Last Day of School

Joey could clearly remember what happened on the 28th of October, for it was the last time she met her literature teacher, Mr. Jayson Chan. School ended for the year and both their minds were already onto each other before they even met. The teacher offered Joey a ride to his place, which she slept through, missing the location of his house.

Jayson: ‘Joey? We’re here.’

He tapped on her shoulders and they both went up to his double storey private bungalow, ladies first as he called it, Joey entered and he followed through, hugging her from behind and locked the door at the same time. Her hands were all over her boobs and squeezing with lust.

It wasn’t just a normal school day for her, emotions got the better of her in the earlier part of the day and she suggested going for a shower to rinse and get rid of her sweaty smell. Inside the bathroom, it was just like any couples. Her teacher soaped her up and fingered her at the same time, confusing the lubrication of the soap and her juice into one. After the long minutes of teasing and cleaning, his fingers were still in her, driving up the sounds of her moans and slurping sounds.

Joey: ‘Umm.. We’re done already.’

She could feel his hard dick between her butt as his finger tips toyed with her clit. After that, his digits went into her again and the whole orgasm ride started, making her pussy drool all over his fingers. Finally, after the unbearable treat, her attempts to escape failed and she held onto the bathtub edge for balance. Being a naughty student, Mr. Chan only had one punishment in mind, to spank her, non-stop. The pain and pleasure was mixing so badly her body was asking for more. Giving way to the wet ceramics, her hands slipped and she fell onto the floor.

Jayson: ‘Come.’

Joey reached out for his hand and allowed him to carry her to his room. Although she was still dripping wet, Jayson just wiped himself and clearly had other ways of drying Joey. He leaned onto her body and bit her ear, and whispered something sexy.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Baby, you’re too wet. Let me dry you up.’

His fingers then surprised her by piston-ing in and out of her, getting her ready before painting her. His tongue was well trained, the constant clit and pussy attack was making her cum over and over.

Jayson: ‘Why is it that when I am trying to dry you, you ended up getting so wet?’

What did Joey did? His tongue went back to work while Joey lay on the bed, feeling her juice trickling down her slit and between her butt, before dripping on the sheets. A big orgasm came and went with her grasping for life and a happy teacher quenching his thirst by lapping it all up, and then giving her a taste of it through a kiss.

Jayson: ‘Where is the homework you owe me since last month?’

Joey: ‘Umm.. I didn’t do.’

Jayson: ‘Aha! Naughty naughty girl you are! Well. as a punishment, you are going to have my dick inside for not doing my homework. I am not going to be gentle on you baby!’

I guess here is where role play could either make one feel silly or funny. After he plunged his dick in, he went berserk and on a rampage, building an intense within her with that speed and friction. It was never that rough, she felt like a bitch. A dog which deserved all it, yet enjoying it. Throughout the whole ordeal, they did not change position until after a while, he carried her on his lap and placed her on a chair, where he continued pounding in missionary till she cummed.

Unknown to her for a few seconds, he cummed into her as well, that explaining the warmth and extra wetness out if her. Jayson continued by placing her on the bed and kissed. Hinting to her at another round.

Jayson: ‘I want to try your ass again.’

He must have missed that gulp of fear and only heard the ‘yes’ which she gave. That answer was in fact her giving in to temptations of the first attempt weeks ago. Getting on her fours, it felt so weird yet full, differently ecstatic. Even the climaxes was awesome, undeterred by tiredness, the two energizer bunnies went on fucking anally and handled whatever came. First was the pain from the penetration, but being the great teacher everyone adored, he calmed her down and kept pushing in and out, loosening her ass muscles and resumed going as fast as normal sex.

Within minutes, he creamed into her asshole at the same time and the two just collapsed, with him on top of her, dick still spurting cum. That was the most wonderful feeling she had, the sense of togetherness, yet with someone whom she knew she could never be with. After all, he was her teacher, engaged to a very pretty fiancée.

Another long bath and she was on her way home, which she fell asleep again.

Jayson (whispered): ‘Joey.. we’re here. Just to let you know, I want to do something like that again, but more, next time.’

Will this end? Will you be the one who put an end to this?

