Fat Dude

Jessica: ‘Hey kor kor!’ All the guys at their stations turned towards that cutesy, little girl when she came running over to the plump dude, in a baggy jeans that lowered his first impressions to ‘non-existent’. Kai: ‘Hey mei. Ready to go? I’m hungry.’ Jessica: ‘Wah lau. You’re always hungry. I’ll go wash up. Very […]

The Wettest Day

Me (WhatsApp): ‘Where are you?’ Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘Taking my break now. You?’ Me (WhatsApp): ‘Waiting for you in the toilet of your workplace :p’ Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘What!! Where?’ Me (WhatsApp): ‘Female. Last cubicle.’ Footsteps were soon heard rushing into the ladies, quickening as a shadow hovered outside. ‘Open’, whispered the shy 22 year old, clearly shocked from my […]