Washroom Romp

Jason: ‘C’mon, your husband don’t have to know about it.’
Sarah: ‘But I promised to only do it with others when he allows.’
Jason: ‘So? He is not here right now, and you can’t get through his phone.’
Sarah: ‘Okay. Then help me take pictures to show him as proof.’
Jason: ‘Take pictures of us?! No way!’
Sarah: ‘Just me will do.’

She removed all of her clothes like how her husband always asked her to, a habit grown into her when she had those public sex with him. Jason took her phone that was already in camera mode and snapped a few pictures with her masturbating, before he undid his pants. Since they already came this far, she was also turned on by the frequent touching her colleague did when they were the last to leave the office.



Little did she expect him to ask her to the public restroom of the carpark, where her pussy kept wetting her panties as though she had wanted it as much. Her hand went to his dick while she was sitting at the sinks, allowing him to thrust his dick at her palm, getting ready to have his OL fetish fulfilled. In less than a minute, Jason could no longer take the teasing from just her hands and carried her off the ledge.


Pushing her over the basin, he got her into standing doggie in seconds and quickly shoved his dick in. With a few failed attempts, he was partly excited at how tight she was, and when he finally entered her, the hot wife could only moan sensually at the unfamiliar dick inside her. A sense of guilt did overcame her emotions, but faded as soon as Jason began ramming his dick into her.

The restroom was a public one in the industrial estate around Ubi area, at one of those older JTC complex. That was why they could find such privacy at those times. The very fact that it could not be locked, pushing the level of excitement higher as both of them constantly worried about footsteps walking outside. The nude lady who was pushing her butt at him kept him really hard and deep. Although it was supposed to be a quickie, his stamina was helping him last longer than just jab and shoot.

Sarah was trying her best to snap pictures at times but was distracted by the jerking of her body, making most of the photos blur. Jason too, was smart enough to divert her attention away when he spotted the iPhone screen that could capture his face. After a series of mindblowing orgasms from Sarah, her body was sliding down the edge from her tired knees, and Jason wasn’t even halfway done.

He lifted her up to the sink again and stood between her legs, snapping another picture of her sore pussy for her husband who enjoyed seeing his wife getting off by unknown men. Jason could not believe how lucky he was to have a lady so willing to relieve his work stress, with just a request for photos as proof. He made her sit at the ledge while his dick penetrated her again, causing her to hug him tightly.


Her 32A cups weren’t exactly a looker, but the light brushing of her nipples on his chest actually made him crazier. It was those gentle touches that sent him thrusting faster, occasionally leaning her down onto the mirrors to admire her slim body. As silently as they could, Sarah kept shivering in his arms from the climax that his dick was giving, at the same time the intensity of her pussy was sending Jason fainting.

It was the natural instinct to keep fucking that was holding on to both of them, as their limits were push to the end. Sarah was too tired by then and Jason was slowing down as well, taking his time to feel the heartbeat in her pussy.

Jason: ‘Come, help me finish with your mouth. I want to see those lipstick around my dick.’

The worn out girl did not resist to his suggestion and squatted at a wall, where Jason brought his dick to her. He lowered his waist to her face and shoved it at her lips, giving her no choice but to suck on it. As a wife who liked to give blowjob, he was dominating her in terms of strength, dipping his dick at his pace without consideration for her comfort. It wasn’t the first time Sarah was mouth-fucked, but there was something about Jason that she did not mind.

His speed picked up as the urge came, forcing deeper into her throat till she was choking. The persistent slapping on his thigh did not slow him down a bit and Sarah was soon fearing for the part she hated most. With the wall behind her head, she could not move away and he took it to his advantage, fucking her mouth so hard until the hot load fired into her gullet.

At the depth he was at, Sarah could not taste anything except for the rawness of his meat. The warmth travelled into her stomach disgustingly, and Jason stepped away after his craving was satisfied.

Sarah sat onto the floor with a dissed look and Jason just ignored her until his pants were back on. He grabbed her by her arms up and placed her leaning on the wall, pulling her floral tube dress over her naked body. He then led her hand-in-hand to his car, where she proceed to use the tissue to clean herself up.

