as soon as the ‘tap’ slowed down, my body was back at work, pounding the trembling girl into another round of screams.

Me: ‘We’ve got a bit more to go before I cum. Hang in there k?’

She grabbed my neck and I let my chest touched her, kissing in intense passion without any pauses for air. Each breath we took filled our noses with the heavenly, sex-filled scent from our sweaty bodies, mixed with the saltiness of our saliva.

Me: ‘Doggie?’
Cyndi: ‘No. Just like this.’

I let my hips did its work, thrusting inches of meat into her cunt to increase her pleas for mercy. Another orgasm hit her after a few minutes and our lips broke free, letting her gasped for air as her abs shrunk to the mind-numbing climax.

Me: ‘Fuck.. I’m cumming too.. Hold on!’

While she was shaking non-stop, I forcefully spread her legs wide and pumped the last bit of strength into her. Her eyes rolled white and shook even more wildly, all the way till I made those long, powerful jerks along with my outgoing cum.

The last part lasted about two minutes, with her pussy milking me involuntarily. Strangely, I was still hard after finishing the first round and jumped straight into the action again, shoving my cock fast and deep without break.

Cyndi had no idea what was happening as she was just groaning inaudible phrases, up to the point I came again inside her. Completely exhausted, I fell on top of her and waited till she quietened down.

I picked myself up and helped her to sit upright against the seat, giving her a massage on her clit to help take the soreness away. She managed to find her phone in the dimness and unlocked it after two tries.

Cyndi (weakly): ‘What’s your number?’
Me: ‘8263****’
Cyndi (panting): ‘I’m going to need you again soon.’

The next fifteen minutes were spent in silence as we got dressed slowly, almost losing control a few times after more kisses. We got into the front seats after some time and she offered to drive me home despite being out of the way. And in exchange?

Cyndi: ‘Keep me turned on so I can focus on the road.’

Without saying more, my fingers got wrinkly from masturbating her throughout the whole journey, making a few stops at empty bus stops so she could cum.

It didn’t take more than thirty minutes after I got home before a new message came from her, compiling of details about our next meet the next day. The appearance of Cyndi made my new mysterious employment less daunting knowing that there was something I could look forward to after each day.

A new job, a new girl. What more can a man ask for?


Girlfriend for Rent

Nelson: ‘We’ve done threesome before. It won’t be any different.’
Alicia: ‘Are you sure? Don’t find someone too old can?’
Nelson: ‘Yupp. The person I contacted is my age. So don’t worry.’

They waited in the hotel room till the bell rang, where a smartly dressed guy came to see the two of them.

Man: ‘Hi, I’m Greco. You must be Nelson, and she’s Alicia?’
Nelson: ‘Yupp. Nice to meet you.’
Greco: ‘Here is the money.’

He handed three hundred dollars to him and made his way to the bed, where Alicia was lying down in a white nightie with black lace around the hems. Greco removed his clothes hastily and sat behind her, opening her legs to her boyfriend who was sitting in a corner.

Greco: ‘Your first time?’
Alicia: ‘First time with a stranger.’
Greco: ‘I’ll be gentle. Trust me.’

He began by rubbing her clit with his fingertips, going all out at just the pussy rub. Her body could not stop shaking from the strong fingers that was driving her wild, yet holding herself back without sounding too much of a slut. He was breathing in the sexy perfume she put on and was focused on getting her to climax. While it did not take long, Alicia was exhausted when she felt her muscles tightening, from her neck down to her pussy.

The strong jet of cum shot over the sheets was so intense that her body just threw itself back against Greco, who hugged her while his fingers kept going. Out of breath, she could not focus on what he said when he asked if she was alright. The purpose of his visit was straightforward, he wasn’t there to please her. It was the other way around.

Nudging her back to bend her over, he kneeled behind her and let her get into doggie. The tip of his dick went in first, following by a never-ending shaft that shocked the energy back into Alicia’s body. He was so thick and hard that she felt like it was a plastic dildo, but with some throbbing to keep it alive.

