Past Forward

Ken (astonished): ‘Hey Amy.. what are you doing here? And what’s that under your collar?’
Amy: ‘My boyfriend is just there. He wants you to read this.’

Ken took the folded A4 paper from her and read it carefully.

We both agreed to live out a fantasy of mine. In summary, this is ‘another’ Amy you thought you know. Follow her to her car and let her drive you somewhere. I’ll be watching in the same room, but her body will be yours for tonight.

The piece of paper was folded and returned to her, where she took it and walked casually towards her car. As planned, I followed them into the car and took the backseats, while she removed her jacket to reveal the prickly nylon strapped around her neck. A full set of bondage straps had been tightened around her voluptuous D cups, but it was barely visible from her neckline.

We drove to a hotel at Paya Lebar and parked nearby, heading straight for the lobby where a few guests loitered around.

Ken: ‘Do you have a room for overnight stay?’
Staff: ‘For one night?’
Ken: ‘Yes.’

Her ex-boyfriend made the payment and held her hand all the way to the room, letting me enter before he locked the door. I found a seat near the window and stayed in a corner, watching him stand before my girl whose fists were clenched in anxiousness.

Ken: ‘You are not forced into this are you?’
Amy (softly): ‘No. I’m not.’
Ken: ‘Sure?’
Amy: ‘Yes.’

He tucked his finger into her dress’ strap and pulled them off her shoulders, revealing the two loops holding her breasts so tightly. The band around her neck had raised her asset a little, and the fastener around her back kept them in place. The unhelpful pair of nipple stickers were peeled off in his gentle hands, but her pointy tips did not stay long in sight.

His mouth went over to her right breast and sucked hard on it, making her slump onto the bed in weakness. As if reliving her past love, she held his head in her arms and dug into his hair, reacting appropriately to his vicious tongue movements. The duo was almost unstoppable if not for the wave of my hand, sobering Amy up for an extra treat.

She went to her backpack and fished a leash out, the end connected to a furry black collar. Along with that, a plastic bottle of lubricant was also left on the bed.

Amy: ‘You can tie me up with this.’
Ken: ‘Why would I do that?’
Amy: ‘So I won’t run away?’

I received the ‘you’re an asshole’ look from him but he took the collar nontheless, snapping the buttons around her neck to hold it in place. Unsure if he was just acting gentleman, he did not let the attachment go to waste as he led her to the bed, forcing her to crawl on her fours.

Slipping the end loop around his wrist, he sure knew how to keep a ‘bitch’ in control. As soon as he got his pants off, another tug pulled her in his direction until she reached his groin.

Ken: ‘Can you suck me like before?’
Amy: ‘I can try. But can you use this?’

His eyes widened upon seeing the bottle of strawberry lubricant landing in his palm, dumbfounded by her preferred use of flavoured lube for a blowjob. As soon as he made a few pumps of the clear, viscous liquid over his cock, she placed her paws on his thigh and combed her fringe behind her ears.

Bending over his waist, Amy took almost half of his length in before her lips shut tight, garnering a sudden deep breath of air from him. She made a few strokes before swapping to her hand, thumb focused on grinding his dick head until he was trembling. Her mouth went back to work and more sighs came, from the relieve from his sensitive tip.

She never stopped sucking as long as she could still smell the strawberry, and when it was almost gone, she surprised him by licking the sides of his shaft for him.

Ken: ‘You have never done that with me.’
Amy: ‘Is it?’

His abs was rising and falling from the sloppy blowjob, and it was obvious to her that he was feeling all she had been taught (by me). Taking a few seconds’ rest, he twisted his wrist to shorten the leash, followed by a forceful shove behind her head.

Ken: ‘Suck me more.’

Her face was stuffed with his cock and she had no control over the depth when he held her head down. Following his wishes, gagging noises filled the room up. No amount of thigh-slaps could stop him and her desperate waves to me was futile. She was his for the night – as stated.

After a long while, he relaxed the leash and helped her sit up, panting rapidly with watery eyes.

Ken: ‘I’m sorry Amy. I’m really sorry.’
Amy (sobbing): ‘It’s okay. I never gone this far with you before.’

He placed her on her back and laid on top of her, massaging both her boobs while alternating his mouth between both nipples. Her prior discomfort was quickly smothered as moans were heard, bringing him back to the loving guy he was.

