Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’

All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’.

Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’

Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very fast one. Can wait for me outside the shower area?’

Kai: ‘Yeah. Go go.’

He almost gave her a smack in the butt but he rememebered they were in public, where literally every guy had the hots for that sexy gym-goer. Kai took his time and went into the corridor where two huge rooms split for the two sexes. Standing in front of the handicap toilet playing his phone, the females’ changing room door opened.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Kor!’

Kai: ‘What?’

Jessica (whispering): ‘Come in lah!!’

He took a sneaky glance around and casually strolled into her panicky sister. Following the trail of wet footsteps, he entered her shower and she hung her towel over the hook.

Clanging his belt loudly, his jeans came undone and he was naked waist down, feeling his sister’s wet body as she throw his pants on the hooks. She reached between his thighs and found the little stub, which was hard and still hidden under his belly fats. Playing with it innocently, her eyes was locked on his ecstatic expression.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Like it kor?’

Kai (whispering): ‘Yeah.’

Jessica (whispering): ‘Just nod k? Don’t say anything.’

She placed her flip-flops in front of her feet and kneeled down, while her brother raised on feet onto one of the water pipes. Having no other angle to do it, she buried her face in his folds of fats and sucked his dick, feeling his thick foreskin getting pushed around by her lips.

His hands running into her hair told her she was doing great and her speed picked up, teasing with her tongue swirling his little cock all over her mouth.

Kai (whispering): ‘Shooting!’

He pressed her head down on his crotch and Jessica tightened her cheeks to create a series of quick vacuum, extracting his cum that filled her mouth. The soft groans continued till the last drop was sucked out of his meat pipe, and Jessica went to the drain to spit his seeds.

Going back to him for a hug, a gentle whisper ‘kor’ reminded her of how much she loves him.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Finger me?’

They went to where the shower head was and he sat on the wet tiles after she did, spreading her legs wide to let him see her shaved pussy. Giving his fingers a lick, two of them disappeared into her body and the high-speed finger-fuck began.

Moans filled the cubicle quickly and juices were flowing non-stop. Whenever he paused, the warm liquid would stream around his fingers and go down her ass.

Kai (whispering): ‘Sit lower.’

He placed his clean thumb over her clit and his middle finger on the other hand, poked into her tight asshole. A gasp confirmed her body’s allowance and the rest of his fingers were forced into that unused hole.

Jessica: ‘Ahh.. it feels so good.’

Kai: ‘Shhh!’

As he picked up speed, her ass rose and dropped onto the floor, smacking loudly onto the wet surface. Pushing his way inside that hole was particularly more difficult, since she was super tight in this hole.

Within two minutes, her hand held onto his pumping fingers as her body trembled violently, squirting from her pussy and coating his hand with her juices. That ‘high’ expression on her face was priceless. It was the only goal Kai had whenever he did this for her.

Jessica (whispering): ‘Okay okay.. take it out.’

He took his hand away and rinsed them immediately, before wiping dry with her towel. Her satisfied face with her panting chest, said it all.

They wore their clothes back and she was back in a fresh set of t-shirt and shorts, while he had to slip on his baggy jeans again, shirt a little damp from the sweating.

As usual, she left the showers first and signalled for him to exit, walking out of the gym as though nothing has happened. A sumptuous dinner completed her workout(s) for the day and they headed back home, where an empty house greeted them for more kinky fun.

A seemingly hopeless, fat dude, with a slim, sexy but cute sister. I guess we’re one step too slow.

The Wettest Day

Me (WhatsApp): ‘Where are you?’
Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘Taking my break now. You?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Waiting for you in the toilet of your workplace :p’
Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘What!! Where?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Female. Last cubicle.’

Footsteps were soon heard rushing into the ladies, quickening as a shadow hovered outside. ‘Open’, whispered the shy 22 year old, clearly shocked from my daringness.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘How did you even.. ‘
Me (whispering): ‘I couldn’t just leave you like that right?’

She gave a sigh and hugged me tightly at her chest, flooding my nose with her sweet bodily fragrance. Remaining on the seat cover, I raised her skirt to her thighs and reached between. She had been wearing the Benwa balls since earlier and it has been teasing her so much. I could only gasp when I felt her panties soaked thoroughly across.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘I can’t wear them anymore. Take it off for me.’

I wriggled her undies free and she moved over my legs to sit. Spreading a little, her juices rubbed onto my thighs and made it slippery very quickly. I removed the toy carefully to an erotic moan from Becca as each of the balls popped out. The only place to set it down being my bag, she pulled a few pieces of tissue to lay under it.

Me (whispering): ‘Becca, you’re sliding off. Sit closer.’

