Three Years Ago

This entry is written in the point-of-view of a fifteen year old student, Taelyn. A brief description of the origin and background will be provided at the end of the story.

‘Hi guys. My name is Benjamin, but you can call me Ben. I’m going to treat you like adults, so I am going to ask of you to do the same for me. I am assigned to this school, to be your English teacher for this year, and then I’ll be going back to be redeployed after this. Do you have any questions for me?’

The cutest twenty-four year old teacher in the school just stepped into the class and Taelyn’s heart couldn’t stop pounding. Most of the noisy girls in her class went quiet, and all the guys were watching his every move closely, for the first time in the class’ history as the ‘rowdiest’ class ever, they outdone themselves

The overdressed teacher came in the fittest suit, bearing a blazer over the silky white shirt and dark black pants. Even those creased leather shoes did not escape the girls’ eyes. The havoc that occurred probably didn’t get to him, but the excitement was real. His charisma had an effect on everyone, especially on girls as susceptible as Taelyn.

That day, she did not hang out with her friends after school and simply went home, locking herself in the room after gulping down a glass of juice. Partly worn out from the P.E. lesson in the day, the new teacher was all over her mind. ‘I hope you are as big as this’, that thought came uncontrollably when she reached for the dildo that arrived a few months ago, unused without the ideal image of a gentleman in her life. But everything changed once she took her shorts off under her school skirt, legs spreading wide so she could reach that pussy.

‘Ben, go slow k?’, Taelyn’s fingers pressed down on her clit in leggiero, ‘lightly’ in musical term. There was no other words to describe how much she had to resist going all out on her own clit, holding dearly to the mesmerising image of him as she rubbed herself so ever gently. ‘No, not yet’, was the reminder for herself as her hand almost slid lower, trying to rush fingers into her pussy before Ben did. Those eyes shut themselves to focus on his seductive, manly voice, stringing his teachings into the words her body wanted to hear.

‘Taelyn, drop your jaw lower. It will make your words clearer.’

She momentarily swapped her hands so she could fit two of her wet fingers into her mouth, licking those clear, thick juices off. Picturing her teacher’s dick in her mouth, the dildo was plucked from the bed and replaced her cleaned fingers between her lips.

‘Argh’, Taelyn sighed out when she realised she could not hold back any longer. The rubber dildo exited her mouth and went straight for her pussy, spending a good few seconds teasing her entrance to get her body ready. As soon as the tip popped inside, all the muscles in her body tensed up for the first entry of a foreign object. Before that were her fingers, which worked well up to this point in time.

Now, as inches disappeared into her pussy, she was just glad that it was Ben who was going to claim her virgin sex toy experience. Stuffing most of the seven inch dildo into that relaxed hole, the excess juices created a squishy sound as she tried to shove more in. Well, her holding hand had reached the folds of her labia.

With a soft whisper, ‘Fuck me Ben’, the toy began thrusting slowly into the wet pussy, letting her tight pussy close before the next stroke separated the sticky vaginal walls. Each passing minute only brought more pleasure into her body, rhythm increasing as her vagina relaxed further. Her skirt was raised above her groin, with her imaginary teacher fucking her in missionary.

‘Ben, if only I was of legal age, I would totally skip writing this and jump on you. But.. we could wait three more years thought.’

Taelyn closed her feet and wrapped one of her arms under her knees, holding them backwards onto her chest while she repositioned her free hand on the base of the toy. The instance she jerked it, the overwhelming tightness drove her into a series of moans, escaping uncontrollably out of her luscious lips. ‘Oh yes, fuck me harder Ben!’, she cried out as the toy made queefing sounds forcing air out of her cunt. Once the flatulance ended, the dildo was locked in a suction causing a little resistance when she pulled outwards.

‘Oh yes! Can you feel it? I want you inside me Ben’, the rubber dick never stopped sliding in and out of her as she moaned dirty phrases. Orgasms began coming in that position, abruptly ending her feet-in-midair pose while her body fluttered into a struggle. Panting out of breath, she was not done yet. At least not her body.

She flipped into doggie and replaced the toy inside her pussy, ramming it deeply with her hands under her ajar knees. Her groans safely went into the pillows as another orgasm violently shook her body, leaking juices over her fingers that was still shoving feebly.

‘Cum for me Ben, shoot it all inside me’, came as a request from her. She sat upright on her feet and the dildo between her calves, hugging onto her vertically as she bounced up and down. The dildo was forced deep inside without restraint in that position, shooting beautiful fireworks into her innocent mind as she came another time.

Losing the battle to the lifeless dildo, her body gave in to exhaustion and fell forward with the pillow, landing softly in a semi-doggie stance. Her back rose and fell as she grasps for air, eyelids too heavy to get on with tidying up the mess. Instead, she fell to a side and pulled her blanket over her soaked school uniform, and went to sleep with the dildo inside.

Despite occasionally waking up from accidental movements of the dildo, it was the most soothing sleep she ever gotten in a long while.

‘Ben, if you are brave enough, 8263****. I am ready for you.’