Ken: ‘Open your legs wide.’
Amy: ‘Yes daddy.’
Ken: ‘Good girl. Rub yourself now.’

She pushed hard on her clit and moved in circles, while he went to his bag for a condom. Taking his time to put it on, she was thoroughly wet when he swiped his finger along her pussy. Wasting no words, she hugged him sensually as his hips thrust into her vagina, calming her tensed body in a single stroke.

The familiar moans came louder as he picked up speed, hammering my girl into ecstasy. Given how well the plan was executed, her first orgasm came within the first few minutes, sending her body into convulsion with her legs wrapping tightly around his waist.

Ken (groaning): ‘You are still as tight huh!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Of course. For you daddy.. ‘

He regained his position and split her knees even wider, jutting his hips at her pussy in hyper speed. Though not as deep, the speed and angle drove her nuts and it didn’t take long before she came again, this time, bending her chest forward to pull him down for a kiss.

Amy (moaning): ‘Daddy.. Fuck me till you cum.’

In her favourite position, sprawled like an overturned dog, her boobs jiggled heartily between their chests. He was venting all his emotions through his deep-sea piling, filling up the void in her pussy. The couple went back to their old sex life, indulging in the intense, yet passionate sex.

Ken (groaning): ‘I’m cumming baby!’
Amy (moaning): ‘Shoot it inside me Daddy!’

He switched to the ‘deep, single stroke’ gear and pumped hard at her pussy, collapsing her lungs to exhale all the love out of sex. In under half a minute, a gentle tremble from her shoulders turned her to a possessed being, muscles twitching out of control.

Amy (exclaiming): ‘Fuck! I’m coming again!’

The lifeless body jolted like electrocution until she fell into a cross figure, only part moving was her chest.

Amy (wearily): ‘Can you leave the room to us now?’
Ken (panting): ‘You sure?’
Amy: ‘Please?’

He gathered his clothes and went into the shower, coming out to see his ex covered up under the blanket. During the time he put on his shoes, his gaze never left her direction.

Ken: ‘I’ll text you later k? Or you can text me.’

Not waiting for her reply, he left the room and us. I took off her collar and wiped her body dry, before lying deep in thoughts next to her.

Amy: ‘It’s your turn to be my puppy now. You can start by licking here.’

She held up her more-sensitive right boob and I took it into my mouth, flicking it gently with my tongue – the way she likes.

Brother’s Hotwife

After a night of BBQ and heavy drinking, Jason went to bed after reaching home, where his brother had his girlfriend over. Halfway through his sleep, loud fucking noises came from the room opposite his and the clear moans and dirty talks were getting his loin hard. Unable to relief his urge, he pressed his pillow against his ear and tried to fall asleep, until ten minutes later when his door opened.

Brother: ‘Did we wake you up?’
Jason: ‘Duh. So loud.’
Brother (whispering): ‘Eh. My girlfriend has always fantasised about being a hotwife. Like having sex with other but with my permission. You want to help?’

Jason: ‘Bro, you crazy ah? She’s going to be my sister-in-law leh.’
Brother: ‘Just this once la. No one will know.’

Jason couldn’t be anymore turned on upon receiving permission from his own brother, to fuck a girl almost five years younger. He got up and flipped his blanket away, to a bulge that his brother tried to ignore. Walking behind Jason, his brother opened his bedroom door for him and hid in the shadows, sitting on a stool that his girl used to reach the higher cupboards.

The sight of a drowsy, horny girl in a white nightie was too much for Jason to bear. How could he reject that offer to ‘help’ right? Jumping into the bed, he ran his hands up her smooth ass and lifted her dress to her waist. Slowly, he tugged her g-strings off and flipped her over, assured that she could not tell who he was in the dark.

Staying on his knees between her legs, he kneaded those handful of breasts till she was moaning again, nipples as hard as they could get in his rolling fingers. He glide down her perfect body to her groin and let her widening legs guide his fingers in, onto her clit that was as juicy like a freshly shucked oyster.

He carefully leaned over her small frame and tucked his head next to her ear, whispering in a breathless tone, ‘I am Jason’. Her arms immediately stopped his advance and responded, ‘where is your brother? Does he know?’ The only words that came out of him were, ‘no. He doesn’t.’

Going against her resisting arms, he spread his thighs to keep her legs apart, and pinned her hands over her head. Headed straight for her nipples, he sucked her tits hard and let the wild moans loose, in the presence of his brother who was enjoying the girlfriend-sharing scene in a corner.

