Happy X-th Birthday

Happy birthday to me~
Happy birthday to me~
Happy birthday to staplerma.. ann~
Happy birthday to me!
Where’s my birthday sex? (;
Here, I would wish everyone a happy Lunar New Year as well. All the best to us, and our relationships, and to find your true love for those who are spending their Valentine day alone.

What I Did

Lately, there are a lot of posts and focus brought to an 18 year old girl, who partnered with me to earn an income (through sales of panties and moans). This move has caused a mix of confusion and disappointment to the initial reading experience that most of you enjoyed on my site. The sudden influx of images, profit-driven motives, change in direction and perhaps the absence of an explanation...

Round of Applause

Remember the earlier entry with the short moaning clip? I am sure you guys do. Anyway, here is a formal introduction of Nicole, with information she provided through our email correspondence. She is 18 this year (2013), and just completed her O levels. Coming from a Normal Academic stream, I was very surprised when she achieved a 9 points. I know it is a usual stereotype that ought to get scolded...

Writing Erotica

Writing as never been an easy task for me. A lot of things has to be right to even begin. The quietness of the environment, the occasional visual stimuli, the mood has to be just right. Ever since I started out about two years ago, it has been a journey of research, learning and applying the best of my English. And reading my old entries, I could see the little but proud progress I made. A few of...

Sad Facts, Not Fucks

New year is coming guys! And is there any invitations to countdown parties? Perhaps one of you can throw one for the writers? Today, I’ve been wanting to talk about something that guys shamelessly would do and how would I sound if I were to give it a try. We have seen and heard a lot of appearances of advertisements that guys often make themselves sound yummy so that girls would be tempted...


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