Three Years Ago

This entry is written in the point-of-view of a fifteen year old student, Taelyn. A brief description of the origin and background will be provided at the end of the story.

‘Hi guys. My name is Benjamin, but you can call me Ben. I’m going to treat you like adults, so I am going to ask of you to do the same for me. I am assigned to this school, to be your English teacher for this year, and then I’ll be going back to be redeployed after this. Do you have any questions for me?’

The cutest twenty-four year old teacher in the school just stepped into the class and Taelyn’s heart couldn’t stop pounding. Most of the noisy girls in her class went quiet, and all the guys were watching his every move closely, for the first time in the class’ history as the ‘rowdiest’ class ever, they outdone themselves

The overdressed teacher came in the fittest suit, bearing a blazer over the silky white shirt and dark black pants. Even those creased leather shoes did not escape the girls’ eyes. The havoc that occurred probably didn’t get to him, but the excitement was real. His charisma had an effect on everyone, especially on girls as susceptible as Taelyn.

That day, she did not hang out with her friends after school and simply went home, locking herself in the room after gulping down a glass of juice. Partly worn out from the P.E. lesson in the day, the new teacher was all over her mind. ‘I hope you are as big as this’, that thought came uncontrollably when she reached for the dildo that arrived a few months ago, unused without the ideal image of a gentleman in her life. But everything changed once she took her shorts off under her school skirt, legs spreading wide so she could reach that pussy.

‘Ben, go slow k?’, Taelyn’s fingers pressed down on her clit in leggiero, ‘lightly’ in musical term. There was no other words to describe how much she had to resist going all out on her own clit, holding dearly to the mesmerising image of him as she rubbed herself so ever gently. ‘No, not yet’, was the reminder for herself as her hand almost slid lower, trying to rush fingers into her pussy before Ben did. Those eyes shut themselves to focus on his seductive, manly voice, stringing his teachings into the words her body wanted to hear.

‘Taelyn, drop your jaw lower. It will make your words clearer.’

She momentarily swapped her hands so she could fit two of her wet fingers into her mouth, licking those clear, thick juices off. Picturing her teacher’s dick in her mouth, the dildo was plucked from the bed and replaced her cleaned fingers between her lips.

‘Argh’, Taelyn sighed out when she realised she could not hold back any longer. The rubber dildo exited her mouth and went straight for her pussy, spending a good few seconds teasing her entrance to get her body ready. As soon as the tip popped inside, all the muscles in her body tensed up for the first entry of a foreign object. Before that were her fingers, which worked well up to this point in time.

Now, as inches disappeared into her pussy, she was just glad that it was Ben who was going to claim her virgin sex toy experience. Stuffing most of the seven inch dildo into that relaxed hole, the excess juices created a squishy sound as she tried to shove more in. Well, her holding hand had reached the folds of her labia.

With a soft whisper, ‘Fuck me Ben’, the toy began thrusting slowly into the wet pussy, letting her tight pussy close before the next stroke separated the sticky vaginal walls. Each passing minute only brought more pleasure into her body, rhythm increasing as her vagina relaxed further. Her skirt was raised above her groin, with her imaginary teacher fucking her in missionary.

‘Ben, if only I was of legal age, I would totally skip writing this and jump on you. But.. we could wait three more years thought.’

Taelyn closed her feet and wrapped one of her arms under her knees, holding them backwards onto her chest while she repositioned her free hand on the base of the toy. The instance she jerked it, the overwhelming tightness drove her into a series of moans, escaping uncontrollably out of her luscious lips. ‘Oh yes, fuck me harder Ben!’, she cried out as the toy made queefing sounds forcing air out of her cunt. Once the flatulance ended, the dildo was locked in a suction causing a little resistance when she pulled outwards.

‘Oh yes! Can you feel it? I want you inside me Ben’, the rubber dick never stopped sliding in and out of her as she moaned dirty phrases. Orgasms began coming in that position, abruptly ending her feet-in-midair pose while her body fluttered into a struggle. Panting out of breath, she was not done yet. At least not her body.