When his cock came in contact with her clit, she was wetter than before and he forced his way in, letting out a few queefs to expel the air within. Her pussy immediately released squishing noises once his hips started moving, flashing an agonising look on her face under the LED light from the desktop CPU fans. No matter how hard he fucked, she did not moan any louder than earlier.

That alone told him how much she wanted it, even if it meant doing it behind her boyfriend’s back. Soon, the first orgasm hit her and she went completely quiet, strength leaving her body to a limp state.

Jason (whispering): ‘Do you want me to stop?’
Girlfriend (moaning): ‘No. Keep going. Help me change to doggie.’

The moment he pulled out, she turned over on her fours but kept her face buried in the pillows. ‘Argh!’, she groaned into the pillow as he plunged mercilessly into her pussy, splitting them apart with continuous, violent thrusts.

Her orgasms kept her drifting in and out of consciousness, but she never stopped moaning throughout the session. Jason was already at the edge of ejaculation when they changed to doggie, hanging dearly on the fact that her pussy had relaxed so much since the beginning.

Jason: ‘I’m gonna cum soon.’

He yanked his cock out of her despite her pleas to cum inside and went over to her head. Holding her head sideways, he stuffed her mouth full and engaged an autonomous act plugging her face with his cock, until he exploded all over her tongue. Her throat went on to swallow each waves of his cumshot without hesitation, keeping her mouth clear for more.

By the time he was done, her lips were wet and slippery, covered in a mix of saliva and semen.

Jason (whisering): ‘I’m going back to my room first. Don’t tell him about it k?’

He went to the door and held it wide, for his brother to crawl out before he left. The brothers only exchanged a smile once the deed was done, waiting for a while more before her legitimate boyfriend went back in.

Brother: ‘Why are you so warm and sweaty?’
Girlfriend: ‘I just had a wet dream. That’s all.’
Brother: ‘While I am suffering in the toilet, you are dreaming about sex? You little horny bunny.’

A few minutes later, sucking noises came through the bedroom doors again, for another half-hour of intense sex that Jason could ignore.

In the morning, Jason woke up to see a note on his desk, asking him to help watch over his girlfriend (who was still sleeping in his brother’s bedroom), and to accommodate her if she has any urges. In a way, letting his brother fuck his girl is better than her fucking random guys right?

Just to keep it within the family.

Tricked for Treats

As the bus got crowded, my sister and I was squeezed into the corner of the standing platform. We had just done our shopping at the OG in Chinatown and I let her stand near the windows, with the shopping bags behind her feet. The few guys around us were seen looking down my sister’s camisole top at the small cleavage but I did not say anything, since she chose to wear this out.

Another guy had stood next to my sister and the girl with him was in front of me, hips almost touching my groin.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor, I think he is touching my butt.’

I stared at the guy who merely gave me a smile and I told my sister to stay still. After a while, her grip on my hand tightened and I knew she was being molested. The front of her wine red flare skirt was lifted and the stranger’s hand was going under the skirt.

Suddenly, the man told his girl something, and my dick was suffocated with her body leaning onto me.

Guy: ‘Jie, move inside a bit.’

My hand covered my groin to give it a little space but she did not stop shifting in the constricted corner.

Me: ‘Mei, turn around and face the window.’

She did as I asked and the guy smiled to himself, as though he knew we were making a little exchange. I moved my hand to the girl’s butt that was pasted on my sister and gave her a little squeeze. The next thing she did was to turn around as well, facing the back of my sister.

Wearing a short spaghetti dress, it was easy to go under and fondle her panties, made with those thin netting that allowed me to feel her cameltoe. Soon, my sister was wriggling at the window and the guy’s sister was doing the same. My finger then dug into her panties and landed on her clit, where she leaned forward to push my hand against my sister’s butt.

The four of us had engaged in a mini masturbathon to please the girls and we (the guys) were doing a great job. When the bus finally got less crowded, the guy stopped what he was doing and tapped on his sister’s shoulders.

Guy: ‘Next stop. Want to alight with us?’

A slanted nod of my head spurred my sister to pick up the shopping bags and we alighted, walking behind them while she spoke softly to me about how he fingered her in her panties.