School Cubicle

Mr. Toh was a science teacher, a very good one, which many students like to call to ask questions whenever they are studying, even late into the night. He wasn’t those kind of old grumpy teachers who cared about their promotion and yearly appraisals. Bespectacled, young lad fresh from NIE, he had dreams and aspirations for his work. Some of those younger secondary school girls even had crushes on him. Well, that was the nice side.

Once, he was in school till late, and he doesn’t require special permission either, cause there was a school camp going on. A few other teachers were aware and didn’t mind him working in the staff room. So at about twelve o’clock, Mr. Toh went to one of the toilets at the ends, which had showers installed. And it was also around that time when he heard a couple having sex in the ladies. He sneaked in and used his mobile phone pointing over the cubicle door to record a scene clearly with Jasmine’s face in it. She was sitting on the bowl with the cover down, legs wide apart and moaning away as the clearly-sex-starved boy jamming his dick into her young pussy. Mr. Toh couldn’t resist the thoughts of using the video as leverage, yet the morality of exploiting this pulled him back.

Mr. Toh finally gave in and called Jasmine after school, using the pretense of giving her some tips to share under the secrecy of importance not to expose him. Well, in one way, that was going to be true.

Jasmine: ‘Mr. Toh, you want to see me?’

Mr. Toh: ‘Yeah. Give me a minute. Can you watch this for me?’

He handed his Nokia E5 to Jasmine after clicking on the ‘Play’ button. It was on silent, yet the shock that went into Jasmine screamed so loudly she was so close to breaking down after watching it.

Jasmine: ‘Oh my god! Mr. Toh. I didn’t mean to do it.’

Mr. Toh: ‘Shhh.. I hope you don’t take this as a blackmail…’

Before Mr. Toh could finish, Jasmine interrupted. It was a silly act to even think about, a guy whom she liked found out about her feelings for him and he immediately started to convince her for sex. She wasn’t a stupid girl, but the few weeks of ‘steady relationship’ with him convinced her that he was serious about her. Maybe she was silly after all, and now, this. The guy she liked was feeling super horny after catching a glimpse of down blouse of HIS crush, so he texted Jasmine to meet up in the toilet during the camp, on the pretext of giving her a chance to prove she can satisfy him if he accepted her as his girlfriend.

Jasmine: ‘Mr. Toh, I saw through him and understood. I have already broke up with him. And like the few other girls, I have to admit I’ve had a crush on you. After all, you’ve got something on me right? You can use me in any way you want. I promise not to tell.’

‘Use’ is a big word, and Mr. Toh wasn’t that afraid to do so. His mind was already raping her, but something held him back from translating those thoughts into action. To make this a little less tense, he asked of Jasmine to address him by his name, since his age of 24 still doesn’t seem that old to be called mister.

Mr. Toh: ‘You can call me Alvin whenever we are alone. Like now.’

Jasmine: ‘I still prefer you to be my science teacher, Mr. Toh.’

She sat beside him at his desk and her fingers were circling around his pants, with a ‘hill’ formed by the bulge. Jasmine was quite turned on watching herself on video earlier, and wanted to use her science teacher to forget how silly she was with that guy. Clearly, Mr. Toh was afraid of trying anything in the office, despite there wasn’t any CCTVs. I guess his upright principles were why he was such a great teacher.

Mr. Toh: ‘Jasmine? Could you blow me off, under the table?’

Jasmine: ‘I don’t know how to do it. But I can try.’

He whipped his dick out and pulled himself closer to his desk, with Jasmine sat between his legs, holding his dick in her small soft hands. He took her head and pulled her towards his dick, before feeling her lips part to take that piece of rock hard meat into her mouth, sucking and slurping up all the dripping saliva.

Even though it was her first time, she did it like a pro. She didn’t not take any break in between, in fact, as she watched Mr. Toh’s lower body twitched in ecstasy, she experimented with different speed and suction. Her lips pouted and the pressure placed everywhere along his shaft makes it uncontrollable and surprising. Mr. Toh took Jasmine’s head and forced his dick down her throat as his thighs held her head, while spurting nutritious protein gel into her.

