Freed Boobs

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Did you just unhook my bra?!’
Ryan (whispering): ‘Yeah. You look sexier without ma.’
Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Wei.. how to wear it back now?’

She leaned away from her seat in the cinema and slipped her hand under her t-shirt, quickly tucking her bra into her bag. As soon as she was done, Ryan wrapped his arm around her neck and pulled her closer, reaching into her collar. He gently cupped her breast and squeezed them in short, light squeezes, causing her to shift awkwardly in her seat.

Her chest-hugging top was already thin, and in white, her nipples wouldn’t escape the eyes of men. With her tiny peaks getting stiffer from his massage, her hand automatically went to his jeans and gave his bulge a pinch, feeling the thick, soft piece of meat ready for her.

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Eh.. let’s go to the toilet. The show is boring anyway.’

He acknowledged her sentence and got out of his seat with her, walking back up the theatre to the toilets. Before she could ask him anything, he just dragged her into the gents, slamming a cubicle door open and let her enter. In the sudden discovery of a discreet spot, she didn’t wait any longer to pull her shirt off, and he prompted went on to suck on those twenty-cents sized aerola.

Her job was to keep her voice down as he nibbled them, while sticking his hand up her ribbed, tube cotton skirt she wore. Her wet panties were pushed to the side and his rapid attack on her clit made her hang onto his head firmly.

Sherlyn: ‘I need your cock now.’
Ryan (whispering): ‘Shhh! Softer!’

His mouth never stopped working as he undid his jeans, letting his cock bounce free in her eyes. Remaining on his ass (on the toilet), Sherlyn kneeled between his legs and devoured his cock in a flash, letting her saliva flow around her slurping lips. His fingers could barely stay on her boobs from her fierce sucking, as if drawing blood through the tip. It only took five minutes before he felt his limits nearing, and he reluctantly stopped her.

Ryan (whispering): ‘Come. Up. Over here.’

He placed his shirt on the toilet and let her kneel on it, bending over into doggystyle. It was a quickie so hush-hush and intense that her pussy never stopped drooling. The moment his dick touched her, she jerked herself backwards to take his whole shaft in, much to his surprise towards the usually shy girlfriend.

Right before he moved, she turned sideways to him and mouthed, ‘fuck me’, biting on her own lips after that. He found the perfect spot to hold around her waist and began thrusting crazily, pumping all his energy into his groin that dug into her deepest spot. The slapping noises of their hips diminished as time past, droplets of sweat landing everywhere.

Her orgasms were silent, but the full effects were felt on his suffocating cock. She was just getting tighter and tighter with each deep thrust.

Ryan (whispering): ‘Shooting le! Wait wait!’

He couldn’t make the last stroke and pulled out to her dismay, but she did not just lie still. She turned around and sat on his shirt, shifting her body forward just enough to fit his cock between the pink, thick lips. One hand went to his shaft and the other on his balls, her head bobbed up and down on his member, suction increasing as she coordinated the physical response from his body.

Ryan: ‘Now now! Mmm.. Mmm!’

He cupped his own mouth to prevent any unwanted groans from escaping, and waited out the violent ejaculation he was unloading into his girl. Moving lips kept his penile muscles contracting, forcing every last bit out of his shaft with some suction at the tip. His legs went wobbly after the last drop was out and she left him alone. Rubbing her clit in front of the exhausted boy, he was in smiles to see her so satisfied.

The rest of the time was spent dressing up and waiting for him to text her that the corridor was clear, before she dashed out into his arms.

Sherlyn: ‘I can’t believe I did it outdoor!’
Ryan: ‘There’s a first for everything right?’
Sherlyn: ‘Idiot you. (whispering) I left my underwear in the toilet.’

He pulled her away from the washrooms after hearing that and went for dinner, cock constantly throbbing to remind that someone could be watching her panty-less pussy anytime. At the end of their date, they went straight to his place and got to work, stripping and capping on a condom for immediate sex.

Just imagine a girl readily wet, waiting to be fucked anytime. Would you not treat her like a princess?

Sick Cindy

Mr. Tay (shouting): ‘Cindy, are you alright?’

Two female students stood outside the toilet after Cindy spent over twenty minutes inside, worrying her classmates as she had fainted in there before. After a few frantic knocks from her science teacher, her voice broke the frightening silence and the cubicle door opened slowly.

Mr. Tay: ‘She’s fine girls. I’m going to bring her to the sick bay, she’s quite weak. Return to class and tell your next teacher Cindy won’t be there.’

They left him for class and he carried the feeble girl in his arms, taking great care not to knock her head against the door frame as he exited.

Cindy: ‘Mr. Tay, can you let me down? I need the toilet again.’
Mr. Tay: ‘What happened to you? Food poisoning?’

She stumbled into the staff toilet and Mr. Tay stood guard outside, telling her not to lock the door in case she needed help. Unknown to him, she had been masturbating in a drowsy mood from not eating well, and the brief moment he touched her thighs made her weaker than before.

Cindy (shouting): ‘Mr. Tay, are you there?’

The crumpled shirt teacher knocked twice before entering, only to get a shock when he saw her sitting on the toilet cover with her legs spread opened, hanging on the two handicap handrails. Quickly, he twisted the lock and grabbed her skirt from the sink, about to throw over her groin until she caught his fling.

Cindy: ‘No don’t.. I want you to see this.’

Her fingers went on to rub her shaved pussy before his wide eyes, but he wasn’t taking the bait from his student. Only when she moaned louder, did he cover his hand over her mouth, and forced his other hand over her moving one.