Jason: ‘Thanks for today. Sorry that I lost control.’
Sarah: ‘I’d rather you cum in me than to do that. I hate it.’
Jason: ‘Sorry luh. I bring you out for supper. Your husband is not waiting for you right?’
Sarah: ‘No he isn’t. Don’t do that again k?’

With that word ‘again’, he promptly made a promise and headed for supper, while his fingers remained in her pussy throughout the ride to pleasure her for the hurt he had caused earlier.

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Open Invite

It had been too long since Sarah had a good rest and she returned home to find her husband on the laptop, working although it was late. As busy as he was, he left his desk and went to pour her a glass of wine before continuing his work. Sarah was feeling horny that night, having deprived of sex for as long as her busy schedule kept her. But nonetheless, tiredness was her priority and she fell onto their bed in just her bra and panties. The glass of wine was emptied and she pulled the blindfold over her eyes before falling asleep.

Her husband had been waiting for a long time before he got into bed with her, lifting and dropping her arms to confirm the sleeping drug he slipped into her drink was in full effect. He exited the room and opened the door for his good buddy, Gary. He had been waiting around the stairs for her to return and his magic pills to work. Rubbing his palms together, he was left in the room with her and was explicitly instructed not to remove the blindfolds. It wasn’t just for his safety, but it was a marriage on the line.

Husband: ‘Remember, no condoms.’
Gary: ‘Of course.’

Once Gary heard the door of the master bedroom click shut, he took out his phone and snapped a photo for memory’s sake. He quickly removed his clothes and pounced onto the sleeping beauty. Having a fetish for other people’s wives, he kept her lingerie on and proceeded to push her panties to the side before licking her tender soft folds. As her pussy lips got moist, his dick was rising to the call and it was twitching in excitement. Unknown to him, his buddy had left the webcam on and was broadcasting the live feed to his cell.


It was plugged into the huge flatscreen in the living room and soft music played in the background while he sipped away on his glass of wine. Gary leaned over the hot wife and slid his cock in, filling the emptiness and warming her pussy. Since it was about two weeks since her pussy was last used, it was extremely tight and the juices were upsized as well. The dick struggled for space while she kept closing in on him, until there were no space left and on top of that, every outwards stroke would create an intense suction that made him push right in to relieve the pressure.

The rest of the session was automatic, his body would keep pumping and dick thrusting. Sarah was awake but the darkness of the room was covering the guilty pleasure up nicely. She could not see but thought it was her husband. And even if she tried, she would not be able to remove the blindfolds she placed over her eyes. With the dick ramming hard and fast into her, all she could do was let off her sexy moans to make sure the man kept going. It had been too long and she was almost ready to die to get some cock.

Gary was holding up well and he managed to flip her on her chest after a long while of missionary. He lifted her hips up and the knees bent on its own under to hold her pussy up for him. Without further ado, he shoved his thick cock in and humped away like bunnies in the mating season. He was going so fast that most people would cum at that speed, but not him. That was one reason why her husband picked him, and he looked quite handsome too. With the slapping sounds emitting from the room non-stop, he knew his wife was in good hands and soon enough, he found himself stroking too, in sync with the feed that streamed into his screen.

With no more determination to hold back, he was slowing himself down and increasing the length he pulled and pushed, going into her with long, smooth, swift strokes. Her pussy was pulsating with eagerness but the pace of it was torturing her. For the last few moments up to the final lap, he went like madman and drove his penis deep into her, pulling out slowly and ramming it deep over and over again.

The orgasms were attacking her without hesitation and it was making her even weaker. Her body was glistering with pearls of sweat and her breathing was quick and shallow. Gary was behind her all the time, holding onto her waist tightly while hitting her butt hard with his pelvic bone. Along with that, was his dick that knew no limits except to deliver orgasms and sperms. He was like a machine built to satisfy women.

