Pet Student or Teacher

Ying: ‘J, see me after your CCA ends.’

That was all she told me when the bell rang after school. I didn’t anyone would imagine that a Math teacher would actually hook up with her student but I was wrong. It all started two weeks ago, it was during a break at my CCA when I went into the staff toilet, as it was single cubicle and was most conducive for doing ‘big’ business.

When she saw me through the mirror, I was behind her as she zipped her dress and her bra and panties were hanging on the sink. It was that time when she pulled me into the toilet and asked me not to tell anyone that she went braless and pantyless in school. At that age, I didn’t even think of spreading such rumours but the fact I was a normal guy, gave me a hard on which she saw immediately when I placed my feet together to loosen the groin part of the pants.

What she did next was unbelievable to this date, even though we had progressed much further. She let her dress drop to the ground and squatted in front of me, helping me remove my pants like a mother stripping her little boy. I did not initiate anything and she just took it into her own hands, both my dick and my fate. A few minutes of jerking later, she actually went down on me and sucked me till I came.

It was then I knew, she was much more deeper than just a teacher who felt threatened when her student saw her naked. There was something in her that made her lust for younger guys.

Back to that CCA day, I ended at 5.30pm, and rang her up at the school’s music room. She asked me to wait for five minutes before going to the staff toilet, at level 4, the highest floor of our school. I went up as instructed and knocked lightly before the locked undid itself. Walking in quickly, I did not want anyone to spot me.

There she was, only known as ‘Ying’ to protect her identity, seated on the toilet in a laced black dress that could be seen through into her nude figure. There was no way anyone could imagine her sexy slim figure from the modest clothes she wore during class.

I stood in front of her after hanging my bag on the door and she removed my pants for me. I fumbled in the side pockets of my bag for something she requested and a sparkle shone in her eyes when she saw the silver package. Since our little fling in the toilet started, she had been confiding in me about how a condom would turn her on, as if her body was dying to use it. Today, I brought it for her and she couldn’t wait to get started.

Bending her back down at my dick, she took it in her mouth without hesitating and made slurping sounds as she sucked it deep. My mind was in a blank state whenever she did it and her tongue would just roam all over my skin, rubbing each of my sensitive spots with her slippery tongue.

I reached down her neck to fondle her boobs and she was going down faster when I pinched on them. Given how young I was then, I did not really know how to satisfy a woman but she was more keen in showing me the pleasure of blowjob. Perhaps that was what got me addicted to it.

Once she felt that I was big enough, she stopped what she was doing and went over to the basin, where she bent her chest near to the mirror and I handed her the condom. She held it with two fingers at her pussy and I moved my dick towards her. Her clasp on the rubber relaxed as it rolled down my shaft, letting my dick pierce into her a little at a time. Soon, the condom was in place and I was inside, the warm, wet, deprived hole.

Wasting no more time, I held her waist and rammed hard at her, watching her orgasmic expression in the mirror. Whenever I slowed down to delay my climax, she would be fucking me by thrusting her butt backwards, like pleading me not to leave her idle. On and off, I went fast at her till she was pushing me back against the strong wooden door, grinding me as I took a rest.

Ying: ‘Let’s go to the toilet bowl.’

She hurried off to take her seat and opened her legs wide, rubbing her clit while I made my way over. Doing a half-squat, I sent my dick into her deeply and the strong force caused her to moan louder. This time, I knew it was time to end our fun and went all out, pounding her with my energetic stamina which was given by the PE lessons. Her hands warmed my cheeks and occasionally brought me to kiss her, making her feel young again.

Her legs went around me just as I felt her pussy squeezing down on me and her body went into a small shiver as she gasped.

Ying (whispering): ‘You’re so big!’
Me (whispering): ‘Ying, you look sexy in this position.’

She gave me a naughty grin and asked me to pull out. Left standing against the wall, she remained seated and went down on me again, licking it like a sweating lollipop. Her blowjob was as good as the first time, driving my mind numb with lust as her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock.

Her speed increased along with her fingers in her pussy and I was about to cum after five minutes. She brought me to the side of her head and her mouth was sort of milking me sideways (my groin at her ear). It was a totally different feel and my body gave in easily in that new angle.

The big splash happened in her mouth but from my view, nothing seemed to be happening. I was groaning and messing her hair as she kept teasing my pee hole, spilling more cum into her mouth. She finally stopped disturbing me after I told her I was empty and she cleaned me up with her tongue in the most obedient manner, covering her saliva over every corner to collect the semen into her mouth.

The satisfied teacher stood in front of me and swallowed, cleaning her mouth with some water before making out with me. Suddenly, I felt like a sex toy when her lips went berserk on my face, like she was forcing herself on me. We ended our session when her phone rang and a lovey dovey conversation went on while I got dressed.

Me: ‘Your boyfriend?’
Ying: ‘Yeah. He is in the carpark.’

She wore her clothes back and gave me a little performance, finally requesting me to zip her dress up for her. Still braless and panty-less, she left the toilet before me and went down the steps.

After that day, I did not know what was driving her to horny and became her pet student in class. Sure, a few girls who liked me got jealous as I spent more time with Ying than hanging out with them after school, but two of them did something far more than just confessing and daringly declare their liking for me to the rest of the class.

I shall leave that for the next upcoming story.

Caught Without

Mr. Ho: ‘You know what is the consequences of not wearing panties under your skirt?’
Jamie: ‘I didn’t mean it. They are all in the washing machine.’
Mr. Ho: ‘Can’t you at least wear a pair of shorts?’
Jamie: ‘I was in a hurry. I have no choice. I promise it won’t happen again.’
Mr. Ho: ‘It is not just that I asked you to stay back. Look at these photos.’

He placed his phone on the table where a series of pictures of her smoking in her uniform was cycling in the slideshow, wearing an old school uniform that was going translucent was bad enough. But to be caught with cigarettes, and some photos even showed her sitting on the railings exposing her panties to passer-bys.

Jamie: ‘Who sent this to you? You can’t let my parents find out. They will kill me.’
Mr. Ho: ‘I am the head of discipline you know? A new teacher saw this and took the photos. It was only after he asked me what to do before I noticed it was you. I have to let your parents know no matter what. If not how would I get their signatures?’
Jamie: ‘Please please.. don’t. I can do detention or whatever.’

The usually defiant girl suddenly turned soft in this situation, and Mr. Ho showed no signs of any other options for her but to embrace the consequences.

Jamie: ‘Is there anything I can do so you won’t let my parents know?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Even if I can close one eye, I don’t know if the new teacher will forget about this.’
Jamie: ‘Who is he? I can talk to him another time.’
Mr. Ho: ‘How can I just put this on hold and do nothing?’

Jamie’s feet under the table rose between his chair and pressed onto his pants, wriggling her toes to tease the unwavering teacher’s mind. Knowing that his student was doing something he should not be enjoying, something in him held him from pushing her away. Sitting back onto his chair, he shut his eyes to feel her feet stroking his growing bulge. It was definitely a way to convince him not to report her, and after him, Jamie needed to settle with the new teacher as well.

Mr. Ho: ‘Alright. I will forget about this if you do a good job.’

Seeing the glimmer of hope for her offence, she went around the table to sit beside him and unzipped his pants obediently. Her hand took some time to fumble into his underwear, beginning a handjob that he was groaning to.

Jamie: ‘Is it good?’
Mr. Ho (whispering): ‘Yes. Keep going.’

A little struggle in his pants while she whipped his cock out, ready to do more than just using her hands. The desperation was not only to keep her smoking habits from her parents, but to ensure that she could keep going to school. It wasn’t the first time she had been a bad girl and the demerit points were almost reaching the limit.

Her long hair fell over her face as she brought her mouth to his lap, flicking on the tip a few times. Jamie’s mind was delighted at the second chance to correct her wrong and her hardworking mouth totally showed him how grateful she was. Still groaning non-stop, the slightly plump teacher’s hands were over her head and forcing her to go deeper.

Jamie (breathlessly): ‘Mr. Ho. I can’t take it any deeper. Can I do something else instead?’
Mr. Ho: ‘Up to you.’

She stepped between his legs and perched herself over the edge of the table, holding onto her skirt with one hand to keep it out of the way. So was it a coincident that she was pantyless with a debt to pay? Right before him was a freshly shaved pussy that reeked a bit of sweaty goodness. He was in full control by then and took his time exploring the young cunt that was gapping in response to his massage.