She hugged my neck and used her juices to move all the way to my hips, biting her lips as I pointed my dick towards her pussy.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘What do you think you are doing?’

I couldn’t reply her when she planted her lips on mine to seal them shut. Her pussy continued moving till I was ‘under’ her, piercing into her dripping hole with just a wriggle of her hips. Our lips stayed glued while she began to move, rocking energetically to my hands kneading her breasts.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Harder.. Jhae.’
Me (whispering): ‘But you said.. ‘

She grabbed my head and shoved her boobs into my mouth, barely letting me catch any air. My tongue flickered like a short triangular flag and it drove her movements quicker. We went for almost three consecutive minutes without rest and there was no signs of orgasms. My dick was too wet to feel anything and she was already sitting balls deep.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Sorry for not telling you this J, I’ve already climaxed three times at my desk. The toy.’

I was so relieved that it wasn’t my poor performance. She already had too many servings before this meal. Rebecca stopped shortly after revealing her secret and opened my legs to kneel in between. That deadly gaze on the juicy piece of meat, even I was surprised at how wet she was. It was as good as a fruit cake with sugary glaze over it.

Her hunger was expressed as soon as her mouth vanished my manhood. My arms immediately reached out for the support bars by the sides when she bobbed her head at that incredible speed. There was no tongue action, little suction. It was pure sex that was flashing through my mind. I knew I could not last long at her mercy.

Within minutes, a couple of ladies had entered and left to our continuing oral. I was nearing my limits too. Sitting upright, she knew what was about to happen. I had just one thing to clarify.

Me (whispering): ‘You said you are not good with your mouth?’

Rebecca went so fast to a point my dick lost control, squirting cum rapidly before I was ready. You can call it senseless, breathless, void, abused, that was how I felt. I was the happiest man there. She cleaned every last drop with her tongue and I just laid there, close to fainting.

The next thing I knew, I was helped up and given the Benwa toy so I could replace it. In, it disappeared into her and she gave me a peck with a wide smile.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Your toy made me this good. And I’m only going to do it for you.’

Her panties was left in my ‘care’ and she went back to work. Well, what did I do with her panties? Read on.

Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘I’m not working tomorrow, so from tonight to tomorrow, you are going to cover that panties with your cum. Then when we meet, you are going to last a long time. I’ll check!’

I guessed if I didn’t listen, I wouldn’t get any tomorrow. So might as well. To think I thought I had her with that toy, I became the one under control. :(

Dirty Acts in Dirty Places

Shelia: ‘I think there’s a toilet in this carpark. Help me find it. Super urgent.’

She dragged her boyfriend, Jacky, behind her as they walked up the ramps, setting their eyes on the small room in the center of the carpark. He had spotted it as well and let go off her hand, where she ran and locked herself in the toilet.

Shelia (shouting): ‘Jack! You still out there?’
Jacky (shouting): ‘Yes. Take your time.’

She took a good five minutes in there before the wooden door creaked eerily, her hand stretching out to pull him inside. Her skirt hung over the edges of the sink and she was naked waist down. Being her boyfriend, they had their share of intimacy, but Jacky wasn’t too keen on doing it in that dirty washroom.

Shelia (whispering): ‘Can we do it here?’
Jacky (whispering): ‘Huh? But we are meeting tomorrow right? We can do it at my place.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Please? I’m kinda wet now.’
Jacky (whispering): ‘Even peeing can make you wet.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Duh.. I was thinking of you raping me inside here.’

He smiled and hung his bag on the hangers, before pinning her at the cleanest wall he could find. His hands had gone to her neck but before she could kiss him, he held her by the neck and made a little squeeze, choking her a few times.

His fingers scrapped into her hair and tilted her head to the side, ears almost touching his lips that were breathing warm air into them.

Jacky: ‘You wanted this huh? Then you better don’t disappoint me.’

He jerked her head downwards and she unlocked her knees to squat at his feet. Before her eyes, his belt, zip, came undone and a flaccid piece of 4 inches dangled. Right as she wanted to hold his dick up, his fingers tugged at her hair without hesitation, whispering a short but clear phrase in her eyes, ‘no hands‘.

With just her mouth, she collected his meat onto her tongue and began sucking him, feeling blood rush into his rod to stiffen it up. In no time, he was hard as rock, but she wasn’t gagging for some unknown reason. Having a cock erect in her mouth somehow made her body ready for it. And so, her head soon bobbed back and forth at that manhood, coated with generous amounts of her saliva as she fed off him hungrily.

This was another side of Jacky Shelia had never felt before, one so powerful and scary. He was full of control and rage, confusing her if this was what she wanted when she initiated at first.

