Bikini Bottom

A message from Jess’ form teacher came through her phone as her last lesson ended, requesting to see her in the air-conditioned music room next to the hall. She went to the room after school and saw that Mr. Lee was marking papers, while his phone buzzed away by the stack. Jess: ‘Mr. Lee, you […]

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Too Much Education

Rachelle: ‘Okay class. That’s all for today.’ She let the students leave the classroom before walking out, heading back to the staff room to drop her folders. As she tided her desk, Ron stood up among the cubicles and took a quick glance at her, smiling nonchalantly, and went for the door. Upon seeing his […]

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Home Tuition

Alena was home waiting for her Biology tutor to come after he told her he would be late. Since there was no one home, she didn’t bother to put on her panties nor bra, but just relaxed in her room where the tuition would be carried out. Joseph rang her doorbell while struggling to hold […]

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Tutor’s Little Gift

Charmaine had been receiving tuition from a senior who had graduated for some time now, and their efforts had been going well, bringing her results to an all new high with his guidance. On this Wednesday, Jeremy had been late for thirty minutes now and it was very unusual of him to do so. Still, […]

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Well Done

Ms. Ng: ‘Good job class. Well done for the semester. I have a little token for the class for passing all the exams. No one failed.’ The class applauded loudly and she went around to give out the presents individually, presenting cards she wrote the night before for everyone in her class. When she reached […]

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