At first, it was her clit being tortured in a fierce vibration. Slowly, his fingers penetrated into her love hole and started thrusting his hand in long strokes, make each pump count. Jamie was too turned on to care about the rightfulness of doing such a thing and finally begged him to put his cock in, getting more horny by the thick, rough fingers.

Mr. Ho: ‘You asked for it k? Not me.’

A loud gasp came from the girl as he slid his dick in one stroke, stopping only when his hips landed on her butt. There was no way she could take all of his length but he could not be bothered with that. An underaged pussy was too much to resist for anyone I guess.

Pinning her body firmly onto the table, he began pounding her pussy, shaking the table. As he increased his pace, the table was screeching across the floor as she moaned louder. Her body was drifting into convulsion quickly from that oversized dick, pushing along the sensitive areas of her vagina.

Jamie: ‘Mr. Ho. I am cumming.. ‘

It went unheard as she felt him going even deeper, causing her mind to shut down momentarily as an orgasm shot through her spine. It was so mind-numbing that the words she mumbled after was barely audible. All Mr. Ho cared about was his own ejaculation that was coming soon. There was no way he could last with that tightness, packaged with a petite body designed for some hard fucking. The next moment she woke up was when another climax struck her, jolting her up with the dick still pounding behind her.

Mr. Ho: ‘I will shoot in your mouth later. Don’t move after I pull it out.’

The grown man went for another five minutes at the lifeless, panting girl till he pulled out way before the urge came, just for precaution. Hurrying over to her mouth, she was waiting for this moment and took his dick in. With her body still lying on the table, there was nothing much she could do except to let him fuck her lips, pumping deep and choking the poor girl.

As expected, her lack of an active tongue delayed his orgasm much longer and she was barely awake when he told her he was cumming. A few shallow thrusts later, his watery, warm cum streamed into her mouth and her tongue got a taste from every bit of it. It wasn’t pleasant at all to have a mouthful of cum that was bitter. Bearing the deal in mind, she kept it as long as she could till he sat down on the chair in front of her.

Mr. Ho: ‘Swallow it.’

The ‘hopeless’ look appeared across her face as she closed her eyes to empty her mouth. It took her a few gulps to clear her throat that had cum still sticking around, and Mr. Ho’s smile was all she needed to see.

Mr. Ho:: ‘You want me to ask Mr. Yap over? I think he is still in school.’
Jamie: ‘Okay. I think he won’t mind ba.’
Mr. Ho: ‘He doesn’t need to know. I will be leaving soon. Make sure to thank him well for not reporting you k? Tell him I gave you a second chance.’

She sat down on her chair and tided her hair and clothes, in preparation for the next teacher coming in. Hopefully he would be as ‘gentle’ and ‘kind’ like Mr. Ho, if not she would be having a tough, or should I say ‘fun’, time with him.

Right as the school bell rang for the remedial around the campus to end, a burly guy, smartly dressed walked into the empty classroom. Jamie swallowed her saliva unneeded this time, as she could already see the bulge in his pants even before they were erected.

Mr. Yap: ‘Mr. Ho said that you wanted to see me? I am Mr. Yap, home economics teacher for the lower secondary.’

What? A big guy wearing an apron and cooking? That would surely be interesting.

Jamie: ‘Yeah. I wanted to ask you about the photos that you took of me smoking. Mr. Ho said I should thank you for not reporting me.’
Mr. Yap: ‘Thank me? I don’t even.. ‘

She went up to him before he could complete his sentence and ran her hand along the erection under his pants. Giving a hint so strong, he did not need to question any further and sat her down on the teacher’s desk, unzipping his pants immediately for her to start work.

Sing Along

After Mr. Dee ended his remedial lesson, he made his way to the staff room where two other male teachers were waiting. The three of them had planned to visit a newly opened KTV outlet to mark the beginning of a long holiday, though they still had to go back to school for administrative work. It was truly a day Dee felt freed as he was leaving for Mauritius on a week long holiday. Being single, there was no one to hold him back at the KTV lounge, where the mamasan was breaking the ice to find out what kind of girls the guys preferred.

Mamasan: ‘I think you guys will like the new girls we got here. They just joined us recently. I’ll bring them in, treat them well k?’

The guys were dying for some company on this wild night where they had three bottles emptied slowly on their table. The group of girls entered shortly after and Dee was spotted looking at one of the youngest looking one.

Teacher: ‘Wah.. 老牛吃嫩草.’
Translate: Wah.. old cow going for young grass.

The two guys gestured for the sweet looking girl whose long fringe covered most of her face to sit next to Dee and proceed to cuddle with their partners, holding glasses of hard liquor for them to get drunk with.

Dee (shocked): ‘Cherry? Is it you?’

The girl in the black laced dress looked up in surprise and could not utter a word. It took her some time before she could express her awkwardness to him. So, who was she? Cherry was one of the students in his class and had just reached 16, a year older than the peers in her cohort.

Cherry: ‘Mr. Dee! Don’t tell anyone about this can? I.. I needed money.’
Dee: ‘Why did you choose this instead of some other part time job?’

Thankfully, the karaoke was at full blast, drowning out their conversations taking place beside the drowsy couples. She was in a dire state for a couple of hundred dollars and resorted to this quick cash idea. There was no way Dee could believe her when she said it was only one night she was doing this, she appeared to fit this job well with her cutesy, innocent look. The short dress was distracting him throughout the small chat, alluring to the slightly drunk teacher, forcing him to fight against his wish to just grope her.

Dee: ‘Don’t tell the class I was here too can? Let’s keep this to ourselves.’
Cherry: ‘Promise. And.. since we are here already.. why don’t I drink with you? It will be safer with you than with some other customers right?’
Dee: ‘Fine. Just tonight.’

She snuggled herself into his arms and knocked her glass into his, emptying the content at one shot. Cherry could not hold her liquor well and was soon getting drunk, while Dee was also high. Running his hand across her thighs, things were quickly getting out of hand without any restraints on themselves.

As all private KTV lounges were, the glass doors were heavily tinted and the outlet they visited had a strict policy about intruding rooms. Only when the customers required attention, the staff would then enter. So, there was nothing that would bother them for that crazy evening.

In no time, the two other teachers were going all out on their hostesses and hands were moving vigorously under dresses and skirts. Cherry was much influenced by what was happening around her and grabbed Dee’s hand to slip under her dress.

Cherry: ‘Just do what you want. I feel safe with you.’

Dee wasn’t thinking straight then and simply dived into her panties, swiping his nails along her slit. Cherry had not been touched so intimately before, especially coming from a much experienced guy. Her pussy got soaked wet in no time and the drunk underaged girl was pushing her hand into his zip too.

The hands of the both of them were busy getting each other off and were still drinking while at it. Slowly, three panties landed on the table and the men had their pants off.

Cherry: ‘Ever been sucked by someone my age?’
Dee: ‘Of course not. Who would have any dirty thoughts on me in the school?’
Cherry: ‘You have no ideas what the girls said about you right?’

Her stroking hand left his dick and her head went down onto his groin. Being the first girl in the room to do that, the rest followed suit and pleased their customers.

Teacher2: ‘You’re good with her huh? So fast!’

Dee gave him a wink and returned to Cherry, whose head was bobbing on his lap. Her confused mind was triggering her tongue to roam everywhere and the saliva was flowing all over his thighs. Nonetheless, he paid for this and enjoyed her small, hardworking mouth for a few more minutes before he let her take a break.

Dee: ‘You know? You look pretty tonight. I want you to do something for me.’
Cherry: ‘And that is?’

He shoved an empty bottle in her hand and tapped on the opening. Cherry did not think twice about his suggestion and cleared a space on the table. Spreading her legs for him, the tip of the bottle went in after she tilted it to empty the few drops onto her pussy. Thrusting the bottle non-stop, the girl moaned in the sexiest voice and led the rest of the girls to catch up with her.

The two couples did not do the bottle stunt, but went on to their round of noisy sex. Dee could not be bothered with what they were doing. He was about to take over the bottle and fuck her with it. Holding the squarish design firmly, he rammed it upwards into her and made her moan like a crazy woman, juices leaking all over the glass and dirtying the table with a small puddle.