After he had enough of her blowjob, he helped her up and placed her in front of the mirror. Her spaghetti bra top was unzipped next, freeing her breasts for him to grab and knead. As painful as they were, her nipples grew hard and swollen, as though asking him to continue the hurt.

He adjusted her hips away from the sink and made her stood feet-together. Moments later, the tip of his penis touched her pussy and it did not stop advancing till he was all the way inside. Her head had been up looking into the mirror, watching the satisfied face of Jacky as he felt her wetness and warmth overpowering his senses.

Hips began thrusting, and her boobs jiggled beneath her chest. Never had she felt so turned by this kind of outdoor sex, for it was making her a woman that belonged to a man, a strong, loving man who could pleasure her. Juices dripped loudly in the confined space, right from his balls onto the ground. There were no words to describe how horny she was, jerking her ass at him whenever he paused. They were so hot the room could be a sauna, but for two person.

As Jacky went into the final phase of his intense hammerage, Shelia came faster and longer, sucking his dick deeper with her pussy. That length was perfect to stroke her g-spot, sending that tiny spot into a frenzy.

Jacky: ‘I’m gonna cum, and it will be inside you this time.’
Shelia: ‘Eh no! Jacky! Don’t don’t. Don’t play with this!’

His nails dug into her waist as he pounded her, not letting her slip out of his control. There was nothing Shelia could do except to try and lean forward, away from him. His balls continued slapping on her clit, till she came another time, and releasing the last bit of inhibition from him.

Her pelvic bone hit the ceramic as he stumbled closer, jutting his hips as thick, cream shot into her vagina. Shelia wriggled herself to break free at once but it only made things worse, massaging his dick to really force every drop out. Within that couple of minutes, he kept panting and groaning, allowing his body to freely convulse as his balls shrank quickly.

Finally, his hand held the back of her neck weakly and kept her still while he pulled out. Large blobs of cum came flowing down her legs and her feet opened up to ease the heat from the machine-like speed of his sex.

Jacky: ‘It’s not over yet sweetheart.’

He picked her up by her hair and forced her to kneel again, shoving his cum covered dick right back into her mouth. Licking and sucking him clean, the whole process did not take long and she was soon in a corner, trying to cover up her naked body.

Jacky (whispering): ‘Are you alright? Did you like it?’
Shelia: ‘Is it over?’

Jacky nodded with a concerned look and helped her wear her clothes back, walking with his arm around her waist out of the place. For once, she found herself wet just thinking about what happened, staining her panties (with some cum mixed in) even before she got home.

The two of them had opened a side to her deepest desires that would be interesting to follow up in their future meet-ups. Right after she reached her room, she snapped a photo of her wet panties, and sent it to Jacky, who was feeling really guilty about what he did.

Needless to say, they went on FaceTime to let him see her getting off. For one, he had no more energy for another round. It was just too..

Wedgie in Tight Shorts

The tight shorts Cindy wore was creating a wedgie between her legs, pressing against her crotch where her g-string did not help to even the pressure out. Her boyfriend Phil had bought the shorts for her but did not know it was turning her on. Usually the one who would initiate all these kinky adventures, Cindy found her thongs getting wetter as they shop-hopped.

Cindy: ‘Phil, I need to go to the toilet. Can you send me back after that? I’m done shopping.’

Just as he looked at the ceiling for the direction to the ladies, she began walking towards the lift and he followed suit. She had remembered the single cubicle toilet near the stairs of the carpark and they made their way there, leaving Phil outside with the shopping bags.

Cindy then popped opened the door and whispered for him to enter, sensing that her g-string was too ‘tucked’ between her ass cheeks to remove. As soon as they locked the door, she hopped onto the basin and showed him how wet she was.

Phil (whispering): ‘What happened? Why are you so wet?’
Cindy (whispering): ‘The shorts luh! They kept pressing against there till I got turned on. Help me remove my strings.’

He pulled off the wet undies with strands of stickiness from her pussy. Feeling himself getting harder, the sight of his girlfriend getting so turned on without his initiation was enough to drive him wild.

Cindy (whispering): ‘Take your shorts off too. Let’s have a quickie to fix this.’

He lowered his shorts and once his dick flicked out of his underwear, she grabbed it tightly and began stroking him, while he folded his clothes away. Using his dick to rub along her slit, her eyes were fixated on how her juices were lubricating their privates, partly holding herself back from just fucking him.

As he rubbed her clit with one hand, the other went around her neck and they ended up in a passionate tongue fight, in the midst of getting each other off.

Phil: ‘Let’s get on with it.’

He took a step closer to the edge of the sink and she kept her labia open with her index and middle finger, inviting him slowly into her body. The hotness of his dick was making her feel relaxed and he too was calming himself down to let more blood into that stick.