Soon, he gave off a loud moan and the last shove in pulled his trigger and poured the week’s load of cum into her, like a volcano that had been dormant for life, finally given its rights to erupt. He made sure to keep himself inside until he was done and removed it only when it overflowed. Exiting slowly, the vacuum sucked the cum that accumulated around the opening back in and he was glad he caught the spectacular sight. A photo taken on his phone ended the session and he did not show any signs of exhaustion.


Gary got dressed quickly and left the room, to see his buddy watching his wife lying on the bed panting. They shook hands and he opened the door once again for him, before going into his room to make some love to Sarah. With his dick bouncing in the air, he pushed his cock in in missionary and forced some of the cum that was left by his friend, out.

Husband: ‘Honey, did you enjoy the first round?’

She could not reply but gave him a smile in response. He went for his turn and did not change her position, skilfully only moving his hips against hers and remained that way until he was about to cum. He removed his dick from her pussy and placed it into her mouth, before firing the second load of the day onto her lips. She licked it up and even opened wider so the rest of his cum would not go to waste.

Sarah swallowed his delicious treat and continued to sleep in just her lingerie, blanket kicked to the sides so she would not stain it with perspiration. Her husband on the other hand, went back to his desk and resumed his work that was due soon.

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Dirty Me

This entry is written on behalf of a friend’s wife, Sarah, from her point of view.

My husband was a weird man, somehow, I find him too loving and understanding, almost too good to be true. Nonetheless, I love him a lot and am grateful for him. This recount was written to express myself to him, and to show him that although I say or hint things, it was to make him feel safer and not risk ourselves.

Twice, he had brought me to a multi-storey carpark. It was at Vivocity, where many families and couples gathered. Twice, I told him I disliked taking photographs and even more so if it took a long time. Posing was tiring, and a mood killer. But for him, I still did it. Both times, I walked up the stairs all fired up and horny, ready to strip to nothing no matter how public it was, cause I know he was there to protect me. As usual, he would ask me to remove my clothes, leaving only my bra and panties on.


He took photos of me in that position and I did not show him a happy face because of how he exposed me at my most vulnerable and desperate. Truthfully speaking, if any guy would just pop by, I would grab him and fuck him on the spot while my husband can take all the pictures he wanted. I know he would still be happy for me.


On top of that, once he realised how horny I was, he would ask me to masturbate myself. It was slowly driving me mad! He was so into taking pictures of me during my wetness times, but I cannot resist myself. Everytime he asked, my hands would automatically reach between my legs and start to rub my own clit, it was as though I had been waiting for an excuse to get off.


Finally, when he began moving backwards for the full body shots, I know it was almost over, the photo session. The sex session was about to begin and he would put the camera down after he was done, only to come and give me the hard pounding that I deserve. Up to this point, I could say that he either knew how to really tease me, or not notice that I was getting turned on although I did not express that I liked it.

Usually in public places, he would enjoy taking me from the back in doggie, looking over whichever windows or stairs that I can safely place myself at. He would remove my bra and panties at times, but only if the place is really secluded or secure. I just totally loved how he plugged his dick into me over and over again, making me feel so hot and needy. It was like a desire never to be satisfied whenever his dick was in me. I can still imagine his dick inside of me, sliding against my walls and pumping me like a machine. I could only hold onto the railings or sometimes just let him pull my arms back when he went too fast.

He would usually cum inside me if we’re at home, but when outdoors, he loved me going on my knees and going to him, before taking his dick into my mouth to suck him off.


Like all guys, he love shooting hard and deep inside my mouth, until I sometimes choke, or had to open my mouth to collect his cum. He never allowed me to spit it out, so since we were together, I had been swallowing every bit of cum, sometimes even other guys’. Lately, he had been bringing me out to some crazy adventures which you guys read a few days before. Getting fucked in Geylang was so guilty and wrong, but my urge had built up to a point I cannot fight my thoughts anymore. And all those rape I experienced, I had to tell him in case he found out himself.