Dee’s dick was twitching from her foreplay and she knew he was waiting for her. After a few minutes of bottle-fuck, she had enough of it and climbed over his legs.

Cherry: ‘Hold it upright.’

And he listened. She sat down slowly over his reddened dick and gripped his shoulders tightly as it pierced into her tight cunt. Dee almost blew his load if not for the pause she needed to get used to his size.

Dee: ‘Cherry! You’re too tight! I don’t think I can last.. ‘
Cherry: ‘Drink more? It will help a bit I think.’

The teacher had no reasons to turn her down, as she was right about that, and took a few mouthful from the bottle directly. She began bouncing on top once he signalled for her and the groans in the room grew louder from the new participants.

It only took him a while before the position was numbing his dick, and she went on her fours along the length of the couch. Standing at her rear, he rammed his cock in and pounded her mercilessly, sending waves of orgasms into his sweet, young student. She was already out of her mind when he used the bottle on her, and this was what she was looking forward to – to feel her teacher inside.

The slapping sounds of flesh echoed behind the blaring music and the three couples kept fucking. Feeling hornier from her squishing cunt, Dee could not hold himself back any further and rammed her with all his might, getting drowsier as he banged. The cumming sensation was slowly building up in him thanks to the alcohol, but it was coming no matter what.

Dee: ‘Cherry.. I’m cumming!’

Quickly crawling away, she took a mouthful from a new bottle and kept it in her mouth, swallowing just enough so she could suck him off. Plunging that hard cock into her watery lips, she made sure to leave a little of the liquor to lubricate the blowjob. Going down forcefully, her gag reflex was gone from the drunk-like state. He was watching his dick disappear balls-deep into her throat until she was picking up speed to finish him off.

Dee: ‘Cherry!’

She swallowed the rest of the liquid in her mouth and poked her tongue onto his pee hole, flicking it at the same time. At last, his huge amount of cum fired into her mouth and she kept her lips moving along his shaft, milking him to a groaning agony.

Cherry swallowed his load to the bewildered look on her friends and they were just letting the teachers cum into the condom they wore.

Dee: ‘Hang on.’

The panty-less girls adjusted their clothes as the ‘1’ button alerted the mamasan.

Dee: ‘I think we are more or less done. Can I get the bill?’
Mamasan: ‘Going out with the girls? Hope you enjoyed yourselves tonight.’
Dee: ‘Yeah. I think all of us are.’

She notified him about the extra charges and led the girls into a corner for a briefing. Finally, the thousand plus dollars bill was settled and Dee hopped into a taxi with Cherry. All three teachers left with their partners for an adventure they never spoke of. For the unconventional teacher-student couple, the three rounds of sex at his place added up to eight orgasms for Cherry. They were fucking till dawn and his rest between ejaculation was challenged by her blowjob each time.

By the time they were done, he had offered to take care of her financial needs as long as she kept pleasing him. After all, the money he made teaching was going nowhere except investing, and she was an investment too.

A few days later, Cherry made her way to the airport, wearing a red tank top dress without any signs of panties or bra straps across her shoulders. She was to be his for the whole trip and the excitement of spending a week fucking and relaxing drove them hungry. Hungry enough to have a quickie before boarding their midnight flight.

Dee: ‘Ready for the one week stay?’
Cherry (whispering): ‘I will be naked as long as I am in your room. You can do anything you want then.’

Well, that is one hell of a trip I wished I could know more about and write it for you guys. Imagine how she would be walking to school on the first day after the countless rounds of sex they had. From what I heard, she remained panty-less from then on so she would be able to fuck him anywhere he wanted. And for Dee, he planned to remain single while she continued her studies, with the promise of getting married to each other once she reached the appropriate age.

Accredited Tutor

Chelsea opened the door in her nightgown after I knocked for close to five minutes, leading me to her bedroom while pulling her cardigan tightly over her chest.

Chelsea: ‘Sit here for a while. I’ll go get changed.’
Me: ‘Don’t need to change luh. I am not that young not to understand.’
Chelsea: ‘Cannot. What if you have the impression that something like those Japanese porn will happen? I don’t want you distracted.’

Yeah right. I was distracted by the length of the dress that showed off her thin legs. She was a tutor I had contacted through a friend to help me refresh my knowledge for accounting before I officially start work in two weeks’ time. The previous meet up was for her to find out about my current situation (just ORDed) and also to schedule the classes.

Being just two years difference in age, I really did not care about how she dressed as long she could help me remember the tricks needed for the financial industry. She had been working as a underwriter for a huge company and frankly, I did not know why she took up my offer even though it wasn’t the highest in fees.

She appeared in the room after five minutes, combing her hair but in another short dress that did not seemed any longer than her nightie. The same cardigan was still over her shoulders but we started on reading her university notes she had been compiling for her own use. As a guy, writing notes wasn’t my style but clearly, it had benefits that I regretted not taking notes.

Chelsea: ‘This should be easy to understand, glance through first and I’ll pass you some papers to do. I will progress from the simplest to the hardest questions, but for today, it will be mostly reading and understanding how it works.’
Me: ‘But I do remember some of it, so it won’t take long to finish the notes.’

Chelsea brought her iPad to her bed behind the study table where I was trying to arrange the messy table and told me to just read it word-for-word. Since I paid for this, I trusted her methods and began reading the stack of foolscap filled with her personal notes for easy memory.

Me: ‘Chelsea, I don’t quite understand this point. Can you.. ‘

I turned the revolving chair around to see her knees up and pink polka dot panties creating a wedgie between her thighs. She did not noticed what I saw and gestured me over to her lazy state, explaining to me in details about why some of the credit/ debit entries were written on the opposite side at times.

Her bed was so comfortable and warm that I did not want to go back to the chair, sitting beside her and browsing the notes. At the same time, my eyes were stealing glances at her hemlines that had slid down her thighs to expose a little of the panties.

Chelsea: ‘What are you looking at?’
Me: ‘Your notes?’
Chelsea: ‘Don’t lie. Keep reading. You only have two hours with me.’

After a few long pages of texts, I was getting tired from the cooling weather and warm bed. For a lady, she was almost half-a-head shorter than me and had a smooth complexion across her whole body. The pores were truly too small to be seen and that was the first time I learnt how great skin could appear.

Me: ‘Chelsea, this part here?’

My hand went on her icy cold knee and she leaned towards me to see what I was pointing at.

Chelsea: ‘Why are you so warm?’
Me: ‘I am always warmer than others. That’s why when I have fever, I can get really hot.’

She held my arm with both her hands to get some warmth and commented on how great would it be to be me.

Me: ‘I can’t warm myself up cause I feel extra cold on such days. There is no use for a warm object to warm himself up with himself right?’
Chelsea: ‘Huh? I don’t understand. But nevermind. Stay focused.’

Stay focused on her or on the notes? One of her hand rested over mine on her knee and her fingers were stroking against mine too. I could feel that she was getting use to my presence in the room and being so close to her, respectable enough to use part of me for her own comfort.

Slowly, I glide my hand towards her inner thigh and she held me tighter, stopping me from advancing elsewhere I shouldn’t. It wasn’t obvious enough that she wanted me to stop, so I kept pushing my hand downwards till I reached the centre of her thigh.

Chelsea: ‘Don’t be naughty ah.’
Me: ‘But someone isn’t thinking like what she just said.’
Chelsea: ‘How you know?’

Her iPad fell to the side and she looked into my eyes, waiting for an explanation for seeing through her.

Me: ‘Cause no one can make you feel so hot with just a hand on your knee?’
Chelsea: ‘Huh? What nonsense?’
Me: ‘Come, I show you. Take your hand away.’

She gave me a doubtful look before hovering her palm above my advancing hand, ready to press down to stop me if I.. I wasn’t sure what either. My hand hopped over the remaining distance and pushed my fingers down on her crotch, where she grabbed my hand suddenly to stop me.

Chelsea: ‘You can’t do this.’
Me: ‘I know.’

I did not stop moving my finger over her clit and she wasn’t really pushing me away either, just gripping my arm with a small shiver in her fingers.

Chelsea: ‘I can’t do this.’
Me: ‘You don’t have to do anything. Just sit still.’

Chelsea did not complete her sentence, ending with a ‘but’. Compared to her pussy, my hand was cooler and she was enjoying the massage over her panties.