Finally, her legs wrapped around his waist and he was fully buried in her, thrusting his top few inches at her deepest end with little sounds. At the same time, she was pulling his body towards her to get him deeper, eyes rolling white whenever he brushed across her g-spot.

The moans in the cubicle got louder once he took over the control, ramming her with his hands on her knees to keep them apart. The two lusty creatures went all out at each other, Cindy squeezing her vaginal walls as he tried to angle his penis upwards at her sensitive spots.

Phil: ‘Come, bent over the sink.’

He carried her off the sink and placed her in front of the mirror, watching her bend her chest away from him. A quick push on the tap and he got some water to coat over his already-wet cock. And another powerful shove sent his rod into her pussy, in one swift, mind-numbing entry.

Pounding her without holding back, their hips slapped loudly and she was climaxing within a few seconds. This was her favourite position, and in front of the mirror, she could admire how hardworking her boy was.

Pumping non-stop, her mind could not rest even for a single while and the orgasms just kept bombarding her senses. Even for Phil, he was feeling his cock enlarging from the constriction of her pussy around the base of his manhood (stopping the blood from flowing away).

Phil: ‘Baby girl! I’m gonna cum.’
Cindy: ‘OH YES.. release it inside me.. ‘

He pushed her body down onto the cold tiles of the sink and hammered her ass hard, piercing his dick so deep her legs just shivered uncontrollably. Moments later, a nano-second pause happened and a powerful stroke sent his dick all the way into her womb, spitting lava hot cum inside.

She could feel how warm he made her and her relaxing vagina had this squeezing motion all along his shaft. They took a minute in this position for him to empty his balls and the parting accidentally spilled some of his cum onto the floor.

They resumed their composure and took their clothes, helping each other to dress up. She had gone panty-less this time as she did not want to wear that wet piece back, only slipping on the tight shorts over her pussy. His car was metres away and they went back, on a road trip that was filled with naughty teases towards his place.

Not Rough Enough

Mel: ‘Can you delete the photos now?’
Jasper: ‘Not till I’ve got what I wanted.’
Mel: ‘Sex?’
Jasper: ‘Maybe.’

They walked pass a toilet and he stopped at the alleyway, giving Mel a stare to see if she understood him. Knowing that she would have to ‘pay’ to get her photos deleted, she entered the corridor first and went into the baby’s room, dumping her bag unwillingly onto a long seat.

Mel: ‘Now what?’
Jasper: ‘Drink this.’
Mel: ‘What’s that?’
Jasper: ‘It’s a little something to get you in the mood.’
Mel: ‘Can I not drink this? I’ll do whatever you want.’

He shook his head and she gave a sighed before grabbing that tiny glass vial. Emptying the sweet solution down her throat, she went to her bag to check on her phone while he was busy on his. After five minutes, she felt her body getting warmer, and her hands were shaking too. The heat got intense between her legs where nothing had been done yet, getting wetter on its own and even feeling her pussy twitch.

Jasper: ‘You are blushing. Do you feel anything?’
Mel: ‘A little?’

Her tight jeans had been pressing right on her groin and the temptation to touch her privates was overbearing. She sat on the same seat as Jasper, one hand right above her zipper to constantly press onto it as she felt hotter.

Her eyes were attracted to his pants to find out if he was hard, but he was just quietly sitting there and lying on the wall with his eyes closed.

Mel: ‘Can we start now?’
Jasper: ‘Alright. Remove your jeans and panties.’

She did as asked and remained on the seat, till he stood between her legs and raised her feet onto the edge of the long chair. True enough, she was dripping wet without her panties and her hands right at her upper thighs were shivering, as though they were held back from touching her pussy.

Jasper: ‘Start masturbating yourself.’

He took out a camera from behind and placed it at the sink, aimed at her half-naked body from the side. Following that, he undone his pants and the sheer boxers he wore, cupping his hands over her ears to bring her mouth down to his dick.

As Mel’s fingers rubbed on that swollen clit, she opened her mouth to land her lips at the halfway point of his dick, sucking upwards as moans were captured in their oral penetration. Somehow, her body was dying to get this rod as hard as it could get so she could fuck it. Never had she expected her strong character to be controlled and overpowered by the lust that came along in the drink.

The mental resistance she put up not to make herself look so slutty gave way once her fingers decided to plunge into that slippery looking hole, shoving herself silly while her mouth went deeper on his dick. Jasper did not do anything yet and was already super turned on by the horny girl he blackmailed.

She had sent him photos out of lust created by reading his stories, to a point she just recorded videos of herself masturbating to him. The accidental poor angle captured her face and she did not realise till the file transfer was completed.