The above composition was written by a fifteen year old, name obviously changed for protection. She was in ‘Ben’s class for a year three years back, and was the only homework that he couldn’t keep still grading. With permission, he kept her work and gave her an appropriate grade to the use of her English language.

I did not probe further about him contacting the student then or anytime after, but what struck me most was the ‘intention’ segment of composition marking. Erotic thoughts aside, the ‘expressive/ expression’ aspect was mostly limited to the use of English. But if the teacher or marker weren’t IMpressed, would it still count as ‘expressive’?

Every (good) action certainly deserves some reaction, no matter good or bad. A good composition should cause some ‘reaction’, agree guys?

Breaking In a School Girl

Michelle: ‘Mr. Tay. Detention is over le.’

The NIE understudy was tasked with watching the detention class after a long day of lessons, only to be awkwardly woken up one of his secondary two student. A look at his watch showed him a timing where all school activities like CCA and remedial had to be ended, a perfect timing for him to go home.

Rubbing his eyes lazily, Michelle took the opportunity to flip through the common test papers he was marking but did not get too far before he slapped her hand away.

Andy: ‘Don’t ah. This is my homework.’
Michelle: ‘Please la ‘cher. See my score only. Good or not?’

He stretched his neck away from the stack and scrolled his thumb through the corners, until he lifted more of the A4 foolscap to see the name attached to her index number.

Andy: ‘Not really good. Can be better.’
Michelle: ‘Pass? Fail?’
Andy: ‘Fail.’
Michelle: ‘Shit man. My dad is going to hit me again.’

Surprised at the corporal punishment still given out, in particular to a girl her age. He slid her copy of the test out and looked through the pages, disappointed to see that there wasn’t any marking errors.

Andy: ‘I really can’t do anything. Can I talk to your parents for you?’
Michelle: ‘No thanks. It will only be worse. Really no marking errors ah? Can I do some other homework to add points to it?’

The mentally drained teacher had little energy left to think that deep and dropped his head over his folded arms, helpless at the state his average student was in. Michelle was the usual school girl like most of her peers. A little lazy, noisy, but studies as hard as the teacher taught. Missing homework and self-study was something Andy understood perfectly, which no child their age should be going through.

Andy: ‘I’ll stay with this marks for now. But don’t tell your parents yet. I will set another paper for you to do. Can?’

Can!‘, the bright eyed girl opened her arms and pounced on the listless educator, smothered by her liveliness that made her a popular girl in his class. The hug she gave lasted for a while and she was slightly rocking him on the chair, feeling her boobs giggling around on his shoulder-back.

Andy: ‘Okay okay. Go home and rest.’

Michelle was already in a dazed mode when he shooed her away, with her hand gliding down his stripped shirt to his belt buckle. Things were starting to go awry when she lifted her skirt up to ride on one of his thigh, grinding back and forth on her pussy.

Michelle (whispering): ‘You’re the first teacher to do that for me, and I.. have a crush on you.’

His pants came open and she violently wrestled his cock out. The attempts to cover his groin did not help after she cupped his palms on her breasts, about B sized for her young age. Andy gave no fight when faced with her ferocity and continued playing with her boobs while she jerked him, pumping that slab of meat while riding her orgasms out.

Michelle (panting): ‘Are you attached Mr. Tay?’
Andy: ‘Yeah.’
Michelle: ‘So you two have sex often?’
Andy: ‘Uh huh?’
Michelle: ‘I want you to have my first time. Can?’

The next thing he did was to get her off his lap and turned towards his sturdy table, neatly rearranged not to mess his papers up. Andy guided her carefully to rest her chest on the table top, and keep her legs spread as wide as possible.

Andy: ‘It’s going to hurt a little. But it will feel good after. Okay?’

The enthusiastic nod boosted his confidence and he started thrusting, poking his cock from the side of her panties, then deeper into his female student with each stroke. As her fists opened and closed, her vagina was expanded sideways to contain his thickness. Finally after half a minute, her clit touched something cold and when he pushed his balls against her, she realised he was completely buried inside her.

Michelle (whispering): ‘How does it feel ‘cher?’
Andy: ‘Nice and warm inside you.’

He pinned her nubile body down with one hand and grabbed her ass with the other. Ramming at high speed, Michelle’s mind went blank from the shock she received, both pain and pleasure intertwined. She could not see anything clearly and voices came and went like a slow-mo scene. As Andy kept on pounding her at a steady tempo, her vision began to align and the overwhelming warmth at her pussy was emitting flashes of electrical jolts through her spine.

Michelle (moaning): ‘I love it ‘cher! Fuck me harder.’

Her nipples were hard from the rub on her shirt, and pussy was nicely draped in a soaked pair of panties from his energetic humping. Among the manly groans he made, a subtle, juicy, slurping sound reminded her of her slutty character. Her pelvic bone had expanded just to accommodate his size and the aching stretch in her pussy was barely holding it together. For Andy, she was as unbearable too but the orgasms she had made a little more lubricant for him to go further.

Michelle: ”Cher.. I can’t take it anymore.. I’m going crazy.. ‘

He unleashed his final burst of energy and pounded her so hard the table moved from its original position. Her legs were almost on the body from the force and if he could see her expression, she was drooling and white-eyed from pleasure.