There wasn’t enough time for her to rest before his hips slammed against her butt, driving that long screwdriver into her pussy without mercy. Nelson couldn’t be more delighted to see how much his girlfriend was enjoying despite being ‘fucked-for-money’. It would certainly get her to do more of such jobs knowing how pleasurable it could be.

Greco: ‘You’re damn tight girl. The way I like it.’

He gave his penis a squeeze of muscle and it grew even thicker, stretching the thin walls of her vagina to fit inside. Every sensitive area was stretched, revealing the most vulnerable parts of her that was being stroked with each thrust. Saliva drooled out of her mouth as the dick rammed into her, flooding her body with lust and drawing her energy out at the same time.

Alicia: ‘I’m going to cummm.. Slow down.’
Greco: ‘Good.’

He rammed even harder when she said that, forcing the orgasm out of her, squirting all over the bed while he enjoyed the overwhelming contractions over his dick. They were doing it raw but he had made a promise not to cum inside her. After all, she was almost lifeless when she was done cumming, lying on the wet bed while jerking to his thrusts.

Greco: ‘Can you turn over for me?’

She tried her best to move her legs but it was him who finally got her on her back. He held her by the waist and helped her to sit in front of him.

Greco: ‘Just lean back on the pillows k? I’ll finish it as soon as I can.’

He began sliding his ass on the sheets, driving his light sabre into her as she threw her head back and moaned. It was definitely the craziest sex she had with this guy she barely knew. He was giving her the love that her boyfriend could not reach inside her pussy. Everything was in a blur when he went at his fastest speed, juicing her pussy non-stop as she tightened.

Greco then pulled out abruptly as she came and stood over her legs, holding her face towards his dick. Ramming deep down her throat, her body kept shaking while he groaned in a deep voice. The powerful squirts erupted from both their bodies at the same time and she swallowed without thinking to clear her throat so she could breath.

Some of her juice actually landed on her boyfriend who was watching in the distance, and he got worried when Greco finally stepped away from her face. Cum had covered her forehead and lips in huge amount, leaking out of her mouth as she continued convulsing from the orgasm.

Nelson went over to her to keep her wam under the blanket and Greco went to dress himself up after a quick rinse. Before he left, the guys shook hands and Alicia was looking better after the life-sucking orgasm blew her away.

Nelson: ‘You alright?’
Alicia: ‘Yeah. Can we find another customer today? I am still horny.’

No matter what he did to his girlfriend, she was enjoying it and they were making money while keeping her pleased, or changing into a sex-hungry girl. As the doorbell rang for the second time in a few hours, she was already masturbating to the Caucasian who was smiling as he made eye contact.

Man: ‘Here. Five hundred.’

Yes, there was a price jump, and his girlfriend would be getting a shopping spree with the money after she was done with him – if she could still walk after her pussy was tortured by two dicks, plus Nelson’s in a day. Could she have asked Nelson for money if he wanted sex again?


Void Deck Adventure

Walking in front of me was a thin lady with highlighted hair, a black shirt to go with a pair of worn out blue floral shorts that made her legs stand out in the simplest outfit for a walk around the neighbourhood.

I turned into a corner after spotting my favourite writing table empty and placed my stuff down before walking over to the vending machine to get my dose of jasmine green tea. Right as I bent down to retrieve the can, the same girl stood behind me and gave me a jump when I stood up.

Me: ‘Yes?’
Girl: ‘I don’t know if you can help me but I am taking an accountancy test tomorrow, and I need someone to guide me.’
Me: ‘I am not very good in accounts eh.’
Girl: ‘Can use your iPad?’

Seeing that my personal writing time was about to disappear into thin air, I couldn’t resist helping this poor girl who had this ‘lian-ish’ (gangster-like) look with her dress code.

We sat at the table I left my stuff on and she frantically flipped her books to continue memorising from where she stopped.

Girl: ‘What are you doing here at this hour?’
Me: ‘I writefor hobby.’
Girl: ‘Really? What kind? I read once in a while too.’
Me: ‘Haha. Can do say? It’s not something I am proud of.’
Girl: ‘Okay then. Do you mind if I smoke?’