She flipped into doggie and replaced the toy inside her pussy, ramming it deeply with her hands under her ajar knees. Her groans safely went into the pillows as another orgasm violently shook her body, leaking juices over her fingers that was still shoving feebly.

‘Cum for me Ben, shoot it all inside me’, came as a request from her. She sat upright on her feet and the dildo between her calves, hugging onto her vertically as she bounced up and down. The dildo was forced deep inside without restraint in that position, shooting beautiful fireworks into her innocent mind as she came another time.

Losing the battle to the lifeless dildo, her body gave in to exhaustion and fell forward with the pillow, landing softly in a semi-doggie stance. Her back rose and fell as she grasps for air, eyelids too heavy to get on with tidying up the mess. Instead, she fell to a side and pulled her blanket over her soaked school uniform, and went to sleep with the dildo inside.

Despite occasionally waking up from accidental movements of the dildo, it was the most soothing sleep she ever gotten in a long while.

‘Ben, if you are brave enough, 8263****. I am ready for you.’

The above composition was written by a fifteen year old, name obviously changed for protection. She was in ‘Ben’s class for a year three years back, and was the only homework that he couldn’t keep still grading. With permission, he kept her work and gave her an appropriate grade to the use of her English language.

I did not probe further about him contacting the student then or anytime after, but what struck me most was the ‘intention’ segment of composition marking. Erotic thoughts aside, the ‘expressive/ expression’ aspect was mostly limited to the use of English. But if the teacher or marker weren’t IMpressed, would it still count as ‘expressive’?

Every (good) action certainly deserves some reaction, no matter good or bad. A good composition should cause some ‘reaction’, agree guys?

Waited Long?

This entry is written for Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret. Nuff’ said.

Ena (Whatsapp): ‘Eden, you can come up now. There’s no one here.’

Eden had been waiting below her office building for her message and finally it came. His cock had been pressing against his jeans throughout the text messages they were exchanging while her colleagues were leaving. And finally, he arrived at the glass door of Ena’s workplace.

She appeared in the same blue dress she showed him earlier and the shy lady led him straight to the only unoccupied office she told him about, still avoiding his gaze from her excited look. Instead of the awkwardness she expected, he held her hand gentle and brought her to a wall, where he pinned her up against and began kissing her ears.

In surprise, she grabbed his waist and gasped as his lips trailed down her powdered neck, stopped short of her chest covered by her dress. He hugged her tightly in his arms and a deep breath of his scent was taken in, a much relaxed, calm mood she was settling down for.

His fingers made their way to the zipper at her neck and the cranking sounds couldn’t be any louder in her head. It was letting cold air into her back, moving lower as he undid her dress. Her shaking hands just hugged him tightly, still a little shy about letting him see her that naked.

Eden (whispering): ‘Sit on the floor.’

He helped her down onto the carpet where her legs could not close as he was between, but he did not sit down with her. On his knees, Ena buried her face into his shirt as he reached for her panties, pushed aside for him to get to the pink toy she had for the whole day.

Moving the Benwa balls in and out, he made sure she felt alright with the speed, constantly asking as she breathed faster. How could she answer while moaning right? Nods rubbed her face against his nice smelling shirt and his fingers got wetter from the tease.

Ena: ‘Eden.. ‘

Her grip around his waist tightened and her body gave off a slight shiver, signalling the climax she just had. It brought smiles to the both of them as things were going unexpectedly smooth. While Eden proceeded to unwrap his little glass present for her, she undid his belt buckle and managed to wrestle his stiff one from inside his pants.

The whiff of saltiness and manliness had almost made her suck on it, but he was faster in asking her to wait. Wait for a toy he had brought for himself, for her to use. It was a Tenga Egg, bought online a long time ago but never got used.

He had only given her a minute to explore the new toy while he slid the glass rod into her, jolting her body upright despite her effort to focus on his toy. Ena quickly unwrapped the egg and poured the lubricant in, rolling with her palms before slipping it over his manhood.

God, if only he knew how honoured she was when he let of that weak groan. She had a part of him in control and he had an equal part of her in command. Eden kneeled on his heels and pumped the dildo as fast as he could to get Ena started, stretching the squishy egg up and down as Eden tried hard to keep quiet.