Everytime he was reminded of what I went through, he would get all hot and hard, and would give me the wildest sex I ever had all over our house. I’m now at smiles as I write this. Maybe deep down inside, I am more of a slut and less of a bitch, even more of a shameless whore who enjoyed being fucked in the outdoors. I shouldn’t be saying such things about myself right?

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Real Play

It was unusual night where Sarah felt incredibly horny. Perhaps it was her perfect age to get pregnant, or was is her work stress. But it was a day for her to spice things up with some role play. Ignoring the fact it was three in the morning, she went under the blankets and ran her hands up her husband’s bare body, until she reached her favourite part of him. Smiling to herself, she kept her eyes closed in the dark and went over to the limp rod and began sucking on it, licking around it like a melting ice cream, alternating between deep throats and shallow tip tease. After her husband was woken up, she slid herself out of the bed and went to her wardrobe.

Since it was dark, none of them could make out what she was done, but after a few minutes, the bedside lamp came on and she was in a translucent black nightie with a patterned purple panties. It had been a long time since she got so initiative and wild. He got up in the bed and pulled her towards him to give her a kiss before he exit and changed out to something to head out. Sarah was a little lost but thought he might want to bring her out in this attire. So she simply followed.

Husband: ‘Dear, you’re so horny tonight lo. And I think I might need some help to satisfy you.’
Sarah: ‘You going to ask that friend of yours again?’
Husband: ‘No lah. This time different. I want you to drive to Geylang, and wait somewhere less busy. I go take something and will go find you after.’

He handed her a long jacket and she got into her car after he placed it at the passenger’s seat. Once inside, she removed her tall heels and drove off to the designated meeting place. Her husband went back to the bedroom and fell back onto the bed, eyes closing from the tiredness of his work.

Sarah driving in just her nightie without and bottoms had definitely turned some heads from some taller vehicles, but as they were just for brief moments, there weren’t anything to worry about. Her body was still turned on and ready for her husband once they check into anyone of the hotels. She roamed around the less sleazy streets until she found a nice secluded spot and got out of the car with her jacket, throwing it over herself before anyone came.

As she waited, her excitement also grew, with her imagining what he was picking up and how naughty he would get. But after thirty minutes, an SMS came and it was a disappointing one.

Husband (SMS): ‘Dear, I might not be able to make it. But I want you to do something for me. Find a guy, or a couple together, and see how much you are worth from just one session. I want you to be satisfied even if I cannot meet you too.’

She did not reply and just stared at her phone. It was not the first time she fucked someone other than her husband, just that he would be around the other times. At times, she would fantasize about other males, but only went for it when her husband allowed. She reached into her car and took along her bag, before walking around aimlessly, until a pair of China nationals in shabby clothes slowed down to look at her.

Ah Tiong: ‘多少?‘
Translate: How much?

The next more logical reply from Sarah was ‘你有多少?‘. They took out their wallets and showed her S$300. She nodded and brought them to her car, on the pretext of taking something. But since they were paying her, it might be a good idea to help them save too.

Sarah: ‘你们敢在车做吗?‘
Translate: You dare do it in the car?

They looked at each other before telling her yes. They got in her car and she drove to an even emptier streets, with just cars and nothing more. She stepped out of the white car and handed them a digital camera, walking to the back of the car. They fiddled with it before taking it up to snap pictures of her while one of them asked her for the reason.


Sarah: ‘哦,我必须让我的老板知道我有做工。‘
Translate: I have to let my boss knows I’m working.

She stood in front of her car for a few more poses before they went out of control. It was for her husband who love to see how she took good care of herself. The rest of the shots were taken and she was pleased with their skills.


Ah Tiong: ‘你可以尊下,把脚打开吗?’
Translate: Can you squat down with your legs opened?

Why not? She squatted down and adjusted her panties to the sides to show them her pussy, it was the first request they asked of her and she was totally fine with it.


They spoke to each other in their own dialect and Sarah opened the back passenger door to climb into, before coming to a rest in doggie style. With alternating hands, she lowered her panties until it was off and the men entered the vehicle too, one in front and one behind. Out of nowhere, they discussed some issues and had to swap places in the cramped space, but it looked really comical to her how they spoke and behaved.