Mr. Tay: ‘Stop. What are you up to this time?’
Cindy: ‘I want you to fuck me. Or I will say that you molested me when I was sick.
Mr. Tay: ‘What?! I’ll get into trouble for this you know?’

She gently took his hand on her crotch and placed it directly on her pussy, pushing his middle finger onto her clit and moved it a little. Her body relaxed to his touches and his other hand was left on her chest, braless and having nipples poking at his palm.

Cindy (whispering): ‘Just help me out and I’ll never tell.’

To let her get a taste of how much it hurt to ask a grown up to finger her, he took his chance and stuck his thick middle finger in, thrusting slightly as her wet hole swallowed his finger. The moment he made his last inch disappear, Cindy moaned in a different, cuter tone, feeling her pussy pulsate to the foreign object piercing her repeatedly.

Cindy (moaning): ‘Take off your pants Mr. Tay. I want to see how big it is.’

He could not reject her request out of fear and lowered his pants to his ankles, walking closer to his sec two student so she could wrap her hand around it. Stroking his thick cock gracefully, her fingers barely touched each other around his shaft, turning him on even more. As pre-cum formed at the tip, he felt her getting wetter and hornier.

Mr. Tay (whispering): ‘Can I put it inside you?’
Cindy: ‘Of course cher.’

He easily carried her up and made sure she sat nearer to the edge, while he kneeled on the floor in front of her legs. Holding her waist firmly, her grip on his arms tightened as his cock slipped into her pussy, slowly consuming her with sex as inches disappeared into her.

The slow penetration gave Cindy time to calm her mind down, which was throbbing with lust due to his extreme size. Feeling every bumps on his cock, her vaginal walls couldn’t be any tighter around him.

Mr. Tay (whispering): ‘You’re fucking tight you know?’
Cindy (moaning): ‘It’s you who is too big.’

His hips started thrusting back and forth, plugging his cock deep into her pussy to set off a uptight yelp. Her ass kept rocking on the plastic cover as he pushed and pulled her on it, bringing her closer to orgasm each time. Within minutes, her legs wrapped around his back and arms threw themselves over his neck. The tiny body trembled uncontrollably in his arms as an orgasm rendered her weak, making him feel like a dad consoling his climaxing daughter.

Mr. Tay: ‘Feeling better?’
Cindy: ‘Good enough for doggie.’

He got on his feet and lifted her up, to turn her towards the wall behind the bowl. Holding her ass in his strong hands, he kept her knees together while he pierced his cock through her unprepared pussy. Right before she could scream, her mouth was covered by his hand and the merciless hip-to-hip slapping noises echoed in the cubicle.

Cindy (moaning): ‘You’re driving me crazy Mr. Tay!’
Mr. Tay (groaning): ‘Isn’t that what you want?’

He continued to pound her until she lost balance, but remained upright with his support. Her pussy was at its hardest orgasm and he was just ramming non-stop, completely letting go of his desires to hold back. Minutes passed like seconds as his cock swelled up in her small hole, bombarding her with orgasms following one after another.

In the midst of the crazy, all out sex, Mr. Tay was beginning to feel his urge coming, and Cindy was barely sober from the continuous attack of orgasms.


She could not reply him in time and the forceful jerk buried him balls deep, unleashing his cum into her tiny frame. There was little resistance as she was too weak to fight back, and his hot semen just calmed her mind down more than if she was to just massage her clit after-sex.

The five minutes break went uninterrupted and he wore her clothes back after he got dressed, carrying her out of the toilet like a hero saving a beau. The on-duty female teacher took over the flushed faced, warm and sweaty girl and sent Mr. Tay away. For the rest of the day in the sick bay, Cindy drifted in and out of sleep, getting herself wet to the thoughts of Mr. Tay’s huge cock plunging her pussy over and over again.

The next day, Mr. Tay received a letter from Cindy, containing her phone number as well as a postal code and date-time. It was an ‘invite’ he could not refuse, or face unimaginable consequences from Cindy. What happened that day after school at a secluded void deck will be left to your imagination, but one thing for sure – Cindy was left at the stairs semi-conscious but dressed and satisfied, after Mr. Tay was done with her.

Frankly speaking, do you girls prefer to be exhausted and barely awake after sex? Or more energised and ‘ready for anything’?

There’s Soap

At 6am, I woke up before my alarm went off and walked into the common bathroom in my boxers, the standard outfit I wore for sleep. Enjoying the comforting darkness in my sleepy eyes, I turned off the tap as I soaped myself up.

Right then, the lights came on and the bathroom door swung opened, my younger sister taking a step into the toilet before she realised I was there. Standing naked with my morning wood still up, I was certain it twitched when my sister’s top naked body appeared.

Sister: ‘Kor! Why didn’t you on the lights?!’
Me: ‘Shhh! So loud for what?’

She covered her chest with her towel and stepped back out, closing the door on the awkward situation. Then just five seconds later, she opened the door again and dashed to the toilet bowl, pulling her underwear down and relieving herself with a soft moan.

Sister: ‘I cannot hold it in liao.’

I quickly spun my back to face her then and I picked up my speed to rinse the soap off, while the peeing noise silenced. Sure, we had taken turns to use the toilet before, but it was the first time we were ‘doing it’ together.

Sister: ‘Kor.. lend me the spray.’

I paused showering and gave her the showerhead, still turned away and waiting for her to tell me she was done with it. When I got impatient and checked what she was up to, her body already soaked and she was about to soap herself (with our soap and shampoo hung next to the toilet bowl).