Andy: ‘Urghh! I’m going to cum!’

In a swift move, he pulled out of her and used her ass crack (and panties) to help ‘jerk’ himself off. It was almost five minutes till he came all over her bum, between the crack and most of it absorbed by her cotton panties. Andy placed her on a chair first before wearing his pants back, unaware of how sticky it felt when she sat down on his cum.

Michelle (breathless): ‘So can you bring up my marks now?’
Andy: ‘I guess I can.’

He placed her test paper right on the top as he tided his desk. While Michelle left school, Andy started his car to fetch his diligent student for some extra ‘lessons’. As far as he was concerned, she had become his little pet, always flooding their shared DropBox account with lewd videos to keep him hard. And almost everyday after school, they would drive to somewhere secluded and fuck their brains out before heading home.

To take the chance with the law and groom someone this young (14yo), would you guys take the risk?

Her Diligent Student

Anson (whispering): ‘Ms. Sharon.. ‘

She had her twelve year old student lower his shorts in the bedroom where they had his Science tuition, hoping to teach him a little about human anatomy before it was covered in his syllabus. The young boy had no clue about the appropriateness of showing his birdie to a lady but there was nothing to be shy about following his teacher’s instructions.

Sharon: ‘Sit on the bed for me.’

He climbed onto his super single bed and Sharon pulled her chair along to the edge, where his legs dangled from. She bent her back down and got close enough to hold his penis, while he leaned slightly backwards. She had gently clamped the tiny wiener between her index and thumb, peeling his foreskin back and watched his expression.

Anson had no idea what was happening except that it felt nice, with a small quiver as she touched the hole where he peed from. It was the first time he had his foreskin exposed to air and it felt calming, as if a new part of his body had been unlocked.

Sharon: ‘How does it feel?’
Anson: ‘It’s nice. And cold.’

She smiled nonchalantly as she worked the excess skin up and down, slowly increasing the bloodflow into his divine sword. As it rose, his eyes were glued to the magical sight, turning Sharon on with his innocence and confused hands that wanted to stop her but couldn’t.

Anson: ‘What is happening to it Ms. Sharon?’
Sharon: ‘It is growing bigger so it is easier to make little Anson feel good.’

She reached into her bag with her other hand and took a bottle of baby oil, dabbing a few drops into the massaging palm. The shy boy gasped loudly as she smeared it over his cock, changing into a jerking motion as he breathed faster.

Sharon: ‘Do you want to help your teacher too?’
Anson: ‘How?’

She stood up and pulled her dress up, revealing a smooth, shaved pussy that got the boy excited to see it up close. Sitting down on her chair, she opened her legs with feet by his hips, and brought his small hand to it. Immediately, he started exploring the puffed labia and quickly moved between the folds, making Sharon moan as he listened to where it made her felt best.

Sharon (whispering): ‘Here here. Keep touching there.’

He got her cue right away and kept his thumb rubbing on her clit, while he was vibrating the bed with her handjob.

Anson: ‘Ms. Sharon, you’re getting wet.’
Sharon: ‘Yeah. So I don’t need any baby oil.’

She moved closer to the bed and they were masturbating each other furiously, with Anson groaning uncontrollably. After a while of not getting her orgasm, her body climbed on top of him and had him hold his dick up.

Anson: ‘Ms. Sharon, are we having sex?’
Sharon: ‘Yes. Does Anson want it? We have to keep it a secret though.’
Anson: ‘I won’t tell anyone.’

Sharon was proud of his quick response and set up her phone by a corner, aimed at their bodies. There was no need to spread her pussy once she felt his tip poke into her, and needed to only lower herself till his short ‘childhood’ was inside.

Almost instantly, Anson was fidgeting harder, accidentally thrusting his cock into the mature vagina of his teacher. Sharon began riding him to curb her fetish and continued without stopping no matter how Anson pleaded.

Anson: ‘Teacher, something is coming out.. I can’t control it.. ‘
Sharon: ‘It’s okay. You can just let it out.’

Half serious half moaning, she wanted to feel his virgin cum so badly. It would be a spectacular sensation to feel a little boy’s cum make a creampie out of her too. Poor Anson was flipping his body left and right, unable to comprehend what was this terrifying end he was being dragged into.

No doubt Sharon could not get an orgasm out of him, it was more important to have his little gun firing off inside her. That would also be the first time she would allow anyone to cum in her. Rocking away, he reached for her breasts as his hips jacked upwards into her unsatisfied pussy, head and eyes rolling like going through a spasm, looking most cute in the eyes of his teacher.

Once he had calmed down a little and composed himself, she leaned backwards for her chair, landing on the bouncy seat with strings of cum hanging between their genitals.

Sharon: ‘Anson, get up quickly. See what you gave me?’

He held onto her hand and sat upright, looking closely at the yellowish cum that emerged at the entrance of her vagina. The innocent boy reached for it and fondled with his cum, smearing it all over, and soon returned to her clit where he remembered it felt good.