I gave her a tilted nod and she lit the one stick she hid in her long hair above her ear. I could not write at ease with another person beside and ended up doing some housekeeping for my site. Apart from the distracted work I did, some time was also dedicated to helping her Google the right search terms to get the answers she needed.

Before we knew it, an hour had passed and it was close to 1am when she was done with her study.

Clara: ‘I am so excited about tomorrow. I don’t think I can sleep.’
Me: ‘Just lie in bed and think about what you studied? It should help you sleep.’
Clara: ‘Cannot! I will end up checking my notes when I cannot remember something. Haha. You live around here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Just two blocks away.’
Clara: ‘Do you think I should drink before bed?’
Me: ‘Of course not! What if you oversleep?’
Clara: ‘Ya hor.’

As the clock showed 1:00, I pocketed my phone and disconnected my bluetooth keyboard, ready to head home for the night before my work starts in the afternoon.

Clara: ‘Eh, can you stay with me for a while more? I want to see the website you showed me that has tips on accounting.’

As God had planned, a group of guys and girls walked towards us and saw that the table was taken. They turned to a corner about ten feet away and placed the plastic bags down, knocking the bottles against the concrete floor. Before the page could even finish loading, a thick smog of cigarette blew in our direction and music started playing from their phones.

Clara: ‘Let’s go somewhere quieter. Maybe outside my house? At the stairs.’

I did not say anything to prevent inhaling more second hand smoke and walked closely behind her, taking no breaks till we reached the quiet stairs outside her house.

She sat next to me with her butt against mine and shared the screen on my lap. From my height, assisted by the overhead lamps, I could glance into her collar and spot the white bra she wore under. It wasn’t anything sexy or low cut, but her bra was clearly oversized to protect the brown tips barely touching the cups.

Clara: ‘Eh! Can don’t stare until so obvious?’
Me: ‘Oops. Sorry sorry. Your bra seems too big hor?’
Clara: ‘Tsk! Still say!’

She clicked on ‘2’ to move to the second page and I leaned against the edge of the steps behind me to stretch myself. Her hair was smelling so good and it looked so soft and smooth, tempting me to just paste my nose on them and take a deep breath.

Still glued to my iPad, she asked if her hair smelled good and I laughed at my deep breaths that gave me away. Running my hand around her waist, I pulled her closer and she snuggled conveniently into my embrace.

Clara: ‘Put this behind.’

She held the iPad for me and I gently place it behind my head, out of the way for whatever we were going to do. There was no hesitation when she cupped her hand over my ice cold knee and slid upwards into my shorts. My arm went around her neck and made its way into her collar, feeling the straps of the bra that led to her breasts.

Warming her chest with my palm, she squirmed as I clipped her nipples between my fingers and rolled them around for a bit. Her fingers wriggled into the netting of my shorts and went around my dick that was growing to the idea of getting lucky on this peaceful night. Perhaps she needed help to be tired so she could sleep too.

Once my hand reached the maximum depth from her neck, I couldn’t just stop there and exited her shirt, going to her back to unhook the bra that did not even fit her. As the straps went out of her arms to remove them entirely, she was bending herself over my groin and stretching the waistband of my shorts just enough to expose my hard on.

Feeling her tongue give a lick at the tip, I realised it was too awkward to get my hands anywhere else and got her to sit in front of me, right between my legs. From there, I lifted her shirt above her chest and fondled her boobs as her lips began gliding gracefully up and down my shaft, maintaining a little suction as her head bobbed.

Bending my back to its limit, I managed to stick my fingers into her shorts and felt the closeness of her pussy to the cloth.

Me: ‘You got wear panties?’

She shook her head with my dick in her mouth and was forced deeper by my tummy that was pushing the back of her head. Digging my way into her bottoms, the slight wetness on my fingertips told me more than what I needed to know and my fingers moved along her slit to get more moisture out of her.

Me: ‘Don’t suck me anymore. Face the front?’
Clara: ‘Cannot lah. Still very weird like this. Move all the way to the top.’

