Leotard Under Lace

Chanel: ‘Please don’t make me wear this out.’
Roy: ‘I don’t care. Or do you want me to share your old photos online?’

The ex-model had once did a nude photoshoot and he managed to get hold of the photos, paying a high price to get them off the hands of the sleazy photographer. If not for her past experience in modelling, he would not have found out that she was so open to use sex toys in front of a camera.

She unrolled the black leotard up her chest and stuck her arms through, stretching out the Lycra to a smooth finish. A black, see-through lace dress then went over her head and the sense of insecurity immediately came with the flow of cool air through her clothes.

He wore a decent set of clothes and set off for the hawker centre near their place, serving up a delicious view of sexiness to the eating customers. No one she walked past failed to take a good look at her, spending most of the five seconds stare to decipher what she was really wearing. The low back cutting down to her waist, and the shiny gold zip along her B cups.

The cold plastic seat chilled her ass unnervingly, but she just ate her food embarressed. The extra fish balls and noodles the lecherous uncle gave her, was her sign of attraction. Roy too, received an equally huge amount, displaying a smirky grin throughout their breakfast.

Chanel: ‘Where are we going after this?’
Roy: ‘For a swim.’

Seriously? She had no say in his decisions after her photos were compromised, continuing their journey to the neighbourhood swimming pool nearby. As it was just ten in the morning of a weekday, the medium pool was empty except for a few kids playing at the shallower part.

While Roy had to remove two of his clothes (wearing his trunks underneath), Chanel just stripped her dress off. They settled in a corner of the near-empty pool and he just cuddled with her there, barely doing any activities related to swimming.

The zip holding up her B cups went down to her upper waist and he dug his way into the opening, caressing her breasts in view of the lifeguard a distance away. Chanel had felt his hard on in his trunks long before but did not initiate anything, since they were in public eyes. Roy had little concern for her decency after learning what she was capable of, guiding her hand into his pants while angling his legs to a forty five angle to get the water to his chest level.

The thin material of her leotard was pulled to one side at her groin, feeling his active fingers rub along her slit. The difference in texture between the chlorinated water and her juices were obvious, and he was giving off soft groans as she fondled his cock.

Roy: ‘Put my dick inside.’

She whipped his cock out of his trunks and poked it at her pussy, sitting down slowly on his erection. The moment it filled her tight vagina up, she then realised how sexy she was in the next-to-nude outfit he asked her to wear. The sex had taken the earlier awkwardness away, and she felt better when he started thrusting.

Little waves plopped against their bodies, and her nipples grew harder under the swimsuit. Chanel could not take the doggy sex anymore and turned around to face him, her love-hate partner. Climbing over his lap, Roy slipped his cock in again and let her do the rocking, riding his manhood into ecstacy.

The orgasms strangely did not come until she massaged her clit, and rewarded her self with one good one. In the meantime, Roy was getting all worked up from the increasing suction within her pussy, and he was just that close to cumming.

Roy (panting): ‘Let’s go underwater.’

He led the way by taking a deep breath and sank downwards with her. His hips then jerked in quick, short bursts of thrusts until he hugged her tight. She left his cock pop out under her vagina and cupped the tip with fingertips. All it took him was a few seconds before warm cum shot into the chemical laden waters, through her fingers that felt the full wrath of his intensity.

Chanel: ‘We didn’t bring any towels right?’
Roy (panting): ‘Yeah.’
Chanel: ‘Let’s sit there and wait to dry then. Shouldn’t take long with that kind of sun.’

She put his cock back into his trunks and kissed him twice, before climbing out of the pool. The unconventional couple sat there for a bit before wearing their clothes back, bodies dried to a crisp. Chanel had never felt any sexier then with eyes staring at her, partly knowing that her boyfriend didn’t contribute to her sense of security – she did it on her own.

Steamed Buns

At 10pm, the last swimmer got out of the pool wearing a bikini top and a tiny pair of beach shorts, attracting only one pair of eyes in the vicinity. I turned off the lights at the pool and made my way to the bathroom, enjoying the cold rinse even though I did not enter the water. Being a lifeguard has its perks besides the huge responsibilities, granting me access to the condo facilities where I was stationed.