Me: ‘Can’t you wait till I’m done?’
Sister: ‘You’re done what.’
Me: ‘Not yet la. My butt? And in front.. ‘

She aimed the showerhead at me and I forced myself to turn around, letting her self-guide the erotic jets of water over my hardened cock. Besides the main lead, I also had to tuck each side of my balls to scrub the slippery coat of whatever off, in front of my wide-eyed sister.

Sister: ‘Is it always hard in the morning?’
Me: ‘Mostly?’

Naughtily, she aimed sprayed water into my face and I went blind, right after feeling fingers running along my shaft.

Me: ‘Wei!’
Sister: ‘Got soap la.’

She was pulling my foreskin back and rubbing the whitish dead skin off for me, unknowingly making my erection harder.

Sister: ‘Ehh.. don’t get turned on by your mei leh.’
Me: ‘Sisters don’t touch their brothers like that one leh. Okay okay. Enough.’

She got up and took over my shower spot as I threw my towel around my neck, in front of the mirror at the sink. For one, I have not shaved yet. Through the mirror, I was stealing glances at my sister, lathering herself unashamed, twerking to imaginary music.

Sister: ‘Kor, you’re not going to help me wash down there ah?’
Me: ‘Siao ah?’
Sister: ‘Ya lor. My kor where got so nice hor?’

I cleaned my face and razor before keeping them away, turning my attention to my sister who was so daring to say what usually was reserved for adults. While her face was wet (and eyes closed), I snatched the shower head away from her and wetted my hands. Quickly taking two pumps of soap, I grabbed her boobs and washed them for her, while facing a little fight to push my hands away.

Me: ‘You want this right?’
Sister: ‘Noooo!’

Her struggle weakened when I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers, causing her to reach for my cock blindly to avenge my bullying. As we made full use of the bubbly shower foam on each other, there was no denying that the mutual silence had a hint of sexiness in it.

Standing nipples to nipples, we were that close a proximity when I whispered for her to spread her legs. My obedient sister did exactly just that and I ran my fingertips down her clit, where circular motions caused her to moan even louder.

Pumping my cock in scented lather, I was as hard as a rock while she was as horny as a slut. Finally, after the longest five minutes, our biological clocks told us that we were running late if we kept playing. The nice, warm water washed the soap from our overly cleaned bodies and the redness of our genitals appeared uncannily, thanks to what we did that should never be done.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor.. you’re so hard.’
Me: ‘Go sit down on the toilet bowl.’

She lowered the cover and I went on my knees between her legs, having her automatically spreading the delicate folds of her pussy as if she knew what I was going to do. Right on point, I buried my face into her wet skin and used my tongue to flick her clit, forcing her to press my face even harder into her groin.

Sister (whispering): ‘Kor.. yes.. there.. ‘

I kept sucking and teasing her clit till her legs clamped my head tight, signalling an orgasm that shook through her body. When I looked up at her, a refreshed, arms-stretching look put smiles on both our faces. She got up casually and went behind me, requesting me to sit on the toilet too.

Sister: ‘Tell me if I’m doing it wrong k?’

She sat crossed legged on a plastic stool and rested her head on an arm on my thigh. Jerking me for a while, it did not take long before a tiny tongue stuck out of her lips, tasting my pre-cum and then devouring it whole. A gasp sent me lying back and she bounced her head up and down energetically. I was holding on to the toilet paper dispenser with my life as she sucked my vitality away.

Me (moaning): ‘Oh my god.. you’re hitting all the right spots!’

She wrapped her index and thumb around the base as she lifted her mouth to focus on the head, part masturbating and part sucking me off. There was no need to guide her as she slowly pushed me towards the edge. My toes couldn’t free itself from the curling pleasure and the urge to cum just hit me in the face.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘Mei! I’m gonna cum! Argh argh.. ‘

Her mouth left my cock just in time to have my thick, gooey semen spray across her lips, twitching helplessly as she kept pumping her fist. Seeing her take delight in my most agonising moment, the rebellious expression on her face scared me for a moment there.

Once she felt no more power from my shaft, a final, upward squeeze emptied my meat tube and she was up on her feet. I gave my cock a thorough wash while she cleaned her face, stepping out of the toilet naked for our clothes. Still far from sunrise, we readied ourselves and left the house together, looking confident and satisfied with the pleasurably short morning workout.

Walking to the bus stop hand in arms, we were secretly excited about our adventure earlier. One that we can never tell anyone else.

Sister: ‘What time do you end work?’
Me: ‘1pm today.’
Sister: ‘So early? Wait for me at home k?’

I gave her a grin and boarded my bus, to the hectic work of making coffee for the office crowd. During the 5 hour shift, two of her sexy photos (taken in her office toilet) kept me going for most part. Once she was home, the small three room flat suddenly seemed bigger with a common activity to explore them again.

No sex – was the only rule we laid for ourselves, but it was constantly tested by my sister’s request to stick my cock under her pussy and between her legs to mimic ‘sex’. I was so sure accidents were bound to happen.

Spontaneous Student

Diagonally seated in front of me, the blue skirt hiked up her legs and brought my attention to her eyes, hoping that she did not notice my gaze. Instead, a grin appeared sideways to me and a momentary line of sight was established. I felt a little confused then and did not know what I could do. So, I went back to my iPad and continued reading the news.

A few minutes later, she got out of her seat with her wallet and walked towards the door next to me, dropping a piece of paper as she exited.

Toilet now.

Since I was alone, I packed my stuff and went to the gents, actually doing my business and exited in time to see her adjusting her blouse at the females’ entrance.

Girl: ‘Is there anyone inside the gents?’
Me: ‘Nope. Why?’