Ena (panting): ‘Eden.. I.. ‘

Eden (gasping): ‘Yes?’

How much would she love to tell him she needed him inside. But she could tell he had already given in to her and would not help her say no.

Eden: ‘Tell me if there is something wrong k?’

How much ‘wrong’ could this get? Ena was enjoying what she shouldn’t, and this guy, made her felt like a ‘girlfriend’ instead of a fling, at least in the heat of that moment. That was all Ena could ask for, nothing more.

Ena: ‘Let me take over the toy inside me.’

She took over and guided it to where it was most sensitive, still getting orgasms silently as the Benwa balls had trained her up for. If only Eden could feel what was going on below..

Eden (hesitantly): ‘Ena.. bend over the table for me?’

Sure it was a question, Ena heard the tone right. He had popped the question, or command. One that Ena could not say no to cause it was more of an order. She was simply doing what was asked, not that she wanted it – right?

She made herself comfortable on the cold desk and felt the flimsy tip of a condom touched. He easily entered her wet hole and the warmth made up for his lack of size compared to the toy. But he did not move. Not yet. What was he waiting for?

A few seconds later, he was out. Not because he had came, but his facial expression, had told Ena all. His rod was softening with guilt. Eden was just.. that thoughtful.

Ena: ‘Eden.. sit on the table. Don’t say anything.’

He propped himself where she laid and Ena took a seat between his legs. The egg was in her hand and she wrapped it over his shrunken dick. It was time to relieve him of any guilt. It was the least she could do for him.

Seeing the little boy in her heart struggle with pleasure, the Benwa toy in her kept slipping around, brightening her spirits as Eden groaned louder.

Eden: ‘Ena!’

She quickened her pace and stroked him even faster, without worry of dirtying the floor. It was a naughty mind that wanted to see the sensitive side of Eden, legs trembling so helplessly violent. The rubbery egg suddenly felt extra hot and covered in white liquid squirting from the tip Ena could see so clearly.

It had made her a little happier right there and then. Cleaning up had never been easier in that egg, with wet wipes prepared in his bag. Eden had spent the next few minutes catching her breath, and Ena had slipped her dress back on without any kinks on it.

Now, for the bus ride home. ;)

The Mystery Man

Hidden under her blanket, the toy from a mysterious sender slipped in easily into her body. She had no idea who was it from, but the urge came when she was alone in the huge bed, to use that toy to fill her yearning desire. As soon as it was in, the only vision she had was a dark, young man, lying on top of her and thrusting energetically.

Apart from being pleased sexually, there was not a single chance of ‘misfiring’ or weakness in that toy. Physically, that little rubber stick, was fixing every worry she had about looking for a friend with benefits. Before she realised, her hand was guiding the dildo deep and faster, squishing juices around her groin as it sped up.

Whoever this guy (she had no choice but to assume his gender) was, he sent the right present. There was no other ways to describe how much she loved the freedom, and security that the toy will never fail her. A few moments of furious thrusting later, she turned to her sides and pounded the toy in another angle.

Gently, her phone vibrated and an unknown caller was put through.

Man (on phone): ‘Ena?’
Ena (on phone): ‘Who is this?’
Man (on phone): ‘I’m the guy inside you now.’
Ena (whispering): ‘How did you.. ‘
Man (on phone): ‘Shhh.. Don’t say anything. I want you to go on your knees now, and hold the toy between your legs.’

An unseen frown had showed up on her forehead, somewhat irritated by how arrogant the caller was. So what if he sent a toy she needed? So what if he knew she was using it? To give such a command through the phone was.. As soon as she realised, the phone was on loudspeaker at the lowest volume, resting on her pillow that she was facing – on her fours. True enough, the toy was still sopping wet and the only way to hold it inside her. Well, she did as told.

Her hand did not stop moving in that position, along with the images of the dark figure ramming her from behind. Going as deep and fast as she wanted, the man on the line did not whisper a word till she let off a groan.