As he was groaning to her deeper strokes, he had reached for his bag to fish out a dildo, short with a ribbed design on it.

Jasper: ‘I want you to stick this in your butt.’

Mel stopped what she was doing to catch a glimpse of the toy he washed, and it was stuck onto the chair with a suction base.

That wetness of her pussy was enough to tell how desperate she was. She immediately squatted up and lowered her ass over it, squinting as it pierced into her ass. How could he be satisfied with just watching her get pleasured? Was that all he was after?

The toy in her special place did stir up something deeper, and it was driving her crazy with that thick juicy meat before her eyes. Her mouth automatically went back to his dick after she resumed her fingering, milking his dick to a point he would give in and fuck her.

Jasper: ‘I have enough of your mouth now. Go to the sink and wait for me.’

She hopped over to the huge mirror behind the basin and touched the anal plug, moving it a little to feel how good it was making her. Jasper was busy at his bag, strapping something around his hips. When he turned around, she could see from the mirror that a strap on was placed above his dick, arming him into a ‘two-headed’ beast.

Mel: ‘Are you going to put both inside me?’
Jasper: ‘Don’t worry. Just one.’

He parked himself behind her and the cold rubber surprised her. Was the dildo to go first? Whatever the case was, her legs were opened and the dildo was disappearing into her. The coldness was creating a new sensation, cooling the warmth of her vagina.

Soon after he was in, gentle thrusts started and it felt so pleasurable to be taken from the back, while his stomach will bump the anal plug deeper. Moans accompanied the slurping sounds coming from their privates, and she was slowly losing herself to this bizarre blackmail sex.

Mel (whispering): ‘Can you put yours inside me? It’s.. ‘

She sobered up all of a sudden and realised what she said. Never should she be enjoying any of this at all. It was her instincts doing the talking.

Jasper: ‘Don’t move k? I’m detaching the dildo.’

The silent moments passed and she was left alone, with two holes filled with toys. He did something behind her and when he was ready, she felt something going into the dildo that was in her pussy. Jasper had actually bought the toy for it’s hollowed dick tube, allowing him to ‘wear’ it before sex. Now, he just slid his cock inside the hollow dildo and Mel felt her vagina spreading even wider.

It was so thick that her body almost forced it out, but the thrusts from him kept the dildo in place. Once the air was forced out of the toy, it fitted snuggly over him and his pounding got stronger, dipping so deep into her pussy that she could only moan with her mind blank.

Mel (panting): ‘It’s so fucking huge in me.. ‘

Jasper did not say a word but kept moving his hips, hammering her breaths out with each thrust. Whenever he paused to recover the rhythm, she would move her hips to grind him, basically not giving him any peace.

Jasper: ‘Have you cummed?’
Mel: ‘Yeah.’
Jasper: ‘When?’
Mel: ‘One time after I sit on the ass plug and another after you put your dick in.’

He continued ramming his groin for ten minutes, and she was breaking apart from the overdose of orgasms in that short time. The sheer size had been stimulating every inch of her vagina and the speed, was heating her up so wildly.

After he got tired from all the action, he pulled his dick out along with the strap on and sat on the seat next to them. The penis extender was placed on his side and still coated in her juices.

Mel did not need any instructions and went to his dick, jerking it next to her face with her hand.

Jasper: ‘Just your hand?’

As soon as her lips touched his dick, he forced her head down and rammed her breathless, plunging balls deep as she fingered herself vigorously. Somehow, taking him so deep and fast did not pose any problems as she was as high as fuck.

Jasper: ‘I’m cumming.. Don’t waste any drop.’

He let go off her head and she continued sucking him, till the first powerful squirt blew into her mouth. That little pause she took made him force her head down, and let her throat squeeze his dickhead for the rest of the cum. Waves after waves, she gulped to contain his semen that was flowing down her throat.

He lifted her head away after he was done, and helped her up on the chair. Going to the basin, he gave his strap on toy a rinse and packed it into his bag, before collecting his camera.

Jasper: ‘Only when you know how to please me, I will delete the photos.’

In Mel’s mind, she was disappointed with him for using her like a slut. Having fucked and cummed in her mouth, he did not stand by his words. The sadness she felt wasn’t too bad though, seeing how his cock was still hard after shooting. It was still throbbing wet, and her pussy was as refreshed as though she was unsatisfied.

Something in her wanted him to keep fucking her, no matter what the reason was. If the photos and video were the only thing that allowed him to do her, it was better than nothing. She took her time to dress up and kept the butt plug on. Turned on by the minute movements in her ass as she walked, juices were leaking into her panties again in no time.