She walked straight into the gents, and I couldn’t leave her alone. Seeing how the last cubicle door moved, I joined her in the toilet with a racing heart. As hesitant as I was about getting involved with a girl her age, the situation did not allow much thoughts to happen.

Before my eyes, a pink bra emerged from between those buttons and she stepped out of her skirt without letting it hit the ground. I hung my bag at the hanger of the door and she lifted my shirt up to expose my belt.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey hey.. can you slow down?’

She wasn’t any shorts under her skirt then and simply tucked my hand between her legs, letting me feel the wet patch on her panties.

Girl (whispering): ‘You are the one that made me lost control when you looked at my legs.’

Her panties went down to let me touch her pussy directly, while my underwear was lowered to my thighs. In untrained motion, she pumped my cock erratically until it was too overbearing. In return, I kept vibrating my fingers on her clit till she tiptoed, raising herself higher for me to finger her.

All it took was a few seconds for me to shove my finger in, thrusting as soon as I could to relief the pain. She kept her mouth on my neck to suppress the moans escaping but her random hand movements made me weak fast.

Me (whispering): ‘Girl, let me help you cum. Then we’ll leave k?’
Girl (whispering): ‘Just like that?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

Both of us took a break and she moved to the door, turning her back on me and angling her hips at ninety degrees. She peeled one of her ass open and a pink, slimy pussy invited me into its drooling orifice. ‘Sure?’, I mouthed the word of confirmation to her and she nodded in kitty cute manner.

I parked my meat between her ass and pushed forward slowly, stretching the tight lips open around my shaft. As I disappeared into her, I could feel how I tore my way into her naturally enclosed cave. When she closed her fists against the door, I knew I was fully inside and had to take a few steps back to prevent slamming her body on the thin door.

Once we decided that the toilet bowl was the best place to be fucking at, her knees supported her lower body while she crossed her arms on the water tank. Very carefully, I made long, deep strokes to acclimatise her body, making her wetter as she felt every inch of my skin on her vagina.

Seeing how her toes curl, I knew she was ready and proceeded to pound harder, going deeper with increasing speed. It was damn sexy and wrong to be holding a school girl’s waist this hard, jerking her ass towards me just to pierce her another time. After three minutes of chest tightening gasps, she flung her body upright and slammed onto my chest. I cupped my hands over her small boobs and squeezed hard, cumming and leaking juices down her legs.

Me (whispering): ‘Where do I come babe?’
Girl (whispering): ‘Wait wait. Let me sit down first.’

Like playing lava floor, she turned herself around on her knees and wiped herself dry, before sitting on her skirt. Holding my cock in her face, she used her viscous pussy juice to masturbate me, smiling widely as I struggled to contain my groans.

The next thing I did was to bunch her hair into a ponytail, and she straightened her back knowing what I was thinking. Just as I pushed her towards me cock, her lips opened and I just felt her going down eternally on me.

Me: ‘Ahh.. ‘

I guided her head, keeping her lips in motion without going too deep. The spontaneous student did her best and let her tongue flip around as well, sucking me gently as I went crazy.

All it too was another three minutes, before I lost my mind and held her head still, aimed down her neck. Hot cum string shot over her chest and bra, dribbling down to her belly and she helped pumped my cock a few times to extract everything. Once I stopped shooting, she smeared my bio-lotion over her body and even gave her own pussy a few rubs.

Instead of looking tired, she was hyper like before and went to put on all her clothes, helping me as well after she was done. I was just regaining my senses and recovering my energy after the wild girl’s chase to orgasm.

She left the toilet behind me after I checked that there was no one else, and stood for a while at the corridor.

Girl: ‘Here’s my number. Text me k? We can meet again.’
Me: ‘I don’t know about that. You’re under sixteen.’
Girl: ‘And that’s how you feel really big to me, by being small.. and tight.’

The long haired girl with the fine, toned legs, chest proportionally-developed and pussy beyond-ready, ran into the restaurant after giving me a wink, joining her friends who were chatting away. Before I reached home, she had already booked me for a date the next day, at a quieter place that we won’t be judged for being seen together. And of course, for something more after dine-and-date.

Double Happiness

When we first saw each other, our minds told us to do the same thing – not look too long at the new friend. Bernice had introduced us to each other in the noisy karaoke room, the largest one available to celebrate her own birthday. Our eyes only spent a second together before we turned to Bernice, whom was quick to turn away to entertain the other guests.

Me: ‘What are you drinking? Chivas?’
Adeline: ‘Umm.. green tea? I am not really a good drinker.’

In the dancing and singing crowd, we were the only two seated on the bar stools, in front of a wall, in the opposite mood the rest of the room was in. Like me, she only knew two other person at the party and I could tell she was as awkward as I was.

Bernice returned to the table after a while and shoved a rock glass of gold liquid, a blend of Chivas and green tea.

Bernice (shouting): ‘Come on guys! Woohoo! Cheers!’

Her glass knocked loudly against our cups and she was gone the next moment, while Adeline gulped down the whole drink. We quietly sat in the corner until she slipped off the stool, half drunk from the single dose of alcohol.

Adeline: ‘Shit.. I’m drunk so early.’
Me: ‘You’re not suppose to drink it all. She barely took a sip.’
Adeline: ‘Arghh.. ‘

I helped her back on her seat but she jumped off a second later, walking briskly to the door. Not wanting to let her go on her own, I followed. From the door onwards, my arms were around her back and abdomen, holding her till we reached the tattered washroom. A quick point to the toilet bowl and I dashed into the cubicle, just in time to let her Merlion into the stained porcelain shit hole.

