Uniform Coincidence

Nigel was all self-conscious when he walked through the bus interchange with the 16 year old in her school uniform. Not only he was wearing the No. 4 uniform, the ‘two bars’ made it even worse if anyone were to catch him in the ‘act’. They walked suspiciously like strangers but not strangers, side by […]

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School Girl Diary

This is a guest entry for a school student, with unknown details about her current age or authenticity of her recount. Still, it is worthy of a read. It came so natural when we dropped our bags on the ground. He pushed me to a wall and grabbed my boobs, while I ran my hand […]

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In Gentle Silence

Feeling confused and helpless, Clara didn’t know how to get out of the situation even she pushed her student away. It was the last night of the chalet the graduating class had planned, and all of them consumed alcohol despite being underage. Sleeping at the first floor with a mix of male and female students, […]

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Active Students

Daryl leaned closer to his date wearing a toga dress, slightly trembling in excitement for her first meet up with someone online. One of Luna’s hand was on his wrist further away, without obstructing his other which was stroking her thigh. Even though they only met that day, she enjoyed herself shopping and dining with […]

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Sexually Bullied

After a long and boring day at school, Simon went up his block using his stairs to get a little exercise going before he starts on his homework. Just two flights up the stairs, he heard shouts coming from above, and switched to ninja mode to continue his way up. Girl (shouting): ‘Oi!’ One of […]

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