Mel: ‘When do you want to meet again?’
Jasper: ‘Tomorrow. After my work.’

They parted ways at the bus stop, leaving her wet and horny. Her mind was telling her how unfair it was to let him fuck without meeting the objectives, yet her pussy was showing her that her job was not done till she felt his raw dick inside.

Action speaks louder than words right? That night, she fingered herself while using the anal toy to get herself off another two times before exhaustion finally claimed her tiredness. With that toy still in her ass, the wet dream that woke her up the next day led to another round of masturbation, this time with her rabbit vibrator that was waiting in her bedside drawer.

R(A)21 Cinema

This story is told by a friend, a lady in her 30s who decided that it was time she contributed a little from her younger days. Unsure of how young she was then, it seemed that this wasn’t unfamiliar to many whom had romps in public toilets before. Just that her story was a little unique.

I will be writing this from her point-of-view, so don’t mistaken ‘me’ to be a male this time.

After the movie, my boyfriend and I was so horny. We had gone to one of the cinemas along Chinatown that had R(A)21 shows and I could say most of the audience were there just for the sex scenes. Rushing into the male toilets, the worn out state was certainly a turn off for me, but not for my boyfriend who was already unzipping his pants.

He placed his underwear on the toilet cover for me to sit and I hungrily took his dick into my mouth even before stripping. I left my top for him to unbutton and he was fondling my boobs as I sucked him hard.

Throughout the blowjob, the cubicles next to us were occupied and I knew we weren’t exactly quiet. I couldn’t remember how old I was then, but sex was a necessity for the two of us. On the plastic walls of where we were, there were two pieces of paper, with a tape across just the top portion. My boyfriend made me sat upright and kept my chest at the same level as the paper.

When he opened the flaps, eyes could be seen peering through the holes and the wrinkles told me how old the men could be. Two dicks came into our cubicle almost at the same time and was erecting. After a minute of inaction on their sticks, eyes were seen again looking at my body.

This time, my boyfriend came to my ear and whispered something I could never imagine doing. I placed both my hands on the holes to block them out for a while, before feeling soft flesh pressing into my palms.

I let go off my hands and the dicks returned. Holding them like the pilot in the ‘Gundam’ anime, I was sucking my boyfriend while jerking them off. Groans came like surround sound and the old men could be felt standing closer to our walls.

There was no way I could bring myself to suck them, so I kept stroking while my boyfriend made me stand. Turning myself around to face the stained water tank, he adjusted my position so I could hold onto their dicks while he slipped his dick into my pussy.

My mind was in a state of blank when he shoved his way in and I got so distracted from the double handjobs. The men took over to thrust their dicks between my fingers and one even got wet with a salty smell, as though he had smeared his saliva over it.

Three dicks, one girl. I was soon moaning and my fingers on my left hand was suddenly expanding. A few seconds later, thin, translucent liquid came shooting out of the rod and across the floor in front of my toes. The guy left abruptly and another dick appeared in its place, thicker and hotter.

My boyfriend was not giving me any breaks as he slammed his hips against my butt, driving that long piece of cock deep into me. Damn was I so tempted to suck the thick one if not for the fear of contracting any diseases. I was still moaning while jerking them off. The second dick on my right came hard and splattered its semen on the opposite wall, missing my toes just by that bit, and another male took the cubicle with the same demands.

My boyfriend switched position after my knees went wobbly and sat on the toilet seat, planting me over his dick as he kneaded my breasts from behind. High and horny from the impromptu sex we initiated, I couldn’t care less about those dicks but focused on riding my boy.

He was so loud that everyone knew there was a girl in the gents. The door was the only thing that kept me from being raped by the countless horny men waiting.

Shooting! Shooting!‘, a deep voice from one of the cubicles came and I aimed him upwards, forcing his cum to fire across my thighs as he pumped his dick at his own pace in my hand.

A ten dollar note appeared after he left and I tucked it into my bra, still bouncing atop my boyfriend’s lap.

Boyfriend (whispering): ‘Sweetheart. I’m cumming.’

I quickly stood up before damage was done and squatted before him. He brought my head to his dick and took his time to fuck my mouth, one hand still busy with that red, hot rod.

Within thirty seconds, my boyfriend forced his dick into my mouth, choking me for a bit before pulling out and letting his cum pour into my lower jaw like a fountain. I had only one orgasm and wasn’t satisfied, but I knew he needed time to recover as well. I wouldn’t want to have the second round here either.

I swallowed his load and he excused himself to let me rest. My hand did not stop moving till the man fired onto the floor, a thick yellowish mix that almost made me vomited. What if he unloaded in my mouth?! Yuck! I pushed his dick away and another ten dollar note appeared.