Well, I couldn’t blame her when she barfed even more upon seeing the state of the toilet, slumping onto her thighs as her stomach flushed the toxins through her mouth.

Adeline (panting): ‘I’m so sorry to have let you seen this side of me. I really shouldn’t have.. ‘

She closed the door as I patted her back down, partly glad she was recovering. Her hand pulled her dress lower to hide the unintended panty exposure in her sitting position, but I was more concerned about her.

Adeline: ‘Help me up on the toilet.’

I carried her by her waist and let her lie on the tank, face flushed too from my own drink. At the worse possible timing, the sudden standing posture alerted my bladder and it kept me from standing upright.

Me: ‘I need to pee. See you back in the room?’
Adeline: ‘Just do it here la. I need your help to get back to the room.’

I flung her up on her feet and kicked the cover open, fly unzipping like an airplane canopy, and my cock ejected with a fire hose level of ‘water’ power. The long awaited relief sent a shiver down my body and the presence of Adeline did not bother me at all.

Adeline (whispering): ‘J.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Adeline: ‘I help you flick.’

Her arms went around my hips too fast for my slow responding brain and my cock was in her grasp next. As she gave it a few nods, it started growing and would not fit through the zipper when she tried to put it back. So, my belt was undone and underwear was tugged lower. Right before she pulled my underwear over my erection, I had to ask.

Me: ‘Do you need to pee too?’

I stopped her movements by the wrists and opened her arms, doing an about-turn to put her in front of the toilet.

Adeline (whispering): ‘I think I need to.’

A glide of my hands up her dress stripped her panties to her knees and she held onto me while she half-squatted to pee. For the first time, the sound of piss was similar to a flowing river, gushing with droplets creating a beautiful splashing noise.

Me: ‘Since you helped me to ‘flick’, I’ll wipe for you.’

An angry jerk of my arm ripped the low-quality, coarse toilet paper from the holder and I folded it twice before bringing it between her legs. One, two swipes from back to front later, I discarded the soiled sheet into the toilet. My fingers did not stop there though. Standing face to face, I continued to run my middle finger between her pussy, causing her to be wetter the more I ‘cleaned’.

Adeline (whispering): ‘Hey.. ‘
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Adeline (whispering): ‘Nothing.’

She held my hard dick and pumped it gently, air-dropping saliva as she jerked me off. One of her legs went on the cover and I began going deeper, sliding along her slit closer and closer till I could put my finger inside.

Adeline: ‘Oh yes.. deeper J.. ‘

I was soon fingering her with my fingers thrusting in their full length inside her pussy, juices coating them thicker with each stroke. The shy-est girl grabbed me by my collar and whispered in the sexiest tone ever, for me to proceed.

Adeline (whispering): ‘Fuck me.’

She turned her back towards me and we moved to the door (of the cubicle) to keep our distance from the toilet. Holding my own cock, I carefully guided it into her pussy and the both of us were in total silence for the discreet entry.

Bernice (shouting): ‘Adeline! Are you inside?!’
Adeline (shouting): ‘Yeah! Why?’
Bernice: ‘You okay? Did you see J? I couldn’t find him.’

Adeline: ‘He’s in here with me.. ‘
Bernice: ‘Oh.. ‘

Just as we were about to.. Well, too much had happened over alcohol and Bernice’s intrusion was perhaps the best thing we could expect.

Bernice (shouting): ‘Have fun guys! I’ll see you back in the room once you’re done.’

Adeline slammed her ass back at me after hearing that and I was shocked, while inside her. Releasing my decent form, I slapped my hands on her waist hard and began thrusting, pounding her in the white spaghetti dress that was hanging around her hips.

Moans fireworked into the air as my dick drilled into her deepest spot, before sliding almost out. The repeated forceful entries really got her screaming loud and there was nothing that could stop us then. It was all just slapping, moaning and heavy breathing sounds.

Her first orgasm released more lubricant for me to go faster, which I took full advantage of and fucked her brains out in asthmatic gasps. ‘Oh fuck! I’m cumming again!’, she whispered loudly as I buried my cock deep in a single thrust. The incoming closure of her pussy sealed around my shaft perfectly, immobilising me for a few seconds before I could move.

After about three orgasms, she got into a frantic state and stepped away from me, giving me a partial shocked face about what I just did to her.

Adeline: ‘You.. you are really crazy!’
Me: ‘I’m sorry. I just couldn’t hold back.’

Her mood changed impossibly fast when she jumped into my arms, pecking me all over the neck as I process what just happened.

Adeline (whispering): ‘If only I can bring you home to fuck every night.. Let’s finish this.’

She squatted down after getting off and plunged my dick into her mouth, sucking it like a lollipop microphone. The twisting of her hand drove me crazy along with her soft tongue caressing the underside, putting me in a high I never felt in a long time.

It only took her two to three minutes before I warned her, and she went berserk with deep throat. I was hanging onto the hanger behind the door for my dear life when my balls shrunk rock hard. The next thing I knew, my mind went blank as the first load jetted out of my cock, consecutive shots draining me as violently as the first shot.

Her tongue teased my cock head as I came and she finally stopped after nothing came out of my twitching rod. She stayed below as she squeezed the last bits out, licking them up and returned to my eye level. A gulp later, she was grinning from ear to ear. The smile on her glowing face looked really satisfied with what she did to me.

We wore out clothes back and went back to the room, where everyone was screaming and dancing their lungs out. This time, in the same corner, I leaned towards Adeline who took the seat. What was different though, was that her dress was higher than normal, and my hands behind my back playing with her juicy cunt.