The man behind licked his finger and rubbed her slit a few times before digging into her pussy, wriggling everywhere until Sarah could not take it and began making the sensual moans usually reserved for her husband. His fingers were thick and rough, partly good, partly agonizing. Her body suddenly came without notice and her pussy wrapped around his fingers while leaking a bit of juice. He was glad to know his fingers were so powerful and it was time to get on with business. The guy at her mouth removed his pants and knelt on the seat with one leg, and the other on the floor.

Sarah knew what to do and went down on him, taking his surprisingly odourless dick into her mouth and sliding her lips up and down his shaft, tugging along the loose skin on it. The guy behind her took his time to let his dick penetrate inch by inch, making her beg for it, ‘我受不了了,可以放进去了吗? I can’t take it anymore, can you put it in already?’. He was sure happy after he heard that and grabbed her waist before pounding his dick in, all at once without warning. Sarah was shocked, to a point she almost climaxed, but the rhythmic thrusts were keeping her climax up and rising.

Her mouth continued to work hard, letting the jerks from the guy behind to help her move forth and back, enabling her to take his dick deeper in this dual penetration doggie style. They did not managed to swap positions, explaining the last minute change, cause the guy at her pussy could last way longer and the guy with his dick in her mouth was just in for the ride. She knew nothing of that and just continued to let his dick give her the orgasms she wanted from her husband. Oblivious to her, the iPhone tracking had activated and her husband found her car making weird movements.

The guy behind then groaned out of control and pumped her even harder, his friend could not hold it back anymore and shot his load into her mouth, which she sucked and held it in while letting her moans get caught in her closed mouth. She gave a hard gulp and moaned louder with him, until she felt his dick burst and a crazy hot goo flooded up her pussy. The scary thought of him doing her without a condom awakened her fears and the huge gush of sperms was a even harsher reminder that she was being filled up with a stranger’s cum, deep into her womb where a baby was ready to be made. She was so used to having sex without a condom that she did not find anything amiss, but it was too late.

The men cleaned up with the box of tissue at the back of her seat and left the big notes where she could see, leaving her car doors open to expose her pussy. She was too weak to push them away when they cummed into her, and the fears of having a child that was not hers drove her to tears. Sarah blamed herself for the lack of self-control without her husband around and thus having to face this sort of consequences.

Her husband walked towards the opened car door and found her lying still, pussy dripping cum, red and swollen. He closed the door and went to the other side, where her head was and her mouth with streaks of white cum tired her jaws out as well. Shaking his head with a grin, he went to the driver’s seat and started the journey home, letting his faithful wife rest. Sarah did wake up in the middle of the ride though and had managed to climbed to the empty seat beside him, before rewarding her understanding husband with road head, with an intensity that almost knocked him out from the ejaculation.

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Twist of Fate

Sarah went out of her house to replenish some groceries for tomorrow and she went out in her usual home wear of a simple spaghetti top and maxi skirt. Since she had some time to kill, she went to the highest floor of her flat to the corridor to enjoy the view of her neighbourhood, soothing her stress from work. As she breathed in the fresh air, a man in his 30s came out of his unit topless and went to the staircase, disappearing towards the roof access. He was muscular for his age and his abs just looked so tempting for her. Although she had some bad experiences, her husband had been in the dark all along (or so she thought), slowly letting her heal from the scars.

She picked up her courage and went through the door to the stairs, going up the flight of stairs to see the man eye to eye. He got up gentlemanly and apologised for being topless, and asked her what can he help with. Sarah shook her head and took out a slip of paper and pen, handing it to him for he-knows-what. He smiled and explained he wasn’t that kind of man and would not write anything down for her.

He returned her pen and crushed the piece of paper, only to watch her turn away in disappointment. But Sarah wasn’t going anywhere. Was she that determined? Maybe so. She pointed at his phone and he handed it to her, somehow thinking she might go away after giving him her number. She tapped away on the apps and returned it to him, in camera mode. She then took a step back and began removing her clothes, pausing after she pulled her shoulder straps down her shoulders.