Man (on phone): ‘You like that little Ena?’
Ena (whispering shyly): ‘Yeah. I love that.. ‘

She stopped herself once she realised what she shouldn’t be telling. She had no idea who she was speaking to anyway, except that it felt really comfortable being taken like that. Somehow, a force was overpowering her and there was little she could do. Yes she could cut the line, but there was no harm in talking. Or the fun could just end and there was nothing he could do, but there was only pleasure between this distant control.

Her hand just went on and on, moans directed to the microphone of her cell. Nothing could go wrong with this sex chat she did not intended for. After all, he knew what to say to keep her from cutting the line.

Man (on phone): ‘Okay Ena, I’m going to cum soon. Climax with me.’

She couldn’t even tell if he was doing anything behind the phone, but she was definitely moving faster, as fast as her hand could go. Seconds it took, the orgasmic build up was gradual but enticing, it was those climax where she had no idea where the peak was, only expecting it to be one mind blowing one.

A loud groan she quickly muffled with her pillow was heard through the line and the man groaned in an agonising voice, whispering ‘There’s so much going into you..’ Ena’s mind drifted to the scene at her rear, cum overflowing her occupied opening. Without any description, mental sights had led her vaginal walls to feel warm with semen, so fulfilling and kinky at the same time.

Man: ‘Sounds like you are done. Have a good rest.’

Poor Ena was left panting for air as she stumbled onto the bed, toy sliding out lifelessly unlike how it seemed before her fun. She had to drag herself to give the dildo a rinse and kept it at her lingerie drawer, the safest place she could think of.

That man’s voice was still echoing commands in her head, disrupting a big part of her rest before she fell asleep to tiredness. Goodnight little Ena.

The Wettest Day

Me (WhatsApp): ‘Where are you?’
Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘Taking my break now. You?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Waiting for you in the toilet of your workplace :p’
Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘What!! Where?’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Female. Last cubicle.’

Footsteps were soon heard rushing into the ladies, quickening as a shadow hovered outside. ‘Open’, whispered the shy 22 year old, clearly shocked from my daringness.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘How did you even.. ‘
Me (whispering): ‘I couldn’t just leave you like that right?’

She gave a sigh and hugged me tightly at her chest, flooding my nose with her sweet bodily fragrance. Remaining on the seat cover, I raised her skirt to her thighs and reached between. She had been wearing the Benwa balls since earlier and it has been teasing her so much. I could only gasp when I felt her panties soaked thoroughly across.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘I can’t wear them anymore. Take it off for me.’

I wriggled her undies free and she moved over my legs to sit. Spreading a little, her juices rubbed onto my thighs and made it slippery very quickly. I removed the toy carefully to an erotic moan from Becca as each of the balls popped out. The only place to set it down being my bag, she pulled a few pieces of tissue to lay under it.

Me (whispering): ‘Becca, you’re sliding off. Sit closer.’

She hugged my neck and used her juices to move all the way to my hips, biting her lips as I pointed my dick towards her pussy.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘What do you think you are doing?’

I couldn’t reply her when she planted her lips on mine to seal them shut. Her pussy continued moving till I was ‘under’ her, piercing into her dripping hole with just a wriggle of her hips. Our lips stayed glued while she began to move, rocking energetically to my hands kneading her breasts.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Harder.. Jhae.’
Me (whispering): ‘But you said.. ‘

She grabbed my head and shoved her boobs into my mouth, barely letting me catch any air. My tongue flickered like a short triangular flag and it drove her movements quicker. We went for almost three consecutive minutes without rest and there was no signs of orgasms. My dick was too wet to feel anything and she was already sitting balls deep.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Sorry for not telling you this J, I’ve already climaxed three times at my desk. The toy.’

I was so relieved that it wasn’t my poor performance. She already had too many servings before this meal. Rebecca stopped shortly after revealing her secret and opened my legs to kneel in between. That deadly gaze on the juicy piece of meat, even I was surprised at how wet she was. It was as good as a fruit cake with sugary glaze over it.

Her hunger was expressed as soon as her mouth vanished my manhood. My arms immediately reached out for the support bars by the sides when she bobbed her head at that incredible speed. There was no tongue action, little suction. It was pure sex that was flashing through my mind. I knew I could not last long at her mercy.

