Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 Just as I almost dozed off in the ferry headed for Batam, a hand next to me woke me up. The girls, one in a black dress and the other in t-shirt and shorts, looked at me with much eagerness. Girl: ‘Are you Singaporean?’ Me: ‘Yeah. What […]

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Drowning on Land

Working as a lifeguard in a peaceful neighbourhood swimming pool, Paul bade farewell to his regular visitors before going back to the Olympic-sized pool. Stripping his yellow shirt off, he dived into the cold water where Brenda, a daily visitor to his pool, was doing her laps. Together, they did a five sets of fifty […]

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Leotard Under Lace

Chanel: ‘Please don’t make me wear this out.’ Roy: ‘I don’t care. Or do you want me to share your old photos online?’ The ex-model had once did a nude photoshoot and he managed to get hold of the photos, paying a high price to get them off the hands of the sleazy photographer. If […]

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Steamed Buns

At 10pm, the last swimmer got out of the pool wearing a bikini top and a tiny pair of beach shorts, attracting only one pair of eyes in the vicinity. I turned off the lights at the pool and made my way to the bathroom, enjoying the cold rinse even though I did not enter […]

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Swim Lessons

Gina: ‘Kor kor!’ Me: ‘Yes?’ Gina: ‘You know how to swim right? Can teach me?’ Me: ‘Huh? Now?’ Gina: ‘Later tonight la. Less people won’t so pai seh. I want to learn leh.’ Me: ‘Ok. I’ll text you later.’ My fifteen year old neighbour caught me at the right time just as I returned home […]

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