As a Teddy Bear

Note: This story is written in the point-of-view of a teddy bear on Janet’s bed.

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It didn’t disappoint to be lying here most of the day without anything happening. I was picked up by a friend who liked my new mistress, Janet, but she didn’t like him at all. Anyway, I was the new addition to another two toys that were already on her bed. I was named ‘抱抱 ‘, like hug hug. I couldn’t forget the first day on her bed, ever.

I was placed in a corner of her mattress (not bed) in the morning, as a surprise birthday gift from the admirer. She was awake, typing away on her laptop in her sleeping tee, those long to the knee type. After a while, she pulled those distasteful sleeping attire off and her firm 32C boobs were in full view. She had this tiny g-string on, and I could tell she shaved neat.

Hopping into the bed, she took me and cuddled between her soft breasts, filling me up with her scent and my paws could only enjoy the accidents on her peaks. Slowly, I slid down her tummy and to her waist as her fingers went down to her pussy, rubbing herself outside the strings. I was going up and down her chest getting those sniffs and watching her masturbate herself. Then, the ultima happened.

Did I mention I had a plastic nose with little bumps on it? She ran me down her body to her clit and.. no words could describe the moment. My nose was taking every bit of her in, teasing her clit and vibrating her to an orgasm which some wetness caught my fur. This silk scarf she had on her bed was smooth and nice, which she wrapped my little paws with it and used it to rub herself, this time, I was in a 69 position, but only my paws were at her vagina.

Soon, the scarf was soaked with a big patch. Frankly, I enjoyed watching my new mistress climax, cause she would clamp me tight between her legs as she shivered and trembled herself away. Taking my paw to her nose, she gave it a lick and opened a condom, to roll over my paws. Eww, some unpleasant fluid was under it and made my fur sticky. But again, it felt like a glove, no teddy bears ever wore a glove right? It went all the way to my shoulders and before I knew it, my arm was inside her, that heat was soothing and alive, full of life as she pushed me in and out of her. I flicked my wrist left and right since she couldn’t tell I was indeed, thinking.

There were weird sensations though. Her pussy got super tight at times and it felt like my arm was going to break, but thankfully, I had no bones. It got super hot too but felt awesome. After a long time, my fur all over my body was soaked despite the glove she put on me. Within minutes, a jet of warm juice sprayed out from where my paws went in. My fur was truly drenched but the liquid tasted nice, warm and fresh too. Janet left me inside her for a while more before taking me out and cleaning me up with her shirt she removed earlier. Sniffing me once again, she left me in the sun to dry after.

I think I’ll get along well with my Janet. Can’t wait to see her change into her various outfits for her party later. (:

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Amber 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Amber was getting bored at recess. Despite in different levels, the breaktime was the same across her brother and her level. She had taken a heavy breakfast and couldn’t finish her lunchbox.

Amber: ‘Elson, are you hungry?’
Elson: ‘No. Where are you now? How come you can call?’
Amber: ‘I am in my classroom. There’s no one else here. I am doing duty (making sure no one comes in to steal anything).’
Elson: ‘Still got thirty minutes, want me to find you?’
Amber: ‘Come quick. There’s no one here.’

Her brother walked into the classroom and went to the corner his little sister is sitting.

Amber: ‘Want to play?’
Elson: ‘Here? What if we are caught?’
Amber: ‘We won’t be caught. I make you happy now, then go home you help me can? Yours easier to do.’

She unzipped his pants and took his brother’s dick out. Going under the table, she sat on the floor and played and took her ‘toot toot’ in her mouth, like a good girl doing homework.

The excitement simply couldn’t be contained and it didn’t take too long for Elson to squirt the warm juice into her mouth.

Elson: ‘There’s still time, you want me to help you now?’

Amber came out under the table and sat on the chair, pulling her shorts to her ankle before she sat down.

Elson: ‘Luckily you are wearing skirt. But why your skirt is so short?’

Without waiting for a reply, he spread her legs open and licked her wet pink slit, like a thirsty kitty, quick small laps. She got wet in seconds, and followed by a new feeling overwhelming her. One which was triggered after he pushed his tongue between her slit.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, she moaned and squirted quite a mouthful of sweet cum into his mouth. He sucked on it and drank all her love juice. Elson quickly got dressed and left before someone sees them. And Amber? She was there rubbing her clit at her own pace, cumming at least once before recess was over.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Little Amber was ten when a pop-up window appeared while she was on her friend’s blog. It was a page with all the naked girls with a boy’s private in their mouth, seemingly enjoying it.