It was an open invite to him, to indulge in some fun which would satisfy her impulsive hormones. Looking at her sorrowful puppy eyes, he got up and aimed the phone at her, tapping on the shutter button that would spur her on with the click sound. Piece by piece her clothes come off, from her top and the long skirt.


She then knelt down obediently, as though he was giving her silent commands, but it was actually the routine her husband had trained her for, to serve men as her masters. As an unstoppable force guided her, she found her own hands reaching between her legs into her panties and playing with her engorged clit. Dews formed and her rubbing got more vigorous, sending her to her knees and lost in the process of masturbating herself. For him, it was a performance, to watch this unknown lady execute her intimate personal moment before him. Her voice felt so sweet and unbelievable, in fact, no man would not question a lady’s intention if she was so straight with you.


Sarah was finding it harder and harder to resist begging him to do her right there and then, but it might scare him off, so she controlled with all her mental strength. She got up on her feet and went to the railings, before removing her panties, much to his gleeful eyes.


She stopped at his feet and got up to lower his pants, which he gladly stepped out of. She then took a whiff of his flaccid dick before taking it whole into her mouth, thrusting her head back and forth to help him ‘up’. Her hand wrapped around the base of his shaft and stroked it in sync with her blowjob, while her other hand toyed with his hardening balls. Given her oral skills, the man could not maintain his balance and slowly moved down to sit on the wide steps, giving her more comfort at the lower height.


As she worked her mouth on his tool, the camera kept clicking and she was even more turned on by imagining how he would use the pictures to get more out of her. She was dying for some emotional dependence. After five minutes, he could not let her meet his shy sperms and lifted her head away, thanking and apologising for the lack of self-control.

Sarah: ‘It’s me who should be ashamed of my self-control. Let me make it up to you.’

With that said, she pushed him to lie against the metal protectors at the edge of the steps behind him and climbed on top, sliding her hips against his abs down over his rod which she held in place from behind. He did not stop her but let her pussy take his full length and felt more lost when she began grinding her, bouncing with life over him.

Her hands pressed onto his chest while she rocked away, sending the orgasmic thrills up both his and her brains. In no time, the man felt her orgasm from the extra hard contraction and grew worried about how he might just cum in her. He held her waist firmly onto himself after she grew weak from the climax and lifted her up against a wall, with him still inside. Pressing his sweaty body close to her, his hips began moving forward and back, ramming into her small pussy that was drooling non-stop.

The camera was left neglected on the steps and her arms were holding onto him around his neck for support while letting him throw her body up and down. There was no way she would end this no matter what. It felt so refreshing to have a decent guy pounding into her and driving her wild. In her mind, it was her husband fucking her, but she knew it was different. With their unrelated personal life, there was no way they would know each other if not for this.

Her mind went blank with another orgasm sucking the life out of her and he slowed down at her tightness, understanding his own body well that he might be cumming any time soon. There was no protection to help either. He gently placed Sarah down and let her catch her breath while he supported her by hugging her. She realised after some time, that he wasn’t going to cum in her, or worse, not cum with her around.

Sarah got off the uneven steps and went over to her clothes, and placed her back on the wall. It was part two of her surprise for her. And the photos would do the talking for now.


Sarah: ‘Would you let me finish it for you please?’

He was again, lost. What would she stop at? Until he was dry? Or achieved some form of collateral so she could blackmail him? But the videos and photos? Who was.. There was just too many thoughts running through him, but looking at the thin lady with A cup breasts, she was a girl men would pay high prices for. Is she just a whore who enjoyed her job too much?

He went to her, and handled her waist roughly, pulling her hips further out towards him. He then blindly rammed his dick at her and it got in after a miss, splitting her recovering slit and stretching it all the way at the deepest point to fit his length. He finally gave in to himself and resumed the dirty sex he stumbled upon.

Man (whispering): ‘I don’t know you that well, but you are sure a slut! Take all of my dick, whore.’