Upon reaching their place, we dropped our purchases and my sister was led to a bedroom, while the guy’s sister pulled the shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor. We made our way to the couch where she climbed over my legs and proceeded to yank my shorts down. She gave my dick a few jerks before peeling her panties to the side and sat down over my rod, unstoppable till it was fully embedded inside.

A moan from the room signalled to me that my sister was doing about the same thing and the swing with an unlikely partner started. Grinding her body on top, my dick was stroking the underside of her pussy that made her groan in ecstasy. It was a royal treat for me without having to do anything, and simply letting her ride me to her heart’s content.

As the two of us changed into doggie over the coffee table, my sister came out of the room and climbed next to my sex machine.

Me: ‘Done?’
Sister: ‘Yeah. He didn’t last too long.’

I plugged my fingers into my sister’s pussy and continued pounding the other girl, driving her crazy with my 7 inches. The brother appeared after a while and stood next to me, before I pulled out of his sister when I had enough of her.

Sidestepping to my sister, I sent my dick into her at the same time as the guy fucking his sister. Thrusting at the same pace, the two girls moaned wildly as the dicks ploughed into them, both at high speed.

Guy: ‘Oh ya. Just want to let you know, she’s not my sister. She’s my girlfriend.’

I paused in my tracks as soon as I learnt we were tricked, but it was too late to stop now. Bringing my sister to kneel on the floor between the couch and table, I sat at the edge of the sofa and jerked my hips in hypersonic speed, mercilessly fucking the brains out of her.

Girlfriend: ‘How come you shoot so fast with her?’
Guy: ‘She is too tight.’

He followed what I did to my sister and we continued pounding the lives out of our partners. Stopping before I did, he grunted loudly as he fired his second load into his girlfriend, who was showing a disappointed face at his lack of stamina.

Me: ‘Mei, where did he shoot just now?’
Sister: ‘In my mouth? He put it in once we went into the room but he asked me to do a blowjob after going a few times. Then he shoot in my mouth.’
Girlfriend: ‘Sister, can you let your brother fuck me? I didn’t get my orgasm.’
Sister: ‘Yeah sure.’

I changed places once again and rammed my solid dick into her, giving off a scream as I sank my meat into her pussy. Her boyfriend went to her mouth in an attempt to get her to suck but she did not want to play with him anymore.

Putting all my energy into her, I made sure she came before I did and did not stay any longer inside. I wanted to please my sister rather than the girlfriend of the lousy guy. Little did I know my sister wanted me as badly too. She sat on top facing me and bounced freely on my lap, sending my dick into her time after time. Her nipples were handled by the girlfriend who envied how long I could last but I did not belong to her.

After going non-stop for five minutes, I was finally at my wits end and I told the two girls. My sister climbed off me and whispered something to the girlfriend, who then went down on her knees to work her mouth. Slurping hungrily at the throbbing red stick, my mind went blank to the vicious mouth working flawlessly with her agile tongue to make me go berserk.

Me: ‘I’m about to shoot. Keep going.’

Her lips then went down seamlessly all the way to the base, and her throat took over making small squeezes on my dick head. My cum erupted into her mouth and she swallowed as it came, further overwhelming the already sensitive dick head.

The whole ejaculation lasted for a minute before she pulled her mouth away, licking my dick like a lollipop to get the last drop. My sister and I then wore our clothes back and the girlfriend sent us to the door in the warmest farewell.

For the guy, he was in the kitchen, acting busy while regretting how bad he was in bed. After we got home from the fruitful day of shopping and love making, my sister stripped naked in my room and pushed me onto the bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Eh! Mummy and Daddy is outside!’
Sister (whispering): ‘I don’t care. I can’t take it anymore.’

I let her pull my shorts down and her mouth went over the sticky dick, devouring it without giving me even a minute to get my underwear out of the way. That evening, I had a sensual blowjob from her before our parents went for work, and thereafter were rounds after rounds of wild incestuous sex on her bed.

Swinging Babies

Baby: ‘Amber is coming up now.’
Me: ‘Must we do this?’
Baby: ‘Why b? I thought you don’t mind her?’
Me: ‘She’s your best friend mah. Won’t it affect you two?’
Baby: ‘Won’t lah. Like you said, we are best friends.’

The door bell rang shortly after and Amber entered with her boyfriend, Jimmy, who was eyeing my girl from head to toe. I couldn’t blame him though, Baby was wearing the one piece silky night dress I bought and even I found it hard to stop looking at her.