We took a few steps back and sat on the platform connecting two flights of steps, with her sitting in front of my opened legs and the drawstrings of her shorts undone. I pushed my hand into her waist and felt the wetness that was waiting for me. Wasting no time, I began attacking her clit and her legs overlapped mine to give me more ‘maneuverability’.

Slowly, I dipped my fingers into her pussy and she was holding on to my wrist tighter, as though she was the pilot in the cockpit. Well, cockpit sounded like the best word in this case. After her pussy was totally covered in her own juice, and her moans got louder till she scared herself, she reached for the handrail beside us and stood up.

She tugged her shorts down her butt and left the perfect gap for me to penetrate her. It felt so discreet and safe that she did not worry when I took some time to get the tip at her entrance. Once I was at her ‘door’, she was moving her butt backwards in an attempt to get me inside her as soon as possible.

Having no rubber between us, there was always this fear that I might cum before any of us even enjoyed. The soft walls of her vagina stretched effortlessly to accommodate my entry and I found no trouble sinking my meat all the way in one trip. As soon as I was in, she was backing on me to hurry the fuck up. Yes, I should hurry the fuck up.

Holding onto her waist and feeling her soft but firm skin in my hands, I rammed my hips at her and she was moaning in such a contradicting tone. Part of her wanted to scream out loud, and the other part knew she had to be totally quiet. All I could hear was Mmm.. and deep breaths she took when she opened her mouth wide.

With the clock ticking, I knew she needed sleep no matter how ‘sexcited’ she was and picked up my pace, causing her to moan in a weak voice. The waves of pleasure echoing through her body translated to the tightening of her pussy, sealing my dick into an air-tight environment. There was no need to force my way in as the vacuum would bring me right to the depths, where she would tiptoe as I hit the deepest spot.

Clara (whispering): ‘Go faster! I am cumming!’

With one hand hanging on the railings, her other hand was lowering her shorts, dropping at her feet and got kicked out of the way. Her legs parted and I went even faster, expending my last bit of energy reserved for the final moment.

While she was gathering the energy for the climax, my dick happily joined in the countdown and signalled to me that ‘Armegeddon’ was about to reach us. She felt the powerdown in my tempo and pushed me back till my back was against the wall. Using the handrail as a support, she threw her butt at my groin, making me feel as though I was raped willingly.

Me: ‘I am about to shoot as well! Relax can?’
Clara: ‘Don’t care le! I want to cum with you.’

Holding her shoulders to sink my dick deep, we were so sex-starved that any positions would do at that instance. Right after I felt her pussy turning into a black hole, sucking me into the deepest ends and then exerting high pressure around it, my bullets chambered straight to my barrel and I trembled my hips at her pussy, jerking like a machine gun gone out of control.

The humongous load then triggered her body into a convulsion and a powerful jet of cum splashed onto the ground before her feet, like a pipe gone wild. Her pussy then contracted randomly around my dick and I bet it couldn’t shrink even if it wanted to, especially not in that suction and the ‘massage’ it was experiencing.

Still stuck inside her, I shifted our bodies to the next flight of stairs and sat down with her on top. Reaching around her waist, I located her clit and massaged them in circles, where her hands suddenly went around my neck and pulled me next to her face.

At that moment, another round of juices sprayed at where we stood earlier and made a puddle that flowed towards the drainage hole in the corner. My fingers did not stop moving and kept tuning her clit till she clamped her legs shut to stop me from tormenting her any further.

Pulling herself up with the grill, she landed hard on her ass and I handed her the shorts I saved before the cum reached it. She wore it tiredly and was covered in sweat, sticking some of her hair across her face. I gathered all our belongings and went back to sit beside her, swiping her wet hair behind her ears to see her satisfied expression.

Clara: ‘You know, my ex was so scared when I squirt on his bed. I never dared to do it in public places until I met you. Everything felt so right and I just had to try it.’
Me: ‘Now you can sleep better?’
Clara: ‘Yeah. Damn tired now.’

I stood up and helped her up, before she walked a flight down with one hand hanging on dearly to the railings. Wobbling to her unit, she waved goodbye at me waiting for the lift and I smiled gladly at her.