Sharon took over his hand and used his tiny fingers to finger herself, getting so close to shoving his whole hand inside. Well, it was small enough, but she settled for a clitoral orgasm not long after. To relieve her own body’s need, she continued rubbing herself next to Anson on the study table, turning him on without touching him.

Two climaxes later, she was done pleasing herself and the little boy had a hard on under his pants.

Anson: ‘Ms. Sharon. I don’t know why but it’s hard again.’
Sharon: ‘Okay. I want you to go wash it with soap and come back. I’ll do something different.’

He reappeared very quickly and she had him lying flat on his bed this time. Lying between his legs, she took his dick into her mouth and suckled on it, getting all those unwanted fidgeting again.

There wasn’t much length to go deep throat on, and she used her tongue to swirl his stick around her mouth till the same arched-back shoved him deep. The second load then creamed into her mouth in a bigger load with a sweet aftertaste that got Sharon to keep sucking for more.

It was like a dream come true when she swallowed them hungrily, in front of the boy who was hoping to see how much he came. Finally, it was time to end the tuition and they got dressed, without so much a hint that they used the bed.

Anson: ‘How does it taste like Teacher?’
Sharon: ‘It’s sweet. And I like it. Must remember to eat your fruits k?’

The clever body nodded happily and ran out to his mum who returned from grocery shopping, feeling much appreciated by the smile on her little boy.

Anson (whispering): ‘Let me taste you next time k Teacher?’
Sharon: ‘SHHH!’

Said the sexy teenage teacher while looking at the kitchen where his mother was sorting the groceries. Sharon left after her student handed her the school fees for the month, with an additional deposit in her pussy and stomach.

Perhaps it is time for her to go on a fruit and vegetable diet for her little boy.

Teachers’ Challenge

Ms. Lim: ‘Joseph, are you alright? You look really pale.’

Joseph: ‘I’m fine Ms. Lim. Just a little giddy. Not sure what happened.’

Ms. Lim: ‘Drink more water. Do you have your water bottle with you?’

He shook his head and she immediately placed hers on his desk, squatting next to him as she peered under his arms his head was resting on. Joseph had been a studious boy among her secondary school classes, until recently he had taken a three-days MC. Now that he is back, he did not seem well enough for lessons.

Ms. Lim had been teaching English for her NIE course, and this was the second year she had taken his class. No doubt she was already in her mid twenties, her after-school gym visits had kept her in great shape. To a point many guys had crushes on her.

Placing her hand gently on his thigh, she had never felt this worried about anyone. Joseph rested his hand on hers and gave it a squeeze, as though another wave of migraine passed through his head.

Joseph: ‘Cher.. I.. ‘

She got up and went behind his seat, tilting his head till he was lying on her stomach. Beginning with a massage on his temple, the bosom before his eyes relieved the pain gradually. Unknowingly, her hands shifted down to his collar and onto his chest, where he suddenly reached above his head for her breasts, massaging her in return.

Ms. Lim: ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’

She helped him by lifting her loose V-neck shirt so he could reach under, and even though her bra was in the way, it felt good to have such lively, young hands working on her boobs.

Joseph: ‘Ms. Lim. Let me turn around.’

Their hands stopped working and the chair was spun around, her knee-length skirt raising as he made his up. Going between her thighs, the unusual warmth got his attention. The first contact with her panties told him she was wet, and that was all he needed to know to keep pushing further.

His fingers shifted her panties to the side and he tried to touch further up, till her standing position was too rigid for anymore action. Ms. Lim went over to his desk and lifted her skirt before sitting down, legs wide open for him.

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Can you lick me?’

Joseph: Mmm~

His head went down on her and tongue immediately went into action. Flicking the folds of her pussy randomly, the accidental clit contact made her squirm. More juices began to flow and Jo’s hard on was getting more painful to bear.

Joseph: ‘Ms. Lim.. It’s hurting down there. My pants are too tight.’

Ms. Lim: ‘Umm.. Take it out then. You ever had sex?’

Joseph: ‘Nope. I’m not even attached.’

Ms. Lim: ‘You don’t mind me taking it?’

Joseph: ‘You’re not taking it. I’m giving it to you.’

He stood up and leaned closer to his teacher, all eyes on his dick as he aimed it at her pussy. Placing it on her clit, he looked at her confused. No matter how he pushed, it wasn’t entering anywhere.

Joseph: ‘Sorry.. I don’t know.. ‘

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Hey, it’s okay. Let me.. ‘

She gently pressed down his erection and it found her opening. One that was cold in contrast to his rod. The excited young man pushed his way in and Ms. Lim laid lower on her elbows.

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Go slow k? You can shoot inside me. I’m on the pill.’

He nodded and kept staring at her pussy. Smooth, fair, pinkish, raw, young, whatever words you can describe your ideal porn star’s vagina. It was a dream come true for Joseph. The moment he felt her soft walls slide against his rough shaft, it all came to him about why was sex so pleasurable. The lack of control of the lubrication, the unexpected tightness, the erratic collapse of her pussy. It was the unknowns that made it all so perfect – compared to his bath time masturbation.