As disgusting as it was, I took the money and got dressed, waited for my boyfriend to leave first as a lookout before I exited. At the entrance of the toilet, were two elderly males that scanned me up and down despite wearing a decent pair of shorts and a denim jacket – though shirtless underneath.

We left the place for a hotel nearby and washed up thoroughly, teased by my boyfriend who was trying to convince me to do it again for the money. Well, the hotel was paid for using the dirty cash. And we had another few rounds of crazy sex that left my pussy sore and his dick too weak to stand for the day.

Now that the cinemas are closed, such memories proved to be precious but at the same time, scary. Cameras are so small and portable, and everyone is getting so daring. Rape is certainly one thing to be feared more than being recorded if I were to do it again.

Next Stop, inside Shelia

Having boarded the last train at 12am, Shelia and Jeremy was bloated from the Seoul Garden dinner they had. It was almost three weeks since they last saw each other and the sight of his girlfriend in a bra top and high waist denim skirt made him horny without a place to do it.

Jeremy: ‘I need to use the toilet. Wait here for me?’

Thinking about the food he had earlier, it might have been some uncooked meat that gave him a stomachache. Sitting comfortably in the cubicle, someone who entered while he was busy doing ‘business’ did not bother him a bit.

*knock knock*

Jeremy: ‘I’m almost done. Give me a while.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘It’s me. Open up!’

Bending forward to undo lock, he let her in and she pinched her nose to the unpleasant scent. Quickly pulling his underwear up, Shelia stopped his pants from buttoning and swung him to the plastic wall.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘What are you doing?’
Shelia (whispering): ‘I need it badly.’

She planted a wet kiss on his lips and stuck her tongue into his mouth, slurping noisily while her hands tugged his underwear away from his hips. Wrapping her fingers around his dick, she gave it a few strokes before squatting at his feet, ready to please her perfect boyfriend.

Before his eye, he watched his girl take the tip of his dick into her mouth and felt her tongue swirl against his dick head. The uncontrollable groans came and she plunged deeper down his shaft, sending a tingle up his spine.

Sucking diligently on the warm meat rod, his fingers messed her hair up and she kept going, sometimes reaching the base of his dick to let him have a feel of her deep throat.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Come, take off your top.’

She stood back up and hugged him tightly, letting him unzip her back and removing the top off her shoulders. Now topless and braless, she went back down on him and continued the mind-blowing oral sex he couldn’t get enough of.

After a few minutes, Jeremy could not take the teasing mouth that was not able to make him cum. He needed something more.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Honey, wanna do it here?’
Shelia (whispering): ‘How?’
Jeremy (whispering): ‘I don’t know.’

She then stood in front of the toilet and placed one knee on it, keeping her thighs together so no one would spot her feet from the gap under the wall. Jeremy was thrilled when he saw the ideal position and quickly went behind her. Prying her ass open, he dipped his little head into her and Shelia maintained her posture without squirming.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Okay?’

Her head nodded and he proceeded to send the rest of his dick in, only to groan softly when the entry squeezed some of her juices back out. Seeing how wet his girl was, his body did not waste anymore time and thrust at her, going fast and deep. Both of them had their eyes closed while at it and the loud juicy sounds did not delay them at all.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Honey, I’m cumming!’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Cannot shoot inside me!’

She climbed onto the toilet and left his dick dangling in midair. Fearing any contact would just cause him to ejaculate, Jeremy waited for some time before feeling her mouth going over it again. Standing firmly with both his hands against each side of the cubicle, he let her work on his dick till his body started trembling.

Lazily, his eyes opened to the darkened toilet and his load spewed into his girl’s mouth, creaming into her non-stop for the next few seconds. Shelia swallowed his load without hesitation as usual and got up in a hurry to get dressed. The lights of the toilet were off and they were in a rush to get out of there.

Standing at the door, Shelia stayed close to him while he saw the automatic shutter gates slammed onto the ground.


Shelia: ‘What happened?’
Jeremy: ‘I think we are locked in.’
Shelia: ‘How now?’

They walked out into the empty station and no sign of life could be seen. As how a loving boyfriend would do, he hugged her closely and whispered into the ears of the frightened girl.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Have you ever had sex on the MRT platform?’

With that, they went over the gantry and down the steps, going into a corner where they could not detect any CCTVs. Going into a crazy adventurous mode, he made her lie on the stone seats before flipping her skirt up and kneeling below her groin with his dick out of his zipper.

Slowly, his dick returned to the dripping wet hole and he laid on top of her chest, making out while their genitals slammed loudly in the soft lights from the numerous exit signs.

Shelia (whispering): ‘It will be one hell of an experience any couple would get.’
Jeremy (whispering): ‘Yeah. Let’s not waste this chance.’