After they placed their bags down, Jimmy proceeded into the bathroom with his girlfriend to prepare, and Baby joined me under the bedsheets to hide from the cold air. Amber appeared in a towel that seemed long in her tiny frame, standing at 1.58m. Formalities were exchanged through a simple handshake and we swapped partners for the night.

As there was only a single queen sized bed, Amber and I took a side and I removed my boxer brief, showing her the unerected dick. Somehow, I wasn’t sure why it didn’t turn me on, but watching how Baby stroked Jimmy, she was much more into it than I.

Amber: ‘We try to do what they do?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I stood at the side of the bed, mirroring Jimmy’s position in front of my girl. Amber gave my dick a few jerks before her mouth went over it. Taking it straight down her throat, I was shocked at how good she was. Her innocent face, forehead covered with bangs, thin shoulders, never did I suspect she was this good with her mouth.

In no time, I was groaning to her steady tempo, rubbing her lips along my shaft without slowing down. That hardness, was unlike anything before. A few minutes passed to the two guys groaning in pleasure and I helped Amber to lie on the bed, ending the tiring blowjob she pleased me with.

Unlike Baby, she only trimmed her pubic hairs to make a thin strip in the middle but it was delicious looking nonetheless. Kneeling on the bed between her legs, I stuck my tongue out and went down on her, feeling her body squirm as I flicked against her clit.

Jimmy did not do the same but went for the condom, letting Baby put it on for him and continuing the sex before I did. Focusing on the underage looking Amber, my mouth was making her wetter, causing her hands to dig into my hair to guide me to where it felt best.

She did not let me do the work for too long either, stopping me after she had enough and brought me up to her eye-level.

Amber (whispering): ‘You know, he never licked me with so much enthusiasm before.’

Her hands went down to my dick and held it against her pussy, while I was still figuring out how to reach the condom on Baby’s side.

Amber: ‘Dear, don’t need condoms right?’
Jimmy: ‘Nope. J, you can do it raw. Take it as a small gift from us.’

I was looking at Baby when they said to do it raw. It felt unfair to let Jimmy do it with a condom while I went bare, but a nod from Baby was all Amber needed to pull me inside her, and I did not resist the treat too.

Plunging my rod all the way into her, she grabbed the pillows hard as my dick split her vagina opened.

Amber: ‘You’re so big.. ‘

From the corner of my eye, I saw Jimmy shook his head but was still thrusting into my girl. Not wanting to waste any of their time, I slammed my hips on her thighs as I sent my dick deep into her, making her groan in the similar my girl would – if I was inside her.

Ramming continuously, Amber was thrashing erratically on our side of the bed and Baby interlocked one of her hands with Amber. Suddenly, Jimmy went fast beyond his control as he was about to cum.

Baby: ‘Jim, stop stop. Let’s try something before you shoot.’

Baby rolled over to Amber and laid on top of her, while I sat on the pillows above her head. Taking my dick into Baby’s mouth, Jimmy pushed with all his might and pounded her butt loudly. The nipple pinches by Amber drove Baby really wild and I was going berserk at her powerful suction in her mouth, draining me of my energy much quicker.

The whole intense session came to an end when Jimmy pulled his full condom out, sitting on the bed while Baby lifted her head away as well. As though everything had ended, Amber was still unsatisfied and did not want to be ignored.

So next up was Amber, lying on top of Baby in 69 who was massaging her clit. I went to Amber’s rear and let her position herself in front of her boyfriend, whose dick was covered in spermicide and cum. Once he gave a thumbs up that his girl’s mouth was over his dick, I rammed hard into Amber and made sure I disrupted her blowjob with the powerful thrusts.

Five minutes passed and she was still on her fours with Baby squeezing her small boobs, giving her the strength and willpower to keep sucking.

As all good things must come to an end, I warned her in a calm tone while slowing down, that I was about to cum.

Baby: ‘Go super fast like when you are shoot into me. Make her crazy too.’
Me: ‘So mean.. But okay!’

With that said, I held Amber’s waist firmly and jerked in supersonic speed, sending a wave of orgasm as my load pumped into her pussy. Jimmy too, came at the same time inside her mouth and all of us froze in that position till I was done.

Amber collapsed on top of Baby after I exited and Jimmy carried her into the bathroom first to clean up. Baby and I went for an after-sex make out, waiting for them to appear before going for a shower.