As instincts took over, his body ignored his attempts to savour the session. His hips sped up driving his shaft non-stop into her. As much as he wanted to hold himself back from shooting, his virgin mind would not listen.

Joseph: ‘Ms. Lim.. I can’t stop. Help me.’

She closed her legs to immobilise his motion and pushed him away, giving her clit another flick as his dick bounced upright.

Ms. Lim (whispering): ‘Why? What’s wrong?’

Joseph: ‘I don’t want to shoot inside you.’

She placed his dick in her hand and stroked it as she gave a smile none of her students would get to see.

Ms. Lim: ‘How would you like me to finish it?’

Joseph: ‘Can you lick me?’

She grinned at his innocent request and hopped off the desk, adjusting her clothes for the position she needed not bare herself for. Swapping seats with Joseph, she started by licking his shaft, coating saliva all over the throbbing piece of meat covered in her love.

Bending lower, the term ‘tea-bagging’ came into play as she sucked on his testicles, making him weak all over. His fists kept opening and closing, but no moans was heard. Of course, they WERE in her classroom.

Joseph (whispering loudly): ‘Ms. Lim.. I need to shoot now. It’s too much.’

Her lips went over the tip and did not stop till he reached her throat. Bouncing her neck, only the lower part of his dick was being stimulated. Much like how he often masturbate. However, the wetness, made things so much smoother and she went faster once she felt his dick thickened.

Joseph (whispering loudly): ‘Ms. Lim.. Arghh!’

His cum fired into her throat and she lifted her mouth enough to contain the rest of the shots. Still teasing his dick head with her tongue, the poor boy flung his head back and forth, as cum erupted continuously. Her eyes stayed on his face till the frequency slowed down, and a long stroke away coupled with a gently suction made him groan another time.

They sat upright and she opened her mouth, showing him his expenditure for the day. Chin tilted upwards, her throat swallowed his load and a smile broke his awkwardness from the sudden disinterest after ejaculation.

Ms. Lim got up and stripped her panties off, folding it neatly with her juices on the thicker section.

Ms. Lim: ‘This is for you. Don’t tell anyone k?’

Joseph: ‘I won’t. I’m feeling much better now.’

Who wouldn’t? Especially with this young, hot teacher not even her colleagues could lay hands on? They packed their bags and made their way out of school, heading in opposite directions for home.

Once he was out of sight, Ms. Lim, or I should say, Rachel, took her phone out and opened the chat with her friend.

Rachel (Whatsapp): ‘One more down. Any catch for you?’

Mabel (Whatsapp): ‘Idiot. No. I’m sticking to my number 8. We’re just done.’

Rachel (Whatsapp): ‘Where did he shoot?!’

Mabel (Whatsapp): ‘In me? :P’

Rachel (Whatsapp): ‘Hey! You are not on the pill!’

Whatever they said later did not matter. The challenge WAS the highlight. Just imagine what goes on behind the classrooms. Damn, why did we grow up so fast?

Teaching Them

Andy: ‘Ms. Chen, this is for you.’

He left the glass of water by the edge of the table where two of his friends were, sitting in for a ‘preview’ of her lessons before they sign up for the informal group tuition. Sarah had begin giving tuition during the day where her husband was out at work, earning some money for their expenses. She had told him about this part-time job, and there was no reason to hold Sarah back from this meaningful job.

After she went through the worksheets with the three of them, they began work on the second set of work and Sarah sat on Andy’s bed with the glass of water. Sipping gracefully, Andy was making weird faces at his friends. Little did they know he had slipped a sleeping pill from his dad’s prescription into her drink, with some undissolved powder till floating at the base.

Within minutes, Sarah was lying on the bed, weak but awake. Andy stood by her with his friends, and they did a little ‘oh-ya-beh-ya-som’ to start things off.

Sarah (weakly): ‘What are you guys doing?’

Andy: ‘We need to decide who goes first.’

Sarah (weakly): ‘What?’

They got onto the bed and surrounded her, pulling her white V-neck shirt over her head, and another boy tugged her knee-length skirt out from her feet. Their hands ravished her body helplessly, while Sarah tried to push them away. With fingers wriggling into her bra and panties, the boys were applying what they have learnt in pornographic videos, pinching her nipples mercilessly and handling her pussy quite roughly.

Suddenly, one of their fingers hurt her and she jolted in shock.

Boy (whispering): ‘Remove her panties first. I think we hurt her.’

Unable to see what was happening, she felt her pussy in cold air after her panties were removed. The boys then took turn to dip their fingers inside her, exploring her vagina like how she touched herself the first time.

Not only it felt sexy to be felt up by inexperienced hands, their curiosity turned her on even more when they ran their tongues across her clit to have a taste of their seductive teacher.

Boy: ‘Okay, you win just now right? So you go first.’

One of them positioned himself under her hips and the other two raised her knees. As the body pinned her down, she felt a raw dick poking into her. For a sexually active housewife, she was still as tight, and did not require much effort to be made wet.

The dick then began to pump her with vigour, groans and moans started filling the room up. Another dick appeared before her weary eyes, disappearing out of her sight as her jaws were pried opened. The familiar salty taste got her tongue wriggling and even more groans were heard.