His dick was mere centimeters away from choking and gagging her, but she could handle this. She swallowed whatever goodies she got and climbed back onto the chair.

Jasmine: ‘Mr. Toh, what were you doing when I was sucking you off?’

Mr. Toh: ‘I was keeping a look out for anyone.’

Jasmine: ‘No one is going to come around la! Next time we try fucking? I want have you Mr. Toh.’

It was finally close to seven in the evening before Mr. Toh was done with his marking, and left the school with Jasmine, still savouring the after-taste of his cum. Girls these days huh?

Merry Merry Teacher

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, Merry Christmas.’

He then stretched his hand out holding a tiny egg-like present.

Ms. Ng: ‘For me ah? That’s so sweet of you. Sure looks cute. Thanks. But I don’t have anything for you leh.’

Harnold: ‘It’s okay lah. Must open the present ah! Bye bye.’

As it was recess time, he didn’t quite want to waste his makan time away. What would Ms. Ng do? His mind was filled with all the possibilities of how she would use it. Since there isn’t her class today, he could only hope that she would wear it to class the next day.

*Ding Dong*

It’s Ms. Ng’s first lesson of the day and she wore a knee-length dress with a red bra (strap). Harnold wasn’t sure what did she do with it. Putting his two fingers into his pencil case, he pushed the ‘ON’ button and stared at Ms. Ng for any reaction. Under the staff table, her legs tightened together and her face turn flushed immediately. Looking quick at Harnold, she silently mouth the word ‘OFF’ to him. And Harnold did so.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, see me after school.’

The class went on as per normal and Ms. Ng waited for Harnold inside the staff room. Harnold arrived after lessons ended and put the remote for the wireless vibrator into his pants. Upon entering the staff room, he clicked ‘ON’ and walked towards Ms. Ng.

Ms. Ng: ‘Can turn it off? I can’t take it le. You’re making me wet.’

Harnold: ‘Can go computer lab?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Hey Joline, are you using the computer lab today?’

Ms. Joline Tay: ‘Nope. You want to use? Nah. Keys.’

Ms. Ng led Harnold into the icy cold computer lab, where it’s nicely away from public eyes. There wasn’t any cameras in the lab as well, since the lab will only be opened when there is a teacher. Pulling Harnold’s hand into the ‘Inventory Room’, she shut the door behind her and undid Harnold’s pants.

Ms. Ng: ‘You’ve been making me think of yours whenever I felt the egg inside me.’

She took it out of his pants and sucked on it ferociously, gagging and stuffing herself with his dick. All her ‘hmm..’, ‘hmm..’ and slurps could be heard clearly in the enclosed room. As more of her saliva drips onto the floor, Harnold popped the bigger present.

Harnold: ‘I’m hard enough le. You want the fireworks?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Wahh. Fireworks, you very creative hor. Want.’

Without wasting time, he lifted her dress to her waist, turned her around and directed her to use the table. Squatting down at her shaved pussy, he tugged at the still-vibrating egg. Ms. Ng knew what to do. With little effort, she pushed the egg out of her pussy and Harnold switched it off before keeping it.

Aiming for her deep void, he dived in and filled it up with his hot stick, making her scream. Thrusting the full length of his gun into her, slow and deep is what Harnold wants to give Ms. Ng for her present. Suddenly, her phone rang and she picked it up instantly, with Harnold still in her.

Ms. Ng: ‘Yes? No. Still there. Okay. Sure.’

She moved herself against the stunned Harnold and pinned him onto the wall, with his big hot barrel still in her. Adjusting the table against the wall, she forced herself backwards on Harnold’s dick, pushing against him hard and deep, almost hurting his hips. But the pleasure was simply too overwhelming.

Harnold: ‘Ms. Ng, Ms. Ng! I’m going to shoot le. Stop stop!’

Disregarding his warning, she kept going and rode him even as he slumped onto the floor, bouncing up and down, determined to push him to the end.  With a hug from behind her, Harnold’s body jerked and released huge loads of cum into her tight slit, as she remained seated on his lap, savoring his hot fudge flowing into her pussy.

Ms. Ng: ‘Good?’