Amber: ‘Brother! Are you free? Come see this.’

Her brother, Elson was one year older studying in the same school as Amber. Their parents were working as directors in major companies, therefore teaching the children to be independent at a young age.

Elson went into his sister’s room and peered into her monitor.

Elson: ‘What are you looking at?’
Amber: ‘Are yours that big too? And why do they seem like they are enjoying it? Maybe it taste good?’
Elson: ‘I don’t know. I’ve got homework to complete.’
Amber: ‘Don’t worry about that. Mum just called saying they wont be home tonight.’
Elson: ‘Yay! TV.’
Amber: ‘Not again. Why don’t we try this?’

*pointing to the screen*

Amber then led her brother to her bed and asked him to lie down. The two of them took off their clothes and left their underwear on.

Amber: ‘Tell me how it feels okay?’

Sure, it was an act of discovery but they are on the path to boundless pleasure. With no clue of the consequences, she took her little brother’s weenier and pulled the skin back like how the blonde did it on the preview clip of the pornographic pop-up window.

Little Elson felt an indescribable emotion and excitement that he thought it would be embarrassing to tell his sister. As it become larger, she found it similar to her ‘toot toot’ she sucked on when she was younger.

Bending over her back, she took the middle finger long erected dick into her mouth, sucking it for something.

Elson: ‘Ahh’

Amber looked at her brother’s face but did not stop at what she was doing. After a few minutes of moaning from her brother, she paused and checked the video. It was at a scene where the guy was playing between the slit at a girl’s pee hole.

Amber: ‘Elson, watch this.’

He sat up and watched the guy’s action for a minute or two. Feeling adventurous about that guy’s act, he swapped places with Amber and used a pillow to raise her hips.

Elson: ‘Let me know if it hurts k?’

She covered her eyes in shyness and gave her brother freedom to do whatever he wanted. This was where Elson got so good after he was older, he explored his sister at a young age.

With both his hands, he split her small cut open and found another layer of thin flap. He went on, curious to find out what made the girl in the video act a little like him earlier. Poking at a little nub under the last leaves of flesh, her body jerked and she let out a gentle moan. Elson thought she felt what he felt earlier, so he went on doing it.

Amber: ‘Don’t stop. Keep going, it feels good.’

He pinched it, rolled it between his fingers, lightly probed it. As he made her felt closer to losing control, her hand went to his soften dick and stroked it.

Amber: ‘Brother, come lie down. I want to make you feel good, and you can continue to make me feel good too.’

Little Amber got over Elson and went on her fours. Sure, it was a doggie over a guy lying down, it was also known as ’69’.

Amber: ‘Do what you did k? I will suck your ‘toot too’.

He went on to play with her pussy while she sucked on his little prick. He realized a way to make his sister to suck faster, that is to tease her faster, so she will suck harder.

On and on they went, not tired by their new discovery. As Elson felt his sister working tirelessly on him, he wondered ‘how does her dew taste down like?’ Pushing his inquisitiveness about the moisture wetting her, he took a lick and another, only to find it sweet like diluted glucose water their mum always make for breakfast,

Amber stopped suddenly and quickly lie beside Elson. Through the silence, both of them were feeling something they never felt before. It was as though they are close to peeing, the natural response at their genitals were preparing for what they will know as ‘climax’ or ‘cumming’.

Amber: ‘Umm.. Elson. I’m sorry. I felt like I was almost going to pee.’

Elson: ‘When you stopped, I felt that too. I felt great.’
Are they going to stop here? Or are they going to carry on?

Looking back onto the monitor of Amber’s laptop, they replayed the last few minutes and watched in disbelief as the guy sprayed something into the girl’s mouth – and she swallowed it.

Amber: ‘Do I have to do that?’
Elson: ‘I don’t know. But what is the white thing? It just came out of his ‘toot toot.’
Amber: ‘I think I should carry on. It looks like the best part is at the end.’

She went on her fours again and sucked him, this time harder and stronger as she had an objective to meet.