Me: ‘You remembered what happened in the Japanese video?’
Chelsea: ‘Yeah. The student was doing the same, except he was kissing her.’

I brought my face to her ear and turned her towards me. Forcefully, I planted a kiss on her shocked expression and pried her lips apart for my tongue. In no time, she was reciprocating with a similarly intense tongue fight and her panties went down her straightened legs, each of us taking one side to remove it.

It was easy to get her to lie down since we were at sitting around the end of the bed, and the shy girl covered her face with the Hello Kitty blanket that was lying around. I went between her legs and spread her knees, admiring the wet hole before feasting on it.

Unlike how a sensual foreplay, my mouth was cupped over it with my tongue attacking every area, lubricating with my saliva while teasing her clit and slit. She was moaning under the sheets as I increased my pace, brushing along the delicate pink folds of her pussy.

Me: ‘Was the guy still dressed when he licked her?’
Chelsea (muffled): ‘No. His pants were off.’

I gave her a few more minutes of pleasure before getting off the bed, standing by the side while my shorts came off. Her narrow eyes peeked from the blanket and she reached for my dick, holding ono it while she sat up before me.

Me: ‘You want to taste it?’
Chelsea: ‘I don’t know how.’
Me: ‘Just do what the teacher did.’
Chelsea: ‘Okay. But it might not feel as good k?’
Me: ‘Give it a shot.’

She fearfully opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, licking the underside of my shaft before putting the tip in. Her tongue circled around it to get used to the taste and went on to slide her lips down. The dryness had slowed her down but the girl learnt quickly to release more saliva to aid with the blowjob. Under a minute later, she was moving her head back and forth, stimulating the mushroom area till I was about to go weak.

Me: ‘Chelsea.. stop stop.. it feels too good.’
Chelsea: ‘Really? It’s my first time doing it eh.’
Me: ‘And you did great.’

The smile brought a sense of relieve to me as I understood she wasn’t as scared as before. The achievement had opened her up and we were on the bed next.

Me: ‘You want to lie down?’
Chelsea: ‘Are you going to put it in?’
Me: ‘Yupp. Can I?’
Chelsea: ‘Can I try doggie style instead?’
Me: ‘Try? You’ve never done it before?’
Chelsea: ‘Nope. But I’m not a virgin k! My boyfriend only did missionary on me. Cause he says he can last longer. I am just bored of that position.’

I couldn’t be more happy to fulfil her dream and the girl eagerly got on her fours, cushioning her knees and hands on the soft mattress. We were about to do it raw and I simply had to ask her if she had taken precaution, if not, using a condom would be a better idea. The reply from her was a pleasant surprise, not because she was on the pill, but a Intrauterine Device (IUD) was inside her, a method recommended by the professionals for birth control.

There was nothing else to hold us back and I slipped my saliva-coated dick into her. Starting with a gentle thrust, her body was twitching in response to the new angle, pushing her sensitive spots with each entry. Somehow, I felt confident to last longer that day and did not waste anymore time, pounding her rear with force. Our voices were growing louder as she climaxed back-to-back, screaming out her boyfriend’s name (or I assume).

It was so instinctive to just go deeper and faster till I was at my maximum speed, and causing her face to be buried in the pillow to suppress the moans. Soon, she fell to her side and I kneeled over her straightened leg, taking her in a fallen-doggie stance.

It took only a few thrusts before she tried to crawl away, citing that I was making her too sensitive in this position. Wasn’t that every man’s dream to push a girl to her limits? I used my body weight to pin her down and kept my hips moving, ramming at her deepest spot in high-speed.

Chelsea: ‘I am going crazy!’
Me: ‘And I am going to shoot soon.’

No amount of raising her other leg could help ease the hypersensitive clit, and it was causing her to get tighter. Until a certain point, she was fighting to get me off while I unleashed the last burst of energy in her. Keeping her under me, I kept pumping till my balls screamed (if they could), and the first jet of cum entering her immediately calmed her down.

Chelsea: ‘It’s so deep inside me!’

Me: ‘Is it warm?’
Chelsea: ‘Super.’

We stayed in that position till I had nothing left and I carefully slid my cock out of her sore pussy. Instead of washing up, she flipped around to face me lying next to her and held my dripping dick in her hand, gently playing with it.

The clock on the wall showed 11 and she was totally exhausted with a blushing face. I guess that is the afterglow.

Chelsea: ‘We still have an hour right?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’
Chelsea: ‘Enough time to get it up again?’
Me: ‘If you can do CPR on it.’

The tired girl laid for five minutes before going between my legs, taking the semi-erection into her mouth. This time, it was easier for her to suck and the growth in her mouth was more acceptable. After ten minutes of a one-sided pleasure session, I was at full length again and she excitedly rolled over to her tummy, getting into doggie before I even got out of bed.

Chelsea: ‘Let’s do the same thing again. But I want you to shoot in my mouth this time.’

Well, we ‘reenacted’ the previous round and it took me longer, longer by a whole ten minutes to cum. The contraception did not hinder our sex one bit and she was enjoying the whole time, letting herself go and moaning her heart out. The bed was cold from our perspiration and the weather, making me the ideal body for her to get closer to.

Imagine how intense we got when I get extra time before cumming, and her body got more sensitive after the first round. Although I was behind her all the time, banging her lifeless, she was energetic enough to pick herself up to kiss me while I went at it. The lust we had for each other could be described as ‘out of the roof’, never getting enough of the horny sex we had.

Me: ‘Chelsea, I am cumming soon.’
Chelsea: ‘Lie on the bed.’

I sat near the headboard against her pillow and she engulfed my dick in her mouth, shoving her face harder into my groin. The tyre around my waist served as the suspension to limit the depth in case she choked, enhancing the view I was enjoying where the girl sucked me while she was horny.

I did not say a word as I felt my balls shrunk, bursting into white flames into her mouth as she kept her lips around my hood. The shallow blowjob totally extracted every bit of milk out of me and she was still at it even after I begged her to let me rest. Thankfully, she needed to breath and ended the oral with a long trip out of her mouth.

Chelsea: ‘This is for earlier when you drove me crazy.’
Me: ‘Crazy teacher.’
Chelsea: ‘Horny student.’

We had only fifteen minutes before lesson end and I was hurried to put my clothes back on, she left her notes for me to read at home and I went out of her place on time. At the first floor, a guy with a bulge in his jeans entered with a expressionless look, pressing the floor and hitting on the close button as though he was in a hurry.

Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Did you see a guy in jeans coming up?’

Me (Whatsapp): ‘Yeah. Why?’
Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Shit.. he’s my boyfriend. Don’t tell anyone about just now k? I’ll see you tomorrow.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Isn’t the next lesson next week?’
Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Can’t I see you tomorrow? Unless you don’t want to improve faster.’
Me (Whatsapp): ‘Improve what? Bed skills or accounts?’

Chelsea (Whatsapp): ‘Both! :P’

I bet the passengers on the bus home was wondering why I kept smiling to myself. It was more than the sex with my tutor that got me hyped up, it was the fact her boyfriend was fucking a used pussy that made me felt comical. Would he notice the extra load of cum that was leaking when he fucked her? Or imagine that he came that much?

Chelsea and I texted that night and she also found it funny how her boyfriend felt so proud when the huge amount of cum came leaking out after he shot. She was going to break up with him since sex was all he wanted and it didn’t feel so good doing with him either. I hope she didn’t do it for me though, being single is much more fun.

Two Teachers

Like many of those ‘confessions’ made on FaceBook and smaller sites, Jhae has received one so far and it was certainly most unexpected coming from someone who is teaching in a secondary school. It was a brief description that the person gave, but nonetheless, I find it arousing enough to be written into a story, mixed with a little of my imagination to it. I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do.

For this entry, compromising details like the school’s name, location will be left out, but names, will be kept the same, in accordance to the email. Like most of you would address your teachers (back then), Tay is the female partner while Lee is the male.

Here it goes;

Lee: ‘Tay, where do you want to try today?’
Tay: ‘I have a lot of work to rush. Can we leave it for tomorrow?’
Lee: ‘How much more to go?’