Harnold: ‘My legs are weak le. Cannot walk.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Haha. We’ve got our presents!’

Adjusting her dress and hair, she took the egg and slid it under herself again. Then she took her makeup kit and touched up. After Harnold rested enough, Ms. Ng offered to help him wear back his pants. And right before she tuck her little manhood into his undies, she took a breath and sucked it awake, giving him a sensual mind-blowing slow blowjob, that made him blew a load bigger than the previous, into her sweet little mouth, between her glossy pink lips.

Ms. Ng: ‘Hmm.. Nice. What did you eat today? Taste so sweet.’

Harnold: ‘Pineapples? I read that it helps with the taste. You like it?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Yes I do. So full now. Let’s go home ba.’

Ms. Ng and Harnold left school with their Christmas presents and the little successful little celebration. Sure hope they don’t get caught.

Maths Remedial

I was called up by Ms. Ng to go for maths remedial after school as my test weren’t really good. The remedial was at 4pm, after her CCA ends, in my very own classroom. I had my CCA too, and it would end around that time. Recalling what happened the last time we were in private, I realised it might not be a remedial lesson. Dirty thoughts were flooding into my mind, everything from the last session of love making came back to mind.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold. Take out your things and prepare for lessons.’

The school was emptied as CCA ends at 4pm. There wasn’t many people around, and most of the teachers had went home as it was a Friday. She had already changed out of the Red Cross uniform and into her normal civilian’s clothes, a spag top and skirt. Of course, she had a jacket over her since the staff room was pretty cold.

Ms. Ng: ‘Wah. How come still so hot when the fan is on?’

Me: ‘Haha. Humid lah. So Ms. Ng. Can start? I want to go home fast.’

Ms. Ng: ‘You ah. Do so badly for my paper. You want to get punished ah?’

Me: ‘Huh? Okay lah. I tried le.’

She took her jacket off and pulled a chair to sit in front of me. Her spag top was quite loose and it was such a nice sight when she bent over to look at my work. Her boobs were in full view of me, her nipples barely touching the red colour bra she wore. I was totally lost and when I recovered, she was staring at me.

Ms. Ng: ‘Ehh! What are you looking at? Down my shirt ah? You want me to report you?’

Me: ‘Huh? Nono! I’m not looking.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Still trying to lie. If you did, just say. I want you to stand up, take off your pants and underwear. Now.’

I followed as she instructed and stood there coldly, covering my huge dick with my hand. Ms. Ng then walked up to me, held my dick in her icy cold hand started stroking.

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t worry. I want you to relax. Later you got lots of work to do.’

Me: ‘Can I rub you too?’

Ms. Ng: ‘No. I want to get wet without you touching me.’

She meant it, she stroked me for about four minutes before sitting up onto the classroom table. Spreading her legs wide open, the panty she was wearing was a matching red in colour and with an opening at her pussy area. I’ve never seen such design before, but it was sure convenient.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, lick me first. Make sure it’s really wet.’

My head disappeared under her skirt. Lapping her slit like a little puppy, I didn’t rest my tongue and neck at all. Up down up down, I made sure her juices were flowing so much that I could suck on her hole and swallow a small mouthful. She was really turned on then, face flushed.

Ms. Ng: ‘Okay. You can put it in now. Is it still hard?’

Me: ‘Yupp. Very hard.’

I pushed my hips towards her wet, gapping pussy. This time, I could guide myself into her and her hips started moving in sync with mine. It was very easy and relaxing since both of us were doing work. I continued in that position as it was really comfortable at that height.

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t need to change position lah hor?’

Me: ‘Nope. I think like this feels very good leh.’

We kept going slowly and steadily until she came. I didn’t know what to do when her pussy was really tight around me. I just pushed harder to get the same depth in. All Ms. Ng said was to keep going and not stop no matter what. Her tightness was really unbearable.

We went on for about two more orgasms and I really couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: ‘Ms. Ng! I need to pull it out le!’

Ms. Ng: ‘Mmm! Don’t take it out. Keep going. I’m feeling so good now. Going to cum again le. Keep going and cum with me.’