Clara (whispering): ‘Pss! My number!’

I ran to her before the lift reached and handed her my phone, which she typed her number down and saved it under a name she refused to tell me. Only after I got home (about five minutes later), I saw an unusual name of ‘Sexy Girl’ and sent her a message on Whatsapp.

Clara (Whatsapp): ‘I am sleeping le. Super fun day for me. Goodnight! – xoxo ;)’

The next day, we met again after her paper and she gave me a hug below her block, knocking her braless breasts on me. In exchange, my dick knocked on her pussy over her skirt and she planted a kiss on my cheeks while rubbing her hand over my bulge.

Clara: ‘Time to reward you for helping me yesterday.’
Me: ‘Same place?’
Clara: ‘Nope. My house this time. I want my parents to know who helped me last night.’

Meeting the parents so soon? We only spent half a minute at the living room greeting her parents and the rest of the evening happened in her bedroom. Rounds and rounds of sex, with her squirting into a small pail whenever she came just to keep her bed dry and clean.

Would you guys consider 1/4 of the bucket to be a lot?


Smoking A Pipe

Taking long drags from his box of cigarettes from Malaysia, Edwin stood at one of the staircase of Downtown East chalet where his friends were still drinking away. He had found this quiet spot from his many visits and knew little people would walk past. Deep in half-drunk thoughts, footsteps were suddenly heard behind him and he tucked his box away, worried that it could be the police making their rounds.

Girl: ‘It’s just me. Don’t worry.’
Edwin: ‘Scare me. Thought it’s the police.’

The short haired girl stood next to him in a silky, one-piece night dress and took his lighter to lit her stick. Edwin only took a glance at her and went back to his thoughts, smiling to himself knowing a beautiful girl was accompanying him.

Edwin: ‘Spending the night here huh?’
Girl: ‘Yeah. My friends were all asleep. No fun one.’

He took a sip from his bottle of Carlsberg, wiped his hand dry and reached out for a handshake, giving his name and getting hers in return. The name Eliza fitted her well as a certain high-class aura surrounded her, especially how her manicured fingers clamped the cigarette.

Edwin: ‘Not drinking tonight?’
Eliza: ‘Nah. They are a bunch of good girls. I think I’m the most badass among them.’

He turned his body around to face the steps, while she slanted sideways at him. Under the dim moonlight, he could make out the shapely figure that was actually braless. The nightdress was slightly loose for her, but it was meant to be comfortable right? He finished his last breath and stamped out the butt with his feet, in no hurry to leave this pretty lady.

Edwin: ‘You.. want to do something together?’

A short blow of smoke concluded her smoke break and she flung the butt into the grass patch through the opening. His bottle was further emptied when she gulped a mouthful down and she stepped up to him, outrageously cupping her hand over his groin to rub it up and down all the time keeping her eyes on his.

Eliza: ‘Something like this?’
Edwin: ‘Yeah. Exactly what I am talking about.’

He grabbed her waist and flipped her back onto his chest, hugging her closely while his hand lifted her dress to get under. In no time, her boobs were getting fondled to her moans and the hand over his crotch was digging awkwardly into his shorts.

Edwin (whispering): ‘Let me remove it for you.’

With one hand, he unbuttoned his shorts and she handled the zip. The cold touch of her fingers on his dick took his breath away and they were getting hotter by the minute. Edwin had no idea how far she was willing to go, but certainly did not want to lose his chance even if it was only a handjob. Subsequently after the breasts play, he ran his hand between her legs to find her panty-less pussy a little moist.

Not risking any mood killer words, he pressed onto her clit and vibrated his fingers, causing Eliza to tremble as an orgasm came for her fast. He had been holding onto her throughout the climax that weakened her legs, smelling the womanly perfume she had wore as her head leaned back on his shoulders. Oh how much did he want to kiss on those thin, red lips of hers.

Eliza: ‘It’s your turn now.’
Edwin: ‘You’ve had enough?’
Eliza: ‘I wasn’t even supposed to get any tonight. It’s more than enough.’

