Three Years Ago

This entry is written in the point-of-view of a fifteen year old student, Taelyn. A brief description of the origin and background will be provided at the end of the story. ‘Hi guys. My name is Benjamin, but you can call me Ben. I’m going to treat you like adults, so I am going to […]

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Waited Long?

This entry is written for Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret. Nuff’ said. Ena (Whatsapp): ‘Eden, you can come up now. There’s no one here.’ Eden had been waiting below her office building for her message and finally it came. His cock had been pressing against his jeans throughout the text messages they were exchanging while […]

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The Mystery Man

Hidden under her blanket, the toy from a mysterious sender slipped in easily into her body. She had no idea who was it from, but the urge came when she was alone in the huge bed, to use that toy to fill her yearning desire. As soon as it was in, the only vision she […]

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The Wettest Day

Me (WhatsApp): ‘Where are you?’ Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘Taking my break now. You?’ Me (WhatsApp): ‘Waiting for you in the toilet of your workplace :p’ Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘What!! Where?’ Me (WhatsApp): ‘Female. Last cubicle.’ Footsteps were soon heard rushing into the ladies, quickening as a shadow hovered outside. ‘Open’, whispered the shy 22 year old, clearly shocked from my […]

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A Calming Story

For Amanda’s twenty first birthday, she had a lot of presents but one stood out among the rest. One that was silver, shimmering, smooth, blunt on one end and the other shaped like a penis. As she was all alone in the MBS hotel room, the darkness of the night was calling her to put […]

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