Past Forward

Ken (astonished): ‘Hey Amy.. what are you doing here? And what’s that under your collar?’ Amy: ‘My boyfriend is just there. He wants you to read this.’ Ken took the folded A4 paper from her and read it carefully. We both agreed to live out a fantasy of mine. In summary, this is ‘another’ Amy… Read more Past Forward

Brother’s Hotwife

After a night of BBQ and heavy drinking, Jason went to bed after reaching home, where his brother had his girlfriend over. Halfway through his sleep, loud fucking noises came from the room opposite his and the clear moans and dirty talks were getting his loin hard. Unable to relief his urge, he pressed his… Read more Brother’s Hotwife

Tricked for Treats

As the bus got crowded, my sister and I was squeezed into the corner of the standing platform. We had just done our shopping at the OG in Chinatown and I let her stand near the windows, with the shopping bags behind her feet. The few guys around us were seen looking down my sister’s… Read more Tricked for Treats

Swinging Babies

Baby: ‘Amber is coming up now.’ Me: ‘Must we do this?’ Baby: ‘Why b? I thought you don’t mind her?’ Me: ‘She’s your best friend mah. Won’t it affect you two?’ Baby: ‘Won’t lah. Like you said, we are best friends.’ The door bell rang shortly after and Amber entered with her boyfriend, Jimmy, who… Read more Swinging Babies

Underaged Swing

For that special day, Ronny stocked up an extra box of condom under his bed after his buddy’s girlfriend told him she was on his way. The two guys had a crazy idea to exchange their girlfriends for a day and the girls did not think much of it due to their innocence. To them,… Read more Underaged Swing