He increased his speed of fucking and she was also immersed in the glory. With the thrill of neighbouring block staring, her body surrendered to him and allowed the endless waves of orgasms flood her, closing her pussy for the last time on the stranger’s dick. With a time bomb ready to go off, he just kept pounding into her small body and grabbed her boobs to pinch and squeeze, until they were both bruised and sore.

Her mind just fell deeper into a trance and was almost out when he finally came, pumping her pussy full of his load with every thrust, that made him feel even better with the extra sensitivity that had accumulated at the tip of his penis. One finally ram and his milky way was planted deep into her galaxy. He pulled his cock out to admire his juicy dick that was dripping with her juices that was so clear and thick, unlike anything he came across.

He sat back on the stairs and lighted another cigarette, letting her in on her first puff after she gave up a decade ago. Tired as she was, Sarah sat at where she was and let him have this time to enjoy her body. He pointed the phone at her again and she bent over to look at her own slit, well beaten up by his hungry huge cock. At the same time, she was posing for the photos too.


As far as he could go, he just weren’t able to figure how to work with her strapless bra and ended up just pulling her top over and skirt under her firm ass. She leaned her head on the railings to rest for a few minutes before picking the bra and panties from the floor.

She got the bra on in a few seconds and used the panties to clean between her legs, spreading so wide he could see how beautiful her pussy was. After cleaning, she tucked her panties into his pockets and gave it a few pats. Reaching for his dick, she peeled the foreskin back and stroked it like patting a cat, with only two fingers. It was a powdery coat once she did that, the same she knew wherever her juices were.

Sarah: ‘Self-cleaning.’

She walked down a few steps of the stairs and turned around to give him a playful :P expression before exiting the door. Still a little bewildered, he could only smile at the unusual encounter he came across.

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Tiled Floor

Sarah was dragged into a corner of an abandoned flight of stairs at a run down shopping mall, with such force on her hair she could not scream or do anything apart of listening to the two men. Once she was thrown into the corner, the men stood around her and whipped out their cellphones, demanding her to exhibit herself for them. Having no choice, she did as told and was reduced to exposing her black strapless bra and panties, posing in awkward stances they put her in.


Once the photos were done, guy A dragged her back to the floor and unzipped his pants, yanking a stinking meat tube out and bringing her mouth to it. What could a poor woman in her late 20s do?


She opened her mouth and he let himself in, shoving his hips against her head while holding her hair high, inflicting pain she never felt before. Still, she was seated while feeding on his dick while the second man was still filming. He definitely had been sex starved for a long time as she went through some of the worst blowjob she gave, unable to breath for long periods of time until he finally could not hold back and flushed his disgusting load into her mouth, forcing her to drink every drop up.

Guy B had been watching throughout and was so turned on by how slutty she was being used to this state. He picked her up by her hair and leaned her over the ledge, facing the sparse crowd that was below. He skipped removing her panties and just took out his similarly unpleasant dick and forcing it into her dry cunt, and kept pumping until she got wet. Her wetness was an unexpected one, dripping onto the floor and making his entry even smoother, driving him wild and high, that kept him ramming his life into her, until he was done, in fact much quicker than the first guy. He just held her waist tightly and pumped his man load inside her aching pussy, until it overflowed back out.


Once the two guys were done, they threw her into the corner again and she hit her head hard this time. They took out a bottle of unknown substance and one of them dabbed some on his fingers, while the other guy held her face to open her mouth. A few drops of the brown liquid went into her mouth and the other guy went to rub the same liquid at her pussy, sending a heatwave through her that she had no escape from. Having done their job, they clicked away on their iPhones and left her in the corner, trying to cope with the intense heat and unknown level of horniness.

A girl being raped would not care about how horny she was, but there was something she could not fight at all. Her pussy kept leaking and her conscious was fading in and out of a blur. The door above swung open and another two dark skinned guys appeared, happy to see her undressed and sweating. They carried her to place her on one of the steps and spread her legs wide open, till it hurt her. Guy C then pulled his trousers down and leaned over her, with the other guy behind holding her hands and playing with her boobs. Sarah had no strength at all to do anything on her own.