Me: ‘But cannot shoot inside you, what if you get pregnant?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t worry about it. Don’t take it out? Just keep going.

I listened to her and went faster yet at a pace I can control. She gave out a loud moan for the fourth time and I pushed my way into her tightening hole. At this moment, it was time for my dick to unload too. Shooting it out as I pounded her thighs, this very movement of going in and out was to push all my seeds into her.

While I was still shooting and holding it inside her, her legs came and wrapped around me, pushing my hips really close to hers, making sure every inch of my dick is in her. We held in that position for about five minutes for her to recover and then I pulled my exhausted little dick out.

It was definitely better than the previous time. This time there was more time, more control. I wasn’t worried about getting Ms. Ng pregnant since I could threaten to expose her. We cleaned up quite a bit and Ms. Ng gave me her undies to keep. We kissed for a while before leaving the classroom all sweaty and tired.

I like going to school. I could ask her anytime for it. She would consider, but still finally give into her body’s needs and desires.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold! The next remedial is tomorrow. We’re going to try something new.’

My Math Teacher

Ms. Ng was my secondary two maths and CPA teacher. She was a caring and good teacher, always making sure we know our work well. I was of course the naughtier ones who took longer to submit my homework, I still do hand them in, but just later.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold! Where’s your homework? You are always the last to hand in. Tomorrow must pass up k?’

Me: ‘Okay lah Ms. Ng, no problem. You know me best.’

The last lesson of the day was math and she had all the stuff to carry for the CCA she was in charge of, Red Cross. Somehow, I managed to finish the work at the end of the day and ran up to the desk with my bag to pass my workbook to her.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, can help me bring the workbooks and this bag to the Red Cross room? I need to go and put something in the office before going over. Take the key and wait for me inside.’

Me: ‘Har? I want to go home one leh. Haha. Okay lah. No problem.’

Ms. Ng was a tall and thin lady, she had smooth and fair skin. I find it hard to concentrate some time during her lessons, whenever she bends over and teaches me how to do certain questions. So close at moments to catch a down blouse. She would usually be in a long-sleeved buttoned shirt of different colours on different day, and varying skirt length. Hardly I see her in pants.

Her long hair, sweet voice and soft pinky lips are what distracts me, I couldn’t help but fantasize about her sometimes during lessons.

I reached the room and placed everything down, switched on the aircon while I waited for her. She took a whole twenty minutes before entering the room. She was in the Red Cross Society uniform and black heels.

She joined me on the sofa after putting her bag down. It was sure kinky to be the only people in the room. The room had curtains and was quite private for anyone to have fun inside. It was also the famous room that many of my friends kept bragging to me about making out with their girlfriends in school compound.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, do you have a girlfriend? I can tell many of the class have hor?’

Me: ‘Huh? Me no girlfriend lah. No one wants me. Sadded.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Haha. You sure? Don’t let me catch you with one ah.’

She stood up and took her heels off. I guess it was uncomfortable, that’s why she took it off. But to my surprise, she placed her hands on her waist and pulled her black skirt down with her panties.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, go off the lights.’

I was quite shock but happy at the same time, hopping towards the switches, the lights went out and she was at the last button of her uniform.

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t tell anyone about this k? I have a fetish for young boys, and you’re quite irresistible with your style.’

She took her bra off, lay on the higher table and gestured for me to go over.

Ms. Ng: ‘You’ve never seen a vagina in real before right? Take your time to make sure you know all about it.’

I suppose that was the cue to explore her love hole. Of course it was my first time to come in contact with a pussy. Not knowing what to do, I gently probed her hole with my fingers, pinching and feeling every part that I can see.

Slowly, she got wetter and moans started escaping from her mouth.

Ms. Ng: ‘I think you have to hurry a bit. CCA is starting soon le. Give me your index and middle finger.’

I handed her my fingers and she guided them into the hole, closer to her ass, into her vagina. Pushing my fingers in, she was definitely very tight. I pushed my fingers as deep into her as possible, and in and out I go. Every pull outwards was interesting, her pussy would create a vacuum that will put a suction on my fingers to bring them back in. With every stroke I gave her, she would be moaning in her sweet voice, as softly as possible.