He went behind her office chair as she continued making lines with her red pen, letting him hug from her neck. His hands unbuttoned her short-sleeved blouse and slipped right in onto her bra. Wriggling into the cups, he kneaded on her soft breasts, successfully distracting her from her work. Hearing no sounds from Tay, he just kept fondling her boobs until she gave up fighting the urge, undoing her bra hooks to free the padless constricting bra.

It had took him a bit of an effort to remove it completely, but once it was off, his fingers dived in to her nipples, twisting it as she tidied her desk. She stood in a semi-squat state to let him take her seat, and then falling back onto his lap tiredly.

Tay: ‘See lah. I’m too turned on now to do anything.’
Lee: ‘Just a quickie alright? I know you have to go back to marking papers.’

Tay rested comfortably on the man’s body while he continued massaging her chest, until her brown nipples poked painfully at the thick material of her top. Between her butt, she could feel the hard on hinting at her to proceed once she had enough. Pulling her knee-length skirt up, Lee’s fingers went to rub on her panties and moans were finally coming from her. Tay’s hands were all over his head, pushing him down to kiss her neck while her body shifted to his teasing.

After a while, she could not take the foreplay anymore and got up, bending over the table for him to remove her panties. As her panties were left hanging at her knees, she shook them down and off her ankles, giving some time for Lee to unzip and take his magic stick out. Checking the other cubicles for the last time, she was feeling safer and rolled her skirt high enough to expose her pussy, that was a little wet from his fingers.

Admiring her long legs with heels on while she stripped, Lee parked his meat behind her and her legs could not open anymore wider than what the tight skirt allowed. The cosiness of her pussy did give him a tighter entry and he groaned during the trip into her, feeling her soft flesh wrap around his hard on.

Tay: ‘This is what I am waiting for.’
Lee: ‘You are especially tight today.’
Tay: ‘I know. We are fucking so much that my body just lust for this moment to come each day.’

The gradual increment of his speed made her moan louder as her body jerked against the table, feeling that warm piece of meat stroke her insides non-stop. The two of them were having fun in that empty staff room without regards to any recording cameras, ravishing each other as his dick grew bigger in her.

After a good five minutes of doggie, she rotated herself on the table to come face to face with that intelligent, sexy man. He slipped himself in easily between her opened legs and she placed her heels on his butt. Thrusting steadily, they just held each other in their arms, indulging in the connection between their intimate body parts. Both of them were already engaged in their own relationships, but the stress from teaching simply drove them crazy, looking for ways to relax during school hours.

The first time they did it was when he snuck a pack of beers into the staff room, drinking it after everyone left – or so he thought. Tay walked in on him emptying a can and couldn’t resist joining him. Being a poor drinker, she got drunk quickly and went kinky on the darkened mini lounge, teasing Lee until he lost control himself. Making their way to the single cubicle washroom, they just stripped naked and went all out in the constrained space, going rounds after rounds while drinking. As she had noted down her safe days, it was a fun-filled day of creaming her pie hole full and feeling her mouth going up and down his rod as frequent as he asked.

Since then, they had been finding chances to do it again with no luck, only to stumble upon this particular Wednesday before a long weekend. Ramming his hips at her table, she gave in to the urge to make out with him and they lasted for ten minutes in that position.

Lee: ‘Is it your safe day?’
Tay (whispering loudly): ‘No.. it was merely two weeks since we last did it!’
Lee: ‘Then can I cum in your mouth?’
Tay: ‘Do I need to tell you?’

A cheeky smile came across her face and he gave his last few strokes, before pulling out and letting her take the rolling chair. Sitting at the warm spot on the table, he watched closely as the sex-filled lady took his rod into her mouth, working up and down on it with diligence. It was the same attention she had given to her students when they needed help in their work, and Lee was totally weak from her sucking.

Occasionally looking up at him, the pleasure of satisfying men shook her confidence up and she sped up, sinking his rod deeper as she did so. Within three minutes of her sensual blowjob, Lee opened his legs wider and laid on the vertical file holders. She knew what was about to come and slowed down, moving her lips in longer length along his shaft. A few more strokes later, the first gush of cum landed on her tongue and she kept her tongue still, teasing only under the ‘hood’ with a shallow thrust.

An involuntarily groan came to signal the end and she slurped all the juices up, clearing his rod of any sperms stuck inside. They took turns to visit the toilet to wash up and wear their clothes back, until she came back to her table with Lee waiting, holding a pretty box in his hand.

Lee: ‘This is for you, and your fiancée.’
Tay: ‘What is it?’
Lee: ‘Open it and you’ll know.’

She ripped the poorly wrapped gift and took out a skin-coloured dildo, feeling as soft/ hard as a real one and did a thorough check on it.

Tay: ‘Why is there a hole behind it?’
Lee: ‘So he can put it over his dick to amp up the size? Don’t girls like it big?’
Tay: ‘Not all girls, but luckily, it’s fleshy enough, not too hard.’

A few seconds later, the unique bump at the middle of the toy stirred some resemblance to something. She gave him a deep-thought look and then a sharp breath of air entered her mouth.

Tay (whispering loudly): ‘Isn’t this your dick?!’
Lee: ‘Yeah! So you’ve realised.’
Tay: ‘Asshole! You made a replica of your dick, and want my husband to fuck me with it?’
Lee: ‘Yupp. Won’t that be fun?’

She happily accepted the toy without a word and went back to her papers, sitting on Lee’s lap while his fingers resumed masturbating her outside her panties. Indeed, she completed marking much faster with that extra stimulation and he drove her home, before returning to his waiting wife for dinner.

You guys could have guessed how glad Tay’s husband was when he saw his wife with a dildo, a sign that she had grown more sexual. As much as I hope he doesn’t find out whose ‘dick’ had been inside her with that extension on, cause Lee was also doing his own wife with Tay, just the sexy fucking scenes playing in his mind.

Student’s Mess

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, I wanted to see you cause I think I am in trouble.’
Mr. Lee: ‘What happened? I’ll try to help you out if I can.’
Christine: ‘I.. got intimate with another classmate.. and his sperms were caught on my vagina.’

Mr. Lee understood what she was getting at as he was her class’ biology teacher, and young enough to understand the students. He was the most ideal person to talk to without risking being sent to counselling or some health check up. Plus, his disciplined nature made him well respected, yet friendly when it comes to his students’ problems.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can you tell me in details where his semen went?’
Christine: ‘He pulled out in time, but he shot directly on my outside. Will there be any problems? I really don’t want to get pregnant.’
Mr. Lee: ‘When did this happen?’
Christine: ‘During recess today.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Okay. That will give you some time before the worst can happen.’

He asked her about the cleaning up and scarily, she did not wash it away and even wore her panties back. The puddle of sperms were still in her underwear and Mr. Lee could only asked her to immediately remove it and let him have a look.

She stood up in front of him and pulled her shorts and panties down, before he took it up to give it a closer look.

Mr. Lee: ‘Can I take a look at your groin as well?’

In the enclosed meeting room designated for 1 to 1 counselling, Christine sat herself at the edge of the table and lifted her skirt up. Mr. Lee went over to her legs and pulled a latex glove he carried around all the time with him, over his hands.

Mr. Lee: ‘I’m going to check if any of the sperms got into your system. It will be a little uncomfortable. Bear it with k?’

Christine nodded and he went on to separate the sticky folds of her labia. He got up after seeing some horror and brought the first aid kit to the table, where he wetted a few cotton balls and wiped the whitish fluid away. During the clean up, his fingers had constantly came in contact with her clit and the sensitive opening of her pussy, turning Christine on a little as he continued wiping her focused.

Mr. Lee: ‘Now that the outside is cleaned. I will be putting my finger in to see if any went in.’

He took his pinky and poked into her hole, arching it upwards before scooping out any fluids that might tell him how far they went. A finger of clear juices cleared his suspicion and he repeated the action a few times, moving as gently as he could. That few strokes into her pussy made her moaned a little and Mr. Lee stopped after he picked up her signals.

Mr. Lee: ‘Ok. I did a simple check and I don’t think any sperms had went in. But for pre-caution, I will have to bring you to my doctor so we can get a morning-after.’
Christine: ‘What’s a morning-after?’
Mr. Lee: ‘It’s a medicine to harden your.. egg. So no sperms will make it through and get you pregnant.’
Christine: ‘Is it 100%?’
Mr. Lee: ‘It’s just an emergency medication. After all, prevention is better than abortion right?’