Inside, Baby told me that I was bigger and Jimmy wasn’t going as deep as I, depriving her of the satisfaction that could only be given if he had reached the right spot. So to make up for that, Baby bent over the sink and guided me into her, giving me little time to get it up to full size.

Things went noisy again when she moaned out loud, feeling my dick touching her sensitive spot while my balls slapped on her pussy. We were so crazily horny that it didn’t matter if there was no condom between us. Standing doggie being the only position we could engage in, I just went all out at her till I was about to cum.

Baby then squatted against a wall and let me use her mouth, pulling my butt towards her head to get me to cum. For the second load, I could feel more of it about to be unloaded and did not stop till it was in my flesh barrel.

*Arghh.. * Waves after waves, my semen spewed into Baby’s mouth that was opened for me, gathering all the goodies before she spat them into the sink. Having taken such a long time in the toilet, we went for a quick rinse before heading out, only to see Amber tucked under the blankets.

Baby: ‘Where is Jimmy?’
Amber: ‘He.. *sigh* He didn’t think I was good enough to him. After he saw how much fun I had with your boyfriend. He said we will probably not see each other again.’
Baby: ‘Really? What an asshole!’
Amber: ‘Nevermind luh. We were already on the rocks. I feel so much freeier now.’

Baby gestured for me to go over to them and they made a space for me, between them. With two ladies in my arms, what more could I ask for? Baby being the wild and adventurous one, and Amber the tame and obedient one. It was the dream of every man to have them at once. Baby allowed Amber to be my girlfriend for the time being, until she found the next guy who could be as loving as, or better than me.

Here, I shall leave the rest of the night to your imagination, but I can tell you one thing, my dick never left either of their hands unless I was inside one of them. So guess who was the most tired on the next morning.

Underaged Swing

For that special day, Ronny stocked up an extra box of condom under his bed after his buddy’s girlfriend told him she was on his way. The two guys had a crazy idea to exchange their girlfriends for a day and the girls did not think much of it due to their innocence. To them, it was a request from their boyfriends, and it would mean that they were doing it out of love. In Ronny’s case, he was expecting Ling, a 16 year old Chinese, who had always been his ideal masturbation target. The group weren’t that old for a start, the youngest being Ronny’s girlfriend, 14, and the oldest would be Ronny himself, 18, who was waiting to be enlisted.

You guys might think that he wasn’t a good person, but as we all know, love has no boundaries. Anyway, back to his house, Ling arrived after an hour and he let her in, bringing her to his bedroom before he asked her about her sex life with his buddy. She did not hold anything back and told him how she liked to be fingered, describing the location of her g-spot to the confused guy. Her favourite sex position was doggie with those long powerful strokes of her boyfriend’s dick, and her sensitive body would never fail to cum at least three times.

So, Ronny had an idea of his benchmark, and immediately asked her to lie down. She knew what was about to happen, as her guy had told her that he would be meeting Ronny’s girl. There wasn’t a single doubt when she removed her short shorts, pulling her spaghetti top over her head. Ronny too, stripped his shorts away and his dick bounced freely to a surprised face on Ling. Gasping at his size, she felt a twitch in her pussy, one that represented fear and desire to try it.

He laid on the bed between her opened legs and took the box of condom out, handing it to her so she could open it while he started her engine.

Ling: ‘You want to wear it?’
Ronny: ‘You don’t wear it with your boyfriend?’
Ling: ‘Nope. It feels better without. And he buys the pill for me so I won’t get pregnant.’

Damn, he was ahead of him in this aspect. But Ronny did not worry about his girl demanding a condom, because her tight pussy would totally make up for it. Beginning with the fingering, he played with her pussy to get it wet, and once she was slightly soaked, he sank his rough fingers in and she groaned as her pussy stretched to accommodate his size. Panting heavily, he did not waste anymore time and thrust hard, feeling those warm juices coat his fingers. Just like she said, her body clenched his fingers tightly after just a minute and she came with an extra load of liquid that stuck around his hand.

Ling: ‘Ronny.. don’t finger me anymore.’
Ronny: ‘Sex?’
Ling: ‘Yeah.’