Bernice: ‘You two horny bunnies!’

With Bernice in front of me, Adeline ran her hand over my groin to show her my semi-erection. The adventurous birthday girl grabbed the barely obvious bulge and whispered to Adeline over my shoulders.

Bernice: ‘Can I have him after the party?’
Adeline: ‘The birthday girl always gets what she wants.’

The high five they exchanged made me felt like a commodity and the party lasted till 1am, and the three of us took the same cab home. Could you guys guess which three I am referring to? We did head home though, to one of ours.

In Passing

Shyan: ‘I need to go to the toilet first. Wait for me k?’

The ‘lian-ish’ 21 year old girl went into the ladies while I waited outside, mentally drained after an intense study session with her. The government subsidised course was designed for novice, but the short duration of it forced the teachers to speed things to a point comprehension was difficult for the clueless.

So, just two hours before our final test, we finished our revision and was about to head for dinner before the brain-wreaking hour and a half.

Shyan (Whatsapp): ‘Shit. Can you come in for a while? I fell and can’t get up.’

Upon seeing her text, I stuck the ‘Cleaning in Progress’ sign in front of the ladies and dashed right in, aiming for the last cubicle that was shut. I knocked hard and she unlocked for me to enter. When I saw her sprawled on the spacious tiled floor, I had no idea how someone her age could slip and not pick herself up.

I squatted down in front of her and she hugged my neck, slowly finding her balance as I pulled myself up. Once we were on our feet, she did not let go and started kissing my cheek, moving down to my neck that I immediately gave in to. There was no way to resist this ah lian in tight tank top and tiny shorts. My hands ran under her top and massaged my way up her small waist, to the glorious C cups under her bra.

For a ‘wild’ girl like her, the sweet fragrance from her body melted my mind and strangly, hardened my cock further that had long been eyeing her as a ‘sex object’. My pants came off quickly and her shorts did not stay on for long too, having difficulty only in yanking it down her legs. The sexy thigh gap was parted when I slid my hand down her belly, diving into the shamelessly small panties that did nothing more to hide the dragon tattoo across her pelvic area.

Once I had my fingers running up and down her clit, she was in heavy breathings with sensual moans. My cock was soon a toy in her palm, jerked up and down in the most careless manner. Well, that kind of sloppy, half-fuck handjob really did turn me on and my pre-cum was oozing non-stop. I just stood in front of Shyan who was leaning on one of the walls, but had one feet raised on top of the toilet seat. That was how I was able to finger her and still keep her stroking my cock.

Shyan (whispering): ‘I want to feel your cock inside me J.. ‘

I stomped on the seat cover with one feet as well and she got the message. Turning herself towards the wall, her ass stuck out begging for me and I easily found the slippery, wet hole with my cock. Helping myself to her pussy, I needed no cue to start thrusting into her sweet cave. The aching tightness did make me cringe for a while, but it disappeared as I went faster. Each stroke into her would force some of her juices out, as if I just broke through the water dam.

The poor girl just clutched onto my hands that were on her waist, powerful, rhythmic force driving her clothed chest up and down the wall. My hip was slamming her ass continuously and she was in charge of making desperate lewd noises her ‘ah lian’ status demanded of her. There was nothing comparable to be fucking a hot, skinny girl with a badass ink on skin, clearly a good-girl-gone-bad.

Her legs began to weaken when I engaged at my top speed, a few times slipping out of my grip but I managed to keep her balanced by pinning her closer to the wall.

Me (whispering): ‘You okay?’
Shyan (whispering): ‘You crazy ah? So much energy.. Take it out. I help you shoot?’

My dick exited the exhausted and sweaty girl, letting her sit comfortably on the bowl. She simply held my cock and used some saliva as lubricant, before jerking me off without any fancy skill. Besides that, she also used her tongue and lips to tease the my pee hole, which was quite a serene combo to my mind.

As time past, her mouth was slowly overtaking her hand and I was feeling more of her tongue, swooshing around my dick head and still feel her fingers toying with my balls. There was a sense of impending doom approaching, especially when she wrapped her arms around my hips. Ultimately, I was left groaning under her mercy when she took me deep throat, gagging and shoving her face bravely in my groin.

It took me less than three minutes before I came really hard into her mouth, so much that my vision went black but could still feel the breath-taking orgasm my cock was twitching about to.

When I returned my gaze to Shyan, her eyes were teary but the smile appeased my worried heart. Long strands of cum connected her mouth to my cock, and she slurped them up hungrily like noodles. The next thing I knew, she was talking to me as if swallowing was the easy way out. I still did not know how much she went through to be able to do these for guys.

Shyan: ‘Let’s go have dinner. I’m super tired now. You la!’
Me: ‘I make it up by treating you lo.’

We had our meals and took our tests, which she completed with more confidence unlike the previous one. After that, we took a bus to her place, for a little ‘celebration’ in the comfort of her house. ;)

Missed Connection

A brunette haired girl gave me a longer-than-usual stare before plopping the two thick books in her hands down onto the table. Swiping her sundress over her bum, she took her seat and quickly crossed her long legs before any peeping tom looked up her dress.

Her smooth complexion was hard to ignore when she combed her fringe behind her ears, and out came a notebook and a pencil case to her working desk. I was at the table opposite hers, empty with three available seats but who would join tables when there were others? I continued with my notes taking for an upcoming test and much of the sunny afternoon passed without any interruptions.

After an hour or so, she unfolded her legs and beige showed itself under her dress. She got up and brought her books with her, walking over to my table with an awkward expression.