Christine adjusted her skirt and sat beside him on the chair.

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee.. I am really scared.’

He patted on her shoulders and she buried her face into his chest, sobbing from her silly mistake. Facing her was his pants, that had a bulge that looked out of the ordinary. Christine found it weird that she could turn him on and placed her hand over his crotch to give that hard on a squeeze.

Mr. Lee: ‘What are you doing?’
Christine: ‘Checking. Mr. Lee, are you turned on by me? It’s hard.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Well, I am a man. And I can’t help it. So sorry about it. Shall we pack and get your pills?’

Her hand went back to his pants and kept kneading that tip, while Mr. Lee’s grip on her wrist slowly loosened. An inner desire to feel a young body was building up in him since he explored her pussy, and letting her continue would help suppress a little of it.

Mr. Lee: ‘You know we can’t do it right? I’m your teacher.’
Christine: ‘And one that I know I can trust. Unlike that idiot Sean.’
Mr. Lee: ‘He is the one?’
Christine: ‘Yeah. It doesn’t matter anyway. You have found a solution for me.’

It was most wrong of her to think of the morning-after as a solution, but her fingers that began unzipping his pants distracted him from trying to explain it to her. Slowly, her hand disappeared into his pants and massaged over his underwear, before putting in a little effort to bring his raging hormones to light.

After it was out of his pants, she continued giving him a handjob and he got more excited, feeling much better when his dick was in skin contact with his young student.

Mr. Lee: ‘Did you suck him as well?’
Christine: ‘Just a while.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Can you do it for me?’
Christine: ‘But you are so much bigger.’

That little boost of confidence made him pull her head down to his groin and she grabbed the base, placing her lips over his rod. Her tiny mouth went up and down and he could tell she was trying her best to take more than just his tip in. But as we know, a 26 year old man would be too much for a 14 year old girl right?

After a few minutes, he stopped her and picked her up effortlessly, placing her on the table in front of them.

Christine: ‘Are you going to put it inside?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Can I?’
Christine: ‘Go slow k? I’m afraid of pain. But you can shoot inside right? Cause the morning-after will stop your sperms from reaching my egg?’

His mind was already picturing how he would be fucking her, and a nod gave her the assurance there would be no problems. She spread her legs wide and Mr. Lee took a step closer, placing the saliva-coated dick at her pussy.

Mr. Lee: ‘I am going in now. Grab my arms if it hurts k?’

She placed her hands on his strong forearms and frowned as his dick pierced into her inches by inches. Surprisingly, her body did not trigger any pain signals and Christine even felt good as his dick brushed across her sensitive vagina. The quiet girl finally managed to contain his full length and Mr. Lee held her waist firmly against his dick.

The incoming waves of thrusts sent Christine moaning ecstatically with her mind being clouded with pleasure. That huge dick was satisfying her so much that her legs automatically went around his butt and pushed him to go even deeper. True enough, an older guy did have the tools necessary to please girls, and she was experiencing it first hand.

As time past, her body grew accustomed to him and the climax to her first vaginal orgasm was coming. It had taken her some time, but the suspense was already killing her. She had wanted it so much to feel how an orgasm in her pussy was. Mr. Lee kept up with his forceful thrusts until he felt her contractions got more frequent. Thereafter, the table shook like an earthquake as he pumped much faster and deeper, causing Christine to go into a trance and drooling from her mouth.

Christine: ‘Oh no.. I’m cumming Mr. Lee!’

She jolted up and hugged him tightly as her body trembled violently, squishing her soft pussy all over his shaft as juices leaked out of her. His close proximity was sealed with a kiss from his beloved student as energy drained out of her quickly. He carried her up and placed her on the headrest of the sofa, resuming the pounding as he was about to cum too.

Mr. Lee: ‘Your teacher is cumming soon too. Can you go on?’
Christine (semi-conscious): ‘Yes. I want you inside me.’

He jerked his hips back and forth, ramming the small pussy with his oversized rod. The poor girl was drooling all over her shirt and enjoying the forceful pounding at the same time. For one, her orgasm never ended with that non-stop torture of her pussy. Mr. Lee gave her no slack until he felt his dick expand from the cumming sensation.

Mr. Lee: ‘Christine, here it comes.’

He gave his dick a strong shove into her and held her closely, hugging her like before while his semen filled her womb up. The amount was enormous but the warmth that accompanied it made the whole process so soothing. They remained in each others’ embrace until he was done and he carried her to the sink before pulling out. Her small pussy instantly pushed whatever she could not contain onto the sink and it splattered in huge blobs.

Christine: ‘There’s so much.’
Mr. Lee: ‘Yeah. I haven’t unloaded this week. Thanks to the papers I have to mark.’
Christine (giggling): ‘Next time, I help you unload while you mark. Ok?’

He smiled at her and handed her some wet tissues. They cleaned themselves up and he tucked his dick back. Christine packed her shorts and soiled panties with her dirty PE clothes and they made their way to his doctor, who gave them the morning-after without prescription nor asking questions.

Christine: ‘Mr. Lee, you are married right?’
Mr. Lee: ‘Just engaged.’
Christine: ‘So can we do it until you are married?’
Mr. Lee: ‘We can do it as long as you don’t mind sharing me with my fiancee.’
Christine: ‘Good things must share!’

He drove her home and went for another round of mutual masturbation, before she swallowed all of his sperms and him getting her thick juices all over his fingers.

High Score

As the school bell rang after the last lesson of the day, Ricky went up to his biology teacher, Mrs. Koh, with an envelope. She had a stack of worksheets in her hands and the letter was dropped on top of it, while he asked her to look at it when she was free. Mrs. Koh did not think much of the gesture and made her way towards the staff room after giving him a smile, guessing that it was a personal note to thank her or perhaps to ask her some personal questions.

For two years, the 28-year-old teacher took Ricky’s class for biology, and was an ideal person for anyone to confide in. She basically acted as a counsellor to any students, highly respected for her dedication to getting good grades. On the other hand, Ricky was a quiet boy who did average for most of his subjects, particularly excelling in art and non-memory subjects. He had been one of the problem-free student she never had to worry about.

Back in the staff room, she freed her hands and tided her desk a little before getting into the chair, prepared to go through one of the most difficult paper she ever created for them. On top of the stack was the envelope, so she had to take a look at it first. Gliding the penknife across the flap, a word filled piece of paper showed itself. Holding it in her hand, she felt a harder piece of paper, similar to a photograph. Skipping the wordy sheet, the photo was pulled out behind it and she tucked it back instantly, shocked at what she just saw.

The quick glimpse was enough to scare her wits out, for it was a nude picture of herself, taken with her ex-boyfriend whose face wasn’t shown. The details regarding when and where the photo was shot resurfaced in her mind, and everything in her life suddenly became irrelevant.

Mrs. Koh is also known as Desiree.

Colleague: ‘Desiree, joining us for lunch?’
Desiree: ‘I have something on later. Won’t be joining you guys. So sorry.’
Colleague: ‘Alright then. See you tomorrow.’

The piece of paper with the words turned important and she frantically unfolded it. Upon reading just the top part, she understood what was happening. Ricky had stumbled upon her intimate photos on a picture sharing site, much like, and had reported all of the photos with her face a minute into the publication. All of her photos were removed within 15 minutes, but not before he made a download of everything related to her. Now, here came the time to ‘repay’ him for his quick-witted actions, or risk undoing what he did for her.

Mrs. Koh’s Christian name, Desiree, was shown clearly in the photo, tattooed across her heart. It could not be a worse mistake she made she was younger. Very quickly, she sent a text to the number written on the note, belonging to Ricky. And a few messages later, a ‘date’ was set up to start with the repayment for his act.

Worriedly, she walked towards the void deck a few minutes drive away, to see Ricky sitting at the table with books and foolscap laid on it. He waved at her and began packing his bag, ready to head for another place that was more private. It was only 2pm when they met, and there was no place she could imagine that was free of people. Even flats had people constantly walking about, doing daily chores and grocery shopping.

The walk to another block was in silence, until they reached the top most level of the flat, where a single unit was on the floor. The door was locked in chains and Ricky knew that particular unit was unoccupied, because it belonged to his family but remained unoccupied. Desiree did not know about that, and did not ask either.