Once I was done, I stepped into the steam room with just a towel around my waist, ready to zone out for a few minutes and dehydrate some water out of my increasing fat content. In the room, I saw the same girl from before, in her black and white striped bikini top and her blue towel around her waist. She looked at me listlessly as we sat in silence, panting louder in the suffocating humidity.

Girl: ‘You’re the lifeguard right?’
Me: ‘Yeah. You stay here?’
Girl: ‘Yupp. It’s funny to see you entering a condo to work while everybody leaves here to work. I can’t imagine working in here compared to the big world out there.’
Me: ‘I don’t just sit and watch here. I am doing my own work too.’

Within the few minutes I closed my eyes, she had moved to my bench and made a little groaning noise as she sat on the hot wooden planks.

Girl: ‘What’s your name?’
Me: ‘J. And you?’
Girl: ‘Sophie.’

We moved closer in the fog and were laughing breathlessly, sharing recounts of perverts she encountered and the serious life-and-death moments I went through. Before we knew it, our hands were on each other’s arms, minds getting drowsy in the thin oxygen levels. Then, unsure of how it happened, we had moved up to each other’s necks and our eyes were locked together, transmitting fatal electrical surges that attracted our lips.

Our eyes shut gracefully as we kissed, roaming hands running across my belly and onto my lap, where the loose knot of my towel was undone easily. I did the same to her bikini top, baring her chest while I moved her towel away, to complete our matching birthday suits. Before I could react, she climbed over my lap and sensually guided my neck to her breasts, hinting me to suck her nipples while she fitted my rod inside.

As my mouth slurped hungrily, a different sensation was going down my cock, a wet, warm tunnel that felt hotter than the sauna we were in. She managed to rock her body in a standardised motion on the uneven wood platform, sending my mind into the heavens along with her angelic moans.

Sophie (moaning): ‘It’s so hot to be fucking in this place.’

I couldn’t agree more when my cock felt her orgasm squeeze me harder, and I had to lift her away so I work some muscles too. My slippers went on the bench and she placed her knees on them, sticking her ass out sexily at me to fuck. Waiting no further, I grabbed her ass cheeks hard and plunged my rod back into her, bouncing my groin on her firm butt with every stroke.

There was no limit to her vocals as she screamed and groaned, receiving all of my deep thrusts in entirety. Her juices were mixed with sweat, smeared around her pussy without my cock ever giving her a break.

Sophie (moaning): ‘Fuck.. I’m cumming again!’
Me: ‘I’m gonna cum soon too babe!’

She slowed me down after a minute more and we changed to missionary, lying on her towel with her legs spread wide for me. I shoved my cock into her sprawled position and she dug her nails into my back, breasts jerking up and down during the course of my assult.

Me (groaning): ‘Gonna shoot now!’
Sophie (whispering): ‘Me too.. me too.. ‘

My hips arched towards her pussy in powerful thrusts to squirt my cum into her and her legs wrapped around me tightly, vaginal walls squeezing me in a milking motion to drain me of life. I could not move for a few minutes after that as she was still trembling, and my dick remained as big from the blood clot at the base of my shaft.

Slowly, we disconnected from each other and we went into the guy’s changing room for another rinse. The beautiful mix of cum and juices went down the drain with a few ‘digs’ and she was calm and cool with the creampie I gave her. In there, we hard no more strength for anymore kinkiness, drying and changing into our public clothes in an exhaustive manner.

Sophie: ‘So I’ll see you tomorrow?’
Me: ‘Same time?’
Sophie: ‘Yupp! Goodnight!’

Sophie walked me to the main entrance and waved with the security guards in the control room, blowing kisses secretly in front of the CCTV behind her. The nights that came was filled with steamy workout sessions, often leaving her tired for school and myself sleeping into the late noon. It was all worth it right?

Swim Lessons

Gina: ‘Kor kor!’
Me: ‘Yes?’
Gina: ‘You know how to swim right? Can teach me?’
Me: ‘Huh? Now?’
Gina: ‘Later tonight la. Less people won’t so pai seh. I want to learn leh.’
Me: ‘Ok. I’ll text you later.’

My fifteen year old neighbour caught me at the right time just as I returned home from work, in her usual oversized shirt that she wear around the condo. Taking my time to change out of my working attire, I took a few bites out of the sandwich I brought back home, catching up with work on my laptop.