She squatted down in front of his shorts and he let his closed feet drop the pants. The girl gave it a few pumps to get his pre-cum flowing and then took it into her lips, shoving her head forward for a start. Edwin was in the most relaxed mood as he did not need to do anything, for she was diligently sucking him at her own pace.

Her tongue had pushed his dick against the top of her mouth and served as a pussy replacement, maintaining a soft environment in the warmth. Her saliva had flooded her orifices and it was truly as good as being in a pussy. Edwin’s job was simple, to shoot. As the girl placed her hands on his butt, the increase in speed caused him to lose his balance and had to hang onto the railings for support.

Eliza was listening closely to his breathing and voice, slowing down as soon as his rod started pulsating. Edwin was looking down at her when she gave him a grin with his dick still in her mouth, and did a last outward stroke to push the eject button. A little lip massage under his hood caused him to bend forward and exclaim that he was cumming.

As if she was a doctor, Eliza stood up and stepped aside, grabbing his dick and stroking it in the opposite direction. The inward force of his sperms was uncomfortable at first, but she gradually synchronised her movements with the waves, forcing him to keep shooting beyond ten rapid rounds. Edwin had never done this before and it felt good despite the initial discomfort. There was so much cum on the floor that she herself was glad she did not take it in her mouth.

Eliza: ‘Like it?’
Edwin: ‘It was the best in my life I think.’
Eliza: ‘I’ve heard that many times from my ex.’

Edwin passed her the bottle of beer to drink so she could rinse her mouth. He offered to get her off another around and she agreed, sitting on the steps while he sat between her legs. This time, his fingers entered in a +1 sequence until three was all she could take, and body convulsing uncontrollably to his powerful jabs.

As the night ticked away, she was smoking and moaning in pleasure, filled with his hand that had the roughness on the right parts. The first time having three fingers totally drove her beyond her limit and the next orgasm came very differently.

A huge gush of cum squirted over his thrusting hand and onto the ground over the semen, mixing in as it splattered. Edwin kept going despite the fact she held his hand in resistance, triggering a back-to-back squirting move that proved too much for her. After seeing the girl collapse in exhaustion, he finally stopped and helped her back to her room.

With a big patch of wet stain on her dress, she was fully worn out and could sleep better. They exchange numbers at her door and he left after a peck on his cheeks. Lying on the empty bed (while his friends were still drinking), his mind was still thinking about the blowjob she gave and a hard on was slowly appearing in his shorts.

Eliza (Whatsapp): ‘I like your cigar. It is good to smoke.’
Edwin (Whatsapp): ‘Let’s not get me started on your water gun. Thanks for tonight. Really enjoyed myself.’
Eliza (Whatsapp): ‘I had fun too. Am tired now. Goodnight.’

What a wonderful night to be so lucky to win a fling. He went to sleep after her last message and wasn’t disturbed until it was time to check out. As they met again on their way to the gantry, he smiled at the shy girl with friends around looking as great as her. The sight of her in a bikini under a sheer halter dress stayed in his mind throughout the ride home.

As for Eliza, he was just one of the guys she had blew on the three nights stay at the chalet. Who cares if she was a slut? Just so long she doesn’t have any STDs right?


Little Secrets 3

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Joey was already 18 when she first had her experience with masturbation. The curious her had decided to explore after reading 50 Shades of Grey, but was careful and delicate in how she was going to do it. There was no way to enjoy the stories without the knowledge of sex and its pleasure. It was too good a trilogy to miss and worse, to read and not understand.

The day was especially free and with her house empty, she had all she needed to meet the devil in her. Keeping her iPhone on Google, she managed to find articles about masturbation and she planned to take it as far as fingering herself, but not with her fingers. Going into her bathroom, she filled her tub to her ankle height with lukewarm water and prepared to shower. The water, cold for her comfort did not affect her in anyway nor diminish her desire to find out more.

Joey sat in the tub with the sleek shower head and proceeded to aim the jet at her clit. She had no way of knowing if she got it right. Picturing the image of a vagina in her mind, she used her two fingers and opened her centrefold, before going upwards to expose her clit. With no warning, the jet hit her right in the spot and she felt a sense of weakness going through her. Never before she felt so vulnerable and manipulable, her body was no longer in her control.