Ricky: ‘Mrs. Koh, shall we start?’
Desiree: ‘Start with what? And don’t call be by that name.’
Ricky: ‘Okay then. Desiree, stand against this wall.’

With a height of 1.7m, he was slightly taller than his teacher and it made things a whole lot easier when he pulled himself close to her by her waist, brushing her hair aside and started making out with her. Desiree had no choice but to let him take advantage as he had indeed saved her. Things could be worse if more people had her photos and asked for the same thing. Instead, serving one would be better than more.

She kept her eyes tightly shut as she felt his hands moving up her skirt, tucking it underneath as he made his way to her panties. The smooth area of her panties between her crouch was made possible thanks to her ex-boyfriend, who paid for the IPL hair removal, making the hairless state permanent. Ricky couldn’t be more excited to feel up his teacher’s pussy, displaying such beauty to his touch. Her navy blue blouse was untucked from her skirt and unbuttoned, giving a feast to the seemingly innocent boy’s hand. The white lace layered strapless bra was tugged to her waist and her nipples were attacked by his mouth, hungrily licking and sucking on the sensitive tips.

Her body could not resist the energetic young man’s advances, making her moan softly with a totally different voice from her classes. For once, Ricky seen her soft side and his erection grew in response to the gentle shiver of her body. While her breasts received all his attention, his hands had pulled her pink cotton panties with sheer hemlines down to her knees, where it fell to her ankles and got kicked away.

Seeing how prepared she was, her bra was unclasped and flung to a side too, giving him full access to her body.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, how did you maintain your sexy body? I can’t get enough of it.’
Desiree: ‘I do it daily with my husband.’
Ricky: ‘Meaning that you will be even slimmer since you will be doing it often with me too?’
Desiree: ‘I don’t know.. ‘

Her innocent look turned Ricky on to the max and he took a step back to undo his long pants, whipping his dick out after his underwear reached his trousers at his feet. He brought her silky smooth hand to his hard on and she stroked it lightly, unsure of how sensitive he was or how he liked it to be done. His fingers returned to her pussy and he only used a little effort to slide his middle finger between her pussy lips, moving on to rub her swollen clit at high-speed.

Needless to say, Desiree was moaning louder and her breathing got faster. She had been fighting hard not to crumble to her knees. The urge to devour that piece of youthful rod was too strong even for her strong character. His fingers slowly dived lower between her legs and the first inch entered her body, driving her insane with temptation.

Giving in to his demands, she finally rested her chin on his shoulders, whispering into his ears and asking if he wanted a blowjob. There was no way he could say no, especially to this sweet looking body with a glimmering light pink lipstick on. A kiss to her ears was the answer.

They changed position to let him lean against the wall, and his trousers was removed completely. She squatted with her legs opened between his, and she brought the dick lower so she could admire it. Keeping her eyes on his expression, her mouth went to work, starting with a kiss on his tip. Keeping her lips pressed, she pulled his waist closer to her and the long piece of meat disappeared into her mouth. It did not stop until her mouth was near to his groin, and her head started moving up and down his shaft.

The well-trained tongue tracked along the veins on his penis, lubricating it while her head thrust at it mercilessly. Looking closely at her diligent student, he was high in the heavens with his eyes rolling behind his closed lids, and the roaming hands on her head showed her how much he wanted to fuck her mouth, but he controlled himself not to. Giving the young boy a satisfying blowjob was all she wanted, and he gladly received it without taking advantage – or rather, further advantage.

After five minutes of non-stop sucking, Ricky sobered up as his cock almost unloaded. She guessed that he knew and paused at the base, giving him a tight suck as train exited the tunnel. She stood up and his fingers returning to her pussy detected a trail of juices flowing down her legs. His teacher obviously needed more.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, can you stand at the railings?’

She went over and kept still, while he pulled at her waist to make her take two steps away from the railing. His feet nudged at her heels and she parted her legs shoulder width apart, bending her body to place her chest over the handrail. Never before she had so much privacy while in public, and it was getting so thrilling for her that she wanted him inside.

A few seconds later, her pussy got what she wished for and the tip entered her opening. With her eyes closed, she could feel his penis prying her tight hole apart and stroking along her vagina walls as it sunk deeper. In no time, he was fully parked in her slot and he was grunting without movements.

Desiree: ‘Is something wrong?’
Ricky: ‘It’s my first time.’
Desiree: ‘Really! Take your time then. I’m yours for now.’

It was amazing to feel his size inside her, it was almost the same thickness as her husband, but only longer. That extra length made all the difference and she wanted him to fuck her slowly, so the fun would last longer. Finally, after a minute of wait, she felt his hands on her thin waist and the hot rod began pumping.

Slurping in and out of her pussy, she could not help the erratic contractions of her body. Doing the same ‘squeeze’ felt extra good, but her mind was finding it harder to maintain the same pressure as he picked up his speed. Shoving his dick faster at her, his grip got tighter and her mind was drifting into a trance. He was moving at his fastest when she suddenly lost control of her orgasms and peed through the metal rails into the flight of stairs in front of her.

Seeing how crazy she got, Ricky fucked her with all his might, determined to get her addicted. Her pussy was wrapped so closely to his shaft, but her juices made things more slippery for him. Of course, for a first timer, he knew he might not last long. Less than five minutes into the intercourse, he felt the urge coming and went berserk after he realised no amount of relaxation or ‘Zen’ could delay his ejaculation.

Ricky: ‘Desiree, I think I am going to cum.’
Desiree: ‘Shoot inside me.’
Ricky: ‘But you will get pregnant.’
Desiree: ‘Don’t worry. I won’t.’

Since she had said so, he held nothing back as he grabbed her shoulders, driving his dick even deeper. The long strokes he did made her climax another time before the sudden pause in his hips. Desiree could feel her next orgasm coming and stood a little straighter, hands going onto his waist and holding it still. She started grinding her butt on his thighs where his dick was in a standstill mode, unsure whether to cum or not. Making that grinding action slowly built up her climax again and her vagina contracted desperately around his shaft, ready for the last lap.

As he needed a little more help to shoot, he began ramming his dick into her again and felt his muscles tightened, body going into overdrive. The warm cum fired into her pussy and the first shot hit her G-spot, sending her into a tremble while his rod continued unloading into her. The milking motion of her vagina kept squeezing him for more while she grabbed onto the handrail tighter, keeping her body stable while her body tried to overtake the pleasurable twin climax.

They stood in that position for at least two minutes, until she recovered and his balls were emptied. Very slowly, she stood back up and he pulled his dick out of her. Ricky went back to his bag against the wall and she followed, only to turn him around before he bent down for his belongings. Her knees touched the ground and her mouth went over his rod, giving him a few long suck before licking the skin around his shaft, cleaning him up. She had a taste of his cum and it was as familiar as her husband’s, sweet with a little bitterness.

Ricky: ‘You like it?’
Desiree: ‘Don’t want you to waste tissue.’

She went to her side and wore her bra back, adjusting her clothes before holding up her wet panties to him. She pulled opened his pockets and tucked it in, before turning away shyly to touch up her hair.

Ricky: ‘Thanks Mrs. Koh.’
Desiree: ‘Remember to call me by the right name in school. I can trust you right?’
Ricky: ‘Of course, I didn’t do all these to harm you.’

After the big clean up, she dropped him off at a nearby bus stop before returning home to her husband. The sex at night between the married couple had a little change, with more energy and a different sexual appreciation for her own body. Through the session, the physical impression of Ricky’s dick in her pussy made everything wilder, and her husband was more than happy to be on the receiving end.

Bikini Bottom

A message from Jess’ form teacher came through her phone as her last lesson ended, requesting to see her in the air-conditioned music room next to the hall. She went to the room after school and saw that Mr. Lee was marking papers, while his phone buzzed away by the stack.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, you wanted to see me?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Yes. Have a seat. I want to talk about your attire that you are in today.’

Jess: ‘What’s wrong with it?’

She had almost reached into her bag for the pack of cigarettes in the tense situation, but quickly switched to taking her phone out.

Mr. Lee: ‘Ms. Tay had told me about your bright coloured bra you wore today. She saw you a few times, and male students were looking at your chest. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate?’

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, I am going to the beach with my classmates after school. That’s why I wore the bikini top under my shirt.’

