Washroom Romp

Jason: ‘C’mon, your husband don’t have to know about it.’ Sarah: ‘But I promised to only do it with others when he allows.’ Jason: ‘So? He is not here right now, and you can’t get through his phone.’ Sarah: ‘Okay. Then help me take pictures to show him as proof.’ Jason: ‘Take pictures of us?! No way!’ Sarah: ‘Just...

Another Man’s Meat

Guess her age, and then a few words (in the comment section if possible) on what would you do to her. She would love to know. ;)

New Year with Stysg

Thanks to a fellow exhibitionist blogger, we have one of his collection that is well-hidden behind his private blog. This entry is published with permission, courtesy of STYSG. Happy New Year 2015!

Open Invite

It had been too long since Sarah had a good rest and she returned home to find her husband on the laptop, working although it was late. As busy as he was, he left his desk and went to pour her a glass of wine before continuing his work. Sarah was feeling horny that night, having deprived of sex for as long as her busy schedule kept her. But nonetheless, tiredness was her priority and she fell...

Dirty Me

This entry is written on behalf of a friend’s wife, Sarah, from her point of view. My husband was a weird man, somehow, I find him too loving and understanding, almost too good to be true. Nonetheless, I love him a lot and am grateful for him. This recount was written to express myself to him, and to show him that although I say or hint things, it was to make him feel safer and not risk...


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