He climbed on top of her and let her guide his dick in, feeling her lips seal around his cock while he nudged his way into her body. For her age, her vagina was more developed and it had fitted him better than his own girl, who was too tight. As soon as her legs opened to its limit, he began ramming at her pussy and caused her to scream in ecstasy. It was much bigger than his buddy’s and her body could not handle it, bombarding her senses with orgasms as every part of her pussy was in contact with that huge cock.

Pumping furiously, he was filled with jealousy that his buddy got such a slut while he got an inexperienced girl, having him to train her till he got tired. But little did he know, his girl was also fucking at the same time, and the smaller dick was stimulating her better than his oversized one. Growing stronger every minute, Ronny couldn’t wait any longer and flipped her legs together, turning her to the side and helping her get into doggie without leaving her pussy.

In under a minute, Ling was on her fours and he was grabbing her slim waist, pounding the life out of her as his dick got bigger. The girl had buried her face into his pillow to silence her moans that seemed to get louder as he rammed, almost tearing her vagina apart. It had felt so good she did not have more than a minute without cumming, and the patch of wetness on his bed just got bigger.

Ling: ‘Keep going until you shoot. Don’t stop.’

Grinning to himself, he pounded her deeper to a point his dick felt a hard bump at the tip, signalling the maximum depth had been achieved. Still not giving in to his urge, he relaxed his rod and went slower, but in longer strokes that totally overwhelmed her mind.

After fifteen minutes of sweaty sex, the noises coming from them died down and he told her that he was cumming.

Ling: ‘Can go all the way until you shoot?’
Ronny: ‘Don’t regret uh.’

She gave him a slutty smile and turned her head to the front, hanging onto the creased bedsheets harder. As she stabilised herself, Ronny fucked her pussy hard and fast, letting the sensation of ‘ejaculate of the century’ built up in his balls. Her relaxed cunt gave him another five minutes of raw sex, until he could no longer hold it in anymore. He pasted his hips on her butt before making a small vibration at his thighs, jabbing her at the deepest spot in minute movements.

In mere seconds, his thick load streamed out powerful at her womb and he could only hear ‘fuck fuck fuck’ being repeated as her body trembled. With the last few shots remaining, Ling’s body collapsed onto his bed with her ass still in the air, dick embedded deeply and still feeling her pussy getting filled.

Finally, he was done with her and fell on his butt, face reddened from the overpowering ejaculation and his low energy levels.

Ronny: ‘Is it better than doing it with your boyfriend?’
Ling: ‘Way better. I came eight times.’
Ronny: ‘But I only came once.’
Ling: ‘I’ll suck you off later. Let me rest first.’
Ronny: ‘You said it uh. Don’t disappoint me.’
Ling: ‘I won’t. But can you cum inside me when you’re shooting?’
Ronny: ‘Collecting sperms to show your boyfriend ah?’
Ling: ‘No lah. Your baby girl and I challenged each other to see who has the most.’

As they rested on both sides of the bed, Ronny’s girl was being filled up with cum, going condomless after she felt how awesome it was. His buddy had a stash of morning after, and there was more than enough for a few mornings. Ling took her phone and turned herself to let Ronny view her conversation with her boyfriend, and he was hoping that she would tell him how much fun she had.

Ling (Whatsapp): Boyfie, can I stay another day with Ronny?
Boyfriend (Whatsapp): Tell him his girl also wanted to ask the same thing.

Ronny nodded and they got another day with each others’ girlfriend, spending the rest of their waking hours fucking and collecting cum in the girls’ pussy. The next day, the girls returned to their respective guys’ house and showed them how much sperms they had in them, only turning them on even more for more sex despite their tiredness.

Like Father, Like Son

Heading home in the family car after dinner, the day of the month to eat with their son, Jacob and future daughter-in-law, Xin, had ended. Every meal they had was an expensive one in a posh restaurant and the usual routine of sending Xin home was expected each time.

Jacob had been attached to Xin for close to three years now, and it was not a typical relationship either. He was considered to be an ‘ah beng’ (Singapore slang for male gang-like character) with tattoos covering his arms and legs. Frequent late nights and loved drinking with his buddies. Xin on the other hand, was a quiet but friendly girl, who went through school with promising future. Not that she was affected by his background, but to many, it was a mismatch in this society where good would be with good and vice versa.

Wearing a short skirt as requested by Jacob, they sat quietly behind while his parents chatted between themselves about the F&B company they ran. Feeling a little adventurous, he then shifted his hand on her thigh up her skirt, and rubbing on her panties. Although she was used to his advances, the situation they were in was not exactly the ideal place to hanky panky, but she kept quiet as usual, trusting his decision. Slowly, the wetness came through her undies and he moved into her panties, rubbing on her clit as her legs widened.