Mr. Lee: ‘But you can change into it after you go home or something.’

Jess: ‘I don’t think it’s a big deal to wear it under the uniform.’

Mr. Lee had little idea about how to rebut his rebellious student. Jess was one of those whom had been on the watch list for misconduct along with many other rules that the school had, one of them being her outfit that consisted of short skirt and worn out white blouse.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, am I the only one who is marked? Cause Elizabeth and Janice also wore such bra before.’

Mr. Lee: ‘They are also on the list, you don’t have to worry about them. This is not the first time I have warned you, and I think the only way is to talk to your parents.’

Jess: ‘Huh. Can you don’t make a fuss out of this? What do you want me to do?’

Mr. Lee: ‘I don’t know how many more chances I can give. Even if I can, the other teachers will keep catching you too. Tell me, what will you do so such things won’t happen again?’

She sat quietly beside her physics teacher, filled with guilt about what she had put him through. Ever since she was in his form class, he had stood on his students’ side, assuring the discipline committee and teachers that they needed time, and so the class got leniency from his affirmation. Perhaps, she had done it so frequently that he was demanded to take actions against her.

The chair she was on did not have any hand rest or slide out tables, making it easy for her to see what he was doing. Also, the position they were in was away from the door, making it harder for people to look into the narrow glass panel. Gathering her courage, she walked for the door and twisted the lock, getting down on her knees in front of Mr. Lee’s feet.

Jess: ‘This is what I can do. Sorry for the trouble all these while.’

Mr. Lee was shocked at her position and quickly got up on his feet. Never would he want to be caught in such a situation that would jeopardise his livelihood. The thin sixteen years old girl began unbuttoning her blouse and the brightly coloured pink-white bikini bra revealed themselves to him. Seeing that he had jumped away from the chair, she hung onto his pants and dragged herself to his direction. While he was in front of her empty chair, she gave him a shove and sent him seated, almost knocking the chair over.

Mr. Lee: ‘Jess. Stop it. I won’t let you do that.’

She grabbed onto his belt and forced him down on his butt, ready to make her counter offer.

Jess: ‘If you don’t accept this, I will run out of the room and scream rape.’

Mr. Lee: ‘Jess, stop your nonsense.’

Jess: ‘You try running?’

He saw how disadvantaged he was in and remained on the chair, while her long fingers undid his pants. Once his underwear was halfway down his thighs, Jess got up and pulled him by his 4 inch unerected dick to the air sofa that was in the corner, slightly dusty. Mr. Lee was made to sit on it while she went on her knees again.

Her mouth needed no instructions as she lowered her head with her mouth opened, letting saliva drip onto his tip before she went down on him. Her small lips pressed tightly around his width and his dick sank into her mouth, sending his head backwards onto the headrest with a groan.

Mr. Lee: ‘I can give you an A for this.’

Jess: Mmm~

Her sweet mouth continued up and down his shaft, making him shiver whenever she tickled his tip with her tongue. It was interesting to her seeing how a grown man could fall so easily with just a blowjob, much less about what was about to come. She kept sucking him until his dick grew to a size she had difficulty containing it in her mouth, plus the amount pre-cum was making her swallow every few seconds. Mr. Lee by then was in a trance and possibly so horny that he might just rape her.

Jess stopped after another few minutes, ending the overwhelming oral sex Mr. Lee had ever received.

Mr. Lee: ‘Okay. I think that is enough. I know what to do now.’

Jess: ‘But I am not done.’

Mr. Lee: ‘What’s next?’

She removed her white shoes and stepped onto the sofa, before raising her skirt up to show him the matching bottoms she wore. It was the same pink-white stripped design, only that it was a tiny triangle that shielded her privates.

Mr. Lee: ‘You wear that to the beach?’

Jess: ‘No.. rolling her eyes I have a wrap skirt over it.’

Mr. Lee: ‘You just scared me.’

Jess: ‘You like what you saw?’

Mr. Lee nodded and she knew what to do next. She squatted over his lap and pushed the thongs to the side, before spreading her pussy lips apart for his entry. Slowly, her body descended down the 8 inched rod and the discomfort was showing on her face.

Mr. Leee: ‘Jess.. stop stop.’

Jess: ‘Why?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Let me help you.’

He stood up and placed her in doggie on the inflatable sofa, knees resting at the edge of the sofa while her body leaned onto the backrest. He went behind her and gave her pussy a lick, before using his tongue to slurp all the juices that was coating it. He couldn’t believe how wet she was even before he laid a finger on her.

Mr. Lee: ‘How did you get so wet without me touching you?’

Jess (shyly): ‘When I saw how big you were.. ‘

His tongue made it impossible for her to complete her sentence, and her back arched up and down with every lap he did. The attempts to poke into her love hole made her wetter and the desire for him to go inside became desperate.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, can you put it in now?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Good girl. At least you know how to ask.’

He angled his dick downwards for her tight cunt and gently pushed the tip in, stretching her opening to its limit. Too bad he could not see her eyes turning white from the sensational penetration, because her mind was barely holding it together with his size thrusting slowly inside her. The strokes he made was those long but gentle ones, stimulating the full length of her vagina as it stretched around him.

Jess (whispering): ‘Mr. Lee.. you are so big.. I can’t take it anymore.’

Mr. Lee (whispering): ‘I am just getting started.’

The moment he increased his speed, Jess went into her first orgasm and her body shook uncontrollably, contracting her pussy to a point Mr. Lee had to stop moving. It was definitely the tightest hole he visited. Once she recovered, he resumed pounding her, but from then on, there was no stopping even when she climaxed. The result was a chain of orgasms that resonated through her body for the whole duration of his rampage.

Her mind was begging for him to stop, yet her pussy was so hyped from the stimulation he was giving her. She had no idea what to expect when he came. The action lasted as long as she could remember, but she could never get enough of his dick. The long, powerful thrusts drove her insane and she kept moaning for him to go deeper and faster, until one time she asked him to stop, for her pussy was getting too sore.

Mr. Lee: ‘Have you had lunch?’

Jess: ‘Not yet. Why?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Cause it’s coming.’

Did he meant to finish it in her mouth? Or inside her where she could feel full the same? Anyway, that’s for him to decide later. For now, he was panting as he went all out pumping her, splashing juices all over his shirt and pants.

After what seemed like a long time, he finally slowed down and her pussy began to feel the intense heat building up. He pulled out of her after the last orgasm brought her into a fit, with her pussy squirting into the air once she laid on her back against the couch.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee. I am so sorry for dirtying your clothes.’

Mr. Lee: ‘Dirty? I have never thought that anything from you was dirty. Come.’

His twitching dick was in front of her and his knees were by her hips, on the same sofa. She grabbed his rod and started jerking it, mouth sucking at the tip. He continued to make little thrusts at her face and used her lips for a shallow mouth fuck.

Mr. Lee: ‘I want you to swallow. Okay?’

Jess: Mmm~

One of Jess’ hands were stroking his erection, and the other fondled his balls. In less than two minutes, his hands went to her head and held her still, forcing his dick a little deeper into her mouth. It was still too shallow for her to choke, but the load of cum that coated her throat made it necessary for her to swallow as he cummed.

Two mouthful, three mouthful.. it took her five gulps to empty her mouth, and the last swallow came after he pushed her lower jaw upwards to use her lips to squeeze out any leftovers. Once his rifle was emptied, he wore his pants back sloppily and knelt before her again, giving her a soothing cunnilingus to relieve the ache between her legs.

His tongue worked tirelessly at the juvenile pussy, flicking her clit so quick that she climaxed intensely. By the time they were done, there was not much interest for her to go to the beach anymore. They rested on the couch while getting their clothes tidied, and the satisfying sex-in-school came to an end.

Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, I am not going to the beach anymore.’

Mr. Lee: ‘Why?’

Jess: ‘Too tired. But can I go to your place instead?’

Mr. Lee: ‘Hmm.. you don’t want to rest at home?’

Jess: ‘I can rest at your place.’

Mr. Lee: ‘But we won’t be resting much too. If you know what I mean.’

Jess: ‘I don’t mind.’

Mr. Lee left the room with the stack of papers he was supposed to mark and picked Jess up a distance away from school, before making their way to his place in his sedan, where his focus was put to the test with a masturbating school girl next to him.