Phrases like ‘this is awesome‘, ‘it feels super good‘, ‘I think I am addicted to this‘ were heard and she kept sucking on the growing dick in her mouth. Her nipples were not forgotten too. The third boy had been sucking them, firming up her nipples till they were hard and swollen.

Soon, the guy inside her went faster, till she heard ‘I’m going to shoot’. The other guys reminded him to shoot outside and her pussy was empty for a momemnt. The mouth on her boobs stopped and her blowjob was cut short.

A wet dick appeared in her mouth and it moved fast, thrusting as deep as the length of his dick was. With a new and thicker dick pounding her pussy, her mouth worked even harder. Within minutes, a powerful squirt of cum hit her throat and she continued with a hard suck till the guy just jumped away. There was no way his untrained mind can handle the pleasure, and he left Sarah in the hands of his two friends.

Boy: ‘You want to change with me?’

Andy: ‘It’s okay. I want to shoot in her mouth.’

Her two holes were filled once again and her body got sweaty on its own. With her recovering strength, Sarah reached for her clit and massaged with her fingers. Slowly reaching orgasm, she got tighter and the dick inside her groaned.

Andy and friend: ‘I’m.. ‘

Boy: ‘So together?’

Andy: ‘Yeah man.’

The two energetic boys rammed their dicks to their hearts’ content, while Sarah tried not to so much let a moan escape her desperate body. Certainly she cannot let her vulnerable side be seen by her students. They were after all thinking that they had their teacher in ‘control’.

Without warning, her vagina received a huge serving of hot cum as her mouth expanded slightly with the cumshot. Andy could not hold himself back from deep throating his teacher and the dick at her pussy just kept thrusting deep.

Only after a full minute, did the two of them pull out slowly, leaving trails of semen at her mouth and groin. Breathless and tired, Sarah had long recovered her strength. She perched herself up to the surprise of the three boys, and she made them stand in front of the bed.

Sarah (sternly): ‘Had fun?! Do you want me to report this to your parents?’

Andy: ‘No please don’t. I’m sorry.’

Boy: ‘Andy suggested it. We didn’t know he was planning this.’

Sarah (sternly): ‘Whoever started it, doesn’t matter. From now on, there will be no more group tuition. And Andy! I will talk to you during the next lesson.’

Right after her lecture, she chased the students out and wore her clothes back, leaving the house seemingly angry.

Sarah (Whatsapp): ‘Andy, the next time I see you, I want you to be waiting without clothes on. Don’t try anything funny, I will be bringing a cane.’

As for the other two boys, she had sent them a similar message, since they had given her their contact numbers when they sat in for their first preview. Not was she going to let them off so easily.

That night, Sarah had no choice but to tell her husband what happened, and was prepared to be asked to stop giving lessons. Not only he showed an overwhelming sense of care, he actually did not mind what happened. But he had only one request – to have her follow his instructions about the ‘personal’ lessons each boy is going to get after their academic tuition.

A happy ending? Perhaps not for the three youngsters.

All Year Bonus

Me: ‘Are you girls smoking?’
Kelly: ‘Aiya, no one cares one lah. Want one?’
Me: ‘No thanks. It’s going to rain soon. Go home and study for your paper tomorrow.’
Kelly: ‘Are you the marker?’
Me: ‘Yes. Tomorrow’s paper is mine.’
Kelly: ‘Got any tips or not?’
Me: ‘Don’t have. Go home.’

Kelly and her other two friends were at a bench when they called out to me, still with cigarettes in their fingers. I was headed for a quiet corner in the school’s premises to read up on some research news before the long days of invigilation starts tomorrow.

After I left them, I went to the small wooden bench and worked on my notes, before Kelly appeared and took her seat opposite me. We had nothing to talk about and I did not want to intrude into her private life, so I continued reading, till she stood up and bent over my notes to see what got my attention.

The top three buttons of her white blouse was undone and her blue half-cup bras peered at me, giving me a close look into her cleavage.

Kelly: ‘Cher, what are you reading?’
Me: ‘It’s not school related. You won’t understand.’
Kelly: ‘Tsk, so dao.’
Me: ‘Studied for your test?’
Kelly: ‘Sure fail one.’
Me: ‘*sigh* Give it a shot tomorrow. Don’t sleep.’
Kelly: ‘Orh.’

I then felt her feet cladded in just her sock press on my groin, twisting around to get my attention. Although the sky was dark, there was enough light to illuminate her acts under the table and I quickly pushed her away. She went on to remove her panties from under her skirt and placed it on the table, giving me a shock and pushing the limits between a teacher and his student.

Me: ‘Eh. Don’t play. It will get me fired.’
Kelly: ‘Then you better keep it first.’

I grabbed it from the table and stuffed it into my sling bag, hoping no one would see what I just did. Right after her panties was gone, she slammed the cover down of my book and packed everything into my bag.

Me: ‘What are you doing?’
Kelly: ‘Cher, let’s go somewhere quieter. I need your help for tomorrow.’
Me: ‘Sure?’
Kelly: ‘Or let me fail lo.’