Within minutes, a couple of ladies had entered and left to our continuing oral. I was nearing my limits too. Sitting upright, she knew what was about to happen. I had just one thing to clarify.

Me (whispering): ‘You said you are not good with your mouth?’

Rebecca went so fast to a point my dick lost control, squirting cum rapidly before I was ready. You can call it senseless, breathless, void, abused, that was how I felt. I was the happiest man there. She cleaned every last drop with her tongue and I just laid there, close to fainting.

The next thing I knew, I was helped up and given the Benwa toy so I could replace it. In, it disappeared into her and she gave me a peck with a wide smile.

Rebecca (whispering): ‘Your toy made me this good. And I’m only going to do it for you.’

Her panties was left in my ‘care’ and she went back to work. Well, what did I do with her panties? Read on.

Rebecca (WhatsApp): ‘I’m not working tomorrow, so from tonight to tomorrow, you are going to cover that panties with your cum. Then when we meet, you are going to last a long time. I’ll check!’

I guessed if I didn’t listen, I wouldn’t get any tomorrow. So might as well. To think I thought I had her with that toy, I became the one under control. :(

A Calming Story

For Amanda’s twenty first birthday, she had a lot of presents but one stood out among the rest. One that was silver, shimmering, smooth, blunt on one end and the other shaped like a penis. As she was all alone in the MBS hotel room, the darkness of the night was calling her to put that gift to use.

Lying on the bed with a glass of red wine next to her, she had drank more than a bottle’s worth with her friends, and this particular present, was ‘given’ by someone hiding it in the bedroom that was out of bounds to her visitors. Now, there was no one else around, and the light-headedness was purring for the toy to be used as intended.

*Buzz buzz*

Unknown (Whatsapp): ‘Asleep?’
Amanda (Whatsapp): ‘Who is this?’

Unknown (Whatsapp): ‘You don’t need to know that. I hope you like my present. It’s probably more expensive than all the gifts combined. I’m sending a sound clip over now. Put on your earpiece and listen to it.’

The whole block of message came within a few seconds as though he had prepared it without knowing if she was even going to use it. The audio clip began downloading automatically and she connected it to her Jays earphones, stuffing the earbuds in and waiting for whatever sounds that was coming.

Instead of voices, it was the soothing sounds of waves crashing at the beach, with seagulls crowing, but nothing more. Slowly, her senses were relaxing themselves and the rod in her hand was brought to her legs. Wearing just her Hello Kitty nightdress, it was easy for her to strip her panties off, and angled the blunt end at her pussy.

As the waves quietened, a hypnotising hum came about and her legs parted naturally, without any clear instructions. The images of a male hand came into her mind, guiding the toy to move up and down her slit, causing her to get wetter as the low pitch wavered to a higher one.

A warm hand was felt brushing along her inner thighs, leading her to spread wider. The tip of the dildo entered her lubricated hole and it moved forth and back, inching its way into her as though someone else was controlling it.

Amanda opened her eyes to see if it was really happening and a dark figure was seated next to her hips, upper body darker than the surrounding even though she had the bedside lamp switched on. Unafraid of the person, the chances of having someone in her room was deemed to be impossible as she had locked the suite doors herself, leaving her to be at ease despite having an illusion before her eyes.

Feeling hotter by the thrusting dildo, she was soon masturbating herself in the most relaxed state of mind, going deeper as she felt her body yearning for more. A voice then came into her head to raise one of her knees to her chest, and she followed the instructions, allowing the toy to pierce deeper into her.

The orgasm that she expected was glowing in her pussy, from a faint tease to a strong urge, taking almost five minutes for the transition to take place. All of the sudden, the humming stopped and a chant came after.

Her hand stopped moving and pulled the toy out, flipping it to the other side where the penis head was waiting. Sinking it gracefully into herself, she felt warm on her abdomen, followed by her other hand moving to her breast and squeezing it sensually.

Moans came naturally out of her mouth and her breathing quickened, in the same tempo as the dick was fucking her harder. She had aimed it upwards at her g-spot where it felt best, and it was drawing her breaths away with every stroke.