In mere thirty seconds, Elson felt the pee-urge and tried to hold it in but to no avail, he unleashed the wave of warm yogurt into his sister’s mouth. Wave after wave, he couldn’t control. After he felt the urge going down, he checked on his sister and saw her contented look on her face.

Elson: ‘How did it taste? How did it taste?’

Amber: ‘A little sweet, like the drink mummy made for us every morning. My ‘below’ is also wet, so much saliva!’
Elson: ‘It got wet before I use my tongue. It tasted like the drink mummy made too. I just let the pee-feeling take over and the white thing just came out. You should try.’
Amber: ‘But I felt more like losing control instead of peeing.’
Elson: ‘Let’s try and find out. Don’t hold it in k?’

He went between her sister’s legs as she lie comfortably, still with the blanket over her shy face. He licked her and went as fast as he could.

Right at one moment, a stream of liquid came and it was simply more of the sweet tasting juice. Elson quickly lapped it up like a puppy and managed to get, most, if not all of the drink down his throat.

Lying on the bed naked, both of them hugged each other to bed, and slept till the daily alarm sounded. How could they ever forget the fun they discovered from each others’ body? One round, and they were off to school.

Was it that bad? When was it that you learned about masturbation?

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Happy New Year!

New year was sure fun. Right under the display of fireworks at Universal Studios at Sentosa. Jesslyn and I wanted to spend the rest of the remaining hours together. Deciding not to return to mainland, it was more likely to find a secluded spot to get our rest.

Walking over to the Dragon’s Trail, we went into it, heading for one of the shelters inside. After about 15 minutes of fumbling in the dark, we reached one and stopped there.

Jesslyn: ‘Are you sure there’s no one here?’

Me: ‘Whyee? I thought we’re here to get a rest?’

Jesslyn: ‘No lah. Don’t want to be disturbed mah.’

Laying her head on my shoulders, she closed her eyes and rested.

Jesslyn: ‘Thank you for today. I loved the fireworks. So happy to have you for New Year.’

Me: ‘Haha. Silly girl. For you mah.’

My naughty left hand glided up her soft cotton skirt and between her legs. Pressing onto her panties on her pussy, my fingers went in circular motion, triggering her tap.

Pulling the zip of her pullover down, a pair of soft D sized breasts in purple lacy cups fall free. There wasn’t shoulder straps on her bra – meaning.. Immediately, my right hand went around her and unhooked her, freeing the boobs.

The whole area was so dark I couldn’t see more than 5 meters away. We were so horny that we didn’t care if anyone was watching. I went down to feed on those delicious buns while I kept her tap flowing. Taking a whiff between the valley, I went on to kiss her, wanting to eat her up right there and then.

Facing each other on the bench, I pulled her close enough to poke her with my hard on. Her hands then came and start work, taking my dick out, and getting it ready by stroking it. As my fingers went faster, she stopped her strokes and opened her legs wider.

Brushing her panties to the side, I moved my hips closer and positioned my dick in front of her slit. Pulling me closer towards her, my dick slid into her without much difficulty and we were moving our hips forward and backwards, body still tightly hugging and kissing.

Jesslyn: ‘HMM!’

And juices sprayed out of her, onto my naked lower body, between the benches and onto the floor. With her squeezing me tight, I couldn’t hold it for any longer and sprayed it as hard into her. Pumping her while filling her up for a good two minutes or so. She came and fell onto my body.

Gently lying backwards onto the bench, I was still in her, and I could go for another round. A quick rest and I’m back hard.

Jesslyn: ‘You’re getting bigger inside me!’

Me: ‘Yupp. You can feel it huh?’

Jesslyn: ‘You’re making me horny again.’

That’s exactly what I wanted.

Jesslyn: ‘You remember you asked me to ride you the last time?’

Me: ‘Haha. But you don’t want mah.’

Jesslyn: ‘I can try if you want. But let me know if I hurt you k?’

Me: ‘Yupp! Kiss kiss?’

A little peck and she sat right up over my dick. Moving her pussy forward and backwards, her motion made both of us felt really good. I could feel my dick getting harder by every stroke, and feel her getting wetter and tighter.

She kept going and cummed more gentler than the previous one, just contractions beyond control and tightness beyond anything I’ve felt. My balls were getting ready to blow up too.

Me: ‘I’m cumming again. Where you want me to shoot?’