The guy just fucked her to his content and actually lasted too long for comfort, ripping her pussy even wider and extending the length of her vagina. With her soft moaning, he was enjoying himself until his turn to cum was here and filled her up with his man juice, till it overflowed for the second time. Although he had cummed, he did not pull out of her and the second guy grew impatient, standing over her head and lowered himself to a squat, letting his dick point towards her mouth and drove it right in, hitting her head against the hard steps.

He did not give her time to breath nor prepare, but kept bouncing above her and letting his dick get the pleasure it deserved. The guy at her pussy was still humping away until he was satisfied and hurried his friend to finish. Right then, a gush of cum hit her mouth and it filled her up so uncontrollably that she had to swallow, until every drop was down her throat. The guys quickly got up and adjusted their clothes, before going out through the exit they came through.

Sarah was totally destroyed, mentally and physically. She weakly reached for her pussy and dug out all the cum that was inside her which was actually futile, cause the third group of men were coming up the stairs. The pair of male saw her digging and immediately pulled her hand away, and up on her feet she could barely support herself on.

They aligned her between the both of their bodies and the guy behind bent her over, while the guy in front undid his fly and out came his tiny dick. The man behind also unzipped and went right into her cum-lubricated pussy, pounding her back and forth while the guy at her head was still struggling to get it up. He did not wait for it to harden but also pinched her jaws to take the tiny lump in. Not able to suck on anything, she did not do anything but earned a hard slap across her cheeks, which started on her pointless sucking. It did grow in the end, but it was too small a difference. She kept sucking him as the dick behind rammed wildly.

Seconds after she started on the guy in front, a huge load of cum shot into her mouth and she swallowed while he held her head at his groin, suffocating her from her nose that was squashed. The man behind went faster after his friend was done and kept going. For the first time, her body gave in to the ordeal and gave her a consoling climax, which made her felt even hotter and the jet of cum entering her pussy felt too much to handle, expanding her tummy until he pulled out, splashing his load back out down her legs and onto the floor.


They let her go that instant and she collapsed to the ground, barely catching her breath and listened for the two men to disappear. Finally, some sense came to her and she crawled to her purse, taking out her phone and dialling for her husband.

Husband: ‘Hello?’

A thud was heard through the phone and Sarah was pulled away from the phone. Pinned to the ground, there was only one guy this time and the phone was just a little out of her reach. He bent her over doggie style and stuck his rod in, engaging in full force pumping his huge dick in and out of her tiny pussy. With a black out coming, her moans got louder and the phone was still engaged in the call, with her husband on the other end.

The man gave her a hard pinch and she screamed even louder, while feeling his dick stroke every corner of her private parts. It was simply too overwhelming for her, being fucked by a stranger so well endowed. The orgasms came waves after waves, sucking all her strength away until the man exited suddenly. He went around to her mouth and held her hair to ram it into her mouth. It went so deep and hard she could not keep her teeth apart, but it didn’t matter. Her hand instinctively went for her sore, red pussy to masturbate herself as a way to take the agony away but it wasn’t much help.


A few thrusts later, the largest wave of cum flooded her mouth and out of her nose. He saw that and immediately forced her mouth deeper, this time channeling all the precious sperms down into her stomach. With the last few jets, he pushed her away and let his cum shoot onto her bra. He picked up her phone and threw it at her, hitting her face and then he made his exit out of the stairs.

Was it finally over? The whole area remained quiet after a long time and she was regaining her energy. Picking up the phone, it was now broken and she gathered her clothes, panties and bra stained with so much cum that was too disgusting to keep it on. The strapless floral dress she wore was the only piece of clothes clean and intact. So she put it on and walked wobbly out and for home.

Would her husband know? And would she let him know? Questions flooded her mind throughout the whole bus ride home and she would have to solve the huge load of cum still trapped in her pussy first.

Photos published with permission, courtesy of Stysg.