As the chanting sped up, her hands kept up with it and she was soon groaning with screams in between, gasping for air as the dildo heated up above her body temperature. The sensation in her pussy was experiencing something on a different level, the toy had a heartbeat of its own and was as real as a guy’s tool, hot, fleshy, hard and soft at the correct areas.

Unaffected by the realism, she continued fucking herself with it till she was about to climax, maintaining control of her sexual urges. Thinking that the moment was almost there, she kept shoving the toy deeper till a jolt of electricity shot through her body, going from her spine down to her pelvis, where her pussy tightened around the toy.

The exhilarating orgasms made her pant very quickly but it wasn’t going away like usual. Instead, her hands had lost control and was thrusting the toy and kneading her own boobs forcefully, enhancing and delaying the orgasms that was flowing through her body.

Juices were leaking out of her cunt as the toy pumped away, keeping her in an ecstatic mood without a sign of disappearing any time soon. Part frightened, part tempted, it was the first time she felt her climax kept her high and sexy for more than thirty seconds.

Still energetic, the toy slurped faster and faster, digging into her love hole to her strong grip holding it in place. After more than two minutes, the dildo suddenly felt lifeless again, and she was about to wake up from the wet dream.

Just as she was returning to her senses, the toy began to feel rough yet slippery, throbbing its heartbeat into her pussy. A wave of warmness exited its tip and flowed through her tummy, like someone was applying snake oil on her abs.

The dildo was left ignored as she detected a sense of satisfaction from the toy, as though it had came with her. It slipped out of her body easily and she kicked it to where her hands could reach it, keeping it under the unused pillow next to her.

Turning to one side, she checked her phone again, and saw a ‘Goodnight‘ from the unknown number.

After what happened that evening, that sound clip was her company during each masturbation session, which got more and more frequent like an addiction. Only after two weeks, a guy in his twenties spoke to her on a bus she took to work, explaining that he was the one behind all these.

During that journey, the attention she paid to his voice led her to an empty stairwell of her office building, but this time, it was his dick thrusting inside of her, with droplets of sweat landing on her dress. Never had she felt so easily controlled in her life before, and to even enjoy the domination of the charismatic looking guy.

Bathtub Fun

Wendy was in the bathtub lathering herself when the door knocked violently, shocking her to a silence. One of her female friends who stayed over needed the toilet and she entered after Wendy told her it was unlocked. The intense odour of alcohol swarmed the room after Lilian flipped opened the toilet cover and went on to puke her guts out. There was little Wendy could do except to ask about her condition, only to get replies of being alright but drunk.

After Lilian relieved the nausea, she sat over the bowl and peed loudly, while looking about the bathroom. It was her first time inside since the BBQ started, and she spotted a thin, long shiny cylinder at the edge of the tub.

Lilian: ‘Are you masturbating?’

Wendy: ‘No.. Showering.’

Lilian: ‘Haha. Did you forget about the toy?’

Wendy: ‘Oh shit. Yeah. Don’t tell the girls k? It’s so awkward.’

Lilian: ‘Nah. I have something similar too. But I usually do it on bed.’

A flushing sound came and the shower curtains were suddenly pulled to the side. Lilian was bottom naked and had a reddish complexion. Clearly, her drunken state was in control of her. She stepped into the tub without warning and Wendy retracted her legs for her.

Wendy: ‘What are you doing?’

Lilian: ‘Getting a shower too?’

Wendy: ‘C’mon. You are drunk. I’ll let you wash up when I am done. Just wait at the toilet first can?’

Lilian: ‘No.. Let’s bath together.’

She leaned over to Wendy after the toy was brought into the waters. Wendy had no space to dodge and widened her legs so her knees wouldn’t hit her thighs. The hand with the toy was driven between Wendy’s legs and the soap made it easier to slip inside. Wendy tried hard to push her away but her gymnastic body would not budge no matter how much strength she used.

By then, Lilian’s face was right in front of hers and a long passionate kiss slowly drained all the resistance from Wendy. The softness and scent from her perfume was making Wendy weak, it was certainly much more sensual than kissing any guys.

Wendy: ‘Have you done it before?’

Lilian: ‘No. This is just for you.’