I shook my head and got up, walking behind her to an even isolated bench where the nearest lights could not reach. She immediately went into the corner and undid her top, revealing her bra that was squeezing her boobs together.

Kelly: ‘Cher, come leh. Don’t act innocent.’
Me: ‘I’m not going to do that.’

Kelly sat on the end of the wooden table and spread her legs at me, hand reaching under her skirt and rubbing in the darkness.

Kelly (moaning): ‘You can leave me here. Or help me.. Up to you.’

Looking at how the long haired girl enjoy herself definitely turned me on, and I couldn’t walk in the open with a bulge. That spot was truly silent as not a single soul appeared within viewing distance. It was just a fine line now between corruption and principles.

Kelly (moaning): ‘I don’t want to finger myself. I want you inside me. Help me get an A can?’

After a few more seconds of listening to her sweet voice moaning for me, I didn’t care about how it should or shouldn’t be done and went for it. Going behind her, we were facing the long corridor and that was how I wanted to excite her further. I reached my arms around her neck and down to her pussy, where her legs widened to push her skirt higher.

My fingers went for her pussy immediately and proceeded to tease her clit, dipping just the tip of my fingers into her pussy to stimulate her horny side. Her grip on my forearms grew tighter as I went faster, till a warm liquid flowed over my fingers, coating it in a thick sauce.

Me (whispering): ‘Come off the table. Bend over for me.’
Kelly (whispering): ‘Cannot take it already ah?’
Me (whispering): ‘Don’t tell anyone k?’
Kelly (whispering): ‘But my friends want to get As too.’
Me: ‘Shhh.. ‘

Her skirt was flipped to her waist and my dick was poking at the entrance. With a gentle push forward, it sank into her pussy sending her body onto the table.

Kelly: ‘Fuck! You’re so huge!’
Me: ‘Quiet.’

She went silent while I began thrusting into her, feeling the warmth and juiciness creating a vacuum that pulled me in deeper. I wasn’t sure if she regretted asking me to fuck her, but her arms constantly pushed her body upwards and tried to get me off a few times. Too bad I was holding her waist so firmly that made the struggle seemed useless, and she would have to wait till I was done.

Jerking the table harder, she was clawing the surface and trying to reach the other end of the table. In my mind, the sensation of a sweet young pussy was too good to give up on and my body went all out on its own, pumping in a steady tempo non-stop. Her moans gone soft when her body froze and went into a slight convulsion, trembling while I continued ravishing her pussy.

Kelly: ‘Cher cher.. stop. I can’t take it anymore.’
Me: ‘So you want A?’
Kelly: ‘Don’t want le.. I’m going crazy!’

The pleas were accompanied by some sobbing and I knew she was at her limit. What about me? My mind gave me a response which I liked too. Fuck it. She asked for it. So I am not going to disappoint her.

I pinned her back down on the table and raised one of her legs as well, piercing into her with my dick inside and jerking in shallow strokes. The tension in her was so unbearable, especially when it’s just my tip she was stimulating. Another orgasm went off and the tightness was perfect. Pounding her harder this time, our bodies slapped loudly against each other and she was crying and holding onto both lengths of the table.

Kelly: ‘Please.. stop.. ‘

I pulled out of her after a minute and went to the side where her head was facing. Holding onto her hair, I brought her lips to my dick and sent it down her throat. Fucking her mouth mercilessly, she did not gag but the erratic movements of her tongue was working on the final lap.

Me: ‘Kel, ready?’

Her head shook with my dick and it was too late to do anything. My dick flicked in her mouth and the load poured onto her cheeks. I kept moving slowly while I came and she unknowingly sucked till everything was out.

Finally, she could breath better and her body was too weak to move. I carried her to sit down and she buttoned herself up, while I tucked my wet rod into my pants.

Me: ‘A tomorrow k?’

She rested her head on her arm on the table and texted on the phone. A few minutes later, the two friends she was with earlier appeared along the corridor and were headed for us.

Kelly: ‘Can give them A too?’
Me: ‘But I thought it was too big for you?’
Kelly: ‘I want them to know how hard it is to get A in your subject.’

One of the girls joined Kelly and the other perched herself up on the warm spot of the table, where the sex just happened on. I was making out with her when I whipped out my cock, and shoved it into her without letting her see how big it was.

A yelp confirmed the size of my manhood and the continuous begging for me to stop shocked the third girl. With the four of us in the corner, anyone could have guessed what happened. The second girl was knocked out after climaxing twice and I emptied my number two load into Kelly’s mouth again against her wishes.

As for the third girl, we did it in doggie on the floor hidden behind the table and I came into her, being the only one among them to take my dick without asking me to stop. Wen Qi was her name, and it was her who followed me home that night, going for rounds after rounds of ‘revision’ on my bed. Her blowjob was the best I had ever received, with the ability to fuck my dick till I came. It was as good as genital intercourse itself.

She would also be the one who accompanied me closely for the few years left of her studies. Jobs with perks eh? ;)

Pet Student or Teacher

Ying: ‘J, see me after your CCA ends.’