At 8.30pm, my doorbell rang and it was then I realised I forgot about her. Letting her into my apartment, I changed into a pair of beach shorts and singlet, walking the petite secondary school girl to our swimming pool.

There, she removed her shirt to prying eyes, a one piece swimwear that had a little skirting around her hips made her look as if she wore a mini dress. We got into the pool as mummies brought their kids and husbands home, probably to prevent them from feasting their eyes on an underage girl.

Gina: ‘Okay. What’s first?’
Me: ‘Holding breath underwater. Take a mouthful of air and go down. Remember to blow bubbles slowly out of your mouth. See who can last longer.’

She held my wrist I positioned at the edge of the pool and dived down with me, watching me closely as I remained underwater while she jumped up. It took her a few tries before she learnt the ropes, and the excitement in grasping that skill could be felt in her eager voice.

Gina: ‘This is fun! What’s next?’
Me: ‘Frog-style. Also known as breaststroke.’

I swam against the wall in slow-mo to let her see how it was done above waters, and below. After a few strokes, she replicated the kicks perfectly but could not stay afloat. I went next to her and supported her belly, while her poorly coordinated arms splashed around.

Not wanting her to learn the wrong things, I used one hand to hold her afloat, and use the other to guide one of her arm. In under a minute, she was doing it right. We moved on to freestyle and I did the same, holding her belly as she kicked fast.

In an attempt to take a shortcut, we turned towards the open waters and I held her armpits, turning her sideways to let her catch her breaths. Each sideway flip had caused her nipples to rub against my hips unknowingly, and she was breathless before we even got to her arms.

In a corner of the pool, she was going non-stop about her progress, and it made me felt good to know I could do something for her too.

Gina: ‘Kor kor, you know. When you hold my arms during freestyle, my nipples touched you and it felt funny.’
Me: ‘It’s an accident luh. I’ll stand in front of you next time.’
Gina: ‘No no. It’s not anything bad. It feels kinda comfortable.’
Me: ‘Ok! TMI! Let’s rest for a while more and continue.’

I relaxed myself with my head on the edge, and the eerie silence from her got my attention. When I looked at her, she was right next to me, and her hand landed on my groin to force my floating body downwards.

Me: ‘Eh!’
Gina: ‘Just want to know how it feels like ma.’

She did a frogstyle kick backwards at me and we were forced into a corner, with her butt grinding my crotch to an unwanted erection. When she felt it, not only did she hold it through my shorts, she moved her hand up and down and made me push her away.

Me: ‘We can’t do this la.’
Gina (whispering): ‘Why?’

This time, she stood in front of me and held my elastic waistband open, sticking her hand into my raging hard on. Right then at ten, the lights at the pool shut off and my hands went around her back, hugging her close as my thumb moved over her nipples.

Gina (whispering): ‘Are they hard?’
Me (whispering): ‘Yes.’

My shorts were stepped to my knees under her feet and she went neck deep into the waters, black swimwear disappearing into her skin’s shade of nude. Her breasts were in my hands getting massaged like what she was doing to my cock, up down, slowly and carefully.

Gina (whispering): ‘I want to know how sex feels like.’
Me (whispering): ‘You can finger yourself right?’
Gina (whispering): ‘That’s not sex.. ‘

She swam into my arms and I slanted my body so we would be underwater. Climbing over my waist and holding my neck for support, she shifted the part blocking her pussy away so my cock could stick under it. With her legs wrapped around my waist, her body slowly sank lower, engulfing my rod in the warmest part of the pool.

Gina (moaning): ‘Ahh.. you’re so warm inside me.’
Me (gasping): ‘I know right?’

She fell forward towards my head and we kissed for the first time, to the beginning of an affair her parents must never find out. Bouncing her silently in the still water, her pussy got tighter as my cock pierced into her over and over again.

Gina (whispering): ‘Ever gone into the sauna room here?’
Me: ‘Nope. You?’
Gina: ‘Let’s go explore.’