The kiss continued into a tongue fight and the vibrator entered her pussy without difficulty. Her wet camisole had exposed her erected nipples and Wendy felt her peaks hardened too. Lilian had one hand holding onto the edges of the tub for support, while the other was thrusting into Wendy with splashes.

Lilian (whispering): ‘Take over the toy.’

Wendy listened and replaced her hand over the base, forcing it in at an angle she loved. Her nipples were given some attention with twists and squeezes, turning her face even redder from the hot water bath. She could not believe that it was Lilian’s first time doing it to a girl, given the skills and momentum. Although she was enjoying the intimacy, there was still a little guilt doing it with a girl.

Wendy (whispering): ‘Why are you so good for a first timer?’

Lilian (whispering): ‘Because I am a girl, and I know exactly where it feels good.’

Of course, that totally made sense. Wendy’s mind was fully opened to her advances and let her drive her to orgasms, admitting with her body that it felt great. Once she had cummed twice, Lilian pushed her butt up and she supported herself, sitting at the width of the tub. She could not expect what was about to come.

Lilian remained sitting in the tub and proceeded to lick her pussy, making long but soft strokes along her slit. The toy was still pumping into her pussy with her other hand, and the next orgasm didn’t took long to surface. Wendy’s body trembled at the intense wave of pleasure that shot through her body. It was the combination of clit tease and vaginal stimulation that had made her climax so wildly. The whole girl-on-girl action was moving into an addiction for her.

After Wendy got too weak for anymore orgasms, she slipped back into the tub and Lilian glided along her butt to the other end, where the toy switched pussy and she started masturbating herself. The moans she gave off was turning Wendy on again, and it was only right she returned the favour too. She sat between Lilian’s legs that were hanging outside the tub, and pulled the toy away. A slight disappointment on her face was less needed when Wendy’s fingers pushed themselves into her pussy.

For the first time in her life, Wendy felt the insides of another vagina, and it was important to spot the difference. She took her time to stroke every area, forcing her hand so deep that Lilian found it hard to maintain her composure.

Lilian: ‘Just put your whole hand inside.’

Wendy: ‘Are you sure?! It’s going to hurt.’

Lilian: ‘I don’t think it is going to be that painful compared to giving birth.’

That was true. No matter how painful the entry, whatever happened inside would ease the pain. Wendy took a moment to soap her whole hand before gently sinking it below the water surface. Five fingers penetrated Lilian’s tight hole and her legs were desperately keeping itself opened for her. Inches by inches, her hand disappeared into her and Wendy could make out some parts of her vagina.

There was even enough space for ‘fisting’! Wasting no time, Wendy spent the next minute massaging Lilian’s clit so the pain would vanish, and began thrusting her fist. The screams that Lilian made was muffled with a small towel hanging beside the tub and Wendy’s hand was going through a hard time too. The pressure that enclosed around her during each orgasm was hurting, but in a soothing manner.

The splashes created was huge, and the girls were enjoying themselves to the fullest. Lilian’s hand around Wendy’s wrist was all that they needed to know that fisting was in fact more pleasurable. Only that Wendy wasn’t ready for it yet. Five minutes into the new position, Lilian grew tired fast and had to ask her to stop, before her pussy really tore from the vigorous masturbation. They both knew that it would be impossible to do it to themselves.

Lilian: ‘I don’t think my pussy can take it anymore. The size of your hand is good, panting.. too good that I might get addicted to.’

Wendy: ‘I felt you climaxing many times.’

Lilian: ‘Yeah. And it felt totally different from just fingering or sex.’

After Lilian had her rest, they bathed each other and had another few rounds of fingering and toy play, before leaving the bathroom in the sexiest nighties Wendy had. The rest of the girls were surprised at their close friendship and skipped the questions about what happened. The rest of the night was spent gossiping and having more actions under the bedsheets where Lilian and Wendy slept under.

A girl-girl relationship could be hard to understand at first. But the kind of fun they could have was special. Dicks would just be viewed as a living dildo, and having a male joining them meant less work, since the guy would be the one busy all the time. As ironic as the word ‘understanding’ could be, it was partially right to say the same sex would know each other best.


