Double Happiness

When we first saw each other, our minds told us to do the same thing – not look too long at the new friend. Bernice had introduced us to each other in the noisy karaoke room, the largest one available to celebrate her own birthday. Our eyes only spent a second together before we turned […]

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In Passing

Shyan: ‘I need to go to the toilet first. Wait for me k?’ The ‘lian-ish’ 21 year old girl went into the ladies while I waited outside, mentally drained after an intense study session with her. The government subsidised course was designed for novice, but the short duration of it forced the teachers to speed […]

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Missed Connection

A brunette haired girl gave me a longer-than-usual stare before plopping the two thick books in her hands down onto the table. Swiping her sundress over her bum, she took her seat and quickly crossed her long legs before any peeping tom looked up her dress. Her smooth complexion was hard to ignore when she […]

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Post-Workout Workout

When I took my earpiece off on the treadmill, it dawned onto me that I was the last customer besides the two female staff in the gym. One of them, Jenny, walked right in my direction before I gave her the apologetic handsign on my forehead. She was an admin usually at the front desk, […]

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Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’ All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’. Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’ Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very […]

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