With the speed he went at, it was impossible for her to remain still and so she began breathing heavily, audible in the vehicle whenever the music changed to the next track. Delighted with her obedience, he continued teasing her until moans came from her behind the background music, and she reached for his bulge to stroke it through his pants.

His mum and dad could vaguely make out what was happening behind them, and it was spurring dad to do something too. Sticking his arm across the central braking handle, he slipped his hand under mum’s dress to find a bit of warmth from the slight moisture. It was a cue to do something more before she lost her mood when they get home. Pushing his fingers into her, the change in dampness surprised him and the hard on came as fast as he could remember.

Focusing back on the wheel, he drove the car into a secluded road where a few other were parked. He then unclipped his seatbelt and leaned over to mum, who was feeling drunk from the few bottles of beer they shared. Xin too, was too turned on to care about what was happening in front of them, although she could hear the other set of moans coming from mum.

With the car dimmed and air conditioning on full blast, the two men began pumping their hands into the ladies, making the music irrelevant to their loud moans. As the ladies’ hands rubbed outside the pants, it was only a matter of time before they needed more. The patch of wetness between their legs was enough to start something crazier, and the male hormones in the males ticked at the same time to move to sex.

Dad pulled his hand away first and climbed over to his wife’s side, lowering the seat all the way onto the unoccupied space. Jacob saw what his dad did and turned Xin towards him, placing one of her legs onto the headrest and leaving the other dangling from the seat. The zip sounds came one after another and eager dad was first to go.

Dad sank his dick into mum missionary style and the car began rocking under his momentum. Grabbing behind the chair, she screamed in ecstasy from his entry and size, which always was a surprise to her. The powerful thrusts from dad was driving mum insane and he just kept going fast and furious at her. It was the first time Jacob had seen how wild his dad could get, and somewhat changed his impression of his mum, who still maintained a slim figure despite giving birth to him and aging.

Seeing how everyone was going out of place, or into place, he leaned over Xin as well and drove his cock in, stretching her pussy to his size and pounding hard at her. Droplets of sweat caught onto her tank top, but her mind was already somewhere between the heavens and space. Moaning uncontrollable, the ladies’ voices were blasting over the music and the car bounced even harder.

As time passed, the men had their rhythm synchronised and was even making similar groans. For the ladies, they had long lost their composure in front of the elders and were enjoying the ride of their lives. Scratches and bite marks on the men’s backs were appearing like stars in the darkness of the night, legs were going around their hips and demands for more speed was firing off like orders in a busy restaurant.

The music tracks were running out as the males pumped their girls full of life, and exhaustion was catching up with them as well. Although dad was first to go, his speed was slowing down at the same time as Jacob, as a controller to time his ejaculation.

Dad: ‘Dear, ready to make another baby?’

Mum: ‘Just give it all to me. I miss you shooting inside me.’

Jacob: ‘Xin, I am about to cum now.’

Xin: ‘Just shoot inside? It’s a safe day.’

The ‘gentlemen’ went into berserk-like state of minds and rammed the poor pussies until they got sore, getting a little numbed from their marathon level stamina. A combined loud groan came from the father and son, and their chests pasted on the ladies, hips still thrusting energetically while their cum was filling them up.

Mum immediately reached under his shaft to hold in all the excess cum that was being forced out from his size, until he was done and left the dock. Her closed legs kept most of it inside and pieces of tissue was ripped from the dashboard to prevent any cum from catching on the seat. Jacob was done a few moments later and pulled out of Xin, letting her get into a Japanese sitting style and bending down to suck his rod clean.

Dad was back at his seat and looking into the rearview mirror, inspired by the clean-up process his dear son had taught Xin to do.

Dad: ‘Dear, can clean me up with your mouth too?’

Smiling at him sheepishly, she did the same thing and sucked his rod clean of any leftovers, accidentally going too far to start his ‘engine’ up again. Xin and mum carried out their duties well and her backrest was raised so Jacob could rest. The ladies tidied their clothes and the men helped cleaned their privates up of cum.

The ride back home was a peaceful one, music being the only sound to calm the raged hormones down. Like father, like son huh? Or was it the other way round?