Lesbian Schoolgirls

Girls walking hand in hand is actually quite common, but for Dianelle and Kiki, its more than friendship that flowed through their interlocked fingers. School ended for the two girls and their usual routine started with a visit to one of their houses, doing work together until evening, and then leaving for home. Kiki’s house […]

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The Girl Under Wraps

Part 1 | Part 2 I, J, received this email on Sunday morning, with a request to publish this at a time and date I deem fit. The following content may offend readers, but I had to do this or risk hurting the girl as described by the sender in the email. Hi J, I […]

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Before Jasmine slept that night, she had taken a pill that a friend had passed to her during the clubbing night a few days ago, claiming to make her high and horny once she popped it in. All alone in her room, she plugged her earpiece into her ears and took out the dildo from […]

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Sister’s Toys

Kaelyn returned home after a tiring day at school and her family was out at work as usual. Her sister, Mae, and mum had to work after their dad had a demotion due to the crisis and they had to earn that extra bit to make a living. She went into her room and changed […]

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E-Stim Play

Jolie had stumbled upon a new sex toy online while she was shopping for hers. It was a new type of stimulation that worked through electrical pulses and delivered through a circuit connected by a few wires. It had a male and female version, so she decided to give this new concept a try and […]

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