The jet of water splashed onto her clit and it soon got swollen and more sensitive. Coldness overwhelmed her and she had to pause to adjust the water temperature. Looking at the thin shower head, she knew it was his lucky day to be able to help his mistress out. As the water level rose, she placed the shower head in its position to penetrate into her and very carefully, she made her way in. The expansion of her vagina did not experience too much pain in the warmth and the jet had stopped spraying water.

Inches by inches, her body had anticipated the deep-body exploration and showed no resistance. As a good 4 inches was in, it was the point in time she felt an even stronger force which sucked more of her energy out. It was a certain area in her vagina, which she guessed was her G-spot. Moving the (shower) head in and out of her, the G-spot gradually lowered its sensitivity as her pace increased. Still, it had gotten a lot of strength out of her. Her body’s muscles had gone into relaxation and was only moving, fuelled by sheer pleasure.

The bathroom echoed her moans as it grew in volume, started from just her audible breaths. The head was moving furiously in and out of her, escalating into her first orgasm quickly which she faced with bravery, accepting her ‘end’. With her hand weakening, she pulled the plug of the tub and let it drained out of water, until it reached her ankle deep. Slowing herself down, she knew her first orgasm must be dealt, with her feeling the full effect of it.

Once the water reached the desired level, she replaced the stopper and lay flat against the bottom. Her legs were opened and out of the tub by the edge, and the shower head was once again in high speed thrusting the life out of her. As the climax neared with the crazy moans, one of her legs slipped and turned on the water to the head, as her climax arrived, the jet intensified the effects by flooding her pussy and forcing the water on her G-spot. Her legs quickly closed with the shower head trapped in her and she embraced herself as the water got forced out of her pussy.

Unless she switched it off, her orgasm would not stop. So, using her last bit of energy, she raised her feet and as she did that, the change in the shower head’s position triggered her overdrive and while her feet did turned that tap off, her body was spraying out its own liquid. The hot juices squirting out of her would not stop despite her hands on her pussy and never before, she gave up control and allowed herself to thrash around like a fish out of water, spraying that fluid while she tried to calm herself down.

Finally, after a whole minute, her convulsion died down and she stopped moving, crouched in the tub. There was nothing left of her except her body. If anyone was to rape her now, she would not have the energy to fight back either.

The first orgasm she felt was this strong, and way bigger than what she read and imagined. Fuck me. She said with no regrets but in shock and exhaustion.

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As a Teddy Bear 2

Note: This story is written in the point-of-view of a teddy bear on Janet’s bed.

Part 1 | Part 2

It wasn’t long before Janet invited her friend for a stay over, but I would call it a slumber party. Since the first time she ‘used’ me, I had been seasoned by her cuddles. Moving on, her friend’s name was Judy and she had quite the figure like my mistress too, but with short hair, those stylish type with a slant from the inside out. They entered the room and placed their bags down before changing into their swimsuits. How I wished I could join them. Watching them strip to their undies and then poking fun at each other, tickling at the same time while trying to put on their bikini top and bottom.

Judy: ‘Borrow your toilet!’

Only wearing the top, she went into the bathroom attached and Janet came over to give me a hug, sniffing my paw. I could tell she wished to use me right there and then. Perhaps I had some kind of good karma that Judy had to make another remark from the echoing room.

Judy: ‘Oh no. I need to shit. This is going to take a while.’

Janet: ‘Alright! Take your time!’

Quickly untying her bottoms, she knelt in front of her cupboard and fumbled in her drawer for presumably a condom. My nose was already wet at her pussy, forcing me to take in her bodily scent, which I must say, wasn’t bad at all. Finally, the wrapper sound came and she peeled open the pack and pulled it over my arm. Rubbing her clit with her fingers, she was almost ready for a.. pawing?

Janet: ‘Are you almost done?’

Judy: ‘Haven’t even started!’