Girl (whispering): ‘Umm.. I’m so sorry to interrupt. Could you keep an eye on these for me? I need to make a call.’

I nodded discerningly and she went away. Just ten minutes later, she was back and a wide smile made the hot sunlight through the windows slightly more bearable. Her lips whispered a ‘thanks’ to me and she joined me at the study table. How could I remain focused with a beauty before me right?

Girl (whispering): ‘Looks like you’re going to be here for a long time huh?’
Me (whispering): ‘I’m actually almost done.’
Girl: ‘Kaylen’.
Me: ‘J.’

We resumed our own work and stayed quiet until I closed my book, and her vision fixated on me when I replaced the books back on the shelves. By the time I returned, she had her stuff cleared from the table and her books on her lap, as if ready to leave too.

Kaylen: ‘Are you in a rush? Wanna get dinner?’

I had no plans for the evening but I wasn’t sure what she was up to either. Why would she ask me out of so many better looking guys here? Perhaps she was avoiding someone? I agreed and we decided to dine at a coffeeshop nearby. Before we left the library, she needed to visit the toilet and I accompanied her to the entrance.

Barely five seconds after she entered the ladies, her head appeared around the door and held onto my sleeves.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘Come.’

Losing my balance to her tug, I fell in her direction and into the ladies I went, straight into the wider handicap toilet. Before I could make sense of the situation, she had me up against the concrete, tiled wall and her lips came onto my neck. I pushed her an arm’s length away and she reached for my belt immediately, surprised to see it come loose with just a click.

What had gotten into her?

As I let her lower my jeans, I dropped my bag onto the dry floor and hugged her close before more damage was done.

Me (whispering): ‘What are you doing?’
Kaylen (whispering): ‘You? I can’t resist you.’

She held my face between her palms and gazed into my eyes, looking down to my lips and cupped her hand over my underwear.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘Your eyes, your lips, you look so sexy when you are focused.’

Her cold fingernails wriggled into my briefs and she slapped my hands onto her butt. The firm yet fleshy ass, without any underwear on. It wasn’t a beige panties I spotted. It was her pussy!

When I was caught in the drift of her lust, she had taken a seat on the toilet cover, face to face with my cock. Her hand continued to stroke it to its full potential, twitching with excitement and fear at the same time. A few seconds of pause gave her time to accumulate saliva in her lower jaws and she went down on me next.

Sucking with vigour, I was totally lubricated and in a trance from her up-down moving lips, soft tongue gliding underneath my shaft. I slipped my free hands into her spaghetti dress and felt her naked breasts, warm and perky with nipples hard as rock for the tip. Toying with those erected pokey summits, Kaylen went even deeper and flooded my mind with a wave of extra hot throat.

I was done with her mouth after a while and I turned her body so she could lie on the water tank behind her. I dropped onto my knees and opened her legs wide, letting her find something to hold them apart for me. Sweetness was the first flavour I tasted as I brushed my tongue across her slit, tip then going on her clit to vibrate slightly.

She peeled her vaginal flaps open for me and I began cycling through the alphabets, drawing them with my tongue on her pussy. Those hands that dug into my hair was so lively and energetic. She guided my mouth wherever she felt best and her body was trembling with pleasure. It wasn’t long before she was breathless and stopped my licking, staring straight down at me with an anticipating look.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘You are fucking good at this.’

She got off the seat and let me take her place, and got busy on her phone for a moment. When she placed it on the toilet paper holder, did I realised what she just did. Could I be worried when she’s the person with most to lose? She turned herself towards the door and stuck her ass out on me. One hand wrapped around my rod and her feet shuffled to get to the right distance.

Raw and wet, her touching knees forced all the air out of me when she sat over my lap. Once the gasps and moans subsided, I pulled the straps of her dress off and held her gorgeous melons in my hands. As I began to knead them, she started bouncing her ass, slurping me in and out at erratic tempo.

It didn’t take me long to stand up on my feet and had her hold onto the hangers behind the door. With our feet stable on the floor, I pounded her in long strokes that landed gently on her ass, silencing the overwhelming horniness that could heat up the whole toilet. Between our session, people came and went, oblivious to what was happening in the last cubicle.

Kaylen’s juices were leaking all over her legs and I was thrusting in a steady rhythm. She turned over to me after some time and let one of her legs over my arms holding onto her waist. Giving me more space to penetrate deeper, I sank my cock all the way in and hammered the life out of the both of us.

We remained in this position for about five minutes, filled with hot breaths all over each other’s bodies and sweat sticking our clothes together.

Kaylen (whispering): ‘I can’t take this anymore.. My legs are going weak.’
Me (whispering): ‘You came?’
Kaylen (whispering): ‘Duh! A few times already!’
Me (whispering): ‘Then, it’s my turn.’
Kaylen: ‘Sit.’

I pulled my cock out of her and slumped onto the toilet bowl. She pulled her feet out of her flip flops and kneeled on them, before taking my cock into her mouth again. This time, she made me slouch lower so I could get my body straight. Her forehead slammed onto my tummy as she took it down her throat, gagging at the same time as I panted.

As quietly as she could, I was getting mouth-fucked by her. There was no sign of mercy when she fondled my sensitive balls, lips tightly sealed around my shaft. Just as the climax built up, I brushed my hand across her cheek and she knew what I was hinting.

Her mouth stayed at the small head and tongue came to swirl around it, while her hand pumped the rest of the exposed shaft. My eyes had shut themselves in the pure enjoyment of this royal treatment and she was bobbing her head a little to help.

