Happy National Day 2014

This entry is in tribute to our (Singapore’s) independence and like Crystal, I am proud to be a Singaporean. Here’s a fun fact 101. All local erotic blogs are monitored by a big agency. :) No matter if it is a personal site or a dead blog, we are all being watched. From where I […]

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New Year New Year 2014!

Happy 2014 guys! I am most honoured to have you guys around all these while, reading my poorly written stories with repetitive words and uninteresting plots. I am still working hard to think of new stories to write! Still, I have not made my name out of this blog, but I don’t think I will […]

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After Life.

There are times when I did the wrong things, or did not do anything when I was supposed to. I loved so selflessly that I found myself selfish to be thinking I was giving you the life you wanted. Fear and confusion came like my previous relationship, sending me crazy and lost. So afraid to […]

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Is it All about Money?

Before anything, let me highlight that this is a non-sexual entry. Skip this if you are not interested in J’s life, and wait for a few days before he churns out another story for you to read and get on with life. Since the beginning, I have put away the thoughts about using this site […]

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Happy 5!

This month (October 2013), marks the fifth anniversary of J’s intellectual, sexual, witty, challenging (plus many many more fun terms you can think of!) journey into writing! This is the first time I wrote an entry for such an occasion and will include a little statistics below for you guys to know more about this […]

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