We got dressed as quickly as possible and went into the common steam room, empty and dark if not for the corridor lights. In there, we stripped and left our clothes outside, bringing only our towels in. Hot as hell, she resumed riding atop me without the resistance of water this time, going faster and harder than ever. Moans filled the room like how quickly her juices were leaking all over my legs, bodies turning red from the double dose of sweltering steam bath.

After her legs grew tired, I carried her to another corner and left her in doggie. My cock ripped her small, tight hole apart and started off the fierce sex with her screams. Less than a minute later, it was just sensual moans and dirty talks for me to go faster.

For a small framed girl like Gina, the size of a mature male was too much for her to handle, causing orgasms that came one after another to tremble her body. By the time I was almost cumming, she had gone quiet but still making purr-like moans.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon Gina.’
Gina: ‘Wait.. ‘

She turned around to look at me, seated at my dick’s line of fire. Taking my throbbing cock in her hand, she began licking it and moved on to using her mouth, sucking in long, deep strokes just to see my weaker side.

Me (calmly): ‘Shooting now.’

She used her hand to jerk me off into her mouth and masturbated herself at the same time, giving me a sight of her three tired fingers rubbing her sore, reddish clit.

After I was done, I went to turn on the lights and saw her let my cum dribbled out of her lips, in a playful manner before she sucked them all back. Swallowing a few times, she cleared her throat and threw her towel around her body.

Gina: ‘Let’s shower together.’

In the men’s room, two pairs of feet appeared and disappeared under the door as another round of sex happened, screaming in silence and moaning in gasps of air. When we returned home, we were both exhausted but all her parents had were thanks for me, for teaching their daughter how to swim.

The next day, Gina appeared in my door with packets of roti prata, parents waving to me behind her as they wore their shoes.

Gina’s Mum: ‘Gina bought you breakfast. Don’t make a mess in other people’s house k? Bye J! Thanks for taking care of her.’

They left my sight before I could reply and Gina hopped into my house, taking her oversized shirt off to reveal her happy state of nakedness in my living room.

Gina: ‘Let’s eat naked!’

Guess what did I eat first?

First Strokes

I remember I was ten when my parents signed me up for swimming lessons at my condo. Seeing that the coaching was done by a female instructor, they felt safe despite the late training hours. I enjoyed being in the water, but would be in danger if I did not know the basics. So, the first lesson commenced on a Wednesday evening, starting from the baby pool.

When I was ten, I did not know anything about masturbation except that it felt good when I pulled my blanket against my penis, the pleasure of ejaculation was quite foreign to me then. Jolin appeared in a purple translucent type of top, with a pair of white bikini top underneath. For someone like me who had not really found how to admire women, she was pretty. She placed her belongings on a tanning chair and she stripped her top and sexily wriggled out of her short dark blue denim shorts.

My mum came up to her and handed her a white envelop which she pulled open the unsealed cover to take a peek before keeping it in her bag. My family was not any richer than most, staying in a condo unit provided the safety and amenities like swimming pool and gym, but they did not save on my education, be it academically or on sports.

Jolin rinsed her body and the water flowed down her body, which I had no other words to describe in except ‘flowing’. She introduced herself and we chatted for a bit, then knowing she was still in poly first year. Poly sounded a big deal back then, and the impression was short of someone being in JC, but slightly wilder and had more freedom.

In the baby pool, she made me hold onto the edge and lifted my tummy up, exposing my back to the cold winds. Followed by dipping my head into the water, I stuck to her instructions to breath out through my nose, repeating for as long as I needed. Well, I had no idea what she was doing then, bearing in mind that she’s my teacher.

Jolin: ‘Keep your butt raised, body straight. See? Your buttock is sinking again.’

It wasn’t my tummy that had problem, in fact, my body was as straight as I could get it, but I had no way to know what’s wrong with my butt. Suddenly, she stroked her fingers down my back at the spinal area, and I felt the over curvature of my ass. Yes, I got what she was saying. But.. the trail of her fingers did not just showed me how off I was, it made another part of my body ‘straight’ too.

While she frequently placed her hand on my stomach to help me float, she also had been moving her fingers, sort of adjusting her position on my tummy too. My trunks was getting tighter without her knowledge.

Me: ‘Teacher, I have to go to the toilet!’

Jolin: ‘Huh! Go go! Don’t pee into the pool!’