Climbing off me, she knelt on my slippers on the soft wet ground we’re on and sucked me. Her sexy small mouth over my hot rod was too much for my eyes. With a light suck and a few ‘up down’ head movement, my little brother squirt the warm protein shake into her mouth, making sure she had a mouthful of my precious hand made supplement.


Jesslyn: ‘For you.’

I couldn’t be happier to know someone as pretty as her to do that for me. We slept on the bench, in each others’ arms until sun was high up.

Packing our stuff, we left Sentosa for breakfast. What happens in Dragon’s Trail stays on Dragon’s Trail. Happy New Year dear.

School Uniform 2

Part 1 | Part 2

Carine was playing games on her phone that she didn’t realised the two guys finished smoking. Suddenly, a pair of hands grabbed her boobs from behind and she struggled to break free, only to get the guy more aroused to kiss her and squeeze her even harder. Within minutes, she had to give in to the strong arms and the slight tingling from the kisses on her neck.

The pair of hands then skilfully unbuttoned her uniform top and revealed her bra-less pair of beautiful breasts. Pinching on her nipples and kneading her boobs, she was getting wetter down below. Her precious elixir were flowing down onto her skirt. Sitting on the stairs in an awkward position, her skirt was the only thing between her pussy and him. The other guy of course wasn’t doing nothing, he was in front of her skirt, hoping to catch an upskirt in the little struggle.

Realising that he won’t get to see anything if he doesn’t do anything, he went towards her and spread her knees, exposing her shaved juicy pussy to him. With one guy behind fondling her boobs, the other wasted no time taking advantage of her, pushing his rough fingers into her tight hole. She was almost enjoying it, but it felt more like rape, she wouldn’t know what they would do next. And that thought sometimes turn her on too. Apart from fingering, both of them took turns kissing her.

Carine being turned on by them, she unzipped the pants of the guy in front of her, took his dick out and stroked it like how she get her ex addicted to her handjob. The guy behind couldn’t take what he saw anymore and came forward, whipping out his dick for her. With both her hands busy, they had theirs too – on her breasts. She could only take turns tasting their dicks, slurping up all the pre-cum. As she continued to suck them like a hungry slut, they removed her top and bottom, while forcing her to go down deeper onto their long pink rods. After 5 minutes, this.. hell to other girls, but heaven to Carine, soon ended and they lay her naked body on the cold concrete floor.

Taking turns to lick her dripping pussy, fingering her, sucking on her beautiful boobs, she took the ‘free’ one and jerked him while waiting for the other to finish. With both of them going on like that, Carine lost count of how many times she cummed. One of them even made her squirt, and even luckier to have seen it in real – which only her boyfriend had.

The fun doesn’t just end there. After she finished cumming, they got her up in a doggy position, with her facing the staircase. Knowing what she can expect, her pussy tightened up by the thoughts of a public threesome. The whole gangbang thing started with one guy behind, ramming her hole sore and the other sitting on the steps, getting a rough blowjob from Carine. Nothing could turn her on more than this, it seems she had reached her maximum climax.

Whenever one was about to cum, he would switch to the blowjob and get sucked till he shot. Drinking sperms was one of her forte, having taken a liking for the slimy, gooey protein. After 2 shots each, they coincidentally cummed together on their third round. The guy receiving a blowjob gave her a third small serving, and the guy behind? Sprayed onto her back. Sucking the guy clean wasn’t just her job, the guy who unloaded on her back cleaned her up, and gave her a finishing spank.

Still in the doggy position, she suddenly felt her ass being peeled opened and a soft wet tongue on it, trying to drill into her ass. Getting teased again, her body reacted naturally and she went down on the guy in front again, sucking harder and deeper. After a good 10 minutes, she stopped after the guy could not cum anymore.

She wore her uniform back while the two of them kissing and playing with her boobs, rubbing on her yearning clit. As she was done, both of them ran down the block. Although it wasn’t Carine’s first threesome, it was her first public threesome, and with two Malay juniors.

At home, she randomly looked out of the window and saw them with two other juniors of her which were their friends! The group of them were looking so excitedly at something seemingly like a mobile phone screen. Wild and worrying thoughts soon came into her mind.

‘Did they have a video of the sexcapades earlier? Is it a set up? Will they threaten me?’

Part 1 | Part 2

A collaboration with Adventure Girl.