‘Ahhh.. Hmm.. Mmm..’ sounds with heavy breathing.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, quickly put your dick in me now. I’m wet enough I think.’

It was going further than I’ve expected. I wasted no time in undoing my pants and readying my dick.

Me: ‘Ms. Ng, can help me guide my dick inside, I don’t want to put it in the wrong hole.’

She sat up a little, took my dick by the shaft and pulled it towards her hole. I held her waist and followed her tug on my dick. Taking a deep breathe, she paused before putting it in.

Ms. Ng: ‘Harnold, let me know when you’re going to shoot k?’

I nodded and started moving my hips, at the same time, cupping my hands over her B cup and kneading them. Her breasts weren’t really big, just right for my hands. It was the first time I had sex too, I found out my stamina was really bad.

Within five minutes of moving my dick in and out of her dripping wet slit, I felt my balls ready to cum. It felt really good and, the tightness that creates a vacuum in her pusssy, was totally out of this world.

Me: ‘Ms. Ng! I’m cumming!’

Ms. Ng: ‘Huh? So fast? Take a rest first, you can stay inside me while you calm your little head down. Haha. Silly boy. Your first time?’

I took a few minutes and continued with pounding her, slapping her ass with my ball sack, making the *piak piak piak*sound.

Again, within minutes and I had to inform her again.

Me: ‘Ms. Ng, I’m going to cum le. Cannot take it anymore.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Okay lah. Haha. Guess you really can’t take it le. Come, take it out now. You lean against the edge of the table, I’ll help you finish off.’

I did as told and it was so close to shooting when I pulled my dick out of her tight hole. Seriously, she was really wet and tight that I bet none of my friends will be able to take it.

She knelt on her clothes, in front of me and looked at me in the eyes.

Ms. Ng: ‘I’m going to suck it all out just for you. It’s only my second time doing for a guy other than my ex-boyfriend. We see how it goes k?’

She took my dick into her mouth and sealed her lips around, moving forth and back, making sure her lips goes over the line separating the head and shaft. I had to say, it was mind-numbing. Not sure if anyone of you felt it before, but my mind really went numb. I couldn’t do much except to hold myself upright while she did the rest of the work.

I could last longer this way, but she didn’t take any rest. She kept going for about ten minutes before I really had to release it, my legs were going wobbly then.

Me: ‘Ms. Ng, I shooting le. Into your mouth?’

Ms. Ng’s only response was ‘Mmm..’

I released my load into her mouth, pushing every single drop I can spare. It was definitely little, since I had been masturbating every night, mostly thinking of her. It was a fantasy come true. After I shot and cleaned up, both of us got dressed and took a break on the sofa.

Ms. Ng: ‘How was it? Nice? You shot so little. But luckily it tasted sweet.’

Me: ‘Haha. Super nice. Thank you Ms. Ng. I shot so little cause I masturbate every night, thinking of you.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Really think of me meh? Haha. Sweet talker ah you.’

Me: ‘Okay lah. Haha. How was my skills for a virgin?’

Ms. Ng: ‘Not bad. I think you will want more training right?’

Me: ‘Wahh. Don’t dare to ask for more le.’

Ms. Ng: ‘Don’t tell this to anyone ah. Okay lah. I think you go first. CCA starting soon le.’

Me: ‘Okay. I go off le. I’ll hand up whatever work tomorrow ah! Haha. Bye bye!’

I went home and couldn’t help thinking about what happened that day. I really had sex with Ms. Ng, a teacher so innocent and pretty. Hoping for more to come.

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Lucky Day

Day: Saturday
Date: 7 November 2009
Time: 9pm
Location: Her house

I went to great lengths to contact my English teacher who made me hard a few times in school, not because of her clothing but her anger and reaction, I have a curious mind for those. I needed her to help me correct the spelling and grammar for my erotica site.

After I got her email, we met up for coffee as friends at 7pm after her work and had a long chat. As there is no need to go to school the next day, I asked if I could spend some time with her (she doesn’t have a boyfriend because of her temper). We had this anger thing in common and we clicked well.