I waded with my neck to the steps and ran off to the bathroom, trying my best to calm down and put my little wiener pointing upwards to my belly button. I then ran back to the pool and got into the water before she saw me. She was texting on her phone until I reached her and she resumed the lesson. I did a few more times of trying to hold my breath underwater and had grasped the idea of it.

Jolin: ‘Let’s go to the shallow part of the big pool.’

Killer sentence. My hard on had not gone down, and it was because of her constant contact with my body. She stepped out of the baby pool and walked ahead, so I quickly followed her, hoping to get into the water before she did. But it wasn’t the case. She turned around once she was two steps away from the ledge (it was a shallow pool, and she was taller too). Her eyes immediately saw the bigger-than-earlier bulge in my trunks and was stunned for a while even though I was already sitting in the water.

Jolin: ‘You want to take a moment to relax first?’

I nodded eagerly. It was so embarrassing, to have my wiener up for whatever reason. She sat down beside me and did not speak a word. The lights then went out as the digital timer showed 10:00. The pool main lights had gone out, but not the lights at the side. So we could still see each other pretty clearly.

Jolin: ‘I got a method to help you umm.. calm down. Follow me.’

We walked to the deeper part and the water reached my chest. A little scary for someone who did not know how to swim, but I had the ledge to support and I learnt how to hold my breath longer too.

She faced me towards the wall and leaned her body against my back. She felt warm, and the bikini top did not help much as I felt her nipples on me. Her hands then reached for my hands and showed me how to execute the ‘freestyle’. I continued swinging my hands forward after she left my wrist and practised. Her hands then held my waist down into the water and slowly dug into the sides of my trunks.

Doing this will help my hard on go soft? I had no idea. I then felt her fingers on my rod and she wasn’t just holding it, her hand was going up and down, draining the blood away from my brain till I was a bit drowsy. The feeling was weird, but good. I placed my head on my folded arms on the ledge and she continued jerking.

Playing the tip of my penis felt the best, but it got intense in a while and I could not breath normally. I was literally breathless from not doing anything. Hot air could be felt on my ears and I pushed myself away from the ledge before turning over.

Me: ‘Teacher, you okay?’

Jolin: ‘Can you do what am I doing now?’

She turned around and held onto the ledge, while I went behind her and slipped my hands into the front part of her bottom. I could not feel any hair and since she had no dick like me, how was I suppose to do what she did to me? Her legs opened and it was just her crossed arms hanging her body in the water. I reached deeper to her pussy and fondled around, still untrained in whichever sensitive areas of a woman. A few minutes into exploring the folds of her pussy, I hit a spot and her head fell onto her arms, breathing quicker and feeling warmer.

Jolin: ‘You can put your fingers inside.’

Huh? Inside where? Wouldn’t it hurt to have something go into your pee hole? I did not ask her, but pushed my fingers lower and found a really small opening. ‘Here?’ I asked. She nodded subtly and I went right in, digging at the same time to make space for two fingers and then continued wriggling.

Jolin: ‘Move your fingers in and out.’

I nodded this time, and followed her directions. Although my fingers were short, I moved as quickly as I could and felt a sudden squeeze from her insides, and a smooth slimy liquid coated my fingers. It made me move easier and I just continued fingering her, until she squeezed a second time and just pulled my hand away.

She turned towards me and I saw her blushing face, and the same breathlessness that I felt. She gave a weak smile and walked to the deeper part of the pool, stopping at the vertical steps. That spot was the darkest corner and I sat at the top most step, which still hid most of my waist. She pulled my trunks lower and her hands stroke me again, this time, I felt even more excited as I could watch her breasts closer and even make out her bottoms which was lowered to her thighs.

My teacher then took a breath and went into the water, sucking my dick and going up and down, sending a cold shiver up my spine. It was the best feeling I ever had, even better than her hands. She went down on me for a few short moments and finally gave up. Using her hands to jerk me instead. My mind was literally clouded and could not think straight at all.

Jolin: ‘You can last quite long huh?’

Me: ‘Last what?’