Wasn’t that great? Once her juices started to gather around those flaps of pink raw flesh, she used the tip of my paw to tease herself up and down her slit for some time, spreading the natural lubrication throughout for a smooth entry. Pushing my supportless (cause I am made soft) paw in, I could feel my fingers prying her tight tunnel loose. It had been almost a week since she last fingered herself or I should say, pawed herself.

Pulling and pushing my body like a limp soft toy (pun!), the pressure from her slit entrance would have stopped any blood flow if I was truly living. The warmed and ease of the fisting was turning me on too, but sadly, there wasn’t any part of my body that could express that thought. As Judy groaned in the toilet, Janet got a scare and sat on me in the Japanese style, forcing my arm right deep inside her, making her moan as well. Oops! How could I forget the cute action of her covering her mouth.

Quickly resuming our little adventure, the jerking of me in and out of her was making me dizzy, but the imminent climax came and this time, it was so strong that my paw had trouble staying inside of her. How could she let me slip out right? Holding me tightly between her legs, I enjoyed the full view of her slender young body with that tiny neck-tied bikini. That choke was unforgettable too, holding me between her thighs for so long, wetting my fur at the same time. Finally, her body relaxed and she slipped on her bottom once again and lay on the mattress to rest.

Clamping me at her soft sore spot, my nose was teasing her clit once again. It was so discreet that I looked like a bolster, Judy could not understand what made her best friend so tired before the swim. Okay, my nose is itchy and I can’t scratch it. Cause the condom is still on.


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As a Teddy Bear

Note: This story is written in the point-of-view of a teddy bear on Janet’s bed.

Part 1 | Part 2

It didn’t disappoint to be lying here most of the day without anything happening. I was picked up by a friend who liked my new mistress, Janet, but she didn’t like him at all. Anyway, I was the new addition to another two toys that were already on her bed. I was named ‘抱抱 ‘, like hug hug. I couldn’t forget the first day on her bed, ever.

I was placed in a corner of her mattress (not bed) in the morning, as a surprise birthday gift from the admirer. She was awake, typing away on her laptop in her sleeping tee, those long to the knee type. After a while, she pulled those distasteful sleeping attire off and her firm 32C boobs were in full view. She had this tiny g-string on, and I could tell she shaved neat.

Hopping into the bed, she took me and cuddled between her soft breasts, filling me up with her scent and my paws could only enjoy the accidents on her peaks. Slowly, I slid down her tummy and to her waist as her fingers went down to her pussy, rubbing herself outside the strings. I was going up and down her chest getting those sniffs and watching her masturbate herself. Then, the ultima happened.

Did I mention I had a plastic nose with little bumps on it? She ran me down her body to her clit and.. no words could describe the moment. My nose was taking every bit of her in, teasing her clit and vibrating her to an orgasm which some wetness caught my fur. This silk scarf she had on her bed was smooth and nice, which she wrapped my little paws with it and used it to rub herself, this time, I was in a 69 position, but only my paws were at her vagina.

Soon, the scarf was soaked with a big patch. Frankly, I enjoyed watching my new mistress climax, cause she would clamp me tight between her legs as she shivered and trembled herself away. Taking my paw to her nose, she gave it a lick and opened a condom, to roll over my paws. Eww, some unpleasant fluid was under it and made my fur sticky. But again, it felt like a glove, no teddy bears ever wore a glove right? It went all the way to my shoulders and before I knew it, my arm was inside her, that heat was soothing and alive, full of life as she pushed me in and out of her. I flicked my wrist left and right since she couldn’t tell I was indeed, thinking.

There were weird sensations though. Her pussy got super tight at times and it felt like my arm was going to break, but thankfully, I had no bones. It got super hot too but felt awesome. After a long time, my fur all over my body was soaked despite the glove she put on me. Within minutes, a jet of warm juice sprayed out from where my paws went in. My fur was truly drenched but the liquid tasted nice, warm and fresh too. Janet left me inside her for a while more before taking me out and cleaning me up with her shirt she removed earlier. Sniffing me once again, she left me in the sun to dry after.

I think I’ll get along well with my Janet. Can’t wait to see her change into her various outfits for her party later. (:

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