Try Outs

Ever since I went into NS, a lot of girls I’ve met on IRC were asking to meet me up and have fun. Of course, many of them tried calling me and even showing themselves to me on the camera. I would say, all of them are hot, one even at a mother’s age.

But there is this girl, Elena, who looked really irresistible. After a short chat, we planned to meet at her house. I knew it was a fuck and go type of relationship, but we’re adults right? We met up and immediately went straight to the action after we closed her doors, she flicked off the strap of her spaghetti top and pulled her skirt off. She was engaged at that point of time, but her fiancée was always at work and flirting around. She needed her share of fun too.

Elena: ‘Are you ready? I want you to feel all over my body. I missed someone holding me, fucking me.’

Me: ‘Cannot wait le right?

She came close to my body and started rubbing her hand on my bulge, through my FBT shorts. She could feel the pre-cum that was oozing out from the teasing. She knew what to do next. Going down on her knees, she pulled my shorts down and sucked me hard and deep.

I could feel the wetness of her throat, and the warmth too. Her lips tightly wrapped around my shaft, making sure I felt the 100% of her suction. It was definitely tiring for her to keep up, but she was ready for it. She went on fast and furious for about 10 minutes.

Elena: ‘Your turn now. You’re my slave from now on.’

She went to sit on her bed with her legs wide open while I sat in front of her, licking her pussy like a thirsty kitty. My tongue running up and down her slit, flicking her clit till she came and squirt. It was quite cute to see her face when she cum, her pussy juice will simply flow down her slit like a tap instead of spraying it like in the videos. I would then plant my lips on her pussy and slurp up as much as I could, to my surprise, it wasn’t that awful tasting, it was kind of sweet. Plus a little secret for you guys, she can cum easily and she squirts a lot. It’s easy to get her to listen to you and even enslaved to you, but she likes the idea of being in control.

Just five minutes later, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore and brought my head to hers, kissing me uncontrollably. Of course, how could I stop myself too? I went along kissing her and without knowing, my dick was rubbing along her entrance.

Me: ‘I’m going to put it in now k?’

Elena: ‘Mmmm..’ *and a nod*

I forced my hips down on her and went right as deep as I could into her tunnel. I was like machine gun, going non-stop, pounding fast and loud. The urge to cum was surprisingly bearable, I kept going till she asked me to slow down. No doubt we took breaks in between our rounds, but she kept wanting more as we continued. She is totally two person when you’re with her, on bed, she’s your little slave, and anywhere else, she’s just a sexy girl who had everything. Everytime I looked at her while on top, she would be struggling to control herself, but of course, she will lose control whenever she cums. Her body would shiver and you can find the stain on her bedsheets spreading wider. She will then rest for a while or continue moaning loudly as I humped her.

Me: ‘You sure can take it huh? How many times you cummed?’

Elena: ‘Five? You haven’t cummed even once. You’re better.’

We went on for about fifteen minutes before I felt the tiredness catching up with me. I wanted to cum, and want to know what is Elena doing? She’s lying on the floor, facing down with her ass perked up, for me to continue fucking her pussy. She’s totally worn out, but still wants to continue fucking.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon. Where do you want me to shoot into?’

Elena: ‘Naughty, shoot into huh? Shoot into my.. ass?’

Me: ‘Really? Why don’t you say so earlier? I’m cumming le.’

Elena: ‘Make sure it all goes in k? I want you all inside me.’

Her tight asshole drew all my sperms out without mercy. She was literally sucking me dry with her ass. As I forced the last wave of cum out of my dick, she relaxed her ass and I slipped myself out easily. She kept most of the sperms in her ass while some still managed to leak out. It was kind of kinky and definitely an image to remember for a good long time. She’s a girl to fuck, but not a girl to keep. Definitely a gem for her fiancée.

We had a shower and for a present, she sucked me off till I unloaded another round into her mouth.

Elena: ‘That was nice. Thank you dear. Hmm.. I’d want to see you again.. okay?’

That is the girl that I met that passed the rest of the girls.

Maid then

I was fourteen when my parents started to bring Sofi home more often. She was the domestic helper at my grandparents’ place. She was employed by my parents, but they figured my folks needed her more. Sofi would spend her weekends here when my parents weren’t at home to take care of me.

But as my grandparents’ slowly find her a bother instead of help, she was called back to spend everyday helping out with cleaning and chores in my crowded house.