She gave me a sly grin and jerked even faster. I was shocked to see my dick grow to a size longer than the width of her palm and so was she, happily surprised. Within a minute or two, I grabbed the railing at the side tightly and felt death. Something was coming for me, something big. She continued the handjob until I felt my dick explode and the force was so strong that the first few shots disturbed the water. Sticky white sperms had took their first swimming lesson too and the load simply got washed into the drains around the pool.

Her hand stopped moving and her head disappeared into the water again, sucking the life out of me. My legs and hands gave way and I fell into the pool, which she caught and carried me to the shallower part.

Jolin: ‘You like it?’

It was my first ejaculation, and it took my ten years of life out. I was took weak to give her an answer. She got out of the pool and helped me up. Before bringing me into the female’s shower room in with her. She soaped me up generously and gave me another round of craziness, this time with a proper blowjob that she took no break in between, until I blew the second load into her mouth.

With her head at my dick and knees on the ground, she opened her mouth and showed me the thick white substance before swallowing it. I guess that was how my favouritism to cum-in-mouth and swallowing started. We washed up promptly after and I returned the favour by fingering her another two orgasms before we were done for the night.

My mum allowed me to go to bed directly, reminding me that swimming could get very tiring. And I sort of understood. Since then, the learning part of the lesson had shortened to 1.5 hours and the last half an hour was an intense exchange of orgasms and climaxes. Crazy? Yes. Impossible? No.

Crowded Pool

The pool was fairly empty and Shanice had been taking some photos of herself in the one piece swimwear she bought. The photos showed a lot of cleavage with her neckline pulled lower and the lifeguard sitting a distance away had been feasting his eyes behind those shades. Within a few minutes of the camwhoring, a guy with toned abs and biceps walked into the vicinity and looked around for a space to place his bag.

Shanice had spotted him the moment he walked in and was wishing he would sit near to her. True enough, he came up beside her and asked if the seat was taken. Well, there was an abundance of space everywhere, but it was a reason to talk.

Shanice: ‘Nope. You can leave it here.’
Guy: ‘Aren’t you going for a swim?’
Shanice: ‘In a while.’

He left his bag and headed for the pool, swimming a few laps while waiting for her to join him. They swam along their own area and did not speak until she had stopped at the edge for a some time.

Guy: ‘I am Danny.’
Shanice: ‘I’m Shanice.’
Danny: ‘Nice meeting you. I’m about done with my swim. Yourself?’
Shanice: ‘Same.’

The lie could not be anymore fake as it was only ten minutes in the waters. The hidden agenda of his was too obvious to be missed. They exited the pool and carried their bags to the entrance into the showers. He stalled for time outside by talking to her about random topics and she did not know why he did that, but indulged in chatting with a hot body.

Danny: ‘I think there is no one inside. You want to shower together?’
Shanice: ‘Is it safe? Anyone can come anytime.’
Danny: ‘I’ll be there to protect you. It’s not like we will take hours in there right?’

He gave an irresistible wink and she dashed in before him, running straight for a cubicle that was near the entrance. Danny took his time and hung his bag on the bench, before bringing his soap and shampoo into the cubicle she went.

She then pulled her shoulder straps off and danced her swimsuit off, leaving him to pull his trunks down to expose his hard on that flicked water on her body.

Shanice: ‘Someone is being naughty huh.’

He pushed her to the wall where the shower head was and kissed on her lips. His hands dived straight for her pussy and a quick touch had revealed how wet she was getting as well. The viscosity of the liquid was much smoother, differentiating from the pool water. His tongue fought its way into her mouth as his fingers circled around her clit, sending erotic shivers through her body.

In no time, one of her legs had rose to the metal pipes attached to the walls, spreading for his fingers to enter. Without a word, he did as she expected and her pussy was contracting at random, fascinating him with her tightness. She came after a while and he had to pull his fingers out in pain.

Danny (whispering): ‘Sweetie, look how tight you are.’
Shanice: ‘Shhh.. ‘

She squatted down nude with her legs opened beside his feet and held his dick in her hand. Bringing her mouth of his dick, she used her tongue to tease his tip until his legs went wobbly. After the tickle, her mouth sank down his shaft, sending it down her throat. He had to hold onto the sides for balance while her head shoved into his groin, sucking and gagging to her heart’s content.