That was all she told me when the bell rang after school. I didn’t anyone would imagine that a Math teacher would actually hook up with her student but I was wrong. It all started two weeks ago, it was during a break at my CCA when I went into the staff toilet, as it was single cubicle and was most conducive for doing ‘big’ business.

When she saw me through the mirror, I was behind her as she zipped her dress and her bra and panties were hanging on the sink. It was that time when she pulled me into the toilet and asked me not to tell anyone that she went braless and pantyless in school. At that age, I didn’t even think of spreading such rumours but the fact I was a normal guy, gave me a hard on which she saw immediately when I placed my feet together to loosen the groin part of the pants.

What she did next was unbelievable to this date, even though we had progressed much further. She let her dress drop to the ground and squatted in front of me, helping me remove my pants like a mother stripping her little boy. I did not initiate anything and she just took it into her own hands, both my dick and my fate. A few minutes of jerking later, she actually went down on me and sucked me till I came.

It was then I knew, she was much more deeper than just a teacher who felt threatened when her student saw her naked. There was something in her that made her lust for younger guys.

Back to that CCA day, I ended at 5.30pm, and rang her up at the school’s music room. She asked me to wait for five minutes before going to the staff toilet, at level 4, the highest floor of our school. I went up as instructed and knocked lightly before the locked undid itself. Walking in quickly, I did not want anyone to spot me.

There she was, only known as ‘Ying’ to protect her identity, seated on the toilet in a laced black dress that could be seen through into her nude figure. There was no way anyone could imagine her sexy slim figure from the modest clothes she wore during class.

I stood in front of her after hanging my bag on the door and she removed my pants for me. I fumbled in the side pockets of my bag for something she requested and a sparkle shone in her eyes when she saw the silver package. Since our little fling in the toilet started, she had been confiding in me about how a condom would turn her on, as if her body was dying to use it. Today, I brought it for her and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Bending her back down at my dick, she took it in her mouth without hesitating and made slurping sounds as she sucked it deep. My mind was in a blank state whenever she did it and her tongue would just roam all over my skin, rubbing each of my sensitive spots with her slippery tongue.

I reached down her neck to fondle her boobs and she was going down faster when I pinched on them. Given how young I was then, I did not really know how to satisfy a woman but she was more keen in showing me the pleasure of blowjob. Perhaps that was what got me addicted to it.

Once she felt that I was big enough, she stopped what she was doing and went over to the basin, where she bent her chest near to the mirror and I handed her the condom. She held it with two fingers at her pussy and I moved my dick towards her. Her clasp on the rubber relaxed as it rolled down my shaft, letting my dick pierce into her a little at a time. Soon, the condom was in place and I was inside, the warm, wet, deprived hole.

Wasting no more time, I held her waist and rammed hard at her, watching her orgasmic expression in the mirror. Whenever I slowed down to delay my climax, she would be fucking me by thrusting her butt backwards, like pleading me not to leave her idle. On and off, I went fast at her till she was pushing me back against the strong wooden door, grinding me as I took a rest.

Ying: ‘Let’s go to the toilet bowl.’

She hurried off to take her seat and opened her legs wide, rubbing her clit while I made my way over. Doing a half-squat, I sent my dick into her deeply and the strong force caused her to moan louder. This time, I knew it was time to end our fun and went all out, pounding her with my energetic stamina which was given by the PE lessons. Her hands warmed my cheeks and occasionally brought me to kiss her, making her feel young again.

Her legs went around me just as I felt her pussy squeezing down on me and her body went into a small shiver as she gasped.

Ying (whispering): ‘You’re so big!’
Me (whispering): ‘Ying, you look sexy in this position.’

She gave me a naughty grin and asked me to pull out. Left standing against the wall, she remained seated and went down on me again, licking it like a sweating lollipop. Her blowjob was as good as the first time, driving my mind numb with lust as her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock.

Her speed increased along with her fingers in her pussy and I was about to cum after five minutes. She brought me to the side of her head and her mouth was sort of milking me sideways (my groin at her ear). It was a totally different feel and my body gave in easily in that new angle.

The big splash happened in her mouth but from my view, nothing seemed to be happening. I was groaning and messing her hair as she kept teasing my pee hole, spilling more cum into her mouth. She finally stopped disturbing me after I told her I was empty and she cleaned me up with her tongue in the most obedient manner, covering her saliva over every corner to collect the semen into her mouth.

The satisfied teacher stood in front of me and swallowed, cleaning her mouth with some water before making out with me. Suddenly, I felt like a sex toy when her lips went berserk on my face, like she was forcing herself on me. We ended our session when her phone rang and a lovey dovey conversation went on while I got dressed.

Me: ‘Your boyfriend?’
Ying: ‘Yeah. He is in the carpark.’

She wore her clothes back and gave me a little performance, finally requesting me to zip her dress up for her. Still braless and panty-less, she left the toilet before me and went down the steps.

After that day, I did not know what was driving her to horny and became her pet student in class. Sure, a few girls who liked me got jealous as I spent more time with Ying than hanging out with them after school, but two of them did something far more than just confessing and daringly declare their liking for me to the rest of the class.

I shall leave that for the next upcoming story.