About two minutes later, my body began shaking and my cock thickened momentarily. A strong gush of cum shocked her but she kept her lips closed, still moving along the deadly bump under my penis ‘hood’. The whole ejaculation felt like a long time especially when she did not let go of me, jerking for more cum until my dick was completely shrunkened.

When we were done, she looked around for somewhere to dispose of the cum but she didn’t notice the other use for the toilet I was seating on. So, in a gulp, she swallowed with her neck straightened and straddled over my lap for a rest.

For a good few minutes, we made out with our hands roaming on each other’s genitals, but she was the more accessible one for me to give another orgasm to. At last, she got off me and we dressed up as fast as we could. The escape plan was simple, she left the toilet first and whispered out loud for me to exit when the coast was clear.

Legs tired but mood satisified, we went for our dinner that was filled with chatty conversations about our lives. After that, was a walk through the NPark opposite the library until I was brought to her block unknowingly.

Kaylen: ‘Still available for the night? No one’s home.’

That said, it was an unexpected but rewarding study trip at the library, all the way to her house.

Post-Workout Workout

When I took my earpiece off on the treadmill, it dawned onto me that I was the last customer besides the two female staff in the gym. One of them, Jenny, walked right in my direction before I gave her the apologetic handsign on my forehead. She was an admin usually at the front desk, but it was another of my late night workout that sent her asking me about some of the newer equipments.

After that day, we texted frequently about anything under the sun. The few times we met for lunch actually caused some awkwardness for her when her colleagues questioned. So, we kept our conversations to Whatsapp.

Jenny (WhatsApp): ‘Good workout tonight?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Yeah. Refreshed after the run. I’ll be done quick.’

I left the phone at one of the bench and entered my usual shower cubicle, hurrying my pace to rinse the sweat off. Just as I finished shampooing my hair, the creaky toilet door opened. Without thinking much, I blurted ‘gotta hurry. They’re closing soon’ to whoever I did not see in the workout area.

With water running over my head, a pair of arms suddenly went around me, and a pair of soft boobs pushed onto my back.

Girl: ‘Yeah. We gotta hurry.’

I only recognised the voice after the water stopped, and my soapy body let me rotate in her arms. Given how wet the floor was, I could not resist her step forward, slamming me against the thin plastic wall. In front of me was Jenny, naked with her ponytail. God if only she knew how much ponytails turn me on. I hugged her instinctively for balance and she tiptoed for a kiss that never broke, while I felt her tummy rubbing my rising flag.

Moments later, she tucked my dick between her legs and used the slipperiness to slide back and forth, touching at all the wrong parts that got me squirming in laughter.

Jenny: ‘Let’s wash the soap off.’

I leaned on the push-type knob and water ran all over us, with her hands running all over me to make sure there was no more soap. Once her back turned on me, I bear hugged and brought her to the toilet cubicles, laying her on her knees on the seat cover.

There was no words exchanged as I kept her calves together with my knees, and in a flash, I was shoving myself into a moaning machine. Undried water had helped the entry and as we picked up pace, she raised her back and let me tweaked her nipples while at it. Clearly enjoying the public quickie, orgasms came quickly to replace the water with her bodily fluid, allowing me to go faster.

For the next position, I held her waist against my dick and her standing on the floor. We walked with our four legs to the bench, where I flipped her over on her back. Lying on top, I was in without mercy and the willing but regretful agonising look appeared as I thrust, getting her to cum non-stop for at least twice.

The cold that we were supposed to feel after a shower never turned up, and we were humping freely in the changing room. I had this girl in my arms, on my dick, that I had kept myself fit for. Jenny was just moaning wildly, keeping her arms on my neck as we fucked like bunnies.

Since we were sweating again, I lifted her up in my arms and went into the steam room, where she came again when I placed her on her back. As she was lying down, I picked one of her ankles up and pounded her sideways, triggering another few climaxes in the new angle.

After I felt her pussy tightened on me, I helped her up and let her sit atop. I stood up and left her back bent towards the floor, while the slapping sounds continued between our sweaty bodies.

Needless to say, keeping her balance was increasingly difficult and finally, I took a break and bride-carried her to the row of basins. It was wide enough for her to get into doggie and I pushed her back over the sink.

‘Sinking’ my rod back into her overly wet cunt, a scream broke out and I yanked her hair up. Staring at that slutty face jerking senseless at the mirror, she was watching how I pounded her, feeling each stroke as her body was shoved against the sink.

Another earthshaking orgasm came and she almost blacked out from it, suddenly sobering me up that we had spent too much time fucking around.

Me: ‘Jenny. Let’s get washed up now.’

I helped her to the shower and restarted the water, and soaped my body up with hers. Despite her tiredness, she backed herself up on me and whispered, ‘fuck me till you cum’. The only reply I had then was ‘inside you?’ How comical.

She did not answer me and slipped me right in, holding onto the shower head as I rammed her for the final ride, splashing water all over as she moaned to her weakening knees. I went at my max speed ignoring how many times she came till it was my turn.

After my verbal warning, she raised herself to let my dick slip under her pussy, and twerked herself over my rod. For a full minute, I was pushed to my limits as it was so sensitive, but she got what we were after.

Gentle, unhurried, warm streams of cum trickled down her legs, which she spread around by rubbing her thighs together. Once that part was over, the rest of our night was pretty much SOP. Thankfully for the spare towel I always carried, she left the changing room first, smelling unnaturally nice and I went out after an appropriate amount of time.

Since they were closing up, I waited for the girls to lock the doors, only to have Jenny waving her friend goodbye while she turned in my direction.

Jenny: ‘To your place?’

Guess what? Yupp. You guessed right.