It was one rainy stormy night when Sofi was on the phone till about 10pm. She was good in her work, no outside affairs like others, and the only place she called was home. As usual, she went into my room to check if I was asleep but I wasn’t. In fact, I was masturbating under my blankets when she walked in. Seeing that my blanket wasn’t really covering my feet, she went and pull the blanket downwards.

I was peeking at her through my eyelids. She had this average figure that attracts. She don’t have a model-figure, but she works out and keeps herself fit. I was at the age of exploration and whenever she bends over in front or back facing me, I would try to catch a glimpse of her nipples or imagine me behind her, plunging my dick into the unknowns.

This part was unusual though, her hand slowly lifted the blanket up and I had to push my softened little brother back into my pants, my pants wasn’t even buttoned. She uncovered my waist area and pulled my pants down.

Sofi whispered: ‘Kor kor, you awake?’

Me trying to reply in a ‘just-awake’ tone: ‘Yes Sofi? You need help?’

Sofi: ‘Can Sofi make you feel good? You just lie down.’

I was already exposed to stories of maids being horny and seducing their employers. Maids getting pregnant, maids getting raped. It was all common, but for her, a sweet young lady earning for her family, to suggest this, I couldn’t say no to helping her out.

Me: ‘Okay. Sofi, do what you want, but don’t hurt me k?’

Sofi: ‘I won’t hurt you. Just relax. Make you feel very good one.’

She took my little bro and stroked it up and down. I knew it was getting bigger as  Sofi’s hand held it with more fingers.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, feels good? Cannot tell M’dm okay?’

Me: ‘Hehe. Feels good. No one will know. Cannot do for di di okay?’ 

Sofi: ‘Haha. Okay. Just for kor kor.’

Now I know how nice is it to be masturbated by someone else. The unfamiliar hand trying to make you cum, it wasn’t as fast as using your own hands, but it felt good, really good.

It was after about five minutes before she stopped. She climbed onto my bed and sat above me. Of course I was a little shocked, but I knew what was she doing. She wanted to ride me, and no, I didn’t have any condoms at that age.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, you know how to put on condom? Or you want Sofi to put it for you?’

From what I know, my maid was about 23 years old when she joined my family, it was her one year anniversary around that point in time she toyed with my innocence and virginity.

Me: ‘Can Sofi put it on for me? I don’t know how to put on.’

Sofi rolled the apple scented rubber over my dick and prepared to push herself back towards the dick. Her hands went between her legs while she squatted over me. Holding my dick in her hand, she rode on top of me and I was totally blank with pleasure.

Of course I didn’t know how to take control. She just rode me and I could usually last very long when I masturbated. Her pussy was tight, but it wasn’t too tight to make me cum soon. I lasted as long as possible until she was tired.

Sofi: ‘Kor kor, you help me feel good five times. Now you want Sofi to help you shoot?’

Me: ‘Want.’

She dismounted from me and knelt beside my bed. Still stroking my dick in her hands, she nudged me to turn my body towards her.

Sofi: ‘Come kor kor, turn over.’

She immediately shoved her face into my dick, I guess it wasn’t very huge then. She kept going and sucking and gagging. Her saliva was practically dripping onto the floor. Suddenly I had a thought.

Me: ‘Sofi! Wait.’

Sofi: ‘Huh? Aiyo, you scared me. What you want?’

Me: ‘Can I see and touch your below?’

Sofi: ‘See? Now so dark, cannot on lights. But can let you touch. Want?’

She got on top of me and into 69. I spent a whole thirty minutes exploring her hole while she moaned and blow me off. I was exploring her inside out, digging my fingers everywhere, pinching here and flicking there. Every new spot, I would try to make her squeal and moan. And she did for most of it. Her juices were dripping all over my shirt, that I had to take it off halfway and continue with fingering her.

It was then I learnt about the clit, cumming, squirting and the g-spot. She took the whole load into her mouth without resisting as I didn’t even tell her I was shooting. She swallowed it and slept beside me till the next morning, doing some heavy petting under the blankets.

I wasn’t traumatised by her at all. She left me memories so good that I wished she was still here with me. She went back to Indonesia while I was sixteen, much too old for someone to still take care of me.

For your information, we had sex almost every night since the first time we tried it. Of course, every night when it’s possible with AND without my parents. Argh.. I miss Sofi.