Freed Boobs

Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Did you just unhook my bra?!’ Ryan (whispering): ‘Yeah. You look sexier without ma.’ Sherlyn (whispering): ‘Wei.. how to wear it back now?’ She leaned away from her seat in the cinema and slipped her hand under her t-shirt, quickly tucking her bra into her bag. As soon as she was done, Ryan […]

Sick Cindy

Mr. Tay (shouting): ‘Cindy, are you alright?’ Two female students stood outside the toilet after Cindy spent over twenty minutes inside, worrying her classmates as she had fainted in there before. After a few frantic knocks from her science teacher, her voice broke the frightening silence and the cubicle door opened slowly. Mr. Tay: ‘She’s […]