Late into the night, they spent the next few hours inside each other and Shelia was feeling full with his cum going down her throat rounds after rounds.

How did they get out the next day? They simply hid in the toilet till they heard the rush of passengers the next day and left the station without anyone noticing them. What a memorable thrill ride they had in the train station. Will anyone even try to duplicate what they did?

Raped by Some Guy

After a long wait for Evelyn to head to the shower room, Seth walked behind her eyeing on her cute, small butt in that high cut FBT shorts. It was a reckless plan he thought of when he saw her nude pictures emailed to him by her current boyfriend, on the request that he raped her and bring her ego down. It was no problem for him since she had been one of those sought-after girls who did not care about any guys that came from humble backgrounds, only hanging out with those rich and pretty friends.

Once she turned into the ladies, he waited for a while before entering. Locking the door and pulling down the full face mask he held ready in his hands, everything was in place for his evil plan. Evelyn did not notice that it was a guy who entered and Seth wasted no time as well, going behind her and dragging her by her hair into one of the shower cubicles.

His hand over her mouth suppressed the futile screams and a punch to her waist quietened her in a split second.

Seth (whispering): ‘You can either listen to me, or get your face punched up.’
Evelyn: ‘Okay okay.. what do you want?’

He did not want to expose himself by speaking and simply shoved her to the wall, where he placed her hands on it. Tugging her shorts down, the g-string she wore ripped easily with a strong pull and she was bare waist down in an instant.

Evelyn: ‘No, please don’t.. I’ll give you money.’
Seth (whispering): ‘I am not interested in money. You’ve been asking for it for a long time.’

Evelyn’s pleas went unheard as his zip went down, pants dropping loudly onto the dry shower floor. He lifted her by the waist and dropped her a few steps away from the wall in front, further pushing her chest perpendicular to her legs. He then took one of her arms and locked it behind, using it to keep her compliant for the rest of the session.

Giving his dick a spit, he rubbed his saliva over his rod and placed it at her pussy. A hard shove then sent it into her and sent her groaning in pain from the rough entry. Holding her waist with his other hand, he pounded her continuously while she was moaning loudly to get the attention of the passing students. Sadly for her, no one had walked past and she was being fucked by a fellow student with a mask on.

After a few minutes of standing doggie, Seth had enough of her less-than-ideal tightness. How disappointing was it when he did not get his kick out of fucking this hot JC girl. Requesting her to kneel on the floor, he moved her to the wall and placed her head against the tiles. Squatting just enough to position his dick at her mouth, he jabbed that meat lolli into her and used the wall as a support to stop her from moving, as well as to go as deep as he wanted.

Evelyn could not make a sound with his dick in her mouth and the forceful thrusts disabled her thoughts about giving him a bite. She was practically choking and Seth was enjoying the mouth fuck, being tighter and wetter. Going for as long as five minutes, the poor girl was turning pale from the lack of air and Seth knew she wasn’t going to help him cum with the current frightened mindset.

Seth: ‘If you want this to be over, suck me till I cum. I won’t force it on you.’

He made some space between his dick and her mouth and let her catch some air before she went down on him again. This time, a much cooperative girl used her tongue to tease his dick, while her lips stroked along his shaft with a hard press together.

This ‘rape’ had taken a unique turn when he felt how good she was with her mouth, working diligently on the swollen cock. Another few minutes passed before he felt her hardwork came to an end and he was cumming soon.

Seth: ‘I am going to shoot now. Take it all in your mouth. Keep going.’

Evelyn moved her mouth faster upon hearing that and kept swirling her tongue around his dick head. Expectedly or unexpectedly, Seth finally blew his load in her mouth and forced her head up and down to milk every drop of it. The last part took him a minute to recover from her powerful suction and he hurriedly wore his pants back.

Stepping out of the cubicle with his clothes straightened, he took his phone out and snapped a few photos of the girl still kneeling on the floor, with cum all over her lips when she tried to push them out.

Seth: ‘I’m done. See you soon. And don’t be so bitchy.’

He ran out of the toilet and left the place, leaving Evelyn in a dirtied state with cum dripping all over her body. Whatever happened after was none of his concern, only tasked to send the photos to her boyfriend once he did his job.

After that incident, Evelyn had became nicer to all her friends and wore longer clothes, partly to cover the bruises delivered by the unknown classmate. For her boyfriend, he went into bondage and those violent sex, often inviting Seth over to join in the fun when she was all tied up.

‘Emotional blackmail’ was the term to use and she was a victim, afraid to let her boyfriend know what happened in the toilet (despite him already knowing it) for the fear he would leave her.