Of course, he did not let her carry on for too long. She got up and turned to face the wall, before moving her legs back carefully on the wet floor. Giving the button a push, cold water splashed down on her back, at the same time Danny’s dick pierced into her. The water acted as lubricant and he was humping away in no time.

The sounds of water had muted the slapping sounds of their hips, so all he needed to go was to go fast. Pounding Shanice non-stop, orgasms was firing erratically into her body and the grip on the metal pipes got stronger. The few occasions where males entered the showers did not slow them down a bit, but turning her on even more. He was able to feel how excited she got when a guy went next to them and showered.

Soon, the shower was empty again and Danny was ramming at his fastest.

Danny (whispering): ‘Sweetie, where do I cum?’
Shanice (whispering): ‘In my hands.’

He pulled out long before he was done and turned himself to face the door, backing up on her until her arms could go around his body. She felt his abs for a second and slipped her hands down to his manhood, jerking it skilfully. The handjob lasted a good five minutes without much sounds, with some soap she had used to make things more naughty.

After some time, he tapped her butt and she covered one of her hands over his dick, while the other kept moving. A few seconds was all he needed to squirt the soapy white semen into her palm. She used her flattened palm to roll around his sensitive dick head to get an extra few sprays out of him, making him squeal and squat in.. oversensitivity?

They showered each other up in a small scale JAV style, going for another round with the foam all over. The escape was uneventful with no one around despite being evening time. They had exchanged contacts so that they can arrange for a swim together again. If you know what I mean. *wink wink*


Pamela and I went to the swimming complex at Ang Mo Kio. It was 11am on a weekday, that’s why there weren’t anyone around. It was the usual pool that I went for close to 2 years, knew most of the lifeguards there as well. The only two lifeguards greeted me and resumed their coffee in the lifeguard room.

Pam and I took off our clothes and we went straight into the pool after rinsing our bodies. She was wearing a one piece bareback swimming trunk. What else could guys wear than the usual few kinds? We swam for a few laps and soon enough, were resting at the far end of the pool.

Seeing that there wasn’t anyone else around, we gave each other a few pecks and my hand swam around her, diving through the bareback and into her pussy. The water was making everything easier. She was just there gripping tightly on my arm while I got her off. Fingering her lovely hole, while the water went in and out of her, washing the insides.

She was a fast learner, her hand went into my trunks to fix the raging hard on I’m having. Stroking it up and down, cumming in the pool was the last thing I want to do. Her naughty hands were going fast and slow and in so many indescribable ways jerking me.

I ended our stage one of fun when I felt it coming. We swam with our raging hormones to the other end of the pool and exited, with her following me right behind, into the male changing room.

We quickly settled in one of the cubicles and stripped for ‘shower’. The cold water ran over our hot bodies as we caressed each other, kissing all over. She knelt on my slippers and gave me one of the most wonderful blowjob ever, so quick and satisfying. Her tongue was swirling round and round over my mushroom, and she loves sucking hard on my pee hole, knowing how I’d react to her skills.

After 4 minutes of receiving her unbearable blowjob, I helped her up and turned her around to face the wall. My hands were around her, one massaging her soft suple breasts and the other, plugging her wet hole. Not wanting to waste this opportunity to make this memorable, I went out to get her mobile phone and hung the strap on the hook which was on the shower door.

‘Live action’ was being filmed. Her hips slowly went higher and her body lowered. Taking my manhood between her legs, she stuffed it right into her pussy. I humped away and had to turn on the shower constantly to drown her moans. Suddenly, the water had a tint of red in it and she bent up, whispering loudly, ‘I’m having my period’. It was a relieve that the blood only came now and not in the pool.

I hammered away and she, stopped me after about 8 minutes of my balls-to-pussy slapping. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave herself a little jump, support herself on me.

I quickly slid my stick into her meat slit and bounced. She was also quick to give up and we were fucking while standing. In less than 5 minutes, her tight hole was squimming and I had to unleash the white warriors into her.

After she recovered from the final climax, she squatted on the floor and fingered herself, cleaning the mess thoroughly. The sight of sperms mixed with blood doesn’t seem so bad with the running water. After cleaning up, we left the place for lunch. My mind was on the video we produced in the showers. It had probably slipped her mind then. We finished lunch and sent her to my house to catch a quick nap. =)