Me (whispering): ‘You sure about this?’

Yun: ‘Uh huh. You’ve been fantasising about this right?’

With my girl tied in bed, I sat next to her, armed with a double-headed dildo. Rubbing her inner thighs with my warm palm, she was looking at me with anticipation. We both wanted to try this at least once, and she would be the one suffering from this ‘activity’.

Yun (whispering): ‘Put it inside? I’m already wet.’

The pink cotton panties were a little damp, but there was still a long way to go from there. Splitting her wet folds gently, I pushed the thinner end of the dildo in, and sank it all the way into her. The tight clench of her hands with a gradual increase in her moaning volume, I could only start slow.

Yun was a virgin from the start, and we had only gone as far as petting. Never did she tell me she used her fingers until the night before, pleading with me to bring a toy for her so I could live out her fantasy.

Well, the term was ‘edging’.

Yun: ‘I’m going to cumm! Keep going!’

Pumping the dildo faster, her back arched upwards and I immediately pulled the toy out, to a little irritated struggle to make me put it back in.

Yun (whispering): ‘Baby, can we do the edging thing some other time? I need to cum now.’

Me: ‘Hey.. we can’t cheat.’

Her legs opened as the toy wriggle between her legs, entering her again. Slurping in and out of her hole, her voice was the only music in the bedroom, sensually expressing the pleasure of sex through her sweet voice. It was a light, soothing pitch that would get any man hard.

As her body trembled to signal a build up of orgasm, her face would remain calm, as though she was trying to ‘cheat’ a moment to herself. Very carefully, I slowed down as the dildo got harder to move inside her and we passed another spine-chilling climax.

Yun (panting): ‘I.. can’t take it anymore. I had enough.’

Me: ‘Noo.. fifteen minutes more to go. Bear with it k?’

*Ahhh.. *

The dildo started pumping again, and she fought through the moans to strike a deal.

Yun (moaning): ‘I’m going to let you try this some time. I promise. You have no idea.. arghh.. ‘

Her abs rose into the air as I increased my speed, forcing her legs to float at ninety degrees, allowing me to go deeper. Besides the usual tinkering of the straps that bounded her, the next fifteen minutes was fairly peaceful. Even so, one thing that changed was her gaze. From the loving, understanding one, it had turned into a lip-biting, vengeful grin that scared me a little.

Me: ‘Okay.. I’m going to go all the way k?’

Yun: ‘No no.. free me first.’

She suppressed the complimentary orgasm and made me lie in her place, with my shorts and underwear gone.

Yun: ‘Can you reach behind me and put it back in?’

My arm went around her back and she guided the dildo in, with the thicker head inside this time. Naturally, I started moving the toy and her body, with was slouching right next to me, bent over to cap me with her mouth.

Using that toy that was getting slippery, I rammed it deep into her and she was sucking me with such force I could feel an ache down there. Still shoving her head over my dick, I just kept moving my hand as the urge built up. Barely able to contain my horniness, she was fondling my balls too – which made things worse.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.’

Yun: ‘Gden shoo.. ‘

With the approval of a cum-in-mouth, I let her did her work and focused on the dildo. Going faster at the same time as she did, she went lower down my shaft and we broadcasted our groans together.

Yun (moaning): ‘Oh yes.. don’t stop.’

I held her head down and kept myself still as my hips buckled, squirting my hot load into her. At the same time, a stream of juice flowed down the dildo where my hand held it. A shy shiver shook through her body and her lips broke free from my rod, gasping for air as I patted her head.

Turning her face towards me, a drop of cum hang by her lips and a smile softened my heart. She hopped on top of me and cleaned her mouth with the back of her hand, forcing a hard kiss onto me with her soft lips.

Yun (whispering): ‘I’ll be saving it for you. And only you. Keep it hard for me k?’

She tucked herself into my arms and continued playing with my soft rod, massaging it while half a dildo remained inside her pussy.

Me (whispering): ‘Do you want to bring it home?’

Yun: ‘Yay! Thanks baby!’

She laid sideways and opened her legs, masturbating herself with the toy while I kneaded her breasts for her. A lovely relationship? Sure it is.