Teachers’ Challenge

Ms. Lim: ‘Joseph, are you alright? You look really pale.’ Joseph: ‘I’m fine Ms. Lim. Just a little giddy. Not sure what happened.’ Ms. Lim: ‘Drink more water. Do you have your water bottle with you?’ He shook his head and she immediately placed hers on his desk, squatting next to him as she peered […]

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Teaching Them

Andy: ‘Ms. Chen, this is for you.’ He left the glass of water by the edge of the table where two of his friends were, sitting in for a ‘preview’ of her lessons before they sign up for the informal group tuition. Sarah had begin giving tuition during the day where her husband was out […]

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All Year Bonus

Me: ‘Are you girls smoking?’ Kelly: ‘Aiya, no one cares one lah. Want one?’ Me: ‘No thanks. It’s going to rain soon. Go home and study for your paper tomorrow.’ Kelly: ‘Are you the marker?’ Me: ‘Yes. Tomorrow’s paper is mine.’ Kelly: ‘Got any tips or not?’ Me: ‘Don’t have. Go home.’ Kelly and her […]

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Pet Student or Teacher

Ying: ‘J, see me after your CCA ends.’ That was all she told me when the bell rang after school. I didn’t anyone would imagine that a Math teacher would actually hook up with her student but I was wrong. It all started two weeks ago, it was during a break at my CCA when […]

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Caught Without

Mr. Ho: ‘You know what is the consequences of not wearing panties under your skirt?’ Jamie: ‘I didn’t mean it. They are all in the washing machine.’ Mr. Ho: ‘Can’t you at least wear a pair of shorts?’ Jamie: ‘I was in a hurry. I have no choice. I promise it won’t happen again.’ Mr. […]

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