She drove me to her HDB house to change into a set of comfortable attire. Her house is filled with cute, lovely toys, stuffed animals being the most. I entered her room and checked out her wardrobe which was left open. With her clothes on the bed, I knew she had to come out to get them, so I stood by the door to ‘act’ as if I entered her room accidentally.

All went as planned and from the moment she finished bathing, we didn’t say anything as she felt awkward. Feeling shy, she asked me to go home as it was getting late. Feeling bad about spoiling our meeting, I had to say something to her.

‘I’m sorry for walking into your room and made this whole meeting awkward. But there is something I have to tell you… *looking down at her feet* I was turned on when I saw your body, I simply can’t get it out of my head. Well, I’m leaving now. Sorry.’

She pulled my arm and asked, ‘You really mean it? No one said that to me before, thinking that I will get angry. It’s okay lah, come sit down’.

We sat down watched TV while asking each other about what went wrong in our relationship, being my teacher, she placed her hand on my thigh in one point in time. I held my hand over hers and placed it back on her thigh, moving her hand up and down her own thigh.

Sensing that her breathing got heavier and her skin felt warmer now. I asked one question that will either end our friendship, or bring us into a new one. ‘Ms. Lim, are you feeling horny? I am. What should I  do now?’

She placed her hand over mine, and slide it up all the way on her thigh close to her pussy. She lifted my hand up and placed it over her panties. She was wearing this oversized nightdress and to my surprise, her panties was already a little damp. Guiding my hand, she massaged her pussy and kept her eyes on the TV.

Using the other hand, she opened her panties and put my hand inside it, pushing her middle finger onto mine on her clit, she started swirling in small circles. With the rest of my hand inside, I could feel how wet and hot she was.

All I had in mind was NOT to spoil the mood, so I took her right arm, and pulled her onto my lap, asking her to lie down to feel better. My left hand slid into her panties and my right worked on her nipples through her nightdress. Her eyes were closed, head laid back, looking totally relaxed and comfortable. I did not stop rubbing her and there comes the reward, ‘Do you want to do it with me? For a long time, I want to feel something inside, but people gets turned off by my attitude.’

I got her to sit up and she led me to her bedroom. Turning off the lights, she climbed onto the bed and took her nightdress off, revealing her fair breasts. My clothes were gone in seconds, and massaged her breasts once I got onto the bed, kneeling over her. My dick was standing upright and her eyes were glued to it.

Passing me a condom, she spread her legs for me and I went between. A few seconds of struggling with the condom in the dark, but I finally got it on and readied.

I spread her legs wider and positioned my dick right in front her pussy, ready to penetrate. It wasn’t her first time, but the last time was a long time ago. I pushed my dick in and out, inch by inch to pry open her tightness, as I gave her one deep thrust to enter deep, my dick was immediately enveloped in warmth and wetness.

After pumping for a few minutes, she signalled to me to pull her up and we did it sitting up. She initiated pushing my hips against hers, my dick going as deep as possible into her. She moaned louder as she went hyper speed – herself.

She had her continuous orgasms and suddenly realised I haven’t cum, she asked if I can spend the night with her so she could help me out. Knowing what will happen, I agreed without a second thought. She went on her fours and asked me to place my hips against the wall. I didn’t know what was coming but followed her instructions.

I slid my dick into her pussy and she started humping me by pushing herself against me, using the edge of the bed as support. She went into another round of non-stop orgasms and here was what scared me. In an angry tone, she scolded me horny bastard and making her addicted to sex and and.. commenting on my stamina, stating she won’t forget what I did to her. After much concentration on my part, I managed to stay hard and to let her dominate me.

We went back to missionary and she allowed me to be in control for once before I came all over her breasts. We laid on the bed tired, but contented. Feeling real naughty and adventurous, we took pictures of her cum-covered body and my pussy juice-covered body and made sure we had a copy each.

We slept till morning before we went for another round of sex after breakfast at her place. Soon it was time she had to send me home and upon reaching my place, she gave me a peck on my lips, asking, ‘Can we meet again?’

And with that, I knew she got addicted to sex, without strings. At least with someone who could tolerate anger and turn it into sexual forces.